Rangers sign Tommy Grant; best wishes to Manny Malhotra


I must admit, I know nothing about this kid. Here’s the announcement from the Rangers:


New York, March 29, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent forward Tommy Grant.

Grant, 24, tallied two assists in his professional debut with the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL) on Sunday at Providence.  Prior to joining Connecticut, Grant appeared in 37 games with the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) this season, registering 16 goals and 16 assists for 32 points, along with 57 penalty minutes.  He led the team with career-highs in goals, points, game-winning goals (five) and shots on goal (114), and ranked second on the Seawolves in assists and penalty minutes.  The fourth-year player also tied for the team lead with four power play goals.  Grant helped lead Alaska Anchorage to a WCHA First Round upset of the 17th-ranked University of Minnesota Gophers, tallying two points (one goal, one assist) in the two game series on March 11 and March 12.  He also recorded two points (one goal, one assist), including one power play goal, in the Alaska Airlines Governor’s Cup two game series on February 25-26.

The 6-2, 195-pounder appeared in 134 career WCHA games in four seasons with the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves, registering 45 goals and 45 assists for 90 points, along with 179 penalty minutes.  Grant led the Seawolves with a career-high, 17 assists, and ranked second on the team with 26 points in 2009-10.  In his second season with the team, Grant led Alaska Anchorage with 15 goals and ranked third with 25 points.  Prior to joining the Seawolves, Grant skated in 157 career British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) contests with the Victoria Salsa and the Westside Warriors, registering 53 goals and 57 assists for 110 points, along with 230 penalty minutes.  In 2006-07 with Westside, he led the team and established BCHL career-highs in goals (36), assists (39) and points (75).


Also, I see where the NHL went wimpy, wimpy, wimpy with Todd Bertuzzi. Matt Cooke must be happy to hear that. Not to mention Marc Savard and others. “Oh, yeah, we’re serious about head injuries … blah-blah-blah-blah.” What a load of crap the NHL sells.


One more thing: Best wishes to Manny Malhotra on his surgery today. As I said in an earlier post, not only one of the best people in the game, but also one of the best on this planet.

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  1. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I got Carp’d for this?!


    I was at the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl and wore the same sweatpants I wore at home for every other playoff game under my jeans that day. My legs were dripping sweat by the end of the game but I am convinced I won the Giants the Super Bowl.

    (I may have delusions of grandeur.)

  2. Before I read the new post –

    Noah – Nice job winning the Giants the Super Bowl. The Yankees have PLENTY of trophies. I would trade a few of those for a Giants Super Bowl. 18-1 baby.

    Don’t sweat 2004 anymore.

  3. Im over 2004.

    Thanks Noah for helping the Giants win the Super Bowl.

    I spent Super Bowl Sunday the same as the other playoff Giants games that year, with my 3 brothers in my youngest brother’s house. I went out on the patio at halftime, started crying, and said to my oldest brother, “I dont know how we’re going to win this game.” My oldest brother puts his arm around my shoulder and says “Dont worry bro. We got this.” And Ill forever credit him with that Super Bowl.

  4. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I was with a good friend and soon after the Giants won, I said something like “this cancels out 2004 in my mind.”

    And it did.

  5. It totally Did. I am not (and will NEVER be over) 2004 but that freaking Giants Super Bowl win was one of the single greatest moments of my life. Like Charlie Hayes catching that pop-up in Foul Territory to capture the 1996 World Series.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I have to disagree with you on Bertuzzi. I didn’t think what he did was that bad. He didn’t lead with his elbow (more looking to hit with the hip-although he definitely had his arm up in a reckless fashion) and in truth, he caught the guy with his armpit. It was a really bad charging penalty, but he missed his hit and the follow through caught the guy in the head.

    Also, when the NHL put out it’s rule on hits to the head, only blindside hits to the head were outlawed. North-south hits on a guy in possession were still legal, even where the initial point of contact was the head, provided that you hit the guy legally (i.e., dont elbow him or charge him).

    I have no love for Bertuzzi and I think he should have been banned from the league after the Steve Moore incident, but this really wasn’t that bad. Honestly, I think this wasn’t any worse than when Eric Staal hit Marc.

  7. Yes, the Giants Super Bowl nullified 2004. First, 2004 was only the ALCS, so we weren’t guaranteed of a World Series anyway. 2nd, New York against boston again in the greatest Super Bowl ever played. Even though we were the heavy underdogs, Im not sure I ever would’ve recovered if we’d lost.

    2001, Im still not over, nor will I ever be.

  8. Manny – I told that same line – “Giants Super Bowl win was one of the single greatest moments of my life” – to a woman I was on a date with several months ago, and she responded in a condescending manner, “That’s really sad.” I never called her back!

  9. I don’t know why but I never consider the New England Patriots a “Boston” team. Their stadium is in Foxboro and they are called the *New England* which includes other states (CT, RI, ME, etc.)

    2004 was horrible. It was not just the ALCS. It was the worst collapse in history perpetrated by the most overpaid and diva-esque team I have ever had the displeasure of rooting for. That was brutal. Absolutely brutal. I know the Yankees were not guaranteed a World Series but whoever won that ALCS was clearly going to tackle the Rockies. Give me a break. That is why Boston swept them (8 straight games).

  10. “…although he definitely had his arm up in a reckless fashion”

    Isn’t that what the NHL is trying to get rid of?

  11. Manny – 2004 was the 105 win Cardinals team. And believe me, those Cardinals weren’t going to lay down for us. We *would have* gotten their best effort.

  12. AH! You’re TOTALLY right. I am so bad at remembering this stuff. What is wrong with me.

  13. No big deal, Manny. And it was 116 win (regular season) Mariners team! 125 win (including postseason) 1998 Yankees :)

    This was fun! Thanks for taking me back; I love going back to February 3, 2008, one of the greatest days of my life!

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Tommy Grant seems like he’s got a nasty streak to go with that size – nice!

