It’s Go Time!


Late enough?

First things first. I think we should all, as someone suggested last night, observe a minute of silence — no comments — for Old Coach 92. Let’s do it before the game, OK? So, how about 10:35? No comments until at least 10:36, OK? The game will then start around 10:37. I think that would be fitting.

Same lineup as the group that beat the bejesus out of the Flys on Sunday, meaning Lundqvist in goal (get used to reading that), Eminger and Christensen prucha’d.

The probable lines, according to Steve Zipay (one of just three New York-area writers on the trip — shocking to me on the state of newspapers and the state of hockey coverage; but also having something to do with cost vs. deadlines):




Side note: tomorrow or Friday I’ll have details on the next Boneheads Pick-the-Score contest extravaganza and picnic for Saturday’s game in San Jose. Don’t enter until you read the rules, which will include a starting and ending time for entries. The winner (or Sally) gets a pair of tickets for the March 22 game against Florida, donated by our anonymous friend.

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  1. did anyone just see that shootout shot by St Louis? WILD.

    I know its late for most of you, iM here in Denver and it feels late for me too

  2. Orr
    I hate basketball more than any sport.
    Curling is better as far as I’m concerned.
    Love hearing the Knicks are loosing or just suck

  3. Stamkos tried the spinorama and hit the post, St Louis almost stopped and turned aournd and backnaded it over the goalie.

    It looked questionable live. but in the replay I could tell he didnt fully stop.

  4. i dont know crcillo on

    Use to hate these games back east,dont mind em here in AZ 830 start lgr!!

  5. we can get this thread over a few hundred after midnight. wont be that many unique hits though

  6. Let’s not forget, 10:35 til the game start- no comments. Old Coach is the second bonehead we lost within a year, btw..

  7. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Carp – I guess the ticket contest will be held for saturday night’s game?

  8. goooo rangers!!!! whooo a late game for me. 9 30 start, i’ll try to stay up with u guys but i got work early. btw, upon hearing of charas non suspension, did tiki spontaneously combust?

  9. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Should be interesting to see the crowd on the blog for the late start. I’ve employed Kramer’s “short naps every few hours” routine to ready myself for the game.

    So LET’S GO….



  10. The Knicks have a 98% of making the playoffs. I think what’s best for myself and the blog is if I just ignore the comments that make my physically ill from now on such as “I want the Knicks to miss the playoffs. That would make me really happy!” YEAH!!!! After the referees took control of the Knicks-Grizzlies game, Carmelo comes up BIIIIIIG!!! BOOOOOOM!!!!! That’s why they’re on MSG!

  11. thanks for the warning ilb. didn’t know anything about that. Didnt know coach either. but having done my share of coaching, I respect em all.

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I still think that in reality Tiki is locked up in a mental institution in Boston somewhere… and the attendants are all dressed like referees.

  13. Im so glad we have Carmelo! We didn’t have to give up much to get him, and he can hit the shot that Lebron can’t! BOOOM!

  14. Tiki - Carmelo Stone Cold Killah! on

    So now we’re gonna hurl personal insults my way? I guess Ill just have to ignore. From now on, my actions are going to speak louder than my hallow words of repentance.

  15. k thanks ilb.

    tomb- yea my hours are pretty bad for late night games, even if its an hour behind ny time.

    \tiki- which tiki do i know as tim? is that tiki 1 or 2, and which one is playing in makos and spiders fantasy league?

  16. orr i hate it when yourank on my boy Dubinsky. hometowner. my bro coached with his dad, my nephews played against him. they say he is goofy but hes a fellow Anchorage boy I gotta root for him

  17. umm Tiki, i like Melo too, but “didnt have to give up much for him?” you mean our 3 starters and half the bench? let’s stick to hockey now. going to stay up for first period then hitting the sheets, work at 5. kill me now. remember silence in 2 mins!

  18. Condolences on Old Coach, may he rest in peace….will mute the TV for the minute of silence

    Enjoy the game Boneheads – LGR!!!

  19. OK, everybody, please join me in a minute of silence for Old Coach 92. Starting at 10:35, please, no comments for a minute, until at least 10:36. Thank you.

