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Jesse Spector’s blog has John Tortorella’s post-game press conference here.

From the New York Rangers:

March 20, 2011 – New York Rangers 5, Pittsburgh Penguins 2 (Game No. 73, Away No. 37)

*       The Rangers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-2, today at CONSOL Energy Center to improve to 39-30-4 overall, including a 22-14-1 mark on the road.  The Blueshirts have won a season-high, four straight games, and are 6-1-0 in their last seven contests.

*       The Blueshirts erased a one-goal deficit mid-way through the third period with back-to-back goals in a span of 11 seconds to take the lead.

*       New York won each of their three contests at Pittsburgh this season, out-scoring the Penguins, 12-5, in those games.  It is the first time the Blueshirts swept the season-series in Pittsburgh since 1996-97 (2-0-0), and the first time since 1973-74 that a Rangers team won three games at Pittsburgh in the same season.

*       Tonight marked the 14th time this season the Rangers notched five or more goals in a game, including each of their last three contests and four of their last six.

*       Henrik Lundqvist made 38 saves to extend his winning streak to four games, and improve to 31-24-4 overall with an 18-11-1 mark on the road.  It is the fourth time this season Lundqvist has faced 40 or more shots, having posted a 3-1-0 record with a 1.51 goals against average, a .964 save percentage and one shutout in those contests.  He is 6-1-0 in the last seven games, and now leads the league with 18 road wins.

*       The Rangers tallied one power play goal in three attempts (7:00), and are 12-45 (26.7%) with the man advantage in their last 12 games.

*       Ryan Callahan notched the game-winning goal at 9:39 of the third period, added two assists and was credited with six hits in 20:52 of ice time.  The goal was his team-high, 23rd of the season, marking a new career-high for the fifth-year forward.  He leads the Rangers in scoring with 13 goals and 23 points (13 goals, 10 assists) in 21 games since returning from injury on Feb. 1, including 21 points (11 goals, 10 assists) in the last 16 contests.

*       Brandon Dubinsky recorded two assists, including one on the power play, added an empty net goal and won a game-high, 11 faceoffs in 17 attempts (65%).  He has tallied seven points (two goals, five assists) in the last six games, and has won 38-55 faceoffs (69%) in the last three games.

*       Artem Anisimov opened the game’s scoring at 11:20 of the first period, and added an assist to post his 10th multi-point performance of the season and second in as many games.  It is the second straight game Anisimov tallied the first goal of the contest in the first period.  The first period goal was his 40th point of the season, marking the first time in his career he has reached that mark.  Anisimov has recorded nine points (four goals, five assists) in the last seven games.

*       Marian Gaborik tallied a power play goal at 9:28 of the third period to tie the score at two, and extend his scoring streak to five games (five goals, one assist over the span).

*       Vinny Prospal recorded one power play assist to extend his scoring streak to a Rangers’ season-high, nine games (two goals, nine assists over the span), and has tallied 14 points (three goals, 11 assists) in the last 12 contests.  He leads the team with 12 assists and ranks second in scoring with 17 points (five goals, 12 assists) in 20 games since returning from injury on Feb. 3.  Prospal’s nine-game point streak is the longest by a Ranger since Scott Gomez  posted a 13-game scoring streak from Dec. 6, 2007 vs. Toronto to Jan. 2, 2008 at Calgary.  The nine-game scoring streak is also the longest by Prospal since he registered a 13-game point streak from Oct. 26, 2005 at New Jersey to Nov. 20, 2005 at Carolina.

*       Derek Stepan notched one goal at 18:45 of the third period and logged 18:22 of ice time.  The goal was his 40th point of the season, marking the first time a Ranger reached the 40-point plateau as a rookie since Brandon Dubinsky registered 40 points (14 goals, 26 assists) in 82 games during the 2007-08 season.

*       Erik Christensen recorded the primary assist on Callahan’s game-winning goal to extend his scoring streak to four games (two goals, four assists over the span), and has now registered at least one point in seven of his last nine games (five goals, seven assists).  It is the second consecutive game Christensen has tallied the primary assist on the game-winning goal.

*       Mats Zuccarello also registered an assist on Callahan’s game-winning goal to extend his assist streak to three games (three assists over the span), and has now recorded six points (three goals, three assists) in the last seven games.

*       Ryan McDonagh tallied one assist and posted a plus-two rating in the contest.  He has registered three assists and a plus-nine rating in his last six games.

*       The Rangers out-hit the Penguins, 39-24, in the contest, led by Steve Eminger’s season-high, eight hits, and six hits each from Ruslan Fedotenko and Ryan Callahan.  Entering the game, the Rangers led the NHL in hits with 2,045, and Pittsburgh ranked third with 1,965.

*       The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 21, is 11:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.

*       The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Florida Panthers on Tuesday, Mar. 22, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a two-game homestand.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and

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  1. Sather's Wrapup on


    Hello, Ranger Fans! Here we are in Crosby PA, just Crosbying all the Crosby’s and just getting Crosbyed by it all. I hope you all go Crosby yourselves and Let’s Go Crosbys!!! That takes care of the NHL Constant Crosby Repeated Crosby Reference Crosby Rule. Now we can proceed….