    Watched Kreider, or at least, tried to watch Kreider over the weekend. BC was absolutely manhandled and Kreider was invisible. Not sure if he was on limited ice time with just coming back from jaw Injury. on the positive he was even during a game when the opposition scored 8 goals.

    Saw a little of Hagelin as well…eh…didn’t really stand out

  15. Oh man. That game was full of tense moments. I actually really like Tom Brady so I got to see my team win but I think Dreamboat kept his pride.

    That last sack ( by Alford maybe? ) where Dreamboat was calling Timeout as he was falling to the ground was a really terrific moment.

    18-1. I always thought it was funny but still doesn’t put the focus on a TERRIFIC Giants team that really stepped up with some amazing leadership by Mr. Strahan.

  16. Disagree, Doodie. The intent wasn’t there, but it was a reckless hit without any regards to player’s safety. He deliberately turned around not to face the player, there is now way he could’ve known where the hit would land. He didn’t care.

  17. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    This is what I posted at the end of last nights thread and I will add bertuzzi’s reaction indicated to me he was surprised that johnson went down injured…

    wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) March 29th, 2011 at 12:57 am
    I watched the bertuzzi hit and honestly did not think it was that malicious at all. Looked like a pretty decent hit that was from a guy that was taller than the guy he hit leading to a shot to the head. Probably warranted a penalty, not sure a major was warranted, but not a suspension IMHO!!!

    again, seemed more like a size difference in players caused the most damage…hockey play worthy of a minor penalty (no offence to johnson and I certainly hope he is not injured).

    Still not sold on this kreider kid, seems like way too many people are hyped on this kid without him setting foot on NHL ice. I hope for the sake of our club, he is a superstar, but tempered enthusiasm folks!

  18. Doodie, disagree strongly with your take on the Bertuzzi hit “… wasn’t that bad”. He went in like a runaway train and had his arms and stick up high. Too high. The same way the league holds players responsible for their stick should be applied to hand, elbow and upper arm hits to the head. Hitting a player legally is called a “body check” for a reason. What Bertuzzi did was reckless, irresponsible and had a high probability of causing an injury. No question, he should be suspended.

  19. bertuzzi -i have no problem with the hit. you have to divorce his history and let the infraction stand by itself.

  20. One more thing, again just like a high sticking penalty, intent has absolutely nothing to do with it. A hit to the head can cause a devastating injury. Players have got to become more aware of how they hit each other. Body checks are intended to separate the player from the puck, not the player from the game.

  21. rcm – I agree. His history involved doing something intentional – a non-hockey play. I haven’t seen the replay, but his hit last night was in the middle of a hockey play. Therefore, as you said, the infraction should stand by itself when being judged.

  22. Definitely Hearts for Strahan (however you did that heart thing). He is even a great commentator. Boy do I miss him captaining that Defense.

  23. That’s a good point heave – the high stick is the DUI of the league. The penalty is totally result driven. If the stick hits someone – you in trouble – regardless of intent.

  24. RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    #NHL news #Canucks Malhotra in New York. My understanding is Dr Stanley Chang who re-attached Berard’s retina in 2000 will perform surgery.

  25. Stanley Chang is a world renowned specialist in retinal detachment at Columbia. Manny is in great hands.

  26. That’s great news. Manny is in NYC – with a terrific Doctor (affiliated with the same hospital I go to for heart stuff so it’s the best).

    Maybe we can all bring him wishes in the hospital.

  27. Lebrun is reporting that Bertuzzi won’t see any additional discipline for his hit.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    “One more thing, again just like a high sticking penalty, intent has absolutely nothing to do with it. A hit to the head can cause a devastating injury. Players have got to become more aware of how they hit each other. Body checks are intended to separate the player from the puck, not the player from the game.”

    Except that’s not the rule. The rule says that when you are traveling north-south in possession of the puck, you are responsible for getting hit, and a hit to the head in that circumstances is still legal, provided that the hit itself is not otherwise illegal (elbow/charge/high stick/cross-check). Shoulder to head is still totally legal in that circumstance.

    So, the hit, to me, was well within the rules, except that it was clearly charging, worthy of a major and a game misconduct (even if incorrectly called elbowing). No suspension necessary.

    “The intent wasn’t there, but it was a reckless hit without any regards to player’s safety. He deliberately turned around not to face the player, there is now way he could’ve known where the hit would land. He didn’t care.”

    And as I stated, it’s not Bertuzzi’s responsibility to care. The rule CLEARLY states that it is the responsibility of the player with the puck, when traveling north-south, to understand that he can get hit, even in the head.

    The only hit to the head that is specifically illegal because the initial point of contact is the head is the blindside hit to the head. Any other hit to the head is legal, provided that it would be a legal hit anywhere else on the body (again, no charging, elblowing, etc.).

  29. I wouldn’t be overly concerned with Kreider after his team laid a stinker in the NCAA tournament. I think his performances at WJC show he can play on the big stage.

  30. I suppose we will remain in disagreement that I believe it should be every player’s responsibility to care, Doodie. And until they start caring, no rule or punishment will prevent serious head injuries.

  31. I can’t really understand why Bertuzzi is still allowed to play hockey in the first place. Is he going to cry and weep and say he didn’t mean it this time either?

  32. Bertuzzi absolutely DID lead with his elbow. he skated in backwards with his elbow extended and high. and as Eddie O pointed out, he was chickenbleep in the way he did it. he is a thug criminal on ice, as Steve Moore can attest to. but since the Wings and Ilitch are the fairhaired heroes of the nhl league office, he gets away with nothing.

  33. I am sorry but Bertuzzi is one guy you do not throw away the history with. He committed one of the most intentional, blatant and horrific things on ice to ever end a career on ice. Steeve Moore can, and will, testify (literally – in court) to the fact that Bertuzzi plays with intent to injure. Bertuzzi has said in the past that he “doesn’t play the game this way.” It’s hard to say that when you clearly play the game this way.

