It’s Go Time!


Better late than never.

As you know by now, Lundqvist is expected to start against Marc-Andre Fleury. Rest of the lineup remains the same.

That means Avery is prucha’d. There’s some intrigue about what’s wrong with Marc Staal. He didn’t skate yesterday and was a surprise scratch today, but nobody’s saying why, apparently.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on


  2. McMonster – that is how you take the man out of the play. Gotta love the “back to the puck” defense there.

  3. >>Gotta watch Kovalev as he’s a well known Rangers killer

    Every team seems to have a Rangers killer. Do we have any team killers on our squad?

  4. Looks like a “let ‘em play” precedent may have been set with that non call on McD for interference.

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    love how Hank has been gobbling up the puck lately… good times!!
    Still makes me nervous as hell when he looks behind himself,but he’s really been eating the puck up lately.

  6. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    lmao DCloutier, just mentioned that on FB! HILARIOUS! there were 3 in the first 1:45

  7. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    Kovalev, Rupp, and Orr’s favorite player Dupuis! This could be a calamity!

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Anybody got the news on Staal? It must completely ruin half of the talking topics for NBC that he is not in the game.

  9. Good point doodie. It’s some thing like that old SNL sketch with Will Farrell and David Alan Grier when the teleprompter breaks and they panic and end up eating each other.

    “Keep it away from the poor people….they…have….swords?”

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    Crosbyless and Malkinless Penguins need to be seal beaten!!! ( Not the seal clubbing is right)

  11. Im excited for Sidney. I knew the Pens would rehab him for the playoffs and not give away a year.

    Just woke up.

    Is Avery playing?

    Is LQ playing?

  12. It’s true. A bit off topic but if you read Keanu’s wikipedia you will know why. Dude has had the saddest life ever (Aside from the fame).

  13. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    spider, we need a freakin scorecard for the lines today… odd odd odd

    HIYA MICKEY!! Hi Tiki

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    AA AAAA AAAA AAAA AYYYY this guy is wonderfully fantastic!!!!

  15. I dont often read the posts, Doodie, but I got my answers. Thanks again for being a bouche! :)

    Good. No Avery!! And LQ is okay!

  16. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    CT and Mickey, i had a nightmare the other night that Dolan bought the Mets lol

    LETS GO RANGERS!! Get another goalskizo

  17. I think NBC feels if they mention Crosby’s name 10 times it will count as a goal for Pens

  18. so beyond annoying how Emrick yells 25 times louder when Pens score than when Arty scored. talk about bias…

  19. He didn’t even attempt to catch Staal after he made a bonehead play and decided to get out of position.

  20. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    out of position,,,,,,on his freakin stomach

    and cally gets a penalty but NO GOALIE INTERFERENCE?

  21. 4generations 4 cups on

    that was a bullsh** penalty. of course, its roughing when the guy takes advantage of our half injured goalie.

  22. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    why is girardi practicing his slide into 2nd……..dude is always on his stomach…grrrr

  23. Are you serious? They send someone else to the box?? I guess cookes word is stronger than zebra’s…disgrace

  24. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    is there a stat of how many goals are scored right after a ‘blocked shot’? sheesh

  25. Emrick almost wet himself on Staal’s goal…….isn’t he paid by MSG for Debbie’s games?

  26. I hate Pittsburgh. All because they get away with so much carcillo it’s insane. Grrrr.

  27. i want to say about 10 curse words in a row right now regarding my feelings about the refs and the Penguins and Cooke, but i will restrain myself, all because of my respect for the blog and my fear of Carp.

  28. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    i think i did earlier Carp! i need to get you something with that inscribed on it lol

  29. nhl refs are the worst in all of sports. It’s a definite that the rangers will get called for goalie interference if they tap fluery or if they hold a guy up after dumping the puck in or interference when checked before reaching the puck, same old garbage.

  30. Maybe Girardi isn’t that bad. Staal definitely makes him look better because Marc Staal takes the MAN so Girardi can do his sliding and trying to take away the pass and guessing what’s going to happen. But it’s unacceptable when he’s paired with Emminger.

  31. Mike and Pierre could be beat in tic-tac-toe by a can of Spam. I hope that locusts swarm upon their houses while they sleep.

  32. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    lol thanks mao, very sweet

    ilbzolanza peggy heheh

    OK, Sauer and McD need to start knocking pen()s heads in when they are near hank

  33. Girardi and Eminger have been horrid together. I get that they have never played together before, but egads, every shift has been a bad adventure with those two.

  34. Back in the day….Eddie Giacomin got run and Curt Bennett beat the balls off the guy…no problems after that. Run Hank should=BEATING

  35. The guy next to Kemba Walker’s mom last night was wearing a Rangers hat.

    Therefore, go UCONN.

