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First the news.

Nothing new on Staal, except that Tortorella did allow that “he’s day to day.” No further explanation of what the injury is or how long he’s expected to be out, or even — as he was asked — if Staal could play today if this was Game 82 and the Rangers needed it.

But “day to day” sounds a lot better than “no comment.” So I’m guessing it’s not a concussion deal or anything too serious.

Lundqvist, he said, is “fine” and he will make his 18th consecutive start. Same lineup tonight.

No comment on that piece of cooke Matt Cooke’s vacation. He said enough people have “chimed in” on that already.


John Tortorella:

“Same lineup.”

Anything new on Staal:


Is it a situation where can’t play, or is it a choice?

“Can’t play. … he’s day to day. I’ll give you that. I’m not trying to be coy.”

If this were the last game of the season and they needed to win?

“He’s day to day. … you’re trying to work me.”

On not being able to exhale during this stretch drive and winning streak, even against a non-playoff team like Florida:

“It’s staring right at us, an emotional game, you win a  game (in Pitt, and then get) a mid-week game, against a non-playoff team … it’s staring right at us. It’s been addressed. We should be able to, we need to be ready to play. That’s the way this league is. Right when you think you’ve found a way, you get some important points on the road, the league comes back and bites you in the ass. So we can’t allow that to happen. So we need to be ready, as we’ve been the last couple. We need a good start here against a team that’s playing loose and will be a dangerous hockey club.”

I asked him about the swings, where the team goes weeks where it can’t score more than one or two goals, then the gates open and they score the way they’ve scored lately (17 in the last three games, and a 7-0 game a couple of weeks back).

“Who’s to figure? Even when we were losing in February, we were generating a lot of offense and couldn’t score. But it’s happening at a good time for us right now. Hopefully we can continue. But again, we have to play defense first and hopefully we can keep on banging in some pucks here at key times. But who’s to figure?”

Does he have a response to Cooke’s suspension:

“No. Enough people have chimed in on that. You don’t need mine.”

On what McCabe has meant on the power play, especially in terms of opening up space for the players down low.

“Well, I think everybody knows why he’s on the power play, so we’re hoping he’ll open up some ice there. He’s not only — as we’ve had him more and more, he makes good plays, too. He’s very good laterally, trying to get to the middle of the ice, which is important for the power play. He’s done some good things there. Obviously it opens up some of the middle of the ice there, it’ll open up pressure off of us from down low because teams will try to sneak out and try to block his shot.”

On if it’s important to clinch a playoff spot before the last game of the season to rest Lundqvist:

“I am not even thinking about that. I’m thinking about Florida, trying to win another hockey game. That’s way too … that doesn’t even enter my mind. Just the next game.”

Nut to give Lundqvist a day off? …

“I don’t even think that way. I’m thinking about tonight’s game only and making sure we’re ready to play and find a way to win a hockey game.”

On if Lundqvist is feeling better.

“Hank? Oh, he’s fine. He’s fine.”

On how he’s changed as a coach since last season.

“I don’t think it’s changing as a coach. I think it’s, when you’re with a team, I think it’s an understanding. I think I understand the players a little bit better. I think the players understand the coaching staff a little bit better. I shouldn’t say you don’t change. I think you need to, as a coach, when you’re pushing athletes and you’re trying to get across how you think the game should be played, when they start getting it you need to respect them, too. And allow them, and not always be hounding them. I think that’s happened with our team. I think our team understands, has been a consistent team in understanding how we have to play, so I think you have to back off as a coach and show them that respect. And I think that always evolves when you’re with a team; if you’re fortunate enough to be with a team for a few years.”

On the short-handed success, particularly Prust:

“He just has a knack. He’s around the puck. It doesn’t even look like he can get up the ice sometimes, and he ends up beating a guy. The puck tends to follow him. Our penalty killing has been pretty consistent throughout the year, but with Pruster, I don’t have an answer. And it’s at big times in games, also.

“We’ve stressed, especially the second half of the year, that we want more pressure up front. We felt at a certain time, not sure when it was exactly, but we were spending too much time in our end zone and we concentrated on getting better dumps to go pursue pucks. Whether that has something to do with it, I don’t know. But Pruster just ended up around there and scoring goals short-handed.

“We’ve been trying to be more aggressive up ice. I know, it was some time in December, we felt we were spending too much time in our end zone and we didn’t dump a puck — we had chances to dump pucks, maybe chase it down and really disrupt them. I know Schoeny had a concentration on that, as far as trying to put more pressure up ice.”

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Any word on whether Staal’s “body injury” is upper or lower? I mean, even I’ve never heard of an all-body/no-body injury.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Tony, I hear you. I’ve got tickets for Thursday. Worst team in the Eastern Conference combined with me being at the game=4-1 Ottawa victory.

  3. Got Carped on the last post for not F5-ing. I should know better. I’ll repost my Tiki-directed message on here.

  4. Tiki,

    I have never directed ill-will towards any member of this blog, and I am not wishing it upon you as I type. However, if the primary reason you’re seeing a doctor is because people on a blog that you don’t even know disagree with, poke fun at, and occasionally lambast you and your comments, which can easily be perceived as being intended to stir up controversy, you should probably be getting a much larger degree of professional help.

    And trust me, I would know.

