Rangers-Canadiens in review


Ten to go. If your heroes get 10 of a possible 20 points, that’s 90, and that should be plenty.

Scoreboard watching tonight:
Kansas City-bound Thrashers at Bison Baby Buffaloes.
Boston at Air Canada Leaves.


1) I still think staged fights, or fights for no reason, accomplish little or nothing. But the knucklehead who started the fight with Brandon Prust before the puck dropped sure helped get the Rangers fired up, not to mention the Garden. And didn’t work out too well for Les Habitants. They’re starting to talk about Prust for the Steven McDonald award on MSG … and we’ve been talking about him for a while. I still think it’s going to be tough to unseat Ryan Callahan … and still think there are other legit contenders.Prust would surely be worthy.

2) See what happens when you block a shot standing up, with your shinpads or skates? Artem Anisimov blocks the shot, on his feet, and off he goes. And showed some kind of speed (all night) and hands.

3) Callahan=MiniGraves. Missed a quarter of the season and leads the team in goals.

4) The Rangers love nasty, fierce games like these, and have all season, and that’s why you guys love these Rangers … most of the time. They looked like they did early in the season, when every line that came over the bench did something.

5) On a few occasions, especially in the second half, I’ve mentioned that some of the Rangers were going scrimmage speed, or gliding. But not last night. That extra stride of speed, those few extra mph in the neutral zone, or coming back defensively, or joining a rush, make all the difference. No gliding. And it brings shift after shift after shift of pressure in all three zones.

6) When they play like this — and I’m not concerned about the lag at 5-1 to a speedy team with not as much at stake, going full bore to get back into the game — the Rangers are better than the other teams in the race for sixth, seventh, eighth place, and an absolute threat to anybody in a seven-game series. Not saying they can win more than one series, or even one, but I’m certainly saying there’s not a series they couldn’t win.

7) Brandon Dubinsky made some terrific plays, one on P.K.  Slewfoot that started the Girardi goal,and strong play out of the corner set up the reviewed Callahan goal. And the other night, when I was picking apart one bad shift he had, I also forgot to credit him with the great play on the Prust SHG in that game.

8) Ya boy Gaborik is heating up. Ya boy Lundqvist is heating up. And lest we forget, those are the two most important guys down the stretch and in the playoffs. Now the Rangers have to A) make sure Lundqvist is OK and B) take care of all who breathe on him, as Sauer tried to do.

9) Speaking of which, that was some really brave play there by P.K. Slewfoot, to finally drop his gloves then run behind the linesman. Guys who play dirty like that and don’t at least occasionally fight their own battles get a bad rep in the league. And this clown’s just a rookie.

10) And the Rangers did this without Avery?

11) This might have been Ryan McMonster’s best game of the season.

12) Shouldn’t it be harder than it looks for opposing forwards to sneak in behind the shutdown pair and not get hit or tied up, and to deflect pucks unopposed, even on the PP?

13) As I’m typing this at almost midnight Friday, Izzy Mandelbaum is on my TV telling Jerry, “grab your jock, that is, if you need one” and “all aboard the pain train.” And soon he’ll utter the famous “What in Holy Hell?” Yup, and there is is. “Don’t you lie to me, Butterbean. We’re taking it up a notch.” … “Tough it out. This is for real. You gotta want it.”


AP photo, above.

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  1. Live hockey out of KHL I am watching right now Metallurg Magnitogorsk-Avangard Omsk
    playoffs with No.68 Jaromir Jagr….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can there be a 4 way tie for the extra effort award Boyle -Prust- Dubi -Cally-all in the running IMO
    how bout some awards for Sauer Mc Donnogh

  3. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Insightful summary. Good stuff.

    And, yes, “The Rangers did this without Avery”,
    … and without Wolski too! Invisible.

    Can’t wait to miss him during the playoffs.

  4. 0-0 after first period. This game is not really a thriller :)

    Jagr played almost the whole powerplay early in the game and had a terrible giveaway later on the powerplay as the home team almost scored..I have seen him on six or seven shifts tryig to set up his teammates but to no avail. He still skating on the wing and was positioned on the right walls to set up the powerplay but way too slow and to uninspired….

  5. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Great effort by the entire team. Playoff-type focus and emotion.

    I see that: knicks.lohudblogs is again up and running, for those who are interested. My guess is that more contributors to this site will visit there, than vice versa.

  6. Former Rangers plays for Metallurg ..I just saw him once sitting on the sin bin :)
    The Rangers beat Metallurg two years back in Berne Switzerland for the Victoria Cup 4-3 after 0-3 …!!!!

    backhand shot by Jagr .good save by the Goalie:) Cheerleaders in the KHL !!!!!!!!!!
    TV timeouts like in the NHL…Arena seems to be at capacity therefore it is very dark in background and you don´t see it well…but atmosphere is not really burning :)

  7. Jagr scored to make it 1-1 on the powerplay…

    from the right side with a wrister shortside, seems to be not unstoppable :)

  8. Mrs. Eminger on

    Kudos to young Mr. Sauer for challenging Slewfoot after he ran Hank in the 2nd (we’ve seen it NOT happen all too many times before) BUT I don’t think he needs to be so polite as to ask his opponent if he’d “like to have a go at it” as it were…

    Dude you don’t have to jump him from behind, just grab him and take him down IMMEDIATELY. The Marquis of Queensbury Rules do NOT apply here. Get up in his grill PRONTO (PRON-TI-SI-MO!)