    Mess! Hey Messier! Is that Kovalev out there? Why didn’t we sign him this season? I know I saw Leetch sitting in the broadcast booth lately, and Graves is always hanging about somewhere. Even Keenan has been skulking around the Garden. Maybe we could put the Cup team back together and give it another go? We can sign Kovy for about $6 Million, I bet…

    (Singing) “Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling… From Glen to Glen, and down the mountain side ” Ohhhh, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone- (I see Dantoni gets top billing, but at least he mentions me twice). Hey there, Big Guy! Eighth Place is just around the corner, just like I promised. And don’t forget that 7 year contract extension if we win a playoff round… How the Knicks doin’ now that you got Marshmallo? Huh? Oh, it’s Carmalo? Whatever… Still losing? (click) What an Asshat!

    Where’s my latest million-dollar pugilist? Boogy, run down to the concession stand and get me a couple of those sausage and pepper things they sell here. And NOT the hot sausage either! Give Muckler the hot ones… Those thing burn twice- once when you eat ‘em and again at carcillo time.

    KLUNK! Awww, Geez, Boogy, you gotta remember to duck thru doorways, or that concussion will never heal…

    A nice win today! I can’t wait to here Lemieux threaten to quit hockey again after that Cooke major elbowing penalty and game misconduct. C’mon Mario! You can do it……

    And don’t worry about making the playoffs. I sent Drury, Redden and White to Carolina for 8th place. They seemed happy to do it…

    Forever Yours (Or at least it seems like it…)
    Uncle Glennie

  2. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Keep the team as is. No need to rush Staal back !

    (PS- The Rangers won convincingly the last time Avery was in. But he gave an Islander a boo-boo.) Hah.

  3. I don’t think there will even be a discussion whether that was an intentional attempt to injure ( despite some crazy Pens’ fans thinking otherwise). That was as blatant blindside hit to the head as they come. But i do believe the league should show they are really serious about it. Not to mention Cooke is the one who most likely cut Savard’s career short. But how dumb is Cooke to do this in the midst of all the meetings and steps the league is attempting to introduce in order to deal with head injuries?

  4. Great win today. Great 3rd period. Fariness from referees. Clutchness from Gabbo and the Captain and the King.

  5. Torts got it right about EC-Gaborik-Prospal line. They didn’t have it. But Gaborik scored a big goal, he’s been scoring big goals lately…

  6. You know, Torts said in his last presser that Vinny had a bad shot, and he couldn’t have been more right.

    He took two shots on that five on three, and didn’t come close to hitting the net.

    I still can’t believe we managed to score two goals on the PP sequence.

    Last years team would have folded after the shorty. That’s for sure.

  7. ilb, that’s why Coke should get a lengthysuspension; this comes on the eels of all this talk about head shots & what the league is doing about it andhe blatantly throws an elbow to McD’s head!! He can’t helphimself because tha’s the type of player he is and the NHL should see that. ALtho, I gurantee, the NHL will kiss Lemieux ask and make it a 5 game suspension. ANd Lemeux should write anter letter of apology and fie his own org-in-eye-za-tion for having this playe on their payroll

  8. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Tiki: We better keep Staalzi out of the lineup unless someone else gets hurt. Don’t want to change the chemistry!!! Logic.

  9. Yep, comparing a 4th liner with no discretion or self-control to a first pair defenseman. Logic!

  10. Also, a skill-less 4th liner. Not talking about chemistry, but rather, talking about “sticking with what works or with what has been working.” Nice try, hueso! :)

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    Funny that Mario bitches and moans, and also owns the most penalized team in the NHL and employs Matt Cooke…..that brave soul who wears a visor and delivers blind side headshots.

  12. the game being nationally televised means its going to be a pretty hefty suspension. I would say he’s done for the regular season and forced to miss at least one playoff game. I say 12 game suspension…

  13. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Tiki: Tell us about Wolski’s game. Most of us missed it. But at least he didn’t give a Pen a faceful when the score was out of reach. That would be unforgivable!!!

  14. despite the goal today and the winning streak, Stepan has been terrible lately…wonder if its just a product of him never playing this many games in a season before…

  15. Wolski has more skill. In addition, 16 PIM for Wolski. 164 for Avery. But again, I applaud your minimal effort! :)

  16. You can make a very good case that Cooke’s hit had much more of an intent to injure than any of the hits against Skid. Mario?

  17. Avery = Addition by subtraction.

    Ever since Ive watched this video, the Americans always lose! Ahaha!

  18. not true. Stepan is surpassing Dubi’s rookie stats, and his line has the best plus minus of ALL the Ranger lines.

  19. Orr, you’d rather have Wolski than Avery in the lineup for a tough playoff series?? Agree he needs to be much smarter, but we’re really going to need a little more grit come playoff time.

  20. Orr, you drove away one highly respected commenter on this blog with your spiteful, Im not going to let that happen to me. Go ahead, keep on bashing NY to be antagonistic, it says everything about your (lack of) character. Ill drop the Cindy video rather than attempt to antagonize you any longer.

  21. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The Penguins have become a head hunting goon squad. Their fans are complete idiots, their owner is a total hypocrite, their owner is cry baby, and finally I am joining the ranks of fellow boneheads that hate the Pens. ( I know I usually never do a rant, but allow me this one time to get this off my chest)

    I just checked NHL dot com, teams stats, and the Penguins lead the league in all relevant penalty catgegories, most penalties, most minutes, most majors, minors, etc etc..them and the Islanders have 200 more penalty minutes than even the third most penalized team.

