Happy St. Patrick’s Day; and some off-day questions


Top O the Mornin’ to You! Don’t drive if you drink. Don’t. Do Not.

We’re going to put this Twitter widget on the side of the page, where you’ll be able to read tweets from all our favorites.

The question I have for you — in addition to what the byfuglien a widget is — is this: Are there any hockey-related twitterers you’d like to have included in the widget? Anybody who has can’t-miss hockey news and updates and thoughts and opinions? Please let me know in the comments. If you can include the address, that would be helpful. I can’t promise I’ll include all of them, but I am looking for input.

Speaking of input, here’s another question. Do any of you guys actually read the pre-game notes we run here on game days? Just wondering if it’s worth the effort, or if we should just post the basics, game info, TV/radio info, maybe the teams’ recent histories, whatever. Again, looking for input.

And, another favor. I don’t know how many of youse have been over to our Facebook page, bit I gather the important thing, or one of the important thing, is how many people “like” it. So, if you would, please go over there and say you like it.


Another question: I am going to be very busy this weekend. I think I’ll be able to watch the Friday game against Montreal, and probably be able to do the game review for Saturday. I don’t know yet about Sunday. Would anybody be interested in doing either review on short notice if I can’t do it? If so, e-mail me at rcarpini@lohud.com.


And, finally, a hockey question. All this talk about Lundqvist yesterday, especially his value in the skills competition, got me thinking. What if Mike Richter had been around during the “shootout” era? How good might he have been in the skills competitions, considering he may have been the best of all-time against penalty shots (I think he was 11 for 12, or 12 for 13 in his career, including a somewhat memorable save in a playoff game once upon a time)? Thoughts?

Games that matter tonight:
Flys at Kansas City-bound Thrashers
Lightnings at Habs (suddenly in play, if Rangers can beat them tomorrow)
Devils at Senators
Air Canada Leaves at Panthers

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  1. Good morning and Happy St. Patty’s Day all.

    I peruse the pre-game notes but don’t ‘read’ it. I’ll look to see which radio station is carrying the game so I can hear the pre-game show on the ride home from work. BTW, the 970 signal is worthless, can’t make out on word. I’m in upper Westchester, a mere 40 miles from MSG.

    Off to work. Enjoy some green beer afterwards!

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Top o’ the morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the O’Boneheads!!

  3. Good morning, O’heads!

    I look at the pregame notes to see what radio station is airing the game. Agree with Heave Ho. 970 vacuums!

    I’m not on FB, can’t help you out there.

    I think Richter would have been awesome in Shootouts!

    Eddie would have skated out of his crease and whacked the guy. lol!

  4. Carp,

    I think perhaps its a little hard to say how good richter would have been with the shootout. Theres no doubt about it, that he was one of the best at stoping the penalty shot, if not the best of his time. But i think you have to think about it this way; 12 penalty shots against is equvialent at the very least to just 4 actual shootouts. Then take into account that 65 mins have already been played prior to the shootout, the goalies are tired. I’d also factor in the pysche of goalies, they seem to be some of the biggest victims of the “confidence” factor that we hear tossed around. You give up 1 or 2 lousy goals in just one shooutout that can get into your head, ya know? So while 12 for 13 or whatever Richter may have been in his career, i dont think u can really say how well his shootout skills/record may have been. Regardless it would have been very fun to watch his style of play in these skills comps

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    To add to JT …
    Penalty shots are awarded to tripped players, not necessarily the best shootout guys. Could you imagine a dozen penalty shots against Jagr or Gaborik? Tough, but not ridiculous. Now imagine a dozen shots from zucc, wolski, and Christensen… totally different beast.
    Because the shootout is tailored by the coach, it is more difficult than penalty shots.

  6. Top O’ The Mornin’ To You All!

    They do not play Hockey in Ireland and they do not celebrate St. Patty’s day in Ireland. What does it all mean!?

  7. Happy St. Paddy’s Carp and all!

    Don’t use facebook. As far as the twitter guys go, I often look at these guys:

    I sometimes check out Fischler, Spector, etc., and some of the players are active too (Avery, Ovechkin), but there are a million of them (and some fake ones that are hillarious too) – there are just too many really, and a lot of them are not particularly hockey related news, but more here’s what I’m doing right now…

    As far as pregame notes – I read them but if they are a pain for you Carp you should leave them out – it is easy enough to sign up to have them e-mailed to you or just go to the Rangers website.

    Richter would have been great at the shootout!

  8. Carp, I love all the reviews you present, post-game, and I read them religiously. The pre-game notes, not so much. Crazy as it sounds, the only thing I look at is if there are any ex-rangers on that night’s opponent.

    Richter would have been great in shootouts, I would think. He was a rock back there and on breakaways, he was one of the best. Even though shootouts are different than in game penalty shots, how does that change how good he would be in the skills competition? He was one of the Rangers best goalies of all time!!

  9. Carp,

    I don’t really read the pregame notes (or the Rangers Post-game).

    I prefer your wrap-up, to be honest!

    In addition to BlueBlood’s list, I would add

  10. carp, I do not read the pre game notes, or the post game ones either. I like to read your take and the boneheads take on the game.

    As for Richter, who knows. I think the shooters in the shootout are more creative then how guys took penalty shots during Mikes career. They also have more time to think about what move they want to use while the ice is resurfaced.

    Happy St. Patty’s day

  11. Just the basic game info is fine, I don’t read all the amazing stats on who has a 2 game point scoring streak on odd numbered days.