    As a lawyer I will say that you always use past acts to infer intent. Whether or not it is admissible in Court is another issue. We know that peoples past actions can teach us a lot about a person. We know that Ronnie and Sammie will never be able to maintain a loving relationship because we have all seen multiple seasons of the Jersey Shore that prove otherwise. Bertuzzi has hurt people in malicious ways before and that helps us infer that his intent was there. Even if intent wasn’t there he led with his elbow and should be punished until he learns to not try to hurt people in the heat of the moment.

  34. Always liked manny malhotra. even hen Muckler forgot about him on the rangers. he turned into a much better player than anyone imagined. I hope he gets well soon. also his KO of Ken daneyko will be an all timer.

    Also I ran into Ron Duguay om saturday in the parking garage across from MSG on 31st street. I was with my wife and Jim S. of Blueshirt Banter radio. I said ” Hello, Mr. Duguay” as he got out of his jaguar.

    He quickly looked at us and never uttered a word back even though we were dressed in full ranger regalia for a viewing party we were going to in the city.

    he must have been having a bad hair day

  35. ilb – I agree that it is the responsibility of the players to care and keep the game clean. But…from the other point of view, the more things that athletes have to be aware of, the more tentative they will play, and the likely that they will get injured.

    i.e. When a player goes down in a game with a serious injury, the rest of the players in the game play more tentatively and are more likely to get hurt while playing tentatively.

    I have nothing to substantiate those claims above. However, Ive heard that countless times from athletes in the past.

  36. Mouth- the KO was classic, for sure. But I also remember that Daneyko claimed that it wasn’t a KO, but his bad knee buckled. He did have knee surgery that offseason, iirc.

    Now, running into Duguay in the garage with his full outfit on must be a scary experience itself, eh?

  37. Watch the NYRangers bush-league-it-up and finish in 9th … I give it a 90% chance given the clowns we have playing

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, you can argue that the rule should be changed, and I don’t think I would disagree with you on that. But as the rule is currently written, he did nothing to warrant supplemental discipline, and I don’t think that you can argue about it.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    walrus, Bertuzzi led with his hip. His arm was up in a really reckless fashion, but the lead of the hit was his hip.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, Bertuzzi is not, by definition, a repeat offender. Granted, the definition of “repeat offender” makes less sense than allowing certain types of intentional hits to the head, but it is the definition nonetheless.

    The bottom line is based on the rules as they are, Bertuzzi was rightfully not suspended or fined. But this just points out that the rules require revisiting.

  41. Doodie – I agree with your interpretation of the rules. I guess I am just saying – let’s revise the system (as well as the rules) and start putting people on like, I don’t know, lifetime probation when you have an incident like Bertuzzi/Moore. We have to hold people accountable for their actions over their career and not just incident by incident. Bertuzzi is not a “repeat offender” but I am OK with the Moore incident plaguing his career because it was so utterly egregious.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    CBA Section 5(d) of Exhibit 8-

    “Status as a “first” or “repeat” offender shall be re-determined every eighteen (18) months. For example, where a Player is suspended for the first time, he is a repeat offender if he is suspended again within eighteen (18) months of the first incident. If he is not suspended a second time within this eighteen (18) month period, he will no longer be treated as a repeat offender for disciplinary purposes.

    Bert’s been clean for 18 months. Therefore, he’s not a “repeat offender” as defined by the CBA.

  43. Yea that rule should clearly be re-written to include egregious events like punching someone in the back of the head, breaking their neck and ending their career. I guess for like a borderline hit we can have an 18 Month rule but…..not here.

    Thanks for pulling the rule. That’s really helpful and your interpretation is really spot on.

  44. czechthemout!!!! on

    Kreider comes to play in big games and tournaments. He did not put up “big”stats this year but neither did Stepan. He sure is having great rookie year though. You cannot in anyway project college stats to the NHL. When both Kreider and Stepan played against the best of the best juniors in the world, they both dominated. Don’t forget Kreider was the only non NHL player to play for the US in the world championships last year and he did not look at all out of place.

    As for some here who think the Jess Rubinstein has any great insight, think again. He did not think Stepan was ready ,nor did he think Cally was ready. I could go on and on.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, absolutely. The rules are clearly broken.

    All that said, I still personally don’t believe that this hit was anything terrible. I thought the major and the misconduct was a fair result. If I could make all the rules, which unfortunately for me (and fortunately for everyone else), I can’t. But if I were given a blank slate upon which to write my rules and determine whether this was a suspendable play, I wouldn’t think that it was. I don’t think he was targeting the head, and while he was definitely charging, and definitely reckless with where his hit landed, I don’t think recklessness warrants a suspension. Intent, to me, is what warrants a suspension, unless a guy is consistently reckless. Major and misconduct as time served.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I will say this about your post: Jeff Rubinstein is a know-nothing Abdelkader.

  47. Yet another hat trick. Congrats. Mazel Tov – From my family to yours.

    Good points. All of them. The rules need help. You should offer your services.

  48. yeah, that forget-the-past, just clean slate me every year and a half, repeat offender rule was put in by the NHLPA, the players union. their union, with roid liar Fehr in charge, seemingly cares more about protecting the criminals among them than the members of their union who are the victims of the thugs

  49. I think thugs made (and make) a lot of money just skating around hurting people. A change in the rules could cost a lot of people a lot of money. It’s a shame that we don’t want to step up and change that in the game. It would take a lot of pressure of and help the “fighting or no-fighting” arguments surrounding the NHL right now.

  50. It is the same thing as baseball protecting people who are cheating. It’s insanity.

  51. I don’t know what the exact numbers are, but there have been studies that can roughly gauge junior and NCAA production into NHL production. Far from an exact science, but I imagine the sample size is large enough to warrant some validation. I’ll ask some of the guys over at the Banter who follow this stuff closely what those multipliers are.

    I’ve seen discussions about Kreider’s BC numbers and the common explanation is that BC has had a couple of deep teams during his time there and ice time gets split fairly evenly amongst the top 3 lines. Anecdotally, almost everything I’ve read from people that have seen him play or follow NCAA hockey closely say that he makes things happen when he’s on the ice and his speed blows away the competition.

