It’s Go Time!


Same lineup:

Lundqvist in goal for the 18th straight game. Avery prucha’d. Staal out injured (day to day).

Dubinsky-Anisimov -Callahan



Totally unrelated. I’m a block from MSG this afternoon and I saw a one-punch knockout right on the sidewalk. Two dudes were hollering at each other, one of them had a bunch of McDonalds in a bag, and he said something and the  other dude just unloaded. McDonalds bag and drink went flying, guy hit the pavement. I thought about breaking it up, but you never know who’s got a gun or a knife or what, plus I had no idea who was right or wrong. Plus the fight was pretty much already over. So I went about a block and found a cop.

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  1. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    MIKED IS 26?? WOOO HOOO Happy Blog birthday miked!!

    Carp, you should have gotten Prust lol

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on


    Happy Birthday miked!!!


    win baby , that all I ask.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – smart move, never get involved on the street, you don’t know who is watching or with dem guys.

  4. Officer Carp! Hey, those Happy Meal prizes can get the best of anyone.
    Sorry, buddy….I’d be jealous of me too, if I wasn’t me, at least for that one week :)

    Tony, I’ll see what I can do to accommodate your pre-retirement schedule :) In the meantime, any work for mama :) How’s that garage?

  5. Happy happy miked…It feels good to be 26! Great age!

    Carp, you did the right thing…

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! The Punters suck!

  6. Stranger Nation on

    I smell a 6-2 rangers win with artie party stepping up to cally for some dubis

  7. Happy birthday miked!!!!

    Carp, most excellent: “Prust would have hit the guy and have finished his burgers and fries before the guy hit the sidewalk.”

    and then had a soda.

  8. pleeze please Hockey Gods
    i’ve had an aggravating day at work
    pleeeze make tonight’s game
    wipe it all away.

    (typed with crossed fingers!)

  9. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Carp, Prust would have hit both guys while eating the burgers and fries,drinking the soda, hailing a cab for a pregnant lady and helping a blind person across the street!!!

    Imma make you wait for the first of your favorite word loL!!! UNLEASH!!! LOVE IT

  10. The Rangers really playing tonight ??????????????????

    So my night is marred cause my neighour is a Ranger, and whenever they score he blows the trombone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Carp, most excellent. THEN he would have pitched the first no hitter in Mets history!!!!

  12. Then Prust would flown to MSG in time for the game, while hailing cabs for the infirm and cleaning up litter in Times Square…and solving cold fusion.

  13. >>…I’m a block from MSG this afternoon and I saw a one-punch knockout right on the sidewalk.

    A suspension is forthcoming; that was definitely a blow to the head.

  14. Carp, those two guys were just practicing how to say hello to Matt Cooke when he comes to NY next time

  15. they’re not allowed near MSG for the next 10 games and first round of playoffs. Plus, they have to forfeit $2.19 in dollar meals.

  16. oy, game on…..I’ll see you all as the night progresses. Right now I hate my desk and my computer, and I’ve wicky’d enough to fill all of Montana…sorry for the crowd wicky.


  17. eddie eddie eddie on

    overheard on an airplane:

    Stewardess: Hello, Muhammed Ali, you need to buckle up…we are about to hit some rough weather

    Ali – I am as tough as Prust, he doesnt need a seatbelt

    Stewardess: Prust – he doesnt need an airplane either

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    I am Carp!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rangersss!!!!!! Lets go lets go lets go!!!!!!!!

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on


    RANGERS there are no substitutes.

  20. LOL! Eddie, good one, brutha.

    By the way, Lin, I saw your “love taps” comment in the last thread…LOL!!

  21. eddie3, LOL!

    hey ignoramus, check this out. From *three* years ago…

    hey, I can go bold! and wicky like there’s no tomorrow!

  22. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    glad you liked it FAN

    MICKEY!!!!!!!!!! still celebrating the end of perez?!

  23. eddie eddie eddie on

    have you guys seen the you tube video, where Prust stares at a hockey puck and it explodes?….He is truley outta-this-world

  24. It looks like it’s going to be one of those games where the puck goes everywhere, except in the opponent’s net.

  25. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    JBstradamus!! stop it lol

    Olga, you’re making me blush lol

    Wowo with the first goal

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – they should show on the screen prust’s most famous fight…when he was in 4th grade…he took on the entire 7th grade…that would get the bluebloods outta their seats cheering

  27. We interrupt “The Bill McCreary Celebrity Roast” to bring you special bonus coverage of Panthers-Rangers NHL hockey…

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    …or when prust, while body surfing in the ocean, punched that great white shark on the head…killing it instantly…

  29. Dang Carp, that tees me off…I can here a LGR chant but that’s probably from the blues….WTB?

  30. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so sick of hearing what shero
    said because he signed cooke
    to a 3 year deal.
    he knew what he was like before the
    Savard hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    c’mon!!! stop with this whitewash of mario and the pens execs!!

