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There are no relevant games affecting the Rangers’ playoff push on Monday.

Pennsylvania.  The Keystone state.  Home of the Amish. Gentle, hard-working, and  honest people. Also, home of two of the most disgusting sporting teams in existence – the Filthy flyers and the Dirty Penguins. The Pittsburgh Penguins have been in the NHL since the expansion yielding 1967-68 season.  In the beginning, there was never much of a rivalry between our Rangers and the team at the junction of the Three Rivers.  This is due in part to the fact that they have met only four times in the playoffs.  Sadly, the Rangers have lost every series to the collective tune of 16 games to 4. The most vivid of these was the mind boggling 91-92 series. The Rangers were president trophy winners that season and the image that is forever etched in my mind was the shot from near the red line that snuck past Mike Richter as the Rangers lost in 6.

Fast forward to present day and there is a very strong rivalry between these two teams and a hatred developing among players and their respective fans, particularly Rangers fans, that is bordering on a need for psychiatric therapy. That said, here we go….

1) One definition of “irony” is the words of Mario LaPuke contrasted with the actions of his team, the Dirtyburgh Penguins. How can anyone with half-a-brain cry into a microphone about violence in the game and at the same time put an owner’s signature on checks issued to one Matt Cooke????  To say that it doesn’t defy logic, defies logic. Mario, can you say “hypocrite”?

2) If Chris Drury were indeed the consummate team player, he would strip the “C” off of his sweater and demand that it be sewn on the jersey of Ryan Callahan, effective immediately. No. 24 has the heart of two lions.

3) Hank = warrior.  Sore neck and all, he was the best Rangers player thru two periods as the Rangers were out-shot 29-14. The King was on his game and showed a glove hand that could play shortstop for the Yankees. I thought that Ocho-cinco should have started but, hindsight being 20-20, I don’t know if Chad Johnson wins this game.

4) More on Hank — is there a goalie in the league that receives as little support from the refs? Set up like a bowling pin – knocked down …..AGAIN and AGAIN. How in heck does Cally get two for defending his goalie and yet no Dirtyburgh player a penalty for interference? Especially given what happened last game.

5) Dubi is a man-beast. He is so strong on the puck. He reminds me more and more of a young John Leclair. He positions his body and shields the puck down low as well as anyone in the game today. On the first Rangers goal, Dubi was the primary factor keeping the puck in several times with some tremendous grinding.

6) Cally-Artie-Dubi best line on the ice today. Great chemistry. Perfect play on Artie’s goal. Get to the net and park your body.

7) The Talking Heads (take me to the river), Edzo and Pierrezo, thought that it was the lack of communication between Girardi and Eminger that led to the first Dirtyburgh goal…but it seemed more like a horrible line change to me.  A nice high wide NBC shot seemed to confirm this.

8) Fedtank-Boyle-Prust  played well. Feds plays such a subtle, smart, good game.  He quietly goes about his business and plays with an edge and a lot of physicality.  I understand why Torts wanted him. Boyle was also physical. He delivered some big hits – particularly in the third. Prust – a man’s man’s man deserves the Officer McDonald award in my opinion but didn’t have to be “Superman” against the Pens. On the PK No. 8 and No. 22, are a real force and a threat to score every game. A nice missed chance by Prust as he unselfishly didn’t shoot but passed behind Boyle during one kill. Brandon, put that puck on net, because it can sometimes lead to a dangerous odd man rush coming back, especially while down a man.

9) Nice to see Pete Stemkowski, No. 21, errrrr Derek the Step, score to ice the game. While he and MZA have slowed down a tad offensively, they continue to play great defense.

10) On MZA – is it me? Or does he seem to be off balance a lot? Given how low he is to the ice to begin with, it’s surprising to see how often he flails about. That said, I love the kid.  He had one great blocked shot in the second period.

11) Sauer and McD = monsters. What a blueline. What a future these two have. So young and nasty. Both play with so much snarl, they need to work on a curled-lip photoshoot with some of Avery’s supermodels. Incredibly mature, I am blown away by their high level energy and commitment to D. I desperately wanted McD to score on that breakaway.

12) Why was Sauer called for tripping? He played the puck, inadvertently, and the other guy tripped over him. Bad call.

13) Eminger played a great game. He cleared the puck from crease countless times. He was physical and had much Jam. He needs to play. As much as I like Gilroy, No. 44 needs to be on the ice.

14) EC sure did a lot with his 7 + minutes of ice time didn’t he? Looked more like 7 + seconds. His line sure runs hot and cold. I see the obvious chemistry EC has with Gabby and Vinny some games…but this game, not so much.

15) Four in a row for the first time this season. The drive for five starts now. Tuesday cannot happen soon enough.

16) This team has you-know-whats.

17) Mario, TAP TAP, the microphone is on…..do you have anything you want to say?….Go Byfugelin yourself and your team!!….I hate the Pens. LETS GO RANGERS.

18) Matt Cooke? You are a giant piece of Carcillo. In fact, Carcillo is a a giant piece of Cooke!!. Have a nice 10-12 game rest. You are stupid and don’t deserve to play in this league. YOU JUST DON’T GET IT.


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  1. After reading this review, there is no way that the Rangers can´t win the cup this season :)

  2. gregm_section403 on

    What’s even more shocking is that Cooke continues to wear an “A” for the Penguins.

  3. I find it ironic that this league wants to grow and they want Pitts as the Face of the NHL and yet both contridict themselves on a regular basis. NHL is the abbreviation for “say one thing and do the other”

  4. Avery mentions Phaneuf having sex with his ex and he basically ruins his career. this guy tries to end careers almost on a regular basis and he’s hardly dealt with. Oh but this league means business.

  5. Well my buddy from Montreal says to me after the game friday, “i cannot believe we traded McDonagh to you guys for Gomez. We couldnt get a bag of sticks for him (Gomez) today.” McDonagh has impressed me and now with his survival of near death at the elbow of carcilloman cooke, he will only improve. McDonagh continues to grow. What a steal. This team is really hitting its stride. Henrik plays out of his mind for two period, lets in a softy, rangers bounce back and he makes the huge glovesave so they can ice it later on. I know we usually panic when the southeast teams come to new york like florida is tomorrow, but i think its going to be another garden blowout. Like 6-2 or 6-1. LGR!!! LGR!!! LGR!!!!!!

  6. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Chris Drury is one of the most self-serving, selfish drips in the history of the human race. To expect him to make any magnanimous gesture, like recommending Callahan for the “C” is beyond remote possibility. Drippy never seemed to be a member of the New York Rangers organization in spirit. Just a puking mercenary who came here here to fake his way from paycheck to paycheck.

    And why cannot the Rangers just confer the “C” upon Callahan? What, Drury will take them to court, or something? Can’t believe Torts has no input on this issue, either. You mean to say the coach doesn’t care if the team has a designated on-ice leader? This is not one of the prouder episodes in my lifetime of being a Ranger fan. It is embarrassing that the organization is so passive about taking care of a situation which continues to deteriorate. Years ago a wise man I knew made a sage observation: “When you handle something, it no longer needs to be handled.” Rangers management needs to get with the program. They are lost in space and time and focused elsewhere.

  7. Great job Eddies. I’m with you on the calls on Cally and Sauer, things haven’t changed with the refs, but was surprised to hear NBC guys calling the game a little more accurately, but their bias still shows through as they go on and on about the Pens.

    Hank was terrific – Dubi Cally Artie were awesome too.

    We need to invent a whole new word for Cooke – he should be gone for the season as a repeat offender – the guy really does try to hurt someone in every game. Poor McD trying to give him the benefit of the doubt – he’s lucky his head is still attached. Sounds like they found a way to keep Torts from getting fined, by having Sather announce to the kid that Cooke would get 10 games in front of the press – lol.

    “there is a very strong rivalry between these two teams and a hatred developing among players and their respective fans, particularly Rangers fans, that is bordering on a need for psychiatric therapy” ……huh? you talkin to me? (insert any bonehead here) Good one Eddie!

  8. Great write up, Eddie 3. Let’s see what the League does with Cooke. This will be very interesting. Stupor Mario must have been on the phone all of last night trying to get Cooke a bye seeing as McD was able to resume play.

  9. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I have stated this before, here, but it bears repeating until it sinks in. This organization should NEVER give the “C” to a mercenary, I don’t care how dedicated and productive he is. NEVER having a free agency signee captain should be organizational policy. To bypass dedicated organizational players and make the statement that some mercenary outsider is more worthy of representing team leadership is a disgusting slap at the many good organizational players who would wear the “C” with pride and demonstate a leadership purpose on and off the ice. Signing Drury was a bad enough mistake. Making him the captain of this team, when he is the LAST player in the organization deserving of that status, is mind-boggling folly.

  10. bull dog line on

    I am as big a Cally fan as the next guy, but the true leader of this team is Dubi. it has been that way all season. who was the guy when the 5 on 3 was going nowhere, demanded the puck behind the Ranger net took it up the ice and started the shift that lead to the goal. also on the third goal against Montreal, who was the guy that chased the ref to make sure the Rangers were heard from. both are Dubi, and he has been that guy all season.