    Glad to see the Canes lost last night, if they can beat the Habs (in regulation), they’re within 3 points of sixth. Not bad with 11 games to go. LGR!

  12. What no Incarcerated Bob twits?

    I think the breakaways are a bit different than penalty shots/shoot outs in terms of how the goalie and the shooter approach it. With a breakaway during open play both the shooter and goalie have to be cognizant that the play can continue afterwards. Thus goalies won’t be as apt to make lunging/desperation saves while the shooter can sell a variety of moves. With a PS/SO the goalie can be a lot more aggressive.

  13. LMAO @ all you Irish ‘heads! Myself included. Just don’t tell my Russian-Jewish parents.

  14. I am also a Jew although I studied in Dublin, where they don’t celebrate this glorious day, for a while.

    Boneheads are delicious to make a good irish head cheese out of!

  15. “They do not play Hockey in Ireland and they do not celebrate St. Patty’s day in Ireland. What does it all mean!?”

    Manfried, I thnik you started drinking a bit too early today, lol.

    They play hockey in Ireland, they have a national team… And they most certainly celebrate St. Patrick’s day!

    …and the rest of the day to you!

  16. Interesting fact of the day…CTB is actually an Irish citizen/dual citizen with the US.

    Anyone that’s met CTB would find this odd, however:

    CTB is adopted, his adopted father was born to an Irish immigrant (Castlecomer in county Kilkenny). A little more than a decade ago father of CTB applied and was naturalized as an Irish citizen and then later had CTB’s (and brother) adoptions recognized in Ireland then we were naturalized as well.

    So the first time I was in Ireland was after my study abroad semester in Spain. At customs in Dublin I showed my Irish passport where the customs agent said “welcome home”.

  17. Ok. Well they are no good at hockey at least! Ice Hockey that is. I am sure they have a great Field Hockey team.

    I was told when I was there that they don’t celebrate St. Patty’s Day nearly as “intensely” as we do over here.

    What I Wouldn’t give for a Guinness from an Irish Draught right now!

  18. That’s pretty awesome CTB! Thanks for sharing. I think Carp will say the same thing to you when you post here…”Welcome Home”!!! (cue annoying song “im comin’ home, im comin’ home, tell the world that im comin’ home”)

    When I was in line there for customs my friend was asking me about my traveling in Africa and what cluck-languages were all about. Then he impersonated one. This offended the entire group of Africans in front of us. I was ashamed immediately upon entering Ireland. I also embarrassed myself many, many times in Ireland. Also, some Russians threw fruit at me in Ireland at about 3AM when I was all alone walking through an abandoned fish market near my flat.

  19. Happy St. Patricks day all
    I read everyday, but I rarely post anymore. I would like Richters chances in skills competion, he was quick as a cat and a fierce competitor.

  20. I remember a tour we were on (non-Guinness factory) where the tour guide mentioned St. Patrick. He said something like “Now everyone knows that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. He was so successful in fact he erased their fossil record in the country as well”.

  21. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Carp-I read your stories .. scan through the minutia . I think twitter is one of the most useless self centered sites out there .

  22. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Well the Knicks get a home game on St. Pat’s Day, and they no doubt will be wearing green uniforms. Gee, I wonder how much they had to pay the Stern one under the table to work out the scheduling? Bet they get a home game on St Pat’s Day nine years out of 10. See, the NBA likes New York, while the NHL, hates New York, because Butthead is still working for the NBA in drag. lol

  23. Wow, CTB….What a great story! And, as you know, I did meet CTB, lol. Yup, the last thing I’d guess is that you’re Irish. Wow, good for your parents! And, I guess, Happy St. Patricks!

  24. Carp- I enjoy the pregame notes but then again, I am a sucker for fun facts.

    It certainly wouldnt ruin the blog if you trimmed them for your sake…

    Richter? C’mon, it was Richter. Of course he would have risen to the challenge, thats what he did. That being said, the aforementioned point about Jagr/Gabbs vs. MZA/WW/EC was a solid one, it IS a different animal.

    Happy St Patricks day all…

  25. CTB –

    1. Guinness Factory was easily the greatest thing I did in Dublin (more than once). The bar at the top is one of the greatest bars I have ever been to.

    2. I heard a story when I was traveling through Northern Ireland (which was my favorite area there) that there was a dispute over who owned an island, Ireland or Scotland, and the determining factor was that there were no snakes on the island. Thus, island belongs to Ireland.

    3. Irish up that name!

  26. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Nice tribute to Richter. Richer – Bure, one of the highlight moments in NHL history, and the defining moment of Mike’s great career. Something about the catalyst moment to the Rangers going on to winning The Cup.

  27. Good morning all! I’ll play along, but have to be honest…I don’t like St. Patrick’s Day, never have (and I can say that with immunity, having partially green blood :)

    I’m more bummed that it’s going to be beautiful here today, and I actually have work! Now where’s the luck o the Irish in that!

    well, gotta run….be safe if you “celebrate” today….TA!

  28. Hipbone is right – either Carp or the Boneheads usually post any news faster than most of the twittersphere!

  29. Very nice CTB – Ranger Approrpiate too.

    Let The Pogues Marathon begin!

    Also – Liberally make Paddy’s Pub (Always Sunny) references all day!

  30. mornin heads! at ease! jeez we are all addicted to RR. its a ritual, i wake up, smoke a cig, drink coffee, pinch a froloaf, come here, read, laugh, go to work, come home, come back here, eat, sleep, wake up, come back here, anoyther cig, another frolaf and were all addicts to RR!!!