    Cooke, Talbot, Rupp, Engelland, Orpik, Goddard, I mean how many Byfuglien Goons can one team have.

    “I am not sure I want to watch a league where team can have that many goons and penalties and play against classy no-goon teams like the Rangers”…someone tell Mario I said that and give him my name address and phone number, and tell him I am waiting for him.

  22. Tiki wrote:

    Orr, you drove away one highly respected commenter on this blog with your spiteful behavior


    HUH?? Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself?

  23. I’m sure – especially since I never drove anyone away or go after anyone personally. Why don’t you just think about it for a minute, a commenter that rarely shows up anymore, CCCP. :)

  24. it all depends on who were playing. If we’re playing Philly, I want Avery in the lineup…

  25. Is it Salty Dupuis? I didn’t drive him away. Dreary did when he got injured. If he’s not in the lineup, he has nothing to talk aboot, since half his comments are complaints aboot him :P

    By the way, that should read “have one or two kids”

  26. And Mama will tell you I never drove anyone away. And there’s not a more respected commenter on RR than her. :)

    No, Orr. Not Salty. Im just going to ask nicely, rather than be a bouchebag. Please stop the NY bashing. Id really appreciate it. Thanks.

  27. Can’t think of anyone who stopes posting because of ORR, Tiki

    But I know a few posters who rarely show up because of you :)

  28. The fact that Cooke immediately left the ice means he knew his hit was dirty. Not sure how many guys in the NHL are like him, but guys intentionally trying to injure others will ruin the game if a stop is not put to it.

  29. You’re not thinking hard enough CCCP. It should only take 2 seconds to remember.

    But glad you’re having a great time talking carcillo behind my back! Carry on! It’s nice when you find out who your true friends are, even on a blog meant for fun :)

  30. JimboWoodside on

    C’mon, Minny Wild, give the Habs another embarrassing loss! they deserve it!

    Doggone Debbies leading 1-0 start of 2…..I know, they’re way behind, but I love seeing them have NO hope for a lost season.

  31. Rhode Island Ranger on

    If we’re playing girls hockey, I want WW in the lineup. If we’re playing desperate stretch-run and playoff hockey, I want Avery in the lineup.

    Watch the game highlights on Watch closely and you’ll see a shift in the Pens zone where WW’s linemates all finish their checks with gusto (playoff style). WW reaches with the big wooden spoon, misses the Pens D man and curls away without the hit. Story of his career.

    But, he took no aggressive penalties!!! He behaved like a perfect little gentleman on his Pittsburgh playdate. Extra cookie before bedtime.

  32. You get to bash Boston, so I get to bash the Knicks :P

    If it’s not Salty Dupuis, who could it be? I can’t think of anyone. Most likely a whiner. Is it that dork who always says “son”

    Haven’t seen him post in a while. Thankfully.

  33. Cooke’s hit could be compared to Simon’s stick smack across Hollweg’s throat few year back

    It had nothing to do with hockey play but was a direct intent to injure the player.

    Thank god McD is ok…but that should not affect NHL’s decision and Cooke must be suspended for the rest of the year

  34. speaking of scaring people away where is boom boom bathgate?

    havent seen him complain about mercanaries like Vinny Prospal or Brian McCabe lately…

  35. I’m sure, NHL commission will take video of today’s incident as a special learning tool for years to come, to demonstrate what exactly they mean by “hit to a head with clear intention to injure” as a clean(dirty) example. That be the only stinking elbow print which Cooke-sucker, or, as they say in Russian, – Del Huesos (with emphasis to the last syllable) will leave in hockey history.

  36. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Is it really a big deal for someone to bash the Knicks? Am I missing something?

  37. Noah – In the broad sense, no it’s not. But it’s a principle called mutual respect. And when the bashing is done with the sole purpose to antagonize me, yes it’s a big deal…to me.

  38. Tiki

    I’ve told you before and telling you again right in your face…you drove many people away from the blog with you’re psychotic behavior

    If this place is meant for fun then you’re clearly abusing it

    Think whatever you want of me but thats the way it is

  39. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Orr: Zherdev’s more likely to score a goal than Wolski !!! Surely you see where this “hockey” logic gets you?

    Avery plays hard, goes to the net, provokes, distracts opponents, forces his team to play tougher and, lest you forget, stands up for teammates when “shutdown defensemen” stand and watch their scoring star being abused.

    Great hockey teams need a few b@stards. Avery’s our’s. Get used to it. Even Torts will swallow his ego and put him back in come playoff time.

  40. Tom – Yes. These things take time. And honestly, when Douglas runs the point, we’ve been successful. Billups looks completely inept out there on daily basis. He’s horrific with his decision making.

    CCCP – Whatever “psychotic behavior” you’re speaking of is the word of one poster on this site. And if you don’t realize that it’s one side of a story, then I cant help you. Blogmama knows what truly happened and Ive got her backing. You can go back to ignoring me now. I have nothing left to say to you if you’re going to act like that. :)

  41. Yea, dolan sucks. I still pinch myself how sather has finally gotten it right on how to build a winning team, through the draft. Unfortunatey, IMO, the knicks (because dolan gets more involve) will never be a good team that will win a championship.

  42. Lol, just went on a Pittsburgh website to see if they were in uproar about the game, and one guy commented “us against the world.”