  11. Do you guys realize that buttface Cooke makes nearly $2,000,000/year and that Mario Le-puke will be signing that turd’s paychecks for 2 more seasons after this?

  12. Cooke with an “in person hearing” today – we should know soon what he gets…

  13. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    (repost, but so apropo for this entry)

    The Penguins have become a head hunting goon squad. Their fans are complete idiots, their owner is a total hypocrite, their coach is cry baby, and finally I am joining the ranks of fellow boneheads that hate the Pens. ( I know I usually never do a rant, but allow me this one time to get this off my chest)

    I just checked NHL dot com, teams stats, and the Penguins lead the league in all relevant penalty catgegories, most penalties, most minutes, most majors, minors, etc etc..them and the Islanders have 200 more penalty minutes than even the third most penalized team.

    Cooke, Talbot, Rupp, Engelland, Orpik, Goddard, I mean how many Byfuglien Goons can one team have.

    “I am not sure I want to watch a league where team can have that many goons and penalties and play against classy no-goon teams like the Rangers”…someone tell Mario I said that and give him my name address and phone number, and tell him I am waiting for him.

  14. Good morning, folks. Anxious to see what the league does with carcillocooke. I happen to think they will through the book at him and he will be gone for the season and playoffs.

    Did yo hear that Consol Energy Group threatened to cut the electricity off Mario’s house unless he sends Cooke to AHL?

  15. Boom Boom Bathgate, as much as I kind of agree with you, our greatest captain was acquired via trade and brought in here to lead, Mark Messier. Drury, with Buffalo exhibit many of the same type of leadership skill as Mess, so I don’t think it was much of a reach giving him the C. That said, they USED to give the C to a different player while your regular C was hurt. I have no problem doing that at least with Cally, and giving Dubi or Gabby the other A. Then see what happens next season.

  16. Good review, 3eddie. I could be in the minority here, but I don’t think changing the captain right now is going to do any good. Dubinsky and Callahan are obvious co-captains at the moment. And they are doing a great job carrying the load. I don’t believe that taking the “C” from a player who is injured would serve any positive lessons to our young group.

  17. Bull dog, I’ve been saying that too! For quite a while actually. As much as I like Cally, I believe Dubi is the real captain, He’s got JAM! Stands up for his teamates and yesterday he knocked to Pens on their aasens during that scrum in the 3rd. DUBI FOR CAPTAIN!

  18. Amazing piece of carcillo, er, journalism from Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11079/1133314-61.stm

    The article speaks to how the Penguin players approve of a committee to study hits to the head. The real piece of fiction pops up about a dozen paragraphs into the article. Warning, make sure you do not have any sharp objects nearby when you read it!

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Andy Bathgate – good point regarding mercenaries given the C. I wonder what Andy Bathgate, as you know, who played for the Pens in their inaugral season thinks of that franchise today? Bull dog – I too have been a huge Dubi fan. He doesn’t get nearly the amount of national attention that he deserves. I really see him hitting 30+ next season and soon 40+. One of my favorite moments in yesterday’s game was during that huge scrum, late in the game, when dubi just RIPPED kennedy’s helmut off in Hank’s crease. Thank you Ricardo for letting me do the write up. It was a blast.

  20. Doesn’t coach pick Captains and Assistants? Don’t blame Drury for this…he may have gone to Torts plenty for all we know. And knowing Drury he has. And just because he has not lived up to his Sabre scoring pace, he was all well and good as a Captain before….Someone else will be Captain soon enough….

    Girardi blew the coverage…no way he should be going over to pressure man with his partner right there…

  21. If they cut the power to Prust’s house he’d just grab the telephone pole and generate energy back into the wires.

  22. Good review, 3 Eddies. The team played a very good 2 periods, got outplayed in the 2nd. The EC line with Gabby & Vinnie we pretty bad, Hank was terrific, esp. with the stiff neck and I love how our D are young for the most part, and play with an edge. How long has it been since we’ve had a nasty pair of Dmen??? Years, perhaps, decades!!! Beuke was Beuke but other than that, we had no one who made it uncomfortable for the opposition. The only drawback, it seems, is that Hank gets run on a regular basis, all year. Last year too!! But all-in-all, a great win and 2 huge points. Cooke will get suspended for sure but we are all curious to see how the NHL will dispense justice.

  23. I was trying to find the picture showing both Dubinsky and Sauer pinning down two Pens each with mean faces. Dubinsky is 24, Sauer is 23.

    And the most precious moment to me was right after Stepan’s goal (what a drive that was by McD, btw). They showed Stepan, McD, Anisimov and Sauer hugging each other and smiling behind the net. And I remember thinking- I think we are in a pretty good shape for years to come. Priceless.

  24. Oh yeah, I’m in agreement that you don’t strip Drury of the “C” while he’s injured and during a season. As much as some of you hate this guy (hate the contract, not the player), he doesn’t deserve to be stripped of the Captaincy. And I think it will alter the way they play, Calli or Dubi, if you give it to them now.

  25. Eddie 3x: What can I say? GREAT summary. Laughs galore and Talking Heads references?!! Very pleasant to wake up to.

    I will say what I said yesterday: Take the “C” and sew it onto Cally’s jersey with the blood he spilled yesterday. Tattoo it onto his face like Mike Tyson. Love the kid. LOVE.

    I still think Talbot should have taken a nice hard hit over his rough play on Lundqvist but who am I to hand out injuries?

    The refs were horrid yesterday. At least two absolute Carcillo BS calls against the Rangers.

    And, Finally, as many people have said: What a different team! Last year this game would have been over the minute they gave up that shorthanded goal. This team? A bit of blood and a few minutes later and they have not only tied it up but are leading.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  26. ILB- agree whole heartedly about the captaincy. It’s a non issue amongst the team I’m sure. There is no doubt that Callahan will be the likely captain in the future. But the recent outcry and freaking out over the “C” is purely a fan thing. This team and especially Callahan is doing just fine without the presence of it. I’m sure the situation will be handled with class and proffessionalism during the offseason if it’s decided that Drury is infact not part of the plan for 2011-12.

  27. I said this a while ago and got knocked for it, but Dubi reminds me of MESS in a lot of ways. I think if he continues to progress the same way, he should be named captain. The kiss on Step-on’s visor in game 1 of the season was only the beginning, Dubi taking on both penguins yesterday sealed it.

  28. Now, the long talked about game in hand by Buffalo (used to be three, btw) has turned into this: if (IF) they win that game in hand, they will still be one point behind. If they lose it, however, it will become 3 points behind.

  29. Artie-Art good point. Let’s not forget that one of the greatest players in franchise history if not THE best player (Leetch) didn’t exactly shine once the Captaincy was assigned to him after Messier’s departure. There’s more to it than “your teammate sucks and is leaving so you’re the captain now. do a good job”

  30. I think that some players don’t respond well to wearing the C. Carp always argues that Leetch was a good Captain. I disagree. You can argue that Leetch had to follow in the footsteps of Mess, especially in view of how Mess left NY. Yet, had the tables been reversed, who doesn’t think that Mess would have been an outstanding Captain even in light of how Leetch had gone? Rangers fans have come to expect an awful lot of the Captain since the days of The Captain.

  31. Edie

    I am highly impressed by your leadership. This is a superb replay of what occurred.

    As for players like Cooke……….and the young man from Montreal who specializes in kicking folks feet out from underneath themselves……..but especially for Cooke…what is needed are not sly adjectives to describe him, but an object lesson.

    The team needs a sacrificial lamb, or 2 or 3….in succession.

    We need a potent young player who will be put on the ice when the kicker is out there, and really give him an uncalled for and deliberate unraveling, which sidelines him. And When he returns and the next time they play against him, another sacrificial lamb to do it again. Eat the fines and penalties, but send a giant message…These Lambs can come from the farm club, and will be well comforted by their sacrifice. But always a different, “enforcer”. You will see how long that Cooke type lasts, and whether he begins to get the message…his days are numbered, and his bones are counted.

  32. Re: Cally getting a “C” on his jersey.

    I understand why changing Captains mid-season, while the “real” Captain is injured could be an issue. I agree with you guys that it is really a non-issue among the team. But for Cally and for the people screaming at the TV it gives us something to complain about and it’s really something that the fans can cheer for to show their real appreciation for what he has done.

    We don’t get to know what goes on in the locker room so who are we to really have an opinion about who needs to be Captain and whether the team needs a change. I just really, really appreciate the effort and leadership that Cally provides and I hope he knows how impressed everyone is with him.

    This team is young, emotional and really, really, really fun to support.

  33. I don’t think Leetch was a BAD captain by any means. I think that it just kind of weighed him down to an extent. There was a level of comfort he never seemed to achieve while wearing it and if I’m not wrong he has even said in interviews where he reflects on his career that he didn’t really find it to be the ideal thing for him. What he did in the locker room as captain I have no idea but on the ice I think he played his best days while wearing the A.

