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Awful. Just awful. Maybe you could have seen this coming. Maybe. But, really, the Rangers have given us reason to think they won’t succumb to the set-up, to playing down to the opponent. They did, although I’m giving Ottawa a little bit of credit for lulling them to sleep, and for not playing like a team going nowhere, not mailing it in.

That said, no excuses.


1) Marian Gaborik screwed up on the 1-0 goal. He did. No argument. But that didn’t cost the Rangers the game. That one play didn’t do it. That one goal didn’t do it. There were lots of guys late to their man throughout the night, or losing battles throughout the night, or going scrimmage speed through the neutral zone throughout the night. I also didn’t think Gaborik was as brilliant in the third period as he was made out to be, but I do like that most nights he’s really moving in the offensive zone. He’s a threat again.

2) I’m pretty sure his center and other winger, Erik Christensen and Vinny Prospal, lost some battles on that goal. Christensen? I just don’t know. IMO, you’re not winning a Cup with him as your first-line center. I’d like to see Derek Stepan back on that line for a while. I thought he was really good there in camp, and in the early part of the season, and I understand that’s a lot of responsibility for a kid, but he sure as hell would be more consistent than No. 26 there.

3) That skills competition? Three guys who didn’t play in the third period. Nice. And I thought all but one of the shootout shooters moved in with too much speed, which cuts down on your ability to make multiple moves, to keep the puck out in front of you where you can get some air under your shot. I think the faster you move in, the better for the goalie. The one guy who didn’t go too fast was Wojtek Wolski, and I have no idea what in holy hell he was doing with his little weave. But the goalie would have to be an idiot to go for any of those first few lateral moves, and Anderson isn’t an idiot.

4) I also question the choice of Ryan Callahan (and his breakable stick, photo above) over Artem Anisimov in the skills competition … and for the 10th time or so this season, I suggest they use Marc Staal, who has good hands in tight and a long stick, and could be dangerous.

5) Staal=Monster.

6) That said, on that power-play 2-on-1 after Dan Girardi was beaten late in the third period, Staal went down, didn’t block the pass and Lundqvist made an amazing save. That save got the Rangers a point. A regulation loss would have been a disaster. And I maintain that for Staal to really make the jump to the elite defensemen — and he can — he needs to learn to play more on his skates and less on his knees … be less like his partner in that regard.

7) I’m starting to think Calgary got the short end of the stick on that Brandon Prust trade. A lot of stuff happened on the tying goal, including Girardi’s outlet missing Fedotenko and deflecting to Staal, and Phillips falling down and taking out Staal’s legs, and Staal making the pass from his belly. But that was some kind of shot by Prust.

8) The best news of all for the Rangers is that Henrik Lundqvist continues to play playoff hockey down the stretch. He’s been absolutely fabulous. And how about that play he made in the skills competition where he tripped up the shooter with his glove. Is there a rule against that?

9) The skills competition, part II. Imagine where ya boys would be minus the eight skills competition points they’ve had?

10) Does Chris Neil remind you of anybody, you know, an agitating guy who takes bad penalties at bad times? If he was on the Rangers and did that, he’d be prucha’d next game. By the way, sometimes that 4-on-3 PP in OT can be a negative thing compared to a 5-on-4 in regulation, especially when you lose a draw, because there’s so much ice that you can’t outnumber the PK guys to regain pucks.

11) To compare the last two games: I thought the Florida game was dreadful to watch, but that the Rangers played hard and smart and with patience, and were the better team. I thought the Ottawa game was dreadfully played, without much smarts or nearly enough grit, and that the Rangers were not the better team. But it was a lot more fun to watch, or at least the third period and the OT were.

12) Montreal’s just sitting there if the Rangers want sixth place.

13) On those third-period scrums around the Ottawa net: It’s not a penalty if the defensemen join the fracas, but the faceoff goes outside the blue line … and thus it’s not worth them getting involved at that stage unless a teammate is really in danger.

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  1. I think it’s hard to play the way the Rangers as a team have to play in order to win every single night, both emotionally and physically. Which is all the more reason that in games like this, a skill dude like Gaborik has to be able to step up and pot a quick few. Would probably be much easier for him if the only guy who he seems to have chemistry with showed up for more than one out of every 5 games. (that would be Christensen)

  2. Craig Anderson won that game for his team last night. Sometimes that happens. Can’t get too up or too down, gotta focus on beating the Bruins tomorrow.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    watched the rewind – they could have shortened it to 30 minutes trying to find good hockey plays. Sens looked so much bigger than Rangers, but that’s what happens when some of the floaters are playing ‘small’

    Disturbing trend with officials on letting infractions go which were called in Jan/Feb. Happens every season but the lack of consistency allows these types of games to happen. In 3rd period Cally rushes down right side with puck, puts the brakes on and circles back for trailers. Philips cross checks him in the back to the ice and then another Sen, while Cally is on his knees and no longer with puck gives him another cross check for good measure. No penalties called.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    If EC doesn’t score on the SO his value to the team drops significantly, same with Wolly Bear.

  5. I was just waiting for Wolski/Zucc to be used in OT to get their feet under them for the skills competition; I knew it has to happen at some point before time ran out.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Oh, almost forgot, NEWS FLASH – Damn Girardi was beaten on the goal. How is this guy on the first pairing. Please play Em with Staal and move Damn Girardi to 3rd pairing.

  7. Buenos Dias! Great review Carp. Special thanks for #13. I had no idea what they were talking about on the broadcast.

    That said. Wow. That was an awful game. I thought #26 had a miserable game. All the Avery supporters can go nits today saying you have to put Avery in over Christiansen.

    I can’t believe Artie-Partie wasn’t in that skills competition. It did not cost us the point but it was an of decision.

    Well… to work to sulk.

  8. on EC- he’s been useless in just about every situation other than the shootout all year and especially since returning from his knee injury..and now he’s not even scoring in the shootout…read between the lines.

  9. on Anderson- with the exception of that one game up in Ottawa he’s had our number all year. I feel like we’ve seen this pattern before with the offense..explode for a couple of games and then run into a string of goalies that play well against them and boom. back to 2-1, 1-0 shootout W’s and L’s

  10. Boyler Maker on

    # 13 – For the record I hate the fact that the defensive zoned team can get a 5 on 3 in every scrum and if your teammates act as they should your “penalized” with moving the faceoff. That is crap, rule should be changed.

  11. Now that EC isn’t the world’s greatest shootout player he is just completely useless. And, why is Gaborik never used in the shootout? I would have used Gaborik and Staal as my 4th and 5th instead of Dubi and Callahan.

  12. Well after that performance by Wolski and MZA you gotta figure Avery has to be back in on Sunday. Right Torts?

    Boyle has about no hockey sense I remember commenting during the game last night.

    Gaborik? he deserves a big fat raise.

  13. Take one point and move on.

    Ottawa has one good shut down Dman- Phillips. He and Kuba played against Gaborik all night. That shuold’ve given other lines more room to score. Gaborik played 17 min, more in the third than during first and second. Phillips played 25+. I know Gaborik wasn’t great at backchecking during the first two periods, but he isn’t here to backcheck. This is a playoff push, Torts. And your team is at home. You deploy your most dangerous offensive weapon as much as you can, if not for any other reason but to negate Chris Phillips. Let them play someone else against Dubinsky line.

