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March 26, 2011 – New York Rangers 1, Boston Bruins 0 (Game No. 76, Away No. 38)

*       The Rangers defeated the Boston Bruins, 1-0, today at TD Garden to improve to 41-30-5 overall, including a 23-14-1 on the road.  It is the second time in the last three games the Rangers won with a 1-0 score.  The 23 road wins is their most since the 1993-94 season (24-16-2).

*       New York has now registered at least one point in a season-high, seven consecutive games (6-0-1), and are 8-1-1 in their last 10 contests.  The last time New York posted a seven-game point streak was from Dec. 31, 2009 at Carolina to Jan. 12, 2010 vs. New Jersey (4-0-3).

*       The Blueshirts are the only team in the NHL who is undefeated when leading after two periods, posting a record of 27-0-0 in those contests.

*       Henrik Lundqvist stopped 26 shots to post his career-high, 11th shutout of the season, while appearing in his 400th career game.  He is now 33-24-5 overall, including a 19-11-1 mark on the road.  His 11 shutouts and 19 road wins both lead the league.  In the last 10 games, Lundqvist is 8-1-1 with a 1.67 goals against average, a .942 save percentage and three shutouts over the span.

*       Lundqvist’s 11 shutouts are tied for second in team history for most shutouts in a season, and are the most by a Ranger goalie since John Ross Roach posted 13 shutouts in 1928-29.

*       Derek Stepan tallied the game’s lone goal at 6:39 of the first period, and won a team-high, eight faceoffs in 12 attempts (67%).  The goal was his 20th of the season, marking the first time since 2005-06 that a Rangers rookie tallied 20 or more goals (Petr Prucha – 30).  He is now tied for second among NHL rookies in road points (24) and ranks third in road goals (14), and he leads the team in road goals and ranks second in road points.

*       Michael Sauer recorded the primary assist on Stepan’s goal, and blocked three shots in 20:28 of ice time.  The Rangers have posted a record of 10-2-0 when he registers a point.  Sauer now leads the team ranks third among NHL rookies with a plus-18 rating on the season.

*       Vinny Prospal registered one assist on Stepan’s game-winning goal, and has now tallied 14 points (three goals, 11 assists) in the last 15 games.  He leads the team with 12 assists and ranks second in scoring with 17 points (five goals, 12 assists) in 23 games since returning from injury on Feb. 3.

*       After an off-day tomorrow, the Blueshirts’ next practice is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Monday, Mar. 28, at the MSG Training Center.

*       The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday, Mar. 30, at HSBC Arena (7:00 p.m.), to begin a back-to-back set.

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  1. I would’ve preferred not having to watch the siege in the last five minutes, but I’ll take that level of commitment and intensity from the team every time, even if they’re scoring goals at a rate Lemaire would call “a touch low”. And I thought the top-4 D and Lundqvist were outstanding.

    I find Jack Edwards to be more of a caricature than offensively unprofessional like the FSN Pittsburgh chimps, but he made a slightly sneering comment about the Rangers not being pretty to watch, as if Claude Julien teams are the 80s Oilers reincarnated, which was a bit odd.

    And congrats to Stepan for scoring his 20th goal and winning his 20th faceoff on the same play.

  2. That Bacon Sundae I was talking aboot is actually from Denny’s. Here’s the description…

    The Maple Bacon Sundae.

    It’s vanilla ice cream topped with maple syrup and “a generous sprinkle of our diced hickory-smoked bacon

    You eat it. You take a massive crap. Then you die. All for only $5.00

  3. Rhode Island Ranger on

    LW3H: I particularly enjoyed Edwards and Brick claiming Boyle deliberately “dropped” his stick when it was chopped out of his hands behind the NY net in the third. This left the puck right at the feet of the other Bruin forechecker coming right at Boyle. In other words, the wily Ranger forward from Hingham was willing to risk a deadly turnover in a one-goal game to try and draw a penalty! Classic. These guys must wet themselves laughing about their shtick off-air.

  4. Missed most of the game, but I did meet one of our Boneheads, Julie, and her mom, up here in Albany. Nice people, as are all of youse guys. Most of you, anyway.

  5. Brodeur tried a Maple Bacon Sundae in between periods once. He spat it out in disgust, telling the Devils’ trainer to “stop giving me this diet food crap”.

  6. Carp, I too met Julie, with her dad, when I was in NY. Terrific, sweet woman.

    Huge 1-0 shutout for Hank. Nice team victory and response following the Ottawa game, also great way to start out the road trip.