  34. great job eddieoved it!. on your point about mza, he is o small but he tries to be a mini monster. his mom was baby godzilla and his dad was scrappy doo. his little legs have to work twice as hard to get them going back n forth. i betcha he goes “puppy power”!!! as he turns to go on the offense. i think he has suffered a bit because during the playoff push, teams including ours are in another gear now. he may not be used to it, and may need till next season to get there. his old league(sel??) didnt have full nhl season + PO. and the physiaclity is much harder in the nhl. i think hes gonna be fine though. hes rackin up assists, so hes contributing in some fashion. but without the shootout, he probably doesnt stay in the lineup as much. lets say this. if avery was avery of 2 years ago, he would probably be in harford already. or wolski and him take turns sitting. he will adjust to teh game sooner than later i think. the playoffs will be huge for zucc!! i think some of our rookies who have played in pressure situations like step and mcmonster will be ok for the playoffs as well. now its girardi the vet im worrying about, but he and staal always play better and take it up a notch in the PO too. hope staal is gonna be ok. heard he might be concussed still. hope hes not. and gabby, yes ok he was great coming in to tie it up on teh 5 on 3, but why cant he grind justa little? he is almost useless when he doesnt have the puck, and that top lines needs some soldiers on it. i think gabby has to start playing tougher on teh puck and harder because hes floating around almost teh whole game yesterday. he needs to realize he has to grind it out too. i think torts wants him to do that but hes too precious to go in the corners and work. he was bad defensively too. we really need to get a top center for him.

  35. Boyler Maker on

    I love the fact that we can actually discuss two realistic options to replace the “Craptain”.

  36. TheMessiah94 on

    What’s the latest on Drury anyway? When is he expected back? Who would you sit to put a faceoff guy and shot blocker back in the lineup? There’s no way I mess with this lineup to put his lifeless ass in the game.

  37. iDoodie machetto on

    Cooke meeting with NHL in person at 1 pm. I’m guessing either they wimp put and give him 5 games, or they suspend him for the rest of the season.

    Honestly, anything short of the rest of the regular season would be a joke.

  38. also, cally is playing great without a C on his jersey and always has, so why bother until seasons over. its not like he will be any better than he already is. only if drury wants this to happen then ok. he will be captain soon enough heads! no need to rush it. the players all respect him and the leadership is there no matter what. in fact, this years team has been a whole team effort getting us up to this point. it just doesnt make sense to change something that doenst need to be at this time. the whole team has rallied from injuries and horrible refs all year, they didnt need a captain then, and also, drury still could come back. that would be an awkward situation imo.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Regarding Leetch – he just one to crave attention or the spotlight. He was never someone that wanted to get in anybody’s face. Leetch could score 5 goals in a game, and still be awwww-shucks….just go back to when Buttman handed him the MVP trophy after game 7, cup is ours, leetch looked absolutely embarressed. A great, great player # 2 was, but not the personality to be a great Captain. Cally/dubi don’t shun the microphone during interviews and both are clearly on ice reps for the rangers. In my perfect world, cally wears the C, prust and dubi wear the A.

  40. If the NHL would fail to suspend Cooke for a longer time, it would make them unrealiable…
    There is no way that there is any place for a player like that in any league round the world and I cant understand that Mario Lemieux is still tolatering such a player on his team…

    It is just ridicoulous that the GM meeting was held a couple of days ago and had only one big theme avoding head shots and they dont find a way to avoid those actions on the ice….

  41. You’re probably right Grabachev. I just don’t like waiting for things. America is a NOW society. “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl…or boy.”

  42. There’s no timetable on DRURY return. Has he played his last game for the Rangers? maybe…

  43. Drury is done for the season, maybe for his career.

    Sauer is + 18, McDonagh is +17. Both rookies playing the hardest position for an NHL rookie to break into. Monsters indeed.

  44. True Blue 24 on

    why would you put so much pressure right now at the end of the season on either Cally or Dubie? they are playing fine as they are…. one of them will have C on their sweater in no time, just not good timing given its the end of the season…………

  45. iDoodie machetto on

    The only letters on the front of the sweater that matter are the ones that cascade downward at a diagonal.

  46. Hey Eddie, nice post. Been loving watching this winning streak, all the way from down under in Sydney Australia. Games start at 10 AM the next morning ha. Great way to start your day. Love the youth of this team, and the direction we are undeniably headed in. Good things for years to come.

    Just had to share this discovery with all you boneheads. There is something undeniably sublime about this photo, and all that it stands for.


    Sorry Carp, byfuglien yeah nouns doesn’t exist.

  47. Leetchhalloffame on

    Haven’t seen anything yet on Cooke being summoned to meet with Colie – he should have been called on the carpet immediately after the game. If Mario had any balls he would suspend him for the rest of the season.

  48. That picture is amazing.

    Staal looks like an 18 year old fanboy. Question: How does King Henry have service on the plane? I thought you had to switch to airplane mode?

  49. IF the rangers lock up a spot with a game or two to go….

    …. does anyone think MDZ gets another look with the big club and a consideration for a spot on the playoff roster? The experience would obviously benefit the kid tremendously.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manfried – if it was Prust, he wouldn’t even need the plane. Superman that he is… :)

  51. Is the perception of Leetch not being a great captain because of his personality or the fact that he was left with far weaker teams than the ones Messier was given?

    Let’s say the Rangers continued to be a contender, I’d aruge that Leetch would be thought of in a similar vein as Lidstrom is these days. Quiet, but highly respected and led by example. Because just imagine if the Wings weren’t as good as they have been after Lidstrom inherited the “C” from Yzerman, people would probably say he isn’t a strong enough personality to be the captain.

  52. MDZ is out with a broken finger. I don’t know when the deadline to add players to the playoff roster is, but I doubt he’s back before then.

  53. You’re right Eddie 3x. I think Prust actually flies in front of the plane and this plane drafts him to cut back on fuel costs.

    Once again Prust has put the whole organization on his back.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CT – lidstrom is comfortable in his own skin. The thing with Brian Leetch is he is waaaaaay too humble and much to much modest. To be fair, given how incredibly talented Leetch was, he seems, still, embarressed by a lot of attention. It’s not a bad critique of him…. He was the kind if player, score 2 goals, make 10 defensive brilliant plays – praise his mates…and sneak out the back door yo have a beer.

  55. Even 10 games won’t act as enough of a deterrent for a player like Cooke. 20 games and playoff rounds might start to get message across.

    What I’m really interested in hearing is if Mario says anything beyond a canned statement to the press when Cooke’s sentence is rendered. If he really wanted to quiet his growing legion of detractors, the Pens would suspend Cooke in addition to the league.

  56. Leetchhalloffame on

    Matt Cooke’s in-person hearing with the NHL is today at 1:30 p.m. ET in Toronto.

  57. Great summary! I think point #4 about Drury is dead on. Drury has to know that he’s done in New York. If he wanted any kind of honorable exit he’d give up the captaincy. That would be a class gesture.

  58. CCCP March 21st, 2011 at 2:33 am
    Mike L aka Tiki

    How stupid do you think I am? Ah? Mike L? YEAH OK!!

    Pulling crap you pulled with others on this blog by posting under a different name to try to insult ain’t gonna fly with me

    you just dug your own hole a lot deeper than it was

    CCCP – You crossed the final line last night. I’ve taken all the abuse that Im going to take from you. Whatever I have to say to you, Ill say myself. No, I dont think you’re stupid; I think you’re a jerk. Your insane accusations aint gonna fly with me. The Mike L post was not me. Ask Carp. And then, unless you’re equipped with an apology, dont ever bother posting to me again.

    That’s all Ill say on this topic.

    Great post Eddie3

  59. Good morning all!

    edddie3, great job my friend! I only managed to catch the 3rd period yesterday, but man, am I glad I did. Was watching at my Dad’s house and he told me to pipe down cause I scaring the dogs :)

    Cooke = eddie3 is right, I don’t think a truly proper phrase has been invented yet to describe him. But hartnelling hypocrite carcillo will have to suffice for now.

    Speaking of carcillo, I have a load of it workwise today….and snow here. blech.

  60. Point taken eddie, I just think it’s probably easy for Lidstrom to look calm and cool when you’ve won as much as his teams have. You get easier questions to answer rather than being the focal point for a team that underachieves. Lidstrom gets softball questions from interviewers and has definitely mastered the language of sports cliche. I think Leetch would have at least been able to do that if the Rangers were better during his captaincy.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Colin Campbell – Cooke, what happened?

    Cooke- collie, the strangest thing, I was skating on the ice and McD’s jaw flew out of nowhere and hit my elbow.

  62. Who’s up for a road trip to Toronto? If anyone asks why we’re bringing pitch forks and torches across the border just say we’re farmers.

    Now if you excuse me I need to go to the restroom to work on an effigy of Cooke to burn for later.

  63. My gloves are ON mama. I got the finger tips cut off so I can type with them on. They are like bulky driving gloves.

  64. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Good morning heads!

    Cooke is still garbage. And hopefully that nonsense from last night is over and done with!

  65. Happy Monday ‘heads!

    My man, Eddie!! Great post, my brutha!

