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Just got this statement from the head of the NHLPA.

TORONTO, ON (March 10, 2011) – National Hockey League Players’ Association Executive Director Don Fehr made the following statement today:

“Player safety has always been, and continues to be, a great concern to the Players’ Association. In that regard, issues involving the boards and glass in NHL arenas have been a longstanding focus for the players. The serious nature of the injury suffered by Max Pacioretty in Montreal this week reinforces the importance of maximizing the safety in this area and highlights the need to look further into the matter. We will be inspecting the rink in Montreal, and elsewhere as needed, to make sure the appropriate padding is in place. We will continue to gather feedback from the membership, to ensure the safest possible work environment for our players.”


I think it’s pretty simple. Eliminate the glass between the benches, and round the glass at the far end of the benches. If you need a barrier to protect fans/workers/security and Pierre McGuire, put up a net. It would eliminate all turnbuckles, etc. And the need to ever try to write the word stanchion or stantion or whatever the heck it is.

You’re welcome, Mr. Fehr. You can send the check directly to me.

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  1. Another hit and run post.

    Carp, in the interest of accuracy, the NFL player is not accused of shooting anyone.

    “Police and the NFL are trying to determine what role, *if any*, New England Patriots defensive back Brandon Meriweather had in a shooting in Florida last month.”

  2. What I meant by “in the interest of accuracy”was that you were told inaccurate information by someone else.

  3. Mister Delaware



    no my friend…this is not a game! this is a serious business! :P

  4. Who cares about the safety of Pierre McGuire? He shouldn’t even be between the benches in the first place. Broadcasters at ice level should be in the official’s box…

  5. Stick Pierre McNugget in the corner, like where Al Troutface is.

    It’s unfair that there are arenas that force backup goalies to sit in some random spot in the arena cause there’s no room on the bench. They could use that extra room for the backup. Unless Brodiva is backing up. Then he’ll have to sit in the specially designed press-box.

  6. Olga Folkyerself on

    P.A. Announcer: [before the start of the LoHud Blog game] Your attention please… Rule changes for tonight’s World Championship I’m First Game: No substitutions, no penalties… and no time limit!


  7. retirebradpark's#2 on

    I remember when they were smoking the devil weed in the corridors between periods (late 70’s – early 80’s)…you had to be careful not to get swept up in the toxic cloud (or get struck by one of those pucks nicky fotiu was thorwing into the blues after practice).

  8. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Not sure I want to know this answer, but what show is Avery on Sunday?

  9. “What’s interesting … is that the rise in concussions in the preliminary data from this season seem to be coming from accident events, collisions, players falling and banging into other things, not from head hits,” Bettman told reporters.

    wow. really? like what? banging into elbows?

  10. retirebradpark's#2 on

    Tony – I thought you were trying to stop smoking cigarettes, not blunts…

    Just kidding, my friend.

  11. ‘Bout byfuglien time, mr Fehr…How about demanding NHL start looking into new helmets? And not into the one Messier produced, that one wouldn’t relieve cold symptoms…

  12. retirebradpark's#2 on

    Stick Pierre McGuire in a dunk tank, so every time a puck goes out of play he ends up in the drink.

    Now that I’d like to see, Edzo…..

  13. why do i have James Brown in my head goin ‘get on the scene! like-a sex ma-chine!’?!

  14. Garardelli? There are Italians in Boston? I thought they all moved from Bensonhurst to AZ…

  15. We need miller to take a slash from gomez again. I was at that game in buffalo and Damn did i hear it.from the loyal buffalonians.

  16. Ya well we wouldn’t if we didn’t drop 5 in a row and also drop 3 in a row after and before that. If we could have gone .500 over that span we would be in 6th fighting with mtl. Instead we dropped off and now we have to wish for losses to maintain

  17. Has Kaberle had any impact in Boston? He only has 1 point in 8 games?

    Still think the Leaves won that trade…

  18. CCCP – No. Dont waste your money. If you’d like I’ll give you my hockeystreams account. Occasionally, Sally and a few others will use it for a game, but currently, it’s not being used. It’s yours if you want it.