    It’s tough to say if his whole game is NHL ready. I’ve interpreted the comments from Torts and what Carp posted from a chat with a scout as meaning his shot and skating is NHL caliber. But who knows how he’ll look against NHL caliber D or when the players on the ice can keep pace with him. Either way, it takes exceptionally talented players to make a consistent impact in the NHL in their rookie season. Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin/Kane level talents. Even if Kreider makes the team out of camp next year I’d expect more of a 30-40 point season than 50-60 points.

  52. Doodie, I see your point as to the current rule. With that in mind I would have to agree that the on-ice ruling was correct then. Obviously, the head shot rules need to be revised. Perhaps, the GM’s should invite Bertuzzi to one of their meetings. When he arrives, he should burst into the room, run around with arms flailing while slamming Exec’s into the wall. Then they should vote on new rules regarding head shots.

    I hate Bertuzzi for what he did to Moore. He should have been thrown out of the league and brought up on assault charges.

  53. That was a very irresponsible play by Bertuzzi. As a 36yr old veteran and repeat offender, he knows better and could have seriously hurt the guy. There really isn’t much more to debate…a suspension would have been warranted…the NHL is shaky with it’s rulings…

    Dugay is a clown. His analysis on MSG is a joke…he should stick to what he’s good at…dressing like a clown stuck in 1978…

  54. Carp – You should specify Manny Malhotra. I go by Manny around here and I am not that nice (just kidding I am).

    I hope Mr. Malhotra and his kindness all the best and I hope he comes out of surgery maintaining his depth perception.

  55. The person capable of resorting to such a violent act as Beruzzi’s hit on Moore is very unlikely to change in 18 month. Or 18 years, for that matter.

  56. Atta boy, Tony!

    Question, kids: The Rangers are asking the beat writers (I am considered to be one) to vote for team MVP. Who do you think I should vote for?

    Matter of fact, I will make that my new poll —->

    But I’d love to hear your arguments.

  57. In all seriousness, I dont think that the Bertuzzi hit gives us any real idea of what kind of person Bertuzzi is. In the midst of a game, with intensity high and testosterone flowing, anything can happen. People make mistakes, and Bertuzzi seemed genuine about his remorse in the days, months, and years following the hit.

    I have no knowledge of whether Bertuzzi is or is not a dirty player, but if the only bad mark on his resume is the hit on Moore – the violent, criminal, injurious, tragic hit – and he has remained clean since then, then I feel his remorse is genuine and that his hit was a mistake made during a game filled with intensity and testosterone.

  58. Betuzzi, like Cindy, is one of those Canadian “darlings” They seem to LOVE the guy up there. Listen to any Canadian broadcast and they wax poetic about the guy. I really don’t get it. So I’m not surprised they wimped out on his punishment.

  59. CARP

    Vote for King

    If not for him, MSG might as well be selling tickets to the circus every night of the week.

  60. Bertuzzie is dirty. He ended a career. Completely on purpose. He should have been banned for life. All-time scumbag move. Retribution for what the league deemed was a clean hit.

  61. Team MVP = TEAM. ALL OF THEM. Except Drury, Frolov, Boogard, Gaborik, Christiansen, Girardi, Gilroy, etc… Ok scratch that


  62. Manny – Do you think that Bertuzzi intended to end Moore’s career? As in, at the moment when he was angry and furious and (roids?) raging, he thought to himself that he was going to end someone’s career…

    Or is it possible that Bertuzzi made a mistake in the heat of the moment, and the result was unexpected and unwanted by Bertuzzi?

  63. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I’d give Team MVP to Redden for not being here?

    Okay seriously, I’d rank them in the following order:
    1. Henrik
    2. Callahan
    3. Dubinsky
    4. Staal

    24. Drury

  64. Tiki,
    See if you can find the video of the Bertuzzi/Moore incident. You’ll see that there’s plenty of time for Bertuzzi’s intensity and testosterone to have subsided before he knowingly acted in a ruthless and pre-meditated manner. I don’t believe his “sorry” for one second. He’s a total jackwagon… was.. is.. always.

  65. I think the MVP is a toss up between Callahan, Staal and Lundqvist (in that order). I have to think before I vote. Todd white is a CLOSE 4th ilb. Mrs. Eminger is 5th.

    Tiki – I don’t care. I am not going to try and get in his head. If someone did that to someone in a bar it would be totally unacceptable. That is how horrible a sucker punch is. Especially skating at game speed. Sure maybe he hoped that Moore would turn around and fight him finally but Moore had made it clear he wanted no sort of fighting. His hit on Naslund was clean (determined by the league) and Bertuzzi thought he would get all Lorenzo Lamos (or Walker, Texas Ranger if you prefer) on Moore and street justice him. That move was unacceptable. Therefore, he is a dirty player and a bad person.

  66. I’ll have to go with Orr on this one. It’s a toss up. But I lean towards Hank. Every single important player went down this year, including Callahan, Gaborik, Staal etc. And including his back up. He came through when the team needed him most. If he wasn’t in the net, we would already be discussing how poor the draft depth chart is this year.

  67. It’s a great point Ilb. The injury to Biron might actually push the argument over the edge in favor of King Henry.

  68. Remember earlier in the season, when the MVP was, hands down, Brandon Dubinsky? Looks like we got a little ahead of ourselves…

    I am disappointed that Dubi couldn’t keep up the pace he was on but he’s having a pretty good year anyway…

    I’ll go with Brandon Prust…just because…

  69. There have been plenty of instances where players get embroiled in heat of the moment incidents and they don’t result in Bertuzzi-Moore episodes. A few more well placed punches and Bertuzzi could have permanently paralyzed Moore.

  70. Fair enough, guys. But a hockey rink is not a bar. These things happen in hockey and are legal in hockey – “legal” meaning not against federal or state law. You say “there’s plenty of time …. subsided…”, but in reality, that’s just your opinion. Im only throwing out my opinion that he *possibly* made a mistake that he regrets, and my opinion that a hockey play does not make someone a bad person.

