Rangers-Bruins in review, by guest blogger Adam Z.


What a difference a year makes. A season ago, 87 points meant failure. Today, by contrast, 87 points means the following: One regulation loss in our last 10 games. Tied points-wise with Montreal for sixth. Seven points clear of Carolina. The magic number down to eight. And three days off to enjoy it. Life is good.

1) Why wait? Lundqvist=monster. The guy has started 20 games in a row, he’s gotten his bell rung twice in the last eight days, and yet he’s putting himself back in Vezina contention. Both saves on Peverley — the glove at the far post early and kicking his leg out on the backgrounder late  — were things of beauty. The Bruins came in waves the whole third period, and most of the 12 shots that got through were high-quality; he simply shut the door. It may not be his most consistent season, but he’s putting up the best SV% and GAA of his career, and showing everyone how personally he took last year’s near-miss. Oh, and 11 shutouts is pretty ridiculous. On a team full of blue-collar guys, Henrik may be the toughest of the bunch.

2) Speaking of Hank and his head … I’d sure love to know how referee Tim Peel was attempting to explain to Cally the non-call on Bergeron. OK, he was driving hard to the net. OK, he was sliding on his knees at the end of the play. But the forearm shiver right to the mask was as blatant as you could get — his arm even followed through like he was throwing a baseball — and Peel had the best view in the house. There’s nothing incidental about that kind of contact, and it should have been called as such.

3) It’s going to be tough to score more short-handed goals if we keep staying out of the penalty box like this.

4) On Saturday afternoons during spring break weeks, most 20-year-olds are either hungover and/or haven’t gone to bed yet from the previous night. I think we can safely say that Derek Stepan is no ordinary 20-year old. That was some slick deflection … off a faceoff win no less! And that’s a veteran move by Prospal to jump in and help out the rookie on the draw. Didn’t realize how much we missed Vinny this year until he came back.

5) By the way, you have to go back all the way to 2006-2007 to find the last time we had five 20-goal scorers in a season. Who can name the five without looking?

6) Aside from the big blocked shot late in the game, Sean Avery’s biggest contribution was that his fight against Colie’s kid led to a whistle that stopped a Brad Marchand breakaway mid-stride. And from that point on, Dan Girardi — whose pretty awful turnover caused that would-be break-in — played a whale of a game. That guy would step in front of a mack truck if it was headed toward Lundqvist. I’ve taken to calling him the Block-ness Monster.

7) I have no numbers to back this up, but my theory is that afternoon games are harder for homes teams than road teams. Whereas a road team’s schedule is by nature in flux no matter the game’s start time (different cities, timezones,  hotels, arenas, etc), guys at home are used to a certain routine with which afternoon games completely interfere. Throw in our road excellence and the fact that Boston was coming off the huge win over the Habs Thursday night, and I think we had the perfect storm going yesterday.

8) It was a little harsh of Torts to jump on Sam’s question about the lack of goal-scoring during the post-game presser (and I think he felt a little guilty about it, too). But I think it’s just as silly to get overly concerned about scoring three goals in the last three games as it is to get overly confident about, say, scoring 17 goals in the three games before that. Each streak is an aberration in its own way. The truth of the matter is that these things even out over the long run. It’s important to get your 1-0 wins, and it’s important to get your 7-0 wins.

9) With two sets of back-to-backs coming up, will we finally see Ocho Cinco? I think Hank is a given for Wednesday in Buffalo, but I’d start Johnson on the Island the next night. That would give Hank an only-one-game-in-eight-day stretch leading up to Philly next Sunday.

10) Don’t look now, boys and girls, but if the stars align, we could clinch a playoff berth as soon as Thursday.

Enjoy your Sunday – Let’s Go Rangers!


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  1. good review. Last year, I found the team almost unwatchable. I love their guts and grit this year. YOUTH! So much youth on this team, as a ranger fan, it is what I have been dreaming of. If Del Zoto gets it together and develops into the quaterback on the PP that I think he can become, WATCH OUT! Girardi, Sauer, McDonuagh, Staal….. MONSTERS! I really like this team. The effort is there! Props to Torts..