  31. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    sam and joe spend more time talking about the pens during a Rangers game than they do the Rangers.. sigh

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am on the radio feed and the crowd is so quiet that I can hear ranger players whispering to each other…CMON CROWD …LETS GET LOUD

  33. i don’t know, ilb. There’ve been some good hits. this place is dead. And it will be more and more dead when the prices go up (not to mention the bridge and the more stuff to do in the concourses).

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    momma – too much blue-blood in the crowd…need more tiger blood…duh-prust

  35. Carp, that’s what makes me sad. “And it will be more and more dead when the prices go up (not to mention the bridge and the more stuff to do in the concourses).”

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i HATE that ORR! sheeeep, give me those tickets.
    I love the asshats at baseball games texting and actin the fool and then they get hit with a ball lol

  37. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    I hope Hank gets an assist tonight to break this POINTS stalemate he has with Drury!

  38. btw Linda
    sorry i didn’t reply to that email
    wanted to look at it
    after i did a little work
    and then got lost in work
    and then
    remembered just now.

  39. I hear you eddie3, still don’t get it…considering this is considered a “niche” sport, who are these aasens ruining it all for the true fans! Or maybe they are fans, but where is the NOISE! That’s what I used to love about MSG….now it’s all, “sit back in your seat.” WTB?

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    no worries jp!!! you’re a busy man!!!

    did your sis get rid of the raccoon??

  41. >>Wow, that period could have used a few more icings.

    I was just wondering if linesmen get paid for every icing call.

  42. Off to wait for chow delivery (love that I can get chow delivered) then to chow…..see ya in a bit all. LGR!!!!!!!!!

  43. “there are a lot of people dressed as seats, too.”

    heaven forbid they sell them to normal folks for a decent price. Sorry, I said I was cranky…

    Carp, I smell a column…..

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    They replay the Star Spangled Banner between periods? Now THAT’S a dull game!

  45. the crowd seemed dead during the anthem itself… Carp could this be the worst crowd of the season? sure seems like it

  46. If any of you see Matt Cooke on the street and you have McDonald’s, you had better give it up pronto!

  47. im sure some people will find fault with what im saying and I dont mean to be offensive or disrespectful but the whole garden of dreams thing is a part of every broadcast it seems.

    Dont get me wrong its a great cause and all but telling us what how much the Rangers and MSG do for charity every single game kind of takes away from it i think.

  48. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Lev, i said that on FB about 10 minutes ago…. YAWN to the damned lackluster crowd

  49. Did you guys see Michael Kay? He lost a bet with Don LaGreca and he had to come to the game tonight in a full Rangers uniform, including helmet. He’s sitting in the seats like that. I think they’re going to talk to him during the second intermission.

    He’s a good guy, but boy does he love attention.

  50. Mao Zedongs, A Minor League Hockey Extravaganza on

    Our beloved LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gods shine their favor on us once again!! On Jupiter’s stone we shall win this game now!

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t know how Keenan has the nerve to show his face at the Garden…. some people have no shame I guess.

  52. Sorry Carp – typed it in and hit send BEFORE I proof-read – again, my apologies. I tried to grab it before it went – out of luck.

  53. Vokoun is keeping them in the game. Got to pick it up a notch. More traffic in front

  54. yes Linda

    racoon basically took a nap in the fireplace
    and then got outta Dodge.

    i attribute it to all the loud talking
    and everyone kept checking on it
    and waking it up.

    thanks for asking.

  55. Mao Zedongs, A Minor League Hockey Extravaganza on

    Linda, I am a wordsmith. Blessed with a vernacular enriched with the savoir-faire of gentleman dressed with ruffled collars made of sheer fabric. Like walking Rembrandts and Carcillo.


  56. CTB- why we didn’t pick him up is beyond me. Except we didn’t know that beer-on would get hurt.

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    lin – he is creepy isnt he?….i always imagine him wearing a raincoat walking at night

  58. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    yeah eddie, and outside of the raincoat, he’s just got on socks and shoes and his glasses lol

  59. Mao Zedongs, A Minor League Hockey Extravaganza on

    I hate cell phones in public!!! The iNOD! Every idiot in manhattan with their head down. They need hip checks once!!!