    Ok, so after Hank lets in that shorthanded softie…did anybody think we were going to fold? did anybody think we were going to give up? Not this team…that was proven again last night. You can’t count this team out of any 3rd period. The resillence this year has been unbeleievable. We are finally playing like a team (and a good one) and our kids are growing up into men before our eyes. As a lifelong Rangers fan, it is very special to watch…

    Callahan = The Perfect Ranger, better than you, & the de facto Captain.

    Cooke is a low-life. As a repeat offender, there is nothing more that can be said. Revenge is the only way to get him back. Just remember what he did. I do like fran’s suggestion. Perhaps we can have a AHL’er sacrifice himself to take out Cooke with a headshot?

    Eye for an eye? I don’t like the idea but unfortunately that is what the NHL is encouraging if there are repeat offenders like Cooke allowed to play. Players will be forced to police themselves…Cooke now has an even bigger target on his back…

  66. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The french translation of Matt Cooke’s name is knee on knee. Weird.

    I guess not everything sounds better in french!

  67. Tiki

    I’m a jerk? I’m not the one who harasses women…

    It wasn’t you? Ask Carp? Please explain, why would Mike L (oh yeah, he’s such a regular poster around here {sarcasm}) have any problem with me, especially after i made a comment that was meant for you?

    I can post from a different IP too, you know… it ain’t that hard to do.

  68. Bonehead of Reason on

    The whole concept of ignoring those throwing stones seems to be lost around here. You get 9 comments begging for you two to stop trading punches but neither of you can resist having the last word. It just seems so silly. You dont need to agree. You dont need to take things personally or out of context. You, alone, hold the power to look the other way and argue the VALID hockey points. Would you stop to fight everytime sometime flipped you off in traffic? It’s cool to get fired up and passionate but this stuff is just annoying to read.

    On a different note, I want Callahan for President.

  69. Well… i hear your point, Bonehead of Reason

    I apologize for bringing this up again… that was my last post to Tiki

    hopefully from now on we won’t have to deal with him.

  70. While talking about this piece of dirt Cook, we can’t overlook the fact that for the most of the game yesterday the Rangers have been outplayed by a team missing two best players; just a reminder that there is a long way to the top of the league for us.

    I have little doubts that Dubi is going to be the next captain.

    Any news on Staal?

  71. Bonehead of Reason on

    Writing a post saying it’s your last post is silly too. Just sayin’. Didn’t your mom ever tell you?….SAY NOTHING!

    SCX…Cally for Secretary of Defense?

  72. FIRST- I’d be in favor of Torts scratching carrying 7 dmen if they were to get into and play the first round. Especially against Washington you need to play defense first hockey and have your best offensive forwards out on the ice as much as possible. I still say we would have beaten them in 09 if we had some damn scoring ability. Lundqivst played the series of his life. Only to be beaten by Segei “I heart the scorpions ” Federov in the final minutes of game 7.

  73. Thank you Bonehead of Reason.
    C3, I asked, nicely, of all. Please let’s give it a rest, OK. My stomach hurts enough today.

  74. Staal’s concussed. It goes back to what I was told when he got hurt from that nasty hit courtesy of his bro. The highstick he took against Montreal brought the symptoms back and that’s not a good thing, either.

    Marc’s getting married this summer – he should cross off Eric on the invite list….

  75. Oh my God, imagine if the refs had missed that one, what we’d be saying today. Cooke is meeting in person with Campbell and staff, I believe at 1:30. That usually means it’s serious. But I’m still willing to guess they won’t have the onions to go beyond eight games, and will be pleasantly surprised if they do.

    Anthony M, Those Cooke quotes are just beyond belief. I am speechless.

    Guys, I was in that lockerroom every single day during the Leetch captaincy, and I’m not going to argue the point with you, other than to tell you you’re completely wrong if you don’t think he was a good captain. He was a complete victim of circumstances.

    My finger is on the Ban button today, so watch out, all of you.

  76. Re: Staal : I think the reason he didn’t play was because of the concussion he received from his brother…maybe that’s why it’s undisclosed…he may be having symptoms…

    Also, don’t assume that McMonster is OK. Concussion symptoms often take some time to develop…

  77. the rangers were outplayed before the cooke cheapie but. most of the opptys by the pens were 1 and done and the rangers were playing with by far there mos timportant player besides henrik.

    for the msot part the rangers have not been shot or territorially dominated this year but on occassions there opponent has played well, the pens did yesterday but still lost because of there cheap shot artist and some timely goals by the rangers.

    no 1 here is saying the rangers are winning the cup. the rangers #1 line are all 25 or younger with there 4 top d men being 26 or younger with 2 of them being outright rookies. the rangers have so much youth contributing it is ridiculous to think they cannot improve and grow. stepan is 20… he can do it all. he is going to be a very good player, ie doug weight type….

    the future looks good and more talent on the way…….

  78. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I’m liking the Dubi chatter here today. I’ve felt he’s every bit as a leader as Cally is. I’d honestly love to see them both share the captaincy like Buffalo did with Briere and Drury back in the day. It also helps that Dubi and Cally are involved in a serious bromance.

    Looking ahead, it is imperative that the Rangers secure all 4 points in these next two home games. I am a little wary that, coming off the high of these last two games, they will suffer a letdown tomorrow night against a non-playoff team at home. I hope that is not the case, especially at this time of year.

  79. And, whatever you think of Drury, I don’t think it would be right to strip him of the captaincy while he’s out injured. I don’t think the Rangers need somebody wearing the C right now, and that it would serve no purpose to take it away from Drury until the off-season or the start of next season.

    And even then — barring a buyout or some sort of riddance — I am not sure they will if he’s healthy enough to play. Or until he fails to make the team.

  80. the mcdonagh and sauer penalties were laughable yesterday. no one with a brain can tell me either of the calls were correct…

  81. bottom line dubi and callahan are the young guard let’s leave it at that. drury has 1 year on his deal and if healthy he should be capable of adding enough to make the team. he is a very good faceoff man, PK guy, etc.

    ranger fans are never happy unless they have someone they can run out of town at all times.

    roszival is gone, redden is gone, zherdev is gone, let it rest. christenson with all his faults has skill and inconsistently he adds to the team. he needs to be coached and if or when his production falls he needs to sit for a while and then the routine starts over again.

    what is not to like about this team???????????Nothing…….Yep they do not have any premium talent unless gabby plays to his abilities and that is there only issue. they need to win by committee, score by committee etc…..

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, the McDonagh penalty was fine, the problem was that Pittsburgh wasn’t assessed a coincidental one as well.

  83. So Carp, you’re saying that people (not necessarily anyone here) confuse the Rangers lack of team success with Leetch’s humble demeanor and mistakingly draw the conclusion he wasn’t a good leader?

  84. Carp: I’m guessing yes, but while I know this sounds corny, I heard this from an impeccable source associated with the Rangers who by happenstance I met while on vacation when Marc was hurt via the hit from his brother. He was concussed.

    It’s this latest episode that I’m guessing about, based on the above and the fact that he took a stick to the head against the Canadiens and has mysteriously been pulled from the lineup.

    I sure hope I’m wrong this time because having the symptoms return based on a high stick is worrisome – look how long it’s been for Crosby. As surely you know, brain injuries don’t get fixed (like torn knee ligaments) – hell, they really don’t even get treated – the victim basically does nothing until the symptoms dissipate.

    Scary stuff.

  85. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on


    Maybe I’m giving Sather too much credit (never thought that would happen), but isn’t a summer buyout of Drury virtually guaranteed? Especially if they have any intention of going after Richards on July 1.

    As for the “C,” I agree with your point. Stripping him of the “C” accomplishes nothing at this point. Players are human beings…they don’t need a letter on a jersey to tell them who to look up to and follow. After all…Matt Cooke has an “A” on his jersey!

  86. I, too, don’t get this sudden urge to take the C away from Dreary. I get the desire to give it to someone like Cally and get the reasoning that it shouldn’t belong to Dreary.

    But to take it away from Dreary now would surely serve to create more negative noise than positive. And with Dreary not playing, the true leaders on the club have the opportunity to lead and from what I can see, are doing just that.

    Now if next fall the season starts with Dreary as the captain, then that’s where I’ll have a beef. The Rangers should buy Dreary out this summer, which would address not only the captaincy issue, but Dreary’s inability to play anywhere but the 4th line – not to mention removing his stupid salary from the cap.

  87. Oh Pens fans. From an email conversation between CTB and his native (or is it naive) Pittsburgh friends:

    “On a slightly more serious note – I didn’t see the game or the hit, but no one in Pittsburgh (not the fans or the owner) claims that Cooke isn’t a dirty player. He also happens to be a skilled player, but he crosses the line, and we don’t defend him. I do think there’s a difference between head shots to the guy that’s the face of the NHL and would have run away with the scoring title vs. hits to some no-name rookie defenseman. Even Bylsma agreed that Cooke will be suspended, which is far more honesty than you get out of guys like Big Bruce in Washington or the clowns that run the Islanders.”

    “I saw it. No denying that it was a bad hit but it wasn’t near the level
    of the hit on Crosby. Not even close.

