Another long game day, another ticket contest


Morning, kids.

You can now make your picks for the pair of tickets for the March 22 game against Florida, thanks to our generous, anonymous Bonehead.

I suggest you scroll down and review the rules before you make your pick. The fine print was in an early post yesterday. But the main things are:

1) You can only enter once. Don’t even think about entering twice. Don’t even think about thinking about entering twice. Don’t even dream about thinking about thinking about entering twice.

2) You can only enter between now and the time when tonight’s “It’s Go Time!” post goes up, which is usually within a half an hour of puck drop. So sometime shortly after 10 p.m. Eastern.

3) I need four items in your pick: Score, GWG, Rangers shots, Sharks shots. So it should look like this: Rangers 11, Sharks 10, GWG-McCabe, Rangers shots-11, Sharks shots-11.

But go back and read the fine print first. You have all byfuglien day and half the evening to do it, for Prust’s sakes.

Finally, though these tickets are completely free for the winner, and we (me or the donor) will pay for the postage to get them to you, you should beware that we might increase the price of $0 by 23 percent.


I’ll have pre-game notes later on today. You can cast your prediction on this post or that post or any other post until It’s Go Time!

Mixed results on the out-of-town scoreboard last night.

Games that matter (and should be long over by the time the Rangers play) tonight:

Buffalo Baby Buffaloes-Leaves
Blue Jackets-Hurricanes

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  1. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Rangers 3 at Sharks 1, GWG by Callahan, 33 Ranger shots, 29 Sharks shots.

  2. Matthias%Koala on

    I mean the main question in relation to the garden renovation is obviously the one if the press room burgers getting bigger as well:)

    Glen is going to get ten cigars per game as in contrast to five :)

  3. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Rangers 5 Sharks 2, GWG – Dubinsky, Rangers shots 28, Sharks shots 31

  4. Matthias%Koala on

    Zucc is going to have the winner in the shootout in a 4-3 win Sharks shots 33 Rangers 16
    I dont want to win the tickets as I cant go obviously :)

  5. “We can’t have any negative energy seep into our mindset; that would be counter-productive”.

    did Dubi say this before or after Torts showed the guys video of them screwing up?

  6. Matthias%Koala on

    I heard about a speculation that Glen declared his retirement after the season during a barbecue after his seventh ciagar at his house in Palms Springs/Palm Desert in between games allowing Mess to take over as GM holding to the post of President representing the Rangers in various events :)

  7. Rangers 2 Sharks 4, GWG – Thornton, Rangers shots 40, Sharks shots 31

    What time does this debacle start?

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    “# Scotman March 12th, 2011 at 9:33 am

    Rangers 1 Sharks 4, GWG Couture, Rangers shots 27, Sharks shots 34”

    I had Couture originally and changed it to Heatley.

  9. Nothing in the fine print about winning the tickets two times in a row, so here I go:

    Rangers 4, Sharks 2; GWG: Boyle; Rangers SOG: 31, Sharks SOG:34

    Big game tonight, 2 important points available. We gotta have’em.

  10. Sharks-4, nyr-2, gwg-marleau, shots-sharks36,nyr-28

    Long time reader, very occasional poster, just want to thank carp for all the great reading and insite!
    Now, pile on all you avery haters if you like, but I like what avery brings to this team, he wasn’t brought here to play d, or score 30 goals. His game is in your face n make things happen and grind it out.he’s got killer speed which is huge, makes great plays down low in the o zone and behind the net. And usually is the first one in down low that gets to the puck, with great puck control in the o zone. He doesn’t play enough, esp when there’s special teams play. Read lbs article in the post this mornin and will be pissed if he sits for ec. That guys a fuggin joke, he scores a few and basically blends in with ice.not saying avery, is a top six forward but for his skill set fits this team and if torts utilized him better would get more out of him. Pile on.

  11. Rangers 3, Sharks 2, GWG-Stephan, Rangers shots-31, Sharks shots-27.

    Lets get 2 points tonight boys!!!
    Lord knows we need it.

  12. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Tony I have faith I have lov & most importantly I am loyal I agree too many naysayers Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!

  13. Somebody mentioned Christian Thomas earlier. He’s only 5’9″ but he is probably the best goal scoring prospect in the organization. His numbers this year for Oshawa are sick:

    62 52 40 92 36

    Maybe he makes the team out of camp next year?

  14. I will be t the game tonight, second row behind the rangers bench…best tickets i have ever had, (with second best being in the garden 300’s) my first trip to california and my 26th (like josh) birthday…i need a win!!!

  15. NYR, reminds me of another Christian once upon a time — Dube. He had those types of sick numbers in juniors, too.

  16. Leetchhalloffame on

    Don’t understand what Torts has against Avery. Especially don’t get why Avery sits for that less talented than Zherdev clone EC. Aves obviously a goner next year and Rangers and us fans will miss his energy and antics for sure.

  17. G’day peeps! Here’s to hoping we can win one in the Shark tank tonight. I always liked that moniker they gave the arena!

    Rangers 5, Sharks 4, GWG-Callahan, Rangers shots-27, Sharks shots-26

  18. Rangers 4- Sharks 2, GWG- Staal, NYR shots- 38, SJS shots- 27

    LGR! Please don’t make me regret staying up on the night we spring ahead. Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight, Boneheads.

  19. Rangers-3
    GWG- Stall
    Rangers- 32
    Sharks- 28

    Lets go Rangers we need this one and so do I!