    Henrik is the MVP of this team. Without him, we are last in the league, no exaggeration.

  71. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Let’s keep in mind Dubi had a broken leg and probably came back early from it. The guy deserves to be in the MVP discussion, but I agree that it’s a two-horse race between Henrik and Callahan.

    What about LVP?

    1. Drury
    2. T. White

  72. In all serioiusness, Doodie, why do you think it’s Lundqvist, in all seriousness? In all seriousness.. :-)

  73. Bertuzzi made a mistake. That is clear. I think the point most of us are making is that his mistake was pre-meditated. He was provoking Moore for a while on the ice. Moore clearly was showing Bertuzzi his back and playing on. Bertuzzi made the choice (which he clearly thought was a good choice at the time) to try to kill Moore. He almost succeeded.

    Clearly it is not “legal” in hockey to punch someone in the back of the head when they are completely defenseless and unaware. I don’t think it’s opinion as to whether his anger could have or should have subsided. Watch the video. He instigates the entire thing and when no one responds he stews and then decides to try to kill Moore.

    I only use the bar as an example because guys in bar fights are supposed to be less honorable than professional athletes. That move would have been despicable even in the lowliest bar in the lowliest places by the lowliest of men.

    I also think his apology is BS. Total BS. He made that choice. You cannot apologize enough. I think as fans of sports we have been conditioned to never, ever trust an athlete who is crying.

    Agreeg that King Henry is probably the MVP at this point.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, to put it plainly, think of during a game, if you saw one of our guys get hurt. Who would evoke a “season’s over” reaction other than Lundqvist.

  75. NYR – I gave him (Frolov) a nominal mention – see above in the NOT MVP of the team post.

  76. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    True, forgot about Frolov (shockingly). And I left Boogy off there too.

    By the way, on Gomez for a second, last week, when I was bored, I went back to the archives and read our reaction to the Gomez trade at the time. A LOT of people did not like it and were fuming that we traded away our one center that could carry the puck when we were possibly getting Heatley (or another FA winger).

    It’s fun to look back on that now knowing what that deal did for this team. Just thinking about trading Gaborik, McDonagh and Prust for Gomez makes me projectile vomit.

  77. Henrik is the MVP of this team. Without him, we are last in the league, no exaggeration.


    Depends on who you get to replace him.

  78. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Doodie, that is a great point and that swayed me. I would say that, had Biron stayed healthy, I wouldn’t feel AS apocalyptic if Henrik went down. But considering Biron went down before the most important stretch of the season, the MVP is Henrik.

  79. Manny – Fair enough. I dont want to continue the discussion any further. I gave my opinions in a respectful manner and Ill agree to disagree.

    Doodie – In all seriousness, I was joking about your admitted use of “in all seriousness.” In all seriousness, I think Im gonna steal “in all seriousness” if that’s okay with you! :-)

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Even with Biron instead of Lundqvist, do you think we win that Boston game? He’s behind the 8-1-1 run, plain and simple.

  81. CTB – Well, yes. I guess I should have said, “with exaggeration.” 47 hours til baseball!!

  82. And the best part about Henrik is, he got injured in 2 games during his recent stretch of stellar play, and not only finished both games, but he has not missed a game due to the injuries.

  83. Tiki – another stellar point about Henry. I am convinced. I can’t believe I even weighed the option of anyone else right now.

  84. In Boston, no I don’t think they win. Over the course of the season they’re probably not as good as now but they’re not a last place team either.

  85. Stranger Nation on

    MVP could be given to callyman, dubi, stall, Hank,

    More difficult award is rookie of the year between Step, McD, and sour power

    What about LVP – dreary, frolov, redden, white..

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    It certainly can’t be a defenseman, because our depth at the position has really shone through to the point where we know we are OK, even if Staal goes down.

    Up front, we’ve been a scoring by committee team, so no one player is the straw stirring our drink. And there are so many total commitment guys, that even a guy like Callahan doesn’t stand out that much.

    It’s Henrik and it’s not close.

    LVP goes to either Derek Boogaard or Chris Drury. I give it to Drury because of the contract and that Boogaard actually had a goal in his limited action.

  87. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    mcdonald award hands down should be prust, the mvp is a little more difficult….I honestly think hank has to be the front runner with boyle, prust, and cally getting consideration.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    I think ROY should be Stepan. McDonagh and Zuccarello havn’t played enough games and I don’t think Sauer has been good enough to earn it.

  89. Not nearly enough support for Prust for MVP so far! I really can’t argue with Henrik or Callahan, but remember, “it’s just pain.” That has me sold – Prust for MVP. (plus all the shorthanded goals!)

  90. Doodie- Again – I agree with you that Stepan (20 goals) should clearly be the Rookie of the Year. Zuccarello hasn’t played enough games but I still think that Stepan gets it. McDonagh is great. Really. But he had a lot of improvement whereas Stepan came in making a difference. Literally in the first game.

    Most improved award goes to Sauer.

    LVP =- players who actually play? It pains me to say it but…Del Zotto

  91. I think ROY would be close between Stepan and Sauer. Stepan obviously has the higher ceiling but he did go about a quarter of the season without being a huge factor on offense. It’s not completely about production with any of the rookies, but Sauer’s been handling a lot of minutes and plays the PK as well. McD was brought up too late to get the nod, although I have a feeling he might have been the winner if he was up for most of the year.

  92. Shoot. Doodie – you’re probably right. How can I forget Boyle. He has been great.

    I guess the only argument for Sauer is the he has kept it up all year and it was really highlighted when Staal was injured and Sauer slid in to take over and was exceptional. I guess it’s just so recent that I realize how amazing this kid can be.

    Boyle has been remarkable though. Especially early on. What a difference in that kid.

  93. Most improved has to go to Boyle. Given how many years he’s already played and that Torts had him in Hartford at the start of the season. Now he plays in all situations including times when the game’s on the line.