  14. yes tomb, he does deserve a raise. in fact, promote him just to become shooting instructor for boyle. but not breakaways or anything within 20 feet of the net. just long range wristers. maybe next season we can trade barb underhill for jeff skinners figure skating coach. boyle needs to take it up a notch. maybe do some triple axles like kenny wu to split the d instead of bowling thru like a wooly mammoth. no but really, i think toucan sam and joebob michelobetti were right that he has to get a meanstreak in him and start using his size to help in in tight situations liek duby does. look how mucha difference this year made for him just by learning to skate better. he still has potential to be a real good pwr fwd. he is likely feeling a little gassed due to logging heavy minutes this year compared to last year. theres no doubt he will be even better and consistent through a whole season next year. and he isnt without hockey sense. he wouldnt have beena first round pick if he had no hockey sense.he wasnt picked for his playmaking abilities of course, but its just that i really think hes being used too much for someone who came off playing 4 minutes a night last season. first half he was great. now u can see his skating is helping him through it, yet he isnt scoring. he’ll be fine next season and will be a steady 20g player i think and special teams guy and definitely worth it in tight games and late for defensive work and pk

  15. mornin ilbzo! and thank u and everyone else, and thank carp for the nice words the other day about my grams! really made m,e feel better. u guys are like family now. if any of you guys ever are passing through the midwest and need a place to stay just come to newton iowa, just come to my house! we can watch ranger games on the internet and have chips n dip! beers!! and thumbwrestling tournaments! plus sally, whos been here before can tell you, that pappys antique mall has the best little trinkets and old crap this side of the newton border right through to the border of the next town over!

  16. Hey guys let me know if anyone is looking for two tickets for the last game against the Devils. These are not my usual season tickets but a friend of mine bought them and can’t use them now. Section 321 Row D right on the aisle. I think the face on them was around 70 bucks or so. e-mail me at

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers have been on a roll – thought they needed to grab 4 out of the last 5 games and they got 9 out of 10 points. Very impressive albeit the last two were sluggish with no 60 minute efforts.

    Now much tougher foes coming up. Next 5 includes Bruins 2x, baby bufs, icelanders and the filth – they need at least 6 points. Do not want to go into final 2 games of season needing to win to get in. Don’t think they will but nothing is set in stone now.

  18. Thanks, Mike. I’d be careful staying at your house, though. You are too explosive. Imagine if I beat you at thumbwrestling? Sheesh, I have two dogs to feed.

  19. Carp – I was thinking about this on my ride into work:

    “But, really, the Rangers have given us reason to think they won’t succumb to the set-up, to playing down to the opponent. They did, although I’m giving Ottawa a little bit of credit for lulling them to sleep, and for not playing like a team going nowhere, not mailing it in.”

    Great point. This is exactly why I am not afraid of this team falling apart in the playoffs. They are a team that plays to the level of their opponent. We think it isn’t going to happen but it does. This works out for us in the playoffs. Think back to the game against the Canucks. Boy did these Rangers guys step it up. If they can take that attitude into the playoffs and raise their game to whoever they are playing we will be OK. I guess we are better off that they aren’t the best team in the conference.

  20. At the very least I saw a nice goal, not so nice of a game. In fact I had to see the replay to see that Staal made that great pass while sliding on the ice. Nice finish by Prust.

    They got outworked last night for long stretches. Plain and simple. There were a few blatant calls the refs missed but it felt like one of those nights that the Rangers could have been given a 5 on 0 and still managed to waste it. Anderson was strong when he needed to be but I think they could have gotten into his kitchen a bit more than they did.

    Maybe they can catch the B’s in a letdown game of their own, feeling pretty good for themselves for putting up a football score on the Habs.

    As for the shoot out, the Rangers primary shooters have really defied the odds with their success rate. Even the best SO artists over a longer time frame have a success rate of slightly over 50%. This is a bit of the law of averages kicking in.

  21. lol ilb! no, i am not explosive. only to drunk hicks who mouth off. and if u beat me at thumbwrestling, i hav my secret weapon. toewrestling!!! noooo way dude. im kidding! haha

  22. Rangers record vs current playoff teams:

    Flyers 1-4-0
    Caps 3-1-0
    Bruins 1-1-0
    Pens 4-1-1
    Bolts 0-2-2
    Habs 1-3-0
    Sabs 2-1-0

    vs non playoff teams

    Canes 2-2-0
    Leafs 3-0-1
    Thrashers 1-2-0
    Devils 3-2-0
    Isles 4-1-0
    Panthers 2-2-0
    Sens 2-1-1

  23. Being explosive is a good thing sometimes. For example, the Rangers could have used a more explosive offense last night.

    CTB – all great points. really. When I saw Staal make that pass from his belly I thought – note to self – if they score here don’t forget what Staal just did – then Prust scored and I promptly forgot about Staal’s incredible play. You’re most likely correct on the law of averages. I mean Zuccarello was like what 63% or something? More at one point!

  24. Ugh, what a crap hole of a game(s).

    • On a positive note, I see this “playing down to the opponent” as a sign of a young team that’s still finding its identity. It’ll sure be nice, however, when we force teams to play our brand of hockey. especially when we are at home.

    • We really need a bruiser on this team that can stay healthy next year. A heavy weight bout would have woke this team and crowd up last night.

    • This team desperately needs the playoff experience. I have no doubt that we will bring our A-game and be very hard to play against.

    • NY Post coverage of the Rangers is awful. Thanks for keeping it real Carp!

  25. First! Thanks for reminding me with your post. Why the heck did the refs interfere with the Sauer fight last night? I don’t understand why they didn’t let him fight! Twice they interfered with that and Sauer spent 7 full minutes in the box for it.

  26. I also happen to think there’s really not a big difference between the best teams and worst teams, and that this “playing down” to an opponent happens all the time because of that.

    Nobody’s immune.

  27. Gabby wasn’t used in the shootout because he’s 1 for his career in shoot outs.

    As for #13 in your review, how does Micheletti get away with not knowing that? It’s been the same rule for ages at every level of hockey, probably with the sole exception of mites (7-8 yr olds).

    As for the Delay of Game call that was “missed,” any thought that the ref thought it was a double-hit, ie that the player as he was lifting it got under it so much that maybe he almost double hit it? Per the replay, it wasn’t close, but they probably wouldn’t have done anything with it anyway.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Sens have not been playing badly in March – record is 6-3 since we drubbed them at their place earlier in month.

    Playing up/down to comp I guess is relative. However, very impressed how we play against top teams in West save for San Jose.

    Was there a charity event Wed evening? Remember – charity starts at home, as in, home ice for the faithful shelling out the bucks to watch that drivel. Wonder what curfew was Wed night? Just saying…

  29. Stranger Nation on

    Replay starting on MSG now if anyone was feeling too good on a Friday and wants to get your blood pressure going.

  30. Proof that my blood pressure was already going this morning (probably a result of last night):

    I came in to work and typed something into this comment box and before I could hit send my computer crashed. In anger i “tossed” the plastic spoon in my hand at the monitor and the monitor CRACKED. Now I have to come up with some story about how this could have happened and until then I have a nice crack in the dead center of my screen.

  31. Great review, Carp.

    EC and Wolski are guys that need to produce to warrant their spots on this team. Otherwise, I have no problem sitting both of them. They were dead weight last night…

    I give MZA a break because he is a rookie and the effort is almost always there. He is still learning the NHL game. I can’t say the same for EC or Wolski, they’ve been around long enough.

    And, I agree, Wolski’s move was awful in the shootout…can you be any less creative?

    Prust’s goal was awesome…some kinda shot is right!

  32. Stranger Nation on

    For POs, move Step with Gabby and Vinny and bring up Newbury to center Aves and MZA for the 4th line. Enough of EZ..I mean, EC and Wontski – no SO in PO…

    Leave Em in there as well – the Gilly experiment is nearing its end.

  33. Avery needs to be back in the lineup for the Bruins game, no question. The Rangers are gonna need a little more sandpaper for that game, because Christensen and Wolski will fold like lawn chairs against some of those guys, and besides they stink right now.