  2. CCCP was asking on the last thread if anyone had noticed Gaborik being offside on the shift before the goal off the subsequent faceoff. If you were lucky enough to watch the NESN broadcast, the answer to that is: “Yes, it was brought up approximately every 30 seconds for the rest of the game.”

    Of course, as N(ose P)icholas will no doubt inform us later, the only reason Gaborik got away with it is because Dubinsky wasn’t on the ice flopping around on his knees untouched to make him officially offside.

  3. Great review Carp – especially agree with you on the Avery point – that was a HUGE fight at just the right moment of the center ice dash towards Hank –

    Did you see the look on the faces of the Bruins fans in the photo for today? Stunned! I LOVE IT –

    Perhaps we can play ALL play-off games on the road this post-season?

  4. Our boys showed they can play a gritty, strong defensive road game and withstand the third period Bruins push. But admit we did get some breaks, some great saves by Hank, and some timely blocked shots that kept the goose egg on the board.

    Problem is this isn’t the playoffs…if it was, they would have slammed one in and we’d be playing OT’s till daybreak this morning. We need better goal production and consistency. Sam Rosen was right on in his questioning of Torts, too bad he snapped at the company guy.

    We’re winning a first round playoff match up no matter who we play!

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    well done review

    I think Torts a great coach, but jeeezsch….you can’t keep playing 10-13 guys game after game….got to trust your bench just a tad more

    Adam Z…tough call on whether to give the King a day off as he is playing his best hockey without sitting any games

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Speaking of Hank and his Head…

    According to Joe Missaplenty there was no way Bergeron could have avoided slamming into Hank because he was sliding on his knees.?.!.? This guy has now become the worst broadcaster in the ny area which has some real stiff comp. MSG has got to move Maloney in the booth for tv and bring Albert with him.

    How about Vinny getting horn swaggled against the boards and coming back for next shift. The bronzer may be hard to take, but he has guts.

    Feds = monster. He looks like the little Dutch boy on the side of the paint can but hits, grinds, and jams better than anyone on team. He and Prust are perfect on the same line.

  7. “CCCP was asking on the last thread if anyone had noticed Gaborik being offside on the shift before the goal off the subsequent faceoff. If you were lucky enough to watch the NESN broadcast, the answer to that is: “Yes, it was brought up approximately every 30 seconds for the rest of the game.”

    I was watching the game at work with no sound and I kept wondering why they kept showing the play with Gaborik offside. The play itself didn’t result in a goal so what’s the big deal? Now, I know. It’s because they’re a bunch of crybabies.

  8. “I was watching the game at work with no sound and I kept wondering why they kept showing the play with Gaborik offside. The play itself didn’t result in a goal so what’s the big deal? Now, I know. It’s because they’re a bunch of crybabies.”

    I am stuck with the nesn broadcast up here in Maine, and I have never heard so much complaining about a missed offsides call, especially one that didn’t result directly in a goal. Julien is still complaining about it, even after Rask minimized it and acknowledged that the Bruins had plenty of chances to score.

    Whining is contrary to winning, maybe that’s why the Bruins haven’t done well in the playoffs despite strong regular seasons and a good team.

  9. Adam- great review man.

    I missed the entire game bc of work but wow. 2 huge points after Buffalo shut out NJ last night.

    I’d love to be at Wednesday’s game. It’s got playoff atmosphere written all over it. I rarely use “biggest game of the year” as a tag line but it may finally be appropriate.

    BTW- what did Torts say to Sam about the 3 goals in 3 games? Most of us knew a goal drought was coming after they scored the 17 in 3. It’s what this team does. And as I said last night it’s funny because they’re 8th in scoring in the NHL despite the “droughts”

    Think of it this way- there are rarely any 6-0 or 7-0 wins in the playoffs (unless we play the Thrashers). The more of these 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 games they find a way to win the better they can be prepared for the low scoring grind that it takes to win a 7 games post season series in this league.

    Stepan = the money.

  10. bull dog line on

    on the Gaborik non call off sides.
    you are allowed to precede the puck over the blue line if you are deemed to have possession of the puck. I think Gaborik had possession of the puck.

  11. Mister Delaware on

    Was at the game yesterday. Rangers seemed content to defend for the last 25 or so minutes (maybe 3 shots in that span) and it seemed like someone finding a crack was inevitable but King was King. Not sure if it was caught on TV but we had atleast 5 guys at one point or another down on the ice and slow off. Good to see none look serious.