    Too much talking and flinching like who’s-gonna-drop- the gloves-first. It’s 5-2, drop the gloves and drop the Slewfoot…he deserves it. Send the message. You don’t have to be “fair” about it and let him prepare himself. It gave the officials too much time to get between them.

    p.s. Anyone know our record when my Steven is in the lineup vs. when he sits?

  9. Russian TV presenters looking like KGB Agents from the former Sovjetunion !
    That fits to the game:)

    You guys in the US and Canada are fortunate to deal with the NHL:)

  10. ilb is dreaming about 5 goals in one period and when he wakes up, it will be true! Imagine…

  11. Good morning all! A happy start to our weekend with the Sunday matinee just around the corner after sunrise tomorrow. I’m so happy we’re on the road tomorrow after last night’s uplifting win. Our boys can reflect and stay bonded while they prepare for Pittsburgh.

    Torts has this team on the right road and in a confident, gritty state of mind. Confidence is growing. You could see it clearly just in the neutral zone play against Montreal last night. Time after time the Rangers swarmed, challenged and took away the puck in the middle of the ice. When Montreal did manage to get over our blue line we continued to pressure the puck. That was PO hockey last night.

    Totally agree w/ Mrs. Emminger regarding Sauer’s politeness. Sauer will learn to recognize that at that point in the game (score, time left) he can, and should, open a large can of whup a$$.

    On Slewfoot’s and Wisniewski’s goals, why did the Ranger in front of them (Prospal on Slewfoot and I don’t know who on Wisniewski) just watch and not rush them, giving Montreal time to shoot when their players in front were in the best position for a deflection? Those two goals, IMHO, were gifts.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game against an opponent that’s very different than the team we just demolished.

  12. Somebody in the NHL is going to hurt Subban really bad and I can’t wait. That clown is all mouth and is a coward and a dirty player.

  13. 2-1 Metallurg winner in the last minute..Another spectackle starts at 10.30 your time..!

    Carp says he´s always busy with some other sport but he can´t compare with me :)

  14. Latona, not only did we give Montreal time but our defenders did not even drift closer to the shooter to cut down the angle to get the puck through. I wonder if the game had been closer at that point if our defenders would feel a little more urgency to block or take away the shot.

  15. The White Plains Batman on

    ToMG-That someone might be a somewhat controversial first round draft pick who not everyone was happy with; Dylan McLIrath.

    Seriously, there were about three or four times last night I thought to myself that if the Undertakers makes it, he’d be pounding these pesky Canadiens.

    I guarantee you he will slap the taste out of Subban’s mouth if he successfully becomes a pro.

  16. Heave Ho!, I agree with your comments about Montreal’s 2nd and 3rd goals. Gift wrapped and hand delivered. That has to stop.

  17. After watching the TSN highlights I have to slightly modify my previous criticism of the Ranger defenders on the goals by Slewfoot and Wisniewski. On the PK (Punk Kid) goal, Prospal was moving toward him but I think he could have done so quicker. While watching live, it seemed like the punk was given too much time to pick his shot. The Wisniewski shot was quicker but there was too much space between him and the defender.

    Maybe I’m being overly critical. Big difference in perception between watching live and the next day.

  18. I’m for ilb, Carp,
    “Good after game morning boneheads!
    Wonderful post, Carp, as usual. Totally agree, particularly with this- from 1. to 13. “
    (I know, you missed it, Carp).

  19. As for the Rangers only scoring 1 goal against Auld – I wanted to note this last night, but forgot……

    A team plays different when the team is leading 5-1. There is less urgency to score another goal. It’s as simple as that.

  20. Final note: Pernell Karl Subban is going to be a superstar in this league. What a talented, cute kid. May he succeed for years to come sans against the Rangers. :)

  21. For the Mrs. –

    Record with Eminger in the lineup: 32-21-3
    Without Eminger: 6-9-1

    And when Eminger plays at least 20 minutes: 7-2-1
    But a lot of that could be because the Rangers were already winning and were resting the other D.

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mrs. Eminger – while I agree completely with your sentiment Shrub-ban, a nice horse collar around the neck would have been payback for Prust, the visor that Shrub wears makes fighting him pointless without some negotiations taking place. The helmuts coming off being job 1. Shrub last game….cookie- monster next game… Both pieces of major carcillo.

  23. Slewfoot’s take down on Prust was such a dangerous play, he really needs to be taught a lesson. I wish Kocur was still in the league. Or I wouldn’t decry Hollweg for doling out one of his famous boarding from behind penalties on him.

  24. Heave Ho – I think the rangers got caught trying to be too concerned with blocking the shot than playing the puck. I know that might not sound logical but they played it a little too passively in order to get into the shooting lane.

    Not sure what The King’s status is for Sundaym but I would rather take the chance with OchoCinco in goal and give Hank a couple of extra days. Better to risk two points now than a longer injury.

    Gotta say Lundqvist has major onions for staying in the game.

    It figures, Torts sits Avery in a game where we could have used his “jam”. Given that Wolski was pert near invisible, put Bosco back in the lineup to take on that piece of cooke Cooke. Something tells Mr. Wolski is a major buyout candidate at the end of the year.

  25. Tiki its nearly impossible to admire or wish Subban well despite his talent and whatever you might think of his attractiveness. He plays with no honor as several of his peers have stated. If you’re willing to give him a pass then stop criticizing Chara or any other Boston player you might find dirty.