  31. k im already banned from 1 bar in town from a brawl on new years, im going to stay in and have friends over. or something. not going anywhere. but i am getting voros’ed tonight!!

  32. Grabachev you can come to Brooklyn and we can go to all the bars I have been banned from for making “inappropriate” jokes when the bar won’t put sports on their televisions.

    I am not really technically “banned.” It is just VERY uncomfortable to go back.

  33. i remember last year we all put a Mc or a O in front of our names in honor of st pattys day, but some of teh boneheads arent here anymore. including nasty, and truefans. where did TR go? and others i cant rememeber at teh moment. i suggest we pour an ounce of our 40’s for all the gone but not forgotten boneheads who are mia. especially, the man the myth the legend, mr kaspar himself

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Richter would have easily had another 40 wins in his career, and possibly as many as 50-55.

  35. No, nay, never
    No, nay, never N’more!!
    Shall I play the wild rover,
    No, never, n’more

    Ok. Happy St.Pats everyone, The 19th anniversary of Reijo Ruotsalainen’s hat trick on St.Patty’s day 1982. Thanks to LoHud poster Per Djoos for that fact, posted on Mar 17,2010. Still remember the goofy photo in the Post.

    The pregame notes are useful. Gave a like on Facebook, but there’s two LoHud Rangers report entries on FB – one group and one, uh, “facebook thing.” which is more used

  36. i am actually banned from all bars just cuz theyre all next to each other in teh town square. its like old patchogue here where i live. sallys been here before. hey sally, i went to pappys antique mall the other day for teh first time!! yea so the bar i was in i know for sure banned me for fighting, and the other 2 bars are pretty close. i dont wanna chance it. im the only guy here with a ny accent. in ny i could blend in easy. here i stick out like a sore thumb. manfried- i wish i could come out there and party with u n cccp, ilb and all u guys. i really cannot come out there at least until some family issues get resolved. and yes ilb, i will stop smoking but its not a good time for me right now. my grandma who i love like a mother because she took me in and helped raise me when my parents divorced and were lots of fighting going on, well shes gonna kick off soon, and im just depressed about it. shes more a mom to me than anything. ok, sorry for talking about non hockey related stuff. but ive been here a long time and feel ive earned the right to pull off a grabby monologue every now n then. but now its hockey!!! line changes for tommorow heads??

  37. O'BroadwayRoe on

    Good morning all…

    Carp, I think Richter would’ve been great. He was excellent on breakaways/penalty shots and he was in such great shape, I don’t think stamina would’ve been an issue.

  38. Grabachev. Even though many of us are merely interweb/blog pals we all support you.

    Definitely come party sometime. We will get banned from anything you want to get banned from.

  39. O'BroadwayRoe on

    Oh I forgot my homework-

    Yes, I usually skim the pregame notes, but I wouldn’t be depressed if they went away. I “like” the Facebook page. And here are some twitter handles for the widget:

    And player pages would be nice too, like @michaeldelzotto, though he hasn’t tweeted since being Whaled/injured.

  40. Happy St. Patty’s day!

    Carp, I already liked the FB page a while ago!

    Here are some more good twits:

    Like the new name Manny!

    Sorry about your grandma, Grabby…

    Mike Richter would certainly have more wins in this era!

  41. Manfried- has it occurred to you that you can enter FB under a new name? :-)
    I’d suggest female Irish name. SIOBHÁN, perhaps? I don’t think your mom would know it’s you….

  42. Haha – I am not worried about her seeing anything. I am 30 so I should be able to do what I please now. I was just depressed. It really ruined it. It’s like your mom admitting to you that she loved the Ramones in the late 70’s and all the “original” punk rage you felt just turning into anger.

  43. @BizNasty2point0 (Paul Bissonette from PHX, most entertaining of the player/tweeters)
    @kausatoday (Kevin Allen USA Today – good for breaking storeis quickly)

  44. McDonalds was some of the best food I got while I was in Ireland. I believe they are world mighty. Especially since they have a location in India, a mostly vegetarian (Hindu) country.

  45. By the way, Linda, good to see you post this morning! WTB have you been?!? Top O’ the morning to you as well!

  46. O'Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    St. Patty’s Day and Day 1 of March Madness. Not a bad little Thursday to take a two hour “business” lunch with some colleagues.

  47. I always read the pre-game notes, but I’m not a fanof just reading official press releases.

    Also, Richter would have significantly padded his win totals with the shootout. It might have even gotten the Rangers into the playoffs some years.

  48. If I am not mistaken, MacTavish is a Scot……and the Irish and Scots did not always get along too well( but hey, those clans in Scotland couldn’t get along with each other;) they were always sharpening up their Claymores for another internecine battle or
    other, or when they couldn’t find any Brits, to roil with.

    My sainted paternal grandmomma hailed from County Mayo, up in the cold northeast of the Isle, while maternal grandpa Flynn hailed from the more southern region of Tipperary. And somehow a Flemish intruder got into the mix, and that is where I came by my birth name.

    But there’s probably a bit of Irish in all of us..now look at Callahan for instance……he of the Italian/Irish descent…and who’s gonna know? Or care?

    And look at that old Spaniard Eamon DeValera who was
    head man of Ireland for a generation at least.

    I see where this kid Flatley has his dance troupe in action again ( I didn’t know he was 55.)

  49. O'Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    I too skip over the game notes and just go straight to the comments.

    I do like the Twitter widget though. And hearing the word “widget” makes me have Vietnam-like flashbacks to my first year in law school (I’m sure other Esq.’s and current law students feel similarly).