    Also, I flipped over to CNN and they showed a clip of some Libyan rebels driving around in a the back of a pickup truck and one of them was also wearing a Rangers cap.

    Therefore, go Libyan rebels.

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    hope the next 13 minutes goes fast and with no pen()s goals scored lol

  37. Too many Pens rushies. Compaired to SloMo-MoFo Girardi, even McCabe looks like Pavel Bure today.

  38. Ok – Am I wrong that this red-headed kid in the Pizza Hut commercials is the older brother from “Pete and Pete.”

  39. With you CT. I wish this was like NHL ’94 where you could turn line changes off and the players just never get tired.

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    they couldnt think of a better word that “SQUIRT” especially in regards to the pen()s ???

  41. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    funny how MANBEARPIG was on South Park last night

    speared, finessed, knifed…

  42. “Girardi should wear his skates on his knees instead.”

    Maybe we can sign Dorf to play D.

  43. Road games, defense first, safe=death and all other bumper stickers means nothing when car is in a garage. C’mon Rangers, change gears, go faster!!

  44. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    three planting ceremonies heehee


  45. Chinese people and Asians are minglers in that they unite to get Yao Ming into the All Star Game each year. :)

  46. I bet $100 that Emrick screeches “He squirtles one!” when a player makes a routine 5-foot pass at some point in this game.

  47. McCabe is good. Feds is a veteran any team would be lucky to have for the stretch run and playoffs.

  48. gonyr, there’s a facebook page right on the right side of this page –>

    also, Linda I’m sure could tell you about the Boneheads page.

  49. This defense is horrible! Every man looks like a merry-go-round just looking around.

  50. Agreed. I LOVE Fedotenko. The team played horribly in his absence and although it took a while they are getting back on track with him. He is the Keystone.

  51. I love the way they all unite for their heroes! Yao (China) Ichiro, Hideki (Japan) Their mingling warms my heart.

  52. CT

    that was good…tree planting lol


    a male or female who fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down

    Urban dictionary

  53. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    loondqvist?? really???? guys been in the league six freakin years and you can’t say his name right???

  54. Totally ORR!! Prust has the magic touch Short-Handed. He should have ripped it. Boyle was in good position for a rebound.

  55. Linda

    In defence of McGuire (shocked face), pretty sure he says Lundqvist’s name a lot closer to how it should be pronounced than most, who just settle for Lungfist or Lunkwist.

  56. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    lol you said it mickey!!!

    gotta have that typical strong 3rd period!! So glad we got out of the nightmare 2nd with the score the same.

  57. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    LW, it was the LOON that sounded weird. i dont think i’ve ever heard it that way before lol

  58. the sauer penalty was not a penalty.

    cindy’s getting more calls. 1st of all sauer hit the puck with his body first, second of all he did not trip him… he has the right to the ice also.

    pens get the puck out of there zone a lot easier then the rangers do.

    need at least 1 point today…

  59. Caps as favorites? Now I’m convinced these guys don’t know carcillo about the league.

  60. We’re 7th in the league in defense?? Wow, if we get scoring, we do have a shot to shock some teams in the playoffs (if we get there).

    Carp, I feel the need to put this out there. I cant help others’ bias against me, but I assure you there was no racism in my comment. I have no toleration for racism. My statement meant I love the unity of Japan and China in the support of their heroes. Ill leave it at that.

    LMAO @ Yao Minger! Ive always called him the Minger! ♥ the Minger!

  61. Staal is missed. Girardi looks lost. Good thing the forwards are helping down low a lot. That’s why their breakouts don’t look too fluid.

  62. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    its sad that after all this time, Girardi can’t stand on his own… or play the man. Seeing him sprawled on his side, like he’s posing for PLaygirl, is getting old!! grrr

    now watch him score the freakin game winner!

  63. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    next crappy weather saturday we have down here will be baking day! Got a tax refund so i can maybe send some of you guys lil packages lol

  64. why does it appear this team plays horrible in the second periods of these games lately.

  65. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    my friend is still taking orders if your interested… message me on FB if you want the hook up

  66. They sell cookies to investors but take a short position on brownies to have a perfectly hedged dessert portfolio.

  67. Edzo is doing a pretty good, isn´t he ????

    Oh I am in and out of this stream with the Rangers :) I hope to have it resolved now :)

  68. NHL keeps coming up with great commercials promoting playoffs

    Towes making a wish as a kid and then raising a cup…I liked that one a lot

    Props to the NHL for coming up with great ideas like that

  69. CCCP yesterday I watched a game from Avangard with Jagr and you didn´t comment on it ????

    Jagr scored to make it 1-1 but they lost to Magnitogorsk 1-2 !!!!!!!!!!

    ohah thrid

  70. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    well done CT!!

    ilbzo… hank looks better in those skinny jeans than that train wreck of a guy in the beer commercial lol

  71. *phew* Well, thankfully they’re still talking about Crosby. I was worried we might go a few minutes without hearing about him.