  26. Carp

    On #2, mentioned this on the game thread, but Subban, Wisniewski and Girardi all scored with shots from a way out that went past a player attempting to block the shot while standing up.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When is the missing “C” goingto be sewn onto #24’s jersey? And will the “A” be given to 17 or 8?

  28. Cooke doesn’t answer the bell for his own play that often and he certainly won’t do that against someone like Avery. In fact I recall earlier this year he out-Avery’ed Avery goading him into dropping the gloves without doing so himself.

    I doubt Wolski gets bought out especially if they buy out Drury over the summer. That would be a lot of dead cap space in two years time if they both get bought out.

  29. CTB, you fell into the Tiki trap…he says silly things to try to get your goat.

    I don’t like Sauer taking off his helmet their either to a player with a visor on as well that is an obvious ‘kitten’.

  30. Lastly, I loved everyone’s response to the USA chant as never being ignorant. And I loved orr’s post with everyone lame except RANGERS ARE AWESOME!!! Agreed!

  31. I missed the first half and was totally shocked that the boys were up 5-1. I cannot believe no one pounded puioliot or however you spell his name.

  32. Cant blame Pouliot for that. Even Torts said the same in his presser. There was no intent there. Just a clean hard hockey play.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    To paraphrase the Zombies – it’s the time of the season for winning…. Rangers heating up when it matters most. While it is easy to moan and groan early in the season… March begins the drumbeat for a playoff spot for those teams looking in and playoff positioning for those team comfortably in. Great time of the year. The garden, via my TV volume, was loud and engaged. I agree with AnthonyM – let the Cinco steal a game by playing balls out, jam bam thank you ma’am , hockey.

  34. Anthony, actually your point does make sense and I think you’re right.

    LQ has been more than solid and sitting him for a game, if necessary, might be the wisest move for the longer term. Pittsburgh certainly won’t be shy about going to the net and may be even more likely to do so to test Henrik’s condition. I was impressed w/ Johnson during the preseason and the team would surely be even more focused on ‘defense first’ with him between the pipes. Carp, can you comment on whether LQ participates in the practice today?

  35. I understand there was no intent. I told my fiancée it wasn’t his fault but pound him anyways. Send a message that we won’t stand for hard play around our swell faced goalie.

  36. Eddie – Sweet Zombies Reference.

    I am totally into the idea of letting King Henry take a night off. He can get his tux pressed and wear it in the press box while the rookie takes a load of pressure off by playing in a game.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    5 out of 6, and the beat goes on….. Time to you tube some of the monster hits laid on the cookie monster in the past … including but not limited to Dustin .Brown and Evander Kane

  38. Tiki, can’t totally agree with you or Torts. Yes, it’s a hockey play and players on both sides go to the net. Yes, Pouliot was hit by a Ranger on his way to the net. However, he made absolutely no effort to let up or stop. Consider Avery in the previous game, he was also hit by an opposing player but made an overt effort to avoid bowling over Montoya. I’m sure if Pouliot had not fallen over LQ and been prone on the ice someone (I hope) would have shown him his seat in a violent way. You also comment that Pouliot did not intend to hit LQ. Just wondering how you know this?

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Did you guys see The Price Is Right after being pulled? He looked to be in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease…. Sitting there in a near shiver … Quivering from the almighty onslaught that our heroes laid on him.

  40. I always felt that the comeback against Metallurg in Victoria Cup was when Drury was awarded the “C” by Renney.

    I swear I remember reading his lips saying “follow me boys” after one of his two goals in the comeback win.

    Tiki you’re not going to get my goat.. and stay away from my sheep too :)

  41. The cap hits for buying out Drury and Wolski aren’t that bad as long as the Rangers spend wisely – which is sometimes a foreign thought for Glen Sather. The Ranegrs would face a cap hit of about $3.7 million for Drury and $467,000 for Wolski. They would save about $6.6 million next year. As for the following year, Drury’s hit is $1.7 million and Wolski’s cap hit is about $700,000.

    All figures come from capgeek.com’s buyout calculator.

  42. MSG + is blacked out in AZ when the game is on NHL network.
    Wow those guys are pro Canada !
    Garden crowd singing “OLE” & the jerk announcer is saying how the Montreal faithful are still cheering.
    Then he says how that PK guy is not afraid to fight anyone. Really ? See how fast he ran away until the ref got there.

  43. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hopefully Hank is fine, just a sore neck?

    PK Run for your life is a dirtbag. Tiki…. i can’t get behind your affinity for this guy. Diversity in the league is a good idea, but guys who play like that have no place in hockey… or at the very least, should get a beating from an opposing player. Oh wait… he runs away and hides behind linesman.

    I don’t care if he’s white, black, yellow, orange or green… when you’re a dirty player, you’re a dirty player. And you don’t have to injure someone to be dirty. The act itself, is a dirty act. Slewfooting is beyond disrepectful.

    Now enough talk about guys who are a waste of breath (Slewfoot, not you Tiki)

    Great game, good intensity, and i hope Hank is ok.

  44. Zuccarello had a terrific game. The Girardi PPG goal was a direct result of his creativity and his vision to start up such a passing play! It is so awesome to know that such a smart and skilled young player is only a rookie and will get better!!

