One of the longest game days of the season (updated)


Before we get to the business of hockey … since we have this long, long game day to kill (10:30 p.m. start), there’s this:

Iron Mike Keenan, and the great, great Pulitzer-winning columnist Dave Anderson of the The New York Times, will be honored with the Halligan-McGuire Irish-American Good Guy award on Tuesday, March 22 at a luncheon at Gallagher’s Steak House.

The award is named for the late John Halligan — the wonderful former Rangers P.R. man and hockey historian — and Knicks Hall of Famer Dick McGuire. Proceeds go to the John Halligan Memorial Scholarship Fund at Fordham U.

You know about Keenan. I know not much about Mr. McGuire. But I feel I need to tell you that Dave Anderson is one of the finest people on the planet — seriously, in the Adam Graves stratosphere — and so was Halligan.

If you’d like to attend the noon luncheon, the cost is $83.50 per person, and you can get more info and tickets through Cirillo World, 212-972-5337 or via email at


I’ll be back later with pre-game notes, and then later tonight with a Go Time post … and we’re going to have a minute of silence for Old Coach 92 tonight.


UPDATE: I was just informed that also being honored at the Halligan-McGuire luncheon is New Rochelle’s Brian McIntyre, the long-time and much respected NBA exec, whose son Brendan, coincidentally, is following in Halligan’s footsteps as an outstanding PR man for the Rangers.

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  1. anaheim and san jose should be good games. question mark for anaheim is their goaltending.

  2. Personally, I never liked Mike Keenan(even in ’94), never will. IMO, he is sleazy bastard with questionable attitude and approach.

  3. Just a sidenote to the Chara hit last night….at 50+ lbs and 7 inches at that speed…looked like a good hit in an unfortunate area of boards.

    That said-they should incline the boards like the do guardrails so you do not have the direct impact but gradual incline. You need to lower the glass the first few feet next to bench to do this…and protect fans behind somehow maybe with netting? But I am always amazed this doesn’t happen more often. Didn’t that happen to Shane Chyrla or maybe he hit somebody into boards?

  4. Stranger Nation on

    It was a clean hit by Chara, he kept skating down the ice after, barely lost stride. It was not as though he threw the kid over the boards. How about Gomez chirping at him afterwards. What could have that wuss been saying to Chara? Habs got a big win, but they are soft.

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Lowell, great stuff. I too shared this guy’s exact feeling last draft day. While I thought Cam Fowler was a sure thing to be a good NHL defenseman, I thought the Rangers passing on him and selecting McIlrath was a good decision because everything I had read about him and the very few clips we saw of him said he would be a very big, very very nasty defensive defenseman in the mold of a young up and coming Pronger with more of an edge.

    It is so good to read that he is exactly what we thought he would be. It is easy to see him making the team next year or the year after and becoming every bit of a success that Marc Staal has become.

  6. I was victim of a silent carping! Not so much as “new post!”

    It is worth repeating…..

    Old Coach 92 was only 62 when he died. He was a biology teacher and an avid Rangers fan, as we all know. He was way too young! RIP, Not So Old Coach 92.


    p.s. I read Old Coach’s obit on

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Maybe pairing MDZ with a McIlrath type Dman is what is needed as well. Having he and Gilly on the same pair was a disaster.

    How did Kreider break his jaw? They were full helmets/cages in college.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    West Coast game late start impacting blog volume. Easy hat tricks this AM…

  9. Agree, Stranger,
    I never understood collective admiration for Mike.
    There is a difference between being firm, decisive, demanding and rein with an “iron fist”, with a total disregard and cold disrespect to governed personnel. With the same token you could give title “Iron” to a plenty characters, like Stalin, Hitler or Gadhafi. Each of them enjoyed short term or even relatively long “success” in rein and got their place in history (not hockey, thou). But by what cost to the participants?! Besides, there are enough words in English to describe such a person’s behavior, from bully to tyrant…

  10. True Blue 23 on

    Stranger Nation March 9th, 2011 at 10:16 am
    It was a clean hit by Chara, he kept skating down the ice after, barely lost stride. It was not as though he threw the kid over the boards. How about Gomez chirping at him afterwards. What could have that wuss been saying to Chara? Habs got a big win, but they are soft.

    i hate the b’s and canadiens equally so I really dont favor either one… but there was a penalty on the play and the player gor a “serious” injury , so you cant say it was a clean play and Chara shouldnt be suspended…I dont think chara is a dirty player but suspension for 2 games is a must in this situation

  11. I don’t know where to begin on that hit. Pacioretty no longer had the puck but he might have been chipping it ahead – Chara finished the check. Sure it’s high but Chara is like 9 feet tall so his hits on anyone look high. It seems like it was a HORRIBLY unfortunate event where Pacioretty’s head went over the bench and hit the side of the glass. I guess it’s a clean hit. You could say that Chara should know his size and be more careful but it’s Hockey. It’s a fast game.


  12. >>…You could say that Chara should know his size and be more careful…

    In essence, he should stop using the one advantage that he has?

  13. The Chara hit, to me, was borderline. Only because in that instant we can’t know if Chara was just taking the body or saw the chance to paste him. I’m not saying he intended to injure, but possibly saw a chance to take him out of the play completely.