  34. Hey JL, The worst part about Micheletti not knowing that rule, is that he WAS A DEFENSEMAN.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Sam mentioned Dreary still being out but participating in off ice activities…

    Love watching Feds play – him and Prust can certainly jam with the best of them

  36. In Micheletti’s defense that rule is BS. He also knew the important part he just confused “penalty” with “faceoff outside the zone.” Several times.

    I was so confused when he gave his rule about a penalty. I said to my fiancee, “I have never heard of that rule. When did they institute it.” I went to bed feeling stupid and useless. Thanks Joe.

  37. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    “I went to bed feeling stupid and useless.”

    That’s how I usually feel when I hear Chico Resch for more than 1 minute.

  38. billybleedsblue on

    You know, last night I thought Torts was on his way to coaching one of his best games in a while…switching things up and running with only 3 lines…but then it back-fired in the SO when those guys were cold. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

    Smalls — I too would like to see Avery dressed against the Bruins. Last night, I was explaining to a friend why Avery was scratched, and the pros/cons of the whole thing…and my buddy was like “Well Avery takes penalties, right?” Well, we chatted that up for a sec, and then just as I pointed out that Wolski takes penalties in the offensive zone sometimes, Wolski took that penalty in the offensive zone. Ha. Not to mention Avery does more than his fair-share of drawing penalties.

  39. does anyone else feel like EC missed the net on purpose? He looked upset for not playing in the third and his SO effort looked like he didn’t really care…

  40. Joe M was extra retarded last night.

    I puked all over myself when he said that Cally and Dubi learned how to lead from Chris Drury!

    what a dumb-dumb

  41. CCCP – I hope you’re not right. Christiansen looked horrible last night. He was back to his old useless ways. I actually think Gaborik didn’t play a horrible game aside from that horrendous defense that led to a goal that cost us a point (theoretically).

    His shot in the Skillz Comp was pretty bad. As were all the guys. It can’t be because they were “cold.” I think it’s because Biron isn’t there. Seriously. They always talk to him and have a game plan going into it. I AM GOING TO DO ___________. Last night they were all just doing weird stuff and waiting for Johnson to make a move. Which he didn’t. Losing Biron really hurts us in this situation.

  42. CCCP – I think that Joe and Sam were reading this blog and that the comments about Drury teaching people how to lead were specifically directed at us. He called us out.

  43. I don’t think EC missed on purpose. If you look carefully, he tried to skate straight, but he was not able to. He was skidding to the left all the time because his left leg was still asleep from sitting….:-)

  44. If Joe M is reading this blog then i have this to say to him “RETIRE!” :)


    that’s mad funny! lol

    i don’t get these guys like EC and WoWo and Niki Z. Why is it so hard to be more consistent given that they’re so talented. WoWo just sleepwalking through games…

  45. Seriously, C3, I can’t understand those guys either. They have all the talent in the world but can’t put together a consistent effort in a season….Blech…

  46. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    The Twitter widget was benched by Torts for lack of hustle.

  47. ThisYearsModel on

    Wolski played a good game for 2 periods before finding his way into the coach’s doghouse. He had some excellent passes, had some chances. I guess Torts, in all his sublime vision, wanted to save Wolski, Zucca and Christensen for the shootout.

  48. I didn’t think Wolski was that bad. I agree. He made some good passes.

    I think the Skillz Comp. is all about having a plan. Much like most of Hockey. When those guys go in without a plan it’s trouble. Biron should be on speed dial before stuff like that.

  49. Yeah, WW made some good passes early. That’s the frustrating thing about him not producing. He has the skill and can’t break out…

    Manny, btw, I agree that there should have been an Artie Party in the shootout…

  50. I must be in the minority, I like WW. His move with the puck before firing was SILLY (i dont remember what period it was, but he showed me top-tier skill regardless of whether the shot found the back of the net).

    What I DONT get, is why you wouldnt weasel each SO player into the lineup at least a little. That is just absurd as you’ve effectively “iced the kicker”.

    Regardless, big point and Hank looks like a man possessed.

  51. Thanks NYR. It’s good to have agreeing friends.

    I am going to keep banging home the point that not having Biron around as shootout coach is killing us (in shootouts).

    And yes Dudley – the minute he starting zigging and zagging i was like…oh no…he’s going to try and rip a wrister and miss..

  52. Just wondering. What happens in the SO if Hank does something illegal like he almost did last night? They can’t call a penalty. Does the opposing player get another shot? Does he get awarded a goal?

  53. Another thought-
    If Drury’s leadership is really missed as they were saying, why couldn’t they put him in a suit and stand him up behind the bench as an “assistant coach”? Or would that be illegal? Couldn’t he make an appearance in the locker room during intermissions at least?

  54. Sorry, I need to clarify. It might have been in the second period? WW got a puck in traffic, had a NASTY move with the puck and then fired… I dropped an audible “giggity giggity dirt!”

    Agree with whoever commented that AA should have been shooting, WTF Torts?

  55. 24.4 Violations During the Shot – Should the goalkeeper leave his crease prior to the player taking the penalty shot has touched the puck, and in the event of violation of this rule or any foul committed by a goalkeeper, the Referee shall allow the shot to be taken and if the shot fails, he shall permit the penalty shot to be taken over again. When an infraction worthy of a minor penalty is committed by the goalkeeper during the penalty shot that causes the shot to fail, no penalty is to be assessed but the Referee shall permit the shot to be taken over again. Should a goalkeeper commit a second such violation during the penalty shot and the shot fails, he shall be assessed a misconduct penalty and the Referee shall permit the penalty shot to be taken over again. A third such violation shall result in the goalkeeper being assessed a game misconduct penalty.

    When a major or match penalty is committed by the goalkeeper that causes the shot to fail, the Referee shall permit the shot to be taken over again and the appropriate penalties shall be assessed to the goalkeeper.

    The goalkeeper may attempt to stop the shot in any manner except by throwing his stick or any object, or by deliberately dislodging the goal,in which case a goal shall be awarded.

  56. Artie-PArtie IS (and should be) the 4th man for Shootouts. He went with Dubinsky because:

    a. He hates the skillz competition and basically laughs his way through it; and
    b. Dubinsky had the clincher in like round 7 of the last shootout.

  57. twitter widget has an undisclosed injury. they’re working on it.

    the rule about the D-men staying above the circles was made to try to reduce the scrums that were slowing the game every time the goalie froze the puck. it’s not a bad rule. if you need to help your teammates, you lose an offensive-zone faceoff. not tooo bad

    I also think my pal Dave Maloney was referring to the blog when he said he read that the Florida game was unwatchable, and he disagreed.

    I agree, Avery should play in Boston and vs. Islanders and Philly next week, and have no problem with the suggestion that Newbury come up and replace either Christensen or Wolski, too. And I’m not the biggest Avery fan, as you know.

    The thing you have to remember with Drury is that when these kids were rookies, Dubinsky and Callahan and Staal and Girardi, etc., he was a guy they looked up to, and a guy who was respected around the league. So they’re not going to turn on him. They still hold him in high regard. He still is respected, especially by those who haven’t seen him play much. And I think if he made $3M like, oh, Frolov, a lot of us wouldn’t have a big problem with him.

  58. Carp – I said it yesterday. Get Newbury up here. I want to drive that point home.

    Newbury is good at faceoffs. The Rangers are horrible at faceoffs. Newbury is a scrappy, hard forechecking player who is 100% willing to drop the gloves. He also punches with firey fast fists of fury. The Rangers really could use that play last night.