    Prust=Warrior, just take a look at this picture…

    Callahan=The Perfect Ranger…Carp, I love point #3. Isn’t it amazing how he is leading the team in goals after missing so much time? And he’s played the same # of games as Gaborik and has 1 more goal than him…

    I’m not sure if Wolski deserves to play over Avery…I think Aves comes back in Sunday….

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – vinny L. gave that piece of carcillo a nice whack in the bolts-habs game thursday night…

  46. Way to break it down for those not in the know “Pantsless Tony!”

    Eddie – Elbow drops and figure fours galore. Take out the competition!

    Gab! PK is a scumbag. He could be purple, white, yellow, red, green, a blend of colors, striped, furry, etc…I don’t care. He is a piece of Carcillo! Someone needs to beat some sense into this young kid. He certainly is good though.

  47. I didn’t notice it last night, but did anyone see Sour take off his helmet, but that piece of carcillo didn’t even consider taking off his helmet.

    I wonder how Chris Simon would look on our 4th line. I hope he comes with tomahawk action.

  48. Thanks Carp. I guess we won’t know until game time tomorrow if LQ plays. Who would play in place of Henrik, Johnson?

    Gift, agree. The punk is a good player but brings no honor to the game or his team. Just a matter of time before his dirty karma comes back with vicious retribution. He won’t have many visitors to his hospital room.

  49. Eddie, it wasn’t that great of a whack, he got it where there’s protection.

    Why can’t Matt Cooke elbow him, instead of guys that don’t deserve it? Damn it!

    By the way, I love that picture of Prust. He really does = Monster in that pic!

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha Shruban has gots to know that the sista of all sistas, lady karma her own self, be on payin a visit….Judgement cometh, and ye right soon………

  51. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – it was a nice whack….protected area or not….on the hands or forearm would have been better obviously…

  52. CTB – PK Slewfoot’s takedowns are very dirty and he does them routinely, whether it’s a tackle or an actual slewfoot. It is only a matter of time before he seriously injures another player. He’ll get what he deserves…

    GAB! – Totally agree with you too, man.

    ORR – LOL! Simon plays in the KHL for Dynamo. http://en.khl.ru/players/15210/

    Tiki – Take your man-crush of PK Slewfoot to the Habs forums…this is neither the time or the place…

  53. Gift of GAB-orik on

    yea… having talent is no excuse for being a pile of excrement. He’ll learn. Probably after taking a few beatings. Or maybe he’s a lost cause and will be a scummer all his career like Pronger.

  54. Aves a valuable asset come playoff time??

    Yeah, for other teams, when he’s taking penalties :P

    4th Liners are not really valuable assets.

    To be honest, I’m actually looking forward to Dreary in the playoffs, over Aves. At least Dreary can provide some comedy with his dramatic acts.

  55. Oh no Tony. Has “Pantsless” become some sad analogy for your life!? You are Pantsless both physically and emotionally!

  56. At the risk of sounding corny & mushy, my wife is a one of a kind.
    It was her idea to build a Ranger cave in our basement.
    A place we can go to during Ranger game days & drink , yell & curse. With or without pants !

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    Tony – I too, have a babealicious wife…smart, funny, sexy, and she love the rangers…tho of you ask her what icing is, she will tell you that its the stuff on the top of a cake :)

  58. Rhode Island Ranger on

    How soon we forget.

    Avery was one of the hardest-hitting and most competitive players in the last Rangers playoff series against the Caps. Likewise, he was an important factor in the upset in the last Devils series.

    His penalties are the price for his vital grit and psychological warfare. If he had played last night instead of the soft, uninterested WW, we might be talking about Price’s neck instead of LQ’s and the Habs faithful might be fretting about how they were supposed to deter the mayhem in front of THEIR goal.

    Get off your high horse, Torts, and get him back in the lineup.

  59. That’s awesome Tony. You’re really lucky. You are too Eddie 3x.

    My Fiancee is super into the Rangers and comes from one of those families where everyone cries when they retire a number or have Adam Graves night.

    Maybe we should have a “wife off” to see whose is the BEST?

  60. Heave – How do I know? It’s an opinion.

    Gab – You’re one here that I hold in very high regard. I respect your opinion. Ill respond to you via email re: Pernell Karl Subban!! LOL! I love that name, I cant stop repeating it!

  61. eddie eddie eddie on

    Cozmic charlie how do you do?, truckin in style along the avenue, dum-dee-dum-dee-dum dum de do….go on home shruban, your momma’s callin you….

  62. “Get off your high horse, Torts, and get him back in the lineup”


    Please, Aves was not an important piece to that team. He was in 08 until he was injured, but clearly that’s not the same guy he is today.

    We really don’t need him all that much. Seems like nearly everyone is playing better *but* him.

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – you need to put the bong down….Rhode island ranger speaketh the truth….

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – lord knows i love you…but all those nudie pics are making your brain soft…

  65. Re: Avery I absolutely love the guy. I have dreams of him. But he provides essentially nothing to this team. I hope Torts keeps him prucha’d and sticks with what’s been working.

  66. Avery is useful when he instigates and draws penalties. That is his #1 skill in my opinion. He isn’t much of a scorer and he doesn’t really seem to scare people or fight all that much anymore. Pester. Be a Pest. I love him for that.

  67. And now for some Top Gun…

    Slider: Goose, whose butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?

    Goose: The list is long, but distinguished.

    Slider: Yeah, well so is my Johnson.