    Once that penalty was called, the rangers took over what otherwise would
    have been a very close game, probably a penguin win…so it worked out
    okay for you guys…”

    Why does it always have to come back to Crosby?

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I was not saying Leetch was not a good captain, just that his personality was not necessarily suited, at least to my ignorant self, for the role. He was one of my favorite players ever…wasn’t meant as a knock in him…

  89. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    CTB, that is hilarious. What does league stature have to do with anything?! So a headshot on Crosby carries more weight than one on a rookie defenseman?!

    And McDonagh will not be a no-named defenseman in a couple years.

  90. Oopps, meant to add on the Staal concussion post that if a high stick has indeed brought the concussion symptoms back, it’s logical to think that it was too soon to bring Staal back.

    That said, surely the Rangers wouldn’t have done so without him passing a baseline test – assuming that’s true and the high stick brought on the symptoms again, that is indeed scary because it suggests he’s very suspectible to further recurrences whenever he comes back.

    I’ll gladly admit I’m wrong here if I am, given the seriousness of this if my speculation (that he’s concussed again) is accurate.

  91. doobie agree on the mcdonagh if he was given a penalty so should have letang. you are correct..

  92. eddie (is it a capital E now?) … i know. and i’m telling you his personality definitely was suited for the role.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ….moreover, I wasn’t advocating stripping drury of the C, just that he should offer it up on his own, ala brian leetch when #11 came back to ny…

  94. McDonagh not practicing today … and I imagine that little bit of doubt about whether he was injured will impact the NHL’s decision on that piece of carcillo Cooke.

  95. Glad to see I’m not alone on the captaincy issue…

    Carp- Amen. On the ban button, that is. It’s getting old. And ugly. Reminds me of a day care center.

    Staal is concussed? Pure speculation. Nobody outside the team really knows.

    I do strongly believe they will buy out Drury. Unless they are planning to make no substantial additions this summer.

  96. What I don’t understand is why the Rangers are being so quiet about Staal’s injury. When he missed time after the Carolina game, the Rangers said it was a twisted knee (this despite the fact that his face slammed against the ice on the hit and after he could be seen doing the cobweb head shake thing on the bench before he left for the dressing room).

    This time there is not hit to point at and pronounce ‘twisted knee’ or ‘wretched shoulder’ or whatever. Instead, Tortorella says it’s a ‘body injury’.

    What’s the big hush hush all about? Are they worried when he returns the opposition will try to run his head?

  97. Jim,

    They did say yesterday that they’re divulging the absolute minimum on injured players from here on out.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Jim: It’s that time of year when all injuries are nondescript unless it is obvious or season ending.

  99. Also, McD missed a game the other week, maybe it’s also a little bit of maintenance time off the ice.

  100. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!
    Few things going on this morning so I will repost from last night for right now

    wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) March 21st, 2011 at 1:49 am
    I have a lot of catching up to do on game threads and such, but great win by the guys and I say 10 games for cooke and eminger looked great in the game (only 8 hits, looked to me like he had about 15) and girardi looked absolutely lost and big shocker here…out of position quite a bit.


    I know some of you do not like don cherry, but I really encourage you to watch this clip..he may indeed have some skewed nationalistic views, but he knows hockey and knows about hockey


    Lastly, some of this concussion protocol from the GM meetings seems pretty knee jerk to me, fix the equipment, the boards, allow a bit more clutching and grabbing, and get rid of the stupid instigator rule and concussions will go down, I’d bet my savings on it.

  101. CTB: Mmmm…fair enough. But I stand by what I learned when he was hurt originally (my source is as impeccable as they come) and I’m speculating this time around (and sure hope my speculation is wrong).

  102. Eddie,
    Excellent, passionate, sharp-sighted and well written post. I’m not necessarily agree with all being said(no need for that), but enjoyed reading it for sure.
    This “Captain” talks which not warranted at all by any practical means, bothers me deeply by some mob like, inhumane approach, with elements of unfair personal hatred. You don’t strip fallen, lethally wounded Major, who just honestly fought for you and led you in attack, from his shoulder straps and giving it to this young lieutenant, who effectively continues to bear a banner, regardless of how much you admire him. It always will be a time to reward him after smoke and dust settles (off season). Not only this kind of unclassy act would set a terrible example and unwanted precedent, but, I’m sure, would horrify this lieutenants and collective psyche. It is unthinkable in the normal society, IMO. We have many other tools to express our admiration for leadership to our lieutenants Cally or Duby, which is not based on other human humiliation. You don’t treat weak as a waste or garbage despite of their best honest efforts. Drury, as a person didn’t deserve it – give him some dignity and be benevolent fans.

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – no more on the leetch captaincy from me…..I will say lastly, that his incredible skill level divided by his incredibly modest and humble demeanor = infinity ( for any fellow math geeks out there) lord knows if I was blessed with that much talent, my ego would have been waaaaaay out of control.

    If you say he was a great captain – I am in :)

    upper case Eddie is fine, tho I should ask # 1 himself what he prefers:)

  104. Can Rangers afford to give Lundqvist a game off this week vs Florida or Ottawa?
    Can they start Chad Johnson and hope he can perform well for 1 game?
    Torts would have to keep a short rope on the backup and even consider playing Henrik the 3rd period if game is tight.
    Or does Lundqvist start from here until a playoff berth is clinched?

    What are your thoughts?

  105. Maybe Cooke’s situation will prompt NHL to rethink the instigator rule…..Wishful thinking, I know. But I think if it wasn’t for that rule, Matt Cooke would have to travel with his personal oral/facial surgeon by now.

  106. wicky, and the stupid penalty for boarding when a guy turns his back before he’s hit.


    And, yes, they’re hiding injuries now. And you probably saw how that dirty little piece of cooke Talbot ran over Lundqvist, full-well knowing that he had a neck issue. So I don’t blame them for hiding injuries. I don’t like it one bit. But I don’t blame them.

  107. CT

    Explain to your “native” Pissbourgh friend that it is NOT ok to hit anyone in the head!

    Such a bush-league comment

  108. Jim,

    Not doubting if Staal could be hurt more than they’re letting on, I’m just reiterating that I believe Andrew Gross had Torts on record for saying they’re not giving out any more info on injuries than league policy mandates.

  109. czechthemout!!!! on

    And so it begins. McD is not practicing. I wonder what Mario LaPew is going to say after the league makes it’s ruling later? Based on the class he showed as a player, I won’t hold my breath.

  110. I’m sorry being late – didn’t see all “Captain” discussion before me, just read this post and wrote my humble opinion.
    As for this “caveman cook”, I have a feeling he is a goner (didn’t they ate Captain Cook alive on some Pacific island and said he was disgusting in taste? or it was in other than NHL commission book?).

  111. The NHL needs to make a statement today – 10 games minimum !
    After all the talk last week about deliberate hits to the heads, any thing less would be a joke.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Good idea for a mini game today:

    State the number of games you think would be fair to suspend Cooke, then state number of games you think he is actually suspended.


    15, 5 (no injury, coupled with the small suspensions given to Heatley, Marchand, and Kubina. He gets extra games for being a repeat offender).

  113. ilb: I don’t get this instigator rule being the reason guys like Cooke are allowed to put people out for long periods of time from cheapshots.

    Are you telling me the only reason no one has pounded Cooke with his fists because the coach doesn’t want him to take a 2 minor minor?

    Do you truly believe that’s the case?

    Where is it written that if Derek Boogaard throws his gloves down because he knows he won’t get a 2 minute instigator penalty and Matt Cooke has to accept the challenge? Or for that matter Sean Avery? Or Patrick Kaletta? Or any other mid-weight tough guy (or whatever you call them)?

    The real reason a goon of Boogaard’s stature hasn’t thrown his gloves down to challenge Cooke is because Cooke won’t accept the challenge. Why on earth would he? He’d get the crap kicked out of him.

    What Cooke (or Avery or Kaletta) would likely do is try to goad Boogaard into throwing punches, then he’d turtle and as a result, Boogaard would get a 5 minute MAJOR penalty, which is obviously 1 helluva lot worse than a 2 minute instigator penalty.

    In other words, the removal of the instigator penalty would likely see a rise in fights, but it would not address guys like Cooke. The NHL has to legistrate those nobs out of the league via lengthy, doubling suspensions.

    That’s the answer.

  114. BTW, read somewhere among TSN comments, with all seriousness, that it was a “clean hit “.
    I would ask him in disbelieve to name any other, exept elbow, bodies parts being in contact with this hit. No,tell me what you want, but some fans are really different spicies, more than alliens.

  115. But if Mario really wants to put his money where his mouth is then they suspend Cooke themselves. It’s not like he’s the difference between them being contenders or not. Certainly not while Crosby and Malkin are out.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Team/coach fines will eliminate players like Cooke from the game. No way can a team afford to ice a loose cannon like that, nor would a coach choose to have such a player in his lineup if it could hurt his wallet.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I’ve said that as well. But from the sound of it, Bylsma and Lemieux have already spoken to Cooke and told him either to shape up, or ship out.