  94. Most improved? Boyle. Gotta give it to someone who at least played in the NHL last year.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, Sauer was up for a cup of coffee last year and was AWFUL. I thought for sure we had seen the last of him on the pro club. That’s why I would consider giving it to him.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Prust is another good candidate for most improved. He’s grown from a pure fighter to a solid defensive forward and penalty killer.

  97. Yea I thought the improvement from what 3 games and 9ish minutes of ice time last year to an every day player who really plays well in the defensive zone was the clear winner.

    You guys are probably right though. Boyle played a lot more last year and really stepped it up and MSG is cramming it down our throats that he had a skating coach so you know….gotta go with that.

  98. Doodie, was that last year or the year before? I knew he was up at one point, but I couldn’t remember when that was. Ok, let me add the caveat of players that were on the NHL roster for the majority (60+ games) of the year.

  99. Maybe the mere fact that Prust has been mentioned in the candidacy for MVP (including getting 1 vote in the poll) should throw him into the candidacy for most improved. He really has become a well rounded, reliable player.

  100. Here is an interesting question: When Callahan gets the “C” next season (or in the playoffs) who gets the other “A.” I think Prust is in the running for that honor.

  101. I doubt they give anyone the C in the playoffs.

    For next season if Drury has done us all a huge favor and retired or they bite the bullet and buy him out I think Dubi gets a letter.

  102. Most improved English should go to GregZzzzz. His amusing typo ratio is way down recently.

    He can put the trophy right next to his Worst Gambler of the Season award.

  103. It’s either that or he got the dixshunaree I sent to him last year from the Boneheads Christmas list.

  104. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    How many goalies in the league have letters?

  105. What was Dolan telling them?

    “See the idea is to have more people than empty seats”
    “You’re so lucky I let your teams broadcast on my network”
    “I’m giving you the pre-sale code for playoff tickets”

  106. Could have had someone from Sabres’ management there too, darn it! Ive always felt bad for Buffalo for that Hull foot in the crease goal that should have been disallowed. What a shame…

  107. Hank for MVP no doubt. I’m sometimes hard on him by not improving his weakness going down early, soft ones and God knows stickhandling. But he is the main reason we are what we are. MVP Yes. He now needs to steal a playoff series that we are a LOCK for. Heading in to philly/ice chix game. See ya

  108. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Nicely done LW3H.

    They should just stitch “LOL” on DP’s jersey.

  109. Good one CT – I guess that just covers it.

    IKSRFO – “I’m Knocking Somebody Right the F–* Out!” (Courtesy of Redman)

  110. Mannyfried, I also go to Columbia for my heart problems.

    And I’m going to have to agree with those who thought Bertuzzi shouldn’t be suspended. The hit itself, I didn’t think, was that flagrant and I saw no intent. To each their own, however.

  111. Latona – Awesome – which Doc do you see? I see Dr. Marlon S. Rosenbaum. He’s supposedly the best for my specific condition. I hope that’s correct.

  112. He looks like it too. He is a hell of a doctor. Just what you would want. Can’t plug in a machine properly but knows everything about a heart inside and out and can hear your heart and tell you what surgeries you have had. A total freaking outlandish genius.

  113. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    From LeBrun’s blog (is this reader a Bonehead??):

    KingAdrock99: I don’t get the “experts” assertion that either Rinne or Thomas are winning the Vezina this season. The most dominant goalie in the league is Henrik Lundqvist. … This is his 6th consecutive season of recording 30+ wins to start his career (an NHL record) and with Biron going down will play the final 26 games of the season. And he hasn’t tired, he’s actually gotten better, going 8-1-1 and recording a 1.70 GAA in his last 10 games! … Because of Lundqvist, Rangers fans have forgotten about the teams chasing them and whether or not they’ll make the playoffs but how far up the standings they’re going to climb. Henrik is easily the choice for Vezina this year if for nothing else than just how clutch the man is with his league-high 11 shutouts and his 6-3 records in shootouts, sporting a .841 save percentage (Tim Thomas is .529!).

    My take: Great post. With 11 shutouts, it’s hard to argue against Lundqvist. Thomas, Rinne, Price, Lundqvist and Fleury are my group of five, but only three will get nominated. The pressure is on the 30 GMs to get it right!

    Here’s the link: http://espn.go.com/blog/nhl/post/_/id/6249/rant-answers-marc-andre-fleurys-vezina-case-shortened-schedules-stars-fallout

  114. Technically I shouldn’t say I go to Columbia for my problems. I have a regular cardiologist here in Jersey. But if tests needed to be done other than a standard ECG (yes, in English, it’s ECG; the EKG comes from the German term), I am directed there. I was also sent there to contemplate surgery. I’ve been there thrice, maybe.

  115. Wow. Cool stuff Latona. You know that is the official hospital of the New York Yankees (always a funny way to advertise a hospital).

  116. I did not, in fact, know that Mannyfried. Unfortunately, I do not follow the baseball. So it doesn’t mean much to me. More useless knowledge for owning my family on Jeopardy!

  117. Amazing to see Vezina winners of the 80s. GAA near 3.00, save % under .900. Another reason why talking about Ovechkin getting goals record or Crosby even sniffing the points record is never going to happen.

  118. Lundqvist has forced his way into the Vezina conversation, but wins (especially those from five other seasons) and shootout save percentage shouldn’t really be much of a basis for his argument.

  119. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Do the GM’s vote on the Hart? Or is that the writers? I need to know who to blame for not giving it to Jagr in 2005-2006.

  120. haha. I think Jeopardy is the most competitive 30 minutes of my day! My Fiance is never as impressed as she should be.

  121. writers vote for everything but Vezina and Jack Adams (coach). It’s two members of the Pro Hockey Writers Assn. from each city.