    It reminds me of a hit I saw years ago of Dale Hunter plowing Joe Nieuwendyk on a similar play. Except Hunter saw where the partition was and drove Joe down the boards and aimed his head at the very spot.

    Hunter, being the classless thug that he was, intended to injure.

    Chara, on the other hand, I just don’t see it being that malicious.

    That being said, that was a scary hit and a scary injury.

    On Mike Keenan, I agree with most people in believing he’s just flat out not a very likable person and an arrogant bully to boot.

    His success with the Rangers, I’m convinced, was because he had Messier in the locker room. No other player could or would stand up to him, but Messier seemed to not only respect Keenan but was also able to keep his tantrums to a minimum enabling the team to succeed.

    As for the next two games…I’m hoping the Rangers keep playing the way they have the past two games and find a way to get at least 3 points out of this trip. If not 4. The standings are extremely tight and with the games in hand still there they need to take care of business.

    Will I be awake to watch tonight? I hope so…but I think I’ll need a nap before hand. lol

  14. >>Does anybody have a video of the Chara hit?

    I’m sure a quick Google/YouTube search will yield many hits.

  15. I think Chara should be suspended for longer than 2 games. He had no reason to hit him in the first place, the puck was long gone, and I am sorry but there is absolutely no way he didn’t know where the dasher was or see it. None. There also has to be a better way for them to set that up – no way should there be an obstruction that anyone could possibly get hit by. And if Chara is so innocent and didn’t realize where he was, then why doesn’t that happen to guys all the time? It never does because guys don’t do that. I know the game is fast and things happen fast but when you have played for as long and as much as these guys have played you are generally in control.

    The idea that penalizing him “wussifies” the game is absurd. It is supposed to be a physical, aggressive sport. It is not supposed to be violent. A check’s purpose is to separate the man from the puck. I recognize there is an intimidation factor in hitting hard and punishing guys. But that crosses a line. It’s one thing to come out hitting and playing aggressively, it’s another when it becomes a game of behemoths skating around looking to behead one another. Is anyone really going to argue that a less physical but somewhat wide open 7-5 game is no fun to watch because there are no incidents like last night’s, or because there wasn’t enough hitting? You don’t see crap like this happening in the Olympics, and if you do the perpetrator is castrated, but that’s some of the best hockey you’ll ever see.

  16. Thanks so much Marji. The NY Times posted the montreal station’s coverage, all in french! :)

  17. I was being facetious about his size – If Chara is penalized for that hit he is essentially being penalized for being tall.


  18. Man – Come on, man! Do I have to revoke your hero status?! ;)

    Problem is not Chara being tall. Problem is, he used his size and strength to intentionally injure someone.

    Read Peter’s post above.

    Puck was long gone, Chara has a history with Pacioretty, Chara looks right at the stanchion prior to hit, and proceeds to angle him right into it. With a clear intent to injure.

    I’ll be happy with any suspension. Id think it was a 4-6 game suspendable hit. But Ill be happy if he even misses 2 games.

    Im pretty sure Chara won’t be suspended at all, though.

  19. I was prepared to accept that Chara had committed a foul play unitl I saw the replay, and this is what it looked like to me….
    First off, both of them were skating at fulol speed ( and Chara’s pretty fast for a large person), and that abutment was arrived at almost simultaneioously by both of them and is seemed like only a second when Chara rode him out when he smacked into the boards, and Chara actually did not react as though there was anything unusual about the check. ( And by the way, when Chara first came up with islanders, he would drop guys harder than they expcted and he went around apologizing for his power..I recall one instance whenin practice he hit a team mate and flattened him, and his English was in it’s infancy, he said something like ..I sorry -I too big.)

  20. Oh god. PLEASE NO TIKI.

    I do not like Chara. I think he is a bad person. My inclination is that he was intentionally hurting Pacioretty. And guess what? It worked. He had to know the Dasher was there. I agree. I didn’t see him look at the stanchion. If that is true then I am converted and would support banning him for life.

    I still think if a smaller man makes that hit we all look at it and say – oh he took the man out of the play and it was really unfortunate how it ended. Chara topples people over because he has so much leverage due to his height (7’3″ on skates).

  21. A blog hat trick where one of your 3 posts is just correcting a typo is like a hat trick where the 3rd goal is an empty-netter. Sure, it’s 3, but one of them is cheap and undeserving of much praise.

  22. Funny thing happened here a minute or so ago

    The massive double sonic boom of the Space Shuttle signified that it was coming home and about to land. My grandson went out on the veranda to watch it arrive.. Those booms sound exactly like a 16 inch Naval gun firing ( we had the Mighty Mo with us once and those guns were chilling.0

    This has become routine for us Coasters but we’ll miss NASA and all that went with it. All those jobs lost.

    30 seconds on final here she comes! Perfecto!

    Farewell Discovery.

    How many of you folks were aware of the fact that on long final that shuttle is not under power. It’s a massive glider, and they only get ONE CHANCE to make that landing. There;s no such thing as a “go around” if they screw it up.