  7. OT nr 2..
    where should we watch the game on the 4. if we don’t go to MSG?
    A bar, somewhere close to MSG? Never been to a real sportsbar before so would love a great ambiance. ;)

  8. Huge 1-0 shutout (third of the season) for Hank who only ever gets shutouts in blowout victories, you mean?

  9. More than deserving win for the Rangers probably the better team for the first 52 or 53 minutes..

    Bruins seems to be sleepery and lazy throughout the game, Chara per example didnt want to touch any player fearing to get probably another suspension or the one he didn´t get for the hit on Pacioretty…but doesnt matter..

    Rangers played a good solid game nothing extraordinary but the right way to get to the playoffs….

  10. Hank only records shutouts in blowout games? Why would you say that LW3H? That is completely false.

    Braga! Definitely no Champions League next campaign! No Europa League next campaign also?! :)

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rangers-Bruins in review

    Very big win today. I wish they played with more forcefulness in the third. Getting one shot on goal isn’t going to get it done on most nights. Magic # is now 10 pt!

    1) Hank= Monster

    2)Sauer= Sauer power monster!

    3)McDonagh= Beast Monster

    4)Stepan= future #1 center

    5)Girardi- did some really bad things but also made many good blocks and great hit on Lucic

    6) Staal was very good today in the d zone. He has to think quicker when on the power play.

    7) Eminger played well too

    To be continued later.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Killer Bs looked big and nasty but Rangers showed heart. Could have been 5 or so more PPs on some of the cheap cr@p the Bs pulled.

    Fav play was damn girardi’s hit on lucic – that is a highlight reel hit giver the receiver of it.

    Very, very impressive win.

    Oh yeah, EZ was horrible

  13. Stranger Nation on

    One more thing

    McCabe = scary monster – close your eyes and hope he goes away king – geesh

  14. Yay, a much needed win for the Rangers and another shutout for Henrik!
    It was great meeting you Carp! After we left, one of the local news channels got me to do an interview with them about the Mega Millions winner here in Albany. Wish I was the winner! Happy for whoever it was who won.

  15. leetchhalloffame on

    BIG WIN! Way to go boys. Some more goals would be nice, but we’ll take the W.

  16. I keep thinking that I’ve seen the last of the idiotic performances by Refs, but they always manage to top me. They made more bad omissions of calls on off sides, and bad checks, and downright simple minded refereeing throughout this game, than I’ve seen in the past several seasons. How many off sides did they miss ( against Rangers?) How did one manage to hit one of the Ranger skaters? Where did they get these guys?

  17. jpg's sister on

    Glad for the win AND the points. Difficult to do, but I’m going to cheer for the Devils over the Sabres.

  18. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Bolts just went up on the Canes late in the first in Carolina. Good news.

    But this Mishkin guy doing the TB radio call is the most absurd screamer I’ve ever heard. When the Bolts score, he emits an unnatural crazy-old woman-in-the-attic caterwaul that no human with a Y chromosome and any self respect should ever summon.

    If this “guy” has any adult friends or family members who still care, he needs their intervention desperately. Please make him stop.

  19. JimboWoodside on

    Debbies down in Buffalo, 2-0…they’re laying down like the miserable dogs that they really are….

  20. >>Debbies down in Buffalo, 2-0…they’re laying down like the miserable dogs that they really are….

    On the bright side, that loss will most likely put them out of misery.

  21. Olga Folkyerself on

    Buffalo beats the Debbies

    Wash leading Montreal 1-0 with 5 minutes left

    Chicago up 1-0 over Anaheim

    Let’s Go Black Hawks!!!

  22. >>Lemaire ripping his team right now Torts style

    Bwahaha! It sounds like he’s upset about his Jack Adams chances.

    Oh and, those Caps announcers are now roasting Gomez.

  23. The Kings’ Stanley Cup chances have taken a HUGE hit with the loss of Anze Kopitar.

  24. Someone should tell Ken Daneyko that his playoffs beard is not working too well for his beloved team.

  25. Yup. Looks like my Boston vs LA Cup Final prediction took a huge hit.

    Also my prediction of the Canes making the playoffs seems like it will be wrong, baring some unforeseen incident.

    They’re replaced by the team I said wont make the playoffs, which is NYR. Happy to be wrong aboot that.

  26. gomez hasnt scored in 22 games? didnt he score against the NYR? was that 22 games ago already??