  20. Dreary…did he play this year?

    Man, can you imagine how disappointing it would be to have Drury skate out on the ice next season at our home opener? Not only still in a Rangers uniform but with the “C” on his jersey?

    What a sobering thought.

    I’m already looking forward to next season. With Ryan Callahan as our New Captain!

  21. Tiki - Carmelo Stone Cold Killah! on

    Lev – I already explained it another day. Only player that was really given up was Galinari. And the draft picks. That’s it.


    Carcillo = Eastern Conference Champion.
    Cooke = Stanley Cup Champion

    There’s a reason the Rangers are relegated to MSG+ or whatever MSG network they get :)

  22. Tiki - Carmelo Stone Cold Killah! on

    I love these late night starts. These Anaheim jerseys are nice. Fun fact of the minute: Cooke is a Stanley Cup Champion.

  23. Tiki - Matt Cooke = Stanley Cup Champion on

    DUBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What passing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mister Delaware on

    The combination of the west coast game and these Anaheim announcers is going to put me to sleep before we have a winner.

  25. i’m sure karma can be a *****
    i have to point out
    that the pass went past fowler of the ducks
    (meant for the fowler luvr)

  26. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Not sure if Hank could do much about that, but so much for previous comment.

  27. Just as a follow-up, Pacioretty spoke to tsn and says he is disgusted there was no suspension, and that he thinks Chara absolutely did mean to do it, that he deliberately guided his head into the turnbuckle . “We all know exactly where the turnbuckle is.”

  28. Just a moment before goal there was a bad angle shot and Lundqvist didn’t go down, hugged the post, and made a very easy, routine save. Then Girardi had to get involved.

  29. Sympathies to the family and friends of Old Coach. May he Rest In Peace.
    Carp- got a good laugh out of McMonster being typed for D’s. You give me some good laughs.
    Let’s do it and GET SOME POINTS!!!!

  30. I think every time that they show a picture of Girardi, he’s facing the goal, Lundqvist has that expression on him, and the puck is in the net.

  31. >>“We all know exactly where the turnbuckle is.”

    Why didn’t he avoid it then? The kid is too emotional right now; he should just keep his mouth shut.

  32. Mister Delaware on

    Eventually we’re going to need someone like Boyle to clear Girardi from the crease.

  33. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    JBytes, are you kidding me? He’s lucky to be alive. If I was him there would be a hit out for Chara.

  34. Two goals off of Rangers’ defensemen…

    I’m having flashbacks to some miserable memories…

  35. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Thanks Peter for that informaton. There were only 2 people involved in the play, 2 sides to the story, so we should really appreciate what Pacioretty is saying. Good for him. Im glad he’s speaking up for himself. I hope that if Pacioretty never plays again, the Habs organization compensates him for life.

  36. To quote the great Glenn Healy:

    “We have to score more goals than the other team tonight. If we score more goals than they do…believe it or not…we win the hockey game.”

  37. >>If the Rangers score all the goals, shouldn’t they win?

    If they’re all in the opponent’s net, then yes, they should win.

  38. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Fact of the minute: Savard’s career is likely over. He’s also a whiney baby.

  39. Ducks are really REALLY trying to just knock it
    around so Hank can’t see it or a tip in.
    of course
    it’s not working during pp
    because Girardi is in the box

  40. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Finally, the penalty time shows up on MSG.

    Happy Birthday in advance, Manfried! 26? :)

  41. i bet your bm CCCP
    turned out better than
    the bm going on the ice
    in the past few minutes.

    we looked VERY good the first half of the period

  42. Remember, before the game they quoted Torts as saying “We’re in the playoffs right now…don’t look behind us, look ahead”

    And every single time this season the Rangers (a player or coach) has said that, they’ve lost the next game.

    Not that I’m being negative, of course. :-)

    Shouldn’t have taken that poop, CCCP…it’s all your fault.

  43. >>Our #1 unit is a minus-2 so far.

    Oops, make that a minus-1. They were on the ice for all three goals.

  44. I wonder if, knowing what we know now about MDZ and his lack of effectiveness so far this year, and outsanding D play of Sauer and McDonagh, that the front office regrets passing on Fowler?

