Rangers-Panthers in review


OK, it was unwatchable. And the Garden crowd was dreadfully quiet — that’s what happens when people buy season tickets and have to sell a lot of them because of the cost, and then cherry-pick which games they’ll attend; but also when the Garden insists on making hockey games in New York City like games in smaller towns where they have to have silly noise-making contests and throw T-shirts into the crowd.

But enough of that. The game, much as it hurt the eyes and offended the hockey senses, was an enormous one for your boys. It was such a big win under the circumstances, and so good for the Rangers to know, and to show, that they aren’t going to succumb to the “trap game” garbage, or to the home-ice woes (which have mysteriously disappeared with four straight MSG wins).

That they aren’t like past Rangers teams. That they are mentally strong, and that they believe that what they do will make them successful.


1) That all said, this was one of those games that always remind me what Tommy McVie used to say: They should let everybody in for free and make them pay to get out.

2) Hey, Sky-Is-Falling crowd. Your team has 40 victories. It is 10 games over “NHL .500,”  six games over actual .500. It is going to the playoffs. And you’d better believe some of the teams in the top half of the Least would rather see somebody else than play possibly seven games against these guys, especially the Prusts, Boyles, Callahans and Dubinskys.

3) Speaking of which, early in the season the Anisimov and Boyle lines were carrying the Rangers. And now both of those lines are back to where they were.

4) Marian Gaborik lost his point streak, and though he wasn’t great in this game, he created some excellent chances, and that’s a good sign. His line was scary at times in its own end, though. And Erik Christensen wasn’t very good in this one … and continues to be proof that plus/minus is not a defensive stat, and in fact it’s a pretty useless stat altogether. He’s plus-6, tied for sixth on the team, ahead of Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Prust, Boyle. OK?

5) Another one I thought wasn’t so good was Wojtek Wolski, who appeared to be giving it a full 75 percent effort. He might ultimately make the decision to put Sean Avery back into the lineup a simple one for John Tortorella. This team can’t have passengers, and a mistake/penalty-prone Avery going 100 percent might be better than a Wolski going less than that. Especially against Philly and the Islanders and Boston coming up, and in the playoffs. Or maybe it was just me.

6) I didn’t see the broadcast, but I don’t know if they made a big enough deal of the play Ryan Callahan made on the GWG. Because, in addition to several hard plays by that line down low on the same shift, Callahan then lifted the stick of Keaton Ellerby from behind, stripped him of the puck, looked up, saw he had no shot, and waited for Brandon Dubinsky to arrive at the goalmouth. The steal was better than the pass. Incredible.

7) Callahan=Captain Monster.

8) Henrik Lundqvist really does love this time of year, doesn’t he? He’s such a competitor, and while I’m sure he’d love to have Martin Biron healthy and ready to give him a breather, I’m also sure Lundqvist would want to be playing all of these games now. Every single one of them.

9) I feel bad for the fans of Florida, few as they may be, that they have to watch that crap. The Panthers have some good young players and a great goalie, but it’s going to be a rebuild and it’s going to take a while an dn the meantime the few who show up have to watch icing-icing-icing, turnover-turnover-turnover. Gee, wonder why they can’t get a fanbase in South Florida.

10) One more thing on that piece of cooke Cooke. The NHL hit a triple, almost a home run, finally, with that decision. And Larry Brooks and others made a great point about how repeat offenders now have to be slapped even harder, much harder. Now, if the NHL really wants to get rid of the headshots now … and not gradually … and I am still not convinced the league is ready to do what it takes — they need to start suspending first-time offenders. Everybody should know the law by now. And if they don’t know it, then tell them with a letter to be posted in all lockerrooms and team areas, and make GMs meet with the team to reinforce it. And then, if somebody’s dumb enough to hit somebody in the head, first time, second time, 20th time, suspend him. More games, of course, for repeat perps. But why should first-timers get a pass any longer. Sorry.

11) Man, I’m really praying for Manny Malhotra, one of the best guys not just in hockey, but in the whole damn world.

12) Too bad the Rangers blew those four-point swing games with the Canadiens earlier in the year, because they’d be in sixth place if they’d won one of those they lost.

13) Thanks to Jesse Spector for figuring out that that’s the Rangers’ Magic Number. Thirteen points, and Carolina can’t catch them, meaning they’re in the playoffs. Of course with tiebreakers it might be less than that.

14) Does anybody have any doubt that the Rangers will get two more points tomorrow against the Sens? But they’d better not think that way, and I don’t believe they will.

15) Boy, the junk teams in the Leastern Conference trunk are all winning, too. And too late. That is, except for the Miracle Devils, who are now done like dinner.


AP photo, above.


I might need one more guest blogger to do the review on Saturday’s game against Boston. Anybody interested, please e-mail me at rcarpini@lohud.com. I’d prefer it to be one of our regular Boneheads.

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  1. bull dog line on

    yeah, lets get you no who back in the lineup. they have only gone 4 and 0 without him.

  2. Good morning all!

    Snow this morning?! So much easier to deal with after putting two points in the bank last night. Everybody enjoy your day. Start gearing up for Ottawa.

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaa! Guess you were so busy whining about tickets that you posted Penguins instead of Panthers.

  4. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    I like the way the young guys hustle even though they do make mistakes at times, at least they are enjoyable to watch..

    Drury seems like a distant memory..good on face offs but he didn’t fit any of the ranger teams he was part of.. he should ride off to somewhere else.

    Any playoff hopes hinge on Hank staying injury free .
    I can’t wait for Cindy to come back and get hit..I bet the refs will call everything and anything on anyone who comes close to him.

  5. Looked like it was gonna be one of those games against Florida where we have 50 shots and lose 2-0 with an empty netter.

    Not the same old, same old for sure.

    Garden was as quiet as an Ivan Lendl v Bjorn Borg tennis match….

    We have not seen the same people in the seats to the left or right of us all season….

    Half of the last row was not even filled….horrible.

    Good win and hope we get Staal back-maybe he is taking an Ovi break to get all revved up for last week…..

  6. I, too, feel really bad for Manny. They were saying on Sportsnets last night that his eye cannot be saved. Terrible. Another dark mark on the NHL – make visors mandatory for crying out loud – the feeder systems all enforce visors meaning today, everyone playing in the NHL without one took it off!!!

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    First and foremost- Dale, go get your shinebox! And pozeluy Carp v zhopu!

  8. Second- yes, it was a snoozer, but to me it was as impressive win as they had the whole year.
    Are you kidding me? Coming after an emotional win, playing at the dead quiet MSG against the young team out of the playoffs. They came out swinging and should’ve been up 2-0. But they run into a hot goalie, who was going to stand on his head no matter what. A year ago, that would end up with one or two goals in their net, and an embarrassing loss. What i was impressed with is that, they resorted to playing a solid defensive hockey. Very mature for this young team. They were responsible defensively, including forwards, and they didn’t panic. they remained patient and trusted their system. Hate to say it, but that’s how NJ won most of their games over the years. They had no choice. And Hank was solid when needed to.

  9. nice wrap carp.

    • that game was hard to watch but yeah…..2 HUGE points

    • I don’t think Wolski has been that bad. He gets way more scoring opportunities then Christensen. I’d sit The Enigma Christensen before WW and give Avery a look on the “top line” but wait, we’ve been on this crazy winning streak. okay don’t change nuthin’

    • Can you boneheads believe how damn good Sauer and McDonagh are?

    • Prospal’s hit on Ellerby last night was MONSTER!

  10. By the way, yes Gaborik wasn’t great last night, but he remained dangerous. and he kept skating well. as long as he does that, the opposing team will have no choice, but to deploy their best defensive pairing against him. That helps Dubinsky-AA-Cllahan dominate their match up the way they did the last few games. Speaking of that line, someone mentioned during last night’s game that this line is going to be a great first line for us. And I couldn’t help, but recall that just a month or so ago a few people on the blog were projecting Anisimov to be a third line center, at best. I’m not sure about a dominant first line, but they are already a solid second line on most of the teams in NHL. Their combined age? 72 years. That’s half the age of Chris Chelios.

  11. Speaking to #4, there was one Panthers rush in the second period where I swore I saw Derek Boogaard laboring to even up a 3-on-2 rush. I looked a little closer and it was EC who was skating as if he was carrying Boogaard (and Brashear and Redden) on his back. When the guy is on his game he is “Monster Lite”. But when he isn’t, wow does he stink up the joint or what!