  19. Olga Folkyerself on

    I get all the hockey I can watch on Cable HD or on line. Spend the money on a bottle or two of something nice to drink…

  20. Tony
    i’m trying to find out if there’s a way to order
    any of that Rangers looking merch

    think of it, with the money you save from cigarettes
    you can buy a hat/hoodie/t-shirt!!!

    just trying to extend the positive

  21. Tiki thanks but I hate watching games on line

    Now that I’m thinking about it…for $79 I can get nice bottle of Tequila…thanks Olga :)

  22. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does anyone here have access to Zipay’s blog?

    he tweeted last night about “damning quotes”
    and now has a write up on today’s practice
    but i don’t get newsday so i can’t sign up

    many thanks from me (and i’m sure other Boneheads)
    for such info now and/or in the future.

  23. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Thanks again, mrs wanted to know

    Do it

  24. From Zipay’s Blog:

    Tortorella said he had not seen Zdeno Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty that has triggered a police investigation and Air Canada threatening to pull its NHL sponsorship and declined to comment. He has seems players injured —not on dirty plays– from hitting the stanchions.

    He did discuss his feelings on the loss of respect among players. “Some of the rule changes have provided some people the chance to disrespect people. It goes on, and I still think it needs to be addressed. No one wants to see players hurt, there still needs to be some sort of honor and honesty in our game…”

    “The instigator, I think is just a lousy rule, but it’s not just that, I just think our game has gone that way because we have not allowed the players to police themselves. To me that’s the bottom line. Players need to police themselves on the ice, not the rules, not supplementary discipline and all that, that’s where I think we’ve lost honestly. Call me an old —- if you want, it’s wrong.”

  25. boston announcer is an aassen!
    cheering on lucic during the fight like he’s in the stands
    the ducks announcers were much more professional last night

  26. Actually, it’s the anti-NY conspiracy. The referees know that Buffalo winning hurts the Rangers. Thus, the two 5 on 3 :)

  27. JimboWoodside on

    Boy, the B’s are getting treated like the Rangers by these zebras tonight……

  28. Guys…I just thought I’d share fran’s excellent post again…. posted it after the “new post”

    It is inspiration for me to quit…

    176. fran March 10th, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    OK guys you’ve touched on a subject that I have deep emotional
    connectons with. Smoking.

    I’m no expert, and I do not profess to have any superior knoledge about this habit, except with my own experience. Now listen to me:

    I grew up in a family of smokers. My mother, my father, my beloved Aunt Bea, my sister Judy. All passed away in their mid 50’s to early 70’s..various forms of lung cancer and emphesema.

    While in the service, they used to issue us K ration packets in the field, and besides foodstuff, there was always a small two butt box of cigarettes. I never smoked – too cheap and i thought it stupid.thank God for my decision. At 82 I’m in good health by the grace of God,I work out at the gym daily, I can handle reasonable weigts I can bench press 125 lbs..I weight 140. i feel good, have the normal diminishment in eyesight, and hearing, but all other vital signs are OK. I’m not bragging I’m thanking. I can still get out on the ball field with my youngest grand daughter and show her how to hit a pitched ball, and how to throw a baseball not like a girl. ( I found that if I throw left handed, I throw exactly like a righthanded girl.) God and life, and friends have been good to me. EVERY SINGLE GUY I SERVED WITH IN THE CORPS IS NOW EITHER DEAD OR ON LIFE SUPPORT FROM SMOKING. AND

    One of those guys survived the Chosen Reservoir departure, in the Korean war, and had actually been captured by the Chinese and let go when the North Koreans they were supposed to hook up with never showed up. ( He said that they didn’t realize that his unit ( First Marines 1st Marine division under the legendary Chesty Puller,) had just wiped out an ENTIRE CHINESE DIVISION A few days earlier. This guy never smoked,
    and was instrumental in the construction of Las Vegas in their
    growing days. We still communicate.

    But smoking is early death. God bless and help you all who have troubles shaking it. I pray for you all.

  29. JimboWoodside on

    Thank you, J.D. for giving Boyes to Buffalo….we really needed that, old buddy!

  30. JimboWoodside on

    I am so friggin’ frustrated with the way things are developing that I could chew on nails…

  31. JimboWoodside on

    I wish we would have traded for him just to keep him away from Buffalo – this is ridiculous!

  32. That was the worst possible outcome. If Buff was gonna win, they could’ve done it in regulation.

  33. what i decided is that after last night game i will not watch any eastern conf hockey until we play on saturday. why put myself through the torture of watching these other teams win. i checked the score as i watched calgary/phoenix

    by the time we take the ice on sat we could be in 9th.


