Contest time again, two tickets up for grabs


Our gracious Bonehead donor has offered two more tickets, for the March 22 game against Florida. So we’ll do a pick-the-score contest on tomorrow’s game in San Jose.

Here are the rules:

DO NOT ENTER UNTIL SATURDAY MORNING, WHEN A NEW POST WILL GO UP AROUND 7 a.m. Only entries posted between Saturday morning’s post and tomorrow night’s “It’s Go Time!” post will count. So don’t make a prediction now or later today or tonight, OK?

Anybody whose screen name I don’t recognize will be checked by IP address. Anybody who enters more than once will automatically be eliminated from the contest. Still with me? Excellent.

Sorry I have to be so specific on these rules, but the first time we did it, it turned out badly (mostly because nobody picked the correct score, but also because we had people entering more than once under fake screen names).

If two entries have the same score and all the same tiebreakers, the earlier entry will count, all the others will not count. So it’s up to you to not post the exact same score and tiebreakers that someone else has posted. You can have the same score as a previous entry, but change at least one of the tiebreakers. Otherwise your entry will not count.

OK, here’s how you enter:

After the morning post goes up Saturday morning (did I mention that?) post a comment with your predicted score. Then list your tiebreakers, which will be in order, game-winning goal (including shootout winners), Rangers shots on goal, Sharks shots on goal.

So your entry should look like this:

Rangers 15, Sharks 1, GWG-Prust, Rangers 47 shots, Sharks 6 shots.

The final score is the final score, whether it is achieved in regulation, OT or shootout.

If nobody nails the exact final score, I consider everybody to be tied and we go to the GWG tiebreaker. It is not a “closest to the final score” contest.  If multiple people have the first tiebreaker correct, we go to the second tiebreaker. Then the third.

In the case of the shots on goal tiebreakers, we will go with the closest. If two or more entries are tied after the final tiebreaker, we will go with the closest without being over (example: If the Sharks have 30 shots and one entry has 29 and the other has 31, the one with 29 wins).

If there’s an unforeseen situation, I will give the tickets to Sally.

Any questions?


Games that matter tonight: Hurricanes at Caps; Devils at Thrashers.

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  1. Japan got hit hard. Luckily, Hawaii and the West Coast will not get as high tsunami as they initially predicted. Let’s keep our thoughts for all the people affected.

  2. Morning ‘heads. Happy Friday.

    noonan, read the rules!! No entries until tomorrow!!

    Jeez…thinking of people of Japan this morning. So sad…

  3. Wow, Brooks lays on the sarcasm thick today! But, he’s right…Gabby needs to play his game…

  4. What a nightmare in Japan. The Pacific Rim countries have been taking a beating the last few years. If I lived in San Fran, I’d be more than a little bit worried. They have to be due for another earthquake. Meanwhile, my heart goes out to those folks in Japan.

  5. I think we should make tee shirts that say “The Carp Rules” just like “The Joba Rules.”

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate Larry Brooks. I’ve never seen such an unprofessional reporter in my entire life. Everything he writes is with an agenda.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Larry Brooks, to me, is the embodiment of all of idiots that sit in the row behind me that yell “shoot!” or clamor for Avery or Tortorella’s firing.

  8. Pitt beats Buff the other night, we lose. Buff beats Bruins, we don’t play……..We need to go on a run here or you can forget it Enzo. Got to step it up…….. Carp you may have to make brail available for some people on here. I think the rules are spelled out perfectly, good job.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    MGB, yes, you’re right about the rules. They CLEARLY state that your entry has to have some crazy score and shot prediction that will never happen.

  10. Congratulations to those contestants who have already been eliminated.

    re: Gaborik. As Herb Brooks used to say about a guy like Pierre Larouche playing the same game as everybody else: “It’s like hiring DaVinci to paint my garage.”

    Or Blogmama.

    Good morning, Sally!

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    “Congratulations to those contestants who have already been eliminated.”

    Yeah, your entries were clearly not whacky enough.

  12. While I’m certainly not throwing in the towel on this season, I pose this question to my fellow ‘Heads: if NYR does not make the playoffs, will you consider this a “bad” year? While we will be (greatly) disappointed, look at how many players have been developed & brought along. McDonagh is going to be a special player. Staal is as solid as can be. Sauer shows signs of being a top 4 d-man. Zuccarello has shown he can play in the League. Anisomov, with a few more pounds will be hard to handle. Boyle could be the league’s most improved player. Prust- from a throw-in to a key team member. Wolski- a very positive trade. Plus, Callahan & Dubinsky keep maturing. And in Biron, a back-up capable of winnig 10+ games a season. When you add in their prospects- Krieder, Thomas, Bourque, Hagelin & McIlrath. There is certainly reason for optimism.

  13. charlie sheen on

    anybody who wants to complain about the officiating in nyr games, watch the tape of last nights buff-bos game. I think we need to fire all the refs and start over. Enzo I think this season is still salvageble, without a run. lets say split with isles, split w bruins, losses sharks-flyers-sabres-devils. wins atl-ott-montreal (?) pitt-fla thats gets us to 88 buff plays .500 hockey, and carolina goes 8-6 we r still in. carolina has TB 3 times, wash twice buff twice and det, how the f are they goin 8-6. Devils the only threat, but after the ottawa loss gotta think they are runnin out of steam

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Broadway Blue – I’m with you. Glass is half full looking into future. Sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. If they don’t make POs it doesn’t bother me other than the youngsters would get some important PO experience and we may get an upset of a team like philthy or the pens.