  72. That pinhead behind the glass gets more intolerable every game and every time he opens his yap! I don’t care where Crybaby is in the standings, even being out. I wonder who this joker’s protector is that he is still working for NBC!

  73. Not looking so good……Might want to get that puck into the offensive zonr and put some shots on net?

  74. It’s only a matter of time until one of those long shots beats Lundqvist because he couldn’t see it.

  75. Matthias

    sorry buddy…I wasn’t around yesterday

    I know about the playoffs in KHL

    I think that series is tied at 3-3 now

  76. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!! POWER PLAY AND COOKE IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye bye bye you piece of carcillo! 10 games for being a repeat offender!!!!!!!

  77. WOW is that dirty. Good thing Lemieux’s Penguins don’t participate in all those dirty tricks other teams do.


  79. N.CountryNYRFan on

    he should be suspended for the season and playoffs, he is such a repeat offender

  80. TheMessiah94 on

    I’m sorry but I hope Matt Cooke gets hit and has to exist on life support. He needs to suffer.

  81. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    if they are serious with the headshot thing,he should be done for the rest of the season.. what a byfuglien piece of healtying carcillo

  82. matt cooke asshole…this guy needss to be banned out of the game..this guy has a hole, where others have a brain….

  83. Well, guys, Im willing to admit when Im wrong. I dont usually see Chara pull stuff like that. And if Cooke pulls that on a daily basis, then that’s really dirty. You could end people careers like that.

  84. Wow that was beyond dirty…that was straight up disgusting

    Wonder what Mario will have to say about this one

    and as a type this we’re got scored on


  85. Like I said in my earlier post that the rangers better pick there game up or they are going to lose, well, there you go, ridiculous giving up a short handed goal, I think I am going to puke.

  86. 4generations 4 cups on

    No body taken, stick check all the away, again. 3 on 2 on the penalty kill. We’re reeling hard now.

  87. Girardi is slow…mentally and on his skates…that was a softie…

    Don’t trade everybody yet!

  88. Ugh we not only are unable to male a team pay by beating them up physically, we can’t even make them pay with a 5 minute major.

  89. And they got rewarded for their own cheap shot. Not surprised.

    CCCP – Does that link you sent me long ago on FB still work? Id love to see Jagr in the KHL playoffs.

  90. Gonyrangers11 on

    We showed them no one cheap shots us by letting them have that short handed goal

  91. Torts, why isn’t Girardi’s backside warming a bench somewhere? Just horrible. His whipping boy is already on the bench so who will he blame today?

  92. 4generations 4 cups on

    This is score or lose all heart. Call the TO and get him patched up with a bandaid on the bench.

  93. I should be excited that the rangers have a 5 on three but since this is the rangers where talking about, who cares.

  94. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on


  95. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thats why he gets paid the big bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    drop dead with your goalie interference…….kinda suc


  97. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Capt. Cally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fugg you Carcillocookeburg!!!!!!!!!!


    FUGGGGGGGG YOU DOC AND PIERRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FUGGGGGGGG YOU BYLSMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fairness from referees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CAPTAIN CALLAHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. and now Cally! WOOHOOO!!

    I love the ‘bring it to me’ gesture with the fingers he did there. Awesome!

  100. Look at that yell from Cally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s leadership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LQ playing is leadership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9 minutes of shutout hockey, boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unity, Mingling, Togetherness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I don’t know if I can make it through the playoffs with this team alive. I am WAY to emotional about these guys.

  102. whooo we finally get some offense! and boyle almost gets one. why didnt they play like this before? they wait till they go down a goal. still lucky goal by cally, but hells yea i’ll take it!

  103. That idiot Cooke better get a hefty suspension for his cheap elbow. Tag a few matches on behalf of Savard as well.

  104. I am so fired up right now I want to drive to manhattan to the nhl office and give colonoscopy cambel a elbow, kick and bat to his head.

  105. I want an insurance goal. Now. Then we can focus on hurting someone. I choose LeTang.

  106. I have a feeling Pittsburgh will be awarded another cheap power play before we’re done.

  107. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    it’s coming Manfried!!

    WALLQVIST for six minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GO HANK!!!

  108. Give him 10. I would be very happy about that. I just think the league does not want to kill this team because Cindy is on it. The Pens get special treatment.

    Mario? How is that play? Dirty? Are you party of this game?

  109. That Ovechtrick commercial is so unrealistic

    No way Ovi scores 9 goals in one game even with his talent

    The scores in that game was 8-7 Caps over Devils…no way Devils score 7 goals in a single game!!