  122. Pretty sure it was the (Canadian) writers who were responsible for awarding the Hart to (Canadian) Joe Thornton.

  123. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Hank shouldn’t care about the Vezina. Just go far into the playoffs..Thats gets you respect in the NHL by your peers as a winner .
    Vezina (Italian like the Lombardi trophy )

  124. If Jaromir had gotten the Hart as he deserved, we would have had Jaromir for another season (a clause in his contract guaranteed an extra year with a major end-of-year award). 54 goals and a playoff berth for a previously downtrodden franchise, he always will be the Hart winner for that.

  125. Vezina, more like Italian like Zuccarello. It’s named after Georges Vezina, and couldn’t be more French-Canadian.

  126. Actually Carey was pretty good the year he won. His name looks so out of place in between Hasek and Brodeur’s though.

  127. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    If we had Jagr for the 2008-2009 season, then we wouldn’t have had either Roszival or Redden on that team (maybe both?!). Who knows what would’ve happened?

  128. Looking at some of the voting breakdowns (“breakdown” being the operative word for the writer’s mental state), I can’t decide between Chris Simon in 2000 and Marek Svatos in 2006 as being the weirdest recipient of a Hart Trophy vote.

  129. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    You’re thinking: REFRESH! REFRESH! REFRESH!

    Also a good point ORR. Maybe it was all for the best in the long run.

  130. Carp –

    MVP is always tough on a team like this because its hard to compare the perfomance of the Goalie with other skaters. But in my mind, the forwards and D-men were successful this year as a group – by playing as a team. Sure, Callahan and Prust and maybe others stand out a bit, but the value is in the team effort. If someone got injured, the team as a whole made up for the missing player. But Henrik just stands above all that – his value to this team on his own is unequaled so he has to be the choice for MVP. Now if you had one forward that had 40-50 goals or 100 points, then you could have an argument that that player should be the MVP, but that is just not how this team was constituted.

    As for Bertuzzi, I think there probably should have been some additional punishment as a deterrent, but when it comes these headshots its all a matter of degrees. There’s a difference between reckless behavior vs. intentional behavior. There’s a difference between a direct elbow or forearm to the head vs. a sideswipe, etc. And there’s a difference between a repeat offender and an occasional offender (I know the history with Moore – but this is not necessarily Bertuzzi’s MO like it is Cooke’s). Because all can result in injury, you still need some deterrent even for unintentional (but still reckless) acts. However, you just can’t punish them all the same. In the real world, prison sentences are handed out not just as a deterrent but also for the simple reason that you need to be punished for what you did wrong. The same kind of applies here – you need something as a deterrent for the recklessness but you can’t compare say, Cooke on McDonah to Bertuzzi on Johnson. They are just not the same thing and so the punishment cannot be the same. The NHL can establish some loose guidelines perhaps in terms of minimum punishments depending on the severity of the “crime” but there will always have to be some subjective aspect to deciding the punishment because no two situations are the same. And because of that, there is just no way to please everyone when it comes to these suspensions.

  131. Sid, ok, but no punishment at all? might as well chug on over to mamby-pamby land.

    and i don’t think it’s a slam dunk with lundqvist because of the soft goals and sub-par play in the middle of the season.

  132. CTBlueshirt – good post on Kreider. BC certainly does(or did) have a dominant first line. I think his numbers would be much better if he were getting first-line minutes…But would(will) he get those minutes if he goes pro? Next season, BC is losing basically four of six on the top line. Kreids might even get an ‘A’ with them next year year. Not sure where he’d stack up in Hartford.

    Carp – I’d say Hank, Callahan and Staal, for 1-2-3 MVP of the Rangers, with an honorable mention to Dubinsky. ROY you gotta give to Stepan, IMO. Most improved to Boyle. Teammate of the Year, Prusty. Midget of the Year, MZA.

  133. Carp, but look at the other players that have missed significant time and the team was able to more/less absorb their loss and move along. You take Lundqvist out for the 20 games that Cally or Gaborik have missed and his absence is certainly more profound.

    As for the soft goals, I think every goalie gives them up.

    As for the subpar play, that 20 or so games in the middle of the season where the team scored 3 or less regulation goals 17 times is as much to blame for the Rangers midseason slide as Lundqvist.

  134. Carp –

    On Bertuzzi, notice the first thing I said was that there probably should have been some additional punishment. How much is just hard to say. Yes, you want the deterrent here because the NHL does not want even this type of hit. But even on repeated viewings this was not 10, 15, 20 game suspension worthy. Something yes, how much I don’t know. But because it did not seem like this was very malicious and the blow to the HEAD was almost incidental, I find it hard to muster any outrage over the NHL’s decision in this case.

    As for MVP, I think over an 82 game season, almost every player has rough patches (maybe not Callahan). It’s just that with a Goalie, the rough patches are harder to counter with the play of other players on the team so they are more noticeable. If Dubinsky struggled for a week or two, Boyle and Callahan and Stepan were picking up the slack, etc. With Lundqvist, not so much. In fact, thats another point in his favor – there is more pressure on Lundqvist to do well than on any other player on the team. And even with the rough patches, he has stepped it up a notch at the end when they need it most. I still vote for Hank. The only other possible candidate is Callahan because he epitomizes the play of the whole team. Who knows, maybe he inspires them all to play the way they do and if he wasn’t on the team, they would not have played as hard all year.

  135. We should give Girardi $7 million for his lethal scoring ability….directing the puck into his own net! :)

  136. doodie machetto wants to give most improved to Sauer because of his 3 bad games in his opinion that he evaluated in the 2008-2009 season.

    uh it’s 2010-11 check you reality it’s skewed. Boyle is your winner

  137. In all honesty, Sauer’s rookie season has been the most impressive out of the rookies. He’s been one of our best (if not, best) and most consistent d-men since camp, and he’s improving game by game…He’s got “jam”, “bite” and “balls”….Also leads the team in +/- and is starting to pick up his offense…

    Stepan and Zuke are very bright spots for the future as well, but they have had up and down seasons…McDonagh hasn’t played as many games as Sauer Power…so, by default, ROY is Sauer!