    As for #11, amen to that. I always was a mark for Manny Malhotra who I think would have been a damn good player under Torts. It is too bad that he got caught up in the power struggle between Neil Smith and John Muckler.

  12. Anyone looking to get rid of any tickets to the remaining home games please let me know. :)

  13. I will say it again: Buy a Heritage Jersey with the name “Callahan” emblazened on the back and make sure they stitch on a huge “C” on the front.

    This game was brutal to watch. The kind of game I put on mute and let my Finacee update me on our wedding planning. That goal was a real lift though. Callahan is a mega monster.

  14. From The Vancouver Sun:

    “Malhotra’s injury has clearly hit the team hard, so much so that some players simply don’t want to even discuss what his injury means to the team.

    “With Manny it’s not even about hockey,” centre Ryan Kesler said Tuesday. “It’s really about himself and his family. Hockey comes second when it comes to stuff like that.”

    Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Manny+Malhotra+injury+hits+team+hard/4488361/story.html#ixzz1HQXOyHK1

    Nice to know how much he is liked and appreciated by his teammates. As a human being and as a player.

  15. Carp. Great points as always.

    I agree that Wolski (who I vehemently defended yesterday) made the decision whether or not to play Avery a very easy one for Torts. 75% might even be generous.

    Yes – that game was brutal. They should have turned icing “off” before the game.

  16. I don’t think the decision to suit up Avery is as big as which loaf to pressbox: WW or EC….

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Did the refs have an early plane to catch? One penalty the whole game and none on the Rangers – guess that was the level of intensity.

    Eminger had a very good game. He hits people and they go down hard behind the net. Damn Girardi had his usual give aways but also had some nice outlets. Sometimes you would think he is the rookie and Suaer/McD are 5 yr guys. If we ever pair Girardi with Gilly and then have Gabbys line on the ice at the same time, close your eyes and press the mute button or turn the channel.

    2nd period was the most boring hockey of the last 75 yrs. that was brutal!

  18. Stranger: Good point – I forgot to mention what a great game Eminger played. Also, his mid-period/intermission interview was really on point.

    Eminger for Assistant Coach?

  19. Stranger Nation on

    Wolski was floating out there and Step and MZA was bouncing off people. Need more size on that line for POs. As said before, I like MZA and he may become a very valuable player, but he does not have the size to be a 4th line banger.

  20. gonyrangers11 on

    I’m pretty sure Wolski played center for phoenix last year when he went a point per game into the playoffs. It might be worth trying him in EC’s spot.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    gony – it is worth the try – both are similar players. WW has more north-south speed, but EC has better hands. Both are as soft as Charmin

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Man – missed the interview but his play spoke volumes. thought he had more jump and played well with the puck as well. In one sequence he stood up the forward at the blue line and put him on his arse and then went back to support and crushed some player into the glass.

    Also thought Boyle had some jump last night and Feds is the secret ingredient giving that line great balance.

    Heck even Vinny had some hits!

  23. Agreed. Feds is the lynchpin of this team. Like that thing on the death star that held it together. They brought it up in Mallrats. He really is the key stone.

    I loved Eminger last night. Maybe he can replace Girardi for the playoffs?

  24. Carp – great review. Was at the game last night and the crowd was dead but the game was brutal for 2 periods. Agree on Christensen and Wolski. The Gaborik, Christensen, Proposal line should have given up 3 goals if not for Lundquist. Very poor in their own end.

    Loved Stepan and Zuc trying to hit people but man they just bounce off everyone. Gotta love the effort though.

    One huge (known) problem for the Rangers in the playoffs – FACEOFFS. Wow it is amazing how bad they are in that area. Could probably count the clean wins on one hand. Scary.

    Other observations:

    Sauer = Beast – gonna be a good one
    Boyle/Prust/Feds = Love that line, works as hard as the top line
    Avery = agree – need to sit Wolski or EC and get his butt back in there (take the good with the bad)

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Girardi needs an ‘undisclosed’ injury to sit for some games when staal comes back. Will only help team to have him more fresh because Torts is gonna play that guy lots of mins.

    POs will really expose his game. That giveaway last night – soft up the middle break out right to panther stick is a goal against a better team.

  26. Wolski has been a substantially more productive player than EC and is 3 years younger. Not that I’m advocating either get a permanent spot in the lineup, Wolski playing at or close to his potential makes him one of the more productive forwards the Rangers can deploy. Obviously the issue is getting him to play at a high level on a nightly basis.

    And yes, both EC and Wolski aren’t bangers/grinders but they’re not getting asked to play that role.

  27. Manny, good job about reminding us to all to get a Callahan “C” Heritage jersey…I am going to order mine soon!

    Carp, great review. Wolski definitely needs to sit. I’m not sure that Avery is that much worse than Wolski on defense…

    How did they fit that hockey helmet on Michael Kay’s massive head?

    That was such a boring game last night. What makes a game like that bearable is watching it with you boneheads! You guys are a lot of fun!!! You guys are the best!

    PS: Love Mallrats! ” Come on, Renee! Hartford? The Whale? They only beat Detroit once, maybe twice, in a lifetime!”

  28. The thing about Wolski, IMHO, is that he parties in NYC. I am just speculating, but he plays better on the road, out side of the NYC party scene.

  29. NYR – I had my order all cued up this morning and then remembered that I have to pay my self-employment taxes and thought about my fiancee killing me. The minute I pay my taxes I am getting that damn Cally jersey.

    P.S. – A schooner is a sailboat stupidhead.

  30. bull dog line on

    so now we have found the 2 players to scape goat in order to get Avery back in the line up. nice job Carp, all the Sheep fell right into line. since a big deal used to be made about the Rangers record when Avery was in the line up, I thought I might mention there record when he has been scratched. 4 and 0. they obviously miss him a ton when he not playing.

  31. I remember Kay saying something about buying a Yankees hat and he had to get it in a size ABOVE 8! I don’t know if they make helmets that big. It’s humungous. BUlbous even.

  32. Yea, I am just waiting to get paid next week and I am buying mine!

    LOL! Kay is such a dork!

    PS: That kid is back on the escalator again!!!

  33. Stranger Nation on

    New New – I can confirm that he has a following. I sat in front of 3 hotties at a game who were there to cheer on their Wolly Bear.

    Women weaken legs!!

  34. bull dog,

    I’m usually with you when it comes to diffusing some of the unconditional love that Avery gets from the fans, but I think that EC/Avery/Wolski are pretty much the 11th, 12th and 13th forwards on this team right now and in no particular order. It’s obvious that Torts has no problem limiting their ice time if they’re not effective, if not scratching them out of the lineup. And at times any one of them have played pretty well. The success of the forwards unit is heavily based on whether Gaborik’s line can produce on a more consistent basis and if the AA/Dubi/Cally line can dominate most of their shifts.

    The rest of the season they’ll probably rotate 1 of those 3 in and out of the lineup depending on the opponent and who’s been playing well and who hasn’t.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Kay has a face for radio and a voice for the deaf. Cannot stand that Yankee shill.

  36. Too bad Kay isn’t a SF Giants fan, I’m sure they had plenty of leftover hats they needed for Bonds.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    CTB – agreed on the forwards and also 6/7 Dman is Em/Gilly with Em getting the bulk now in March

  38. Yet Kay somehow managed to snag the very easy on the eyes Jodi Applegate. Life is not fair sometimes.

  39. Stranger Nation on

    I would have kept Newbury in the mix as well, but with MZA playing well, they don’t have many options to send down anyone. Wold want Newbury jam in PO against Flyers.

  40. bull dog line on

    right now Christensen is centering the 2nd line. I am not his biggest fan, but that is not a role Avery can fill. as far as Wolski goes, talent wise there is no contest between he and Avery. so if you are putting Avery in you are doing it for “grit”, and this team has plenty of better players than Avery who play that way. to me unless there is an injury, he is eating popcorn in a suite.

  41. BANJ: My tickets are available on April 4 against Boston and April 7 against Atlanta. Section 304. Email me if interested. wag279@gmail.com

    The crowd definitely was dead last night and I heard a number of yells for “when is the game going to start”, but I didn’t think they were warranted. The Rangers played well, but for most of the game Vokoun just played better.

    As far as season ticket holders cherry picking, there is, to some degree, a reverse effect there as well. I end up going to a lot of games like last night because the demand for tickets on the secondary market is so low that I can stomach the idea of selling tickets for $20 less than I pay as a season ticket holder (so $40 less than the ticketmaster price).