    Has NJD ever scored 7 goals in a single game?

  110. love how they managed to turn it on..

    elbow our rookie D… bloody our defacto captain… we’re officially pissed and now will take your lunch money by force.

  111. that whining beach mario lemeuix can just shove it after his boy Cooke throws another in a long line of dirty hits. if he does not get 10 games it is criminal, but he won’t, because they just gave only 2 games to heatley and marchand and 3 to Kubina for similar elbows. he will probably get 3 or 4

  112. This guy I work with is a Devils fan. What an idiot. He told me this might be the BEST Debbies team of all time and it’s too bad they can’t make the playoffs to show it off. What?

  113. Yup. I can’t WAIT to hear Mario to make a little whiny comment about the Cooke hit.

  114. In all seriousness, when is the pizzaman going to just give up the ‘C’ to Cally? He certainly deserves it at this point. If double pepperoni Drury was a real leader, certainly he would push to actually have a captain on the ice. Look at how Prospal responded when he came back sans ‘A.’

  115. They should take Cally back and sew his “C” on right now. They can sew it on with the same stuff they sew his nose up with and then seal the deal with his blood.

  116. Manfried I have to deal with idiots as well during work so its nice to see that others have to suffer as well :)

  117. >>…we’re officially pissed and now will take your lunch money by force.

    Don’t make me angry Mr. McGee. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    Yeah manfried sew it on Cally using his blood in the color!!!

  119. It’s tough Matthias.

    YEA! Cally’s Blood is the stigmata! HE is the chosen one.

    And there is the makeup call. Give me a break.

  120. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    please remove girardi
    it seems as if dubi took whatever testosterone girardi had. he has become TOUGH

  121. You’re right Matthias. It is very, very tough. At least the guy I work with is a fair weather type fan. He is no “putty” type die hard.

  122. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on


  123. N.CountryNYRFan on


    MCD & STEP-ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    MOTHER FUGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take Notice, NHL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Mingling RANGERS ARE ON THE PROWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. BALLGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suck it, you russian HUESO Doc Emrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on



  127. ironically cooke’s dirty play turned this game around or there was a good chance the rangers weren’t winning this game, so for that, I thank you crack head cooke.

  128. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    wow, holy freakin hell, did anyone expect this?? What a sonofabitchin game!!

  129. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    helmet nuzzles, dubi kisses and torts poppin neck veins to all!!!!!!!!!

  130. Dublowsky & Callaman with a goal and two assists

    Artie with a goal and an assist

    Pack Line lives!

    Nice to see Gabby on a three game goal streak. Great timing.

    Prospal has a nine game point streak now, I think. EC with a four game point streak. People stepping up!

  131. Stepan, McD, AA and Sauer hugging each other after they scored an important goal. There is our future, boneheads. What’s there not to like?

  132. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hello, Ranger Fans! Here we are in Crosby PA, just Crosbying all the Crosby’s and just getting Crosbyed by it all. I hope you all go Crosby yourselves and Let’s Go Crosbys!!! That takes care of the NHL Constant Crosby Repeated Crosby Reference Crosby Rule. Now we can proceed….

    Mess! Hey Messier! Is that Kovalev out there? Why didn’t we sign him this season? I know I saw Leetch sitting in the broadcast booth lately, and Graves is always hanging about somewhere. Even Keenan has been skulking around the Garden. Maybe we could put the Cup team back together and give it another go? We can sign Kovy for about $6 Million, I bet…

    (Singing) “Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling… From Glen to Glen, and down the mountain side ” Ohhhh, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone- (I see Dantoni gets top billing, but at least he mentions me twice). Hey there, Big Guy! Eighth Place is just around the corner, just like I promised. And don’t forget that 7 year contract extension if we win a playoff round… How the Knicks doin’ now that you got Marshmallo? Huh? Oh, it’s Carmalo? Whatever… Still losing? (click) What an Asshat!

    Where’s my latest million-dollar pugilist? Boogy, run down to the concession stand and get me a couple of those sausage and pepper things they sell here. And NOT the hot sausage either! Give Muckler the hot ones… Those thing burn twice- once when you eat ‘em and again at carcillo time.

    KLUNK! Awww, Geez, Boogy, you gotta remember to duck thru doorways, or that concussion will never heal…

    A nice win today! I can’t wait to here Lemieux threaten to quit hockey again after that Cooke major elbowing penalty and game misconduct. C’mon Mario! You can do it……

    And don’t worry about making the playoffs. I sent Drury, Redden and White to Carolina for 8th place. They seemed happy to do it…

    Forever Yours (Or at least it seems like it…)
    Uncle Glennie

  133. that is often what happens in 5 min PPs. the players think they have all day, the urgency and work ethic fall off, and the opponents take advantage of that. actually it was the high-stick by Niskanen that turned the game around, because before that the PP was awful.