  23. That is awesome Fran.

    I was obsessed with being an astronaut when I was a kid (much like many young boys). I had a “Little Miss Sunshine” moment when I was denied entrance to space camp because of my heart condition.

  24. Staal Wart says...keep the kids!!! on

    You don’t like Chara because he is a bad person? Come on…do you know him as a person?
    I think as a general rule, there are not many NHL players who are out to hurt anyone…
    Are there exceptions…yes.

  25. Ok – you’re 100% right. I do not know him at all. But I know that he plays in a fashion that I don’t like. He was even thuggish in theOolympics.

    Maybe he is a great person. But not on the ice. Not in my opinion.

    Also – I loathe the Bruins. HATE THEM. So it doesn’t help my opinion of him.

  26. Mister Delaware on

    I’m confused as to how people could argue Chara was just finishing the play. If he did, he’s into the boards as well. Instead, he forearmed Pacioretty right into the partition.

  27. There is no reason, of which I am aware, for anybody to deduce that he’s a bad person. Is he a rough, rugged, on-the-edge hockey player who got where he is by being physical and tough and punishing? Absolutely.

    But bad person? C’mon.

  28. Mister Delaware on

    As for the amateur psychology of “Chara is a thug” or “Chara doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would intend to injure”, neither should matter. Whether or not a guy wishes he could go back and do something differently should be irrelevant.

  29. Fran, I did a column a few years back on a local football player who became an astronaut and was going up in space. I find it so interesting and awesome to think of the training and the risks and the technology and science and dedication required for all these space missions. I would love to be able to see any of it first-hand.

  30. You’re right. I am embarrassed I said “Bad Person” I was really only referring to his play on the ice.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Let’s be clear, the Chara hit was NOT a clean hit. It was interference. But that’s all it was, coupled with a bad location on the ice.

    Tiki, you say he looks at the stanchion, I say he was looking down the ice towards where the puck had traveled. And since I’m not the most violently anti-Boston bigot in history, so I’m going to just say that my interpretation is probably more accurate.

  32. I agree with Doodie that it was interference at most. But …… I hate the Bruins. With a passion.

  33. First time I’m seeing that hit. It was a late hit, the puck was released and Chara had enough time to let up. On the other hand, I don’t think he intended to hit him so that Pacioretty’s face would hit the partition. Assuming that his intention was exactly that is absurd, IMO. Late hit, the player got injured, Chara will get a couple of games. But I don’t think he intended to injure him at all.

  34. Mister Delaware on

    I don’t know what counts as severely off-topic (or if this has been posted) but Reebok is having a big sale on their website. $115 premier jerseys are $70 after the code FAN40.

    (I promise I don’t work for Reebok or anything like that. I actively hate their sneakers. I’m just a good lookin’ guy who loves a deal and wants to share. If that violates any rules, I apologize.)

  35. Mister Delaware on

    “Assuming that his intention was exactly that is absurd, IMO. Late hit, the player got injured, Chara will get a couple of games. But I don’t think he intended to injure him at all.”

    Its just as absurd to assume Chara wasn’t aware where he was, didn’t look up and didn’t hold a grudge for their prior incident. Basically, its absurd to assume we can guess what the guy was thinking either way in this case because there’s evidence on both sides. But the video is the video and the results are the results. Too bad a quick, short suspension benefits the Sabres (and obviously really, really, really too bad that Pacioretty’s career could be messed up).

  36. Tiki - Chara should be in prison on

    Manfried – Don’t feel bad. By rule, Chara is a bad person. His quotes last night attempting to mitigate his role in the Pacioretty injury indicates that he is a bad person. He doesn’t care about the health of Max Pacioretty. He only cares to take the blame off of himself. Pacioretty leaned over and jumped into the stanchion. He just jumped into it head first….Sounds reasonable enough ;)

    Id be okay with a 4-6 prison sentence for Chara for that violently putrid sickening disgusting hit. :)

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    “”I knew we were somewhere close to our bench but obviously that wasn’t my intention to push him into the post,” said Chara, who was given an interference major and a game misconduct with 15.8 seconds left in the period. “It’s very unfortunate. In that situation everything’s happening fast and even planning to do that, that’s not my style to hurt somebody. I always play hard. I play physical but I never try to hurt anybody so I’m hoping he’s O.K.””

    Yup, that sounds like the words of an intent to injure, hoping that the guy is OK.

  38. Thanks Tiki.

    Are we trying to ban good looking guys?

    I hate Chara. I just don’t see anything super egregious about the hit itself. It looks like a standard interference call. Pacioretty fell in a horrible manner because of the height and leverage of Chara and he fell face/head first into the glass.

  39. Tiki - Chara should be in prison on

    Via twitter: Pacioretty suffered a severe concussion as well as a broken vertebrae in his neck

    Get well soon, Pacioretty

  40. True Blue Mike on

    It’s hockey it happens, unfortunately. In my opinion Chara should not be fined/suspended. Fix that dangerous partition, don’t blame the player.

  41. OK.

    He is definitely looking up. I can’t say definitively that he is looking the stanchion. He is looking at something. Maybe ice positioning? Maybe trying to see where the boards are and get his bearings before hitting Pacioretty? I can’t say he was definitely looking at the stanchion and thinking – “I am going to possibly kill this guy right now.”