  138. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    If the C changes hands/sweaters next season it should go to cally the fast talking auctioneer and the two easy obvious choices for the A’s are Staal and Prust. IMHO

  139. Good evening again, Sally!

    My mistake. I keep thinking today’s Monday. Dubinsky should be in your hood as we speak. Or type.

  140. If Toronto loses this game in regulation, or even in OT, then it’s pretty safe to say that they’re not making the playoffs.

    They blew it against the Panthers. At a time like this in the season, you can’t lose to a team like the Panthers in regulation.

  141. At a time like this in the season, you can’t lose to a team like the Panthers in regulation


    Good thing Dublowsky and Softqvist prevented that from happening.

  142. third buffalo goal scored as a toronto defensemen gift rapped the puck stick handling in front of the toronto goalie, unbelievable.

  143. JimboWoodside on

    Well, TO is up by a goal again, but with their defense, that isn’t much to work with!

  144. Ill join in watching the Hawks game. Id think Olga’s pushing hard for a win, either regulation or shootout!

  145. at least it looks like Buffalo will be tired come tomorrow. and Miller looks very beatable.

  146. JimboWoodside on

    Caps goalie stopped a penalty shot when they were down 1-0. That might have been a very big play in that game.

  147. JimboWoodside on

    Orr, if you’re saying that you want Boston to play the Habs in the first round, I don’t know if the B’s agree with you. The Habs really have the Bruins number in the playoffs. It’s almost legendary!

  148. no doubt in my mind that leafs and caps blow 3rd per leads. watching both these games picture in picture and both def are vulnerable.

    chances all over the ice for canes and sabres

    anyone who said they would rather play bost then wash u are nuts.

    the caps will give you scoring chances the bruins wont.

  149. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, I understand what you mean now, Orr – I thought that you had some rooting interest in one of those teams. You just want them to kill each other! ;-)

  150. Eric, wouldn’t you want the toughest series? Why get teased by beating someone we might be better than? I said it countless times. I’m looking for the toughest series. I’m not looking for an east team, and hoping one of the tougher teams gets upset.

    If we can’t beat the Bruins or any of those tough teams, then there’s no point of even being in the playoffs.

    Give me the Bruins! Flyers! I don’t care!

  151. # Carp March 29th, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Good evening again, Sally!

    My mistake. I keep thinking today’s Monday. Dubinsky should be in your hood as we speak. Or type.


  152. billybleedsblue on

    2-0 B’s…

    btw, why dont versus just show that late night game last night? they are so silly. just air the games please.

  153. I like how the Hawks winning the Cup commercial doesn’t use the TV audio because it was so horrifically awkward.

  154. billybleedsblue on

    wow, that really helps the cause, eh? good thing the leafs and sabres are such rivals, and the leafs were at home…they may have rolled-over otherwise…

  155. Olga Folkyerself on

    3-0 Boston. If the Hawks are coming back, it may have to be in the finals…

  156. billybleedsblue on

    instead of showing charlie moore, versus should show more hockey games. like last night’s avs ducks games. wtb, get it together already.

  157. JimboWoodside on

    You got it, Eric – very poor goaltending. Not sure what they are thinking, going into the playoffs with this lousy trio in goal.

  158. billybleedsblue on

    there was a buffalo fan around here boasting about games in hand? haha, that’s funny. most buffalo fans i’ve met were reasonable peoples.

  159. Hi gang!

    Points from today’s earlier discussion: MVP is Hank, again. No doubt. Without him, we aren’t talking about potentially getting 6th in the conference, instead we’re talking about how the team is fading from the playoff picture. Not to diminish what Callahan, Staal, Boyle, Dubinsky,etc have done this year, but this team is built from Hank on out. He is their backbone and the skaters will tell you as such, I think.

    Thank you Leaves!

  160. Yeah a few weeks ago one came on and was telling us we should be nervous about the Sabres passing the Rangers because of their games in hand. We responded by telling them that games in hand only mean something if you win them.

  161. Hawks look gassed. Thomas has made some decent saves but Hawks are skating a step behind on every play.

  162. Olga Folkyerself on

    You’re right. Hawks were out of it early. Detroit game last night wore them out. Thomas stopped what he needed to.

  163. billybleedsblue on

    ha, and may that be a lesson to that sabres fan. the blackhawks did a lot of work last night. i watched pretty much the whole game. they had to work really hard for that win. hossa looked really good last night. i’m surprised he didn’t score in regulation. then that silly 4-3 from that hooking call…heh. it’s no doubt they are gassed.

  164. I don’t think this really changes much for their playoff chances, they have a few games in hand on the Flames and the Stars haven’t been that good. Although I’ve read that they lose a lot of tiebreaks with some of the teams chasing them.

  165. Haha. Another Versus classic. Engbloom (Douche in my thoughts) goes to interview Tim Thomas after win and the Garden security whisk him away from Engbloom. I almost threw up from laughing so hard. Hate Versusm

  166. billybleedsblue on

    ha. funny stuff. I turned off versus in favor of bbc world news. this is more depressing, but at least i can respect the professionalism and relevance of their coverage.

  167. Mao Starks, 2-for-18, 1994 Game 7 vs Rockets on

    come on! why not? I aint going to bed yet…i’m going to be up all night..lol

  168. Mao Starks, 2-for-18, 1994 Game 7 vs Rockets on

    lol…ok ok. I may try to pull an ebay and swoop in at last minute.

  169. Mao Starks, 2-for-18, 1994 Game 7 vs Rockets on

    what about the 4th period shuffle? you pretty good at that too..lol..did the knicks lose again?

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have a huge one tomorrow ( west coast time)….my money is on the king… Prust scores a shortie… Mccabe a pp goal… Rangers win 2-0.

  171. Mao Starks, 2-for-18, 1994 Game 7 vs Rockets on

    just saw the haley beaten on carcillo…love iT! LAST!

  172. Who’s the nitwit that voted for Boyle twice? Still not sold on him, but seems like a nice guy

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