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Tortorella’s presser to follow.

Brian Boyle:

“Vokoun played well, made a lot of good saves. You don’t want to get frustrated, keep on doing what you’re doing, and we got the goal. I had plenty of chances.

“I thought we played pretty good, though. We created some chances. I thought we defended well. We didn’t have a letdown. This was a big game for us. You look at a time like that sometimes, it’s not a playoff team, they’ve had some turnover on their roster. But we knew they would come in and play hard, and we can’t afford, especially in our situation now, coming off some wins, to take any kind of letdown. We can’t take a breath. We’ve got to keep going. And I thought we did a pretty good job.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

On his GWG:

“It’s big. I guess somebody had to do it. So it’s a pretty good feeling to bury there. But just a great play by Artie and Cally there. We were buzzing around most of the night, and for us to continue to stick with it, we knew we were going to get one, and we were able to capitalize there.”

“I see (Callahan) and he’s just waiting, waiting for things to open up. I just saw a hole there and jump in there and get myself open. Cally’s a hell of a hockey player and, he does so many great things that he’s really underestimated with how high his skill level is. You don’t even notice but the guy’s about a point a game right now, and especially coming back from the injury, he’s been on fire. He’s got great vision and great talent, and I knew if I give myself an opportunity to get open, that he’d find me, and he did.”

“This has been something that we’ve been going through all season long, having scoring chances and not being able to score all the time. Obviously the last little while we’ve put a lot of pucks in the net. But this is the type of game that we know how to play and we know how to win, and especially at this time of year, heading into the playoffs, that’s the way all the games are going to be. They’re going to be tight, and they’re going to be tough checking games. So we’ve just got to find a way to stay patient, continue to grind, defend well and find a way to put one in … and Hank will do the rest, I guess.”

“I don’t want to talk about last year, but I think coming into the season, we knew that we had to win so many games down the stretch in order to get in. Right now, or a few weeks ago when we were going through that skid a little ways, we were still in a position where if we too care of ourselves and took care of our games, then we’d not only be able to get into the playoffs, but also climb in the standings. I didn’t see the scoreboard tonight, but continuing to get points will certainly lock down our playoff spot, and everything after that is a bonus.”

“We knew we had to get on a bit of a roll to kind of create some separation there and solidify our playoff spot, and everybody’s stepping up. We’re finding ways to score goals and finding ways to win games different ways. It’s just been big efforts for the last few weeks here.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“You know sooner or later they will get a few chances, so you just have to be ready. It was a pretty quiet night, but they had a few chances there in the second and third. In November, December it might be tough to keep your focus, but you can feel how important every point is, so it’s not a hard thing, I think, to stay sharp and mentally be in the game.”

“We’re just playing hard, we’re sticking with what we’re talking about, and pucks seem to bounce our way. We just have to be honest to yourself when you play. Even though you’re winning you know you can always improve, and I think last ¬†game we did a few mistakes, but we corrected tonight and played pretty solid.”

“I kind of knew that can’t be forever, games like that where you score four, five, six goals. It’s going to go back to low-scoring games sooner or later, so you have to be sharp defensively and I think we did a great job there. We didn’t get frustrarted. It’s easy to get frustrated in a game like this, where you feel like you have so much puck (possession) and a lot of chances. The key was being mentally sharp going into the game, and during the game.”

“I think the key for us is not to think too much (about the standings). We’ve been doing a great job the last couple of weeks, just focusing on the next game. Me personally, I just see it as the playoffs right now. It’s fun. You can feel the intensity and the importance of every point. Everything I do right now is just about preparing for the next game — just save a lot of energy, rest a lot and get ready for the next one.

“You don’t want to be in a situation like last year, where you’re just one point away and you worked so hard all year. You want to take care of business right now and make sure we’re in there.”

Ryan Callahan:

On the GWG play he made:

“Artie kept it in his feet there, kind of battled with it a little bit and let me get position, and then I just grabbed it off a stick. I turned and looked at Vokoun and he was fronting me pretty well. I didn’t have anything to shoot at, so I waited for Dubi to come in and fed him in front.”

On his line taking offensive responsibility, to make the difference:

“I think all year we’ve felt that way. We feel like we’re a line that needs to produce and put up points for us to be successful. And we put that pressure on ourselves as a line to go out there and make a difference, and not only create energy and play well defensively, but at the same time we’ve got to put points on the board for us to win games. We’ve had our ups and downs a little bit this year but I thought we’ve been pretty consistent with that.”

On having no penalties:

“It’s easy for our penalty kill.”

“When I first grabbed the puck, I looked at Vokoun right away and he was square with me. I saw Dubi coming down the slot. I’m just trying to buy as much time as possible without totally giving away that I’m passing to him, for him to get space there.”

On Lundqvist getting lost in the Vezina shuffle:

“He’s not getting lost in the room at all amongst the boys. That’s what matters. To a man in the room, I think we all know he’s probably the most important guy for us to win games, and he’s the one thatg most nights gets us the win. So I think the big thing is we in here know he’s our guy, and he’s having a Vezina type year.”

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  2. Good game…important one and they did a good job getting 2 points

    Dubi + Cally+ AA = Three-headed monster!!

  3. Tell you what ‘heads- if the Pack Line keeps running wild like this, and Hank = Hardqvist, and we get the D from McMonster & Sauer, we will challenge this year.

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