We’ve lost one of our own: Old Coach 92


Hey, guys. We lost a loyal member and friend of the blog a couple of weeks ago. Old Coach 92 passed away.

I knew him as more than that. His name was John Rostawanik, and he was a hockey coach and a life-long Rangers dieheard. He coached at Woodlands High in Hartsdale for seven years, but he was also an assistant coach at Suffern High when it became the only team from this area — still — to win a state ice hockey championship in 1992. Hence the screen name.

Old Coach passed away a couple of weeks ago, on the day Suffern would go on to win its sectional semifinal over Mahopac. This weekend, Suffern goes to Utica for the state final four, hoping to bring home a second state championship (and Pelham goes for one, too, in Division II).

“We have an angel on our side,” said Old Coach’s son, John Rostawanik Jr., who is an assistant on the current Suffern team.

John Sr. grew up in Staten Island and had season tickets, which he gave up as he raised his family in Rockland. After the lockout, Old Coach had retired, and decided to become a season subscriber again.

“He was like a kid in a candy shop, so excited for every game,” said John Jr.

At a game this season, Old Coach was chosen to be honored, as the Garden does with season subscribers, and the photo above was taken at center ice. That’s Old Coach, John Sr. on the left, his son John in the middle, his brother Bob on the right, and grandson Jake in front.

We will miss you, Old Coach 92. Good luck, Suffern and Pelham.

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  1. my sympathies go out to his family.
    may his version of heaven
    be a repeat of the ’94 Cup winning game and parade
    and much more.

  2. repost after a carping (for the heckuvit)

    love Torts as coach with this group of players
    but i can’t help but question some of
    his strategies
    particularly against thrasher, devils and sabres
    we seem to get into the same type of game
    each time with those teams

    one of the things that changed dramatically
    in the two wins was players moving more around the ice
    in all three zones but particularly
    in offensive zone
    during the losing streak they spent
    all their time just trying to retrieve the puck
    along the boards and the just moving
    it to another player along the boards

    i don’t know if it was a matter of injuries or what
    but i thought that once Torts got the team on
    the Jam/Grind page
    that other elements were going to be

    would hope that next season more movement
    and/or positional play come into the picture.
    you look at some of the teams we play—tb, thrashers…
    and an unconscious pass goes from the forward
    to a dman waiting at the blue line who gets a
    shot away as we’re tiring ourselves out chasing ‘em.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, I remember when there was a guest blog involving that picture. Sad news, indeed. Thoughts and prayers with the family.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    “Good job, Doodie. How did you do that?”

    “And I’m not talking about the hat tricks.”

    Carp, what are you talking about?

  5. Good evening all! RIP Old Coach. Carp, I smell a column…if they’ll let you, or if you have time….

    Been busy so haven’t caught up on all the intelligence posted earlier :) but I just want to thank the heads who have pitched in to back up the blogfather. That is what makes this place so darn tootin’ and hartnelling great!


    P.S. I hate the late West coast starts, and I don’t have to get up early the next day.

  6. Nice, Carp. Very nice. How did Doodie do that, get rid of me? You’re a real mature guy, Carp. :sarcasm: You’re an aasen, I try to be kind to you, and you’re still the same immature aasen.

  7. Just in case Im wrong – there is a 1% possibility of that – I take back the last post. But Im 99% sure Im right. Again, I try to correct my behavior, show respect and make amends, and still get treated like a piece of carcillo.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I will be at the sharks game… Look for me. I likely will be centering a line with prust and Avery… Carp – do you what time the flight rolls into San Jose? And the airline…Charlie sheen and I might meet them at the gate…..winning, duh

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    “I try to correct my behavior, show respect and make amends, and still get treated like a piece of carcillo.”

    Tiki, not for nothing, but didn’t you admit last week that you were actively trying to get banned? What is your deal?

  10. “cant take it?” Really? Ive taken much worse on here. However, when I try to make amends with someone or someones, Id appreciate the same effort from the other person.

    I knew immediately when you posted that on the last thread what you meant. You may think you are, but you’re not dealing with an idiot.

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lobster raviolis, salmon bisque soup, sourdough bread and some seriously chilled chardonney (sterling – 2005)….life is good… Let’s go rangers

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    “You may think you are, but you’re not dealing with an idiot.”

    Tiki, in all seriousness, sometimes I get the feeling that you are like a 14 year old kid. That’s why I asked you what your age was, in all seriousness.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    In all seriousness, I use the phrase “in all seriousness” too often.

  14. Orr, I am just reminding you that we don’t do the curse words minus a letter or two letters or whatever. OK?

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – death is the ultimate cruelty. That said, there is a number on the wall for all of us, and when yours come up so be it…. Hopefully, the old coach is in that great goal crease in the sky…

  16. Doodie – I don’t want to fight with you. I don’t want to fight with anyone. :this is me in a lucid state:

    Im not going into it again other than to say that last week, I wanted to extricate myself from this blog because someone on this blog has been spreading rumors around about me behind my back and attempting to blackball me. Luckily, a few of the most respected bloggers on here, including Carp’s favorite, know the truth.