  118. Don’t allow for substitutions for the suspended player on the roster. They have to play with 19 players for the term of the suspension.

  119. Doodie,
    I think it’s actually a pretty common sentiment about how the Pens should respond. The sad part is that I’m sure they’ve spoken with him during some of his previous episodes and it hasn’t changed anything. Actions speak louder than words.

  120. CT, they were talking about that on NHL Net last night. Craig Button was saying, make them play short-handed, have the suspended player’s money remain against the cap, and also fine the team. But it does appear that Bylsma — who said yesterday that they cannot have those hits in the game — and Mario, who reportedly spoke to Cooke about shaping up, are on board this time.

    Jim, well said about the instigator. If a Boogaard dropped the gloves vs. a Cooke, who turtled, it would be a seven-minute PP, and Boogaard would face suspension (loss of pay checks).

  121. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    OPG=Over Paid Girardi!!

    And yes about the boarding penalty you speak of as well!

    You are 100% correct about the instigator rule. Those guys like cooke would not run around like they do now and anyone who disagrees is welcome to let boogaard or adam graves or darren langdon punch them in the face a few times even in their turtle positions if they like and then get back to me on how you feel about throwing elbows or what ever!

    Instigator rule= stupidity beyond belief!

  122. Carp- the point is, if it wasn’t for the instigator rule, Boogaard and Co. would be much less reluctant to pound Cooke. Who cares if he turtles, bet you if Boogaard hits him on his neck a few times he would need a deep massage.

  123. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    I like the fact in the article anthony m linked that aasham said the hittee (in SOME cases, obviously not in the mcdonut case)has to take some responsibility for the position they put themselves in (turning to face the boards) and some times guys get concussed because it is a collision sport. We CAN NOT pansify the game any more, collisions are part of it.

  124. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    SteveK –

    Good point and I do not have a problem with a player acquired via trade, Messier being the best example, being appointed captain, here. There is, however, a considerable difference between an acquired player and a player who is a FA signing. Players have a “no trade” option, so when a player comes here via trade, A. He wants to be here, and B. his current contract remains in force so that he is not getting a mercenary-type raise in the process.

    The reason I cite Drury as the prime example of what can go wrong with having a FA as captain has to do with his demonstrating that he really does not want the captaincy, by his play. I have done voluminous statistics record-keeping on this team and discovered, to my dismay, that our so-called “captain” was LAST on the team in hits. He almost never takes the body, he almost never mucks it up in the corners. He is a 10-year old girl scout on skates, is his approach to the game. Hopefully the Rangers will learn from this ghastly over-estimation of a mediocre hockey player and vanilla personality and not tempt fate by repeating this mistake.

    And by the way, Chris Drury is no Mark Messier.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    wicky, what happens when it’s a big dude that goes around throwing the elbows? I remember when it was Messier that was doing some of the dirty work. Who is going to instigate with him, and what would it matter when he fights back?

    What about Milan Lucic? You think he is afraid of anybody?

    Even if your instigator argument held any water with respect to deterrence (it doesn’t), it would only affect the smaller cheap shot guys.

    Further, dump the instigator rule, and what stops Carcillo or Pronger from going on the ice and just pummeling Gaborik? Let’s say it’s game 1 of the playoffs. Gaborik’s first shift, Carcillo goes out there and just starts wailing away on him. What is our response? They don’t have anybody that is even small enough to pick on other than Danny Briere!

  126. What bothers me so much about the fact that guys like Cooke continue to do the things that they do is that getting it to end is beyond simple.

    Stop with the silly single game suspensions. Start with 10 (at least) and with each recurrence, double the length. By the 4th infraction it’s 80 games – if the player (and the team) are stupid enough to be a 5 timer, the player’s booted from the league and the team fined X number of millions of dollars.

    I also share the sentiment that the team with the offending player shouldn’t escape retribution. I think with repeat offense number 1, you lose a draft pick – say 3rd rounder with repeat 1, 2nd 2, 3rd repeat a 1st, then start doubling the firsts if incredibly enough, the offenses continue.

    These same punishments apply for teams with multiple offenders.

    Because it’s so simple (and there are various other ways to penalize, as Button’s thoughts show), the reason punishments like these aren’t adopted is because the NHL consciously chooses not to.

    So the bigger question is why not?

  127. Even though the League will suspend and punish Cooke, all the Rangers players should keep the hit on McMonster yesterday in their collective memories. Cooke needs to pay for what he did, on the ice too. Plain and simple. Someone wearing the red, white, and blue sweater needs to make him cry…and send a message that his behavior is unacceptable…this goes beyond NHL rules…It is about honor…

  128. C3, thanks….I’ll take what I can get :)

    don’t really have a lot of time to comment today, but I’m reading! Keeping fingers crossed on not having to see Cooke at least for the end of regular season.

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, yes, but then all that happens is they are replaced with larger ones. You think the instigator rule would stop Gillies?

  130. that’s what the instigator is for … so boogaard can’t beat up crosby. with it or without it, cooke won’t fight boogaard, so boogaard will be suspended if he beats up cooke. the minor penalty doesn’t change that other than the power play would be five minutes instead of seven.

  131. Guest Blogger Great Post – Cally should be captain. As the bridge of his nose was being repaired I swear he said “get me back out there”. MZA does fall a lot but he’s listed at 176 and that’s being generous soaking wet. He’s a featherweight and somewhat slow afoot but still a keeper. He always where the puck is. Does anybody know anything further about Staal???

  132. Like fran suggested, we need a “sacrificial lamb” to do the dirty work. Maybe a guy like Soryal in Hartford?

    Call him up the next time the Rangers play the Pens and Cooke is playing. Have him try to end Cooke’s career…

    That is the only way he’ll learn. Unless the NHL does the unthinkable, and expells him from the League…

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, no. Devils are cooked (pun not intended). I’d rather the Penguins have to play with all of the media attention his suspension will garner.

  134. Oh, that question is below the belt, Carp….Kidding, I don’t want Cooke in the league, period.

  135. the instigator penalty is not the panacea it’s proponents would lead you to believe.

    the only way to stop the cookes of the world are to punish them severly. cooke should get 10 games a 1 round of playoffs, no pay etc…..that is a punishment……

  136. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    someone already pummeled gabby with the instigator rule (remember)!

    I don’t think lucic or messier are anywhere close to the type of players we have to worry about (yes, I know messier doesn’t play anymore). No solution is full proof or “watertight” to use your terminology, but IMHO it is a lack of respect by players who do not have to be held accountable “in the heat of the moment”.

    You adjust your rosters to accommodate certain players, I mean lucic isn’t afraid of anyone, but he can still get a butt kicking. Most of those guys that are tough and fearless are also honourable and if they do throw the occasional “questionable hit”, it is a rare occurrence and in those cases I believe that supplementary discipline would work.

    Removing the instigator rule is more for the cooke’s of the league than the lucic’s IMHO!

  137. Given that he is a chronic repeat offender Cooke should be done for the season (regular and playoffs) this year. Given Mario’s criticism of the NHL in the Pens-Isles fiasco, they can really put an end to Cooke’s crap without the Pens saying boo. With that said, they probably give him 10 because if the league doesn’t go to double digits they will look like even bigger laughingstocks when it comes to being serious about headshots.

  138. eddie eddie eddie on

    Well, the best thing to happen yesterday, was the 2 pts. and the winning streak is alive as we go for five. To be honest, much of this really is due to me, as they havent lost since I saw them at the tank was was told to sit back in my seat by security :)

  139. That’s a lot of waisted cat urine, Orr, IMO. Although, I believe mama can help with the supply :-)

  140. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    definitely should be stored in “the vault”!!

    I disagree with whomever posted that orpik is a goon. He is a hard hitting d man, who plays with an edge. I also don’t think that rupp or engelland are goons. They play regular shifts. Goddard is a goon (scratched if other “goon” usually isn’t dressed). cooke is well, we all know and talbot is a modern version of geoff courtnall who I despised!

    I would love to continue this convo with everyone, but I have to work. Thanks doodie and all for the banter and you guys have a great day and LGCS (Lets Go Cooke Suspension)!!!

    later assens!

  141. eddie eddie eddie on

    …being the superstitious sort, I havent changed my underwear since that March 12th game either….Keep winning…I really dont mind….

  142. I think that was left off as #6 on Bettman’s 6 point plan. 5 is a nice “round” number.

  143. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    damn a laurel!

    Eddie (and your two other brothers Eddie), nice guest post btw and thanks for doing it!

  144. You’re one step ahead of Tony eddie. Tony doesn’t even wear pants, don’t even get into what he wears in the hot tub.

  145. >>Cooke with an “in person hearing” today – we should know soon what he gets…

    Cooke should be cooked…I mean…done for the season.

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    Wicky – You are all quite welcome…My other two eddies send their best….Thx to ricardo for letting me….Carp has, without a doubt, the best and coolest job in the entire world…this from someone who loves his own work….

  147. >>…pens play devils two more times. would you want cooke in those games?

    That’s easy! Let him play so he can decapitate “Martee” and Kovalchoke, which will promptly earn him a lifetime ban. It’s win-win for Rangers fans!