  134. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    2nd game in a row i screamed so much i gave myself a headache!!

    lmao LW, that’s awesome!

    what a freakin team we have here guys!

  135. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on


    ooooooohhhhhh baby does beating Pittsburgh feel goooood!!! But hey its all about the 2 points and see the Penguins with zero. Just think …Penguins lose all thier games and miss the playoffs!!! Just imagine a playoffs with us in it and NO NJ or Pittsburgh!!!

  136. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Great effort. Great poise. Great win.

    But, does Mario Lemieux really want to be part of a league that allows Matt Cooke to run around trying to hurt people? One of those two has to go.

  137. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on


    since mario wanted fines, does this mean the pen()S get the first team fine for Headhunter cooke???

  138. Braunschweiger on

    gotta love Prust & Callahan, Heart & Soul of this team.

    They almost have 6-20 Goal scorers, impressive

  139. Yeah, Cooke threw his elbow into McDonut’s jaw, it looked like.

    Luckily McDonut wasn’t at all phased by it. He didn’t spend much time on the ice. I hope that doesn’t factor into the leagues decision. They need to step up and give him a lengthy suspension.

  140. smiles all around! I’m still worried about our last 9 but could our boys be playing any better right now?

  141. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    What a game, stole another one at the new igloo.

    When are they building the Ryan “The Penguin Punisher” Callahan statue next to Lemieux’s? I think he has game winners in all three games there this year, no?

    Nothing is sweeter than another coward move by Cooke costing them the game.

  142. had to work so i missed most of the game
    (then superstition took over)
    was texted that we won

    heard that cooke (the Puke) may get
    8 games.
    what did he do now?

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    Cooke will be suspended for attempt to injure. It was a high elbow to the jaw of Mcdough . cooke pulled an Avery and cost his team the win. A true detrement to his team.

  144. N.CountryNYRFan on

    yeah he seemed to shake off the hit pretty nicely, McD is a monster and showed so good toughness out there today.

  145. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    Ryan Callahan needs to have the C on his sweater for the next game. Not since Mark Messier has there been a guy on this team with this kind of testicular fortitude!


  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " TIME FOR THE PUSH!! "...says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah , im outta here …stayed up all night for this game and im going to ZZZZZZ!!!

    Rangers are the best!!!

  147. >>Luckily McDonut wasn’t at all phased by it.

    Who knows how he’ll feel tomorrow?!

  148. just a question..can you fire a player.????.come on Mario you need to do it with Cooke….
    its unbelievable. a clear attempt to injure someone..this guy needs to be banned for the rest of the season…

  149. McD, Sauer, Staal…….can’t wait for McIlrath……will be a nasty D

    Callahan= CAPTAIN

  150. >>Ryan Callahan needs to have the C on his sweater for the next game.

    Don’t change captains this late into the season.

  151. Rhode Island Ranger on

    ZzZz: -“…Cooke pulled an Avery and cost his team the win”.

    That’s a cheap shot against one of our guys. Avery hasn’t cost us a win like Cooke just did for the Pens. And on top of that, he hasn’t ended careers the way Cooke has.

    Save the nastiness for the bad guys and enjoy the win!

  152. and totally intentional, nothing incidental about it, Cooke moved his elbow up specifically to smack McDonagh in the head. Should get minimum 8-10 games now that this is so out there, he just had a high profile piece in SI about how nifty it is that he’s sucha a dirtbag, and the NHL has been so called out about the Savard thing. Have nice vacation, you piece of carcillo (wondering if we should swap that word out for “piece of cooke”)

  153. psu Ranger

    Actually they could be playing better, and they were fortunate to come out of this one alive, let alone with a win. For some reason they reverted to their old (immaculate consensus) on when to shoot rather than pass and they allowed Pitt to spend most of the game in their end of the ice. Lundqvist was immense throughout.
    Actually he saved them ;;;without those desperation saves of his there would have been no come back.

  154. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    well JB, our captain has pretty much been on the sidelines all season, what difference would it make???

  155. Those are “Avery penalties”

    In other words, selfish penalties.

    Regardless, we took advantage, with a little luck. I’m not worried aboot McDonut.

    I just don’t like Emminger on that top line. He and Princess Diana looked lost.

  156. Cooke’s hit was worse than either of the hits that earned Village People Gillies a 19-game break, since the elbow was the sole point of body contact – he can’t even make any pretence that it was part of a hockey hit.

    But since McDonagh wasn’t hurt, Cooke will get something like six games and only that because he’s a repeat offender.

  157. Cooke should be suspended for life!

    That was such a clear intent to injure…


    Cooke just skated up to McD and elbowed him straight in the jaw!