    Im going to say this final thing on the football topic: I apologize for calling into question your football knowledge. However, please don’t make guarantees such as Barcelona would have INEVITABLY scored when we will never have known if they would have or not. Believe, I would have loved to see Barcelona score 11 on 11, but the referees took away that opportunity. Barcelona could have touched the ball 1,832 times in Arsenal’s half to Arsenal’s 100 touches in Barca’s half, and Barca still may not have scored a goal.

    Like I previously stated, Barcelona dominated the 1st half at the Emirates by a Time of Possession of 4 to 1, but in the 2nd half, Arsenal counter attacked their way to 2 goals.

  17. I had a number of chats with Old Coach..he thought I was younger than him, but I threatened to call him “the kid”, and he got a chuckle out of that. We were almost contemporaries, but I predated him a bit, and may God rest his soul. Somewhere they’ll find a rink that will hold him, and where the ice is eternally clear.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hmmmm – I get the sense I am on the ole ignore list too…. And I don’t be knowin why…

  19. I don’t know what to say or why people are using this thread for anything more than paying respects to Mr. Rostawanik. My heart goes out to his family. I always enjoyed his posts and his knowledge.

    Carp, I think it’s only right that us boneheads pay our respects by taking a moment of silence during the next game. Perhaps you can designate a time where we can all take a couple of minutes to not post anything? It may sounds a little ridiculous and i’m sure those who measure and welcome the traffic on here @ LoHud may not love the idea but again, it’s only right and it’s a tradition hockey fans should be able to appreciate.

  20. Carp, Im going to ask this as nicely as I can. Please do not ignore me. For whatever reason, it’s very important to me to have your respect. I know we have significantly different philosophies about things, and you disagree with most things I say, but I really would like if you weren’t an aasen to me, because I don’t have the desire to be an aasen to you.

  21. Doodie – If you want to act like a Dick (butkus) to me, then more power to you. I won’t fight you with you any longer, because I have far too much maturity for stupid blog fights.

  22. bull dog line on

    fun debate on fighting in the last thread. I would like to add my opinion. I do not believe you can ever take out fighting in the NHL. the Cooke type players would come out of the woodwork if fighting were to ever be banned. dirty play,and cheap shots would be the norm. players would become a lot more brave knowing they do not ever have to answer for there actions. I could see a rule banning the staged fights, but not fights that occur as part of the game. like the Richards Dubi fight, or the Boyle Shelley fight.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is a big week regarding playoff positioning for both conferences… In the east, lots if things can happen 1-10… Especially 1-4… Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out…

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, every team would have a Matt Cooke, not because there wouldn’t be any fighting accountability, but because that would become the way teams would police each other when they couldn’t drop the gloves.

  25. Most importantly, R.I.P. old coach. Every bonehead loss is tragic. Never really conversed with him on here, but I remember the handle well. Always had great viewpoints to share with the rest of us.

  26. Tell you what. In tomorrow’s It’s Go Time! post I’ll specify a time during which nobody should post as our moment of silence for Old Coach 92.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m glad Old Coach got to see ’94. I love when an old-timer (sorry fran) gets to see his team win a championship.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, that sounds like a good idea, and it’s very generous for you to sacrifice those $1.50s.

  29. bull dog line on

    yeah thats a good point Doodie. the Cookes of the league would become the new enforcers. cheap shot our guy, we cheap shot your guy.

  30. ya know
    i hate being and feeling busy all the time
    not great for the necessity of down/relax time
    every so often when i pop over hear
    and skim the comments
    i’m kind of glad i don’t have the time
    to get involved in all the drama
    sorry to see it happen
    i can continue to avoid the carcillo

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Best moment of silence I ever saw:

    Back in like… ’99 or 2000, I was at the FDNY-NYPD hockey game. They did a moment of silence for all of the fallen members. The moment started to run a little long, and from the other end of the arena, some guy yells out “LET’S GO RANGERS!” and it just echoed through the silent arena. Needless to say, the silence was then broken by everyone in attendance cracking up.

  32. btw Zipay is at Rangers practice
    among the items he tweeted was this:

    stevezipay Steve Zipay
    Dining out? “Tiny’s”, the new Tribeca restaurant in which Avery & Lundqvist are main investors, should open in a few weeks, the partners say

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Glad to see Avery and Lundqvist are focused on hockey right before the playoffs.

  34. as far as practice, so far nothing major as far as news
    from Zipay tweets

    probably Erik gets Prucha’d again

    Boyle recognizes that pk has to be very good again
    due to the ducks being at the top in the league on pp.

