Mighty Ducks-Rangers in review


That was ugly.

You can say it was on the road against a very good team, and that would be true; and you can say the Mighty Ducks got three very lucky bounces, and then turned a miraculous save into a two-goal swing, and that would be true, too.

But do not kid yourself into thinking the Rangers lost this game for any reason other than they played poorly enough to deserve to lose it. They did. They absolutely did.


1) Pucks go off D-men. It happens. My problem with the two off Girardi and Staal were that they weren’t doing anything. If you’re not engaging an opponent in front, get the heck out of the way. And far too often, those two guys are not engaging a man. I have no idea what Girardi was doing in the crease on the first goal.

2) When it was 3-1, I thought the Rangers were, at worst, even with the Ducks. But after that, I thought the Ducks dominated the second period, outplayed, outworked, out hit them, and the Rangers were darn lucky to still be down 3-1. You haven’t seen a poor effort like that from the Rangers very often this year.

3) Oh, and two more 2-on-1 passes that Girardi went down to block and didn’t stop, and ended up in the Rangers’ net.

4) And one more thing on the three own goals. On the two from the point, Brandon Dubinsky was late getting to the shooter both times.

5) Dubinsky had an interesting game, with the goal, the two late coverages, the missed empty-net (and great save by Ellis), a goalpost, and a blown tire on a Ducks rush. And he and Callahan tried a few too many “wish” passes when a shot on a questionable goalie would have been a better idea. He and Callahan were -4, which is hard to do when your line has an even-strength goal. The shutdown pair was -3 each.

6) The Mighty Ducks have an awful lot of Monsters on their team. How in holy hell are they where they are in the standings? Maybe further proof of the difference between the Bestern Conference and the Leastern Conference … especially now that you see the lousy teams closing in on the Rangers. And this was a year in which, at one point, I thought the Least was closing the gap, and even thought that the pre-injury Penguins would win the Stanley Cup.

7) Once again, as almost nightly, there sure were some head-scratching calls and non-calls. The holding call on Staal, when he barely touched the guy, was ridiculous. The non-call on the head shot by Lydman on Boyle, even more so. They were complete non-factors in the game, though.

8) Guess it wasn’t the white jerseys.


AP photo, above.


Games that matter tonight (sorry for listing some of these last night, mistakenly): Buffalo Baby Buffaloes at Bruins; Flys at Leaves; Senators at Panthers.

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  1. Good morning guys. I have to admit, I feel asleep. I didn’t feel much like staying up until 2am after I watched Girardi and Staal score on Hank.

  2. definitely went to bed at 845p woke up at 130am texted someone to find out if we won and rolled back over.

  3. Good morning all.

    I was awake and upset enough that when I turned it off with seven minutes left (4-2) I couldn’t fall asleep right away. I agree with everything Carp and didn’t give us much of a chance after watching most of the first period. The Ducks are BIG, fast and physical and I was impressed time after time with their game.

    Major Goal for next season: Our boys need to learn how to finish their chances. Nearly every game there are multiple sparkling opportunities that we don’t bury. This team has a knack for making the opposing goalie look better than they are.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Missed the game when playing, rather than watching, hockey. Caught the end at the bar – best way to watch Girardi play is with a pint of Guiness in your hand – takes the sting away…

  5. Carp, thanks for the wrap up. I guess I didn’t miss anything catching up on my beauty sleep. (which never helps either…lol)

  6. So pissed I am cross-eyed at work as a result of that game. Loved the intensity…. from the ducks.

    Maintain that we do make the playoffs though.

  7. stayed up till 130 to watch this disaster. then my son woke up at 200 am for a bottle.

    3 hrs a sleep before work.

    i hate this freaking team. they make me miserable

  8. rolled over after the 1st….dis-interested they looked. Maybe dreaming of Glennies La Quinta digs and the ice teas at the pool.

    Looked to me like they scored that first goal and thought they’d have another easy night….and when Duckies didn’t waddle away, they just mailed it in.

  9. The California sun and basking in the glow of two victories, I think, DEFINITELY contributed to this team putting forth a poor effort on the ice.

    Hate to say it, but once again the moment they start thinking they’re in the playoffs they relax and get beat.

    Playoff team? I’m not sure at this point. Time is running short and it’s too late in the season to not give 100% on the ice.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – spot on with #1: Just watch the replays on NHL.com Gamecenter. I swear Girardi wishes he was a goalie. It is easy to lead the league in blocked shots when you are standing in front of the goal not marking a man.

