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Marian Gaborik:

“The first period was good and the second period we kind of had a little hiccup there. So, big goal by Cally there and we kept rolling from there.”

“It’s always nice to score, definitely. But big win. We didn’t have a lot of games lately. But we’ve got Montreal coming up an that’s going to be another huge game. It’s going to be a big stretch for us. It’s a big challenge.”

“It’s important, especially in front of these great fans, to get some goals on the board and get some important points.”

Vinny Prospal:

“We managed to score on (our power plays) and any time you get a chance to get a 5-on-3, you should be able to score, or at least get a lot of chances. And we did that. I think at that time, that was the turnaround in the game. We swung the momentum on our side again.

“That’s where we are successful (down low). Any team that’s going to play out of their zone is going to be more successful than spending the whole game in their defensive zone. We create a lot of chances from there.”

Ryan Callahan:

“It’s so tight right now and every game means so much, it’s playoff-style hockey. We can’t give up any games now, with everything being so close. We have to worry about what we have to do. If we win games we’ll make it.”

“Throughout the whole year, not only when we play the Islanders, we talk about momentum swings and how to handle them. No matter who you’re playing, it’s going to happen. They’re going to grab momentum, you’re going to grab momentum and I think how you handle it is whether you have success or not. I thought we did well with that tonight. They got two quick ones in the second, but at the same time we didn’t get down on the bench. We just kept with it and banged away.

“We’ve had success playing a straight -ahead game, in your face, grinding it out. And for us to have success we have to do that. So tonight was no different. We did the same thing against the Islanders. They got two quick ones on us, and we started to get back to our game, which was below the hash marks and crashing the net.”

Bryan McCabe:

On breaking up Matt Martin’s rush that ended up in Marian Gaborik’s first goal:

“It was just a one-on-one, so I was just trying to get the puck off the guy, and Gabby picks it up. Great players make great plays. The guy went coast-to-coast and scored. What can you say about him? He’s awesome.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“They had a pretty good chance coming down the wing there. It was 2-2 and, then you know, the next save or next goal can be critical. They didn’t score there and then we had a couple of chances and we score and go from there. But halfway through the game, it could go either way. They created some big chances, but we stepped up at the right part of the game.”

“Right now, it’s fun. Every game is so important, and mentally I try to see it as the playoffs. I think a lot of guys do, and a lot of teams do. So you have to be so careful that you do the right things in practice and between games and be ready for each game. Because I know from last year, one point could be the difference. You want to do everything you can here to play your best and help the team get points.”

“There’s still a lot of hockey left. I still see it as we’re  in a pretty  critical spot here.  We need to play our best going down the stretch. It can change pretty fast. But the feeling changes so far. You get a couple wins and you feel great and maybe you relax, but the next game will be really important again. So you have to enjoy it, it’s exciting, and hopefully we can keep winning.”

“I think a lot of games now are decided right around the net. You have to be hard in front of your own net, and you have to be in the blue to screen and deflect and get rebounds.  That’s how you score now. That will be a critical part of our game.”

Erik Christensen:

On Brandon Prust:

“He’s made of steel. He is one of the toughest guys who I have played with, especially being his size. He is not a big guy out there. He blocks shots, finishes his check and he fights. He has more skill than people think he does. He’s a big part of the team.”

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " Lets go Rangers!! "...says Greg L. on

    Only been done once …maybe never has in such a short period of time .


  2. you know i’d love to see them bring back McCabe as the 6th d-man. I know a unit of Del Zotto-McCabe is pretty weak defensively but i think it would be really beneficial for Del Zotto. Not to mention having them both on the PP unit will be pretty good for PP as well.

  3. I must say when i first started hearing Prust’s name – I was like – whatever – another schlub.
    Now I am a believer in this guy as a ranger. Thank you Brandon!

  4. Gaborik was flying tonight. We just need him to get him streaking….consistency is the key!

    Oleo – I like the idea of bringing McCabe back…Eminger is gone after this year…Maybe Gilroy too

  5. glad EC praised Prust, but im sure the Avery lovers will somehow turn this into EC throwing Prust under the bus. i highly doubt anyone expected Prust to be what he is. he’s just one of those guys that never gives up and is a team guy. someone id like my son to look up to, if i ever had a son.

  6. i wouldnt be so sure that Eminger is gone. as a 6th or 7th man, may come back. he’s really not a bad defenseman whatsoever.

  7. Caber may very well take a hometown discount. seems to like NY and NYR. would be nice to have him as a #5 + veteran leadership

  8. Gilroy is set to make 2.1 mil next season so he is absolutely a goner. Gilroy needs to go to a team where he can get top 4 minutes and PP time. His game isn’t suited for a 6th d-man but maybe a team like Florida or the Islanders could use him better.

  9. I disagree, Lev. I look at Eminger as a “fill-in” veteran that brings some toughness. He’s not terrbile but he has borderline NHL talent. IMO, He is a no better than no. 5 d-man on a decent team. Does anyone think he is better than any other of our d-men?

  10. good game except avery who was horrible. he only had 3 stupid penalties. he should be sitting in street clothes on friday.

    emminger stinks, gilroy is better…

    good win take the 2 points any way you can get them…

  11. Against Montreal on Friday, I think we see the same lineup at forward except for WW replacing Avery after his bad, make that really bad, penalties tonight.

    Obviously, the same top 4 D men but does Gilroy replace Emminger?

  12. The one thing that I feared most of all was that they’d take the Isles lightly. They didn’t and LQ was immense. And how about the work that EC has been performing for them lately, now that he’s getting some ice time? I have never understood this thirst to deep six him.

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