  50. BTW….therre are all kinds of eerie legends of Ireland that are downright nutty in sopme case, but some have a kernel of truth tothe,

    The one I’ve always chuckled at is the “Bloody Hand of Ulster”

    That’s the one where a group of Irish were exploring various territories for claiming, and as the group approached this one particular unclaimed “county” a man named O’Neil,tried to claim it. One had to be first to set foot on the soil in order for it to be legally claimed. Legend has it that O’Neil so eager to make this claim for his family, sliced off his hand and threw it from the boat to land on the shore, and therefor claiming it for his clan……
    …sure you believe it!

  51. i read game notes right after i post “FIRST” :)

    love the tweeter idea…adds ummm.. sophistication? to the website

    and i “like” the RR on facebook… me “like” it long time!

  52. Stranger Nation on

    I am ‘real’ Irish – both sides of family have O’ before surname. Been to the old sod many times and if you have not been to SW Ireland – Ring of Kerry area – you have not been to Ol Eire. Love Dublin (and Guiness), but the west coast is magical – put it on your bucket list, especially if you like to tee it up.

    The reason the Irish do not “celebrate” like we do in the states is vbecause it is amateur hour here where every Tom, Dick and Mary acts like a drunk idiot. My night was last night where we rocked midtown and was way overserved with the mother’s milk. Will not drink today by design, parents wouldn’t either growing up.

  53. Sorry about your grandma, Mike. Hang in there, bud.

    Some great old Irish Rangers:

    John O’Grodnick.
    Ray O’Ruotsalainen.
    Ric O’Fata.
    Eddie O’lczyk.

    CTB, I thought you looked Irish.

  54. O'Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Does anyone know the playoff tiebreaker after regulation/OT wins? Is it simply total wins (including SO)?

  55. Stranger Nation on

    Re: Game Notes – would love to see more perspective on opponent – know all the ranger stats so not necessarily value added for me, especially the “WW has 8 pts in his last 15 games…”

    Richter – SO – would have been a stud muffin. He and Hank are similar in that they both have trouble with handling the puck especially behind the net. Ricky was a litle better as Hark is scary when he ventures out.

    Is Dylan McIlrath coming to St. Patty’s parade today?

  56. Stranger – Brilliant. Amateur Hour. It’s so true. America loves commercializing holidays so that businesses can make money. I am all for it when it involves alcohol. I do, however, dislike all the puke on the streets during the St. Patty’s day parade.

  57. Stranger – Totally agree about the West Coast. I loved traveling around Ireland and checking out the West Coast, Middleton and The North. Beautiful Land.

  58. Richter would have had more groin injuries and shorter career if there were shootouts, but he probably would have been solid in shootouts no doubt.

    As for the pre-game notes, I usually don’t read them. Any of that official pre-packaged stuff I usually ignore.

    I would include Larry Brooks in the widget if he isn’t there already.

  59. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    In all honesty Carp I just look to see what t.v. & radio station the game is on don’t really read many press releases from msg its all propaganda as far as i’m concerned & I think you know how I feel about your pre game , during the game & post games when your in attendance I LOV THEM you are the best at it by far over all the regulars aka other reporters at the games

  60. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Sorry I don’t do facebook or twitter but my sister does so i’ll tell her to “like” you for me is that okay?

  61. Rangers are second in the league in total rookie time on ice (not including goalies) to the Oilers. I would say they’re doing a pretty damn good job this season considering that. Only seventh when including goalies, but that’s not fair given that they’re on ice for whole games.

    Agree with others above. If we want to keep it totally local, have to have @NYP_Brooksie and @StanFischler if they are not there already. Other good national and Canadian guys are @kausatoday and @tsnbobmckenzie. I don’t know if you can add @incarceratedbob because his tweets are protected.

    I read the pregame notes when I have time or until I find then uninteresting. It also gives some good stats to discuss pregame.

  62. Carp: re: your questions.

    1. I do read the pre-game notes although, since I am a recent poster, I can remember it was the post-game reviews that got me hooked here (and the wonderful people of course). Thus, I conclude that the pre-game notes can be shrunken down considerably if the effort is anything more than minimal for you to put it together. Especially the injuries, hot streaks and rising stars stuff.

    2. As I said before I don’t have Facebook anymore. If I get it back I will not like, but LOVE the page.

    3. I would not offer to do post-game reviews because I am sure I do not know enough to enlighten anyone with my opinions. Maybe one day.

    4. Hockey: Richter is Richter. He would wipe the floors with opponents. I am not sure the shootout is entirely equatable with a penalty shot since penalty shots were, and are, more rare than a shootout but with the skill set being similar, I stand by saying that Richter would wipe the floor with opponents. Slightly better stick handling than Hank would really help there (not that Hank isn’t unbelievable most times).

  63. >>I don’t really read the pregame notes (or the Rangers Post-game).
    >>I prefer your wrap-up, to be honest!

    Ditto! I’m really not interested in all the pre-game information overload. As for the post-game wrap-ups and quotes, they all sound the same. Carp’s reviews are what I’m looking for when I visit here the day after a match.

  64. Not a silent, but a quiet bonehead here.

    I never read the game notes.

    Darren Dreger has the best scoops on twitter.

  65. Thanks Carp, I almost forgot about St.Patricks Day despite I see my huge guiness hat from last year when I turn around :)

    I find it positve that you setup this twitter window on the right side..I dont have one so I always wonder if those twitters are from those real persons as I red today, that once in a while there are faked twitter accounts not the right persons ?????????