    Who is “us,” anyway? Gary Bettman? Colin Campbell? The ENTIRE NHL BROADCASTERS’ ASSOCIATION?

    Dumb Pens fans. They are all pieces of Cooke.

  43. yea, I went on the tsn website and couldn’t believe the crap pen fans were saying about todays game. What a bunch of carcillo’s.

  44. You cant argue the 4 minute high sticking or the 5 minute Cooke major. I guess you could argue the Cooke major, but considering Cooke immediately walked off the ice, he knew it was intentional and that he deserved the 5 minutes. Not even Id argue those if the penalties were called on us.

  45. Someone on tsn posted this:

    Just a Bad HABit
    2 hours ago

    I knew Cooke couldn’t resist doing something stupid for an entire season.


    I thought Cooke had done this stuff already this season??

  46. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Orr: “Oh please, the Girardi thing again? Girardi did the right thing. Butt-Chin deserved to get the crap kicked out of him.” Seriously? Letting Carcillo beat down your top scorer in a regular season game is the right thing?! Got your philosophy, loud and clear.

    Philly agrees with you. And they want your girl, WW, in the lineup in playoff game #1 on Broad Street.

    Anyway, hope we all agree that we want the lineup that gives the Rangers the best chance of making, and advancing in, the playoffs. LGR.

  47. From Ranger Rants:

    “..Rangers GM Glen Sather walked through the dressing room and after hearing McDonagh had been woozy at the time of the hit and said, “Don’t worry, he should get 10 games.”

  48. Tiki,
    Cooke’s been suspended already this year. Some of the TSN comments are absurd though. People ACTUALLY believe that was a clean hit.


  49. JimboWoodside on

    Oy! All the other games are going the other way on us today – good thing that the Rangers took care of business!

  50. Rhode, look back at that game, instead of just at that specific moment.

    We’re down a goal, in what was a *must win game*. Our top scorer, the only guy who seemed like he can put the puck in the net, drops the gloves, cause he can’t take a little rub to the face. He deserved to get the crap kicked out of him for dropping the gloves. We need him to score, not fight.

    And if Girardi jumps in, he’s gone. Wasn’t worth it. Girardi stepped in for Nicky Z, because the scenario was totally different. They couldn’t afford to be shorthanded in that game. So he made the right call, and Butt-Chin made the wrong call.

    Everyone’s so quick to throw him Girardi under the bus for that game, but they forget that he’s fought for his teammates a few times.

  51. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Orr: We both like Girardi. But defense of your best players is primal. It trumps everything else. Ask the Oilers of the ’80s or the Pens of Mario’s era.

    Wolski plays like a girl. Fancy when other teams give him time and space (like the shootout!), but invisible when things get tight and feisty this time of year.

    Would love to coach my Avery lineup against your Wussy Wolski side in a seven game series. You could even wear white. By the end, you’d be crying like Nancy Kerrigan (and so would your top finesse guy).

    Happily, our hockey genius doesn’t have to clash; we both want the same result. LGR.

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    great win….the rangers cannot be stopped…..Orr- i know you have a #16 jersey, dont you? :)…..WW and EC were matilda’s – a – walzting today…

  53. I don’t throw Girardi under the bus for that. I throw him under the bus for all the other carcillo he does.

  54. One thing is for sure – Avery has a negative balance in any prolonged period in Usefulness vs. Demage for the team. Regardles, of personal likes/dislikes, it IS medical fact, no metter, how you look at it.

  55. Looking ahead to Monday and Tuesday’s games of interest to us:

    Monday: Penguins play tomorrow night in Detroit. Interesting to see how they respond to today’s loss in the second game of a back to back and on the road no less.

    Tuesday: Jersey vs Boston, Ottawa vs. Carolina and Buffalo vs. Montreal

  56. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Orr: A prediction for you. Your nemesis, Sean Avery, will be in the playoff lineup by the start of game 2 at the latest.

    Our friend Torts has a big ego, but he wants to win. Me too. LGR.

  57. JimboWoodside on

    Damn! That P.***K. Subban just scored a goal! I do believe that I really dislike him a lot!

  58. been having a pretty good day so far
    then i see the carcillo link from Tiki
    of cindy scoring that goal
    (btw, Nash deserved a HECKUVA lot of credit for that set up
    but of course cindy is the annointed one)

    seriously Tiki
    what is wrong with you?!?!?
    you’re either a troll
    a troll wannabe
    or just hopelessly without a clue

  59. Speaking of playoffs and knowing character of anointed one, I wouldn’t trust Avery under pressure and tough times, when every mistake counts. Besides, he already left team for 164 min. of mostly unwarranted, if not stupid, PK hardship this season and demonstrated non-stop turnover machine of himself. In PO it is unforgivable. And he is not an aggravation factor anymore at all. So, how he will compensate for all that? By his “productivity”? 3 goals in 70 games,… what you expect by coefficient in PO? Grit? Doubfull. What else, really? Gonner, IMO.

  60. I thought Girardi played terrible today. He seems to be watching the play instead of anticipating and being in the right position. I didn’t think he had a strong game against MTL either, in spite of him scoring a goal.

    Amazing stat that Latona posted. Sauer has been better than advertised.

    Glad we got 2 points and the Pens got none.