  60. The Pens would have sent out Cooke to do his job on Vokoun if they were playing the Punters right now.

  61. Cats decided to try to put Rangers asleep or to bore them to death…Garden in collective lethargy already.
    However, I should take back my previous words about Vokun – he does great for them, so far.

  62. Vokoun sees all these shots. He already showed he isn’t letting them in. They need to screen him more.

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    Connery : that’s a real nice suit you have there

    Trebek : why thank you Sean

    after more funny chatter about the suit, where trebek bought it/do they make it in tweed/when are they open…. blah blah blah

    Connery : just one more question

    Trebek: sure Sean, anything..what do you want to know?

    Connery: Do they them for men?


  64. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    once the renovations are done, the game will be the LEAST important aspect to a lot of these asshats that go

  65. Mao Zedongs, A Minor League Hockey Extravaganza on

    linda, i love your invention, Sauerboom! lol

    NYR_FAN I love you too, bro!!!!! LMAO=Love Mao

  66. yikes!!!!!
    did you see the panthers player
    snap Hank’s head?

    not on purpose but…..yikes

  67. Absolutely love Sauer’s ‘do NOT touch my goalie, do not EVEN look at him’ attitude

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    Maybe we need to get into a fight? Like the time Gaborik and Carsillyo had the scuffle and Carsillyo end up the worse out the squirmish when he cut his hands all up on Gaboriks visor!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! Carsillo was showing off his ripped up knuckles after the game too funny! Lesson learned , never fight the other teams star and expecially if hes wearing a visor. Anyone who keeps punching a guy with a visor is just an idiot.

  69. I don’t like the way this match is going. It looks like one goal would be enough for a Florida win.

  70. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!! COME ON!!!!! Lets go lets go!!!!! ITS past GO TIME!!!!!!!!!

    Dubinsky need to set some tone here….

  71. Yea that is why Cooke has the “a” on his chest. Willing to hit people for the team.

  72. You’re right Mao, I do love you too, but I meant to say:

    LMBAO (Laughing my byfuglien asshat off)

  73. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao ORR, someone just mentioned that on FB and i said that my blinking drowned it out

  74. eddie eddie eddie on

    my 8:18 post should say in last line

    Connery : do they MAKE them for men

    I type for carcillo i swear…

  75. gotta be better than this, CTB.

    Hey, they’re throwing t-shirts into the crowd. And the crowd finally reacts.

  76. lev, I was thinking the exact same thing. or maybe a 1-0 shootout loss.

    Guessing the savior, No. 16, will be back in next game.

  77. Carp, you are just laughing your assen off at the other beat guys? Cause they are in rare form in twitter tonight..

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    we need to score ASAP , this Panther team is so useless that if they do score we could be in deep water with thier goalie pulling a veinza effort!!!

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOO Panthers suck!!!!! Go kill some Ratzzz!!!

    Rangers lets open up the scoring an then bury these cats.

  80. Mickey, yeah yeah, I know.
    Carp, smells like victory.

    Vokoun = ticking me off!

    Sauer Power!

    Score a goal Rangers!!!!!

  81. I bet you by now Boyle can translate a couple of words CCCP and I use on the blog every now and then.

  82. eeesh…….be back for the 3rd all…….btw, if you’re can’t listen to Maloney, or don’t, you’re missing the usual greatness in game coverage, that is not here of course.

  83. unfortunately these are the type of games that florida plays. When I’ve watched them play the devils and the islanders it’s the same game to a tee. Low scoring, tight checking, boring hockey, normally the scores are 1-0, 2-1. hopefully the rangers can find a way to score in the third but most likely this game will go to a shootout.

    for the non-french-canadians here

    MA-TOE!!!! MA-TOE!!!! MA-TOE!!!!

    is going to be interviewed next on msg

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    wow these Panthers suck so bad …no wonder they have no fans. imagine being a Panthers fan ,

    ” Duh the puck shur moves fast … , ” ” aw shucks we got scored on …lets go to the beach!!!”

  86. Stevie Mingler did well to keep a straight face when Trautwig said “It’s been great to watch you every night”.

  87. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    there goes ilb, showin off again lol

    remember. where they shoot twice lol

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    17 years? That’s just awful.

    FIRE SATHER! He’s responsible for the last 11 of those years.