    Suggest watching the replay of the goal off Staal’s back as well. Classic Girardi f-up.

    Ducks on Rush, Staal stands up man at blue line as puck harmlessly continues into Ranger zone, Girardi retrieves puck and with no pressure just whips it around to the far boards where Cally is with a Duck. AA and Girardi goes to support Cally and Girardi gets absolutely leveled on to his back. All five Rangers are now within 10 ft of the puck (dumb move Dubi). Cally sends it up the boards, AA misses it, Ducks get puck at point and whp it across for one timer, Staal is tieing up man in front and puck hits him and floats in.

    Girardi has to make better plays with the puck. He is an albatross around Staal’s neck. Should be in 3rd pairing with McCabe and they need someone to play with Staal. Undrafted Cinderella story, blah, blah, blah – the guy is killing us. Heck, play Em with Staal, cannot give Girardi the most time on ice for the team. Jeez Louise!

  11. Girardi was awful. 2-on-1 just take away the pass. Maybe the D-Men are trying to do too much.

    Speaking of passing…This team cannot pass to save their lives.

  12. When games are that late you wake up wondering if it was all just a dream (or nightmare).

  13. Stranger Nation on

    I hope they enjoyed their golf outing – all for charity…

    Western conference is so strong. We beat first place Eat Conf team like a rag doll and go out to west and get hammered by mid-tier team out west.

  14. So, now that Rosival is gone, Girardi is the target of everyone’s collective rage? That’s great.

  15. I don’t think it’s rage. The rage will probably end up directed at the guy that allowed 5 goals. Girardi just had a very, very shaky game.

  16. Girardi had a shaky game, agreed but the guy has been a horse for this team the past few seasons.

  17. We also shut out the western conference’s number 1 seed and did so at home where we have the most trouble. The problem with this team is just consistency game in and game out, and thats what your going to get with the kids and its what we all asked for. If this team doesnt make the playoffs SO WHAT, we all expected to finish 9-12th this year. Yea it sucks that we played so well and showed so much jam to fall off now but thats the way the ball rolls. The young core of this team has so much potential and I for one am not gonna jump ship regadless of making the playoffs or not.

    I will still yell and scream at my TV set every game night tho.

  18. True Blue 23 on

    spot on Carp… Girardi/Staal had no business screening Hank on those plays… If Dubinsky cant put the puck in the net on that “awesome” save than he shouldnt be playing…. it just gets really annoying and frustrating especially at 1am to see the Rangers hit the post,goalie stick,face,toe,pinky, w.e basically anything but SCORE!!

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Dan Girardi is our worst defenseman, and I’m not sure it’s all that close.

  20. The core of this Ranger group has a lot of heart but they come up short in most other areas. Did we ever look small and slow last night?

    Sellane at 50 years old skates better then anyone on our team.

  21. the ducks 3rd and 4th lines stink and same with there last d pair and also there 2nd d pair but the rangers did not pressure them at all and allowed there stud line(yryan, getzlaf, and perry) to dominate the game.

    the ducks may have the best line in hockey but they have many holes on there team including ellis the goalie but when your team does not show up to play you get dominated…

    way to give away 2 points rangers, and then after the game all the guys said the effort was not there, idea give the effort. nothing easy for this group, play a golf game 2 days in palm springs and they think they are the red wings………………………

  22. retirebradpark's#2 on

    Hope those of you on the East Coast enjoyed staying up for that………

    Well, at least it was a beautiful day in Southern California for them. Maybe Vinny Prospal added some natural color to his tan.

    I live in San Diego, and for the first time, decided I just didn’t feel like sitting in an opponent’s rink and watch another loss. Think they have a good road record? Well, don’t go to a road game with me. Last year’s 6-0 whitewash in Montreal? Yep. The 2008 Montreal-Rangers game they led 5-0 and lost? U bet.

    I’ve been to 10 road games in the last three years and have seen ONE win.

    So excuse me if I’m underwhelmed by their performance lately. Guess my absence didn’t matter much.

    Shut-down defensemen? They don’t have any. Hell, I ‘d settle for defensemen who stay the hell out of the way.

    Consistent effort? About once every two weeks.

    Carp, I admire your confidence when you say they’ll make the playoffs. I don’t see it at all. I’m tired of hearing, “We need to do better.”