  66. No I never read the game notes as well as it is too many stats :)
    But I know you guys are high on statistcial notes, I have learnt through the years :)

  67. CTBlueshirt-ahan on

    I am sure Orr would invent fake twitters to post news:


    “@RangersReport: Dublowsky and Butt-Chin to TOR for Sloppy Seconds”

  68. Stranger Nation on

    McIlrath’s nickname – Big Mack Truck – or the Undertaker – classic!!

    This blurb is one year old (pre-draft fodder)

    Dylan McIlrath, D ? Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL): In THN?s upcoming Draft Preview special, one scout gave McIlrath the nickname ?The Undertaker,? thanks to his fighting record. YouTube the 6-foot-5, 215-pound defenseman and you?ll see why.

    But McIlrath is no goon.

    ?I see myself as a shutdown defenseman,? he said. ?I play physical, stand up for my teammates and make a good first pass.?

    Citing NHLers Shea Weber and Willie Mitchell as influences, McIlrath was given a lot of offensive opportunities after star blueliner Travis Hamonic was injured, then traded to Brandon. In fact, 16 of McIlrath?s 24 points came after the calendar flipped over to 2010 and his power play time greatly increased.

    ?It was nice to see the coaches have that confidence in me,? McIlrath revealed. ?Hopefully next year I?ll have a bigger role.?

    But there will always be a place for McIlrath thanks to his imposing nature. He has taken boxing lessons as well as fight training with Neil Barker, father of NHLer Cam Barker.

    ?It?s more about making room for myself and my teammates, striking fear in the opposition? McIlrath said of his punching prowess. ?I?ll have fighting in my back pocket, but hockey is my first priority.?

    As for the online highlights, the Moose Jaw Warrior admits to logging on to watch his latest donnybrooks.

    ?I like to watch them right after the game,? he said, ?critique them.?

    It?s always good to be studious, right?

  69. I was just on a conference call at work. A hockey fight nearly broke out! I told somebody in IM “this guy needs a 10 min misconduct.”

  70. Hey Marji – Did one executive try to get the suit jacket of the other executive over his head so he could more easily beat him?

  71. Anybody here still sober? :)

    Hang tough Grabby, sorry to here about your troubles.

  72. Cindy Crosby on

    Hey Carp,

    I check your site every single day, havent commented really in a year or so.. but I am still here and I can honestly say that the pregame notes are a little much for me. I am mainly looking for the quick facts – standings, lineups, tv/radio info, and any new developments/news.


  73. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Carp – more questions please.

    For Twitter:

    @/NHLKerry (she’s hot!)

    Pre-game notes: would prefer just the basics..
    Facebook: Liked it.

    Richter = Monster

  74. I made the mistake of going outside (I work in Times Square) and I now hate the following things:

    St. Patrick’s Day
    High School Kids
    The Celtics
    The Smell of Terrible Beer
    Anyone under the age of 23


  75. don’t know about you guys, but I’m likin’ that widget.

    Now there’s no reason to ever go anyplace else but here. Hah.

  76. Good for you, Manfried, on hating number 4! I cant celebrate saint patricks day for obvious reasons.

    How is your day going, Mama?

  77. I neither understand nor participate in Twitter but that widget is pretty cool. Agreed.

    I will never go anywhere else if you add a little NYTimes widget and maybe some music?

  78. Hey when it comes time for the Jewish Holidays can we change our names to fun things like:

    Oi!! Rosenkrantz (play on Orr!!)
    Rabbi Tony
    Jewish CARPenter (get it?)
    Noah (can remain the same!)
    ilb the Hebrew Hammer

    by the way – none of this is anti-semitic because I am Jewish and I consent to the humor.

  79. I would call that a Hat Trick but since it’s St. Patty’s day and all I will refer to it as a “Tweed Cap-Trick”

  80. O'Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Passover’s coming up pretty soon. I’ll be sure to make my name even more Jewish sounding than it already is.

  81. You are crazy…..All of you. Myself included. I’m surprised it took me that long to figure it out….

    Did you finally figure out what widget was, Carp?

  82. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Mc — I’m offended actually. There’s no place in this blog for that stuff.


  83. McEddie eddie eddie on

    top o the mornin (at least for me anyway..)…lets go rangers….crush les habs…that is french for crush the habs…..

  84. O'Noah-rury-(if Devils make the playoffs)-Noah, 28 on

    Between Prust’s recent birthday and St. Patty’s Day today, I hope the boys aren’t partying too much.

  85. ORR! That is real!? Tony Hawk is insane. That kind of stuff only happens in Woody Allen movies!? (see I really AM Jewish – Woody Allen reference)

    Chag Sameach Tiki!

  86. O'wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Happy st. Patty’s day all!!!

    best of luck bro!

    look the hell out, that parade there is a carcillo!

  87. NYR O’Fan-ahan – as many people wear that as wear the NY Rangers JEANS or the NY Rangers Bikini.

  88. Oh, crap. I didn’t see about Grabby prior to now. This is no time for jokes..from me.

    Sorry about your G’ma Grabby. We’re all here for you, buddy.

  89. Go to the new widget, scroll down to LB twitter, click and read his nice article on R. Callahan.

    Carp- brilliant!

  90. O'wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work, later O’assens!!!

  91. O'wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    a Mc’laurel…
    thanks for the correction O’ilb

    nice widget O’Carpahan

  92. you mean a mc’wicky, doncha pal :)

    Carp, the whatveridget is very cool. And for what it’s worth, I only read the top of the pre-game notes, too, but always read the quotes, and you…naturally.