  89. btw,
    anyone with better computer knowledge than me,
    please give me your opinion as to your preference
    with the choice of
    google chrome, internet explorer, firefox or…


  90. what’s amazing is that i was watching the matteau game not listening to the radio, yet i have no recollection of Sam’s call of the play.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    HAHAA yeah NYR_FAN that how it is , in NY its a little different.

    ” That guys wearing A Denis Potvin jersey !!!! LETS KILL HIM!!!!!!”

    “NEVER !!”

    (( PUNCH))

    “EVER ”

    (( PUNCH ,PUNCH))

    ” EVER WEAR ..”


    ” That Jersey here again!!!!!!!”

  92. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao ilb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya know what… i’ll even bring cookies lol ;-)

  93. >>That clip ain’t the same without Howie Rose’s call

    “…The Rangers have one more hill to climb, baby, and it’s Mount Vancouver…”

  94. Chrome, easier to search but there are sites that probably dont display properly as they would on IE, Safari or FF.

  95. Watching game on local TV down here in Fla. They just did a nice story on the GAG line. Ratelle, Hadfield and Gilbert. I had forgotten that they had each scored 40 or more in the same season. Incredible!!!!!

  96. Rangers will not get any help on the scoreboard; they must take care of their own business.

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ilb- I’ve got that Deja-moo feeling. Like I’ve watched this bullcarcillo before…

  98. ilb

    always nervous during games.
    probably why i lost hair

    remaining ones are graying, thanks to marriage.

  99. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao jpg, are you insinuating mrs jpg gave you gray hair? I’ll never believe it lol

  100. Yes, Olga. One thing I do think they’re better today at- the stay disciplined and patient.

  101. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    joe callahan……

    that sounds so wrong

    and i bet micheletti has a leg tingle about it lol

  102. nervous no, frustrated and disgusted, yes. If the rangers lose this game there are no excuses, can’t take this team seriously. The good teams win this game hands down.

  103. yeah Linda
    i tell her that all the time.

    she blames me for hers.

    i balances out, like this 0-0 score

  104. to me, the difference between this ranger team and the better teams in the league is the better teams in the league have legitimate 1st lines where the rangers don’t have a clear cut legitimate 1st line.

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERSSSSSSS!!! This is a game!!! Lots of solid goaltending !!! we have to win!!!!!

    GO BOYS!!!

  106. MickeyM

    Hank handling puck makes me cringe as well.

    i think i yelled, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”
    then “whew”

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on


  108. Mao Zedongs, A Minor League Hockey Extravaganza on

    CAPTAIN DUBIIIIIIIIINSKY ! To infinity and beyond!

  109. I do think in the future that the dubi, anisimov and callahan line will be there 1st line.

  110. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on


  111. i could tell that we were getting close due to Dubi waiting and watching
    his linemates get into position before he took a shot.

  112. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    NO Penalties by us ….we are playing perfectomundo folks!!!

  113. well I swore Dubi was gonna get 30 this year. he is picking his game up at the right time though. If Artie puts on 10lbs of muscle this summer, watch out.

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! Lets not go all freaky freaky cuz this game is going to be one of our “solid games” Hank want to out battle / out duel Vokoun really bad and our forwards have a Defense first mentality and also having a spazzy Torts at the bench could keep our boys at bay.

  115. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    joe, please never say dubinsky is on his knees EVER again! i bet he drooled out the side of his mouf lol ;-)

  116. tomb, absolutely. Artie will be a dominant player when he gains some muscle and weight! Watch out is right!

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    We have top notch Goaltending ,Coaching, disipline , keeping the lead after 2 periods ,Youth and Grit!!! Rangers are ready to make sum NOISE!!!!!

    GO RANGERSSSS!!! this super sweet!!!

  118. I don’t think Cally’s on the Rangers “wall” at MSG…Too bad, someone could paint the C on him. Or maybe rearrange Drury….but I didn’t say that if it happens.

  119. NYR_FAN – I’ve been thinking the exact same thing myself for the past couple weeks…. I really like the Heritage jerseys, I just need to be sure they aren’t really cursed. Definitely want a Captain Cally Heritage

  120. I just want helmet nuzzles (in Sally’s honor) and a stick salute so I can go niters happy.

  121. Let’s do it guys. Heritage jersey for Callahan with the C. We can start a movement.

  122. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    ORR is like a hawk with stuff like this!!

    i already put in for july 1 off just to follow his hijinx lol

  123. jpg, tell jpg’s sister it was the most awesome day EVER!!!! Got to spend lots of private quality time together and cried more than she ever has when I had to say bye-bye. Thanks for asking….and fyi, she loves the Rangers outfit I sent her and wore it during her visit…..tremendously tremendous!