    The enthusiasm of watching a young team grow (and make mistakes) has been replaced by the frustration of watching a young team give half-hearted efforts when it matters most.

  23. Carp,

    Two Things:

    1 – you are so lucky you didn’t have to watch the ducks feed. It was awful! no wonder teams have issue getting fans. The announcers were just talking randomly throughout the night, not covering the game! Also, their production could have been done by a 5 year old who knows how to go on nhl.com and look up stats. all night was “Rangers are young with speed and forecheck…they are #2 in shorthanded goals…they have 4th best road record…sauer is young…giradi is the oldest d minus mccabe. …. this is the youngest crew of d….” IT WAS AWFUL! It was like they were introducing their fans to a team from Russia.

    2. how much do you think jet lag takes into account Dan Giradi’s play? To me, his body movements say to me, ” I should be in bed. Let me sleep!” I always thought that west coast teams complain too much about travel. yeah travel sucks, but your body gets conditioned to it. A team like the rangers must get hit hard when they have to actually TRAVEL (not get on a bus or god forbid fly in their on time zone).

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    “how much do you think jet lag takes into account Dan Giradi’s play? To me, his body movements say to me, ” I should be in bed. Let me sleep!””

    So what’s his excuse for the other 81 games?

  25. as stated the new target of the clueless is girardi. yep he played horrible last night, so did boyle. nice trunover on the 5th goal by brian, could he have handed the puck to the ducks on the 5th goal, looked like he did.

    or avery, or staal looked bad, or others but nah let’s blame girardi for being a minus 4 not captn courgae -4 callahan or others. simpletons…..

  26. gabby and wolski were invisible. boyle horrible and prust and avery turnover machines in there own zone. overall a pathetic effort 1 of the worst of the season …

  27. The Ducks definitely over powered the Rangers early on and were content on keep the Rangers to the outside. I think the early goal kind of killed us too because they got so loose with their play afterwards.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    hey stuart, get some reading comprehension skills. Saying Girardi is terrible is not blaming him for last night’s loss. He could have been the second coming of Bobby Orr last night and the team still would have lost.

    Further, I’ve been saying Girardi is terrible all season long. He just continues to get worse and worse.

  29. Stranger Nation on

    Girardi just looks tired. In the second half of the season his play has gotten much worse. He is but one player, but we play him the most which is part of the problem. He is NOT a first pair shut down Dman.

    Is he the only reason the Rangers lose? No.

    Should the Rangers play him the most? No.

    Is he worth $3.3M/year for the next 3 yrs? No, probably not.

    Assuming Sauer (RFA) takes up Gillys money ($1.8M)and MDZ can come back to play at a reasonable level, the D is not the teams biggest problem, especially if McCabe comes back at a heavily reduced rate.

  30. Girardi’s play can often put an end to the mystery of why he was undrafted.

    I’m wondering if this team needs some kind of leadership to get this team to put forth 100% game in, game out. Because they can look like monsters one game and then look like helpless crap the next.

    And no, I don’t mean Chris Drury. F-Troop had better leadership than Mumbles McDrury

  31. And yeah, this team did look completely gassed yesterday. Remember Hank saying how he was physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the final game last year?

    Is it going to be a team-wide trend this year?

    Anyways…not gonna let it ruin my Lent. ;-)

  32. Jay Riemenschnieder on

    Glad I didn’t spend a bunch of money to actually go to watch that garbage in person… oh wait, I did. Crap!

  33. I’m not surprised about last night. I’ve been saying since the all star break this team will not make the playoffs and I still feel that way. It will probably go down similar to last year where they will battle for the eight spot and come up short.

  34. They may have had a chance at getting at least a point, if they could have buried some of those golden opportunities…To me, that has been story when the Rangers have struggled. Can’t really blame Hank at all last night. The Rangers were like swiss cheese in front of him…

    I thought Anisimov was our best player.

  35. Carp & fellow ‘Heads: with the limited number of games NYR has left, this “win one, lose one” is not going to get them into the playoffs. For more than obvious reasons, they need to get on a “positive” streak of at least 5-6 games, particularly with all the teams creeping up & having games in hand. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening, as it hasn’t all season. I’ve always felt (as do many analysts), if the Rangers could head into the playoffs feeling good about themselves, their game & their chances, they could be a lot to handle for any team in the East. Must say however, if this occurs, I’ll be surprised. The team just doesn’t give confidence.