    I’m actually working today Tiki….:( missing the sun here today, but not the beer fests :)

  93. Btw, Mc’Man….that list of yours applies to me any day of the year, not just today :)

  94. I’d also go with Blogyente, but in typing it, that looks too weird. What’s a Blogy ente?

  95. yes, the TweetDget works great on iPhone!

    great weather today in Brooklyn! Maybe ill go play some hockey in a park next to my building…shake my belly fat a little :)

  96. I started work at 6 this a.m. so I’m quits for now. Will resume about 8 p.m. Later, aasens.

  97. Mama – Dont worry about the sun. The sun will always be there. Im glad you’re getting the work done!! I knew you would. Jason sends his best and is proud of you. :)

  98. Mama – Oh, and in a week and a half, you’ll be in the Caribbean under the fiery hot sun!

  99. And a Mama hat trick! Enjoy painting class tonight, finish that beautiful piece of art for your little baby! Remember, look towards the positive. Your baby this weekend, Caribbean in a week and a half! :)

  100. Mc’Denied! O’Tiki!

    Sorry you hate this holiday. I am not the biggest fan but at least in this blogosphere it’s fun!

  101. Thanks Tiki! Just so we’re all clear though, it’s not my actual baby, but my niece :)

    I’m just working as a part-time freelancer on a school district newsletter. Unfortunately, the district is not being very cooperative…..grrrrrrrr!

    And yes, St. Lucia next Saturday!!!!

  102. oh, btw Tiki, Krisy’s been looking for you…..may want to shoot her an e-mail…..and hi back to J.

  103. Hello? Did everyone leave for the pub? Oh well, I gotta run….be safe if you’re gonna get your Irish up tonight. And don’t forget, Erin go braghless! (that was for you ORR. I hope I don’t live to regret it :) Later all!

  104. Mama – Would you email me Krisy’s email address? Since I ended up not going yesterday, Jason took both today and tomorrow off from work to watch the NCAAs with me!

    “Just so we’re all clear though, it’s not my actual baby, but my niece” That’s why I love ya Mama bear! :)

  105. awww, brothers and bball, how sweet! I don’t have her e-mail, only chat through FB. Look for Kristin Sjølstad Rødahl

    eh, and a mc’wicky for me :) TA!

  106. Mama – Also, in case you didn’t see last night, I caught all the way up on Californication. I know you think Hank is a protagonist/antagonist, but I dont find him unlikeable at all. I find him to be troubled, as you agree. I find Karen to be a bit harsh with him sometimes. It’s not Hank’s fault he slept with underage Mia.

  107. I agree. The new chick is Addison Timlin. She’s is so fuggin hot!

    Karen is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, but she’s too harsh on Hank.

    Carlo Gugino – Ive had a crush on here for a LONG TIME! She’s is so sexy, the face, the lips, the cheeks, the eyes, everything! She short of reminds of me of Mama in a few ways.

  108. Hey there Carp!

    Happy St. Patty’s Day. I like to tweet about the Rangers, any chance I can be part of that feed? (@jyergs). Also, do YOU have a twitter?

    P.S. The Rangers website started promoting Stanley Cup Playoffs tickets for sale already. a bit premature don’t you think?

  109. Ah, I dont like Ben’s – that’s Michael Ealy of Sleeper Cell, not Lenny Kravitz :) – daughter or Becca. I really don’t like Goth too much. The Goth appearance generally clouds my perception.

  110. jpg's sister on

    I think Mike Richter would have been FANTASTIC in the shootout. But I’m a little basis, he is one of my Favorite Rangers.

    If I remember correctly, on rare occasion Mike only had problems with a shot from the blue line

  111. Carp, i dont know if you around now, but I would like to attack:) the comissoners at 6pm in the NHLhour to convince him to bring the Rangers to Germany in October with the help mentioning your name that you can attest that I am the most fanatic Rangerfan in all over Germany :)

  112. Yeah, her name’s Natascha McElhone. I think her husband died last year. Which is why she wasn’t in season three all that much.

    I’m not a Becka fan. She used to be funny, but now she’s boring, and lame.

    Sometimes kids can be like Cats. When they’re kittens, they’re all fun, and cute. Then they get older, and they’re lame :P

  113. Orr – I agree again. Becca annoys me now, as does Karen. And Ive loved McElhone since I saw her for 5 minutes in some lame-o movie Solaris several years ago. She’s not perfect or gorgeous like a Gugino, but her characteristics make her dead sexy. Sad about her husband; I wondered why she was in NY and why I barely saw her. There’s a part of me that hopes in the end, Hank and Karen end up together, and there’s a part of me that hopes he moves on and finds love with someone else, like Sasha Bingham’s mother. Im just tired of the back and forth crap between Hank and Karen. Nothing Hank ever does will please Karen. She can’t cut him a break. Even the way Karen reacted to the 2nd season accidental mouth-rapist thing pissed me off

  114. I like the pregame notes
    I dont like the post-game release
    The Carp “Review” has become hugely important.

  115. Orr – This was fun. Thanks for the discussion. Any other cable shows you watch besides Dexter? Im only at the beginning of season 3 of Dexter.

  116. You should check out Shameless. It’s on after Californication. Pretty funny show.

    And Emmy Rossum’s a babe. She’s naked in nearly every episode.

    I watch too many shows. Which is why I *illegally* download them, so I can watch them on my time. My DVR is jam packed, so I can’t fit anything on it.

    Still a few shows I need to catch up on.

