Chara will not be suspended


This just in from the NHL (since it was such a big topic of conversation today):


TORONTO (March 9, 2011) — National Hockey League Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy today issued the following statement on Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara’s hit in NHL game #996 last night against the Montreal Canadiens:

“I conducted a hearing with Boston Bruins’ defenseman Zdeno Chara with respect to the major penalty for interference and game misconduct that he was assessed at 19:44 of the second period for a hit on Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens.

“After a thorough review of the video I can find no basis to impose supplemental discipline.  This hit resulted from a play that evolved and then happened very quickly — with both players skating in the same direction and with Chara attempting to angle his opponent into the boards.  I could not find any evidence to suggest that, beyond this being a correct call for interference, that Chara targeted the head of his opponent, left his feet or delivered the check in any other manner that could be deemed to be dangerous.
“This was a hockey play that resulted in an injury because of the player colliding with the stanchion and then the ice surface.  In reviewing this play, I also took into consideration that Chara has not been involved in a supplemental discipline incident during his 13-year NHL career.”

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  1. LOL @ no fine either. Least they could have done was fine him. Can’t really argue, though. Cooke, a notoriously dirtier player, got no suspension for practically ending Savard’s career. Did Cooke get fined?

  2. This is a travesty to me. That kid’s NHL career is most likely over. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and I hope he makes a full recovery…

  3. I am fine with this decision. I think it’s the right call. Really sad what happened to Pacioretty but it’s a risk of the game.

    I will still note that no one was hurt fighting last night. Just on a hit.

  4. I believe there is an automatic fine with the game misconduct, and that they don’t announce additional fines. there may have been one.

  5. correct decision. a minor penalty he got hurt because of the stanchion and chara is a monster . correct call…

  6. bull dog line on

    Avery could not do such a thing. I have not seen him throw a solid check all season.
    now if Kovalev had done it, he would be suspended for life by the man who to this day continues to hold a grudge against him.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Solidus, you can’t hand out supplemental discipline for an accident.

    As for those who compare it to high sticking: there is a rule that says you must be in control of your stick at all times. There is no such corresponding rule for hitting guys near stanchions.

  8. I don’t think Avery would be capable of dong what Chara did. He isn’t big enough and he doesn’t hit hard enough.

  9. Staal Wart says...your mom is banned!!! on

    Not sure it did warrant a suspension…but I remember the board stanchions being the same way about 20+ years ago. I remember a hit similar that injured a player. I can’t remember the players involved but obviously the NHL hasn’t made any “improvements”.
    I always see that break in the glass as players are skating down and wonder why they still haven’t done anything…

  10. bull dog line on

    no Carp,
    that was Campbell in 1998. come to think of it, how come Campbell has never received a second chance at coaching?

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Kovalev’s best season actually wasn’t until 2001. Then he had a couple of “rebirth” years in Montreal where he killed us. This was right after his second stint in NY, so basically there were 4 out of five years from 2003-2008 where he killed us. ;)

  12. Jack Johnson threw a similar hit at Ryan Smyth when he was with the Avs. Smyth’s head crakced against the partition and he was out. I think he missed some time, but it wasn’t a penalty, and Johnson wasn’t suspended or fined.

    Now they’re teammates!

  13. ilb

    Looks like Chara’s suspension in 2005 was the “automatic” kind (i.e. automatic unless the NHL decides to not apply it arbitrarily) for instigating a fight the last five minutes. So, technically true to say he’s never faced supplementary discipline.

  14. I don’t know. I guess teams aren’t interested in making the playoffs and playing seven series in three years. They’d much rather have Muckler, Low, Trottier.

  15. I’m not saying Chara did it on purpose, I doubt anyone would want to injure someone like that on purpose. That being said, Chara has a responsibility for his actions. He made the CHOICE to hit Pacioretty late on the play and should be held accountable for the consequences of his actions. Just my opinion.

  16. bull dog line on

    those guys were Ranger coaches. what about the rest of the league?
    maybe the rest of the league did not want a good young roster torn apart by a coach who held grudges, did not like European players, and coached not to lose.

  17. and who won a Stanley Cup as an associate head coach by taking over when the head coach was melting down, then won seven playoff series in three seasons … and who held a grudge against a guy who quit on him, a guy who had Jaromir Jagr skill and Darren Turcotte numbers for his career, a guy who should be an automatic Hall of Famer, and has less chance than I do of getting into the Hall.

    and, fyi, campbell turned down coaching positions because he was asked to stay in NHL HQ by his boss.

  18. the decision on Chara was made by Mike Murphy, NOT Colie Campbell, because his son plays for Boston he had to recuse himself.