  36. Artem played a very, very strong game. I was surprised. Even Boyle looked “smaller” than Artem.

  37. Artem has showed flashes of brilliance on the ice, over the last couple of weeks, that have made me say “wow” to myself, a number of times.

    It looks like he is getting more comfortable and his development is going at a good pace. We all need to remember that he is still grwoing into his body and improving his physical game. Our patience with Artie will be rewarded. I think he is the future #1 center for this team, with Stepan challenging him along the way…

    LOL @ C3P!

  38. Terrible loss especially with Pitt beating Buff and the Senators beating the Devils we could have taken advantage of a good situation. But noooo, we look great on Sunday and then skate thru a stinker last night. Very frustrating watchin this team and pretty tired today. What do you think Enzo????

  39. Carp, you are truly a man of world-class taste!

    I LOVED watching F-Troop…happy to have found them on DVD not too long ago as well

  40. The thing that gets me is that this team as a whole is a lot better over the team we watched last night. I had a feeling things were going to be bad with this west coast trip towards the end of the year. I swear this has to be the dumbest schedule I have seen in a while.

    If they need to be on the road, have them play rivals, they should have played the west coast in the beginning of the season.

    I guess we will wait and see Saturday at San Jose, if they find there groove again.

  41. doodie your opinion does not count for much. girardi is a above avg. d man. for whatever reason he has received your wrath. who cares. again the whole team stunk last night, 17 or so games to play and they do not come to play after 3 days off and a golf game in palm springs. not exactly a mentally tough bunch.

    boyles giveaway on the 5th goal was as inept as it gets like the great averys’s between the legs drop pass in the offensive zone to no one on a 3 on 2. we get the usual avery TOI watchers who for some crazy reason thinks this hack deserves more then 8 to 10 minutes a game because? What he will turn the puck over a few more times, or miss the net a few more times on a shot, or refuse to trun his neck to the left again and see an open teammate!!!!!!

    discussing averys ice time is like discussin why did sage rosenfels not get more time for the gianst at quarterback…………..it is irrelevant if avery is there savior we suck more then I thought…….

    the rangers are bricklayers plain and simple, the dubi ellis stop, was maybe going wide, dubi had 3/4 of the net and shot it all the way to the right….the rangers are bricklayers and the softies(gabs and wolski) sometime do not show up.

    the best most consistent forward to me is Stepan…game in and game out he makes plays and has chances…..

  42. lots of contenders, though, NYR.

    Agarn, I don’t know why everybody says you’re so dumb.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Stuart, I disagree with you on Girardi. I think he is a below average defenseman.

  44. doodie no problem agree to disagree. i agree when girardi is bad he is real bad.. girardi and staal have had 2 or 3 -3 or -4 games this year for sure.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not swayed by plus/minus as I am by just horrific positioning and defensive play. Girardi has not been good this season, but last night I would have taken an ECHL player over him.

  46. yep i should simply say last night the rangers got some bad bounces and not the truth they did not show up.

    they have lost many games this year in which they easily could have won or should have won but did not but not many games when they actually should forfeit there paychecks because they did not give an honest effort, but again the truth would be to negative.

    my bad, just had some bad bounces last night, the boyle giveaway was bad ice and the dubi missing the open 3/4 of the net was because the sun was in his eyes….

    what we saw last night was not real our eyes were playing tricks on us, just ask torts…

    torts said the sucked last night and had no effort.

  47. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Nice to see some of you hopping on the OPG train….what took you so long??

    In his defence, I will say this. With Getzlaf on the ducks, could it be possible he was just confused by seeing him all night and thought he had been traded to the ducks and was having an out of body experience?

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, I’m with you on the team’s effort. It was just not there.

    As for Dubi, I’m not going to fault him too much on the open net. I was always taught in those situations you just make sure it’s on goal. Nothing worse than missing it wide. And it’s not like Dubi put it into the goaltender’s chest. Ellis stopped it with the shaft of his stick while reaching behind himself. Should he be a little more accurate in his placement? Of course. But if Ellis doesn’t get lucky there, it’s in.

  49. don’t get me wrong on dubi, he brings it every night. he generates alot of chances, not sure if he is more then a 25 goal guy. he has so many chances and has trouble burying them. if the rangers had 12 dubinsky’s they are in the cup finals so I accept the good with the bad with him but if he is the top offensive forward with the rest of the crew we have issues.

    dubi is not the problem he is only a problem when he gets so much ice team and does not score more. overall he is a very good well rounded forward….