  68. It is comical to me that Montreal has a player like P.K. Slewfoot on their team. They always prided themselves on speed, flash and skill. “Real teams” didn’t have to compromise. Now they have one of the nasty ones (sorry, Nasty!) a la Philly. Just sayin……..

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    up 6-3…avery plows into their goalie…gets 2 for interference and its titty for tatty…

  70. That “edge” put him in the box three times, last time he played.

    I get that it’s give and take with him. He takes a few dumb penalties, and draws a few.

    But, he’s a giveaway machine, and he’s terrible defensively. That trumps his “edge”

  71. Pernell Karl Subban has speed, skill, and “nasty.” He’s the complete package. We’d all love him on the Rangers. He could be our Pronger, Chara.

  72. eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr- Who said EVERYTHING is torts’ fault…all we are saying if its a nasty game, Aves might be of use…that’s all…..btw, have you seen the GQ video starring Olivia Wilde…delicious…

  73. Also, teams are designed to win. Real teams pride themselves on winning, not individual attributes. Hi Marji! :)

  74. Rhode Island Ranger on

    If the Rangers were to face the Habs in the playoffs, who’d be more likely to make Subban (and Price) miserable in front of the net, Avery or WW? Easy.

    On Sunday, who’s more likely to keep Cooke honest, Avery or WW? Easy.

    Who’s more likely to step in and man up if one of the Flyers thinks about abusing Gaborik or any of our skill guys, Avery or WW? Easy.

    Wolski’s shootout prowess doesn’t compensate for the diminished physical edge this time of year or, obviously, in the playoffs.

  75. He’s not the complete package. He’s a clitsome!

    Eddie, most of the Avery lovers blame Torts for everything, which is hilarious. I don’t see him being much of a factor in the playoffs. Nasty series or not.

    And I’ve seen everything Olivia Wilde!

  76. Prust, Cally, Dubi, Boyle even Feds play with an edge. And they either have a better scoring touch, better defensively or don’t take dumb penalties. 2 or 3 years ago when you could say Avery was the only guy on the team that played like he cared then you could say he had added value but not now.

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr – As discussed the other day… a few penalties is worth establishing a mean/nasty posture…….that last penalty on Avery to me was no big deal…others may not agree…that’s ok….the flyers/bruins of yesteryear did that kind of stuff all of the time….with ease and no regrets….

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    Bottom line – it matters not who plays/who sits as long as we win and dish out more hurt than we receive…

  79. Who’s more likely to score a goal? Wolski or Avery? EASY!

    Who’s more likely to keep Cooke honest? Nobody!

    Who’s going to man up against the Flowers? Hmm, Dublowsky, Flavah, Prust, Caber, Sour Power, Callaman. We’ll live without Avery.

  80. iDoodie machetto on

    Rangers win big without Avery, so let’s all talk about how he should be in the lineup!

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    regarding the blogs thoughts on Avery: its like the directions on shampoo…wash, rinse, repeat….Just win, baby…that is all I care about…and knocking Cooke into row 11…

  82. Flyers are a better team than the Rangers because of their better skill, Avery does not help make up that deficit.

    The Rangers now play a harder style because of about half a dozen different players that have been imported onto their team in the past two years that play harder than the likes of Naslund, Zherdev, Antropov, Straka, Gomez, et al.

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    THis ranger team is damn good and I have high hopes come april – may… I really think we are all in for a wonderfully suprising Spring….

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    There is no doubt as to who the de facto Captain on this ranger team is…..#24 – he has begun to master the fine art of talking to the zebras during a lull in the action…

  85. Yeah. It’s like in The Sopranos. Junior Soprano was the boss of the Jersey Mob, but realistically whether he wanted to admit it or not, he knew that it was his nephew, Tony Soprano, who was running things. Which is why he tried to have him killed in Season 1.

    What this means is Callaman needs to avoid Dreary’s pizza joint, or else he’s dead.

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    That Tool Pierre McGuire is still talking about “it was Girardi’s stick that clipped staal” late in the first yesterday…

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    …yes, it was #5’s stick…but he kept going on and on how it shouldnt be Blomex that gets the 2…this, even as the ranger penalty box door was opened and waiting…

  88. Gonyrangers11 on

    Lundqvist: “It’s just pain, nothing that can get worse..still very stiff, but had some treatment & will have whole afternoon 2 take it easy”

    The Prust Mentality

  89. Gift of GAB-orik on

    No one is trying to deny the talent Slewfoot has. It’s because of that talent level that I despise his crappy antics. Same as Crosby… too talented a guy to be a diver, whiner, and go around junk punching unsuspecting opponents.
    Slewfoot can play… and he should do just that, and no cheaply take people down.

    I like Avery, but i don’t like some of his antics. Though i’ve never personally seen Avery slewfoot someone… so i can’t put them in the same breath. But i hate when Avery makes contact with other teams goalies, hits them in the head a la Tim Thomas, or punches people when they’re already down.

    Would i like Slewfoot on this team? Hard to say. I can’t defend cheap shots and slewfoots.