    Do not know the answer off hand, but how many current Rangers (not including Dreary) have played on a Cup Winner or even Cup finalist? I do think they need a guy or two who has been there – doesn’t need to be an overpaid aging forward, could be a 3rd pairing Dman or grinder forward (we seem to like those guys), but someone who can lead by experience, not just by example.

    Better times ahead my friends

  15. Avery keeps getting the shaft, inexplicably. He is one of the highest-energy players on the ice, but does not play on special teams, so then Torts doesn’t play him at even strength either towards the end of the game? He still doesn’t like the guy. :(

    While I do agree with putting EC in for tomorrow’s game (especially for shootouts), isn’t there a better player to take out? Fedotenko hasn’t really starred since coming back from injury. Prust is nursing a bunch of injuries, though he is of course still playing well, but I’m sure could use a break.

  16. Stranger – We have Fedotenko…he scored the GWG for Tampa In Game 7 over Calgary….

  17. Good post, BroadwayBlue.

    I for one will be disappointed, but I will not give up on this team. I love these kids.

    As for the Garden next year- I recently saw a new seating chart. Will my seats (half season, 221) be affected? Will some of the blue seats be changed?

  18. And is it true we won’t have a home game until November next year? I’m trying to separate truth and fiction. LOL

  19. Stranger Nation on

    NYR Fan – thanks – I thought one of Torts ex players would be the in the mix. Love to get another, particularly on back line for the pups.

  20. Not fair ! Can’t post my predictions until 7:00 AM Saturday morning.
    That 5:00 AM here in AZ.
    Can’t a guy get some sleep ???
    Oh well ….. refresh, refresh, refresh !!!

  21. If you’re not looking to the future then you’re bolstering Sather’s premise that New York can’t handle a rebuild. The team is young and there are some intriguing youngsters on the way up. It’s something to look forward to.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Thanks Spider – Avery was getting benched then also – wow, the guy can’t catch a break…

  23. I like what Air Canada’s doing. They own the arena that the Canadiens play in. The Canadiens are to the Yankees as the bruins are to the red sox, meaning they have a giant rivalry. Air Canada is defending their team, as are the police, and I like the loyalty. After much much thought, it’s possible that Chara did not have any intent on his hit. It’s possible. That’s the best I can do. However, given Pacioretty’s comments agree with my initial sentiment….

    Id have Blogmama paint me a masterpiece instead of Dali – my favorite artist prior to the emergence of the one and only Mama :)

  24. Stranger – I’m guessing sarcasm, but maybe it’s the truth. I’m guessing injured players came back for the playoffs, though, because Avery’s played with them from Dec. 19 to April 10, four games shy of getting his name on the Cup. I’m guessing he got a ring.

  25. Tiki – Air Canada and the police are being ridiculous, especially in light of no sponsor threats after Bertuzzi’s assault or any other violent hits that did not involve Canadian teams. The police really have no business getting involved in this accident.

    I thought Avery’s defensive play might be the problem: “LW Sean Avery received 11:32 of ice time in Friday’s 4-1 win in Ottawa, the first time he’s played at least 10 minutes in the last six games since Feb. 20. Coach John Tortorella said the agitator’s dwindling playing time recently was due to questions over his defensive play. ‘Sean brings good things. Other shifts, it’s dangerous,’ Tortorella said. ‘It could wind up in the net.'” – Yahoo

  26. Stranger Nation on

    There is a ton of speculation that Gabby is hurt and his play has been slowed by this undisclosed injury. Fully understand the team not disclosing the existence and extent of the injury. If he is NOT hurt, we may have a $eriou$ problem on our hands over the next 3 yrs @ $7.5M per.

    Yes he does not have an elite center.
    Yes, we do not have an effective D-man for the outlet passes
    Yes, Torts loves to grind

    But he frankly looks either lost or nonchalant and that will not work at MSG without the production.

  27. Charlie now there are 3 Enzo’s…..Our Enzo, Carp’s Barber, and now your Tailor… geez pretty popular guy…..Lol

  28. >>Air Canada threatens to pull NHL sponsorship

    ‘If Air Canada decides “to do other things with their sponsorship dollars, that’s their prerogative,” Bettman said, “just like it’s the prerogative of our clubs that fly on Air Canada to make other arrangements if they don’t think Air Canada is giving them the appropriate level of service.”‘

    Bettman: 1, Air Canada: nil

  29. He massacred you. You look like you’re five years old

    What if I shampoo? Sometimes a shampoo helps.

  30. >>Charlie now there are 3 Enzo’s…..Our Enzo, Carp’s Barber, and now your Tailor…

    Let’s not forget Enzo Francescoli.

  31. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    If the Rangers score 15 goals on 47 shots I will quit smoking on the spot I mean no if ans or butts!

  32. Margi

    You must not indulge in the ” Don’t cry for me San Francisco”
    solo number..they have a lot worse problems to contend with than a little old Tectonic plates disturbance every couple hundred years…they’ve a city, arguably one of the most beautiful in the world, run by the likes of that Gavin McCookoo, and Nancy Pelosi et al, who’ve turned it into a Mecca for drifters hobos, petty crooks, and illegal aliens who are welcomed ( and are underfoot) for the duration.

    The Sharks are their crowning achievement, and the Giants take them thru summers in spite of themselves.

    But that;s the gist of it…and the pity is that they could and should be so much more.

  33. I know, I know, the Sharks are San Jose, but it’s the same general environment, and the Frisco fallacy spreads a wide noose.

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