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Do we know the way to San Jose? Could be ugly, they are a much better team than the Ducks and are very strong at home. Maybe now the Urgency meter is turned up and we surprise them.

    Sharks have won 8 out of last 9 and, talk about a March schedule, play 12 out of 15 games at home. Watch up for Dman Murray – he will flatten forwards with heads looking down. Here’s an OK clip of him taking down another big hitter – Dustin Brown


  51. i hate the ugly side of hockey, the neal, brashear, and cooke cheap shot stuff but I have not studied the chara hit in detail but I just do not see it being a bad and deliberate dirty hockey play.

    i think pacioretty was unlucky where it happened but do not think chara deserved to be suspended like a matt cooke or others who in my opinion deliberatley try to hurt players.

    chara should not be penalized because he is so big and strong. I do not think he tried to hurt the guy…..

  52. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    True blue
    thanks for the link!

    This is getting ridiculous! A rough hockey play that had horrible results! baise!!

  53. True Blue Mike on

    I just think its appalling that the police are conducting an investigation… did the hit take place in Montreal or Boston?

  54. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Great, queue up the Québécois slams……..

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    I get why the police are investigating: Everyone in Quebec is up in arms asking them to. They know there isn’t anything worth prosecuting, but if they do an investigation, then they can pass the buck onto the prosecutors.

  56. Warning Messages for NY Rangers Fan.
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  57. Carp mentioned the officiating (again) last night… in addition to the extremely poor calls made were the calls not made (again) regarding the interference, cheap shots and running done on LQ. Not to mention the missed head shots AGAIN. All talk, no action. Buttman and Campbell should be forced to put on some skates and run a gauntlet of players concussed and injured this season. Maybe a month or three in a hospital bed followed by unending headaches, dizziness, sleepless nights, nausea and extreme sensitivity to sound and light would motivate them to back up their BS.

  58. hey True Blue
    read the article
    pretty amazing that they want to go to the police
    does that mean that Savard has a civil suit against

    also typical Canadian press that they have to bring up cindy
    as if his concussion was a result from a vicious hit. as Larry Brooks
    (and Carp?) pointed out, a MAJOR point of discussion in his case
    should be how the pens handled the situation and allowed him to play
    in the caps game and lightning game.

  59. Stranger Nation on

    Tony – good luck to you.

    To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I’ve done it a thousand times. ~Mark Twain

  60. Both teams looked questionable in their own zone, at least at the beginning of the game. Goal against gave Anaheim a much needed shock and they woke up. I don’t remember Rangers being outplayed and outworked that much, especially during the second period.

    Anaheim has good offensive players, but are essentially a one and a half line team. Their defense is weak and goaltending is wanting. they are not going too far.

    I’m always the one to to say that AA has great potentials, and he is often overlooked as one of the most reliable forwards. But I’ll have to disagree, yesterday was not his best game at all. He had problems playing against much bigger and meaner center, and on the third goal he had no business blocking that shot with his stick. He was too far from the D-man to block it altogether. I don’t fully blame him for that goal since Visnovsky was left too wide open on that shot (as well as on his first goal). But these are the lessons AA will have to learn to get better.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Tony, it’s tough. I’ve done it myself. It’s been 3 years since I last bought a pack. Still, even now, I occasionally find myself fiending for a smoke pretty bad, and on very rare occasions I’ll have one (less than 5 cigarettes a year).

    The point is: you must be forever vigilant.

  62. Marlboro.
    I used Chantix before & I quit for almost a year. I was really, really stupid & thought I could just have one cigarette , that’s all it took.
    Now, hopefully, I know better.
    Chantix gave me nightmares that scared the Carcillo out of me & gave me stomach pains.
    But it’s the only method I think works for me – i hope !

  63. I have to quit myself, I tried twice last year but it was an epic fail…

    You can only do it if you really want to…Chantix can’t make you want to do it…

  64. 11 years for me. Tough initially, but I haven’t had any desire to smoke at all for years now. I used Nicorette. If you are a situational smoker, and are used to having that bitter taste in your mouth, it might work for you.

  65. Ha! He’s always a negative nancy, NYR.

    If we had Erskine last night, then maybe we could have popped a few in the net with his great shot.