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow Feds should’ve buried that one.

    Carp, no way they mention passing on Fowler, even though they felt it necessary to mention Todd Marchant’s one game as a Ranger.

  46. We should thank god that the Rangers play in the Leastern conference…otherwise we’d be right behind the Ducks occupying 12th place with 74 points

    Ducks are 11th with 75 points and 4 points way with 8th place

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Marchant played ONE game for the Rangers! With the amount of airtime it got, you would think the next time Kovalev is in town they will have to do a two hour tribute to him before the game.

    do they bother to shoot the puck into
    the zone if no one is going to
    skate fast enough to get it?


  49. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Mao Manny and oleo! Wow! Happy Bday guys!

    God, we are never going to win a Stanley Cup in this day and age. It’s just too difficult to win the Cup. Baseball, it’s just a few series, 11 wins. Football, it’s just 3 or 4 games. NCAA BBall, you just need 6 straight wins. Basketball, you can have 2 or 3 stars carry you to the title.

    The Stanley Cup is the most difficult to win. It takes the good luck of few injuries, the fairness of referees, good goaltending. We’re just never going to win the Cup again. :(

  50. Way to go scoring 4 goals NYR!! Just try to get a few more of them in the other net.

    At least for my sake, they are making it an easy decision to go to bed.

  51. sheeeshus
    another tip by a Ranger!!!!!!!!!!!!

    too bad they don’t head to the opposing goalies
    net and do the same thing

    obviously, they are quite capable!

  52. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    We’ll never get luck like that. We have to earn a large majority of our goals. 16 playoff wins just seems impossible in any future year.

  53. It’s just the way the bounces go sometimes. I’d say I was going to bed, but I’m a night owl.

  54. Alright, Torts will have to readjust their noses. Deflections or not, those players should’ve been covered

  55. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    That was some hardcore analysis from Sully there ;)

  56. my poop is pretty popular lol

    If this team gave as much poop as I gave 5 min ago we’d be winning right now

  57. just so you don’t think I’m totally nuts, there was a Robert Petrovicky in the league right around the same time, maybe a few years earlier.

  58. JimboWoodside on

    Now *this* looks more like the games I remember seeing from the Honda Center……

  59. They can’t handle the forecheck because all the ducks forwards are the size of Boyle but they didn’t need skating lessons over the summer….

    Ryan Getzlaf…why didn’t Sather draft you…

  60. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    It’s not just about Sather, Olga. This organization is the least likely NY team to ever win a Cup. A lot to do with Sather. But the other stuff too. The bad luck, the biased referees, the lack of consistency.

  61. Imagine, Getzlaf and Fowler could both be Rangers right now. Not that I’m doubting McIlrath. It’s way, way, way too early for that.

  62. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Gaborik stepping up is about as likely as Sather stepping down. Birds of a feather flock together!

  63. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    This team is full of spare parts. Lundqvist, Staal, Stepan, Cally and the rest are spare valueless parts.

  64. bad period all around. jeez how about putting some pressure on the ducks in the own zone, 3 goals at least 2 off rangers…………

  65. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    me too, Izzy! This mental institution is inhumane. They force to me to view all boston games! But i get to see all my NY teams because I have inappropriate photos of the director with a child as leverage! :)

  66. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    The janitor in this mental institution coincidentally resembles Carp! :)

  67. my birthday wish

    trade Lundqvist!, trade Staal!, trade Callahan!! Bring back Malik!!!!!

  68. Rangers are S and S – Smaller and Slower than Ducks, hence are running over, loosing local fights for puck along the boards in own and offencive zones and middle and not fast enough in thinking, passing and shooting today.

  69. It’s a big problem for the Rangers because the shutdown D have no interest in doing anything other than getting their sticks on pucks.

  70. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    This game is far from over. We can still come back. Though it means little in the long run.

  71. Mister Delaware on

    My god. I know you don’t just bench defensemen but Girardi has been abysmal.