    This is a horrendous result to an otherwise innocent and clean hit (I think). It does bring us back to yesterday’s argument about fighting. Here is an example of a guy getting hurt from a hit. Not from fighting.

  42. Tiki - Chara should be in prison on

    My favorite twitter lines: MarcColameco Isn’t blaming the glass on the Chara hit the same as blaming the ice for other dirty hits? 6 minutes ago via web

    emveedesign @andy55512000 Chara “Not a Dirty Player” Are you watching the same Chara I have watched over the last 13 years? 5 minutes ago via web

  43. Tiki - Chara should be in prison on

    LOL I like this one.

    thefranchiseca #Chara’s hit on MaxPac should bring back the argument of the law getting involved. He purposely used the border to inflict even more damage 11 minutes ago via web

  44. It’s true. It is hockey and unfortunately injuries happen. My friend lost his leg on the ice. He was checked into the gate as he was trying to change lines. Burst his artery and he almost bled to death on the ice. The solution was simple – the gates now open into the bench rather than onto the ice.

    The same has to be looked at here. Fix that obviously dangerous partition. No suspension.

  45. Doodie, thanks for that quote. Also, look at the end of that video. Does Chara look proud and happy to you about what just happened?

  46. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    it was as late out here as it seemed last night…what the hell were you doing up os late??

    I think chara meant to hit him and did NOT mean to injure him in any way!

    I’ll say it again, the clutching and grabbing slowed the game down some, There were still pretty goals and breakaways and there were still injuries, but the game has much bigger and faster players in it. They have too many opportunities of straight line “unobstructed” runs at each other. Bring back the rules of the early 90’s!!

    no way on a prison sentence for him, he is an UFA this summer………..

  47. Man – You are certainly entitled to your opinion. The hit can be looked at from 2 different perspectives. Intent to injure or lack of intent to injure. Neither opinion is more right than the other. The only one who knows if there was intent is Chara. Unfortunately, it’s not in the makeup of most people to come forth with honesty.

  48. Hey, Wicky! You should definitely read the article about McIlrath posted at 9:58 am.

  49. Mister Delaware on

    no way on a prison sentence for him, he is an UFA this summer………..”

    Signed a huge extension during the season.

  50. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Let me spin this another way, if Jagr hadn’t been such a sack, chara would have signed here instead of with the bruins and we would not be having this discussion here! (sorry Carp, trying to redirect here).

    Also, as far as the stanchion goes, if they take out the one between the benches, there is still the one at the sides of each bench…remember ryan smyth with the kings being slammed into one of those a couple seasons ago??

  51. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    mister delaware
    he did? my bad and thanks!

  52. Wicky – I was kidding about the prison sentence! Or was I? ;)

    I was up because I felt disgusted by the day’s events….the referees earlier in the day, the learning of the passing of a fellow bonehead, and the vicious hit late in the day.

  53. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    your post at 12:37=PRICELESS!!

    reading it right now!

  54. Come on guys. I am quite sure Chara did not intend to put Pacioretty in the hospital, and I am also quite sure he knew exactly where he was and what he was doing. It doesn’t make him mean, or a bad person, or a villain. But he is responsible for the outcome. No, the partition should not be there, I agree with Carp, I’ve always thought that to be dangerous as hell. But a freeze photo of the incident that is circulating shows Chara’s forearm embedded in Pacioretty’s chest and neck as his head is slamming into the turnbuckle. And enough of the blame the victim mentality we’ve seen in hockey forever. “Your head was down so you deserved to have it taken off.” No. wrong. And people who complain that the outcome is dictating the punishment, you’re damn right it is. Isn’t that what happens with high sticking? It was a reckless play and the game’s catoonish violence has escalated completely out of control because the NHL is stupid enough to believe that’s what puts bodies in the seats.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, at 1:08, he’s already hit Pacioretti. Where he’s looking at that point is irrelevant.

    Even besides the point, wouldn’t it make sense that he’s looking at where the puck has traveled?

  56. wicky, I might add that Chara would be a hero to a certain someone if he were wearing blue, and that hit would have been accidental.

    as for the stanchion, if that’s how it’s spelled, you can do a gradual glass, and eliminate the glass between the benches so there are no 90-degree angles like that anywhere.

  57. and also, if the poor kid hadn’t been hurt, the Chara hit would be in all the NHL/Versus/NBC promos, on all the highlight shows, would be shown on the scoreboards at all NHL arenas, and would be included in all the NHL-licensed video games.

  58. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    well, I’d say Jess nailed that article!!!!

  59. Other randomly selected Tweets:

    @petergammons Pacharetti (sp?) is a bum and a fake artist! What’s the big deal?

    @buccigross See Chara’s perfect hit on Sportscenter’s Top 10 tonight. Chris Drury is a clutch God.

    @brady12 The only thing that could’ve made that hit bigger was if the partition was replaced by Steinbrenner’s mammoth monument

  60. Nice discussion we’ve had today. It’s good to see others’ points of view. My final opinion: While Chara may not be a bad person, he certainly always has been a dirty player, that goes without question. He appeared to have the intent to injure, but that’s just my opinion. I will say this with 100% certainty: If Staal made that hit, he’d be ridiculed and blasphemed by everyone in the media – sans Carp, because Carp seems to be fair on these issues – for being dirty and vicious.