    And the t-shirts, people get really excited for, especially kids. I don’t mind it. It’s better than when I have to see The Miz on the big screen. I really don’t like that guy. Have you seen the t-shirts though? It says something like, “I waited 85 years to catch this t-shirt.” A bit of a let down if you ask me.

  42. I honestly thought Kay was gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) because he was always so into the Yankees male players. Then he lands a hottie in his late 50’s. What a life.

    P.S. “I would’ve made a sexy chick. “

  43. Right, but you can always slot Stepan (in fact I wouldn’t mind seeing him taking some shifts with Gaborik and Prospal because Stepan is far better defensively) to center Gaborik’s line. Keep Avery on the 4th line with either EC or Wolski as the center. I think we’ve seen enough of EC to know that the games where he provides any sort of an impact can be few and far between. I’d be more inclined to keep Wolksi in the lineup over either of them, but I can’t necessarily say he deserves the benefit of the doubt the last few games.

    I’m not saying Avery deserves to play a lot of time even if he’s in the lineup, but there’s a good chance he will be at some point the rest of the season and there have been games where he’s been effective while playing actual hockey. Not even considering the grit or jam factor because I’ve been on record as saying they’re are about half a dozen other players that can supply that.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    bull dog – they move Vinny to the middle when EC sits. Agree Avery is not a huge difference maker but folks who say he plays bad D as the reason…well WW and EC are god awful in their own zone and DO NOT HIT ANYONE.

    Hitting is everyone’s role – this is mens ice hockey, not womens. Heck, Vinny and GAbby were hitting last night. Step and MZA had plenty of hits (players and ice)

    EC played very well the first couple of games after he sat so maybe he needs to sit to wake him up again. Wolski is a flippin banana head who is realizing 25% of his potential.

  45. Yo NYR – You think we can get Cally to Autograph the “C” Jersey? That would be a key piece of fan-merchandise.

  46. bull dog line on

    I was just going to say that about Stepan. I would not have an issue if they put Stepan with Gabby.

  47. Stranger Nation on

    Man – you mean Kay’s new beard? We have Rudy marrying them. What a crock. When he represents the institution of marriage, we got some problems here…

  48. bull dog line on

    I think Prospal is a much more effective left wing than center. I think moving him weakens two positions.

  49. HAHA – beard. Great call Stranger. It actually might be one! She just wants to focus on her career and he can open doors for her so to speak.

    I wonder what goes on in the booth when Kay and Sterling are left alone (when they both did radio).

  50. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I was at the game last night and of course agree that the crowd was dead but did you guys see that second period? Holy moly…I should’ve waited to do my taxes during that 20 minutes.

    But hey…a W is a W is a W. Though I’d feel better about not doing a Devils impression again this season.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    bull dog – agreed – I like the Step moving up plan better – 4th line – Avery – Wolski – MZA?? someone mentioned Wolly Bear played the middle well last year.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I bet last night’s game was one of the times where you are happy that you have to get your story done before the third period. I’d have written the story, then taken a nap until Torts’ presser.

  53. Guys – what in the holy heck are we going to do about faceoffs? It’s really, really bad. We lose about a minute of each Power Play to lost faceoffs.

  54. the game was boring but win is a win! We just need to keep rolling here and try to get is high as possible.

    RIP Elizabeth Taylor

  55. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, it was nice to read your article in the paper this morning (instead of some generic AP copy), and then have this blog to back it up. Keep up the great work! Let’s go Rangers!

  56. Sorry about the headline. That’s what I get for writing at 2 a.m.

    Stranger, I thought Girardi was pretty good last night … and I’m not his biggest fan.

    Doodie, actually, those games are toughest to write. Nothing going on, no idea who’s going to win.

  57. So LT is back to who he really is, eh? Nice link, Doodie.
    Someone mentioned yesterday that he may turn his life around now. Right. In fact he has turned his life around a few times already. Every time he does- it’s a full 360. I suppose he’s always been good at pivoting. Jackwagon.

  58. The Panthers might have employed Potvin as an analyst (does he still do that?) but at the very least they don’t have Matt Cooke on their team.

  59. What a stand up kid McDonagh is. He didn’t have to say that. Great job by him. Talk about classy…

  60. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I loved reading that TSN article about McDonagh’s comments because the Habs fans still cannot believe he was included in that Gomez deal.

    That may turn out to be Sather’s greatest achievement in his tenure. In one fell swoop, he unloaded Gomez, got back a blue chip defenseman, and cleared the deck to bring in Gabby (jury’s still out there I guess).

  61. This was not the game i was prepared for them to win playing. This is not the team that is going to drop the ball now that paydirt is so close. Dubinsky jumped up like ovechkin when he scored that goal. This is huge guys. I am starting to believe a run is very possible in the playoffs especially with philly and washington’s goaltending woes. Look out Detroit. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!

  62. ” Does anybody have any doubt that the Rangers will get two more points tomorrow against the Sens? ”

    that depends if the rangers play the Ottawa team that beat the devils and tampa twice each in the last two weeks, or the other Ottawa team from the rest of the season

  63. MY hope for the blueline next year. Suck up the fumes left in McCabe’s tank and get a good year out of him while MDZ emerges as a star in a come back season and phases out Girardi. The rest stays in tact.

  64. Let’s not forget about Valentenko. Even if he doesn’t play for the Rangers because of their defensive depth, he remains a trade possibility if they need to.

  65. Matt Cooke

    “I’m fortunate that Ryan McDonagh wasn’t hurt,” said Cooke. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. That’s not my intention.”


    what?? not his intention to hurt anybody?? then wtf do you call it? This guy’s a total tool!

  66. Guy is a total [B]oucher! There is no reason to lead with your elbow or leave your skates if you aren’t trying to hurt people.

    The Penguins HAVE to strip that A off his jersey. Just like when Newman rips the patch off Jerry when Jerry is the mailman.

    “You know this is your jacket, right?”

  67. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    So, is this math correct?

    Gomez = Gaborik + McDonagh + Prust + Valentenko

  68. Good article, Carp. How easy we forgot that they are playing without their #1 defenseman, thanks for reminding, Carp.

  69. This is exactly what you got to love about this team… Staal is out and they still play great!

    Depth = Monster!

  70. I also remember clearly at the time of the deal, one of our Boneheads lauded it, saying it was a good deal even if it was only Gomez for No Gomez.

  71. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I seem to remember being excited about getting Higgins in that deal.


  72. Btw, Noah, it doesn’t look like the Devils are making it!!

    Sather fleeced Gainey in that Gomez deal…It was more like a robbery than a “trade”

    And, he turned around and acquired Prust for more of his free agent mistakes (Kotalik, Higgins)…amazing…

  73. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    NYR_FAN, I can’t take that out until they’re officially eliminated. I know the second I do, they’ll win out and miraculously secure the 8th spot.

  74. LOL! ilb, Olga may be coming around!

    I actually saw him type ‘Let’s Go Rangers’ last night!

  75. I suppose because of the extra years left on his deal getting rid of Gomez was the better trade, but would anyone have minded if it was Drury instead? Let’s ignore the Captain’s NMC.

  76. Better puck carrier, as good on PK as Drury… decent of face-offs… MUCH faster than Drury, healthy… and wouldn’t be wearing “C” if stayed with the Rangers

    YES, would love to have him instead of Drury.

  77. I don’t know about youse guys but – I really would like Staal back in the lineup tomorrow.

  78. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – my comments above post were “Damn Girardi had his usual give aways but also had some nice outlets.” For me that is praise!! Good thing Em was there to help him out.

    Feds’ return is a key part of their success – it settled the line-up, fore-check and, even the PK (not that it needed it.) He looks like Little Lord Fauntleroy but plays with grit, jam, and 6@!!s. Looking back at January when they had half their forwards out, it is amazing how the team performed. Good job staff in Hartford!

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m pretty sure everyone would have preferred Drury, especially since Drury seems to be washed up, while Gomez still actually can play hockey.

    And also, we probably could have still traded Gomez in a separate deal.

  80. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I think most everyone would’ve preferred Gomez but Drury’s NMC made it sadly moot.

    I still think a buyout this summer is happening. Then the deck will be cleared for Cally, Dubi and Staal to lead this team in 2011-2012 and beyond.