    (If I were ranking confidence 1 to 20 with the skaters, McCabe would be 20. Not fast and seems to get caught a stride behind where he should be a lot. If we ever go to 3 lines plus special teams in the playoffs, he should be dressed as a forward.)

  12. “Problem is this isn’t the playoffs…if it was, they would have slammed one in and we’d be playing OT’s till daybreak this morning. We need better goal production and consistency.”

    I don’t necessarily agree with this statement. From what I’ve read Boston came at them pretty hard. No way to say they’d find a way to score and the Rangers wouldn’t if it was the post season.

    Our team came dangerously close to beating Washington in the first round 2 years ago with virtually NO goal scoring. When Lundqvist is playing the way he is right now this team is capable of getting it done in low scoring games. Not to mention their D is a lot better than it was the last time they were in the post season and the scoring is a lot more balanced.

  13. I thought Boston was not at their best for the first two periods, they were gliding it seemed. But they came out hard in the third, and the boys answered. The Boston will be a tough team to play against in the offseason as it is, let alone with Thomas in the net.

    The game Wednesday could determine 7-8 position. I don’t think Carolina can do much. Their schedule is brutal.

    The Islanders were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs last night. The “magic” number for the Devils is 3, between them and Buffalo. We can potentially see that happen next week.

  14. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Nice write up Adam.

    Hi Sally!

    Somewhere tiki is smiling!

    Work just blows this morning!

    Back at it, later assens!

  15. Man Wed’s game against Buffalo is HUGE.. Buffalo uses up their game in hand on Tuesday against Toronto. If they win we’re tied in points but the Rangers hold the tie breaker going into the game.

    What happens if Buffalo beats the Leaves and the Rangers? Well then we’re going into Thursday’s game against a pumped up Islander team while desperately needing two points and a game against Philly on the horizon. Rangers- Philly in the first round would be looking pretty realistic at that point. Not cool.

  16. I coach indoor soccer, it’s different than what you’d think. It isn’t at a large indoor sporting complex with an indoor pitch and stuff, it’s played in high school gymnasiums with a big tennis-like ball. You play it off the walls and the bleachers and everything. It’s really quite a blast.

    Anyway, my girls are going for the championship today at 3:00. I was just hoping my fellow Ranger fans could wish me some luck, since my girls are almost a carbon copy of the Rangers. Few skilled players, they all work their aasens off, second best defense in the entire league, an awesome goalie. Oh yeah, and they almost give me a heart attack every game.

  17. JamesG-Buffalo plays against Toronto ( in Toronto, against the team that hasn’t been eliminated yet), will have to travel to Buffalo where the Rangers will be waiting. I like our chances.

  18. Thanks guys. We beat the team we’re facing already, but we had an 0-8 team since we were the highest seed and we were actually down 2-1 against them yesterday before taking over. They play to the level of competition and I don’t like it. If they played their “A” game every night we could beat anyone.

  19. I’m not trying to disrupt your euphoria, but did anyone see the way that Haley of the Islanders dismantled Carcillos face in a joyous barrage of left and rights that left poor li’l cillo almost weeping with embarrassment. Some times it pays to go outside the realm to see how the other half is living.

    Oh, and lest I forget…congratulations to Adam Z for a very nicely handled presentation.

  20. Terrific game yesterday, great performance yet again by Henrik. If this is the defensive performance and goaltending we get in the playoffs, the New York Rangers will be a tough team to beat. The referees have been very fair recently towards us, even Bill McCreary called us for no penalties against the Panthers.

    Sad story re: Marc Savard today. http://sports.espn.go.com/boston/nhl/news/story?id=6262553

  21. done, ilb. i have to do a few blog items today, and there’s one more game that I’m not covering, this afternoon, and I’m Mr. Hockey for a while (though I think I have a local baseball game on the weekend). Did youse guys see that I met Julie and her mom in Albany?

    fran, I did rather enjoy that joyous barrage on that piece of cooke carcillo. that’s why I wished that piece of carcillo cooke was in the lineup the night the Isles beat the stuffing out of the Pens — the night that got Mario all whiny. Also, did you notice that the Islanders did more damage to the Pens by losing to the Flyers?