    Also – most importantly – he has something to prove. So when a team like the freaking Senators is bringing you down to their level of sloppy, boring hockey filled with more icing than a Twinkie (or Hostess cupcake if you prefer) – he will not slow down because he wants to prove that he has the JAM to be on this team for good.

    When Erik Christiansen is looking like he did last night. Get Newbury in the lineup. Immediately. It might even be Newbury OVER Avery. Unless somebody else gets scratched so Avery can get in. That player looks likely to be Zuccarello or Wolski.

    That is my point.

  59. Tony, nice win by AZ over Duke…Folks must be happy there…Not sure you care about NCAA though…LOL!

  60. And I think if he made $3M like, oh, Frolov, a lot of us wouldn’t have a big problem with him.


    i don’t know about that Carp. EC makes less than a million and A LOT of people have problem with him.

  61. what i mean is that at this point i don’t think a lot of us care how much this or that player makes, we care more what this or that player can bring to the table, and right now, Drury, ain’t got much to offer.

  62. I like Newbury (Noberries), he isn’t that good defensively, but at least he gives you that “bite” and “jam” and can win some faceoffs. Good points, Manny.

    Although, I don’t think MZA sits….

  63. Thanks NYR – We are really vibing today. I am into it.

    I don’t think Hobbit Wizard sits either but I didn’t want to totally spotlight Wolski because I kind of like him. Although he took a SHOT last night…so maybe they can say he is “sore.”

  64. Oleo, if we can’t beat the Flyers, what’s the point of being in the playoffs? I want the toughest test. I’m not looking for an easy series. If we can’t beat the best teams, then we don’t deserve to get out of the first round.

    Give me the Flyers!

  65. LOL! Yeah, totally on the same wavelength, Manny!

    Tony, sorry, didn’t realize you liked ASU!

  66. McCabe’s defense is really sub-par. He is basically a specialist. How many of these specialist guys (shootout guys and PP guys) can we afford to carry?

  67. >>1) Marian Gaborik screwed up on the 1-0 goal. He did. No argument. But that didn’t cost the
    >>Rangers the game..I also didn’t think Gaborik was as brilliant in the third period as he was made
    >>out to be…

    Joe Micheletti was critical of Gaborik on the goal, but spent the rest of the match trying to undo the damage. He must have remembered what happened to Billy Jaffe.

  68. JBytes: I think Gaborik had the same reaction. He played a LOT harder (in the offensive zone) after that crappy play by him. He will not abide another benching.

  69. why is it when Gaborik gets inside offensive zone with speed he immediately skates behind the net trying to protect the puck with his fragile body?? WTF is up with that? With his terrible puck handling ability it just seems kind of stupid.

  70. a few thoughts (Carp don’t hate me for using numbers):

    1) Gabby screwed up on the first goal but he did make some splendid plays in the
    defensive zone later in the game. tying up the stick in front of the goal was one of ’em.

    2) Shoot out– Erik looked like he going for top left corner and just took it too far and it missed. MZA doesn’t understand that the league’s goalies have him figured out by now and he NEEDS to LIFE THE byfuglien PUCK!!! simple as that. Wolski, i don’t know what his deal is in shootout.

    3) seeing Leetch made me think of Carp’s idea of having him work on power play.

    4) like i said last night, MZA needs to focus more on scoring and less on being feisty. Torts needs to readjust his thinking process in regards to jam, grind and SCORE!!

    5) maybe cause i was tired and needed a calm night, i didn’t mind the panthers game as much as others. although, it was a toss up due to not solving vokoun for so long we looked strong for much of it, and it seemed as if it would be only a matter of time to celebrate. the game against the senators was more frustrating to watch due to the team clogging up neutral zone and “scrimmage speed” and a letdown game. expected one to happen but had hoped that it would occur against a team higher in the division where a loss wouldn’t matter as much.

    6) maybe, if we’re lucky, boston hates montreal so much that it will “allow” us to win saturday in order to move up to 6th!

    7) watched san jose vs. l.a. game last night. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE SKILLED players. watch a western conference game if you can.

  71. oh yeah!

    8) didn’t have a good feeling for the night when Rangers players went back to the bad habit
    of waiting to shoot the puck when they’re too close to the defender. during past losses that seems to happen again and again, as if they can’t decide what to do and linemates offer no options so they shoot at the last minute. (going to check other teams to see if i just notice it so much with us or it is a problem)

  72. They always say that woman are absolutely more talented to do two things at the same than men but that´s probably the reason :)

  73. Carp, I’m pretty sure karlsson came in quick on lundqvist and scored the gamewinning shootout goal. Our prob last night in the shootout was not speed, its the old rule, get the shot on net. If u go wide 4 out of 5 then your not going to score.

  74. Stranger Nation on

    Watched some of replay –

    Artie should return his game check.
    Sauer = Monster
    McCabe = Scary monster in a can’t look at him in his own zone kinda way
    EZ = see Artie above
    Wolski – penalty was a weak call and he got hammered by Neil
    Vinny = dude is just hustling, hustling all the flippin time
    McD – best skater on team – can become top eschelon Dman in league if he continues to progress

    Net-Net: Bring up newbury, sit EZ and Wontski, Fire Drury, no more charity events till mid-June!

    Bad karma at MSG yesterday with charity event prior to game and Dolan in the building…

  75. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Thanks Carp for clarifying #13, it was discussed last night and I knew it was just a loss of a faceoff in the offensive zone and not a penalty. That seemed crazy to me that a penalty would be assessed.

  76. Stranger Nation on

    That Dman rule should apply to the defensive forwards as well. Why should anyone be allowed to grab another player when he is ‘engaged’ with another? Just makes it harder for linesman to separate everyone and pus the offensive player at disadvantage and gives too much sway to defensive forwards. Call roughing on ‘3rd’ man in the scrum and that carcillo will stop.

  77. That rules might not be stupid but not going in there is stupid. it was a 3 on 5 fight and our guys were mostly getting doubled up on. Come on. You gotta get in there. Defend guys! Who cares is the faceoff moves outside the zone? Big whoop.

  78. Really? I missed that Tony. Good eyes. That would be the THIRD time they stopped our boys from defending themselves or their teammates. Ridiculous.

  79. Ryan Shannon = Rangers killer.

    On that first give and go where he passed it off the boards into the Rangers zone and crashed the net for the 1-timer was beautiful.

    At least they got a point..

  80. What a shame. Devoid of any elite scorers, the Rangers need to play with 125% passion and intensity and have Hank play like God to be competitive. The coach/ carriage finally turned into a pumpkin on the shootout. All 3 shootout players had little action in the 3rd period: not good. Could be a trap game for Boston on Sat afternoon after crushing the Habs and our not showing up last night. The “Perfect Storm” I hope.

  81. haven’t looked at twitter widget if there’s an update
    but both Gross and Zipay mentioned that
    Artie wasn’t on ice for practice

    so, maybe something happened and that’s why
    he didn’t play much and/or wasn’t in shootout.

    you would think that even if Torts was teaching him a lesson
    by putting Boyle in his spot on the Dubi Cally line
    that he would at least use him, as he did Erik MZA Wolski
    for the shootout

  82. Ryan Shannon and Hugh Jessiman are from the same town (my current town). Who wants to go toilet paper their old house?

    Just kidding…or am I?

    Just got out of a 4.5 hours of some team building/corporate strat-egery/learning workshop…I would have rather watched the Panthers and Sens games while sitting in a meat locker.

  83. Yeah, Artie over Dubi too, IMO. I would even have tried Stahl, like Carp said…He’s good on breakaways, making moves with his reach…

  84. CT – if I had a car I would come help you TP anyone’s house. I love doing that. Brings back memories.

    I used to be a big fan of leaving cottage cheese in the sun for WEEKS and then throwing it into someone I disliked’s car window in the summer when they left it cracked open. Ahhhh…Memories.