  19. bull dog line on

    I do not believe that Kovalev is a hall of famer either, but I do not think you give him enough credit. he has 1018 pts in his career, a little less than a point a game average. you may feel he quit on Campbell, or he did not play up to his talent level, but he certainly was no slouch.

  20. Mister Delaware on

    Damn, Carp. I was literally just about to change my name to Turcotte (I’ve been out of Delaware for over 2 years now) and you just pooped all over him.

  21. bull dog line on

    I do not think Campbell was a bad coach. I just think he was a scared coach. the 95, and 96 Rangers teams had a lot of talent on them, and slowly but surely Campbell got rid of the talented players and replaced them with safer players. so while he did have success, in my opinion, he did not coach those teams to there potential.

  22. but if Pacioretty had yelled out “sloppy seconds” to Chara as he was being hit, Pacioretty would have been suspended.

  23. I think the issue was touchy enough that they had to institute fancy lawyer words.

    Maybe they called Jackie Chiles? They could have gotten him involved.

  24. >>This is a travesty to me. That kid’s NHL career is most likely over.

    Is a player supposed to get suspended or fined every time someone is injured?

  25. Speaking of the Ducks – What happened to Emilio Estevez in the midst of all this Charlie Sheen junk?

  26. He’s working on a movie with their dad.

    Sheen says that he’s jealous of parts of Emilio’s life, but he thinks Emilio is jealous of parts of his life as well, like the partying, the sex, etc.

    Haha! Sheen is such a bouche. He’s bashing John Cryer now. That’s Ducky he’s bashing! Why the face?

  27. Mister Delaware on

    “He had to “recuse himself”??

    He isn’t professional enough to make the decision himself because his son plays for that team? Wow!

    Was it really his call, or was he forced not to be a part of the decision??”

    I think its more of a perception thing. He’s damned either way, if he suspends for a while, he’s “overcompensating” and Boston flips out. If he rules no suspension, he’s “biased” towards his son’s team. Makes sense.

  28. EC’s little friend and buddy Smid of Edm threw a dirty check from behind last night

    but I guess Smid the squid. little mr sucker punch, will get the full support of his Ranger buddy EC

  29. Mister Delaware on

    And if anyone here is a Rutgers grad … wow … sorry. Absolute screw job to end the St. John’s game today. And not even “eh, you could argue either way”, the refs ignored a St. John’s kid running with the ball and stepping out of bounds celebrating when there was still 1.7 left. Even the ESPN crew was shocked.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    “Sheen’s flying V experience is a lot more fun and gooey than Estevez’s flying V.”

    Gross and hilarious.

  31. Sheen?s flying V experience is a lot more fun and gooey than Estevez?s flying V.



  32. Even the guys our Marines are fighting in the Middle East know to get all hopped up on Cocaine cocktails before they fight. I have read stories of guys taking full rounds from an automatic rifle and living for another 15 minutes to fight back. One guy was actually run over with a tank after being shot several times and he was STILL fighting back.

  33. Good evening all! Wow, I got carp’d like 3 posts ago….

    mao, why thanks buddy!
    wicky, LMAO at “I have to go to work so I’m off like a prom dress!!”
    C3, I make more being unemployed than working that carcillo job.

    If I make it though the game tonight it will be a miracle, but LGR!!!

    2 weeks and 3 days til I get mangoes and plantains (I think…Gabby, do they have on St. Lucia?)

    I hope we win tonight cause lots of folks seem to be in cranky moods.

  34. **Breaking News**: Future Rangers albatross-contract, Brad Richards, will be playing for Dallas agianst Calgary tonight…

  35. Also, I will pay people money if they stop talking about Charlie Sheen, a huge asshat.

  36. NYR, LOL….and sorry to hear about the crush and her BF…..are you friends with her?

  37. NYR…aw, carcillo. that’s hard. without knowing all the particulars, all I can suggest is save yourself from heartache and don’t talk to her about the BF!!! You can’t be unbiased and it won’t help you…And Dr. Mama is done with her advice for the day :)

  38. Mama, that is good advice…there’s nothing I can do. She’ll figure it out for herself…

    As they say, mama knows best! :)

  39. NYR, you are correct :) Seriously, I hope it works out for you, but be careful about you.
    Doodie, you are incorrect…:) and wtb ??

  40. Sabres need to win tomorrow’s game. We need to get a point out of tonight’s game.

  41. Orr – Stop thinking with your Richards.

    Lets look at it objectively: This team has SHOWN HEART. This team is 5 points ahead of their position last year (thanks for the data dump Carp, that was fun to see). This team clearly doesn’t rely on a single star to produce…

    Were I not a Rangers fan I would give the Blueshirts a good chance at making the dance… its sad that as a fan I’ve been conditioned to think otherwise…. but you know what? I’ve seen enough out of this group to give them the benefit of the (considerable) doubt and I’ll say it now with 100% conviction – THIS TEAM IS READY, WILLING, & ABLE to make the playoffs.

