The night Gretzky and Graves made history


It was 17 years ago today. reminded me of the anniversary of The Great One scoring his 802nd goal to pass Gordie Howe as the all-time leader, on March 23, 1994.

On that night, in Edmonton, Adam Graves was making his own history, scoring goals No. 50 and 51 to tie and pass Vic Hadfield’s Rangers single-season record.

Of course, Graves’ record was somewhat overshadowed across the continent, even in Edmonton.

Here’s’s story about the Gretzky anniversary.


AP photo.

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  1. leetchhalloffame on

    Face it – Sather will still be here years from now in his little motorized scooter making bad decisions. Come to think of it has anyone ever seen Slats & Isiah in the same room at the same time?

  2. Olga Folkyerself on

    No score yet – Chi-Fla

    Vokoun is stonewalling again… Chicago PP coming up…

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    LMFAO @ Sather in a rascal!!!!! DYING!!!!!!!!!!!

    he’s like Mr Burns!!! Sather will survive a nuclear holocaust and sign old veteran roaches ;-)

  4. Was listening to JR during intermission and kept thinking- even if had Einstein’s brains transplanted into his skull, he would not become much brighter.

  5. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Drove 15 hours from Nova Scotia, with snow coming down in Maine, then had so much fun cheering Dubi’s goal with 18000 Ranger fanatics! Would be great to meet you Carp at tomorrow night’s game, as well as anyone else who’s going to the game.

  6. nahalyoBtsurPlaCniL on

    Tornado warning now… always a good time when these things decided to rear their destructive heads

  7. flesreykloF aglO on

    Now Kieth Jones, you gotta feel that there is a lot of spare room in his skull too.

  8. Carp,

    Been mulling this over in my own mind for a while: Don’t you think if they ban all headshots from the NHL fighting will be gone not shortly there afterward…

    I mean whats the different between targeting the head with an elbow in open ice and punching some one in the head with a fist during a fight… wouldn’t the league be contradicting itself? Kinda like they do with awarding points for a loss…

    Just food for thought, I personally would hate to see fighting taken out of the game… but something definitely needs to be done about those pieces of carillo/cooke….

  9. praC, LMAO!!! You’re on fire today! And who else but you would even post that info….Bravo!

    I’ve had a carcilloly couple of days, including this one….but I got something in the mail today that helped ease my mind, thanks to two precious boneheads (and no Carp, that’s not you, yet!)

    Tomorrow will be my last game for a while here so LGR!
    Peace on earth etc….

  10. Harvey, I think that’s the great hypocrisy here. Most people love the fights, or at least think it’s part of the fabric of the game. But most also want the elbows and other head shots out of the game. I am as hypocritical as anybody in that regard. But they will do everything they can to justify the fights because hockey people want fighting to remain part of the game.

    Plus, as one old-time referee once said to me, “If they take fighting out of the game, and find that they need it, how do they put it back in?”

    Linda, hang in there. Again. Geez, I’d be scared cooke-less.

    Vancouver? Please. The Rangers whupped them.

  11. Cape, I’d love to meet you. But alas I will not be there tomorrow. I’ll be trekking upstate for more state basketball.

    ps, keep this a secret, but my sports editor is lobbying for playoff travel for me, and by extension, us.

  12. nahalyoBtsurPlaCniL on

    I get it now, they sound the sirens in the ENTIRE county, whether you’re in the path of the weather cell or not. Hmmmmm

  13. I should have told Julie earlier that I’ll be in Albany this weekend. So if you’re out there, Julie. And if I’m not mistaken, there are some other Boneheads in that area.

  14. Carp, spot on. I’m a hypocrite in that regard, too, and I don’t think certain rough stuff can be taken out of the game….hello, it’s hockey, not baseball. But what’s the answer? Heck if I know.
    But I do know this….Cooke’s cooke is beyond the beyond and should be easy to address. No sir, and good night….

    Can I get the commish’s job now?

  15. Carp…go Sean!!!!! oops. shhhh. I won’t get into it here why they should, but, um…..they can and they should. Here’s hoping!

    All, cast your vote now for Carp traveling for the playoffs!!!!!

  16. That would be awesome, Carp…I’m sure the blog will have a lot more traffic then too!

  17. I e-mailed Julie and let her know Carp. Julie is so cool she is training in for the April 9 bonehead picnic, even though she has no game tix. Now that is tremendously tremendous.

  18. No Carp, my creative energies need their release. Unless, will MSG let me paint the new concourses?

  19. Olga, somehow, someway, someday, I am going to find you, show up at your house with a month’s worth of Sunday papers…and then we’ll have fun and talk :) But there will be papers first. Beware of cabs pulling up with a woman covered in ink……

  20. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you need directions, I’d love to tell you where to go… A month of Sunday papers is only four, right? :)

  21. Argh. Time to say niters….so niters. See you all tomorrow and LGR!and here’s to praC on the road!


  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Anybody can get three posts in a row. It means nothing. It’s like celebrating that it’s 10:52 at night.

  23. Olga Folkyerself on

    The only Canadian team I hope loses is Montreal. They won enough Cups all those years with special rules in their favor.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Early in the pens game, mcd launched a rocket that nailed cally in the leg… He hobbled off and missed a few shifts… Could be one source of that limp…

  25. God, Gretzy was good. I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia, but the game used to seem more wide open and fun. Little looser, little wilder.

    99 makes 87 seem like a chump.

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