  81. Stranger Nation on

    If Play-offs started today match-ups:

    Filth v BBBs: Miller steals a series: BBBs in 6

    NYR v Craps: Hank shines and Torts leaves fans alone: Good guys in 6

    Bs v Habs: Can you say Smack down!: Killer Bs in 4

    Bolts v Dirty Birds: Lightning strikes more than once: TB in 5

  82. It may be a controversial position to take since he’s a Flyer now, but I would have signed Danny Briere over the two of them…

  83. Bring on the Caps!

    I bet they will take over first and we will get the Philthy Phlyers. Who I loathe.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR Fan, that summer, I ranked them Gomez 1 (because he was youngest), Briere 2, Nylander 3, Drury 4.

  85. Briere is a good player. But if he was a not a Phlyer then Claude Giroux would have to live alone…..super sadface!

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Stranger, that listing is pretty funny. I would definitely pick opposite from you in every series except possibly the Rangers, and only because I think we have had Washington’s number this season. But Washington’s recent strong play would make me concerned.

  87. Doodie, we should have went with #2 and #3! Oh well, no big deal now…it’s water under the brdge!

    The Rangers will be a challenge to any team they face in the East. The only teams that worries me is Tampa, but they have been struggling of late….

  88. Washington is scary in the playoffs because they will rest everyone and be probably play harder in the playoffs. We have a history of upsetting them. That scares me. But we have owned them this season and their goaltending is pretty weak (as long as there is no hot streak).

    I would much rather play them than the Phlyers.

  89. Believe me, I like what he did for the US last year and I think he’s a very good goalie, but I don’t think Miller alone can win a series for Sabres. Particularly against a deeper team like Philly. But Philly’s kind of been coasting and the Sabres have been playing well, so maybe a long series, maybe even 7 games. I just feel Miller is a touch overrated.

    I absolutely think the Rangers are the team the Caps least want to face. I don’t care if their D has trimmed down on goals against, their D is Stay Puft soft. Adding Dennis Wideman didn’t change that at all.

    I could see either Carey Price playing out of his mind and making the B’s-Habs a real series since I think that’s a rivalry where no matter who looks better on paper, the B’s tend to blow it against the Habs in the playoffs. Then again I could see Price meltdown under the playoff spotlight and pull another Patrick Roy and mock the crowd after they mock him for letting in like 4 straight goals.

    I haven’t been a fan of TB’s defense and goaltending the entire season with our without Roloson. As depleted as the Pens are, I think their experience and the fact that I think MA Fleury is having a legitimately good season might be enough to knock off the Bolts. I have a feeling the Bolts will be somewhat like the Caps of the past few years. Run and gun during the season, but they can’t clamp down in the playoffs.

  90. CTB – great analysis man. I think Habs beat Bruins, We beat Caps, Phlyers beat Sabres. Pens / Lightning will be a close one.

  91. Vokoun was pretty Desjardins good last night, I must say. But unfortunately for him, Cally and Dubi were better!

  92. Stranger Nation on

    my recently heightened hatred for the Habs definitely influenced my decision. My primary hope is to see Lucic pound Punk Kid hard and often. Series will probably go 6 or even 7 as Bs are not second season stalwarts. Montreal seems small and soft, but stranger things have happened.

    Bolts/Guinnies is another toss up. Classic D v O given talent match-ups. If we and Dirty Birds win we may get to see Cooke head in the second round.

  93. Here is a question – do we WANT to catch the Habs or do we want to make it so we definitely play the Caps?

  94. Yea Carp – I want to catch the Habs!

    My question above is realistic though. It may be a bad idea to get that 6 seed. We might like where we are now.

  95. billybleedsblue on

    Caps are nipping at the heels of the Philthy CarcilloHeads…there’s no guarantee of playing either of them in either spot. Looks like 6th will bring Boston though. I’m gonna try to wait a little longer before I really start speculating on this one.

  96. Yea Caro – if the Caps get the 1 Seed do we want to intentionally lose to get 8th seed?

    just kidding.

  97. The Bruins might actually scare me more than the Phlyers or the Caps. I don’t know why. Maybe because I hate them the most out of any team ever?

  98. You’re right Tony. Wisdom over enthusiasm.

    I am embarrassed to ask but: Is there something intentional about spelling Staal’s name incorrectly that I am not getting?

  99. I think the B’s are a better team on paper than the Habs. And the Habs are pretty banged up, particularly on the blueline. It’s just that in MTL-BOS playoffs, one side has typically been the hammer and the other the nail.

  100. wouldn’t call it unwatchable that was a great goaltender showdown. Vokoun was the only reason the game wasn’t unwatchable.

  101. Totally – it seems like every year the Habs go down 3-1 and then rally to beat a team, usually the Bruins.

    Also, I remember a really great team doing that to the Caps a few years back….hmmm…..

  102. Carp, I e-mailed Sally. She is deep in the carcillo hole finishing up school etc. She sends her love and helmet nuzzles.

  103. We should all root for Boston all the time. If it wasn’t for Boston there would be no United States and no NY. New England Patriots show how much they appreciate and respect the history of the country. Fenway Park is a cathedral of baseball, Boston fans understand how much it means to keep history alive and not tear down a storied building just to sell more luxury boxes. The Fall Classic wouldn’t be so classic if it wasn’t for heroes like Curt Schilling literally bleeding for his team and then having the candor and transparency to share his thoughts with the fans through his blog.

  104. CTB – I am going to vomit all over you. Please stop. Please.

    I hate Boston. The city. I hate it. I have had all of my worst experiences in life there. I have seen multiple racist attacks. I have been called many anti-semitic names there. I have had some of the grossest meals of my life. They can’t even get PIZZA right. All their streets go in one direction. They have public transportation that shuts down BEFORE last call. Their highways are always jam-packed with traffic. The talk radio there is terrible (with the exception of the guys that call the Red Sawx games). I can go on for hours if you want….

    Brooklyn Heights is like Boston for New Yorkers. Check it out :)

  105. Thanks ORR!! That’s pretty fun. I was just confused. I didn’t think you guys were anything but super smart!

  106. I still don’t quite get the disrespect for Avery’s contributions.Yes, he does all those irritating things that are mentioned, doesn’t shoot when he should and then he often is wide of the mark), but there is one thing about him that you can be sure of…..when he is on the ice the action is seldom not in the opponent’s end of the ice. ( As opposed to the game
    ( opponent not recalled) where the opponent spent almost the entire first period in Ranger zone).

    They can do worse ( and they have) than Avery.

    He goes in harm’s way constantly and gets little acclaim for it…only his flaws are recalled.

    I remember how long they went with Roszival in key spots despite all his missteps, and even Malik was kept long after it became apparent that he had already become embalmed.Avery is not the problem..he will take bad penalties, but he’s not alone in that area by any means.

  107. Manfried,

    I’m kidding. I don’t mind Boston. The natives do give you a hard time if you’re from NY because they assume you like the Yankees. I can’t say I’ve experienced the problems with the bigotry that you have (despite my “Irish-ness”), but anecdotally I know a lot of working class Irish prejudices do remain in certain sections of the city. Then again I’ve encountered issues in NY too, so people can be idiots no matter where you go.

    As for the food, I’m allergic to shellfish so I tend to avoid all seafood, but I do hear the seafood is great there.

  108. bull dog line on

    unless Staal has a concussion I want him back right away. they are still if a fight for a spot, and need there top Dman. when they clinch, he can rest.

  109. CT! I knew you were kidding. I have had some really bad experiences in Boston and as a result I lost basically all respect for the town. I have spent a LOT of time there. I even did some summer programs at Berklee. Hate the town. Hate it. Hate the Bruins. Don’t hate the other sports teams.

  110. billybleedsblue on

    “The only difference between NY and Boston is the accents :P”


  111. Tony – absolutely nothing actually. It was the only insult I could come up with on short notice. I actually really enjoy Santa Fe style foods. Go Bobby Flay!

  112. My guess is that they are resting Stahl because they know how important he is going to be in the playoffs…He may just be fatigued…He hasn’t scored in a while and maybe the coaching staff thinks he needs to be f5’d (refreshed).

  113. I might be succumbing to Concussion rumors also. Staal not being on the ice with the playoffs somewhat “on the line” is a scary notion.

    Throw in that Torts challenged King Henry to play with that neck injury…..

    Doing the math = scary.

  114. Great Post as usual Carp Your post game review is far more insightful than what we get from our Metropolitan area scribes combined.

  115. bull dog line on

    wish they were resting Staal, but there is no way that they are. not when there are 8 games to go in the season, and there still is a playoff spot to clinch.