  61. JimboWoodside on

    RIR, we posted almost the exact same thing, at the same time! But your post beat mine! OK…

  62. The next two games need to be put solidly in the win column. At home against FL on Tues. and Ottawa on Thurs. We need to continue establishing MSG as ‘Our House’ with no let down against two teams going nowhere and with nothing to lose. Torts did not love the effort today by some players. If there’s a practice tomorrow it will see him delivering a strong message to the forwards, particularly Gabby’s line which saw little time in the third period today.

  63. don’t know if Larry Brooks tweets are you there
    so there’s this:

    NYP_Brooksie Larry Brooks
    My opinion: anything under 10 for Cooke is travesty but would not be shocked if league gives him 6.

  64. Shocked to see that Buffalo lost. Can’t give a point away like that. Good for us.

    You just know these next 2 games will be a struggle even though they are both teams we must find a way to beat. I will be pleasantly surprised if they are solid wins. I’ll take any kind of win.

  65. Preds beat Sabres in OT. YES! Go Preds. I will glady root loudly for them next weekend just cause of that. :)

  66. Gabby’s line wasn’t good today. Not gonna argue that. However, I think that may be a by-product of how tight-checking and grinding the game was. Those 3 thrive in more of an open style of play than was played together. They DO have to play better though, as they were invisible not just ineffective.

  67. I bet if I scoured the posts from last year long enough I would find enough people to agree with my feeling during the summer that Girardi should not have been brought back let alone given a 4 year deal. I’d love to see him moved in the offseason to a GM that blindly loves the blocked shot stat.

  68. jpg's sister on

    As per Cooke’s hit, which I admit I only saw in replays since I couldn’t watch the game live. Too Nervous.

    I paraphrase. Didn’t Mario say he wanted to distance himself away from NHL because of head hits? How can he say that when Matt Cooke is on his team and what does Cooke do but intent to injure head hits?

  69. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Jimbo: The Pred result was even better with their announcers screaming insensibly on the internet radio !!!

    4everanger: Avery has made a positive difference in more Ranger playoff games and series than Torts has. Our coach (who’s doing a very nice job this year) has already in his brief tenure been suspended for and blew a game, stripped Avery from the lineup after a physical win at home, stripped Orr from a lineup allowing Brash@t to devastate one of our most effective players.

    And what’s the worst playoff sin by Avery, again? Or playoff achievement by the likes of WW? Take your time. LGR.

  70. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i’m sure some of youse guys already know this but that piece of carcillo Cooke wears an “A” for the Pens, what does say about their organization? What a bunch of scumbags.

  71. Re: Avery, RIR I’ll repeat myself here, but the Rangers have about 4 or 5 players that equal or exceed Avery’s grit that also can score, defend and play smarter than he can. Two or three years ago he may have brought that sorely lacking element to the team but can you honestly say that Cally/Dubi/Prust/Boyle don’t add enough hard nosed plays? Or that Fedetenko isn’t better defensively? There’s a handful of players in the league, mostly David Clarkson and Kovalchuk that still take the bait with Avery. Everyone has pretty much wised up to his antics.

  72. i think Bylsma is finally fed up with Cooke as much as we are and i wouldnt be surprised to see a nice long suspension for Cooke, season ending. id say banish him to the AHL or KHL but thats just putting some youngster in danger, or a retired NHLer ;)

  73. Rhode Island Ranger on

    CT: I agree with you completely about the Rangers benefitting from more guys in the lineup that play with grit. Here’s to Progress!!!

    The question is whether egg merchants like WW are more valuable this time of year than someone who raises the physical and emotional tenor and goes to the net recklessly like Avery.

    If WW played like Calli or Prust, I’d be happy to see Avery sit. But watch today’s video, WW’s soft. Everybody knows it. Even Torts.

  74. Well if you’re willing to concede that the 4 or 5 players that I mentioned deserve their spot, then add in Anisimov/Stepan/Gaborik/Prospal for their scoring and/or playmaking abilities you’ve already accounted for 9 of the 12 forward spots. Then you’re down to Zuccarello, EC, Wolski and Avery as the players in the mix for the next 3 spots. MZA is a player the team is looking to integrate into the line up going forward, EC has done pretty well lately. So basically we’re talking about the difference between the 12th and 13th forwards, players that aren’t expected to be the impact players on most games. The last few games non-withstanding, the Rangers have struggled to score goals the 2nd half of the season and Wolski at least has the shootout ability that has been responsible for the team earning points more so than Avery has.

  75. Torts has to make tough but absolutely obvious decision of sitting Girardi when Staal comes back.

  76. CT
    i wasn’t ecstatic that we kept Girardi last summer
    and even less satisfied with him this year.
    if he was used as part of a package that brought
    someone worthwhile in return i wouldn’t feel too bad.

    i know that he became a father earlier in the season
    and wouldn’t have blamed him for some iffy games
    during those days but he just seems to be getting
    maybe someone can check the year by year stats
    but his offense seems to be down and his play in our
    zone makes him look more like an uncertain rookie
    than Sauer-McD

  77. “Avery has made a positive difference in more Ranger playoff games and series than Torts has”

    Really? Aves was a part of good teams. Torts had to take over that miserable team with Blowmez, Naslund, Zherdev, etc. How can you even make that argument? Aves has been in three series with NYR, Torts has only been in one.

    “has already in his brief tenure been suspended for and blew a game, stripped Avery from the lineup after a physical win at home”

    Yeah, he “blew” that game. You can’t be serious with that. He takes a third liner out of the lineup, and it’s his fault we lost that series? Ahahaha!