  72. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    No, Izzy, one of the doctors looks and sounds much like CCCP. He’s this sexy Ukrainian dude. And the only way they can force the meds down my throat is when the Ukrainian Doc talks in his sexy accent to calm me down! :)

  73. Czechthemout!!! on

    Girardi having an absolutely horrid game. But than in the last 30 games that has been the norm not the exception.

  74. well, our pp followed the players to the west coast.
    can we just “throw” it in the ocean and
    then fly back home?

  75. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    We’ll come back. Dont worry aboot it.

    I still cant believe it! Carmelo has already done more for the NYK than Lebron has for the Heat. LOL!

  76. Mister Delaware on

    “I just got home, what did i miss?”

    Dubinsky, Girardi, Staal and Anisimov have all scored. We’re down 3-1.

  77. Girardi does have a bite…except it’s underbite- everything goes in the wrong direction.

  78. Okay…that’s it for me. Time for bed.

    I think the Rangers have already written this one off.

  79. AVERY WTB!!!!

    Hank should just start chopping the ankles
    of all his tormentors wearing white tonight

  80. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    My mental institution nurse, Nurse Karloff, just told me that we’re in the year 2032 and the Red Sox have 28 World Series to the Yankees’ 27. Is this true??

  81. I think the flyers gave the rangers that flu the NBC commentators were complaining about on Sunday

  82. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Back to the straight jacket and rubber room for me. I just clocked Nurse Karloff, I think Im in trouble now!

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tiki, just push that little red button next to you, and ask the “referee” to up your medication a bit.

  84. Mister Delaware on

    That was a stupid hit by Anisimov but Lydman had to take one for his response.

  85. Tiki
    unless that’s super-sarcasm
    (and not very good at that)
    your new screen name
    demands more medication

  86. that was really odd for Artie to do that.
    anyone know if something happened to him earlier in the game?

  87. Mister Delaware on

    “that was really odd for Artie to do that.
    anyone know if something happened to him earlier in the game?”

    Maybe Torts is absolutely eating the guys on the bench and he wanted to get away for a few minutes.

  88. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Will do, Olga!! The rest of the nurses are rubbing CCCP’s poo all over me. Where’s the janitor, er, I mean sanitation engineer, when ya need one?

  89. Mister Delaware on

    “I don’t like it when Sam says “Sex” ”

    I’m an actions not words guy too.

  90. Too many passes, Anaheim doesn’t look very steady in their own zone. Shoot more, go to the net. What a novelty

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    When you hear Getzlaf’s name just think “Jessiman”.

    THEN FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Maybe we can create an all star team in the AHL. The Whalers can be champions, with Drury, Gaborik and Redden down there. Gaborik should be good enough to dominate the kiddies in the AHL!

  93. so, i’m thinking that unless he more than
    makes up for himself tonight
    or until the next game
    any time
    i screw up or something band happens to
    i’m going to call it a “Girardi”

    spill food on my shirt — a Girardi
    get caught speeding — made a moving Girardi
    drop something on my foot — “GIRARDI!!!!”

  94. just noticed
    Happy Birthday March 10 Boneheads

    sorry that the Rangers aren’t making your
    birthdays a joyful one.
    hope things will change in third period.

  95. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Hip Hip for Henrik! Shuts out a team when we score 7. We score 1, and he immediately gives up 3. No shutout for him tonight, when we could have used one! All on deflections, but same story, different day. Thanks Hankie!

  96. I’m still thinking that this team just flat out relaxed and lost the urgency they took into the last two games.

    Bad bounces can happen, but you just know after scoring 7 goals in one game they’ll be lucky to score 7 in the next 3 games combined.

    As for taking on soft goaltending…one thing the Rangers have done this year repeatedly is make back-ups and third string goalies look like Patrick Roy.

    Too bad, so sad, good night

    Yeah, I mean it this time. LOL

  97. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    At least we’ve all got Carmelo and A’Mare to cheer for. Two leaders, two legitimate superstars!

  98. i dont know crcillo on

    a great opportunity to deflate some of the teams behind them,so far they are giving those teams a glimmer of hope!