  85. The entire Callahan shootout thing was a disaster. I was like…maybe…I do scream CAPTAIN CALLAHAN a lot and this would be great if he pulled through here. But then I thought….this is not his thing. Unless he is allowed a full 20 seconds to score and attack the goalie and put his life on the line…he ain’t putting one past Johnson.

    Also, the decision was highlighted by the broken stick and the pathetic “aaawwwwwww” from the crowd.

  86. Hey the Tweet box is back! Good to see the medical staff working overtime to get that thing back on the ice. Nice job, eh?

  87. When no one else is posting around here I start panicking. Sometimes I check the New York Times or CNN or something to make sure there hasn’t been a natural disaster or something and I am the last to know.

    After checking I see that Syria opened fire on its citizens today. I know that none of you are posting from Syria so I guess everybody is OK.

  88. Buddy! Thank god. NYR – we have to use the Buddy System around. Make sure everybody is safe and sound.

  89. He looks like just the type of disciplinarian I need. I grew up way too sheltered and spoiled. I will give him a call Ilb.

    Important Question: Can he prescribe?

  90. That guy is super funny. He gets to shoot a LOT of awesome guns. Not that I am in favor of guns. I just like shooting them at things that are not alive.

    I think this forum is all the therapy I need.

  91. Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on


    Apparently Artie’s not being at practice today was not injury-related and he is good to go for tomorrow. I think Zipay had reported that earlier today after talking with Torts.

  92. bull dog line on

    the last 2 games show you how badly the Rangers need a true number 1 center.
    I thought the booing at the end of the first was weak. 5 game winning streak, and they boo for a bad period.
    I agree on Newbury, call him up, send down Zuccarello( not a 4th line type of player), bench Christensen. 4th line of Avery, Newbury, and Wolski.

  93. Ilb

    Apparently she will only do it over webcam. I was wondering how that was possibly “safe” for her since her clients are probably just perverts.

  94. Bull Dog: I hate to say it but I think if Newbury comes up he is more than a 4th line Center. We really need to win faceoffs. Bench Christiansen. That is a no-brainer. But I don’t agree with the Hobbit Wizzard being sent down. I think you have to keep zuccarello up here because he is one of the few really skilled players on this team. Sit Wolski against Boston and get Avery the Agitator in that lineup to annoy Chara and draw penalties.

  95. bull dog line on

    I think Zuccarello is wasted as a 4th liner. 4th lines should bang, and crash. I also think it is time to go with 3 lines. play the 4th line a little, but not a regular shift. your best players need to play.

  96. Touche. Fair enough. Three Lines may be necessary soon but I don’t want to run everybody down right before playoffs (provided we are going to make them).

  97. CCCP: Sarah is fine. I was surprised she found the time to get a lot of degrees what with working so hard on her technology skills, body and hair!

  98. I think the last 2 games (and their position in the standings) mostly showed that the Rangers still have consistency issues that belie a young team.

    They can beat the Pens 4 of 6 times sometimes with, sometimes without Crosby. They demolish the Caps and convincingly win the season series against them. They’ve been on the agonizingly short side of most of their games against Tampa.

    Yet they finish with .500 records against a bunch of teams below them in the standings like Carolina, Ottawa and Florida and have to win their last game against Atlanta to finish with a .500 record vs them.

    As for calling up Newbury, I guess if they want to have a dedicated 4th line that gets less than 10 minutes a game instead of Torts pulling back ice time from lines he doesn’t think are playing well, then he can be their guy to center that line. Newbury, EC, Avery, Wolski. Odds are they’re all going to be marginal players no matter who’s in the line up.

  99. I don’t think they are calling anyone up, barring unexpected injury. This is the line up that is going into the playoffs, if they make it (yes, we are all a little superstitious). Why add a player who will play very little.

  100. Actually, if the Lightning lose in regulation tonight we will still only be 4 points back…We’ll have a chance to get within 2 of them if we win tomorrow! 5th seed is not out of the question!

  101. bull dog line on

    my point on the number 1 center is you need one to make a play in games like the last 2. maybe that .500 record is a lot better with a true number 1.
    as far as Newbury and the 4th line. right now you have Stepan, MZA, and Wolski. that is not a 4th line, those are guys that need to play and be creative. Avery, and Newbury fit better as 4th liners. plus I think it is time to ride Gabby, and Dubi, and Cally.

  102. NYR – I would rather not get close to them and toy with having to play them. I would rather let someone else deal with them and keep Cam Ward out of the Playoffs. Even though I think the ‘Canes have a shot at knocking off the Phlyers.

    Is our vibe over? Buddy system?

  103. I think we’d lose all the relevant tiebreakers with the Lightning if they finish the same amount of points. They lose a lot of the tiebreaks with the Habs as well. Depending on if and how the Sabres do in their 2 games in hand the Rangers may or may not hold the tie break over them. The game vs them next week will probably go a long way in determining the seeds.

  104. Tony – That is perfect for Sarah! She has no pants and you have no pants! It’s a match made in therapy heaven.

    Read her reasoning for her unique type of therapy. Might describe you.

  105. It’s not a bad point. But the Lightning are really good. They get good goaltending and they have a real shot. Their forwards are beasts.

  106. I think it’s better if Tampa knocks off 2 points from Carolina. And, yes, bull dog, despite our difficulties against Tampa this year, I wouldn’t mind playing best of 7 against Roloson.

  107. bull dog,

    I don’t necessarily disagree that the team needs a number 1 center in general. But they don’t have a number 1 and they hung on to beat the Sharks, came back and stunned the Pens, destroyed the Caps twice this year, etc.

    They only scored 1 goal in each of the last two games somewhat because they ran into good goalies (Anderson has played very well since his trade to OTT) but mostly because they’re an inconsistent team in general. A 6 or 7 game offensive explosion was preceded by a 20 game stretch where they had problems scoring more than 2 goals in regulation.

    And that inconsistency has a lot to do with their young line up and giving a lot of premium minutes to lines where all the players are 24 or 25.

    There’s a high chance they’re making the playoffs and I’d rather the guys that actually have a future with the team get minutes down the stretch and in the playoffs. Swapping out EC for Newbury or Avery for Wolski shouldn’t have that huge of an effect on whether the team plays well enough.

  108. Manny, we’re still cool! Tampa is scary. They have some of the best forwards in the game with Stamkos, St. Louis, Vinny etc.. They did beat us pretty bad this year…

    But, like Orr said, if we can?t beat the best teams, then we don?t deserve to get out of the first round.

    I think NYR can give anybody a good run in the Playoffs…Tampa does scare me though….

    CTB, you are correct. It would still be pretty tough to get the 5th with all the tiebreakers…

  109. JCrew had something up about different photographers and their choice of style. Putting photographers in front of the camera in their favorite looks.

    Maybe you should call them and present your idea?

  110. I can’t take the Lightning too seriously as a real threat (whether the Rangers play them or not). Having a negative goal differential, especially one that’s even more pronounced at even strength, does not bode well for tighter playoff games. Also, I’ve seen that the Bolts usually dominate in the shooting attempts vs shooting attempts against, meaning that the lousy team goals against is highly attributed to their goaltending.

  111. JimboWoodside on

    Great wrapup, Carp – and I stand corrected about the defensemen getting a penalty if they joined the fracas in front of the Sens net – I thought that was the rule, but you know the rules!

    Just a very disappointing loss – you can’t win them all, but this one should have been winnable.