  158. LinCPB, don’t fix it if it’s not broken. I don’t want that “C” to put extra weight/burden on Callahan. We can anoint him in the off-season.

  159. the players know, and so do the fans, that the real leader of this team is Cally. even if Rangers mgmt can’t “C” it, we can.

  160. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    coming out of the 2nd still tied …….. huge
    cooke being a piece of carcillo………. huge
    SAUERBOOM, McMonster, Hank and Cally… HUGE

    Rangers winning again in Pitt…..priceless

  161. I’m still a bit in wonderment about these referees when playing Pittsburgh.It seems that they always find a strange penalty to call against visitors, especially when the V;s are mounting a scoring threat. Two instances tonite that were critical and one they called a roughing on the Ranger, when the guy he roughed also roughed…without a call.
    The other one was a blatant foul, which was ignored.

  162. thanks for the info.
    how typically cooke of him?
    (wonder what mario has to say!!!)

    gotta eat (finally!!!) and celebrate!!!

  163. Team getting momentum at right time. Habs and Pens good teams. Good time to start playing well. But still a lot of work to do. Like Mr. Wolf in pulp fiction said, “let’s not **** just yet.” But you gotta like how they are playing.

  164. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    JB, do you think it would really make a difference since he’s been acting captain all season? it’d be different if he didnt have the A already.

    He just stepped up leaps and bounds this year. If anything, he’ll be getting a NICE RAISE come July!!!

  165. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Great game, now it’s time to go outside and clean up the plies of dog Carcillo (aka Cooke) the snow has been hiding all winter. Fun Fun!!!!

  166. On the captain thing, I truly believe that internally, this team sees Callahan as their captain. They may say they respect Drury and that he’s done a lot for this team, but with him being gone for 90 percent of the season, I think they have looked for someone who IS playing to be their captain and Callahan has stepped up BIG TIME. He seems to be embracing the role too.

  167. It makes me sad to see the game I love ruined by such goonery. I need to think about whether I want to be a part of this league anymore.


  168. Rhode Island Ranger on

    An important experience for the team to learn that it can win on the road against a physical team without one of their shutdown D (Staal). Gilroy stepped back in under pressure and helped out.

  169. The fact the the actual letter isn’t on his jersey is a moot point. At least from the team’s perspective, IMO

  170. Great win by the Rangers, but man oh man that shorthanded goal by the Penguins that came after a series of ridiculously inept plays by the Rangers while ‘enjoying’ a 5 on 3 sure made things look really really dark for a moment or 2.

    He was invisible most of the game, but kudos the Gabbie for scoring the tying goal on that 5 and 3 and waking his teammates up as a result.

    Kudos to the King, too – he was superb today.

    And the best way to retaliate when gooned like the Rangers were is scoring on the PP, which the Rangers did twice to take the lead. That’s one big reason the Red Wings don’t need a goon – teams know when you go shorthanded against the Wings too often, you get scored on.

    Wanna bet Cooke gets something like 4 games by the joke of a league?

    And I wonder if Staal’s injury is a concussion – he was concussed after getting pounded by his brother late last month and came back surprisingly quick. If I’m right, that’s not good at all and could mean Staal’s gone for a long time…

  171. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    great point RIR!! gilroy was strong today. i think he should stay in and playgirl pose girardi should sit next game lol

  172. Nobody went after Cooke, but he was pretty much taken straight off the ice by the officials as it was so blatant. Wouldn’t place any blame on the Rangers on the ice for that.

  173. I doubt they’d win this one with Ocho Cinco in net.

    I hope the league makes Mario eat his words and throws the book at Cooke.

  174. LinCPB, if Callahan is a true leader, he’ll never let the organisation strip an injured player of his captaincy. That’s not how he’d want to earn it. You Heads can drop this “C” talk now!

  175. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    hell, if someone went after cooke, they would have gotten a misconduct, a suspension, and had to turn over their first born

  176. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Yeah, Girardi still looks too befuddled out there at times for one of our “shutdown pair.” But the rest of the D acquitted themselves well (as did Dubi, Calli and other forwards helping take bodies in front).

  177. Shame that this is the last time we play these losers in the regular season. I’d love to see Cooke get the fuggin crap beat out of him. Booger needs to take care of that next season.

    We can’t afford to get suckered into that game if we play them into the playoffs.

    But, just watch the video of him getting knocked out by Evander Kane, and you’ll feel a bit better .

  178. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    ORR, that is a thing of beauty for sure.

    Wouldnt it be great if Zucca did that to him lol.. yea yea yea, someone make a crack about him needing a step ladder or platform skates lol

  179. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Cooke will never dance with the Boogeyman. And the Boog couldn’t catch up to him anyway. It’s gotta be a middleweight that gets him.