  99. Happy 26th to oleo, Manfried and mao!! (Still east coast time for this, since its still the 9th here)

  100. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    It’s always tough adjusting to the time on West Coast roadies. Maybe our team all had some slices of Drury’s pizza, and Drury dose the pizza with his relaxed nature!

  101. >>I gave up two Seinfelds for this.

    Two Seinfelds which you probably saw a few times already.

  102. Matthias%Koala on

    Rangers in a hole not used to play so late….they looking lethargic probably should go to Vegas to loosen up a bit :)

  103. THE DUCKS have no idea what awaits them…full court 3rd period Rangers Press!! LGR!!! i love this team!

  104. I hate Bud Lite commercials

    They think if talking about “great taste” would somehow make that beer taste good…they’re deeply mistaken. That is one of the worst beers in the ENTIRE world!

  105. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Anyone that doesn’t want a 26 year old superstar (with the ability to learn defense in the future) on his team is a…..well it’s better left unsaid :)

    This organization will never win anything ever again. It’s just too difficult to win 16 games. And certainly not with Torts. You’re in NY now, Torts. You aint in Tampa Bay.

  106. Olga Folkyerself on

    Anyone that continues to talk about the Knicks on a Rangers blog should be called a “Pacioretty”

    Pacioretty = a big pain in the neck.

  107. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    I know Torts has done a good job with us this year. And he’s gotten unexpected production from Boyle and Prust, is dealing with a lot of rooks and young guys, and a lot of injuries. But I say dump the Bostonian and his bostonian assistant Sully. He ain’t ever bringing his Boston magic to NY. The Boston magic dont work that way.

  108. Joe M: Sam…I got something that will keep you awake

    Sam: What is it, Joe?

    Joe M hits Sam’s hand really hard with a hammer

  109. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Great save Ellis! Ryan scores! Game over! Now, Buffalo should be extra motivated to win tomorrow’s game. :)

  110. Tiki
    again, being sarcastic?

    first 3 goals
    Hank screened and/or tips by his own players
    last one 2 on 1
    with GIRARDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    blame him for 2 so far tonight or more

  111. LOL, Dubinsky thinks he scores and they celebrate after coming together behind the net as Ellis makes an insane save. Then Anaheim comes down the ice and Ryan scores. Classic Rangers

  112. unless some miracle happens
    this game just may haunt this team
    as one that may keep them out of playoffs.

    at the very least we should be
    leading by 2 over this team

    ducks do not look all that good tonight
    ellis looks VERY beatable, barring the one shot he didn’t give up on
    and caught with his stick

  113. JimboWoodside on

    This is an embarrassment……Anaheim has made us look like kindergarten kids tonight….

  114. Tiki
    ummmm…’re losing it tonight.

    i’m not very happy.
    was looking forward to this tonight
    been working a lot and probably should be
    so this is not………SCORE!!!!

  115. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Woohoo! Gaborik has scored! Thanks for the garbage time goal Gabby! Garbage Gabby! Hip Hip!

    Ah, maybe we can still come back.

  116. Tiki

    Are you rooting against the Rangers? Where is your loyalty? Or you just trying to get attention as always?

  117. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    jpg – Please just ignore my posts. You’re too good a guy to waste your time reading my anger and rage. Ive completely lost it. Im being a jerk and half tonight. I came here tonight with a new attitude, and then I see Orr and more of his sickening anti-NY gibberish, and I just couldnt ignore it. I tried and tried, and just couldnt ignore it. Sickening, Disgusting, Putrid, Heinous, Criminal anti-NY dirt balls. :)

  118. Tiki, I’m not anti-NY. I’m anti-NY when it comes to sports :—P

    I actually rooted for the Red Socks when the Yankees blew that three game lead. That’s when I knew I was the NY curse!!!

    I like how the Quacks are playing. They’re beating us 4-2, they’re more physical than us, and they’re bullying our goalie. Wow! That’s jam!

  119. tiki, orr isn’t anti-ny…he’s a hockey fan…and a damn good one…. just be calm, bra…today is a new day being that its 12:35am

  120. So with the missed empty netter and the post shot we re actually winning 4-3 right now. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  121. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    CCCP – Im just going to ignore your pot shots at me. :) Ive been angry at the anti-NY and pro-Boston sentiment on this blog for a while now.