  124. ha ha mama! don’t forget to take that ten pounds back off when you’re done with them.

  125. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Helmet nuzzles, Dubi Kisses, and Torts throbbing neck veins to all!!!!!!!!!!

  126. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    2 pts!!!! yeahhhhhhh!!!

    Hank top Shutout goalie!!!

    5 in a row!!! Looks like we are putting it all together. We grind it out 1- 0 ,nice!!!

  127. Olga Folkyerself on

    Linda- I’m just sayin’. Every year they need Lunker to run a marathon just to get to the playoffs.

  128. awesome win. you gotta win these games too.

    You cant make em exciting if your opponent wants to play defense.

  129. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    its sad but true. that injury to beer-on really sucked. Hanks been hangin tough. He’s the money maker, and this is the time to make da money lol

  130. It’s interesting how this team always keeps ticking regardless of who’s out of the lineup.

  131. I think, even more than nuzzles and salutes, I adore the Boyle/Prust dealio as the last duo in the tunnel, even when they’re in a visiting arena….would love to know the back story on that. Tickles me to no end……LGR!

  132. I have to admit, Sather is gonna have rough time re-signing all these RFA’s. Thats gonna take some money.

    You may hate him again next year.

  133. going around to other games.
    the lightning have really found themselves in
    bad run. losing to isles right now.

  134. Callahan and Dubi are worth more than Gaborik. Boyle needs to get re-signed too I think. Fedotenko?

  135. JimboWoodside on

    Imagine if the Panties played this hard against every other team!? They would be battling for a playoff spot, too!

  136. Mama
    from your keyboard to Carp’s eyes (hopefully)

    (the Boyle handshake dealio)
    that was something that Boyle was doing with MDZ and Biron.
    i think he needed a new hand partner and found that in Prust

  137. I like Feds, but I’d spread his dough around for the other RFA’s. There’s a few prospects who could surprise us in camp, so you never know.

    I like Feds though. Frolov, on the other hand, was a total disappointment, which I called right from the start.

  138. Ryan Callahan is better than you. Ryan Callahan is a Rangers legend. Ryan Callahan is an American hero. Ryan Callahan is awesome…etc

  139. I just recall always seeing Prust….though yes, also a Biron…the question remains, why? I love it, just want to know the story behind the dealio…and I love how Rangers have their own dealios…:)

  140. yes,
    i’m hoping that we’re looking at cap space
    via Frolov (who i thought we had signed for just one year anyway)
    Redden back to the Whale
    Drury bought out (unless he does a Naslund. ha!)
    could probably do without Wolski
    doubt we’ll resign McCabe

  141. Dealio. What a fantasmic word. And ditto on that handshake tween Boyle and Prust. Love it to pieces.

  142. Frolov was cash gamble, I didnt know anything about him and didnt care taht much, but I guess you guys were right.

    Boy but what a wraparound eh?

  143. I hope Redden refuses assignment and voids his deal, there’s speculation that he might.

    Frolov and Prospal shouldn’t be back, between Eminger and McCabe….I would actually take McCabe if he wants to play for peanuts at the end of his career.

    Gilroy isn’t worth his qualifying offer but they do retain his rights.

  144. JimboWoodside on

    Just saw a bit of the Debbies postgame presser with Jacques LeStrap – he acted like someone just shot his dog……and ran over his cat…..priceless!!!

  145. JimboWoodside on

    Hmmmm…can we catch the Habs? That would be nice – to overtake them!

    Can the Fishsticks possibly catch the Debbies in the standings? I’d love to see the Debs at the absolute bottom of our division…

  146. Well all, I have to be up early to finish my (ugh) work project, so niters for me. It’s been a (mostly) great night….LGR!

  147. >>…I’d love to see the Debs at the absolute bottom of our division…

    Not if it means a draft lottery spot. They’re fine right where they are now.

  148. I don’t care aboot catching the Habs. Either way we wont have home ice. Whether you end up in 6th, 7th or 8th, you still wont have an idea of who you’re versing till the last game probably.

    I’m not scared of the Bruins, Flowers, or Craps.

  149. A very satisfying win. Torts said it well at his post game presser. We stuck to the game plan, played hard, disciplined and very few bad decisions with the puck. Nice to see a 1-0 victory won with a legitimate goal by a hard working line. Very impressed with Emminger. kudos to the wife Steve!

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