  27. Wow, check out Duguay’s shirt! What year does he think this is – 1979 still?! Lol

  28. I missed the game today. What’s this carcillo I hear about Lundqvist giving up a couple of long rebounds?? TRADE LUNDQVIST!! ; )

    btw- called it this morning. low scoring grind game. : D

  29. Interesting fact despite the way it seems like every game is a 1-0 or 2-1 game with our beloved team. They’re 8th in the NHL in goals scored.

  30. Messiah I think Duguay is permanently stuck in an acid trip from a bad tab he took one night in the late 70 when the team bus broke down somewhere in Philadelphia.

    MSG probably pays him in joints and krispy kreme doughnuts.

  31. Don’t know if this was brought up but right now in NHLN they showed that prior to faceoff that led to Stepan’s goal, Gaborik went offside… the faceoff was supposed to be outside of Bruins zone

    we caught a huge break today

  32. Julie, was it right at that store next to Sapienza’s? Because I was actually in there yesterday and thinking about buying a lottery ticket. Swear to God.

    Imagine. I would have bought LoHud and made it an all Rangers site. I would have bought a pizza place right next to Drury’s, and maybe had Prust run it. I might have bought out Dolan.

    It was great to meet you and the mom, especially since she promised me a nice Italian dinner next time I’m in town.

  33. JimboWoodside on

    You’ve gotta be GOOD to be lucky! I was out all day today on business, and I had no access to TV or even a radio, but I was *delighted* to hear that our boys won in Boston, and that Hank pitched another shutout…a must win, and they made it happen!

    Next game in Buffalo is *HUGE*! If we can beat them, we can look upwards in the standings, and not really worry about who might be behind us.

  34. Stranger Nation on

    3CP – I believe it was vinny who jumped the circle on the goal, fed sauer power and step-on deflected it home. Game was intense, dropped 2 f-bombs – 1 for Girardi and 1 for McCabe – in front of the kids. How many mins was McCabe playing for fla? If he was our first pair D man we would be screwed!

  35. Stranger Nation on

    3CP – just reread your post – not sure of offsides but acc’d to Fran these refs sucked eggs!

  36. Ducks beat Hawks. Perry leads league in goals.

    Preds beat the Stars in regulation

    Flames down two goals going into the third.

    Yup. The West is pretty much set. I can’t see the Flames or Stars getting in the top eight.

    Wonder if they wish they would have traded Richards? Unless they manage to re-sign him.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great win today.. Rangers are scary good… 4th best goal differential in NHL. Prust with an outside chance to net 40 .

  38. CCCP if you are still there, why do you hate krispy kreme donuts? I had an interview for a Marketing job with local Krispy Kreme franchise. I didn’t get job and a couple years later they closed the store. ironic, I guess.

  39. I hate krispy kreme doughnuts because they’re too sweet and the selection sucks

    Re offside: watch the NHL Network… the reason why there was a faceoff inside the Boston zone is because Rask froze the puck on Gaborik’s shot…but right before, Gaborik skated in the zone first and then dragged the puck in…it was a clear offside and refs missed it… Boston coach went nuts screaming at the refs… I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned before

  40. >>… Boston coach went nuts screaming at the refs…

    Hey, let’s show good sportsmanship and agree to a do over/replay. Actually, why not take it one step further and give them the full two points?

  41. JB

    Oh I’m glad they missed it and it seemed like we were getting all the calls in our favor for once!

    I was just saying :)

  42. Being a lover of words, I like Lev’s “was that really 22 games ago already?”

    All that chatter about Krispy Kreme Donuts, brings me back some years to when they first broke into the scene with a dynamite
    introduction, advertising…and the public took to it like crazy. Everybdy it seems was raving about them. Not being overly fond of donuts anyhow, I couldn,t resist trying them, but I simply couldn’t find any shops..and that went on for some time. At long last I finally discovered one, tried one, and what a let down.
    To me they made Dunkin look like champs. ( I prefer a good old fashioned prune danish to donuts anyhow,) but I love Dunkin’s coffee. I can’t find any place down yeer to sell prune danish….( and they tend to slather that white sugar paste all over danish and force me to scrape most of it off. But Krispy did have a great run from the git go, (when they started…a little “Southren” lingo here) Great ad program.

    This is the kind of post you make when you wake up at 4 AM and can’t git back to sleep, and everybody else has covered every Ranger angle._

  43. Someone help me out…I thought standings’ tiebreak was wins. So aren’t the rangers in 6th now? still has habs in 6th? But Same pts same games rangers one more win? Anyone?


    the tiebraker is regulation+ Ot wins,rangers have more wins but 8 came in the shootout.

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