    But, seriously, that was one terrible game. Why do they have to play like that in the latest game of the season? Better be different against the Sharks.

    And I agree aboot Artie. He’s been looking good the last few games. I don’t get why people are on his case. The kids in his second fuggin season, for crying out loud. Pretty decent season.

  66. good luck Tony
    it’s said that getting off nicotine is
    the hardest drug to leave behind.
    you can do it!!!!!

  67. And ilb, I don’t think it was one of Artem’s best games. I just thought he was one the better Rangers last night, which was encouraging. His game on Sunday was much better…

    Just a thought, but I’m guessing we’ll see EC back in the lineup soon…

  68. Tony, one of my best friends quit more than a year ago and used Chantix. He said it was one of the hardest things he’s ever done. He quickly added that it was so worth it and successfully quitting is something that he continues to feel proud about. Take care of yourself… sleep well, eat well and stay away from antagonistic people. Best of luck!

  69. Orr, despite a lot of heads willing to trade him all season for everybody who can still breath, I believe the organization has big plans on AA.

  70. when you are in a 2-on-1 situation, it is the fault of the initial GUY WHO GOT CAUGHT OUT OF POSITION, not the guy who is back where he belongs. that is like blaming the goalie on breakaways, and saying the other 5 guys are not to be mentioned.

    and one other thing, when you lead the league in blocked shots, sometimes it will deflect in off your shotblockers, so sometimes it comes back to bite you.

  71. strange thing about last night’s game
    was that it started so well
    with that bing bang boom
    passing shoot and score
    from Cally Artie Dubi line
    then went downhill.

    getting more and more disappointed with
    Girardi this year
    and it would be deserving if he got to watch
    saturday and put Eminger back in.
    the E Man hasn’t made as many dunderheaded mistakes
    as the man who supposed to be part of our top pair.
    as Carp mentioned
    –did you hear me screaming that thought all the way from Ohio? ;-)
    there’s NO reason
    for Girardi to be in the pain next to Hank
    he was busy watching the play with one of the best
    “seats” in the house…….a ducks player could have creeped
    up and slammed the puck in the net cause he wasn’t paying attention.
    take a seat for a game Dan
    and get your head on straight

  72. The Sharks are a better team than the Ducks, so the Rangers are in trouble bigtime with only 12 games left after the game in SJ

    I would have to put their playoff chances in the iffy category now. last season is starting to rear its ugly head again.

    a win in SJ would be a huge surprise, and a real boost into the playoffs. but if the Sharks play like they have lately, it will be another tough night.

  73. Thanks to my father’s friend for telling me to try a camel cigarette when I was 7 years old. I took one puff, turned purple, coughed my brains out and hated cigarettes since, never tried another cigarette in my life.

  74. strange
    is it just my computer
    or can others see
    a line running through my
    statement about
    screaming that thought from Ohio
    and then i put a little “wink” in there?

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    TomG, My uncle made me take a puff of his cigar with the same result. However, 10 years or so later, peer pressure overcame my fear of vomitting.

  76. Do they have a death penalty in Canada? Just wondering…Certain things are insanely beyond ridiculous.

  77. Tony,
    As Mark Twain use to say: “To quit smoking is very easy, I did it about 1000 times…”
    Really, I believe only in a “cold turkey” case and self control. Smoked more than 40 years – pack a day, with no intentions to quit and no visible counter indications and quit momentarily, first for an hour, than for a day, etc. It was tough, but manageable. The only hidden satisfaction at first – was feeling of testing your will power and then convincing yourself, how strong and proud of it you are. Long run Reward is huge, trust me. So, best of luck to you.

  78. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    good luck!

    off to work later assens!!

  79. Good afternoon all. Can’t put an exclamation point today cause I am just so bummed. Tony, good luck my friend! Wish I could too, but it’s the wrong week for me to stop sniffing glue :)

    Had lunch with a former colleague today, which was nice but bummifying (new word); last night here bummified me; the Rangers are bumming me, as is the weather here and etc etc.

    Really, the police!!!! Give me a hartnelling break. Sigh.

  80. I am bummified too mama. I turned 30. The Rangers lost. I got rained on. My computer at work crashed and I lost a bunch of work. The Rangers lost last night! I got to the post office and there was a very long line. I had to stand there thinking about the Rangers loss the whole time.