  34. TIKI

    are u nuts. who gives a crap if boston got a point. there 11 pts ahead of us with games in hand.

    i mean get a grip

  35. JimboWoodside on

    Eric, I was worried about the same thing as you – by game time on Saturday, Torts may not be able to glibly say, “we’re still in a playoff position”….

  36. Worst case scenario: Buffalo wins in OT
    2nd worst: Buffalo wins in regulation
    3rd worst: Boston wins in OT
    Least worst: Boston wins in regulation

    Thus, if Buffalo was going to win, they could have done it in regulation.

  37. Look on the bright side, it’ll be better for the Rangers if they CAN’T say “We’re in the playoffs right now…we don’t need to look behind us”

    The lack of urgency obviously cripples this team and results in them not giving 100%. If they start panicking, then maybe they’ll play like they CAN play.

    Either way, I’m having the feeling they’re gonna come up just a little short. Their home record and costly inconsistencies this season are gonna haunt them.

    I hope not. I hope they get in. But the script is being written like it was last year….In fact, my brother called it A MONTH in advance last season when he told me “I bet they lose in a shootout last game of the season and miss the playoffs based on that one point. Then they’ll cry and wonder about the points they threw away”

    Rangers need to look themselves in the mirror and decide what they’re gonna be: Another Rangers collapse? Or a team that nobody wants to take on in the first round?

  38. JimboWoodside on

    I hope you’re right, Orr – lately, all I am seeing is “glasses half empty”…..

  39. tiki

    bost is way ahead of us. u make no sense ot or reg buff won thats the freaking bottom line.

    unless u think we could catch bost then u make ZERO sense

  40. eric – We want the Rangers to qualify for the playoffs. We want the Canadiens to overtake the bruins for the division title. Thanks :)

  41. I called it last season also. Aboot a month or two before game 82, I said they’ll end up in 9th. Which is why I wanted them to lose every game of the season.

    They were only 7 points out of 28th or 27th place. They could have drafted Jeff Skinner!!!

  42. Good evening all! Ah, a night at painting school always makes me feel better. As does getting home safe after a most awful drive in the Noah’s Ark of rains…..Tony and retire…was LMAO…ah, those were the days….:) anything else I should know?

  43. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah – at least they’ve won their game……but, other than the fact that I like to see the Habs lose, their point totals right now don’t concern me at all.

  44. Wow, the Rangers have held a playoff spot since October 29th?!? Hopefully Washington beats the Canes tomorrow. Saturday is pretty much a must-win against the Sharks.

  45. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    We’ve been lucky to remain in a playoff spot. Only thing saving us is how weak 8 other teams are in the East.

  46. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Caps are not going to throw away 2 points on purpose just to keep 8th place NY out of the playoffs, when Tampa Bay is only 2 points behind them for the division lead. If the Caps lose it’s because Carolina beat them.

  47. ORR: agreed, “Ugh! Why do NYR have to play a 10:30 p.m. game on a fuggin Saturday?”

    I want to be here, doubt I will be. Mama love to those who will….sure didn’t miss last night!

  48. Olga, your math is making me thirsty….so is the hartenlling rain here….how ironic. LGR!

  49. Terrible earthquake and tsunami hit Japan tonight. Thoughts and prayers with the people of Japan after this devastating event. The noble Japanese people do not deserve this. The tsunami is going to cause most of the damage and deaths, Japan is very well prepared for earthquakes. Deaths will skyrocket when the tsunami hits less developed island countries :(

    I have friends in Hawaii. Thoughts with the people of Hawaii and California in hopes that they do not also get hit with this.

  50. Blog Momma

    I didn’t know you were a painter. ( I am assuming that you mean oils, for the most part, possibly some water colors, but you’ve got all the gear the easels, the frames, the pallets etc?) It’s a beautiful pastime….and you develop your own style.

    My late sister in law rest her soul was a marvelous oil painter and she specialized in scenic, and some cameos of small pet animals i.e. dogs cats ) and individual flower smaller size oils.

    ( regrettably she passed away five years ago, much younger than my wife, and a lifelong heavy smoker. Right…it was lung cancer. We have several of her great scenics as decor in our home,. and some of our friends bought her paintings.
    Stay with it – you will be surprised at how well you will be received in the art community. Best of luck in your schooling.

    As with many artists she had peculiarities…you would not find blue as a color in any of her paintings.she felt it was a depressing color, but that never interfered from painting blue subjects, using a different color and it worked beautifully.

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