    Hmmm. Wolski maybe?

  180. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    JB, that’s a GREAT point about Callahan. Bravo to you

    the C talk won’t be dropped though, we’ve all been saying it pretty much all season.

  181. Sauer and McDonagh were monsters today!!! I love those kids!

    Guys are stepping up at the right time!!! Gaby and Prospal, The Pack Line, Zukes, Steps…everyone is chipping in!

    Can’t wait to take 2 pts against the Cats on Tuesday!!

    Lin – I totally agree. Ryan Callahan needs a C stitched on his jersey!!

  182. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    RIR, McD and Sauerboom have really had impressive debut seasons. I shudder to think where we’d be if Redden was still on the roster lol ;-)

    We’ve waited sooooooooooo long for a team like this, which will only get better next season.
    Hard working, never quit, and the young guys are doing better than we had probably imagined. Gabby’s heating up, and Hank has become WALLQVIST!! Gotta keep the positives going and this could be a tough team for ANYONE to face in the playoffs.

  183. great great win. wow that is the worst PP that scores 2 goals I have seen in a while.

    dubi is a real player. if he could finish wow.

    huge 2 points, this team is tough……………..

  184. Orr, I also would like to see Cooke taken off the ice on a stretcher. He deserves to never play another game in the NHL…

  185. I wanna watch that third period again.

    And Friday’s game that I missed drinking chocolate martini’s and eating fancy pizza.

  186. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    the only ice cooke should ever see again should be in a glass with a drink

  187. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    lmao fancy pizza

    mickey, if you really want to , you can purchase hockeystreams for a day and hit up the archived games i believe

  188. thought Ec was invisible. gaborik too, until he got a rebound on a PP. it is disturbing that against good teams , even with Orpik out, he still does not step up, he cruises around the perimeter 5-on-5 and also gives up the puck way too easily compared to last year. but he will dominate the fishsticks and oil, big whoop. nobody considers him a leader of this team.

  189. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    23 goals for Cally after missing 6 weeks with the broken hand! AA two goals away from 20!!! Stepan one goal away from 20! Cally with 23, Dubi with 21, Gabby with 22 and Boyle with 21. NOT TOO SHABBY BOYS

  190. My prediction on the Cooke hit – 9 game suspension .
    After all the talk this week about deliberate hits to the head, this one is a classic.
    NHLl needs to make a statement & end this Carcillo now.

  191. 10pins

    disagree about Gaborik, the rangers played a conservative game and his linemates were both rather quiet. Gabby isnt going to score many even strength goals if the Rangers are trying to “grind”

  192. A very satisfying emotional win. However, as Fran and some others rightly point out we got lucky that Cooke was leaking brain matter as he glided over to hit McD in the head. Obviously the guy is not very bright as he cost his team this game. It’ll be very interesting to see how heavy the book is that gets tossed at him by the league. If you were Bylsma, would you put him back in the lineup when his suspension time is up?

  193. Rhode Island Ranger on

    In the late ’70s, the Bruins went to the finals twice with a lineup that set a record for most 20-goal scorers in a season.

    This Ranger team and its effort and balanced scoring reminds me a bit of them, except LQ is much better than the aging Gerry Cheevers and erratic Gilles Gilbert were!

  194. I repeat again. in the past week, after the GM meetings, there have been 3 other elbow incidents. and all they gave Heatley and Marchand was 2 games , and Kubina got 3. so, even with past record, Cooke may only get in the 4-6 range. if he gets double digits, it will be surprising, because mario will have to quit the “garage league”once again.

  195. Rangers are SECOND in the conference in goals scored. Yes, SECOND!
    Understand that they’ve played more games than most of the other teams, but still. WOW!

  196. Can’t dispute that Callahan deserves the ‘C’ but this team has shown a tight team mentality that seems to grow with each game here in the stretch. I’m referencing Callahan’s, Dubi’s and Suaer’s protective behavior specifically but the whole team battled hard and played real physical today for the entire 60 minutes. Maybe we’re better off with just a bunch of ‘A’s’.

  197. FlaRanger –

    I remember the incident with Curt Bennett. I think the guy he pummeled was Darcy Rota, but I could be wrong. Rota was famous for taking cheap shots and then skating behind a teammate so the other team couldn’t get to him.

    Right after that incident, Emile Francis traded Bennett to the Atlanta Flames. We can’t allow ruffians to spoil the the (at the time) Lady Byng image of the Rangers. (sarcasm).

  198. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    lol, that’s pretty good Heave!

    wonder how much “BITE” the new rules are going to have with this Cooke incident.
    c72 made a good point, but I wonder if 4-6 would make as much of a statement with a repeat offender. OR…is the slate wiped clean for EVERYONE with the new rules?