    Let’s go Buffalo! Hope they can win tomorrow in regulation to help the Habs out.

  122. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    mao – It’s the same day every day, pal. Boston fans will live and die for their teams, and NY fans just don’t care. They never will. And Ill never help the cause. All Ill do is cause others to go against NY more.

  123. Tiki loves to be the center of attention…he stirs te pot on purpose and then runs around asking ppl to forgive him

  124. tiki, you have to remember people from boston are not sophisticated gentlemen like NYers. We have the Met and the Guggenheim…they have horrible accents and Matt DAmon…i like our side a lot better.

  125. there he is
    but interesting that he was moved
    off of line with Cally and Dubi

    wondered if he was benched or something.

  126. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    CCCP – Ill forgive you for that pot shot too. But why don’t you save your pop psychology. If you knew me, youd know I actually prefer to not be the center of attention. Im just not going to shut my mouth when an idiot Rangers fan wishes the Knicks miss the playoffs.

  127. thanks ilb for the answer

    of course,
    just as i send it off
    he appears on the screen

    still strange that he was moved to another line
    liked Boyle with Gabby earlier
    and Artie with Call and Dubi

  128. Girardi out there again!!

    would Torts dare to prucha him for saturday
    and put Eminger?

    i would like to think so but highly doubt it.

  129. OK, Tiki, that’s enough. Do you want to be banned, plain and simple? You’re aggravating everybody, you’ve chased away many loyal Boneheads, and frankly I’ve been sick of you for a while?

  130. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Maybe if the Rangers had better fans, and better karma, they’d get the breaks to go their way.

    Perry scores! Garbage Gabby Goal! Hip Hip!

  131. done.
    laptop batter about to go.
    need to recharge
    and just not worth it

    good night all
    happy birthday

  132. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Carp, I really don’t want to be banned. Id like to reinvent myself again, but Im just not sure I have it in me again.

  133. dubi kind of showed up except he did not bury the shot in the 3rd when he had the whole net, rest of the team a no show with wolski literally a no show.

    boyle horrible give aqway on 5th goal. girardi in quick sand tonight. bad loss, they deserved it with a horrible effort…

  134. So just go away when you feel like talking about the refs, about Boston, about Matt Cooke and Marc Savard, and especially when you want to talk about that piece of carcillo LT and his dirtball buddies you love. Go write a letter to somebody who cares. Don’t bring that crap here. or you will be out. No kidding this time.

    I am freakin’ sick of it.

  135. True Blue Mike on

    I hope the Knicks miss the play-offs, therefore i am an Idiot ranger fan. Tiki-Logic

  136. avery back pass between his legs out of the zone in the 2nd period is the epitome of the rangers brick layers…..
    stepan and zucc are about the only guys who can pass on the team………

  137. gaborik scored a goal but was awol in the first 2 periods.

    one of the poorer effort the team has had in a while………

  138. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Carp, You’ve actually made me feel very bad with your line that “I’ve driven away many loyal boneheads.” Can you please tell me if that is truth, because if it is, then I will definitely just limit my posts here and say non-controversial stuff. The only person I can think of that I “chased” away is the one case Im sure you’re familiar with by now.

  139. Tron sucks? I heard it was good. Haven’t seen it yet. That would be a disappointment…Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors and Daft Punk did the score…

  140. True Blue Mike on

    I just don’t read your posts when they have nothing to do with 1) Topic at hand 2) Something other than the Rangers 3) You crying about why people don’t like you.

  141. JimboWoodside on

    We’re in a WORLD of trouble…….those games-in-hand, every other team below us playing well, this is not looking good *at all*!

  142. Tiki - Matt Cooke is a deserving Stanley Cup Champion on

    Carp, I just dont understand. You don’t think it’s at all unfair to stop me from talking about referees, boston, etc. when Im not using foul language like others on the site? I mean, I dont use fugg, I stopped the s-bag at your request, I dont do sh*t or anything of the like. I handle myself with non foul language, and now, boston referees and my heroes are off limit topics on a New York blog? I mean, what do I have to do to attain fairness?