  61. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    good call on the gradual glass for the stanchion (that spelling just looks odd to me), I forgot about that!

  62. True Blue Mike on

    The only thing that concerns me about this hit, the only thing… is this . That is Pacioretty scoring the game winning goal, and that is Pacioretty pushing Chara. Leading to a scary, berserk and possibly revenge seeking Chara. But probably not so i am really indifferent once again. Opinions? Tiki is going to like this.

  63. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    What happened at the end of the col/minny game last night??

  64. “sans you, too” ??? I was simply saying that you’re fair on these issues, no matter the team(s) involved.

    Here’s another randomly selected tweet:

    @petergammons Chara’s aasen tastes hmmm hmmm good!

    @buccigross Numbah 4 Bobby Orr

    @brady12 Get me more defensive signals, Belichick. I havent won a Super Bowl without them.

  65. I didn’t know that our dog LT56 had a twitter.

    Otherwise, it would be incredibly racist to imply that an African American male athlete is an animal. :)

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    That McIlrath article is just wrong. OK, so Fowler is a big minus this year. So are most offensive defensemen in their first year or two, including MDZ, who was a minus 20 last season, while the next closest defenseman was a minus 2. Meanwhile, Fowler is minus 23, but every defenseman on the Ducks is in the red except for Lydman and Visnovsky, with the next closest being Lilja at minus 11. They only have 5 guys on the entire team who aren’t a minus, compared to the Rangers last year having about half the team split as plusses or minuses. The Ducks also have a McIlrath-type in Lucas Sbisa. He’s a minus 6. Oh, and did I mention that plus/minus is worth Carcillo, or Marek Malik was one of the great shut down defensemen of the middle of the last decade? Tony Lydman is plus 25 for the Ducks. I guess he’s a great shut down defenseman also?

    And who could have seen that MDZ wouldn’t have continued developing? How about anyone who has ever followed hockey, ever. Plenty of flash in the pan rookies who go on to struggle and slump and never reach their potential. That’s why you stockpile depth at a position, especially when a player with Fowler’s pedigree is available to you. If they BOTH turn out to be great, you can then TRADE from your depth.

    Even ignoring that you should take the best player available instead of drafting for organizational need, by that guy’s own admission, we had three defensive defensemen (and I strongly disagree with him about Girardi’s quality) in the system, while the only real blue chip puck carrier was MDZ. Clearly that’s still an organizational hole. Not to mention that a PP QB/ouck-moving defenseman is just about the hottest commodity in the NHL right now, only challenged by the need for a #1 center.

    So Fowler hasn’t thrown a lot of hits or blocked a lot of shots. Ever think that maybe it’s an organizational philosophy? the Rangers throw a TON of hits and block a TON of shots. That’s coaching, not a player’s inability or unwillingness to do those things.

    Assinine. Fowler will be an all-star by the time McIlrath even laces them up for a regular season game. And I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if McIlrath ends up being too slow for the pro game and becomes the next Hugh Jessiman in our draft history.

  67. He’s got a problem with Cromartie, Edwards, Stallworth, Taylor. But does not have a problem with Brady, Bird, Belichick, Chara.

    Is there a pattern here? :)

    It seems to be pretty black and white to me.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    “he certainly always has been a dirty player, that goes without question.”

    I question that. I’ve never found him to be dirty, at all.

  69. True Blue Mike on


    For once i completely agree with you. I think i was more upset watching the Rangers pass up on Cam Fowler for Mcllrath than watching Jokinen ruin our playoff chances on the last shot of the season last year…

  70. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    You are nuts, but love ya!!

    so this is why I am trying to figure out the col/minny game….

    FriedgeHNIC Elliotte Friedman
    by cbcsports
    Lost in seriousness of Pacioretty: what was Joe Sacco doing at end of Col/Min? THAT’S where NHL should hand out heavy fines/suspensions.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Mike, as Fowler fell to us, I thought to myself “wow, missing the playoffs was totally worth it because it allowed us to be in a draft position that allowed us to draft this amazing prospect that has somehow fallen into our laps!”

    Then they mispronounced “Cam Fowler” as “Dylan McIlrath.”

    Honestly, they could have easily traded down to get him.

  72. I took a wrong turn when I came to this site. Im mocked personally for every opinion that i have, and the people here aren’t as accepting as I originally thought they were.

    But apparently, I give my opinion, and Ive taken a wrong turn.

  73. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    fowler is a marshmallow among other marshmallows on our blue line, a player that did not at the time fill an organizational need. Pure and simple. If we had tougher d men in our organization at the time of the draft, then fowler may have fit a need (if we did not have mdz as well, but clearly everyone in the organization believes he is the offencive d man of the future), but we did not so he was not drafted. Clearly not the blue chipper some think here as other teams passed over him as well.

    So the other teams that passed over him can draft to fill their needs, but we have to take the “highest rated player available” when it is our turn? Makes no sense!

    calm down bro, it isn’t what you are hearing!