  112. NYR & Co. Re: Lightning:

    I would not mind playing them with Roloson in Goal if you could guarantee me that we wouldn’t turn the puck over to flippin’ M. St. Louis in the neutral zone 3 times a game. That is how we lose to them EVERY single time. Turnovers in the neutral zone that lead to goals. They are devastating to a team like us. They are fast, fluid and talented. They can outscore us even if Roloson plays to his age.

    I agree – we can give anybody a good run – esepcially the Caps, Habs, Sabres or Phlyers even (for our conference).

    I wouldn’t worry about the finals because we own the Western Conference!

  113. carp—on point no.9,you can say that about every team….everyone that wins a s/o has lots of bonus points….it’s further exposed as a sham this year when s/o wins don’t count as much as reg/ot wins…hey,2pts is 2 pts

  114. JimboWoodside on

    That Shannon kid looks pretty good – I wonder if Slats might try to get him somehow? Having two Ryans on the team (both USA born) would be pretty interesting!

  115. Anyone know what hotel the Rangers stay at while in Boston? Might want to do some autograph hunting aka stalking later today.

  116. Steve Yzerman traded for Roloson out of desperation. And he knows, I’m sure, that he remains their weakest link in the playoffs. Roloson has had issues holding on to number one job all his career. His best years were in Minnesota, under the famous system of Mr. Lemaire. He’s been decent all year, but mistakes prone. If any team attempts run and gun against Tampa, very few will survive. But if you play responsible, defensive hockey, in close games he will make mistakes. Once he does, he lets them in in bunches. And their back up can not catch a virus.

  117. Anybody going on the Boston Road trip with the Ranger alumni tonight ?
    My wife & I considered it, but I couldn’t get the weekend off work

  118. Jimbo, Ryan Shannon is like a faster version of PAP. He’s 28 years old this year’s 10 goals are a career high. I don’t think he’d really fill any role on the team.

  119. Isn’t Smith the last goalie to give up a hat trick to Drury? He should hang his head in shame for that.

  120. JimboWoodside on

    He’s 28, CTB? Oh! Didn’t know that….I thought he was a young pup! Never mind, then – although, to be honest, I would have liked US to have PAP this year instead of the Isles – his scoring would have been a plus!

  121. McCabe has not been hurting the team. True, he has slowed
    notably since his salad years..but he plays within himself and doesn’t make extravagant moves that endanger the team.

    He still delivers a low hard slap shot from the blue line that is meat on the table for a goal mouth commando to deflect, and is better than any other Ranger I can think of- and he does it effortlessly, and under many differing circumstance. He is still a threat. With the proper pacing he can be a hidden weapon during the playoffs.

  122. Turnovers in the neutral zone that lead to goals. They are devastating to a team like us.


    Yep, that’s why they scare me.

  123. JimboWoodside on

    “Once he does, he lets them in in bunches. And their back up can not catch a virus.”

    Hahaha!!! Great line, ilb!!

  124. I don’t know if PAP would be getting the minutes here as he’s getting on the Island.

  125. Speaking of Yzerman, he is going to have his hands full this summer. They have only 12 players signed beyond this year with cap hit of $37M(which includes $1.2M they will pay to Prospal, btw). And plenty of RFAs to sign. One of them is named Steve Stamkos. And no goaltender signed at all.

  126. JimboWoodside on

    Probably not, CTB – but he has a “nose for the net”, and we could always use a few more guys that can score. Look at how many one-goal games we dropped this year.

  127. Still not as as big of a mess as the Devils.

    The Pens also have a lot of players with expiring deals and they have a ton of money already committed to Crosby/Malkin/Staal/Fleury/Orpik/Martin/Michalek.

  128. Haha! I love John Candy!

    fran, I agree about McCabe. We all knew his defense wasn’t strong when we got him. He also is a slow skater…

    Yet, I don’t look at him as a liability….He’s been fairly solid….His skills from the point will be critical to the Rangers success this postseason…

  129. Jimbo, they won a bunch of 1 goal games earlier in the year and then there was the corrective phase in the 2nd half.

    I honestly have no complaints about how things have gone this year considering the youth of the team and the injuries. I wish Del Zotto would have played better but very few years does everything go right. I’ll gladly trade off Del Zotto’s regression for Stepan’s impressive rookie year and the emergence of Sauer and McD.

  130. I look at McCabe as a specialist and an argument for carrying another d-man in the playoffs (if we are lucky enough to get there).

  131. It would have been nice for Del Z to get some playoff experience under his belt. He’ll probably heal up by the AHL playoffs. But, I’d rather him play with NYR.

    Sour Power, McDonut, and Step-On have all been great surprises. But, Del Z’s sophomore slump is really disappointing.

    That being said, unlike a lot of weird Rangers fans, I’m not ready to just trade him because of one bad year.

    Don’t blame Del Z! Blame Gary Roberts!

  132. JimboWoodside on

    It’s gonna be fun to watch the Devils front-office situation in the off-season. The team made this great run in the second half of the season, but they will probably be dispersing most of their current roster (the guys who made the run) off to the rest of the league, while trying to hold onto their “big names”, especially Parise….Elmer Fudd Lamoriello will have his hands full this summer.


    I am out. Have a great weekend. See youse all during games or on Monday.

    Remember: “Goonies Never Say Die.”

  134. JimboWoodside on

    That “corrective phase” has been a painful one to watch, though! Other than that, this season has been great, considering the development of all the young players that have been mentioned – and I’m not writing off Del Zotto’s future – he still has the tools, hopefully this has just been a “sophomore slump”.

  135. eddie eddie eddie on

    i love this team…their effort (for the most part) and their grinding…great stuff….competitive in every game…very few blowout losses the entire year. The way they stick up for each other has been wonderful. This team might just well make a run…the east is really quite wide open, imo…

  136. JimboWoodside on

    This is the type of team that most Ranger fans have been wishing for for many years now – how often have we seen other teams that were young, enthusiastic, stuck up for each other, and seemed to have a great core of players while having young guys always ready in the minors to come up and fight for a spot on the big team, and wished that *our* team was like that? This year, we have them. We could use some scoring, but this team has worked hard all year long.

  137. Del Zotto better do some serious power skating program because he skates like he is stuck in quicksand. I says (yes, i says) from the onset I was worried about his lack of feets (yes, feets) speed. Now, mr Mcdonagh? That boy gots wheels which is what I also says at the very beginning before Tiki and his imaginary friend laughed with derision and Rod wasn’t lurking but actually appearing..McDonagh going to surprise offensively me thinks.

  138. I ain’t saying MDZ for Ryan…just saysin that me likes the bobby ryan…USA USA USA!!

  139. the widget probably gotted a glitch because of the idiots for twitter always have issues with their API.

  140. If anyone has ESPNU, they are showing round 1 of the NCAA Hockey Tourney. Michigan losing 2-0 after 1 period to UNO (Neb-Omaha) :( They are switching to Yale vs Air Force at 6:35, should be a very good game.

    First round of tourney is today/Sat (ESPNU), 2nd round Sat/Sun (ESPNU), 3rd round 4/7 (ESPN2), finals 4/9 (ESPN)

  141. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbowoodside – i agree with you completely….love the effort…and the gritty play….sauer and McD are going to VERY SPECIAL

  142. I can care less aboot EC, and Aves. But, at least EC has helped get us some points.

    Excluding last nights shootout.

    I wont lose any sleep over either one of them being in or out of the lineup.

    If/when Dreary comes back. I wonder where he’ll slide in.

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – we older fans have seen the dark side…and enjoy the bright light that this team is shining on us…

  144. JimboWoodside on

    So who are we rooting for (or against) tonight? Obviously, against Buffalo vs Florida, and for the Bolts over Carolina, but what about the Debbies vs. the Pens? And Canucks vs. Atlanta?