  90. I could care less if Avery plays or not, all I want is W’s…do you guys remember in the pre-season where we thought that Avery was going to be the odd man odd…turns out, he finally is…but I think he’ll be back in the lineup sooner than we think…I think Torts still likes him even though he is a turnover machine

    The important thing is that guys like Artie, Zuke, EC, Prospal, Gaborik, & Cally are all turning up the offense at the right time…If Stepan gets going now too, we’ll be an even tougher team to play…

    The Habs can keep Slewfoot (Shuban). He is a talented player but I could do without his attitude. Malkin also has a reputation for slewfoots and rightfully so. (Remember what he did to Mara in the playoffs?) But, I would take him on my team in a second :)

  91. For those who were wondering aboot Beer-On.

    He said that he’s three weeks away from having his sling removed. The only way he plays is if NYR wins a playoff round, which means he wont play at all until next season, unless someone drains the Tiger’s Blood from Lungfist’s veins.

  92. Yeah, mainly EC who is really stepping up. He had two assists last night, and goals in the two games before that.

    And everyone gets on Prospal’s case, calling him a zombie, old man, etc. but the guy’s on an eight game point streak. He’s been doing good, offensively, and defensively.

    Rangers fans really need a person to complain aboot!

    I’m with you, NYR, I can care less if he’s in the lineup or not. At this point, it’s no big deal.

    I’m just sick of the delusional Avery fans thinking that he’s magically going to get better if he gets more ice time, and if Torts quits “holding him back” and “gives him a chance” which I find hilarious!

  93. I already loaded up on Cup-O-Noodles. I wont rest till NYR is in the playoffs, and/or until MSG stops playing the creepy Hockey Night Live commercial.

    I can’t wait for the NYR playoff commercials. Should be extra cringe worthy.

    The worst was the “I Am A Ranger” commercial. I face palmed myself so much I nearly broke my nose.

  94. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Went to the game last night…place was rockin’! And to top it all off Rod Gilbert came into our suite for a visit! Great guy.


    Heal up Hank!!

  95. And Orr, I agree with you about Dreary. He will be a more important player for us in the playoffs when he’s healthy…

    That said, I really liked the lineup we put on the ice last night. All four lines have pretty good chemistry!

  96. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Does anyone know if Drury is even rehabing or working out I think its about 1 month since his surgery didn’t they say at the time he would miss 4-6 weeks is he still on the team?

  97. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    You would think that since he is the captain of the team there would be some sort of update on him no?

  98. @thenyrangers: Torts: “(Chad Johnson) has played some games with us, he’s been sharp in practice…if Hank can’t go tomorrow, Johnny goes in & we play”
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 05:10:21 PM, UTC from TweetDeck

    Update: 1:03PM
    Twitter Avatar
    New York Rangers

    @thenyrangers: Lundqvist says he “feels better” today “fortunately it’s nothing serious…I will be fine”
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 04:56:17 PM, UTC from TweetDeck
    Twitter Avatar
    New York Rangers

    @thenyrangers: Lundqvist: “my neck is still stiff, and I have a tough time moving my head…but the treatment has really helped…I’m getting there”
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 04:57:39 PM, UTC from TweetDeck

    Twitter Avatar
    New York Rangers

    @thenyrangers: Lundqvist: “It’s just pain, nothing that can get worse..still very stiff, but had some treatment & will have whole afternoon 2 take it easy”
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 05:01:01 PM, UTC from TweetDeck

  99. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    No Orr I never want to see Booger here again according to Zipay Hank is still questionable for tomorrow

  100. I think it’s definitely a possibility that Lungfist doesn’t play. But, he’s pretty stubborn. It will be Torts’ decision.

    See, *now* it would be nice if we had the two day break that we’ve been having the last three-four games, but of course we don’t :P

    I’d feel more comfy putting Chad Ding-a-Ling against the Sens, or Isles.

  101. just read this retweet from Zipay and i think i now know
    who i’ll be voting for in the Steve McDonald Award
    (check out the first 3 words!)

    thenyrangers New York Rangers
    by stevezipay
    Lundqvist: “It’s just pain, nothing that can get worse..still very stiff, but had some treatment & will have whole afternoon 2 take it easy”

    nice work Carp
    (some day the hockey gods will smile upon your goodness
    and get you that second refrigerator)

  102. also
    no surprise here…..via Zipay tweet

    stevezipay Steve Zipay
    According to Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist questionable for Pitt matinee tomorrow

  103. You guys know that we have that new widget on the right side of the page, right? it has all the twitter updates from all our friends (and enemies, I guess) covering the team.

    Gotta love “It’s Just Pain” from Lundqvist.

    Headzo, tough to beat a visit from Rod Gilbert (unless, of course, it’s Rod Lurks). What a legendary player, great story-teller, and a man who gets it in terms of relationships with the fans and community.

  104. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Agreed Carp. It’s also not the first time I’ve met him. Our paths sometimes cross at the local watering hole on the upper east side. Always a class act & nice guy. Typical pro hockey player.

  105. In 2000 I played hockey in a event called “Ranger dream week” & got to play with Gilbert among others for 5 days.
    The guy has thousands of stories about the NYR.

  106. don’t blame anyone for forgetting the twitter widget
    i just zipped down to the end in order to get the comments
    on………..and with that!
    see youse later!

  107. 4generations 4 cups on

    I was lucky enough to have a father who introduced me an UNREASONABLE times to the man known as Rod Gilbert. He’s somebody i think of when i think of going to the garden as a young kid, a great man Rod Gilbert and always had a smile and a story. Love it.

  108. Pernell Karl ? Pu….y Kojonless! He had no desire to fight. He was pretending that he was willing, but look carefully at the replay, he dropped his gloves and was moving sideways in opposite direction, closer to the refs. And after the ref was between him and Sauer, he started to be brave all of a sudden.