  22. Fewer regulation/OT wins, Newman. They removed skills competition wins from the tiebreaker.

    She sure is, Tiki. So’s her mom. And good job by you on that previous post.

  23. Carp, what did you think of the decision to scratch Zuccarello? I didn’t really think it was the best decision. I also thought Torts’ reasoning was odd in him saying that Boston is a “big team”. The Rangers have 5 points in their last 3 and only scored three goals…simply amazing but, that won’t be a recipe for success in the playoffs. NYR need all the goals they can get. Zuccarello’s creativity was missed yesterday…am I the only one who noticed that? Hopefully, he gets right back in there. I think he deserves to play over EC or Wolski…

  24. Adam,
    Outstanding, solid review, emotional and well written.
    Best of luck in you noble pursuit!!! Prove them, that hard work can beat talent for real and it’s never over until it’s over. For someone who do that for living (or socially) with such a passion, you do need to have a good cardiologist handy (I know what I’m talking about). But it’s still better, than be an object of mortician interest.

  25. Mao Starks, 2-for-18, 1994 Game 7 vs Rockets on

    nice job, adam…. dan dan girardio=the Block-ness monster…ROFL…g1!

  26. NYR, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what Tortorella said … but it’s a nice problem to have, that the Rangers now have 13 healthy forwards and can interchange based on opponent, or on who’s playing harder/better. It will keep those bottom three or four guys motivated. And if Tortorella can keep Avery going in the right direction, he could be a valuable piece in the playoffs. … that’s “if.”

  27. 4everanger,

    I do have a good cardiologist handy. In fact, I have an appointment with him this week so he can re-fill my meds. Lol.

  28. The interesting thing about the playoffs is we know teams have lots of depth, Philly, Boston, Pittsburg if they ever get healthy ect. When it comes to debth The Rangers are hard to analise. The D is young and they are improving every time they hit the ice. It’s fun to watch, yesterdays game they were very good. They still make mistakes but it’s fewer every game. I would say this is one of the best defenses in the league right now and they are getting better. As far as the forwards go AA has really come a long way this year, and he gets better every game. Duby has improved a lot, Cally also, that line is dangerous all the time their out there. Boyle is a totally different player now campared to last season. Prust has been better also. The last few games Gabby has been lurking dangerously, we all know he can make things happen real quick. I could go on and on but I won’t, The point is these guys are really an unknown element, and I’m sure if the truth were known there are lots of teams that would rather not face them in a seven game series, especially with Henrik playing like he is. If they make the playoffs, The Rangers could make some noise.

  29. didnt read any posts, just wanted to say it was nylander, straka, jagr,shanny,prucha and rucinsky!! wait no he wasnt there on 06 -07 team.

  30. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Prust’s conditioning training consists of running down cheetahs.

    Oh…. and Prust bowls overhand.

    Prust spelled backwards is still Prust. Weird.

    Boyle=Green Monster. (Boston reference)

    Rangers=Grit. Yea they have off games… and you can’t win em all. But man do they get big wins at big times. They’ve beaten the top teams in the east… we can make noise in the playoffs.

    If you look at the most important goalie to their respective team… Lundqvist wins the Vezina in a landslide. He may not have the best cumulative stats… but 11 shutouts HAS to put you in the conversation.

    If the Rangers were 1 or 2 in the east… it would be Hank’s all day.

  31. True, Carp. That’s a good point; it will keep those guys motivated to play. We all know that MZA has heart and plays tough. If we can get production out of him consistently, he can be a very special player with the type of skill he has. And, I also agree about Avery. Although, I do want all the kids playing in the playoffs including MZA. I wish Del Zotto was around. I think playoff experience will be valuable for all the kids…no matter how far we go…

    Btw, this what Torts was quoted as saying:

    Torts: “Zuc has not been bad, but he has not been great…there hasn’t been a whole lot of production…plus Bruins are a big team”

  32. Tiki,
    Double congratulations to you, buddy, with personal double victory, seriously. Can’t imagine how you survive 3rd period (I was really thinking about you yesterday night). Good feeling, sweet revenge.
    One don’t need to be a Bruins fan to feel absolutely horrible about Savard, bad enough when things are happened by accidents, but knowing that it was a result of deliberate action just unbearable. How this guys can live with themselves in the same hockey community, knowing that they totally ruined professional and personal lives of fellow players. This is a game, for Stanley sake, not a war. Do they have a postwar/games syndrome for intentionally killing/ injuring other humans.