  143. the ranger forecheck was non existent. lilja stinks and some of there D but the rangers never got the puck deep and played horrible.

    the wolski mis pass with under a minute left is the epitome of the team, cute does not work for these guys but they cannot figure that our. throw the puck to the net and you never know what happens, they just cannot comprehend that………

  144. Orr, I won’t relax until Buffalo and Carolina catch up to us in games.

    Right now, we’re out of the playoffs if they win their games in hand. I always factor that in when considering playoff outcomes.

  145. Olga Folkyerself on

    Almost as lame as that guy in Africa running with a muffler on his shoulder and a pork chop belt, being chased by lions.

    Almost, Tiki…

  146. Why is everyone anti-Tiki? I know Im alienating myself with every post I make. But how can people handle the contant “fuggs” and curse words with the * in them, and the use of the sexual terms, “bang” and the v word.

  147. No joke, no attempt for sympathy, I dont want anyone’s pity or sympathy. But Im literally about to cry here. I came to know and like most of you, and all of a sudden, you’re all turning your back on me and all at once, just like my ex wife.

  148. Nice to see Gaborik take advantage of 18 year-old defensively challenged Cam Fowler on that 1-1. How much do we pay him? Pat Flatley could have gotten a shot of there. Girardi was doo doo undies tonight.

  149. I know this was talked about before, but I am sick of Girardi going down as fast as Charlie Sheen’s career.

    It is this dumb always block the shot mentality, at times you need to stay on your skate and play the man with the puck.

  150. Besides obvious very bad play by lethargic Girardi and certain really bad luck, what is really sad, that the whole team was no match to not so high in standing Ducks in any aspects of the game, most noticeably talentwise.

  151. Tiki

    It’s not all of a sudden…this been building up for a while now

    You tend to weigh kind of hard on people…if you know what I mean

  152. I’ll watch it tomorrow. I spent 15 minutes on the download, so I might as well.

    That Olivia Wilde is a fuggin babe to the max! Top 10!

    I mentioned it last night, her real last name is Cockburn. No wonder she changed it to “Wilde”.

    I love last names like that!

  153. The Ducks might not be high in the standings, but they’re a good team. The whole West is up and down.

    The only teams in the West that are officially out of it, in my opinion, are the Blues, Blue Jackets, Avs, and Oilers. Everyone else still has a shot.

  154. CCCP – There’s nothing that I can really say. I cant apologize or ask for forgiveness, because it just comes across as hollow. I cant continue to read the anti-NY sentiment on this blog. Im damned if I do, damned if I dont. I dont feel true to myself if I dont stick up for the Lawrence Taylors, or defend against people hating on the Knicks.

    I appreciate you referring to me as bro and trying to be nice to me, that means a lot to me.

  155. Olga Folkyerself on

    I gotta blame CCCP for this loss. Rangers were playing well until you had to pinch a loaf. Everything went to carcillo after that…

  156. True Blue Mike on


    Remember the constructive criticism i gave you before? You didn’t listen… “CCCP – Ill forgive you for that pot shot too. But why don’t you save your pop psychology. If you knew me, youd know I actually prefer to not be the center of attention. Im just not going to shut my mouth when an idiot Rangers fan wishes the Knicks miss the playoffs.” (Tiki,12:43) Why do you feel the need to go ahead and call people idiot Ranger fans… Why not simply say, you shouldn’t want the Knicks to miss the playoffs just so the Rangers will get more coverage. Its really that simple, but at this point i think it is to late for you.

  157. Tiki, Unsolicited advice:
    Used to like you, bro…, but it is too much. You are trying (in vein) too hard to be a shock jockey here. I really do believe you need some mental help. I’m saying that because I can see, (what becomes increasingly rare), sparks of good sense and persona in you. Something is wrong here and it is painful to observe anybody’s degradation. Please, realize the problem and try to fight it, bro not others.