    “stripped Orr from a lineup allowing Brash@t to devastate one of our most effective players”

    So, now goons are supposed to play in the playoffs? Alright. So, just out of curiosity, who are you taking out of the lineup when Booger is healthy? Feds? MZA? Prust?


  78. Wow, what a talented young kid! A hat trick for Pernell Karl in a must-win game for Montreal!!!

  79. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Funny thing is didn’t you exult in him not being in the lineup only seconds after the conclusion of today’s dramatic victory?! When the rest of us were celebrating the dramatic comeback, you were reveling in Avery stewing in the press box. Petty.

    You prefer WW now and in any playoff struggle. Some of us prefer Avery’s edge and demonstrated gutsy commitment when other teams take liberties. Fine.

    And I don’t doubt your hockey knowledge for a second. This debate is as old as the game itself. You’re with Sports Illustrated and I’m with Conn Smythe. Hope the intramural battle continues deep into the playoffs. LGR.

  80. I’m pretty sure that MTL’s playoff chances are virtually a lock.

    Go ahead and root for players that cheap shot your own team’s players. I’ll root for Pedroia to pull a nasty take out slide on Cano.

  81. Jim – In all seriousness, I like the kid. Im not antagonizing anyone. Montreal needed this game to have any chance of stealing the division away from the bruins.

  82. No idea, I hope not. Maybe he’s been dealing with a nagging injury that flared up.

  83. Rhode Island Ranger on

    dd: Fair enough. You prefer WW’s commitment in the dirty areas of the ice?

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could all sit with Torts and Sully in the morning with our coffees and watch the tape… and count the number of times WW turns away from a check? Or blocks a shot? Or bangs with the Pens D and the Little Flower in front of the net? We wouldn’t need an abacus.

    WW’s commitment is officially suspect (so is EC’s). This makes teammates nervous come crunch time.

  84. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Tiki – I understand what you’re saying. But my dislike for the Habs (especially in the last few years) has transcended my dislike for the Bruins. That’s where I’m coming from. I’d rather see Boston finish higher than MTL….and I root for both of them to get knocked out in the first round!

  85. Since Torts clearly stated that Staal had a “body injury” and that it was his decision that Staal not play I think it’s doubtful Staal is concussed. Otherwise it would have been the training staff making Staal unavailable to play. Time will tell.

    Carp, is the team practicing tomorrow? If so, perhaps it’s optional?

  86. bull dog line on

    Heave Ho!
    I hope you are right. teams very rarely lie about injuries this time of year, so i am sure Torts was being truthful.

  87. do you guys think Fedotenko comes back next year? Torts seem to love him, and I have no problem with him coming back. a solid 3rd liner.

  88. RIR,

    Wolski and Avery play different styles. But I can also count just as many blind passes that Avery has thrown around in all areas of the ice as checks that Wolski has shied away from. Or the fact that Avery is the most penalized player on the team which more often than not acts as a detriment to the team.

    My point from a few posts ago was that Avery and Wolski at this point are marginal contributors to the team based on their designated roles. “Firing up the team” isn’t really something I can say has been lacking on the team this year, not with some of our aforementioned players providing the hustle and play.

    I’ve appreciated what Avery did for the team in 07 and 08, but the team has been revamped massively since then and I’d list almost an entire roster’s worth of players that are more important to the success of the Rangers organization whether it’s the remaning of the regular season, the playoffs and next season, ahead of Avery (or Wolski for that matter).

  89. Tiki,..i used to love you like a brother, or like a Laduree macaroon from paris at the very least, but now you praise Crosby and the POS Subban in the same day. Blasphemy. You’ve been sent to the minors in my mind. You need to find a way to work your way out of this, or you going to be on that minor league bus with Olga forever. Good luck, my friend!

    Jimbo, I agree with you..I hate Montreal more than any other team.

  90. Jim – Thanks for the classy response. :) The bruins and Canadiens are both on pace to be the 3 and 6 seed, so it’s unlikely as of now that both will be able to be knocked out in the 1st round. Also, I have a great respect and admiration for the Habs. If I ever had to choose a second team, they’d probably be it. In short, the Habs are to the bruins as the Yankees are to the red sox. Both fierce division rivals, both the Habs and Yankees dominate the rivalry in terms of total championships.

  91. bull dog line on

    WW is coming off a pretty decent playoff for Phoenix last season. 4 goals in 7 games.

  92. Septemous

    i did a search on the writer on the site
    and he’s an AP write who must be based in pittsburgh because
    it seems as if he’s covered a lot ‘burgh sports events
    especially in this case
    it looks like it’s a matter of home team bias.


  93. Avery Sucks…Wolski 10x better. Avery was good at times when we weren’t deep, when we weren’t tough. I’d rather have potential of Wolski to use his offensive talent to score a big playoff goal because avery sure as heck isn’t scoring one. I thought Wolski played tough today…his forecheck was very good, and he is not flopping all over the ice like avery would be.

    Knicks suck. Basketball sucks. Chicago Blackhawks really suck.

  94. mao – Im sorry you feel that way. I respect Crosbyl he’s a phenomenal player and I hope one day – when he still has the elite skill – he miraculously comes to the Rangers. I also respect the Canadiens, like Subban and hope that some day – when he still has skill – he comes to the Rangers. Match Crosby or Subban in a playoff series against us, and they’re the enemy.