  5. From last post–

    Thank you all for the well-wishes. And you are right, I’ll be back just in time for the playoffs! Staying positive…

  6. Congrats Roe…

    As far as Tiki’s antics, I’m not sure it always him. It seems like it may be a troll looking (lurking) for attention. But I really have no idea…

  7. Yeah, like I said, I have no idea for sure.

    I thought Carp hit the ban button yesterday, just saying…

  8. Best wishes, Roe!

    That last post totally deserved a bold *NEW POST*. Great timing, Carp

  9. Scanning the scene in the city tonight looking for Prust just to start up a fight ….

    There’s an evil feeling in Prust’s brain
    But it’s nothing new
    you know it drives Prust insane

    On our way
    You will pay
    One thousand deaths
    On our way
    You will pay
    One thousand deaths
    Seek and

    Seek Prust and Destroy …

  10. He’s definitely pushing it.

    He’s definitely not “driving people away” from the blog, but the large majority is just ignoring him. Which is the best thing to do, I suppose.

    I’d still love to know who I “drove away” from the blog.

  11. Well, the reason I said it is because I doubt it’s anyone. All was said to get your attention.

  12. Good evening all! Been working like a dog all day, and have the sore neck and crankiness to prove it. grrrrr.

    Here’s a thought, aside from LGR! Why don’t you all move on from the discussion you’ve been having for a while and get back to fun and/or hockey. To keep going on your own is kinda silly, doncha think? More importantly, the whole thing annoys me, and it’s all about me.

    Now, even though I love animals, it’s time to skin some Panthers!!!

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    Prusts to left of me, Prusts to the right…into the valley of darkness I ride…

  14. ORR, there isn’t enough newsprint in the world for your nose sometimes……

    Hey Roe! Have a great wedding and honeymoon!!! Check back here when you return for news on brewing bonehead fest after the last game…..we have out-of-towners and lots of in-towners at the game and we’re planning a live RR picnic!

  15. You worked like a dog, mama? If it’s like my dogs, the only pain you should have is from sleeping on one side for too long.

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – all people have issues, except prust………..every one of us is troubled,,,excluding #8…..we all need to face our demons like brandon p. …..that is ….several stiff lefts and a few right uppercuts….

  17. ilb, I wish I had the life of your dogs, without the belly bands of course.

    NYR, basta for you too!

  18. Holy carcillo, there’s no stopping you knuckleheads (and I haven’t used that phrase in forever!) Can I enjoy myself here after a carcillo day please!!

  19. OY. I’m outta here til Go Time. I need a break from the computer anyway. Try not to be jackwagons all night will ya all? And I mean all, except of course all my lovely lady heads :) Mama appreciates your consideration and support.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    Prust is no earthling…i wonder what planet he is from…certainly played in the NIL (national inter-galatic League) would be my guess…

  21. eddie,
    Today all three of you absolutely exceeded any level of hilariousity (no such a word, I know) and productivity. Prust Anthem was a pinnacle of it IMO, just little piece of art. I was forced to follow Tony A. and take off wetted pants. I’m not going to send you drycleaner bill, but want to give you, what you deserved – admiration for such a creative, professionally crafted entertainment. Thanks and LGR!
    P.S. If our Rangers would have comparable with this blog level of talent on a top of their character, we could be in possession of SC year after year. Amen.

  22. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    I second your oh boy from the previous post.

    Still not sure on that word in question and you work waaaaayyy too much!

    Back to work and LGR and LGD!

    Later assens!

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    4everranger – thx for your kind words…laughing is oh so much better than crying….there are some really funny peeps here…i laugh my assen off a lot….:)

  24. a wicky :)

    eddie3, I’ll give you that. The first half of the the day made me need dry cleaning too. Fortunately, I get to work at home in my pajamas. See, that’s when this place works at its best, not the other carcillo.

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    I bet we don’t see Staal for at least another week. And I bet it is because he has concussion like symptoms. They are keeping quite in part because it would be an embarrassment to Marc Staal and his family to disclose that his brothers cheap shot to his head is the reason.

    Just an opinion.

  26. really hope tonight’s atmosphere will be exciting, as the players said at the game vs. Montreal they felt the energy in the building. Tuesday night vs. Panthers…..kinda nervous

  27. Tony! Please do! April 8/9….e-mail me (or anybody for that matter if you want info) at for info. Whether you’re at the game or not (I will be!!)

    I’ll be posting info here as we get closer to that weekend after I get back from my lovely St. Lucia vacation April 3rd….where, btw, Tony, the weather is better than AZ and I never wear pants!

  28. Hartnell, Tony. All your posts just ticked me off and made me sad. Maybe if we have one in May, like last year? Or are you just avoiding moi!

  29. Rangers near the top in goals against, have only allowed 179. that is the biggest important factor in their improvement. and it cannot be understated the importance of the 2 lines who are so good 5-on-5, who do not score lots of goals, but are bigtime plus lines in 5-on-5 play due to their diligence on the defensive side of the puck. those are the Stepan and Boyle lines. those 6 guys are PLUS 40, yes, +40, far ahead of the rest of the team’s forwards in two way even strength play.

  30. The Rangers really playing tonight ??????????????????

    So my night is marred cause my neighour is a Ranger, and whenever they score he blows the trombone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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