  74. Tiki – keep stating your opinions! You taught me lots about A-Rod by doing so. It’s valuable to learn from others.

  75. The Flower vs McIlrath debate can go forever. The truth is- the jury is still out.
    As far as other stuff- I have to give a lecture at 1:30. Thank God…

  76. True Blue Mike on


    Take this as constructive criticism, i guess. Stop whining that people are being mean to you. Stop saying thing like “Carp, can you please like me?”. Just give your opinion and don’t get offended by what others say about you. The more you try to defend yourself rather than your opinions the more people on this blog are going to keep badgering you. No offense but at this point your almost like the kid in class that everyone makes fun of but the kid doesn’t care because he just wants everyone to like him. Perhaps change you name and email and start over? or else just give us your opinion and stop crying.

  77. bull dog line on

    I felt then, and continue to feel now, that Mcllrath made more sense for the Rangers. they had on the roster 2 players that were considered offensive D men in MDZ, and Gilroy. but nobody on the roster who could be considered tough Dmen. no matter how it turns out I will not second guess that pick.

  78. True Blue – I appreciate that advice. Im like George Costanza, I hate being disliked. I dont want the entire blog to despise me. I dont want the head of the blog to despise me. I came here because I dont have any Rangers fan friends, and I thought this was a kind, accepting community. I “cry” because Im sensitive.

    I could change my name and email, but everyone will know it’s me within 1 day of posting. My style and thoughts are that obvious.

  79. Doodie Machetto on


    Since when does it matter what other teams do? And offensive defenseman was still VERY much an organizational need. They had MDZ and nothing else. Gilroy, after his first season, was clearly not going to live up to the hype. They also obviously didn’t have hope for Sanguinetti since they traded him the next day for a 2nd and a 6th.

    Fowler was 5th in CSS’ rankings, McIlrath 17th. You take the more valuable guy, end of story.

  80. doodie,
    that’s not true about the rangers could have traded down to get Mcllrath. I remember after the draft was done I read somewhere online that the next team behind the rangers (I forgot which team it was, I think it was dallas) was going to draft Mcllrath.

  81. True Blue Mike on

    Yeah your pretty much out of options… you can always become an Islander fan at this point, they’re blogs are begging for members. LMAO P.S. I heard they are loving and caring!

  82. Gordie Clarke has a great resume. Clarke was the head scout for the islanders back in the day when he drafted chara, spezza, louongo and others that became really good players in the nhl. This is why the rangers drafting has gotten much better since sather hired clarke.

  83. Staal Wart says...keep the kids!!! on

    Tying it all together…
    Mcllrath may be the “Chara type” defenseman this team has needed for a long time

  84. He’s got a problem with Cromartie, Edwards, Stallworth, Taylor. But does not have a problem with Brady, Bird, Belichick, Chara.

    Is there a pattern here? :)

    It seems to be pretty black and white to me.



    If Chara was not a Bruin, would you still have a problem with that hit?

    is there a pattern here as well?

    Seems pretty B&W once again…

  85. CCCP – Yes. Id find that to be a violent hit if Chara was on any team other than the Rangers.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    You take the best guy and then deal from your depth!

    I’m going on record now: McIlrath will be the next Hugh Jessiman/Al Montoya/Lauri Korpikoski type blunder when there were clearly better guys on the board and we just took the wrong one.

  87. In my opinion, Chara shouldn’t get more than two-three games.

    Yeah, he may have deliberately shoved him into the partition, or maybe he didn’t

    Like Claude Julian said, if it happened anywhere else on the ice, it would have been a two minute interference.

    It’s a fast game. Things happen.

    Either way, I don’t care. All I care aboot is two points tonight!

  88. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    IMHO, it matters because if fowler was such a can’t miss, why did others pass on him as well? It was rumoured that mcilrath was going to be picked by the stars with the next pick I believe, so trading down probably wasn’t an option (and we know how slatipuss loves to trade).

    Most draft “experts” said after the first few picks, you could throw the next 20 players in a hat they were all so close (including fowler and mcilrath).

    A tough d man was a greater organizational need than another softer, offencive d man if that wording makes it a little easier to swallow.

  89. Staal Wart says...keep the kids!!! on

    why worry about what the “blog” people think of you…who cares!
    I’m trying to figure out why it would even matter what the blog people think of you?
    We are or should be a community of fellow Ranger fans who discuss the team for the pure enjoyment of discussing the team…thats it…If you come here to live your life out on a blog…there are specific people called Psychiatrists to talk to…
    I couldn’t care less what people think about me around here…I come here to sound off/discuss or add my $.02…the blog should be stress relief and fun, not stress-ful…
    And stop being like George!

  90. Staal – No, I dont come to live my life on here. It just so happened that I developed personal relationships – meeting, spending time with, etc. – with some of the people on here; that’s why I care.

  91. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    korpi, who most here love and would take back in a second (not worth the pick, I agree)

    montoya, who fishie fans think is worth a top 10 selection right now

    jessiman, who finally played in the NHL, how many games did/have all of the other first round selections from his year played (not just some of the big names, but all of them). Still not worth his selection point, I agree.