    There isn’t much I can add to what you’ve already discussed. I’m very happy that they won by playing the same way they did at the beginning of the season. Except they are scoring more.

    Now, Gaborik’s goal could the best news out of all- he didn’t only put it precisely where he wanted, he also directed it there right between the defenseman’s legs. His shot is definitely back.

  109. carp—-ryan mcmonster is rated 75th best prospect in the new Hockey News future watch edition….hopefully,when they have the re-do in five years he’ll be in the top five or eight…..hey,maybe even better!

  110. Not to get off the main subject of course, but has anyone noticed how much more sedate, that Ovechkin is
    appearing this season?

    Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not implying that he’s not still a potent scoring threat…but he has become almost sedate, when comparing his first two seasons here, and the present time activity. Those first two years were the most dynamic in all my years of watching young players appear on the scene. Now he’s a very dangerous superstar, and must be dealt with accordingly, but he is
    not the unstoppable force that he broke in as. ( Is that a dangling participle? ) I must be more precise.

    A sudden thought…at what point does an uncontrollable force known as an Ovechkin start to become mentioned in trade whispers? Just a passing whimsical thought.

  111. Fran, I got your letter. Finished reading a couple of hours ago. I’m very, very impressed. It is more than impressive. And I am not a baseball fan. Have you tried to publish it? I would give it a chance. Including the preface.

  112. Ovechkin, Fran, also isn’t as careless and dangerous with his hits as he used to be, Fran. Could both be related.

  113. jpg's sisteR on

    carp, I voted for Prust for Sreve McDonald Award on the first day of voting.

    Ryan, of course would also be a good choice.

    Maybe give to the entire team for some of their 3rd period comebacks?

  114. Good afternoon all…etc etc…someone help quick…what was our record against Bruins this year? I’m making a bet with my cousin and need to know….thanks all!

  115. eddie eddie eddie on

    i saw a werewolf with a chinese menu in his hand, walking thru the streets of soho in the rain…

  116. Anyone think Prust was the instigator for the fight with Moen before the game started? The Montreal papers think it was very clear that NY started Prust only as a way to show who’s boss. Not to be a homer but we needed the game more than them, why would we start the game with the potential to be down a man. Montreal papers and writers/fans seem to be whining a lot. And yes Sauer should have gone right after Subban and dished out New York style punishment. I was furious that nobody on our side did anything at the end of the game when Lundquist was hammered, even though Emminger had a part in that. Do you think the Devils would ever allow that to happen to Brodeuer?

  117. Ilb

    Thanks for the kind remarks, and no I never tried to publish it. It’s not the kind of item that has a venue in that regard. I just keep it in my file, and I send it out to my friends now and then but it’s really not all that big a deal. The main reason why I don’t try to publish, is that I never intended to. It was only a mental exercise that filled a niche.

    Some years ago I used to listen to Suzyn Waldman and her talks on baseball, and I sent her a copy.she liked it a lot and forwarded it to her old friend, named Dick Radatz, a former “short man” for the red Sox ( but he was anything but short…I believe that he lives in Moosup CT and they used to call him the Big Moose from Moosup. She said that he enjoyed it, also. The point I am trying to make I think ,is that it serves as an object lesson that you don’t need anything to entertain you to
    keep you enthralled, than your own mind. Many folks today are almost antsy if there isn’;t some outside force entertaining them. I’d like to think that youngsters especially can find their own way, and make their own mark, just by letting their own ideas and dreams, find
    their life solutions.

    Young people today are so very creative in many of the things that they accomplish, and it is always pleasurable to me, whenever I see ,hear of, or read about one of their success stories.

    I believe that often you are better than you know that you are, and just let your mind open up to new experiences of a wholesome nature, and any creative forces that you may find hidden within yourselves.

    Many thanks..again. I see it here all the time in this blog, and they probably don’t even know their own capabilities.

  118. LOL @thenyrangers: Lundqvist: “It’s just pain…”

    Somehow, “Lundqvist is the reason why Waldo is hiding” or “Death once had a near-Lundvist experience” just don’t cut it.

  119. All, I am soooooo behind here, and the discussions of the day, but fran, you are my idol for that last post, and a rock star in my opinion.

  120. ilb

    You can certainly show it to anyone that you want to. It is not a page of the dead sea scrolls…just a little item that may as well be passed around, and instead of simply lying at rest in my filing cabinet on works that I have accumulated.

  121. fran, dead on words to live by “I believe that often you are better than you know that you are, and just let your mind open up to new experiences of a wholesome nature, and any creative forces that you may find hidden within yourselves.”

    I have to remember that :)

    and hope you don’t mind, but I’m asking ilb for a copy!

  122. Both Dubi and Cally said in their postgame comments that it is important for the crowd to be into it and loud to propel them to better starts.

    And imo that is why the late-arriving corporate fatcats who often show up as empty seats in the rinkside area are detriments to the team, except financially.

  123. Trump, I meant to comment on those comments earlier……I’ve opined on this subject before. I so agree….and found it really interesting that the players commented on it.

    Pass this on: FANS! Wake up and cheer for your team!!!!!!

  124. that was funny when Subban dropped his gloves and ran like a %#$%@ behind the ref. LOL.

  125. Heave Ho, I had a busy day and just got back in, but if you’re still around, I don’t think you were being overly critical. I watched the highlights last night and the Rangers eventually did start moving towards the shooter, but I felt like they hesitated. You have to get out on the shooter though, always.