  117. jpg's sister on

    Broadway Ro
    if you are still out there. Thanks for sharing your engagement photos. Congrats! Cool photo on the ice. ” Unfortunately for me, my previous boyfriend was a Redwings not blueshirt fan.

    Congrats on a freelance job. I have a freelance article due next week. It’s just the beginning until you are fully employed again

  118. jpg's sister on


    Sorry to hear about your Grandma. My Nana passed away over 10 years ago, I still miss her. She was So cool, we would watch Late Night TV and movies together. Think of all the fun times you have had. It helps. Maybe even journal about her and your feelings. Helped me.

    So do you have dual citizenship? That’s cool

  119. jpg's sister on

    carp- I would just like to say concerning the Mike Richter question.

    Saved By Richter!

  120. jpg's sister on

    NYR- would anybody wear this?

    Aren’t Boyle, Drury and Gilroy also Irish?

    Do they have shirts in their names?

  121. ROFL @ you guys watching so much TV!!!! Orr, you are such a character…love it…..How you going to meet the woman of your dreams watching all that tv tho? ;)

  122. LOL! I don’t watch them on TV.

    The only time I really sit down and watch TV is for Hockey only. I can’t keep up with these TV shows when they’re going on.

    And I hate watching them one week at a time. Normally I’ll wait for the season to finish, then *illegally* download the season, and watch it when I have time.

    Only a couple of shows, I’ll watch week to week, like Dexter, True Blood, etc.

    I have every Breaking Bad episode, but I haven’t watched it yet.

    I haven’t even seen any of the new Fringe eps. I’ll wait for it to finish.

  123. hello to all

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day
    to those who care
    (watch out for snakes!!)
    Happy Birthday to anyone i missed recently
    and will miss in the future

    my twitter thoughts later CARP
    gotta go!

  124. Carp,

    Don’t give a carcillo about the twitter stuff.

    Don’t read the pre-game notes.

    I already like the facebook page. In fact, if that had a “really like” button I would click on that too.

  125. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Anyone with suggestions on where to get a ticket to the Florida and Ottawa games? I’m travelling to New York for the first time since 1994 parade.

  126. JPG’s Sister – I’d reckon that Drury has English heritage. Drury Lane in London is where the Muffin Man lives… :)

  127. capebretonrangerfan, why didnt you try ticketmaster…via Rangers website and click on tickets ???????????????????

  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I real and enjoy everything written on this blog. As a stats junkie, I obviously appreciate all the info… Pregame/postgame/all game/every game. The only change would be to have MORE of your thoughts, analysis, in-game descriptions, and views.

  129. I tried it for myself and for both games are still great seats available !!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Ticketmaster is a rip off

    We have few people on here who offer their season tickets for sale…I’m sure someone will respond :)

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That should be” read and enjoy….”…. I hate typing on this lil iPod touch…

  132. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Tnx Mattias. I saw on the NYR website that there is a Rangers Ticket Exchange, where tickets seem to be well priced. Does anyone know if this is a legit place to buy tickets?

  133. no its not the ticket exchange its the direct buy from ticketmaster..I have used this system last time three years ago and you can print out your own ticket with your own printer and then you go to the gates it works pretty good….there is a bar code and they scan it at the entrance…it is just great….

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Speaking of drury, he is tied with Hank and beer-on for goals scored this season. Extrapolating over an 82 game season, that equates to zero goals for all three…

  135. In 2007 i have used this system in Montreal-vs Toronto, in Ottawa-vs Toronto and then in Toronto for the hockey night game vs the Rangers but It works at the Garden the same way :)
    The last time I was at the Garden in March 2000 there wasn´t that kind of ticketing :)

  136. Carp, I am listening to the comissoners right now and he didn´t respond to my request…
    he is still has 25 minutes left :)

  137. if he won´t i probably need to make a phone call from Germany on the next NHLhour :)
    I am capable of everything :)

  138. My company’s IT department is amatuer-hour! I couldn’t even see the Twitter widget at work, it was blocked! Boo!

    f5! f5! f5!

    Now I’m home and ready to watch all 11 NHL games tonight!! But the Rangers aren’t playing…Double Boo!

  139. Carp
    here goes……
    don’t really read the pre-game notes other than
    yours…………not as interesting. little time.

    as far as twitter stuff
    the twitter account name is first, then who it is and where they’re from:

    AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Rangers beat writer for The Record (N.J.)

    ESPN_Burnside Scott Burnside
    ESPN.com NHL columnist. Almost always off-side playing men’s hockey. Fearful of onions and heights.

    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    The Hockey Insider

    Real_ESPNLeBrun Pierre LeBrun
    Official Twitter page of the ESPN.com NHL columnist and CBC ‘Hot Stove’ regular.

    NYP_Brooksie Larry Brooks

    RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    NHL Alumni/Sportsnet

    NHLShanny Brendan Shanahan
    V.P of blah blah blahblahblah…..at the NHL

    i think someone else mentioned Darren Dreger and i’m sure that Steve Zipay was mentioned or should be.
    all i can think of right now.

    carry on……….drink for me. i’ll drink later.

  140. NYR-Fan if the Rangers aren´t on the schedule you need to file a letter of complaint to Glen Sather because he is usully to blame on this :)

  141. god dam..this commisoners only responds to the phone, he probably never heard about emailing :)

  142. last caller really stupid, how can you apologize to the GMs, those guys not only have pressure they also earn big bucks !!!!!!!!

  143. oi the tastykakes announcer from the Flyers feed..oweiah….