  95. JimboWoodside on

    I’d be glad to see Feds back on the team next year – he’s been good for us, and if I recall right, he always seemed to burn us when he was on other teams!

  96. I don’t care how good Subban is from a talent perspective. He is a dirty player. Go watch hs youtube vids and see him try to sucker punch people and refusing to fight. That is the difference between hockey and basketball. In basketball you still pay a guy for having major character flaws, but in hockey their still exists unwritten code of ethics, and players like Subban and Cooke piss on that.

    Look what happened to Sutton after he was slewfoot? Not sure if he ever played again. Dubi got lucky thankfully!

  97. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, you’re welcome – I try to maintain my cool on here, and NOT get into nasty arguments.

    Regarding the Habs – in my opinion, they are a storied NHL franchise – clearly one of very high class. But they have *tormented* the Rangers ever since I started following the team back in 1967. Also, they had a very unfair advantage over the other “Original Six” teams under the old league draft rules.

    I *despised* the Bruins in the bad old days when they regularly beat the Rangers into the ice and on the scoreboard – but it hasn’t been that way for a long, long time now.

    I respect Crosby’s talent, but I don’t like his act – I didn’t like Lemieux’s either, and I respected his talent, too – but I despised him and his team when they played against us.

    Crosby and Subban are our enemies NOW, playoff series or not!

  98. Rhode Island Ranger on

    CT: I respect your hockey judgment a lot.

    We disagree (mildly, I hope) over a subtle balance issue: feistiness vs. finesse. Slats and Torts get to decide it.

    I, for one, will be pleased as punch if WW makes an important contribution down the stretch and deep into the playoffs. You, I’m sure, will be quite happy if Avery does instead (or as well).

    Some around here, though, seem to have developed an unseemly antipathy towards Avery, a player who has contributed a great deal (as you’ve noted) and may yet do more. I like sticking up for Avery in this little rink because I’ve seen him do it for his teammates when others wouldn’t. My very small contribution to Ranger spirit.


  99. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Good evening all! Glad to see everyone getting along. (thick sarcasm)
    Cooke is a dirty pile of cow dung, and a waste of oxygen.

    Crosby is a female dog(sub for other word) and a coward. PK Slewfoot drop my gloves and hide is another classless waste. Admire his skill? I loathe him that he plays dirty despite his talent.
    That goes for both of them.

    You can put a shine on sh*t, and put a pretty bow on it… it’s still carcillo.

    And the back and forth ticky tack passive aggressive veiled attacks that are going around lately make me not want to read through all the comments. I like having adult conversation, not feel like i’m listening to an agrument in a high school cafeteria.

    If we all got off our high horses and just got back to talking like adults, and about stuff that matters, we’d all be much better off.

    I don’t care who likes boston, who bashes the knicks, who traded who for peanuts, who’s a montreal fan and hates chara, so forth and so on. I care about the Rangers, and having intellegent conversation with you about them. I’m going to stop now because this is turning into ranting.

  100. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I really enjoy the banter with you guys, and the wit and intellegence you guys bring to the table. I love reading different perspectives and having friendly debates.

    I’d like it very much if we got back to good ol’ fashioned smart hockey talk.

  101. mao,
    Where to sign? Pretty much agree with all your statements.
    you know, sometimes, reading your opuses, I ,despite of load of exclamation signs in them, seriously doubt that you’re real Rangers fan and not doing that for some hidden, twisted different kind of personal pleasure/fan.

  102. Respect your thoughts and love ya, Gab! ♥

    Jim – Dont remember how long you’ve been around, but over time, Ive become more than just a fan of NY. I worry about what the i.e. Rangers can do to win and even moreso, how is it possible for the i.e. bruins to lose. I have such an unhealthy hatred for their teams that I dont have the health or energy for hate of many other teams/players.

  103. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Jimbo: Tiocfadh ar la !!! (This season I hope.)

    Slan Leat,

    (And sorry for the missing accents in Gaeilge.)

  104. 4everanger – I shouldn’t have dignified your post with a response, but out of respect for you I am. You need not question my fandom of the Rangers.

  105. RIR,

    Avery definitely has the capacity to play well and do it at the right times. I’ve always been impressed by his raw skills but as I’ve said previously I think he has very average to even sub-average hockey IQ. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a revolving door of Wolski/EC/Avery in the lineup the rest of the way.

  106. JimboWoodside on

    I’ve been a lurking reader of this board for several years, Tiki – only recently have I decided to post comments. Maybe it would be better off if I didn’t!

    You said it yourself, Tiki – hatred is unhealthy for your mind and for your body – and it does not hurt your enemy *at all*, it just hurts YOU. But you know all that already.

    Chill out, my friend – we all love the Rangers here. Go with that positive energy!

  107. JimboWoodside on

    Jimbo: Tiocfadh ar la !!! (This season I hope.)”

    If not this season, certainly in a year or so – I think we’re on the right track, finally!

    Slan Leat,

    (And sorry for the missing accents in Gaeilge.)

    That’s cool, RIR – Hard to make those on a standard keyboard!

  108. Jim – When I said “don’t know how long you’ve been around”, I meant that you might not know certain things about me.