  33. Just noticed in that photo on top, the fan in the stands has his hat on backward. Boston fans are supposed to have the brim in the back.

  34. yes that 3rd period was the most intense nerve wracking period yet this season imo. ive never seen so many chance after chance and rush back into our zone one right after anothr during that last 10 minutes. holy canoli, stromboli, ravioli, chris campoli!! i was getting a little worrried there but hank holy cow he is the best i think hes ever been right now in his carer. nothing is getting through him and he is ready to take this team to teh cup soon. if they can get this guy few more scorers on teh team watch out. and i love the grinders on the team. prust boyle, then suby cally are really integral to this team success the whole season, but u get ec, feds, and aves off this team, and get 2 or 3 skill guys(no frolov or wolski types either). im talkin corey perry and ryan kesler types. is kreider a power forwd?? man this bugs me. hank is ready to get this team a deep run and sather blew it by wasting a few years on vets. f he started this rebuild when he was supposed to, all our guys would be primed for this playoffs. hank will be in his mid 30’s by the time the young guys are all at their peak. watch, if we surprise people with a nice run here, sather will go out and sign richards. i can just see it now. then richards comes in, and gets 45-50 points. just like drury. oh and speaking of capn cumqwat, do we can him or does he play in the playoffs?? does ec(extra cheese) sit out? or aves? or zuchini man??

  35. nyrfan- i was reading the whales website and it seems del zotto has been scratched from the lineup on occassion including their last 3-2 win over charlotte. at least grachev got the gwg in SO.

  36. Hey Carp!
    Hey Tiki!
    Hey ilb!
    Gotta love the faces on the fans behind Henrik in that picture. ( :

  37. From last post: No Carp, the store where the winning ticket was bought was down the corner from Sapienza’s. Very close though! I wish I had stopped in there on my way home from work. Can you even imagine winning all that money?! I love your idea of what you would do with it. ( :
    Mom wasn’t kidding about having you for dinner, so next time you’re up here, let me know.

  38. i was wondering why in teh hell he was scratched. and in the article, it didnt say who was injured or scratched, just scratched. so yes, the broken finger would explain it! lol

  39. looks like the Rangers are making moves on the 5 and 6 seeds. If the Rangers can get the #5 seed and a matchup against a Crosby-less Penguins would be a great matchup…

  40. Hey Julie! That’s so awesome that you have such a close relationship with your mom and dad. :)

    4ever – Wasn’t nervous at all during the last 5 minute stretch. All I really wanted out of the game was 1 point and for Henrik to continue his stretch of stellar play.

  41. I think Crybaby will be back for the playoffs.

    I hope Stahl reminds him that he has a concussion when he throws his shoulder into his chest, and his submarine lips smack against the boards!

    I’d like to see Tampa vs Pissburgh though. Looks like a good series.

  42. Yeah it is Tiki. We all do lots of stuff together, along with my sister too. Everybody says that my mother looks more like my sister than my mother because she looks so much younger than she is–all of my friends love her and always want her to go out with us.

  43. Stranger Nation on

    MZA scratch was right call. Wolski may not make it through the reg season. 2nd game in a row where he was absolutely drilled with a check, this one was a cheap knee shot by Bruin Defenseman – McQuaid – who was playing rough and ready all game. Same guy who sent Vinny flying into boards in 3rd, I believe

    How about Gabby getting a boarding penalty for the only PK. Really? Gabby? Boarding? Really?

    EZ auditioning for the “invisible man” role in another hard hitting, tight checking games. Just under 6 mins of 5v5 time.

  44. Julie – Im really happy for you.. And if your mother looks as young and beautiful as you, then she’s a lucky lady :)

    Have a good day, all.