    You really guys want me to watch thrashers-flyers as it was mentioned as very important for playoffs impilications..oi hard to swallow

  144. Thanks Orr, so I can move to another matchup…
    Whenever I hear those guys from Philley, I got multiple pustules…

  145. NYR...O'FAN-ahan on

    I meant to say this earlier, Orr: I thought Dawes’ and Gomez’s dads were really cool too. LMAO, remember Drury’s dad? He looked just like him! Bwaha!

  146. JimboWoodside on

    Matthias, they *do* celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, but it is more of a religious holiday, and does not contain the silliness and drunkenness like here in America…

  147. a taste of tastykakes again..wow…no they really like a full pint of guiness these days in Ireland …I was there in May 2010 and I can attest to that :)

  148. Times Square is disgusting right now. What is wrong with people? Guinness doesn’t even taste good in this country!? Come on people. Keep your lunches inside your tummies.

  149. Mike Breen asked Walt Frazier if Frazier was feeling nautious with the Knicks wearing those green jerseys.

    Frazier: “It has nothing to do with saint patrick’s day”
    Breen: “It”s because of Clyde’s hatred of all things Celtics”
    Frazier: “It’s not just the Celtics. It’s all things New England. I won’t even eat New England Clam Chowder.”

    YES!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it!!!!

  150. A Devils loss would be a nice hat trick for my day, the other two “scores” being my alma mater pulling off an upset in the NCAA tourney and my Dubi and Doughty jerseys getting made well before schedule.

  151. NYR...O'FAN-ahan on

    ORR…I just watched that Boyle segment! It was funny! LOL! He better have gotten that NBC reporter’s #!

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    The rangers certainly have lady luck on their sides as the teams underneath them are losing with alarming frequency over the last several weeks…

  153. Chico trying to excuse Mair on a goalie interference that negates a Devils goal. “I don’t know if Mair knew he was touching the goalie”. Learn the rules McAsshat

  154. CapeBretonRangerFan, I have used the Ticket Exchange. It was fine. I was very happy with the price and I got the tix, no problem.

  155. I told you guys the Devils were done. Too difficult a schedule. They’ve been playing playoff hockey for the past month+. It’s time for them to fall out of it.

  156. Irish Ewell O'Folkyerself on

    Chicag O’Black Hawks must already be drunk. Down 3-0 to Dallas after two periods.

  157. JimboWoodside on

    “The rangers certainly have lady luck on their sides as the teams underneath them are losing with alarming frequency over the last several weeks…”

    Very true! Thank you, Lord!!!

  158. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Hey when was the “it’s just pain” article here?

  159. Random question that hit me while reading about the two prospects being signed:

    So the rangers have a lot of young guys, but for me, none stand out as that dominate, first line guy. now, yes, you can argue we can exist without that messier or jagr type, but hear me out. Rangers have a lot of talent, hell, if all the young guys are good to go, we aren’t going to have enough room for all of them.

    Sorry, I am rambling, but my point is this: In this year and next year’s draft, wouldn’t you be cool with the rangers trading maybe a prospect and a bunch of 2nd and 3rd picks for a high 1st round pick to get a rock star prospect for this team?

    I just feel like the rangers youth movement is great, but we can only have so many 2nd and 3rd liners coming through the team (Hell, look at the nhl, we essentially are producing 2nd and 3rd line players for the whole league!). And so who cares if we select well for the 2nd and 3rd round? what happens if there is a stud center coming up in the draft and a team with the 5th pick in a draft who doesn’t need a center and would love to take say mdz for controversy’s sake and a bunch of 2 and 3 round picks. wouldn’t you love to see the rangers pull the trigger on this?

    just a rant i wanted to get off my chest… enjoy…destroy..comment..whatever..

  160. Driving home from paint school, I could have sworn a plate on a car in front of me said FUG then numbers. Could not believe NY DMV would allow that, but with my eyes and all…..Got as close as I could without being an aasen, and I’m pretty sure it was EUG….but I sure had a laugh for a moment.

    Joey, my answer to you is, we have built a pretty good team so far and I just don’t want to see it messed up with too much over tinkering. You raise some discussion-worthy points, but I just want us to continue on the building/growing path, and not play 52 card pick up, if you get my drift.

  161. Irish, you never cease to crack me up, even when you tikkanen me off :)

    and yes, I’m back to normal and over St. Pat’s Day. I’ll be avoiding my local pub street til next week after the city has had time to clean up :)

  162. and that’s my last lucky (kinda) clover til tomorrow…ta all! Good night for us…now let’s win tomorrow!!

  163. Wow, the Avs will fall to 1-19-1 in their last 21!! Awful! I hope they trade Stastny to NYR!

  164. good night wicky wicky wicky!

    Im heading to bed too, but what’s the new music? Im always interested in new music, I listen to anything!

  165. Jarome Iginla scored his 30th of the season last night. This is his 10th consecutive season with at least 30 goals. Wow…

  166. I’m last!

    I’m disappointed that the Avs wont make the playoffs. But, I want them to lose.

    I’m hoping they get a top three pick in the draft. They’re a good team, having a bad year. Much like the 2007 Flyers.

    If they trade Stastny, then they’re dopes.

    They already have been hosed in that blockbuster deal. EJ for Stewart straight up was enough, in my opinion, but they threw in Shattenkirk for a 4th liner. EJ is doing good for them, but Stewart is doing great for the Blues.

    Meh. I don’t care, I like both teams!

    Go Rangers! Two big points! Need to take advantage!

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