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We’ll start with the coach, because as you all know by now, his presser was the shortest. Though it did appear he was angry at the Islanders coaches, probably for the way they deployed their muscle late in the game. You know what? Too bad.

John Tortorella:

One of those games you want to burn the tape?


Can you explain what happened?

“No. No. Listen guys, you’re not getting much out of me tonight. That’s between me and the team. I know you have to do your work, but I have to do my work. That’s staying in-house.”

Could you address the power play?

“Nope. I’m not addressing anything.”

Was there a carryover from Buffalo?

“I’m not going to address anything. … It’s one of those, eh, Brooksie (to Larry Brooks). Remember that one (infamous on YouTube). Let’s break it up. End it here. Sorry guys. OK.”

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  1. Great quotes…I like what Torts did here…he doesn’t have to delve into specifics…just go address the team…

  2. gotta take torts’ side on this. there’s nothing to say – rangers have a lot of work to do before sunday

  3. Not looking so good, especially since every team the rangers have need to lose this past week seem to be winning.



  5. I love that Torts wouldn’t even address the PP.

    It’s a dumb question to begin with. The PP has sucked. You want to know his opinion on the PP so bad, then check what he had to say in the last few games. Everything applies.

    Good for Torts. He has every right to be pissed at the Isles coaches. As far as I know, it’s apparently illegal to do that.

    That fat pedophile-looking fugger should get fined, along with that dopey GM.

    Frenchy Lepeix had a point.

  6. billybleedsblue on

    dont worry, the sky isn’t falling, last night, Stan Fischler predicted ducks/rangers in the finals. woot, nyr are the dark horse of the least…

  7. late breaking news….nyr coach seen running from the Nassau mausoleum , looking over his shoulder asking which way to Westchester……. and …….is their coach still chasing me?……

  8. ORR!!!

    in all your madness, i agree with you.

    sorry Carp
    as i tweeted to Gross at the end of the game
    he might as well take the pathetic quotes from the sabres game
    and use ’em again tonight.

    the ENTIRE team should be looking in mirrors and yelling at themselves.
    that is NO way for a professional team to act, especially a team that has its destiny
    set up by actually showing SOME degree of interest in the proceedings and the outcome.

    pp question — doesn’t Sullivan have something to do with that? is press not allowed to talk to him?

    as soon as i saw the Rangers playing 3 men behind the net or just moving the puck back and forth along the boards in less than scrimmage speed i knew it was going to be a bad bad night.

  9. billy
    Not too sure about Fischler’s credibility, he thinks that Stan Mikita is still on the Blackhawks roster

  10. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carolina still has isles, sabers, Tampa bay, Detroit, and Atlanta…I say they get 4 pts max from that… Rangers could lose 3 out of 4 .. Get in and then begin their march to the finals…

  11. this is one of those epic collapse games that we will remember for years, along with the play-in game against NJ the last day of thes season when Kovalchuk eliminates the Rangers in a shootout. The year none of the 3 NY teams made the playoffs but the Devils and Isles hd the better year because they finished off the Rangers.

  12. Other then two big wins over the Caps, and one over the Flyers, this team has done nothing. Kings of Shootouts, Kings of riding Henrik’s’s a joke…I hope we dont make the playoffs, becuase we dont deserve it…

  13. Stan Fischler claimed (and to my knowledge still does claim) that Brad Park was better than Bobby Orr.

    ‘Nuff said…

  14. You’re correct, Orr. It is against the rules for Capuano to do that. I highly doubt anyone will care enough to even think about him getting a suspension…ridiculous…Fat ball of fish guts!

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jeeze – we missed the playoffs fir almost 10 straight years… This team ain’t those teams…put it to bed…. This team will make the playoffs and win at least a round… Crist, the dyers were a shoutout away from elimination… Down 3-0 in 2nd round and made the final… With bouche in goal… Stop with the gloom and doom..

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am ready to drop some large $$$$$ on the NYR making the playoffs… Go ahead and hope I lose money…

  17. eric – I think your March 31st, 2011 at 10:43 pm post is absurd and child-like. First, the all capital letters. Second, if we miss out on the playoffs, it’s not the end of the world and would not be a “collapse”. Third, they’re done “physically and mentally.” Not sure how you have any knowledge of that. It’s more likely just the rant of a fan quitting on his team.

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