  45. Mao Starks, 2-for-18, 1994 Game 7 vs Rockets on

    u guys & gals see that video of crosby practicing?…think was from last week….beautiful to watch. I really hope he returns 100% healed. The league needs their top talent, and I want the Rangers to beat every team at full strength. Has anyone been catching the Whale games? Report on who is or isn’t playing well? Grachev report? tia

  46. Wait…Crosby has resumed practicing? Somebody at MSG Network really dropped the ball by not informing us of this.

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    Adam Z….nice write up…..The worst part of yesterday’s game for me was the NESN feed…..those 2 ding dong announcers are as bad homer simpsons as the dirtyburgh pen announcers…..Jack edwards?….that moron knows carcillo about sports and probably never played any sport ever….guys like that crack me up….That piece of cooke couldnt break a sweat yanking on his chain..

  48. “And this one will last a lifetime post” This Morning. What in the world are you talking about.??? How do you shorten your bench this time of year. With our blue collar team we need to roll four lines. Get a life dude

  49. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    sorry bro it was frakking autospell on my phone….GRABBY!!!! LMFAO!!

  50. lone, I think he was talking about lengthening the bench. and the end of your comment really wasn’t necessary, was it?

  51. hey eddie eddie eddie(edzo edzo edzo)…i watch some bruins games on center ice and jack edwards is so biased it’s funny…i mean entertaining funny….imagine him and chico as the color man…it would be the funiest show on tv

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    Emj – no doubt…what loony birds…..Boyle gets slashed so hard on the stick that it would have amputated his arm had it hit there, and these wack-jobs say “amazing how the ranger players drop their sticks to draw a penalty at the hint of contact”

    Call me silly as the rangers havent even clinched a spot yet…but this team is going to the finals…Prust (just) sayin…

  53. Just saw this on Twitter:

    @Aportzline: #CBJ have signed RW Cam Atkinson out of Boston College.

    Is Kreider next?

  54. Woo-hoo! The championship is ours, anyone who was aware of my happenings today. I’m actually really happy, for I played sports all my life and never won anything. Very proud of my girls, they deserved it. Good omens for the Rangers? Let’s hope…

  55. Thanks, ilb. I don’t wanna seem like self-centered or anything by posting about my team and stuff but I’m very proud of them. And I like all of you guys so.

  56. You should be proud. It certainly sounded this morning like it would mean a lot to you to win it. On the other hand, you said it was at 3 pm, and you posted at 4:26. It sounds like the boneheads were one of the first ones you wanted to know of your success. It means a lot to us.

  57. You guys were one of the first ones to know and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Thanks again, ilb.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Great recap, one of the best guest recaps.

    “One regulation loss in our last 10 games.”

    Ha, funny that you bring that up. I was at that game. Coincidentally, I was at the Rangers’ regulation loss against Ottawa 4 years ago in March. It was their only regulation loss in 14 games, and the first of 2 in their last 18 games of the season. Stupid Ottawa.

  59. Latona, do you still play? I’m an old man and I still play soccer and hockey and am going to join a basketball league this summer. The last championship I was involved in was last spring’s hockey season. We ended up the regular season in last place, but all teams are in the tournament. We ended up winning the championship and that was such a rush I have to keep trying to experience that again.

  60. Everything is possible, I suppose. But if they go 3-3 the rest of the way, Carolina will have to post 7-0 record. If they mange to win only 2 games, Carolina will have to go 6-1.

  61. Cross Check,

    I don’t play in any leagues. I get most of my soccer from pick-up games and coaching the girls. I never actually played hockey, surprisingly, other than street hockey with friends. I wish I had started from a young age, but I was only converted to Ranger-ism in around 5th grade, when I was already rooted in soccer.

  62. If there is a street/dek hockey league near you I would suggest joining it. I found one about 5 years ago and love it. I hadn’t played since high school, but it came back quickly enough. I’m the oldest guy in the league and it’s still pretty competitive. Some cities have more than one division based on skill level.

  63. Too bad Nj. Will be out this week, because we had some nervous nitwits saying that they are the favorites for the Cup if they got in. Oooooh scary

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    looks like the red wings’ chances just took a turn for the worst as jimmy howard hurt his hand, wrist, shoulder, or arm last night..

  65. From TSN’s summary of the Caps-Habs game last night:

    “Many of the boos were directed at centre Scott Gomez, the club’s highest-paid player who has seven goals and is a team-worst minus-16 this season.”