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – great write up…..Avery has the best face-off percentage on the team, …I dont think I have seen him lose too many…..let him play, i say……On another note, the SC has been renamed the Prust Cup, for obvious reasons…..if i were starting a rock band….our name…..The Prusts…….ladies and gentleman….live from london….its….the……PRUSTS

  117. Yea, wishful thinking on my part, bulldog. No one for sure knows except the organization.
    He is so valuable and gets such huge minutes, I thought maybe they wanted to rest him and get Gilroy/Eminger some work…

  118. Eddie: “if i were starting a rock band….our name…..The Prusts”

    Sounds like a backup band for Elvis Costello. I like it.

  119. Carp Any further word on Staal. Since they’re not saying anything it would appear to me that his injury would have to be borderline/serious. Also, do you feel next year Cally might be named Captain or maybe a triad of Cally, Dubie & Staal

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    at least Avery doesnt float like a butterfly, yet he does sting like a bee…just sayin…

  121. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I cringe when hearing discussions about “who we want to face in the playoffs” and all that stuff. Let’s just get there first. Then we’ll play who we play.

    And my band name would be “The Pack Line.”

  122. Orr had suggested, I think, that we begin instituting fines for misspelling Staal. This was a while back. Since then, on occasion, I have misspelled Stahl intentionally. And Orr does it all the time. I think it’s funny. Stupid? yes. But funny.

    Thanks, Mama. Tell her we need her back before the playoffs.

    Tortorella said Stall is day to day, which leads me to believe he’s not too serious. And I’m sure they’re being precautionary because they need him as close to 100 percent as possible later on.

    Concussion rumors=rumors. And=speculation. Which=guessing.

    I think it’s a no-brainer that Callahan is the next captain. Not even a question. Especially with the way the coach feels about him.

  123. CCCP!? Has it come to that? My doctor says that I don’t have to be compared to other people. I only have to be true to myself. :)

  124. ps, I love Boston. If you haven’t eaten in the North End, you have never had Italian food.

    Mama, I’m going to the post office today. Promise.

  125. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I wonder if they would consider giving Henrik a letter next season…not that he really needs one.

  126. Carp – does that count even if you have been to Italy (which I have not)? What about outside Providence Rhode Island (Federal Hill)? The Bronx?

    I don’t think I have ever had Italian in the North End of Boston. On my next trip I will make it a priority and maybe I will become a person that at least tolerates Boston as a city.

  127. Excuse me, Carp….If you haven’t eaten in Staten Island, you’ve never had Italian food. You should know better. And I do like Boston, but not because of it’s food. One of my best friends lives there.

  128. billybleedsblue on

    Boston is an amazing city. It’s just some, or perhaps most of their sports fans that are wicked retarded. Also, North End Italian food is indeed good. Personally, I’d still prefer something around Mott and Mulberry, but Boston is a-ok in my book.

  129. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    uh oh what happened, ILB is handing out shine boxes.

    Carp mentioned avery and bull dog and everyone else flipped out….FANTASTIC (actually rather hilarious IMHO). EC has a shelf life of 2 or 3 games and that seems to be what avery has right now as well. WW is overall better than both so keep him in and rotate the other 2 every few games until someone really screws up or an injury (yikes) happens. Get over it!

    Eminger looked good again. I still think when he was paired with staal for a few games that was the over all best pair we had all season. Would love to see him play as a pair with staal the rest of the way when staal comes back.

    And predictably, I am off to work, so later assens!!

    thanks for the write up carp, great as always!!

    stop laureling so much!!

  130. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a Stall or Stahl jersey. I can’t think of how many times I’ve seen his name misspelled.

  131. Manfried

    i had to ask if you were Tiki…not that there is anything wrong with being Tiki :P

    But what are the chances that we have TWO people who hate anything Boston with passion!

    I’ve never been to Boston… maybe I’ll go for my birthday in May

  132. NY has just as many retarded sports fans as Boston does.

    They’re all one and the same.

    Even Rangers fans. Every time I go to the Garden, there’s always a group of losers who you’d want to “Dexter”

    Every place has fans like that, but I think places like NY, and Boston stand out above the rest.

  133. I have been to Tuscany, so I shouldn’t have said that about Italian food. And I have been to the Little Italys in New York. But Boston’s North End is amazing.

    And the sports fans there are a bunch of backwards-hat wearing jackwagons.

  134. billybleedsblue on

    Orr, agreed on that. NY certainly has its fair-share of miscreant fans. When attending events, I usually feel the need to be as much of an ambassador as possible. I could share a couple of funny/carcilloy stories, but I’ll relieve you of my anecdotal pains…for now.

  135. Thanks Carp! I’ll get it just in time to not be here for it!!!

    If you’ve ever been to my house, you’ve not had food :)

  136. Oh! That is why I was Tiki’d. I thought you meant I started a fight.

    I actually don’t HATE everything Boston. I actually dislike the city itself. I like the Celtics and I am a Yankees fan that totally respects the Red Sawx. I just am not a huge fan of the city. Bad experiences. I guess I have had similar bad experiences here in NYC so maybe I am just being a “player hater” as they say.

  137. Well if you recommend it after eating in those places I will put it on my list. Not even my bucket list. My fiancee has never been to Boston and I promised her that she had to go there. I actually said it was beautiful and looked like our neighborhood (we live in Brooklyn Heights). I am taking her over the summer and look forward to delicious Italian food.

  138. CT, takeout is heaven’s answer to my lazy aasen :) OK all, I’m in the final leg of my work project…whee heee! Later!

  139. My closet could sure you a Ryan Callahan Heritage Jersey with a nice, fat “C” on the chest.

  140. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I may get a Heritage jersey with “Thompson” on the back and the #26.

  141. It’s Thomson. No p.

    Forgot to mention, there won’t be any updates on Stahl today. Rangers had no practice. no that they would have given an update on Stall anyway. Or is that Laats?

  142. Orr

    “the Rangers and Bruins are so much alike……………..”

    Now where have I heard something like that before?…Oh
    yeah. 1940…just prior to The Battle of Britain…….Hitler, trying to coax the Brits to join him in destroying Russia…….Hitler was irritated at the Brits because they declined to join him in his idea about a joint anti Russian Blitz……Adolph”‘ I cannot understand why they won;t join us…we’re so much alike, we’re practically cousins, and I’ve always admired the British”

    Now these are closely rephrased statements by Adolph, but until the invasion of France he always thought the Brits would join him against Russia. The rest of course is history.

    Hope that comment about Rangers and Bruins doesn’t come back to bite us. ( Hate to have to defeat our “cousins” up in Bahstin).

  143. czechthemout!!!! on

    Guys, I urge you all to read the hockeys future article out today on our top 20 prospects.

    It is. Quite a nice and exciting read!!

  144. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Misspelled Josh’s last name on purpose.

    (No I didn’t. Oops.)

  145. billybleedsblue on

    I’m sure I missed it here somewhere, but why was Mr. Kay at the Garden to begin with, nevermind the get-up? Did he lose a bet?

  146. My wife is very much into Italian food. She spent 6 months in Florence during her college years. We’ve tried Italian food in Tuscany, Positano, Rome, Florence, Venice. And all over the world. Every imaginable place in Manhattan, NJ, Bensonhurst etc., etc…Trattoria Romana (pasta) and Fillipo’s in Staten Island. You have to try it.

  147. “Not gonna lie… I’m starting to believe the concussion rumors.”

    You think it started from the hit he took from his bro?

  148. Kay was there with Don La Greca who does the hockey blurbs for ESPN NY. He lost a bet and had to wear the uniform.

  149. Manfried- you live in Brooklyn Heights? We should get together for a beer. I’m in Park Slope almost every day.

  150. Yea Park Slope is so close. We should definitely grab a (several) beers. Definitely. Brooklyn Heights bars are horrible but there are some decent ones on Court Street that actually show sports. Novel Idea.

  151. billybleedsblue on

    Ahha! I thought so. I missed the coverage of him on TV, and he was on the radio too. I was in my car for the tail-end of the radio interview with Mr. Kay and at its conclusion Kenny was like, “Ok, so put your helmet back on and get back to your seat now.”

    This was very confusing, and funny at the same time. It’s all making more sense now. Wonder what the bet was. Hahaha. I mean, just for him to be at a hockey game was probably traumatic enough, and then I hear he’s in full gear with a helmet? hahahah

  152. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, this tweet came up in the widget:

    NHLShanny I went for a run this a.m. It was like the running scene from Rocky 1. Not the fun trumpet inspirational good run, the sad lonely piano one.