  158. That Chara hit looks dirtier every time I watch a replay of it…the way Chara extends his arm…hmmmm I just don’t know

  159. True – It’ never too late. And you’re seriously going to condemn me for “idiot.” I am so angry, so angry, and the worst term I use is idiot. Come on. Im sorry for not taking your advice. I care about people and things. When I care about something, I care deeply and I dont stop caring because someone advises me to. It’d probably be best if I didn’t care about Orr, b/c then I wouldnt get so angry when he makes his anti-Knicks comments. But I care about these people, and I care about New York. I live for New York. Id die for New York.

  160. tiki, why don’t you go try another blog for a while? I am really fighting this urge to just get rid of you and your rants. take a break from here. try to come back refreshed. try to understand that nobody wants to hear about boston, the refs, the anti-new york garbage, and especially about LT. Seriously. Nobody wants to hear it once. Nobody wants to hear it repeatedly, every single day. Nobody.

  161. 4ever – Im not really too pleased with you saying I need mental help. But I do. 80% of Americans suffer from some mental disease, so I shouldnt be ashamed of it. But I am suffering from severe depression, and I am degrading. I lost my home, I lost a girl friend that I loved, I lost a great bonehead friend that I loved. I dont even walk my dogs anymore. I used to walk my dogs every day for 4 years, even when I so sick, because I didnt trust anyone to walk them. Now I have Tiki Jay walk them, and I dont even care if they get lost. And Tiki Jay doesnt like being around me anymore, he spends all his time with his gf. So yes, I am degrading and I feel like carcillo every day.

  162. I probably should have pulled the plug when you called me a racist this afternoon. That might happen once more, but it will only be once.

  163. True Blue Mike on

    I can’t help but laugh when i read Carp’s posts toward Tiki, Lmao. Tiki don’t worry about what other people do, worry about what your doing. I wouldn’t care if someone else called me an Idiot on here, it’s the fact that YOU are doing it. Your on thin ice right now… Understand. Just chill, maybe its the best you do go to another blog for a while. Or simply don’t post about the things that you know nobody wants to hear.

  164. Thanks Carp for that pot shot. I dont live in New York because I moved to FL when my father was ill. He needed the warm weather of FL to survive longer. Now, I cant leave FL because I cant leave my father’s grave and abandon my mother and live 3000 miles away.

  165. I’m too tired to continue this discussion. Maybe tomorrow … but, seriously, Tiki, consider taking a break from this blog for a while, OK?

  166. Jay Riemenschneider on

    I just got back from that heaping pile of Carcillo of a game. What happened to work hard, play hard, hit hard? They just got out softened in one of the softest NHL hockey games I’ve ever seen in person. Byfuglien $180 down the toilet.

  167. Yes, I am getting help. And I’m sorry for calling you a racist. It’s just a feeling I get sometimes, and I have no toleration for racism, despite my bigotry towards boston. (hyprocrisy)

  168. True Blue Mike on

    Tiki you will never learn… Couldn’t you simply end it at I’m sorry for calling you a racist?

  169. I dont like attention. I dont care if you believe me. Actually, I do. I dont lie. Ive held all my stuff in because I dont like attention, and now it’s all come to a head, and Im sitting here crying about what my life’s turned into, and Im sharing with all of you. Only to get an “I like attention” response..

  170. You’re right True. I am an idiot. Let’s try this again: Im sorry for calling you a racist. I know that you are not one.

  171. Tiki, at least you have a dog, so someone maybe loves you… What a depressing night, between Rangers lose and whining Tiki, Carp’s threats and CCCP poop…I better go. Good night beloved boneheads.

  172. Why’d the chicken cross the road?
    To get from the left to the right!
    He stepped out of rank, got hit by a tank,
    He ain’t no chicken no more!

  173. Boston market is still around…it is a chicken place and there is I know in the city on 14 street…they’re alrigt

  174. i hate to sound totally gone, but Im sort of like Sheen. I get everything handed to me and im still not happy, im going in a downward spiral minus the drugs and alcohol. Ive already made the decision that everyone in my life would be better off with me dead All I do is drag people down with my boston, referees, etc. stuff. I scare my animals because I yell at the TV, and they run from me, being that they used to be abused. Ive driven people off the blog, and anger the people on it. The only reason I continue living is to watch the Yankees. They are what keep me going. And now Carmelo Anthony has given me new hope.

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