  42. Czechthemout!!! on

    Would some of you please stop with the mellow drama!!!

    That was a clean hit that did not warrant a suspension in any way.

    It is a shame that this kid is injured because of it though. But hockey is not ballet. I am all for going after head shots but this was not one of them. And if the powers that be are not carefull, we will destroy this great sport.

  43. Yeah, I would know!

    Surprised he’s not suspended, I thought they would do it just on principle, especially because it was a legit penalty. It’s hard to say whether he should have been, but since there was probably no intent, I’m fine with no suspension. Just remember, there was a minor incident between these two players in January.

    Here’s to a full recovery! (though Steve Moore didn’t ever make it back from similar injuries)

  44. C3, I make more being unemployed than working that carcillo job.


    Laurel? huh? are you talking to me? lol

  45. Orr, if that scenario arises, Ill say it wasn’t meant to be, and Ill be happy only if the Canadiens sit in first place in their division.

  46. Hey guys. I read the blog everyday but don’t usually post. I’m going to the game tonight and I just saw Chad Johnson is in Anaheim. Do we know who is starting in net?

  47. We better hope they clinch early and lock up a certain spot (or not care about dropping) so Dos Nueve can start a couple, even though there are a few days off between the end of the season and the start of playoffs anyway.

  48. Thanks! I was worried when they Sather said Lundqvist would sit one or two more games. I would have been quite upset if they finally came out to my side of the country I didn’t get to see Henrik play.

  49. Kiss, in case you missed it, when it was brought up to Tortorella that Sather said Lundqvist will play all but two games down the stretch, Tortorella replied, “Is Glen coaching?”

  50. Johnson is as likely to start as Mike Dunham at the moment….It’s still 3 hours to go? Sheesh…

  51. nor should he have been suspended. yes it was interference and poor judgment but it wasn’t a dirty play at all.

  52. Actually, Im more interested in the long-term success of the franchise. So missing the playoffs would give us a higher draft pick. Ya know, since “we have no shot at contending this year”

  53. I like your idea of playoff experience, but in all seriousness, is playoff experience quanitifiable? We don’t have a chance at a higher draft pick? Meaning we don’t have our 1st round pick this year?

  54. Oleo and anyone else….

    IMO, NHL players using poor judgment and/or making a predatory hit should be suspended. Preventing injury should be the goal of the NHL people…

    Cheap “boarding” and hit “from behind” calls are stupid and don’t address the real problem. Hockey is a brutal collision sport.

  55. Teams who have won the Stanley cup more often than not have 2 or 3 years playoff experience prior to winning. “Playoff experience is crucial!” ORR I agree whole heartedly. Hoping to get a better draft pick ia a crapshoot. No matter how you look at it no one has the draft totally figured out because there would be more excellent teams.

  56. By the way did you notice Charlie Sheen is using all the classic psychotic buzz words and some new ones. I’m waiting for the foil hat

  57. Carp did anyone mention Buffalo is not till tomm ..i didnt read all the comments

  58. JimboWoodside on

    Why does Atlanta blow when playing against every team other than the Rangers…?

  59. Paul in sunrise on

    Anyone know how to get rid of that useless twitter update trend bar for the iPhone. It’s stupid. Or is that just me.
    Carp I am with you on Campbell. Hell of a coach.

  60. JimboWoodside on

    I hear ya, Eric…..yeah, that would have been much better, but Atlanta is a horrible road team, apparently…

  61. im these late games…i usually dont sleep til 3am…best part of day is 11am to 2am

  62. Canes was on the home ice and Atlanta didn’t have Byfiglien. So, it wasn’t easy, but they did it for the Rangers sake. Tonight’s gratatude. Next.

  63. Glad to see Atlanta won, although the ‘Canes still got a point.

    It’s still frustrating to have to worry about how other teams are doing. If only we had a decent home record we wouldn’t have to worry about other teams.

    That being said, it’s been a while since I’ve sat in for a late night west coast game…so I’ve already got my glass of scotch poured and am ready to enjoy the game.

    C’mon boys….keep it up against the Ducks

  64. mao,
    I’m with you. Usually, I do it just because feel bad about time of my life kind of flowing away and I want to extend my day, but with Rangers game it’s like sacred treat. LGR!!!!

  65. and yes thank grezky atl won, but they blew a lead and gave them a point. we really need to just win our own and it wont matter really, but torts and this team really deserve to be in the playoffs this year. hard working team and they earned it in my book.

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