  153. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Looks like the Rangers won’t be opening in Russia next season. Good…I hate that.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I’ve been to Trattoria Romano in Staten Island, several times. It is the favorite restaurant of my in-laws and I think I have about $150 in unused gift certificates there. I find it to be pretty good, but not great.

    The free fried polenta though is always welcomed.

  155. Maybe we should plan a “Rangers Report” takes over Brooklyn night. Watch the Rangers pound somebody at O’Keiths or some crappy bar.

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    Manfried, some of the bars on Atlantic are pretty good for sports too, but I can’t think of a decent spot on Smith.

  157. There are a few GREAT bars on Smith. None that show sports though. Char No. 4 and Clover Club are awesome. Loaded with great Whiskeys and awesome Beers. I also like Watty & Meg on Court and Kent. The problem is none of these places have televisions. It’s all about “vintage” America and blah blah blah trendy.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    I remember when I lived down there a few years ago. I didn’t get Versus so I watched a lot of games at O’Keefe’s. Then I discovered things like channelsurfing and atdhe and I was fine. Then I moved.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, there are plenty of great bars on Smith, just no for sports.

    I’m partial to Camp because of the make your own smores.

  160. Man, I live in Westchester, but travel to city is not exactly like going to California :) And since I’m not employed at the moment, I can spend my time wherever I like :)

    Work project done! Time to start planning for vacation on Saturday! Goodbye snow! Hello sand!

  161. My Fiancee went to Brooklyn Law School and loved Camp when she was there. I heard Heath Ledger used to hang out there before his tragic suicide.

    Actually I saw Paul Dano (There Will be Blood and Little Miss Sunshine) around there the other day. I actually followed him home. Just to see where he lives. Trendy area now.

  162. Question: How ticked do you think my mama would be if I tried to find a computer on the island where I could stream one of the four (ugh, four!) games I’m going to miss while away? On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m thinking 20. I may have to ruffie her rum punch one night :)

  163. Life without sports kills me. When I was in Europe I had my computer out everywhere getting wifi at like 4 in the morning to watch baseball.

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    “I actually followed him home. Just to see where he lives.”

    A little creepy, but you aren’t Tiki and he isn’t from Boston, so I’m sure I have nothing to worry about.

    Yes, O’Keefe’s was/is the BLS bar, although Brazen Head was taking over when I moved out because of its proximity to the massive residence hall they put in on State St.

  165. Just one post – one example – one experience. Prior to the development of my hatred of boston, I was at an Orioles-red sox game at Fenway Field a few weeks after 9/11. Wearing my Yankees regalia with my family, the crowd surrounding us berated my family, saying that New York deserved 9/11. One of my family members died in 9/11.

  166. ok – It’s TOTALLY creepy that I followed him home. In my defense – it was the middle of the day and my fiancee was tasting cookies for our best friends wedding. I was alone. I had a few rye whiskeys at Clover Club and when I exited there he was. It was the second time I had seen him and I thought….oh what the hell.

    It is REALLY creepy that I did it but I was really bored.

  167. I don’t have a laptop :( but to be honest, one of the things I like best about vacation, especially Caribbean ones, is leaving all that carcillo behind. No phone, no tech, no e-mail…..The only real life I want to deal with is do I need to take a break from the sun. Or should the margarita be frozen? You know, important stuff.

  168. One more post – Ledger, a terrific actor and person, didnt commit suicide. He accidentally overdosed on, among other things, sleeping pills.

  169. Obviously what those Massholers did is awful. But why would you wear Yankees gear to a game that doesn’t involve that team? It seems to be asking for that reaction.

  170. Oh, and please stop mocking me. I shared something personal with you all, I really am trying to get the help I need. I care for you all and hope that one day I can become a friend again.

  171. Well Mama – when you get back you will be able to let that tan fade away while watching (hopefully) your New York Rangers in the Stanley Prust Playoffs.

  172. People wear out-of-town sports stuff all the time. Even to MSG….what’s the biggie? Yeesh.

  173. billybleedsblue on

    Tiki, that’s a horrible story. I’m really sorry that anyone would have to hear that. What kind of human being says something like that? That’s arrogance exceeded only by ignorance on that one.

  174. Yes it’s horrible what happened to Tiki and Tiki-Fam. Inexcusable. Detestable. Wearing stuff into someone else’s stadium really should NOT be such a big deal. But people drink alcohol at sporting events and people become rude and obnoxious.

    I think wearing Yankees stuff to Fenway (when the Yanks aren’t there) or Red Sawx stuff to Yankee Stadium (when the Sawx aren’t playing) is especially provoking.

    I would personally NEVER say anything or yell anything at someone else. I don’t care. At all. Everyone is more than welcome to their opinion and team affiliation. But I have seen it happen to dozens upon dozens of people.

    Recently I sat in Yankee Stadium with my buddy (named Buddy) who was wearing a Sawx hat to a Yankees vs. Astros game and he was berated. I laughed at him. As did all of our other friends there which included Phillies fans (sans-phillies hat), Mets fans (sans-Mets hat) and other Sawx fans (sans-Sawx hat). Those kids were smart and polite and tucked their hats into their bags upon entering the stadium. Obviously, if someone got physical I would have stepped in. But he was asking for it. It is always taken as flaunting something in the face of someone else and that hurts peoples pride and then they get vocal and offensive. People at sporting events are not usually the most “morality and manner-centric” folks I have met.

  175. Yeah, I saw a Trashers fan at a Rangers game once. Must have been lost.

    “the crowd surrounding us berated my family, saying that New York deserved 9/11”

    Like I said, the people who act like that in Boston, you’ll find in NY, in LA, and so on so forth.

    One place doesn’t stand out from the rest, in my opinion.

  176. Not accusing Tiki of anything. Just making an observation about how unforgiving, brutal and relentless sporting crowds can be.

  177. Alcohol = Money.

    People are not as responsible as they should be. No accountability. It would take people like us to stand up and tell those people to shut it. And mean it.

  178. Provoking? It was New York pride, Manfried, in the weeks following 9/11 to wear NY regalia. The whole country was united as one. I didnt know or care anything about boston prior to that.

  179. Tiki – I said that my post had nothing to do with you. It was just an observation in general.

    I grew up in southeastern Connecticut and people were split as to their loyalty. I have lots of friends who have lots of stories from both places.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    Didn’t that player on the Liberty say that Japan deserved it?

    Is she exempt from your NY hero worship Tiki?

  181. billybleedsblue on

    I was all decked-out in Yankees gear at Fenway once for a game and nobody said carcillo to me. Maybe it was because I was in a group of 2 dozen New Yorkers, and all big and scary guys. We were in the bleachers too. There’s safety in numbers…

  182. Yea. ORR!! I Have heard the SAME thing. It’s really horrible. An Asian friend of mine was saying that she saw comedians on TV making fun of Japan. She was saying how offensive it was. Totally inappropriate.

  183. Yea I am a “one-beer” guy at sporting events. I also don’t get all “messed up” at concerts I go to. I never have. This stuff is expen$ive. I can’t waste the money just to have another room to get drunk in. I can do that at home.

  184. I typically don’t go to games where a team I support isn’t involved, but if I do I don’t wear anything from a team not involved in that particular game.

    I can understand demonstrating pride in NY after 9/11 and I think a lot of people expressed support for NY and its denizens following 9/11. Still, a Yankees hat at Fenway, at a game not even involving the Yankees. Rightly or wrongly that is going to provoke a response. And you can attribute the classless comments that someone would make about 9/11 to the person being an idiot, regardless of where they were from.

    A few years ago MSG hosted a viewing party at the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria for the season opener of Rangers-Bolts in the Czech Republic. 99% of crowd was obviously Rangers fans, but one jackwagon had an Islanders jersey on and then later on lifted it up to show a Crosby shirt. If he wasn’t like 6’3″ and probably 300 lbs he probably would have gotten more than a few beers thrown at him.

  185. You guys say that Im the problem. Instigating you all. When in actuality, it’s all of you that continue to berate me. Even going so far as making stuff up about Liberty players and Japan. I share something personal, and it turns into a joke about New York athletes and fans and Japan and 9/11. How sad of you all, that you get off on instigating me. I will no longer fall prey to it. You want to like boston? It’s Your right. You want to insult NY? It’s Your right.

