Tortorella post-game


John Tortorella:

“I thought Hank, especially in the first period, made some really key saves. We got into trading chances with them a little bit. I thought we played better as we went on. But we can’t trade chances. We’ve got to continue to work at playing the proper defense. I thought we lost our high guy a bit at times.

“I don’t want to (complain). We won a big game. That’s a hard game to play. That team is just feeling good about itself, there’s really not a lot of pressure on them, and they’ve been playing really well. We found a way to win. I still think we have to clean up some of our defense and play it more consistently.”

On McCabe’s play on Martin before the first Gaborik goal being a game-changer:

“Yeah, Caber made some good plays tonight, offensively and defensively. And that’s the way the game was. You wouldn’t think in a 6-3 game … but there were some changes of flow, and they were pretty dangerous. And that’s where I thought Hank made key saves at key times to keep us with a lead, and we found a way.”

On the power play (which was 3 for 5):

“I don’t know. I think for the last little while it’s been OK. You guys are the ones always ripping it apart when we don’t score. … I think it’s come along. I think we’ve got people making big plays. Zucc makes some really good plays on the power play. I thought Caber really stood out tonight, obviously a big goal, made some really good passes. Vinny Prospal makes plays that not too many of our guys can make. I’m not saying it’s dynamite and we have it all solved, but it’s scored some goals for us along the way, and guys have just made plays.

“We had the puck more. I think that’s another key point.”

“I’m not disappointed. I don’t want you to take it that way. I don’t want us to trade chances. I want us to be stiffer defensively, and at times during the game, we were. But then we’ve gotten into a flow of trading chances with them,and I don’t think we can play that way. We wantto express ourselves offensively, but we have to play defense first.”

On being upset with Avery taking the last penalty in the third:

“Yeah, that’s my business.”

On Gaborik using his legs:

“I hope he gains some confidence. He made a couple of good plays defensively. God knows he had some chances even prior to scoring the first goal. I thought he had a couple others before that. But he stuck with it and he has the Islanders’ number, that’s for sure. I just hope he gains confidence and realizes, that’s the biggest point we want Gabby to understand, that’s moving his legs makes him an effective player. He’s hard to check. That’s what we hope he understands, and tonight will help him.”

More on McCabe:

“I like the way he’s handled himself because he’s in a different role. And it’s hard sometimes because of the role he’s been put in. But he’s been with the team. That’s a key, for a veteran guy who’s played the amount of years he’s played, and wanting to play more, he’s just been with the team. I think that’s important when a new guys comes in, and the time of year that we’re at, that’s a big plus for us.”

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  1. I guess, Eminger’s kind of like Strudwick was for us a few years back…Fill in when he can and knows his role…

    Yeah, they will have to move Gilroy in June, unless they trade Girardi? Then, they may want to qualify Gilroy…

    I could see NYR trading Girardi as part of a package in order to get a bigger missing piece of the puzzle…Stastny?

    LOL! Maybe in my dreams!

  2. Charlie Sheen on

    REALLY? 6-3 HUGE WIN and this moron is complaining about trading chances!!!! I will trade chances with the Islanders for 100 periods in a row. Our coach is a DICK. Its Lundqvist vs Montoya, in what paralell universe is this a bad idea? OMG! he castrated Avery in the summer, and now doesnt like him, reap what you sow dope. This is my fav team in a long time, lotta heart but Tortallini and Sather make it hard to root for. His comments are ridiculous.

  3. i like Eminger.

    been thinking about summer
    and won’t feel too bad
    if Girardi
    help us get a more skilled forward

  4. Torts eats the the entire Tiger, so none of the blood spills on the floor and gets contaminated. He likes how the fur coincides with the blood, when he swallows it.

    I don’t think God will be suspended. If it were a five minute major, which it should have been, and could have been if that dope Haley had a brain, and stayed on the ice, then I’d see him getting suspended.

  5. I dont think Avery will get suspended b.c the kid came to the game plus the fact Avery has never been suspended for an on ice incident before.

  6. Excellent work as always, Carp.

    Old school Transformers is the best. On every night at 11p CST.

  7. avery will not be suspended but he will be watching the next game from above since he had 3 bad penalties and overall stunk tonight.

    prust is a turnover machine in his own zone, heck of a 4th liner but turnover machine in his own zone.

    dubi game in and game out strong on the puck…..

  8. just finished watching the game…we did what we were supposed to do – beat the bottom-feeder and gained two valuable points.

    That’s 13 goals in the last two home games…

  9. That post might have been dumb enough to have been the real Charlie Sheen. Yeah, you have to hate coaches who have success their way, to have a franchise on the verge of being something really good for a long time.

  10. Oh, and when they were trading chances with the Islanders they were putting their playoff lives on the line, just like when they traded chances with the Islanders early in the season and lost at Nassau Coliseum. Yeah, you want a grinding team with very few legit offensive players trading chances with an inferior team that has some skill and can’t handle your forecheck.

    But thanks for stopping in, Charlie, I think you’re one of those Avery jock-sniffers.

  11. lol Carp

    i don’t mind them trading chances as long as we come out on top…it makes the game fun to watch but the Isls had some high quality chances against us…Hank was brilliant tonight, though

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Sweet victory – the Habs are next – win that one and they could have the engine humming.

  13. ORR

    that baby video is as funny as it is sad… good luck to that baby and his self-esteem in the future lol

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    2 Big Points tonight.

    FIRE SATHER! He’s been washed up for years.

    Hat trick? Bush League. Small potatoes. Get an Ovechtrick then we’ll see…

  15. Hi Guys,

    Somehow I am even unable to register myself for in order to read Zips full article might the Rangers open next season in Sweden !!!!

    Is there any one, posting me a link in order to read the full article ????


  16. Lundquist will choke soon and Avery the scum sucker will implode. Rangers will, again be OUTSIDE looking IN!!!!!!!!!!! AS THEY SHOULD BE!!!!! NYC garbage pickers again………

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