  126. noonan, I’ll be missing game cause my niece is town for a brief period, but let me be the first to say Happy Birthday! And I hope we win for you! (and me, and them, and everyone else!)

  127. CTBlueshirt,

    I agree with every player you put on your list of non-hard workers except one. Straka really gave it his all on the ice. I remember one play where he blocked three shots in a row won an award from TSN or something. He also broke his hand blocking a Chara slapshot, and then blocked another Chara slapshot on the same shift. Straka was a heart and soul guy, and I loved having him on the team.

  128. I think I’m going to end up hating Mr. Slewfoot more than Crosby and I always thought I would never hate anyone else that bad.

  129. Latona, thanks. I just wanted to point out that, unlike some, I don’t take my own opinion as gospel and hold on to it regardless of evidence to the contrary. Sometimes a little distance and a different perspective can lead to a different judgment. I get pumped watching games sometimes, as I did with last nights game. I was screaming when Artie and Boyle buried their chances and bummed when The Punk scored to tie the game. My emotions definitely color my perception so I had a slightly different take on those two Montreal goals this morning.

  130. for the Steven McDonald award. 1 voted for the Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust line. I know Lundqvist along with Callahan and Dubinsky will always be the front runners but Prust or at least one of his 2 linemates deserves it most.

  131. during the game last night they said text the players name or number to some number.

  132. jpg's sisteR on

    NYR_ Fan thanks for the link and the reminder of those great commercial promos for games

  133. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Hello assens!!!!

    Quick lunch break and few comments….

    I’m not sure who the other d man was opposite of eminger on the “collision” play, but eminger did one hell of a good job covering up for who ever it was that was caught so flat footed and keeping pouliot from just blasting hank (or like it seemed he was going to).

    Sauer should not have waited to pound PK!!

    Love the Prust fight right away and it certainly served its purpose!!

    Love how our rough, rugged with an edge, we don’t need any physically intimidating, crease clearing d man, got out muscled by gionta on a goal…WOW!!! Just clear the crease instead of stick checking!!!

    What a bunch of Douche Bags in the crowd last night at MSG chanting USA…Really idiots??? I mean if it was the olympics or a national tournament or WJC, I get it but an NHL game…just stupid!

  134. I see we resurrected the Werewolves of London theme.

    Here we go again:

    Little Old Lady Got Mutilated Late Last Night.

  135. wick, that’s a word (or two words) I’d really rather not see here anymore. But I agree with the sentiment.

  136. JimboWoodside on

    DiPietro in goal for the Fishsticks tonight. He went a whole 2 periods without an injury so far!

    He’s losing to the Panties, 2-1, though….

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some great hoops on tv, but I feel like rewatching yesterday’s first period for the fifth time…

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have gotten mucho help in the last month… No need to be greedy, laddies and lassies…

  139. JimboWoodside on

    Carp, is there a substitute word for “an accidental piercing of the skin, as if with a needle”? If so, I’d like to nominate Gionta as a definite one, and Blowmez, too…..

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – what is B. Prust like in person… He seems down to earth and genuine… As many hockey players are it seems…

  141. I did Eddie3. Just another example of referees inserting themselves into games, as if the viewers in the arena and on television are tuning in to see the referees at work. Thankfully, Butler got their deserved victory. I would have felt bad for them if they’d lost on a referee call. Brad Stevens – the Butler coach – is the epitome of class. Wow. I was impressed with his demeanor during last year’s tourney run.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – what was Howard doing running the Pitt player down the side line anyway tho … But happy it ended the way it did… :)

  143. To all my Jewish brothers and sisters…

    Happy Purim!!

    Eat, drink and be merry! And don’t forget to give to the needy!

  144. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Really sorry, just noticed and I meant to have a “B” at the front not a “D”! My apologies to you and everyone here!

  145. Just put in my vote for Prust for the Extra Effort Award. Boyle deserves a vote too. Amazing how those two guys have broken out this year.

  146. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    After all I’ve done for you and the porta potty to give it the same billing as hank and the bus, you reject my apology……hurtful, just hurtful!!!

  147. if there was an under appreciated award, it would definitely go to Fedotenko. I hope they find a spot for him on next years team…

  148. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    agree 100%

    interesting, but I still think sauer was caught flat footed and eminger made the right move. I really didn’t think I was arguing with you, but maybe others were!

    Does anyone else think the last goal we scored should have been cally’s? Looked to me like he knocked it in right before it crossed the line.

    any ideas who the lady is that always asks the MZA questions at the post game pressers? Always seems to crack torts up a bit (probably not in the best way at times).

    The QUIZ SUCKS btw!!!

  149. I agree also re: Feds, would love to have him back.


    1. That bad link to a 1/100 of a second photo is tremendous evidence of what occurred on that play. phew
    2. Rodent does not place blame on Eminger for Hank being hurt, (as you did). He says Pouliot didn’t try to run LQ/wasn’t a penalty, but was redirected by Eminger (and I agree)
    Like Torts said, it was a hockey play.
    3. I’m pretty sure Sauer was RD at the time (I can’t find any video so I could be wrong) being that Pouliot is in the right circle in your photo I’d say that Eminger DID come from the weak side and he broke up the byfuglien play.

    You’re right, he didn’t have to, but he decided to not let him score a goal.

  150. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    hi tiki night tiki!

    later assens!!

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