  109. Jimbo – No! You are better off posting here. The board needs more posters like you, classy guys. :)

  110. JimboWoodside on

    “Jim – When I said “don’t know how long you’ve been around”, I meant that you might not know certain things about me.”

    I’ve observed things here for a long time, Tiki – I think you torment yourself unnecessarily, but that’s only one man’s opinion, mine. Ease up – you’ll feel better. It’s hard enough being a Ranger fan, you don’t need to make it even harder!

    Thank you for the compliment.

  111. JimboWoodside on

    I finally decided to post here because I felt a kinship with many of the boneheads, including you – when you’re not off on a tear, that is! ;-)

  112. orr, uh oh..better get MAKO..BWAHAHAHA!

    4everranger, we think alike my good friend!

    Tiki, I believe in redemption. I think with some hard work you can make it back to the big club little buddy!

  113. JimboWoodside on

    Slewban is definitely going to get his – it’s just a question of when, if the league doesn’t protect him unnecessarily…..he asks for it, and someday he’s gonna get it.

  114. EVERYONE (other than mario)
    is expecting cooke=human puke
    to get a suspension.

    gee, wonder if he’ll be told to take Anger Management Classes.
    …….won’t put money on it.

  115. a puck bounced over Rozy’s stick
    as phoenix is trying to tie up the game.

    deja vu all over again.

  116. Olga Folkyerself on

    Korpikoski looked good for Phoenix tonight.

    Phoenix Coyotes traded Enver Lisin to the New York Rangers for Lauri Korpikoski.

    Nice one, Glen…


  117. Jim – This answer is just for you. I have a strong connection and passion for sports and NY, through the down times, it’s the only thing that’s always been there. I try talking to my psychologist about this often. My desire to see NY win and boston lose is crippling. I think you’re right on with the word torment. I torment myself with jealousy of boston fans, the way they unite together and support all of their teams, and hatred of NY fans, the way they fight amongst each other and bash other NY teams. On a side note, I met and became friends with this really nice guy, Jeff, a few weeks ago, and he is without a doubt the nicest red sox fan.

  118. Carp
    don’t know where that twitter widget can be placed
    other than where it is
    in order to be real time updated.
    would it be too odd for everyone if it was next to the comment box?
    just bring it up because i’m about to comment on
    a tweet i got and then have to scroll to the top
    in order to find it here.

    LOVE Brooks’ tweet that air canada is silent about the cooke=human puke hit.

  119. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Air Canada is now threatening to crash a plane if the violence in hockey doesn’t stop….

  120. then Tiki
    work yourself out of the stupidity
    i gave a list of teams i dislike
    but i’ve been to those cities
    and met people from there
    and a lot of ’em have been great to meet.

  121. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Tiki… there is no such thing as a nice boston fan.


    (i’m obviously kidding)

    Boston fans get on their teams case just like we do with ours. The life of a fan…. unless it’s the Yankees… more often than not ends in disappointment. We torture ourselves every year!

    Fan is short for fanatic…Definition of FANATIC
    : marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion

  122. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Tiki – I think I get where you’re coming from. But try to remember, we’re Ranger fans here – in general, I don’t think we come here to talk about irrational hatreds of other cities (and sports) and their teams, and we certainly don’t come here to praise the Rangers mortal rivals, like Crosby ans Subban – you have to know that when you do that, you’re alienating those who are your friends, and making them angry at you.

    That’s just my 2 cents – you know it has a bad outcome, so you should try not to do it, just like Cooke-sucker should try to stop making head-shots on opposition players.

  123. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t think I could give any credence to whatever Cooke=human puke says about it. It’s like asking Gaddafi Duck what he thinks about human rights…

  124. Olga,

    Mao Ken Folkyerself March 20th, 2011 at 10:50 pm
    and take 4everwanker with him…

    Hah? what was it? Unprovoked invitation for pleasantries exchange?

  125. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wanker- If you can’t figure it out.. You’re a bigger dope than I thought…

  126. Olga Folkyerself ,
    What a pathetic jackass sperm waste you are, really! Don’t forget to folkyerself as usually to take off little left brain’s pressure, moron.Bwhua-haha-ha!!!!!

  127. Happy to see Uncle Glennie stopped by while I was away. Loved it.

    Not so happy to see some of the same old damn crap started up again. Really, really sick of that.

  128. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I have a lot of catching up to do on game threads and such, but great win by the guys and I say 10 games for cooke and eminger looked great in the game (only 8 hits, looked to me like he had about 15) and girardi looked absolutely lost and big shocker here…out of position quite a bit.


    I know some of you do not like don cherry, but I really encourage you to watch this clip..he may indeed have some skewed nationalistic views, but he knows hockey and knows about hockey's_Hockey_Night_in_Canada/Coach's_Corner/1239402029/ID=1850091981

    Lastly, some of this concussion protocol from the GM meetings seems pretty knee jerk to me, fix the equipment, the boards, allow a bit more clutching and grabbing, and get rid of the stupid instigator rule and concussions will go down, I’d bet my savings on it.

  129. cccp
    u r a carcillo stirrer
    look 4 attn as in talking bout ur own carcillo?
    failing miserably @ trying 2 be a comedian?

  130. Mike L aka Tiki

    How stupid do you think I am? Ah? Mike L? YEAH OK!!

    Pulling crap you pulled with others on this blog by posting under a different name to try to insult ain’t gonna fly with me

    you just dug your own hole a lot deeper than it was

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