  145. You must feel real proud of yourself, Mao, for continuously mocking someone that’s troubled. Says everything about the (lack of) character you possess.
    I want to have a playful nickname for Orr. Im thinking, Orrvirginsky, Orrblowsky, or Orrneedstogetlaidsky! :P

  146. JimboWoodside on

    Geez, we certainly have, Eddie – I was thinking about the years post-GAG line in the 70’s, and aside from 1979, when we got pretty close to winning the Cup, those years were a “vast wasteland” of Ranger misery and sorrow…….

  147. JimboWoodside on

    And the the Isles came into our division, and soon enough they were embarrassing us…and then they went on that Cup winning streak in the 80’s! – I tell you, I bet a lot of older Ranger fans expired in those years never being able to see any light at the end of the tunnel.


  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    Misery indeed….those Islander teams were the last stop on our playoff train for quite a few years….the worst was 74-75 season……next season began the dismantleing…..Eddie, Giles V, ratelle, park, and derek sanderson all released or traded in close to a 2 week span, fall of ’75……..that Ken Morrow goal was a heart breaker too…

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    the 79 final still blows my mind…up 1 game to 0, and up 2-0 in game 2, all on montreal ice,,,,and we lose in 5…that sucked…but that habs team, except engblom, is all in hall of fame i think…

  150. JimboWoodside on

    Eddie, those years tried many a Ranger fan souls! And that ’79 final series was murder!! Yes, we were thisclose to having a 2-game lead in the series and then were going home to play at the Garden – then the roof fell in on us, and basically, a whole decade of misery was in store for us….

  151. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, Carp – were you aware of the Rangers back in the 70’s and 80’s? I don’t think you’re old enough to have been a reporter then, but I’m not sure…

  152. boxcareddiehospodar on

    and someone tell me again why avery is on the bench and wolski and fedatanko continue to play?????????????

  153. eddie eddie eddie on

    …talking about the hall of fame…last time I was in Toronto…after a day spent at the HoF, the next day I went for a long stroll heading toward church street, looking for the old maple leafs garden….well, all of the doors were locked and I could see Lacross being played/practiced….so i bang bang bang on the doors and finally one of the players opens the door….and I explain that i was visiting from CA and could I have a look inside the historic building….he says sure just 5 minutes or so… I go in, and notice from the sidewalk where i was, one of the Goals (where eddie eddie eddie would have stood)……was like 20 feet away…crazy…in other words, if no curtain, from the sidewalk outside, you would have been 20 feet away from one of the nets….great seatinmg inside too…vertical seats much like the old forum in montreal…..very cool to have been inside that building…

  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – feds because he CAN play…WW because he COULD play….its EC that needs to be pressboxed…lol lol lol lol lol

  155. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Bolts up 1-0 on Canes in the first. Rollie with some nice saves to keep Carolina scoreless. Go TB!

  156. JimboWoodside on

    And I still get a chill of horror down my spine when I hear an announcer mention the name *Parise* during a game against us, after Zach’s father eliminated us from the playoffs in the first in a series of many Islander atrocities against our boys in blue….

  157. JimboWoodside on

    I’ve never been there, Eddie3 – and I’m glad that they didn’t tear it down. When I was younger, I fantasized about seeing a game in every one of the “Original Six” arenas – but the Old Garden was already torn down…I was there once, but it was to see the circus with my flks -never saw any hockey there.

    I most wanted to attend a game at Montreal and Toronto, then next was the Old Chicago Stadium, followed by the Boston Garden, then the Olympia in Detroit.

  158. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – i just ordered the game 3 audio feed from that 75 rangers islander series…rangers losing 3-0 going into the 3rd….. tied 1 game a piece best of 3….and, well, you remember the rest…that was the loudest and most excited garden crowd i have ever witnessed…..stan – anthonyM and I all had a good chat on this forum a few weeks ago regarding same…

  159. JimboWoodside on

    Great stuff, Eddie! Yeah, I remember the rest – it didn’t take long, and then a long, dark period of horror!

    I must have missed that thread that you mentioned about reminiscing about that 75 series..wish I was there.

    Where do you get these game tapes from?

  160. Michael Del Zotto won’t be traded and he is a tremendous skater. He has one bad year on his NHL resume. Mao, you are wrong about his skating. This year, his biggest problem is that his hockey sense is byfuglien’d up. He had been over-thinking the game…

    As far as potential, he is the pride and joy of the Rangers defense. He can be a very, very special player for this team. People around hockey praised MDZ for his talents after his rookie season. He is going not going anywhere!

  161. orr, because it shows how little we care about basketball and the Knicks…we call it 4th period instead of quarter…another slap in the face to the National Association of Men Who Abuse Syntax And grammar. May Carmelo Anthony never gel with amare studabaker and may the knicks perenially finish 8th or lower…. Im going to watch that Rockets vs Knicks Game 7 just to witness the choke of all time in NBA and John Starks 1-23 from the field..BWHAHAHAHAA!

  162. JimboWoodside on

    I still hate that Bastard John Sterling to this day, for his “Islander Goal, Islander Goal” yelping when he did their radio games!

    And I don’t patronize Wendy’s either! “Free Chili”, my assens!!!

  163. NYR, i hope so..and woudl LOVE to be proven wrong…we need a offensive D-man..he takes such short strides and for his size shuold be speedier.

  164. eddie eddie eddie on

    i went looking online and found someone who has a great archive…let me get it for you…

  165. NYR, I wish MDZ could skate like Subban…As much as I feel Subban is an unethical player he is a beautiful skater. Incredible footwork. And for slewfooting my boy Dubi I can never forgive. I LOVE THE DUBI!

  166. JimboWoodside on

    I was hoping that during the B’s – Habs game last night that someone would “lower the boom” on Slewban, but it wasn’t really that kind of a game….

  167. Mao, Subban is a punk-aasen but he can skate.
    MDZ has pretty good wheels too…but I think McD and Gilroy are even better skaters…

  168. I officially declare “bitz” as a substitude word for a female dog…it kinda sounds like it…is that ok? Kinda like byflugien…

  169. JimboWoodside on

    Dreadfully dull Pens – Debbies game….end of 2, no score. In the first period there were *4* total shots on goal – for both teams!

    Somebody ought to outlaw that miserable trapping Lemaire hockey……

  170. JimboWoodside on

    Is there a substitute word for a word that describes both the male appendage and a jab with a needle? We need one badly!

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    its almost better that he devils came on so strong but, alas, shant be seeing the post season this season…great tease for their fans….and then LIGHTS OUT FOR THE SUMMER

  172. JimboWoodside on

    Actually, old “PK” has the initials right up front in his name – maybe the word for that thing should be “subban”!?

  173. JimboWoodside on

    “great tease for their fans….and then LIGHTS OUT FOR THE SUMMER”

    Yes!!! Excellent!

  174. Is anyone watching Bolts VS Canes? Who are those announcer? Are they Tampa’s play by play guys? I like them….

  175. eddie eddie eddie on

    the florida announcers were not so bad either…complimentary to NYR…but funny, as much love as cally got,,,,not much for dubi…he really is flying under the national radar it seems

  176. JimboWoodside on

    You think it works, Mao? Let’s see what the other ‘heads think! I like it, except it doesn’t fit as well as “byfuglien” does as a substitute!

  177. JimboWoodside on

    Orr, you’ve done it again!

    Debbies play Buff tomorrow – they probably will lay down and die in that game. Fatso played and got a shutout in a losing cause today, so I don’t even know if they’ll play him in the game tomorrow.

  178. LOL! I am no NBA fan but the Knicks are such a joke right now. The Anthony trade has made the Knicks a worse team…from what I understand, they traded away most of their young assets and they were winning games before the trade. Who knows if they’ll turn it around? One thing is for sure, Dolan is a dope!