    How many teams passed on hank??? REPEATEDLY!!! How many other later round guys that are great players were passed over by “ranking experts”. My point is you just don’t know and it is waaaayyyy too early to tell the good and bad on either player, hell daigle had a few shining moments in his career (a few).

    The fact is this, the organization saw two d men that were rated fairly close at that point in the draft and selected the one that better filled a greater organizational need at that time. Final verdict TBD.

  92. LGR!

    tiki, no one dislikes you…stay calm..and stay on the blog…i follow one rule when Im blogging on someone else’s site: it is their respectful to that home. On my site i can say or do whatever i want…and i actually I have a fairly vulgar mouth over there. Yet here I am a distinguished gentlemen complete with grey poupon and handkerchief in my black tuxedo pocket. Carry on! And stop idolizing these athletes! How about we idolize doctors and scientists instead, and just enjoy watching our team…do you feel me, son?

  93. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m going to assume that Fran will not be renting JackArse #3 on itunes?

  94. Sauer > Mcllrath


    huh? how can you say that? Mcllrath never played in NHL!

    Mcllrath hasn’t played a single second in the NHL but some of you can already argue what he will or will not be! Arguments like these are funnier than Boston conspiracy!

  95. Stranger Nation on

    Back to Carp’s blog earlier – if Habs player stands up uninjured the hit is not a penalty. The fact these rinks are designed to have these partitions, is a risk the players know about and have to consider.

    If they are going to call that play interference (and I hope they do, but they won’t) we better get our special teams at peak performance because that play happens 30 times a game per team..

    BTW – very soft goal on the OT winner that was in the link somebody posted leading to the Chara scrum at the end of the game. It would have been interesting for the refs to let Gill-Chara go at it.

  96. blogmama, i havent told you that you are the best in some time…so, here goes, you are the best!!

  97. Staal Wart says...keep the kids!!! on

    True Blue…
    Sauer > Mcllrath…
    This is stupid stuff that drives me crazy…
    Last year according to some…Sauer was lumped into the Korpedo, Jessiman bust pile.
    Now this year he’s great? give me a break!

    Mcllrath has played a big fat ZERO games in the NHL so essentially you have no idea if he is better than Sauer or not.

  98. True Blue Mike on


    Sauer > Mcllrath
    huh? how can you say that? Mcllrath never played in NHL!

    Mcllrath hasn’t played a single second in the NHL but some of you can already argue what he will or will not be! Arguments like these are funnier than Boston conspiracy!

    Joke, stay calm. But i do believe, in my own opinion, we have what we think we need in Mcllrath in Sauer and McD. I only like Mcllrath for one reason, his name. Makal-wrath!

  99. They *need* to get rid of the partitions in arenas, this way we wont get Pierre McPenis-Skull in between benches.

    It’s a risk the NHL will have to take. But, they need to show some balls. If players cross the line, and take advantage, and get physical while on the bench, then you have to give them a long suspension.

  100. Great point Orr. Both on the shape of Pierre’s head and a clever way to remove danger.

  101. True Blue Mike on

    Your right he has 0 games played in the NHL. However this kid named Cam Fowler (Don’t worry if you don’t know him by now, just check the boxscore at NHL.COM tonight for the Rangers V Anaheim game and you will figure it out) has 50+ NHL games played.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Lundqvist was passed over because at the time he entered the draft, he had only played in the junior development program of Frolunda. If he had waited another year until after he played a few games for the big club, he probably would have jumped up 4 or 5 rounds. There were also questions as to his desire to come to North America.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll eat some crow on Sauer. I thought after last season, he was done. The couple of games he played last year were just brutal. He’s been much better this year and has proved himself a capable third pairing guy on a good team. Unfortunately for us, he’s our 2nd pairing guy for now.

  104. “Back to Carp’s blog earlier – if Habs player stands up uninjured the hit is not a penalty. The fact these rinks are designed to have these partitions, is a risk the players know about and have to consider”

    Two things – one is that’s part of the problem. Just because someone was lucky enough not to get hurt when this happened previously doesn’t mean that it should be anywhere BUT in a video game. The partition needs to be removed, obviously. And you guys – come on, you know the way these players are – you don’t think that behind closed doors there are a bunch of Bruins patting Chara on the back and saying “you showed him.” What if it were in real life and Chara did that to him in a bar? You think he wouldn’t serve time because he didn’t mean to do it? Chara is responsible for what Chara does and nobody else. If you wave a high stick in the air and it hits nobody it is fine, but if you catch someone with it, whether you meant to or not, it’s a penalty, and a more severe one if blood is drawn. intent has nothing to do with it.

  105. True Blue Mike on

    Number 1 DMan: (Empty) Number 2: Staal
    Number 3: (Girardi) Number 4: Sauer
    Number 5: McD Number 6: (empty)

    Get rid of Gilroy and keep developing MDZ, bring in a number 1 and get a guy like Emminger(first half of the season) as your number 6 and that is a good defense.

  106. *McIlBUST*

    Just kidding. You know, Rangers fans now want Cam Fowler more than ever because of Del Z’s struggles this season. I’m not giving up on Del Z though.