  20. I can’t even spell Staal. Sorry hope I’m not disqualified!
    Forgot that Flounder- a real late late night because we lose an hour on top of the late game.

  21. Yes we Spring Ahead tonight Tony. I remember visiting the Hoover Dam a couple of years ago and saw the sign about the time change and AZ doesn’t participate.

  22. “Especially don’t get why Avery sits for that less talented than Zherdev clone EC”

    EC has done more than Aves. Won a couple of shootouts, etc. Aves hasn’t done much for us this season. He’s been a typical 4th liner, because that’s exactly what he is.

    He’s actually four assists away from a career high in assists.

  23. ranger prospects on

    “Blueshirts’ prospect Christian Thomas of the OHL’s Oshawa Generals is now tied for the league in goals with 52 after picking up a hat trick last night. By passing the 50-goal mark, Thomas’s father (former NHLer Steve Thomas) and him became the first father and son duo to have 50 plus goal seasons in the OHL.”

    plus Kreider.

    looks like some scoring prospects on the way

  24. TheMessiah94 on

    Yeah, Thomas is looking to look like a real blue-chip prospect. Can’t wait to get some young guys who can score in here!!!

  25. As of right now, it’s just us and Carolina for the last spot. Assume Carolina wins their game in hand, and we’re tied in points. What we need to do is win games we shouldn’t win, like tonight. West Coast games are always tough, especially against the better WC teams. Tonight would be a perfect game for Henrik to stand on his head and shut out a team or hold an opposing team to 1 goal.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Think torts needs to match lines better. We should not have dubi,AA,Cally line against their #1 line as last game will attest to. Harder to match on the road, but play boyle,prust,Feds as checking line they are against biggest threats.

    Avery has over 20 assists playing fourth line mins and EC has 20 pts total playing with our top winger. Problem with EC is he does elevate gabby’s game and cannot control puck. He has a great shot and if our wingers beat 2 men he will be waiting for the pass alone in front away from puck and bury it. Bigger problem is our forwards don’t control and create in front.

  27. that jerk Fehr hates hockey, and has no business in his job

    “he’s only attended, by his count, “four or five” games since taking over the job on Dec. 18, a job for which he is reportedly being paid $3.5 million per year — ”

    unbelievable. he has only been to 4 or 5 games in 3 months since taking over the nhlpa. and he probably never attended any in the past either. he is a baseball nut

    also, he has seldom talked to any of the key players in the league either. this guy is poison.

  28. Hate to do this but the Sharks are real good
    Rangers -2
    GWG = Wellwood
    Sharks = 33
    Rangers = 30

  29. After two long years, I finally get to watch these boys live again! I’m excited. But mostly nervous.

  30. Tony, not buying into Torts video session resulting in a new approach on the ice. Since ’94, our team just doesn’t seem to win out West & tonight is no different. And this from a Ranger fan since 1969!!!
    Not quite close to the dissapointments of Mets fans but I’ve been dissapointed before with NYR!

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers 2 sharks 0….gwg- gaborik…. Rangers 34 shots… Sharks 38 shots

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let’s go rangers…. Huge game tonight, I will be there across the rangers bench at the face off circle on the end Hank will be defending 1st and 3rd… Row 21…

  33. Rangers 3, Sharks 2, GWG-McCabe, Rangers shots-37, Sharks shots-30.

    Going to the game tonight. LGR!

  34. the problem is the Rangers have a great 2nd, 3rd and 4th line but are missing 2 players for their 1st line. We need to simply replace Prospal and Christensen with two first line players, which is a difficult task to do in 1 offseason.

    Kreider’s broken jaw basically means he’s coming out after the season so between him and Carl Hagelin and i’ll throw Grachev in despite his lackluster AHL career there will be a rookie playing LW. Im still hoping Sather pulls off a blockbuster deal for a young center like Stastny b/c Richards is almost gauranteed to get a monster deal.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The sharks played an amazing game on Thursday vs the cannucks enen tho they lost, let’s hope SJ comes out flatter then a pre-Columbus earth.

  36. Stusch

    I agree with you completely about Avery…………………and
    I also think that Christensen has a place here..from time immemorial hockey teams have maintained a cadre of shooters,
    another of “playmakers” and a few add ons who were niche players and who brought a particular level of skill to the game that was often critical to the overall success of the team. Many on this blog seem to want nothing less than a team of gladiators with a golden touch…………get inline, there aren’t that many of them.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My pregame vibe is telling me our boys win tonight and begin a torrid streak of Wins….to play like last Sunday vs filthy…. These are desparate times….

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fran – I too agree… Avery brings good energy to the club whereas ec more often than not floats mindlessly on the ice…

  39. the Sharks are very aggressive forecheckers. they will be all over McCabe like a cheap suit. they will also be all over the crease too

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fran – there is a youn kid in juniors – K. Midas… Might be the player you talking about…

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Guppies – no doubt… The sharks buzz the net in swarms… Very aggressive

  42. Anyone thinking the Sharks will get shut out tonight hasn’t seen them play lately.

  43. Mike Lawrence on

    Sharks 4 – Rangers 2, GWG: Heatley, Rangers shots – 29 shots, Sharks 38 shots

  44. Well BUffalo lost today and they play a rested Ottawa team tomm (that actually looked pretty darn good against NJ a few days ago). Now its up to the Rangers to seperate themselves!!


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