  199. JimboWoodside on

    GREAT win today! It showed a lot of character to bounce back after the SHG……

  200. btw, you will know if it is 5 games or more by whether Cooke has to go to NY for a hearing in person. if it is less than 5 games, they conduct the hearing by telephone.

  201. They wouldn’t dare give him 8-10 games. The union would have a fit, Mario would start bawling again. And the kid didn’t get hurt. Joke.

  202. Doodie Machetto on

    It sounds like the suspension Cooke gets from the NHL will be moot. Bylsma sounds like he’s done with Cooke.

  203. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, now would be the time to throw the book at him, and they should cite Mario’s letter to the league about hits to the head as the reason why.

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    “Matt Cooke, as a repeat offender, shall be suspended for the remainder of the regular season and all of the playoffs. The length of this penalty was determined because we accept and agree with the position taken by Pittsburgh Penguins team owner, Mario Lemieux. You’re welcome, Mario.”

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    And a fine to the team. Direct quote from LePieux’s letter:

    “We think it is time that teams also are held accountable for the actions of their players. We propose instituting a policy of automatically fining a team when one if its players is suspended — with the amount of the fine based on the length of the suspension. This should serve as a disincentive for teams as well as players to employ these kinds of tactics.”

  206. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    Doodie, going to be interesting to see the outcome of this. Does the fact that McD was not ‘visibly hurt’ and continued on in the game factor into the decision? What if he wakes up tomorrow and is all fuzzy?

  207. Lin, there should not be any clean slates for anybody when it comes to behavior intended to injure another player. The league has got to come down heavy on Cooke if they want to show fans and the players that they’re serious about this issue. Serious consequences will force teams to reconsider having players like Cooke on their roster. Bad PR for the organization and painful financial loses for the players will help curtail these abusive and stupid actions. The game should be competitive, physical and hard but not irresponsibly dangerous.

  208. LinCalPrustBoylahanZO on

    I hope you are right on the no clean slates, that would really be ridiculous.

    Also agree with you on having to come down heavy to prove they mean what they say. This could be looked at as a precedent setting decision by the league. If they don’t stop this guy, he IS going to end someones career. Same with Suban

  209. Rhode Island Ranger on

    If the league has any PR savvy (or integrity), they’ll suspend Cooke for the remainder of the regular season.

    Just watched the game highlights on (no Cooke elbow, strangely?!). But Zucc’s giveaway on Kunitz’s potentially backbreaking SH goal was incredibly soft and stupid. Fortunately for him, he didn’t take any aggressive minor penalties in garbage time or he might find himself banished to the press box on Tuesday night !

  210. JimboWoodside on

    Cooke is a well-known repeat offender – and he did his thing on National TV – if the league doesn’t give him a minimum of 10 games, then all this talk about head-shots is bull-carcillo!

  211. Rhode Island, the fact that didn’t show Cooke’s hit shows clearly their sensitivity to this issue. Although this play clearly affected the game’s outcome the NHL can’t afford for this kind of behavior to continue to be associated with the league.

  212. JimboWoodside on

    And a MAJOR fine to the team is in order, too – too many incidents of head-shots by members of the team whose owner chewed out the League hierarchy over the Gillies incident…..

  213. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Mario will earn an awful lot of respect if he beats the League to the punch and sends Cooke down to Wilkes-Barre or whatever Gawd-forsaken place their AHL affiliate is in for the rest of the year.

    Step up, Mario !

  214. sooo. does the fact that McD is a little woozy long after the hit factor into Cooke’s suspension?

  215. Some nice numbers: Cally and Dubi each with a goal and 2 helpers. AA a goal and an assist. And the King with 38 saves, at least 10 of which were quality ones.

  216. JimboWoodside on

    It’s bad karma to ever wish a serious injury to another player, even though it would be well-deserved and very satisfying to see… the end, it’s bad to wish such a thing on anyone.

  217. How aboot this quote from a Pens fan

    “Cooke’s arms were up because he went to shove Mcdonagh on his back into the boards. Instead, Mcdonagh went cross ice instead of up the boards and his body opened up to Cooke. Also Mcdonagh was skating backwards and slowed down slightly, pretty sure Cooke was aiming for his left shoulder. Just because he’s a repeat offender, I do think cooke will be suspended. But ‘cheap shotting’ and the ‘intent to injure’? Doubt it. 3 games probably”


  218. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Jim: I hope you’re right. Will be revealing to see whether Torts values jam and emotional investment more than shootout potential after an ineffectual 60 minutes. Or does Zuccs get a little spankin’ for his egregious giveaway on Kunitz’s shorty?

  219. Avery gave LQ a nice neck rub before the game to loosen him up. That’s about the biggest contribution we could hope for from Avery.

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