  81. Oh carcillo! I am so busy being bummed I forgot! Happy Birthday to the 3 March 10 boneheads!!

    Man, I hated 30 more than 26….just fyi :)

    bummified :)

  82. Wow happy birthday compadres. Luckily you are both still in your 20’s and can afford a few more screw ups in life.

    At 30 I have to get my act together!

  83. 87 degrees in March is mummifying, Tony….

    It’s all downhill after 30, Manfried….lol

  84. I can’t believe, but US Congress will have hearings about violence and high injuries level in NHL. Mr. Battman subpoenaed. I’m not sure was it planned before, or is a result of latest Chara’s act. If so, amazingly fast, I wish they fix economy by this pace. Anyway, what an ridiculous honor for the hockey world.

  85. I am going further than that Mama! Jay-Z said 30’s the new 20! I am believing in him. :)

    Thanks Ilb! Positive thinking.

  86. Well, if Jay-Z said it…blah blah…I gotta get ready for painting school…later heads!

  87. Only *eight* points, Carp? I feel short-changed, cheated, gypped, etc… It feels like last night’s Rangers performance.

  88. Marji, I couldn’t paint the blue line straight or the point circles round enough to help out. Off to finish a piece for my niece, who won’t know better til she’s 8……lol!

  89. >>Sean Avery is going to be on Bravo this Sunday.

    Bravo for Sean!

    [Yes, I know; it’s cheap and easy.]

  90. fyi, everyone should paint. gets your hands messy and makes you forget about everything….awesome experience…..

  91. i think people make quit smoking look a lot harder than it really is…

    i’ve been smoking all my life (well, it isnt as long as Tony’s but…) since i was about 10 years old…i am 33 now and i haven’t had a single cigaret since 2003. Just one day bought a nicotine patch…wore it for a week…BOOOM!! been nicotine free ever since. You just have to want it…

  92. C3, well la di dah for you! Seriously, good for you, but it is hartnelling hard….I am off to express myself in acrylic….ta!!!

  93. >>… time info please….that is must watch TV for me……ya!

    7:00pm ET

    7:00pm ET
    TV: CSP, LTV

  94. This is a hit and run post. Thanks ilb for giving me good advice yesterday, advice I stupidly didnt listen to. Good luck Tony. Im more than happy with the Montreal police conducting an investigation, given Pacioretty’s side of things.

  95. CCCP maybe the Rangers should wear Nicotene patches so they can want it? You could have just cured the season!

  96. Yes! i can cure the sick!

    I can turn water to wine!

    I can walk on water!

    There is nothing that wasn’t made for me!

  97. What you folks want to do is to bring a little humor into your lives. Don’t take yourselves so seriously…have fun.

    Now there used to be some really very funny guys in show biz years ago, who could make you smile, just with a few one liners. I recall Woody Allen for instance relating to his early years, when his folks make him study the violin.

    He said that he used to walk to the bus line when he went to lessons and “there was a tough Irish kid who hung out on the corner ..the kid said to him, ” Eh Red. whatcha got there?

    Woody said that he walked right up to him and in his most
    snarly voice said…” My name isn;t RED, and what I have is none ofyour business.”

    He followed up with, ” a team of doctors worked feverishly to remove the violin.”

    Jonathan Winters: ” Have you ever found yourself undressing
    in front of a dog?………….They Really Stare!

  98. Manfried- don’t know if Nicotine patch will be big enough to cover a new one Torts tore them after last night…

  99. fran, you’re the best! Thanks for the laugh.

    Mama, “to paint or not to paint, that is the question.”

    Tony, when you find yourself reaching for a cigarette, think “refresh, refresh, refresh.

  100. Very funny, Fran.

    JBytes, I was thrown off by the jetlag. Or was it couch-lag?

    Mama, can you paint my garage?

  101. I hope you’re right ilb. I hope Torts went crazy on the bus or ferry or whatever they took to San Jose.

  102. Seems like Max Pacioretty is known as “Patch” to his teammates. I thought that nickname was already taken by the Blues’ D-Man, Nikita Nikitin…

  103. Tony, to me, worse than all the health warnings and the coughing and cravings … would be the cost of cigs now. Holy carcillo!

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    Every time you get the urge to buy a pack, put the money in a glass jar. By the time you have finally quit, you can get something really nice for yourself, that you never thought you could afford.