    It’s still so early to discuss McIlrath in the NHL. He’s still a few years away. The good news is, we have a young defense, and a few guys in the farm knocking at the door. So, it’s not like we desperately need him, despite what Wicky will say :–P

  107. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    thankfully for most of you, I have to go to work so I’m off like a prom dress!!

    later assens and LGR!!

  108. bull dog line on

    way underrating both Sauer, and McD. I think you have Staal just about right, and are overrating Girardi. MDZ is a wild card. if he gets his head clear, and can play up to his potential, you have a strong D.

  109. Can’t wait for the game thread tonight….should be a lot of fun staying up late with the ‘heads…

  110. I also gave up on Sour. I figured the guy couldn’t stay healthy in the AHL, then he’ll never last in the NHL.

    In fact, I think I once called him the AHL Forsberg.

    So glad to see him healthy, and playing solid hockey. Love him!

  111. True Blue Mike on

    yeah True Blue,
    we will find him in the minus column of the box score.

    Perhaps, but i doubt it.

  112. Mister Delaware on

    I’m torn. I’m usually with Doodie on taking the best talent available but I really like the idea of how McIlrath would fit with our current young d-men.

  113. In the Terms of Service …

    “…We also reserve the right to deny access to the Site or any features of the Site to anyone who violates these Terms of Service or who, in our sole judgment, interferes with the ability of others to enjoy our website or infringes the rights of others.”

  114. Taking “best available” talent is a real dilemma. I think it all depends on your organizational philosophy. If you want to develop talent then you should draft best available. If, on the other hand, you have a “win now” theory you should draft based on your needs because you will not spend the time to develop the player to max trade value or on ice value. You plug holes with your draft and you get already developed talent by trading or purchasing.

  115. ill save this thread for next year when Mc-ill-wrath stamps one of those Flyer poop-nuzzlez into the boards and all of you will be applauding and fighting for Mc-ill-wrath’s jockstrap!

  116. True Blue Mike on

    I don’t think he is saying what you think he is saying… he’s not that mean, but maybe!

  117. True Blue Mike on

    When Drury is finally gone, then Wrath! will finally be ready! and then the Cup is ours muahahahaha. 2012-2013 Stanley Cup Champions: New York Rangers! and ill be 21 =D its going to be a fun fun year, unless of course it ends on December 21st…

  118. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    I thought all the guys here were good looking especially with their playoff beards :)

  119. 12.21.2012

    The world cannot end without the Rangers winning another cup. It’s inhumane.

  120. Yeah, this year is NYR’s only shot at winning the Cup, cause we’re all dead after the year ends.

    Unless there’s hockey in the afterlife. In which case, it would be safe to assume that the Boston Conspiracy is somehow involved in the afterlife!

  121. bull dog line on

    we’ll CCCP,
    he did kind of call Carp a racist, not sure that is really an appropriate thing to say.

  122. Staal Wart says...keep the kids!!! on

    Damn straight Orr…
    I don’t get how anyone could give up on MDZ yet? So what! He struggled this season, he has the talent. If he’s the complete package he will spend this summer training, practicing and making sure he has a good showing in camp for next season.

    Oh and “Fire Torts” Buahahahahaha!!!!

  123. True Blue Mike on

    Best case scenario, Malkin comes off his injury and has a terrible year next year and gets traded at the Deadline to the rangers for Ruslan Fedenenko and Drury. Then Malkin regains top form and scores 53 goals in the remaining 28 games solely due to the fact he is no longer with Cry baby. I can’t wait.

  124. True Blue Mike on

    Lmao no posts from Tiki in about 30 minutes? Did he really do it hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha!

  125. Banning someone is a really strong statement from Carp because he loses their $1.50 per post.

  126. Well, if I have been banned, then at least I went out the same way I came in. With brute honesty.

    Last I checked, I haven’t infringed on anyone’s rights or interfered with anyone’s enjoyment…

    But it’s nice :sarcasm: to see people Ive come to have blog-lationships with over the past year and a half (Orr, CCCP, etc.) have a good chuckle at my expense.


  127. Hey- do you guys know how I can get the St. John’s game on the internet, other than ESPN3?

  128. I wonder if the people at StubHub do? There is a line for about 3 blocks at the StubHub in Times Square right now.

    March Madness!!!!! (foaming at the mouth).

  129. JOE: Hey, you got a bad peach? That’s an act of God. He makes the peaches. I don’t make the peaches, I sell the peaches. You have a problem? You talk to him.

    KRAMER: You know this whole place is going vrrrrrrrrrrrrt, downhill. I could have come in here last week with a bad plum but I let it go.

    JOE: Well let me put a solution for you: do your business elsewhere, I don’t want your business.

    KRAMER: Oh now you don’t want my business.

    JOE: No, I don’t want your business and from this moment you’re banned from the store, you’re banned!

    KRAMER: But what am I gonna do for fruit?

  130. Good evening all!

    mao, why thanks buddy!
    wicky, LMAO at “I have to go to work so I’m off like a prom dress!!”
    C3, I make more being unemployed than working that carcillo job.

    If I make it though the game tonight it will be a miracle, but LGR!!!

    2 weeks and 3 days til I get mangoes and plantains (I think…Gabby, do they have on St. Lucia?)

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