  186. CT – I think it’s probably an attitude we got growing up in Connecticut. That is where I learned never to wear anything not involved in the contest at hand. It’s like a woman wearing white to another woman’s wedding. You don’t do it because it provokes a response and takes away from the main event.

  187. Doodie Machetto on

    I used to get all sorts of messed up at concerts/sporting events while I was in high school/early college. Ironically, once I was old enough to drink, I had pretty much already gotten it out of my system.

  188. A loooong time ago, some poor sad sap on his own wore Philly gear to MSG during a game with them. It was horrible and embarrassing to me as a NYer and Rangers fan how he was treated (chants of burn the shirt actually led the guy to take his Jersey off).

    Be a grown up. There are ways to be friendly rivals without being asshats. Take the time recently when I bent the beak of the Pens “mascot” in a bar before a game ….everyone laughed. No harm, no foul…..or fowl

  189. Tiki – (I can’t believe I am engaging again) – No one berated you and no one made anything up or made fun of you. No one instigated. We are all enjoying ourselves and avoiding doing work by chit chatting about issues that are germane to our lives.

  190. Doodie – that is UNBELIEVABLE. Twitter is SO bad for these athletes. They don’t think. I can’t imagine having that opinion in the first place but what is worse is having that opinion and deciding to share it. No neural filter. None.

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    So, I repeat, idiots will be idiots, wherever they are from.

    Beat your wife Potvin? Drive a Porsche Hextall?

    Yup, nobody in NY would EVER do/say something bad!

  192. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    From the department of redundancy department: every team has idiot fans that are unintelligent, insensitive and clueless.

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    Hell, we’ve been chanting “Potvin sucks!” for over 30 years because of a clean hit!

  194. Exactly Doodie! And I hate that carcillo too. Potvin ducks is a whole different matter of course :)

    P.S. Most people with a FB page, twitter account or YouTube dealio are jackwagons who don’t know how to shut the fug up. And they wonder why they get slammed….duh!

  195. Doodie Machetto on

    In case you were wondering, the cadence of “Killed your teammate” is the same as “Let’s Go Rangers”

  196. “What if God was tired of the way they treated their own people in there own country! Idk guys he makes no mistakes.”

    “u just never knw! They did pearl harbor so u can’t expect anything less.”

    With Tweeters like that, it makes you understand why some teams don’t allow their players to use it.

    Does the WNBA have a Boston team?

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    “Google says “no.”

    Does the WNBA still exist?”

    You’ve got those reversed!

  198. Man, nobody’s ever accused me of not sharing my opinions :) Of which I have a few…..

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    nice, that’s when I was living in the neighborhood. Who knows, we could have been in O’Keefe’s at the same time!

  200. Oh man did you hit on her? Did she hit on you? This is going to get really awkward for me.

  201. btw, Man, will you be at last game or at least be joining the bonehead picnic on April 9? ilb says maybe, as per usual, and C3 will likely say no then make a surprise appearance. But Krisy’s coming all the way from Norway for crying out loud!!!!

    fyi all, if you’re interested in the picnic, once details get set Carp has graciously agreed to post info about it, so it won’t get lost in the chat here (all hail blogfather!) Look for it the week before the last regular season game, and after I get back from trip.

  202. Manfried – you live in Bklyn Height, where exactly is that. Neighborhoods change their names for the yuppies.
    I was born & raised in Red Hook. Court St & 1st Place.

  203. I can probably make that. I have to be in Connecticut at some point around there but if I am not in Connecticut I will be at the picnic!

    ilb and I could start a thing where we just punk out on everything. I tend to commit to things and then not show up. I am a REALLY good friend that way.

  204. Tony- I live right near the “St. George” hotel. Brooklyn Heights is a “historic district” near the Promenade and all that junk in Brooklyn. Right on the water. First stop into Brooklyn on the 2,3,A,C,E,4,5,R, etc.

  205. Tony, safe to say, not the same nabe :) You were more outer borough, BH is closer to city.

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    Tony, it’s further North, like above Atlantic. Montague Street, to me, is the epicenter. I’d also accept Pierrepont or Clark.

  207. Yea Montague – like the place Bob Dylan Sings about.

    Tony! That’s awesome. I can look into the St. George from my apartment and see college kids getting ready for their worthless “night out” on the town where they will inevitably drink too much and pass out somewhere they should never have gone in the first place.

    Glad to know it has a shinier history.

  208. billybleedsblue on

    Ha, you know, you might not want to post the details of the picnic on this site. There are going to be some VERY UPSET DEVILS FANS (all 2 of them) VERY SOON. HAHAHAHAhahahaaaaaa.

  209. billy, it will be in the city after the game…place TBD (I’m afraid warren will be too insane, but who knows).

    Julie is also training in from Albany just for the picnic!

    As I said, once details are finalized, Carp will post the info here.

    Man, for man who can’t commit, I’m impressed you’re engaged :)

  210. Well Mama – it took a while to get me ready to commit that way. Had to find the right one! I did and now I am engaged and committed. I guess I have to find the right picnic and I will commit to it!

  211. Thanks Tony – it’s like my own little pantsless cave where I can see other people being pantsless.

    Actually – there isn’t much to see. A kid fell out of a window in the St. George earlier this year and died. On the Henry Street side. I missed that too. The kids are pretty much just loud and young and immature and I want to throw eggs at them. I once saw a girl that you wouldn’t want to see naked taking her shirt off. That was the best of it.

  212. It’s no lie about that idiot from the Liberty saying Japan deserved it.

    And every city has its jackwagon sports fans. After the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the ALCS (choke of all time), I was in the parking lot and every car with Mass. plates had all four tires slashed. I saw college kids crying because they couldn’t get out of the garage and had to get back to school the next day, and obviously couldn’t afford to have one of NYC’s fine towing companies come help them at 100 times the reasonable price. So, yeah, there are asshats in New York, too.

  213. Tony, LMAO!!!

    Man, good for you, but not in the Tony way :) Come to the picnic!!!

    OK all, I’m off for a while…..going to celebrate end of work project by getting out of the hartnelling house/home office…I may even take a shower :)

  214. Manfried, just remember in case you’re not sure, you can always back out before “I do”. I mean like 99.9999% of the people go through with it, but you could always be that other minuscule portion that doesn’t.

  215. a wicky

    asshats are everywhere (see Vancouver :)…the trick is not being or becoming one. Mama words to live by…..

    Ta til later all……

  216. Manfried, you’re engaged, good for you.
    Has anyone explained the 3 rings of marriage to you ?
    1st comes the engagement ring !
    2nd come the wedding ring !
    3rd comes the suffer-ring !

    oldie but goodie

  217. haha Good one Tony. Thanks for that. From the man who was RAVING about his wife……

  218. billybleedsblue on

    Mama, I was out on Monday night watching the Penguins/Red Wings game and actually made friends with some random Penguins fan that happened to be there. He liked my healthy banter, and appreciated the fact there were a few hockey fans around. We had very constructive conversation. I usually save my more outrageous bs for Rangers fans/non strangers. Ranting about hockey is usually not a good way to meet anyone (outside of Canada I guess).

  219. wicky deuce

    CT, I’m gonna tell your beautiful wife you said that! I think Man is sure!

    Thanks Man. P.S. This is a potato salad-free picnic, unless you you go to the deli down the street :)

  220. wicky three

    billy, good for you. See, it can happen, when you’re not a jackwagon!

  221. wicky four (and I am done)

    eddie3, meant to comment on that earlier, but thanks for the reminder!

    If Prust had been part of the Revolutionary War, it would have ended in 5 seconds and Betsy Ross would have sewn his name in the flag. Or he’d have made her do it!!

  222. CT, I know :)

    eesh…niters all…til tomorrow…Carp, hope my $1.50 in posts covers the calendar mail. If not, please expense it to Camp Happy Smiles :)

  223. Carp March 23rd, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    See, Carp. Again, Im not the problem. That post was you being a (insert inappropriate word here). Which is fine by me.

    The actual choke of all time in MLB came in 1978, before you were born. since you’re 26. When in mid-July, the Yankees trailed the red sox by 14.5 games. Since you’re a red sox fan, would you like me to send you Jon Lester and/or Clay Buchholz no-hitters on DVD as a kind gesture?