  179. The Knicks didn’t trade away anything of value besides Galinari – an injury prone guy. The team was 2 games above .500 before the trade. The trade was meant for the long-term, and the proper coaching and offseason moves, the team should be good next year. and the Nuggets may be currently playing well without Anthony now, but they’ll never even move past the 2nd round of the West playoffs without him, as they went to the West Finals with him. Just laying out the facts for you, NYR_Fan.

    virginOrrblowsky – Are you having a fun time tonight with your left hand? Right hand?

  180. not too worried about Carolina at this point. It would be a monumental collapse if the Rangers fail to make the playoffs and this Ranger team is too resilient for me to think thats possible…

    We have a better chance of finishing 5th than finishing 9th…

  181. eddie eddie eddie on

    james dolan is a boy genius…trouble is tho, he aint no boy….and he aint no genius

  182. Dolan is the biggest dope in the world. Donnie walsh did a great job in two years to get the knicks under the cap, draft good young players, team was doing good and Dolan decides he wants anthony, goes over walsh’s head and now the knicks are back to being a joke. I never liked anthony, always thought he was a me guy, one dimensional player. All the work Donnie Walsh did to get the knicks back to respectable took dolan one swift move to ruin it. Thank God Dolan doesn’t get involved with the rangers like he does with the Knicks.

  183. JimboWoodside on

    Bolts tried to make a game of it – got the score to 4-3, but they couldn’t tie the game with the Canes…

  184. JimboWoodside on

    I intensely dislike basketball, but I *am* happy that Dolan spends all his time and effort in riuning the Knicks – and that he ignores the Rangers, for the most part…

  185. at one time I was a knick fan but basketball is boring. Have no interest in that game anymore, plus it has changed over the years. The sport stinks now.

  186. Like I said, Tiki, I am not an NBA fan. But what about Mosgov? And, don’t get personal and call other boneheads (my friends) names!

    I agree Oleo, were are only 4 points behind TB!

    I’m hungry…I’m going to go get something to eat…See youse later…

  187. Tiki, don’t make me watch Yankees games. I’ll sit through all nine periods to make them lose!

    Or is it eleven periods?

    The Knicks definitely are a joke. It’s great to be a Rangers fan right now, and not have to worry aboot Slats doing something like what the Knicks did.

    I’m just happy they’re losing. Maybe they’ll verse Boston in the first round. If they get swept, that would be cool!

  188. NBA sucks…last time I watched any NBA game was back when MJ was still playing for Chicago… I liked that NBA but can’t stand it now

    College hoops are much better…my girl is from UM so I root (sometimes) for Terrapins. Too bad they didn’t make it to the tournament this year

  189. Tiki, Knicks traded 3 of their starters, their supposed future center, 2 first rounders, and 2 useless players for 1 mefirst type of superstar. The Knicks were fun to watch before the trade even if they did play just a bit above .500 ball. It was exciting every single game to see Amare dominate, to see Gallo hit a big 3, to see Felton run the pick and Willthethrill knock down jumpers. Now Carmelo takes on 2 guys puts up a shot and misses. Every single play is the same, they dont know what they are doing. Billups is looking like he’s 50. We have no bench. And dont call other people names if you want some respect from them. You’re already pushing it with a bunch of people here, and frankly it’s sickening. I can’t imagine how you are in person.

  190. JimboWoodside on

    See, folks? This is why games like last night are so maddening. Canes & Buff both win, gaining points on us….it is imperative that the Rangers win their games now. We can’t depend on any other teams to help us out.

    As we were reminded in game 82 last season – you have to win *your own games* to make the playoffs.

  191. I agree TomG. The NBA stinks now. NYR_Fan, I know you don’t follow basketball. I was just informing you. Mozgof was a young athletic kid, but he only started probably 15 games in his career. Far too much is being made of the players that went to Denver. I will say this, though. Felton was gone after next year, but he’s the player the Knicks are missing right now. He could run ‘Antoni’s offense. Billups cannot. Billups has looked horrific for the most part since coming to NY. Jimbo, Dolan is a shmuck, but getting Anthony has made our team better for years to come.

    Fire Sather! Fire Mao! Hire Olga!

  192. JimboWoodside on

    “And not in the good way.”

    We’re all pretty sure that he’s been getting it “the good way”!

    I don’t know where he’s from, though.

  193. ORR

    You liked “The Tourist”? I though that movie was a complete waste of time and waste of good actors. Worst movie of the year in my book.

  194. Dont be so sensitive, Lev. Everybody gives each other a hard time. It’s all in good fun. virginOrrblowsky knows that :P

  195. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, for your sake, I hope you’re right – but I have always felt like the Rangers are the poor stepchild of Madison Square Garden, no matter who the owners are or were.

    Basketball is a more popular sport in the USA than hockey is, and we *always* get shunted off to the lousy TV channel allocations, the weak, impossible at times to hear radio stations, and we never get the promos and publicity that a lousy Knicks team always gets, regardless of how bad the team plays.

  196. A bad night NHL-wise. It would be a huge win if we win Sunday against the ….. On that note, good night, guys. Have fun, Mama. We’ll miss you. :)

  197. Jimbo – I find that sad too, that the Rangers take a backseat, and often times to the Devils and Islanders. It’s reprehensible, but it is what it is. It’s New York. Good night, Jimbo. :)

  198. JimboWoodside on

    No problem – I’m hoping that we won’t all be bummed out after the game tomorrow – I hope that Boston “shot their wad” beating the Habs!

  199. from puckdaddy:
    New York Rangers “star” (oh, c’mon Page Six) Brandon Prust has “been getting cozy with “Gossip Girl” star Michelle Trachtenberg, [and] his beautiful girlfriend of a year, Marie-Pier Morin, who’s now in Canada, burst into tears.” The NY Post also reports that “he makes out with other girls all the time.” Dude, you’re making time with Buffy’s sister, who can open portals to alternate dimensions. Stop creepin’

  200. eddie eddie eddie on

    the NBA is way to bling bling for my tastes…selfish, egomanical athletes, that could spell TEAM if you spotted them a T E A ….prefer the blue collar, team oriented game of hockey personally….

  201. JimboWoodside on

    But Eddie3, nearly ALL NBA players attend college, and most graduate with high marks – how can it be that they can’t spell “team”!? ;-D

  202. eddie eddie eddie on

    tike – i hope all is well with you mate….how have ya been?….peace be with you always…

  203. Czechthemout!!! on

    Now that BC is about to be eliminated, I wonder if Kreider can be in the lineup by the wed game against the sabers, or the The next game against the isles. He should provide a lot of speed, scoring and a threat to score while shorthanded. Certainly would be a big upgrade over Wolski.

  204. Mao Starks, 2-for-18, 1994 Game 7 vs Rockets on


    the tourist was horrible…only good thing was Jolie…and not her acting that is for sure…thats two clunkers in a row for her with Salt b4.

  205. Czechthemout!!! on

    Screw that ORR! We need scoring and some speed and size! This kid is NHL ready and we need to make the playoffs

  206. Czechthemout!!! on

    Can you imagine Kreider and gabby on the same line with the speed that the two of them have?
    The space that not of them will have is just crazy!

  207. Mao Starks 2-for-18 1994 game 7 vs Rockets on

    Would love to see her as Cleopatra. I loved her in Alexander the great … Nom nom nom

  208. Hey All, long time since I posted or put my two cents in. Just a question: should there be a poll here as to how much Tort’s absolutely hates/hasn’t coached/defined what he needs or wants from Avery? We could also just leave it as Tort’s feels the same as the rest of league and want’s to penalize Avery for who he was/his reputation.

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