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    It sure was a shame that McD didnt score the game winner for his first NHL goal on that breakaway…undoubtably, it would make the headache feel not so bad…

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – if this streak, pun intended, continues not even you will be safe :)

  150. totally agree with Carp on Leetch. he was the greatest Ranger dman of all time, but as captain he was a victim of a bad roster (blame the GM) and unrealistic expectations for a poor team.

    Remember that Messier, considered the greatest captain of all time, had teams that did not make the playoffs not only in NY, but in Vanc also, and those teams had Bure and Mogilny etc on them.

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – Coli “dont even bother sitting down, turn in your keys, you are done for the yr.”

  152. orr,
    you’re too cruel. Just cook Cooke to the”well done” and serve to NHL watchdogs.

  153. eddie eddie eddie on

    cooke to coli “say what, I didnt do anything…I am a penguin, wink wink, remember?”

  154. The league officers are still waiting for the daily update of Crosby lips before they feast on Cooke.

  155. If what I proposed offends some more tender sensibilities, I apologize. This is not my normal disposition as I am not by nature a hot eyed, eye for an eye guy , who relishes this activity. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you find yourself working for mafioso type “good fellas” who have no qualms about such things. I gave one such “soldiers” a job for his wife as a home bound clerk typist, and I took him on to do some field work for us, back then. He was a nice social type guy ( who I later found out carried a snub .38 in his shoulder holster). He was soft spoken, well dressed, and looked like a midest sized investment banker. He was so pleased to have a
    legitimate paying job, and comported himself well. On that year we had a great year, and my partner and I took out every one of our employees for a reserved banquet at the best Restaurant in the town, for Christmas, with open bar all evening long. It was well received and we paid our employees while – and they were loyal to a fault. the girls cried when we had to fold up shop, years later due to economic conditions But we had a great 17 year run. It really impressed this fellow, whom I’ll call Vinny.

    I met him a few year later and he happened to meet me in a
    little league game, and he approached me and thanked me for giving him the opportunity ( Oh he was still a soldier). He said to me’ ”

    Look Fran.

    I want you to know that I’ll always have your back. If there’s anybody, anybody at all, who is giving you trouble…just let me know. I’ll get them them off your back…and If I can’t then I’ll send Armand.”

    Fortunately the occasion never arose and I thanked him profusely. The lesson here is that be careful who you do business with and wind up working for…ya never know.

  156. Carp, MZA DOESN’T fall a lot – what you call “flailing” is him working to stay on his skates after taking a hit. His low center of gravity allows him to stay up when other players would be on their keisters. Think about it. Other players don’t “flail”, they go down. MZA wobbles but he doesn’t fall down.

    As for him “slowing down”, he’s got 6 points (3g, 3a) in the last 7 games. Dubi has 7 in the last 7, Gaborik (who is now considered “hot”) has 6 in the last 7. How is MZA “slowing down”???

  157. Nah, he’ll play for the Rangers under Torts so he can “ruin him” too….relax Avery fans just a little joke.

  158. No, CCCP, he is always cool and premeditated…and that’s make him dangerous and disgusting.

  159. Sorry Carp, I didn’t see that the post was by a guest blogger. I guess my comments are directed toward Eddie then.

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    Fran …funny stuff….as a kid growing up in the mid 60’s in Brooklyn’s east ny, (new jersey Avenue) I saw a few wise guys in the neighborhood too….always nice to me, they were…

  161. eddie eddie eddie on

    rocket ny – no offense, but MZA does flail alot…I like him…but he pirouetts more than Peggy Flemming…

  162. eddie eddie eddie on

    …and to say that others would be on the ice as much as MZA spins around is not correct…as the ice would be littered with bodies…just sayin

  163. eddie eddie eddie on

    rocket…and some of those “hits” are not severe enough, in my mind, to knock anyone down…

  164. billybleedsblue on

    Wow, what a game yesterday. I can’t believe we came away with the W, I was just waiting for everything to go wrong…calls/non-calls/bounces, etc. Then Cooke almost single-handedly gave us the game. It’s really only fitting that it should have turned out like that. I’m so glad to hear that McD is healthy and there’s no real long-term harm from that hit. Maybe something good will come out of this afterall (besides the Rangers’ win).

    Mary-O, where are you now? I’m still waiting for your press conference and appearances on this one. I shouldn’t hold my breath I guess. Hmmm…maybe Mary-O is just waiting for Cooke to get out of his hearing with the NHL before he holds his own court. Hmmm…perhaps Cooke is just totally misunderstood in all of this. Hmmm…what do you say Mary-O? Hmmm? Where are you now? At home coddling Cindy are you? Too busy making his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take the time to open that mouth of yours? Hmmm? Maybe there’s something in your mouth that’s in the way, hmmmm? When will the 6 ft. 4 in. 230 lb. King of the Crybaby’s weigh-in on this one, hmmmm? He must be very busy preparing his speech…what a joke.

  165. eddie eddie eddie on

    regarding MZA, as i posted originally, Am I the only one who thinks this?….maybe I am taking crazy pills….

  166. Cooke should get a few games (4-7). I know he is a repeat offender but the league loves to punish people based on the result and not only did McMonster continue to play he was crucial in scoring a goal after.

  167. Tony, wouldn’t it be great if, in the NHL’s official statement, Colin Campbell or Gary Bettman is quoted: “Cooke, now go get your shinebox”?

  168. CTBlueshirt March 21st, 2011 at 10:19 am

    MDZ is out with a broken finger. I don’t know when the deadline to add players to the playoff roster is, but I doubt he’s back before then.

    ah yes…. completely forgot about the injury. thanks!

  169. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    a second laurel

    do the stars have an injury to their d?? Lukowich on re entry?? I’m not saying, I’m just saying staal is out and didn’t luko play for torts in tampa??

    Just fanning some completely non related flames!!

  170. I hope they will throw the whole Barnes&Noble bookshelves on him and bury forever.

  171. billybleedsblue on

    wow doodie, you’re the best, but didn’t you know that? give yourself a nice pat on the back.

  172. I have to leave at 2:30 … but will be back shortly thereafter … so if Cooke decision comes down in the meantime, you guys can check it out on the twitter widget —->

    and discuss it here. I will have some thoughts asap. I actually already have those thoughts, but I’m waiting to see if the league has any onions. I doubt it.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    If Christensen were still on the Pens, I bet he would have said that they should suspend Cooke.

  174. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, don’t be surprised when Cooke is just given a slap on the wrist, or sternly admonished. The Penguins are the real victims here, one can imagine that Mary-O has already been on the phone with the league about it…

  175. Doodie – Great read. Thanks for the post. That is a rough reaction from the Pens locker room. I still want him suspended.

  176. I don’t know, Tony. It’s pretty cold up here. Maybe you should ship it instead of bringing it yourself. You might be a bit too delicate for this weather.

    Plus you’d have to put your pants on.

  177. Tony likes neither pants nor cold. It’s also raining Tony. Lots of shrinkage factors.

  178. Carp, we have a huge show going on here in Germany right now, that coaches will be fired or even move to other teams in the same season..Its kind of big discussion that it shouldn´t be allowed two teams in the same season…there some people talking about manipulate competion….

    Is it allowed in American sports, that one coach can work with two different teams in one season ????

  179. eddie eddie eddie on

    Doodie Machetto March 21st, 2011 at 2:22 pm
    If Christensen were still on the Pens, I bet he would have said that they should suspend Cooke

    doodie – that is too funny…and too true…

  180. True Blue 24 on

    what if punishment for Matt Cooke involved him going the entire 2011-2012 season with elbows duct taped to sides?

  181. Doodie Machetto on

    Personally, I think they should institute a probation system. Give Cooke 15 games, but a year of probation, where if he is given a match penalty for blindside hit to the head, boarding, or a hit from behind, he is suspended for a full calendar year. Any other match penalty (i.e., spearing, kneeing, etc.) would result in an automatic 30 day suspension. Exclusions would be automatic game misconducts for instigation, three fights in one game, or 3rd man in.

  182. when will Cooke be beheaded? How long does it take to issue a suspension to someone like Cooke? i don’t get it…

  183. Doodie – I like it.

    It would also lead to my dream job of being an Attorney for a player during games. This would work as follows: When a player gets called for a penalty his attorney would run out on the ice to argue with the referee wherein the general counsel for the team benefiting from the call would also run out on the ice to argue. This would make referee’s like judges and I could have a job being an attorney for a sports team. My dream.

  184. RT @ pensexperience: It seems like Matt Cooke has been in that meeting for a while. They’re probably spending time insulting Marc Savard.

  185. Maybe they DID shoot him and they are frantically trying to find someone to hide the body?

  186. The only piece missing from your story is how Adam Graves got suspended for his slash on Mario (in a cast) but returned for next series (talk about embelishing an injury) ?

  187. NHL:” Tony, if you want to shoot him, what are you doing all the way in AZ?”
    Tony:”That’s where the line starts, apparently…”

  188. billybleedsblue on

    David K, let us never forget that injury to Mary-O. Maybe if he wore the proper gloves, he would have been fine. I’ll never forget how that play was depicted, over and over again in super slow motion…of course it looked intentional in super slow mo. Meanwhile, it was just a stick-check, typical of that era of the game. Ahhhhhh, let us not forget that the Pens are the real victims.