    Two thoughts:
    1. What took the fans so long?
    2. Hahahahahaha

  66. Leetchhalloffame on

    Every time I see McDonagh I smirk – what in the world were Les Habs thinking?

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    McD, Sauer, Staal, Stahl, and Stall…give us 5 of the best Dmen in the league come 2013

  68. I hope we have no trouble keeping some of these guys under contract in the next two-three years. Like McDonut, Sour Power, Del Z, etc.

    Glad we don’t have to worry aboot Stahl.

    My only concern is Dublowsky. Any of our other RFA’s this year, I’m not to concerned aboot.

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    no doubt…ORR …slats needs to keep this core together…..on another note as my lil sis went to UoK…go cats go…to tony what it be?

  70. Prucha got exiled to the KHL, so he’s presumably not among the first choices for recall by the Coyotes. And they clearly need idiotic hitting from behind on their roster a bit more than any obvious hockey skills anyway.

  71. I was at the Habs-Caps game last night in Montreal. A. Les habs looked hideous. Gomer wasn’t the worst player on the ice only because the rest of his team was as bad as he was. The crowd booed him mercilessly and rightfully so. I was wearing a ranger tee and my ranger touque as they call them. I was thanking people for Mcdonagh. Some were like “do you really think he’s good?”. That’s just sad because even if he played d like I do it would be worth it just to get rid of that sad sack gomer.

  72. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Returned from my NTR vacation and had a great time watching the Florida, Ottawa and Boston game. 5/6 points and only one goal against. I think I should be a fulltime roadie for them.

  73. john, as much as i dislike the montreal team and their fans, it would be much more difficult to realize how good McD has been as opposed to a player putting up offensive stats.

  74. Hank gets more and more impressive the more he plays. Our most impressive stat would have to be the 27-0 games won when leading after two, that my friends is tremendous and speaks volumes not only about our goaltenders but our defense and team effort. Once we learn that we are impossible to beat with a lead and start making the first period our best period rather then the third, we will go deep. Vancouver is the best team in the league, be beat them by a goal after getting one on the first, this is the most consistent area of our game. Time to play to our strength.

  75. John, that must have been great! I wish I was there, have they not seen this kid play? What a steal mcd was!

  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    Given how tough it is to play the D position….. the young brothers Sauer and McD deserve HEAPS-O-Praise…..

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    just read the JD link…sounds like no one knows what will happen,,,,oodles of uncertainty….maybe the rangers can work a trade of Micheletti for JD…ohhhh Baby

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    filthy lost…pens 2 pts back tho filthy 2 games in hand….the top 4 in the standings are in more disarray than the bottom 4….quite the reversal of fortunes than say 3 weeks ago…nice to see the flyers folding like a pile of laudry….1 and done would be great regardless of who they play…pens schedule very weak in their remaining games…could easily see the pens taking over first in the Patrick errrr atlantic division…

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t believe he hasn’t been fired yet, in all honesty. Just every move he’s made has not worked out.

    Cross Check, I’ll be at the Boston and Atlanta games, so that limits the number of potential Rangers wins to 4

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – during the opening moments of your poll, i picked the rangers to finish 6th…looking more realistic now with each passing day…

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – in his favor, tho, every game a sellout…hard to fire someone when the regular season is ringing the cash drawer…tho, no playoff $$$ clearly hurts,,,,

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    given the rangers road record, especially who they have beaten of late….they should not fear anyone come rd. 1….not saying be over-confident, as they is a recipe for disaster…but no need for them to be uptight….i will be nervous enough for the whole team….

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    eddie, while true, St. Louis traditionally did well in attendance prior to the lockout. The only two years of low attendance were the two coming out of the lockout. So, I’m not going to give JD too much credit for their attendance numbers.

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – I imagine new ownership is looking closely at the books…I have to think that present day attendance in a city hit hard by this recession has to count for something…

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    personally, i dont give a rats tail what happens…JD while clearly respected throughout the league, seemed to me to be a shill for slats while in the booth….

  86. I hope the situation with JD works out for him. A great guy committed to his job and to giving the fans a team they can love.

  87. The Taxi Squad on

    Great write up … the Block-ness Monster, hey? I may start expanding use of that moniker from the ice to the outside world. I’ll credit you, don’t worry.

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