    I sent my mother in law on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. Unfortunately, she came back…

  105. NYR, excellent use of the word clutterbuck.

    Manfried, isn’t that illegal? … oh, you said tobacco? sorry. never mind.

  106. Thanks, Carp!

    LOL at growing, Manny!!

    Orr, I know. I used to find the smell putrid and gross. I started after high school, when I stopped playing hockey. My girlfriend at the time smoked and I gave in…

    Probably, the best way for me to quit would be to start playing again…

  107. An NFL player is accused of shooting two people during a fight!

    Why can’t these NFL players come up with a new crime? It’s always the same thing. Can’t they rob a bank instead of always shooting people, and beating their wives?

  108. Girardi a horse? That’s a laugh. The guy coughs up the puck regularly, he hits nobody, adds no offense and doesn’t touch a soul in front of the net.

    I mean kudos to the guy for being undrafted and make an NHL team, but he’s certainly not untouchable.

    This team has NO offensive leader, none! As hard as Duby and Cally play, which is commendable, a good team needs a consistent scoring threat who can carry the load, the Rangers don’t have it. They work hard, they grind it out, but unless this team finds someone who every night can bring it in the offensive zone, they will never be a serious contender. Either that or they can play boring Devil, Boston hockey and who wants to watch that each night?

    Their defense is coming together nicely. With MDZ, McD, Staal, Gilroy, McIlyrath, and Sauer, we should be solid back there for a while.

    But Sather is going to have to deal some assets to either free up space for a big forward UFA signing or pluck someone away from another team by trading away youth.

    I like Stepan, he’s got a lot of potential, and Kreider could be a solid NHL player, but by that time Gabby’s deal will be up. This team hasn’t had an offensive threat since Jagr, and even then we lost in the 2nd round to Buffalo.

  109. When girls smoke, it’s the worst.

    A lot of Supermodels smoke ciggs. Apparently it helps them through hunger, or some crap like that.

    I’m glad MSG doesn’t play that commercial of that smoking chick with the missing limbs. Fuggin disgusting!! Not to mention the guy with the hole in is throat.

    I knew a kid that had a hole in his throat. I was kicking his ass in Basketball, but he was so sweaty, his band-aid came off, and I went on a horrible streak, like when NYR blew the five goal lead. I wound up losing because of that gross throat hole!


  110. The have to shoot people, Orr….There is no other options for them. The switchblades are illegal, you know…

  111. Carp, we missed the playoffs last year. I guess my point is the offensive threat should transfer to a winning record.

    But you’re right, he did score a bunch of goals.

    But I still don’t view Gabby in the same vein as I do Jagr. Jagr could control an entire game.

  112. OK guys you’ve touched on a subject that I have deep emotional
    connectons with. Smoking.

    I’m no expert, and I do not profess to have any superior knoledge about this habit, except with my own experience. Now listen to me:

    I grew up in a family of smokers. My mother, my father, my beloved Aunt Bea, my sister Judy. All passed away in their mid 50’s to early 70’s..various forms of lung cancer and emphesema.

    While in the service, they used to issue us K ration packets in the field, and besides foodstuff, there was always a small two butt box of cigarettes. I never smoked – too cheap and i thought it stupid.thank God for my decision. At 82 I’m in good health by the grace of God,I work out at the gym daily, I can handle reasonable weigts -I can bench press 125 lbs..I weight 140. i feel good, have the normal diminishment in eyesight, and hearing, but all other vital signs are OK. I’m not bragging – I’m thanking. I can still get out on the ball field with my youngest grand daughter and show her how to hit a pitched ball, and how to throw a baseball not like a girl. ( I found that if I throw left handed, I throw exactly like a righthanded girl.) God and life, and friends have been good to me. EVERY SINGLE GUY I SERVED WITH IN THE CORPS IS NOW EITHER DEAD OR ON LIFE SUPPORT FROM SMOKING. AND
    One of those guys survived the Chosen Reservoir departure, in the Korean war, and had actually been captured by the Chinese and let go when the North Koreans they were supposed to hook up with never showed up. ( He said that they didn’t realize that his unit ( First Marines 1st Marine division under the legendary Chesty Puller,) had just wiped out an ENTIRE CHINESE DIVISION A few days earlier. This guy never smoked,
    and was instrumental in the construction of Las Vegas in their
    growing days. We still communicate.

    But smoking is early death. God bless and help you all who have troubles shaking it. I pray for you all.

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