  189. The NHL were quicker at creating a new rule after Avery’s antic against Brodeur. No one was hurt from that, but the NHL makes no sense when it comes to making a decision.

  190. I think Cooke is filing adoption papers into the Campbell family. That’s why it’s taking so long

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravey, that’s because it wasn’t a new rule, so much as an addition to an existing one.

  192. If they have to go thru the videos of all his past transgressions, we’re in for a long wait.

  193. Carp, you should have called for a Bonehead picnic this afternoon. A lost oppty you’ll never get back. :)

  194. BLOG Suggestion: Move the Twitter box to the area near the Comment box. Since most of us spend our time down here. It’s tough to scroll up to see how long Cooke was suspended for and then fly back down to see if any of you ‘heads said anything.

  195. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr: looking for something to fill the void between the trade deadline and free agency?

  196. Headzo Del Headzo on

    eddie x 3 nice work, but please tell us how you really feel aboot Cooke!
    I think he’ll have to eat a big carcillo sandwich this time. 10 games!

  197. Stanley just peed and I haven’t cleaned the litter box yet. Shall I send some to the meeting?

  198. I don’t think the widgetythingy can be moved. And even so, does it really take that long out of your life to scroll up and down! Oh the impatience of youth!

  199. I think Campbell is working on tomorrow’s email. This time, however, he just can’t seem to find an appropriate substitute for a word “faker” to describe McD’s action.

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    “I think Campbell is working on tomorrow’s email. This time, however, he just can’t seem to find an appropriate substitute for a word “faker” to describe McD’s action.”

    Ryan MarcDonagh

  201. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Official announcement from the NHL: McD suspended 10 games for blatantly placing his head in Cooke’s elbow’s pathway with intent to injure the elbow. Also mental anguish for Crosby.

  202. i think Cooke hit Campbell from behind and locked the doors from the inside.

    Everyone thinks that they still talking but in reality Campbell is unconscious and can’t make the decision

  203. could also be that the meeting started late, since Cooke supposedly had some weather-related travel delays today.

  204. We’re all 26 here Man :)

    ilb, that may be too much even for Cooke :)

    Hey, anyone want to finish my unfinished work? I’ll pay…..

  205. Carp, that’s an interesting thought regarding Fehr’s possible influence on this situation. Would you elaborate a bit?

  206. That is just another reason to love this place! I am so happy to be 26. Now I can be a “Raging Richard” on the party scene.

  207. ilb,
    You would be surprised…rightfully making fun of it, but I was totally astonished, reading on one of TSN blogs that McD is a known diver (???!!!!) Say what? Can you imagine that? …and we are not talking Blind People Society here. For short period of time, guy is playing in NHL, you rarely see him losing balance even in board fights and tough game’s situations. As I said – different species.

  208. billybleedsblue on

    Yes, McD is a known diver. DUH. Clearly the Penguins are being victimized here. I wonder how they can stand to play in a league like this. Maybe Mary-O should dissolve the team and start his own league where his team is given the benefit of doubt on every call and has special players protected beyond belief…oh, wait.

  209. Doodie Machetto on

    Or maybe he heard what MacArthur and Schenn said about him and so he’s paying a quick visit to their blindsides with his elbow.

  210. He’s a no name, according to my Pitt friend and he doesn’t deserve the same protection that the “face of the league” gets. I wanted to travel through my email portal and punch my friend in the face as soon as I read that.

  211. May be it is just 12th round of elbowing each other in a head and both sides are in zomby state, not being able to make and publish a statement?

  212. Carp, AC 8037 flight from Pittsburgh to Toronto was only delayed for 9 minutes to arrive at 11.33 am. so there is no reason to start the meeting later…No travel issues at all….

  213. True Blue 24 on

    shustio March 21st, 2011 at 4:26 pm
    Carp, AC 8037 flight from Pittsburgh to Toronto was only delayed for 9 minutes to arrive at 11.33 am. so there is no reason to start the meeting later?No travel issues at all?.

    i thought he flew out of Detroit?

  214. True,
    Nothing wrong with Siberia, my comrad. Except you would be there REALLY True Blue! LOL!

  215. billybleedsblue on

    hahaha, his ticket was coach, but he elbowed his way up to the front of the plane…

  216. Delta flight 3131 out of Detroit was only delayed by one minute to arrive at 11.54 instead of 11.53..no travel issues at all

  217. Leetchhalloffame LOL

    Maybe they are actually giving this issue the attention it deserves… hahaha what am I thinking? There has to be a better explanation!

  218. billybleedsblue on

    It’s been reported that Mario Lemieux is seeking legal action against Ryan McDonagh’s head.

    “You clearly see the inappropriate contact to my players elbow in the replay. I believe he was trying to injure Cooke’s elbow, possibly to end his season early. The league cannot continue to allow my players to be victimized in this manner.”


  219. Leetchhalloffame on

    Rumor that McDonagh was on same flight as Cooke today and was served duck for lunch while Cooke chose the elbow macaroni.

  220. last flight is at 7.10 pm DL 6424 back to Detroit, he will probably miss it :)
    or take the train, which takes him more than six hours..hihihi I did it for my own, I know it :)

  221. No more suspensions…The NHL should allow the victim one free shot at the player that hit him…or pick a player of his choice to do it for him…and it should be televised

  222. Orr, better yet, Cooke should play next season (regardless of which league he’s in) with no pads or helmet.

  223. I would think the Pens are better off without Cooke in the lineup each night. Less chance of losing a game due to stupid unnecessary penalties, like yesterday.

  224. Actually Cooke is one of their top PK guys (if he’s not taking the penalties himself).

  225. nice job Eddie…….

    ask your naive pens fan what is the hit on cindy he’s referring to
    in his email? the one from the caps player that was an accident,
    where the replays showed him looking towards the player with
    the puck and bumped into cindy
    the pens medical staff ignoring any symptoms
    at that game and the next day and for the next game…

  226. if you care

    Real_ESPNLeBrun Pierre LeBrun
    Folks, make sure to follow star Dallas Stars center Brad Richards on twitter at @BRichards_1991. Via text he confirmed it’s indeed him

  227. I am lazy so I am asking you guys. The Caps are going to play with this crazily depleted lineup for the rest of the regular season. Are they playing nothing but our foes? Is this going to hurt us?

  228. eddie eddie eddie on

    TSN reporting….5 hours for cooke…..alone with evander kane, in a locked room…..

  229. jpg, I pointed that out to both of them.

    Cooke’s hit is 1000 x’s worse than what happened to Crosby. Even if we’re to believe that Steckel knew Crosby was there, he still didn’t lead with his elbow from more than a few strides away. And Hedman’s hit was just a bigger guy hitting a smaller guy against the glass. But they wear black and gold blinders, and deep down I’m sure they realize they aren’t winning the Cup this year without Sid and Malkin. And when you look at their cap situation, they’re going to have a hard time keeping a lot of their impending FAs.

  230. didn’t work out as a Ranger
    but wishing all the best for
    Manny Malhotra’s recovery from eye injury.

    (out for the season)

  231. Matt L

    according to Gross blog it seemed as if players were trying to downlplay it and not
    comment — Zuc openly telling Stepan to ignore, but Derek had a few words anyway.
    of course
    Artie had a great line after his run-in with cooke=human puke
    he told McD “Welcome to the club.”

  232. eddie eddie eddie on

    headzo…..what…does….marcellus….wallace….look like…..and dont say…what

  233. Cooke’s not going to need to get to Detroit any time soon.

    As for Fehr, apparently, according to a Brooks column a while back, the reason for the small suspensions so far this season was that the PA agreed to the rule changes re: headshots, with the stipulation that the suspensions wouldn’t be too steep. You know the PA — which is supposed to protect its victims and its perps, as Brooks pointed out — will fight for Cooke if they hit him too hard.

    You know, the same Fehr who fought to protect all those steroid cheats like Bonds and A-Rod and Clemens all those years.

  234. SNY Rangersblog says it’s for the rest of the regular season and 1st round of the playoffs.

  235. @RealKyper: #Pens Cook suspended by #NHL rest of regular season and 1st round of Stanley Cup play-offs.


    What did the Pens cook do now? Mess up Crosby’s PB&J?

  236. Noah-rury-aal-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    If it’s rest of season and first round of playoffs, I’m okay with that (though I think rest of season and all of playoffs would’ve sent more of a message).

  237. I still think they shouldn’t be allowed to replace him in the lineup. Playing shorthanded in the playoffs would really be a severe penalty.

  238. So, this gives the Rangers plenty of time to think about how to punish him on the ice next season…because this is not something that should be forgetten…

    He needs to pay to the price…on the ice…

  239. Thanks, Doodie. Horrible news about Manny. Sounds like traumatic retinal detachment. Depending on the surface area affected, it could mean end of career and long term issues. I hope not. Classy young man.

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