    Did you forget the bruins last year leading 3-0 in a series and 3-0 in Game 7. I cant say much about Liberty’s Poindexter, other than she made stupid stupid remarks, including “Jap.” She ought to be suspended without pay by the Liberty, but not by the WNBA. Teach accountability from within.

  224. Me too, Orr! I love Team USA! 2014 will be a good year!!!

    I’d love to see the guys you mentioned make it. I think Dubi should be almost a lock by that time…but, like you said, who knows what can happen!

    The 2010 Olympics were awesome. One the best hockey tournaments I have ever watched. That’s where I fell in love MZA! I loved it when he scored against the Slovaks!! Apparently, Slats did too!

  225. No need. Seriously. Hockey Blog. Not Relationship, Baseball, or Moral Authority Blog.

    RANGERS Rule this roost, followed closely by Bacon… at least in my mind. I love Bac…. the Rangers.

  226. Also, last I checked, slashing tires wasn’t the same or nearly as bad as human beings taunting other human beings – including family members of a victim – about the tragic loss of 3,000+ people, because of a sports affiliation. I could be wrong, though.

  227. 2010 Winter Olympics were my favorite to date. So fun. Funny story actually…

    I have a good buddy who grew up outside of Toronto and played puck for a top tier team here in the states for college. We agreed to meet up to take in the final and I left the ball in his court where we went.

    I met him at the prescribed bar, right around the corner from me, and was greeted by a sea of red. He brought me to a Canadian Bar! I was pissed, wearing Red White and Blue, and drank a few angry beers before settling in.

    The insult came when a lady bumped into me, and I said, “excuse me, sorry about that” to which she replied, “You must be Canadian. Its nice to be surrounded by polite people for a little!”

    You kidding me? It was pretty comical…


  228. You’re right duds. Big victory last night. I really dont want the 6 seed, I dont want the bruins in the 1st round. I may totally lose my mind with nervousness.

  229. I’d rather be taunted then have to replace $1,000 in tires over a sporting event and shell out an additional likely $1000 for towing and assorted fees.

    But, were I interested in discussing that, I’d likely go to a different blog. But thats just me.

  230. I WANT THE CAPS… BRING THEM ON. Whats the opposite of kryptonite? Because umm, thats what the caps bring us.

  231. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, but 18,200 people telling one player on the other team that he should die in a car crash is fine?

  232. Doodie Machetto on

    Face it Tiki, your positions regarding Boston and New York are absurdly untenable.

  233. Oh, goodness gracious. I think it’s fairly obvious that many – if not all – of you are biased against me, as I am biased against boston. When you guys come to that realization, then you’ll realize that you are no better than me, despite your beliefs otherwise. Then, there won’t be this tension. I think I have to step away from the blog for the day. It’s a nice time to exit, after Ive been respectful in the face of unncessary taunts.

  234. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you…

    Now go home and get your Byfuglien shine box!

  235. I love Hank’s quotes. I love hearing his hunger and his memory are working in tandem. Mostly, I love that he says he hasnt felt this good in years.


  236. TIKI…STBU!!!! You are annoying the Byfuglien out of everyone!! Stop apologizing, stop talking about Boston, and stop talking about the Knicks….who lost to boston the other night..BWHAHAHAHAAA!

  237. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Still with the nonsense? BORING. I’ll be back when it’s over.

    This is so beyond childish.

    I’m waiting for someone to say ” i know you are but what am i? ”
    or ” oh yea well you’re a (insert choice word here) ”

    Stop antagonizing, needling, and prodding people. And that’s not directed at just one person. There is a few. Please. Quit it.

  238. YES, and my little buddy, Orr will be watching the Magic in the 4th part of the lousy Orlando vs Knicks game with a proliferation of young men who use improper syntax and grammar. BWHAHAHAHAHAH!! they will assuredly lose as Orr chomps on some Dorito’s and thinks aloud…’you know maybe my buddy, Mao, is right…maybe Dublowsky shoudl be Captain!’..BWHAHAHA!

  239. I saw Callahan after the game last night and he looked as if he was limping a little bit… I’m sure he is fine and will be ready as ever to go tomorrow night, being the warrior that he is. im sure just about everyone on this team is banged up but that wont stop them from battling the way they have done so just about every single night this year.

    Watching the way him dubi and anisimov have played lately has been great, they are the essential pieces of the offense for the future, and its nice to see all these lines finally stick together under tortorella. There is continuity and players have gotten a feel for each other.

    Im pumped for playoffs and I do not care where we end up as long as we end up in the top 8. Would love to end up in the 6 slot and play Boston though, but also think we would give philly or wash a battle too, bc both of their goaltending situations become suspect come playoff time in my opinion.

  240. Carp, I have a special wish to you……..

    Can yu talk to Glen Sather, Gary Bettmann and the schedule maker of the NHL to ask for a
    a schedule for the Rangers in November…

    Three straight at home, one against the Flyers, the second against the Devils and the third one against the Isles and than i can really pull the trigger on the trip I am waiting for since 2003 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That would be fantastic to be there at Broadway probably staying at the Waldorf Astoria at Park Avenue…

    That would be great… more than great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Oh I forgot..I would like to have a concert with Phil Collins or Celine Delin in between the second and third game ……………:)

    Yes you see I like to make the best out of my time in New York City…;)

  242. Rob M, Callahan was also late to speak with the media postgame because he was being covered in ice packs. It’s that time of year, especially for somebody who plays the way he does, at that size.

    Oops. My mistake. Biggest baseball postseason choke of all time.

  243. Verdammt, mach hin..volles Rohr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ich hab keine Lust mehr hier zu verhungern…sieh zu, daß du das hin bringst !!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. billybleedsblue on

    My German is really bad, so I went to babelfish and Matthias said:

    “Condemned, make full pipe I have no more desire too verhungern… watch here that you bring that”


  245. billybleedsblue on

    lol, if you double back the translation, it reads…

    “Condemned, you manufacture full pipe, which I NO more verhungern… Clock of the desire too here has, which you get to that”


  246. billybleedsblue on


    The more I think about the recent Chara incident, the more I feel that he should have been suspended. It’s the only way to make somebody think twice about making that kind of hit. I’m all for hitting, it’s part of the game. Also, I’m not saying he wanted to injure Pacioretty. I’m also of the opinion that these players, no matter how fast the game is moving, are HYPER-AWARE of where they are on the ice, and their surroundings. Suspending Chara for a few games wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. Send the message, and also, it’s just 1 more guy that will be out some games…after that hit, there’s already one guy out…for a while…why not have Chara join him for a few.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  247. Sorry guys, shouldnt post in a different language but it came direct out of my heart….
    thats what I am dreaming about to happen in the future…and I am for real..thats all i can say..

    good night at 1.08 am here in the morning in Germany

    this is my good night song !!!!!!!!!


  248. NYR_fan one of my fave vids all time is the “Don’t Steal Bikes, bro!” …youtube that byfugliener. Some funny carcillo.

  249. Got to admit I chanted beat ur wife Potvin back in the day,also buy a porsche hextall. I also was talking behind Mike Keenan with my friend on how he should sign the autograph with a crayon and even his team (flyers) hated him. Boy how I hated him, he did turn around and smile @ me though. Also snuck down to the reds from my green one night and was yelling @ Mark Gastenau that he was a scab for crossing the NFL picket line. I was so much older then I’m younger than that now. Not overly proud but I’ll admit my sins

  250. Cool, I’ll check it out! Thanks, Lin.

    Orr brought that up last night…I think if he finishes first in wins (and maybe gets a couple of more shutouts) he has a very good shot at it…

  251. Olga Folkyerself on

    Canucks lead 1-0

    Black Hawks just under way vs Florida

    Let’s Go Black Hawks!!!

  252. billybleedsblue on

    The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  253. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    does that mean Carp is demonic?

    lmao I remember when i was younger, eyewitness news did a report on playing music backwards to decode satanic messages. They were playing Stairway, and little devil heads where rising up off the ‘album’ playing. Lets just say it scared the hell outta me, and i really can’t listen to that song to this day lol!

  254. billybleedsblue on

    haha the power of Christensen Compels you! (maybe once every 3 games if you’re lucky)

  255. From that article:

    “…Of all the Rangers’ prospects, Thomas has been the most surprisingly positive. Currently leading the OHL in goals and in the top 10 in total scoring, Thomas has opened eyes as a possible future elite NHL player. The Oshawa Generals’ alternate captain is the son of former NHLer Steve Thomas, and recently they became the first father-son duo to both score more than 50 goals in an OHL regular season…”

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