  35. I forget the year when President Ronald Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt. Anyway, the Rangers played the Flyers that night or the next night, and they had a moment of silent prayer for the president. It last a couple of seconds before some leather-lunged guy from the blue seats hollered, “They should have shot you, Clarke!”

  36. Doodie Machetto March 8th, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Who’s to say they are not focused on hockey?

    Are they not allowed to have a side hobby and/or business?

  37. great story Carp
    you know that dave schultz would have been required
    to take the bullet that was meant
    for clarke

  38. I doubt that either Avery or Lundqvist would do a between-periods promo for the place during a losing streak like some (unnamed) players might.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, having a side hobby/business is fine. Having that side hobby/business have a critical period coinciding with a critical period of your main job is a problem.

  40. Orr – They are more than just athletes. They are human beings. They have the right to open their own restaurant without having their dedication called into question.

  41. Good evening, Carp! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Looks like the boys play better when I have no idea what’s going on around here.

  42. Doodie, I guess we’ll just agree to disagree with this one, too. Im fairly certain this restaurant wont interfere one iota with Avery or Lundqvist’s focus or dedication to their main job. First, they each care about their teammates. Second, they each care about the Stanley Cup.

  43. Dont know if these engagement lines are jokes, but…if they aren’t jokes, talk about immaturity. Calling into question athletes’ dedication because of restaurant openings and engagements. I’d like to see either one of you say that to their faces. They wouldn’t even dignify it with a response, and rightly so.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Lots of action in nights’ first six tilts – really need pretenders behind us to get a smack down.

    Sens crown Debs
    Isles cut Loafs
    Oilers grease the Philth
    Pens cut the Sabes
    Bees sting the Habs
    Hawks prey on Panthers

  45. Thanks for the extra exclamation points! I’m going to hold on to them while I write this stupid paper, and then go out and use them all tonight.

    I am also against Hank getting married. Totally against.

    Hi Tiki! S’up?

  46. One time I asked a Sabres fan what a Sabre was, and he said it was a “baby Buffalo”

    Haha! So, that would make them the Buffalo Baby Buffalo’s

    He couldn’t tell me why they always had a sword in their logo. Bwaha! Some fan!

  47. Stranger Nation on

    BB on PK – nice to have Feds back – he is awesome on the PK and is not afraid the throw a hit.
    We missed that guy for all the stuff that does not show up in the box score or fantasy stats.

    Vinny has taken some time to get going, but he had a great game against the Philth and is on a point tear. Hope the flights don’t tire the legs. Like to see him take it to another level. Gabby needs him to.

    Start Ems one of these 2 on West coast swing? Gilly has been inconsistent, (no news there)

  48. Van Persie: “It had a big influence on the outcome — at 1-1 it was all to play for — and it was a total joke because how can I hear his whistle with 95,000 people jumping up? “There was only one second from his whistle to my shot and it is a joke. I explained it to him but he had been bad all evening.”

    Wenger: “In the first half we resisted pressure — I think the second would have been very interesting if we had stayed 11 against 11 — unfortunately it was not the case.”

    Which leads me back to my original point. Whether Barcelona “would have” (which is ludicrous) scored is irrelevant.

    What is ever going to happen to referees who either biasedly or incompetently screw teams over? There has to be some consequences. And it goes for our Rangers too. Far too often, we get cheated and there’s not a darn thing done about it.

    When is enough enough?

  49. Orr, that’s hilarious! I’m calling them that from now on.

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

  50. Sally – Good luck with your paper! You and I are against Hank marrying for a different reason than the others, because we both wanna marry him :)

  51. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Sabres missing Vanek (flu), Hecht, Grier and Kaleta against the Pens tonight.

    Hard to spit this out, but… g,g, g, go Pens. There.

  52. RIP Old Coach – he often had some very interesting comments here …. much appreciated his wit and wisdom. I believe I have coached against his son at some point in the past few years as we have played Suffern. We Albany (Up-State) teams often play against some of the downstate schools. Good guys both of them.

    On to the West Coast – agree with the trip Carp – we really should be focusing on less travel and more East Coast teams – however, that said, this will also be a good test of the mettle before we face the other Conference in the Cup Finals!!!

  53. Ya know, we wouldn’t have to be asking for teams to beat other teams for us right now….IF we had fair refereeing over the course of the entire year.

    How about we ask for fair refereeing, or lodge a complaint against the NHL for the referee’s unfair treatment of us?

    That would help us more in the long-term than always having to hope for other teams to do our dirty work for us.

  54. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – are you referring to Dan the Dman/Goalie Girardi? He had more saves than Boucher on Sunday.

  55. Stranger Nation on

    And you weren’t even in the building…

    Did you cover any of the Sec 1 HS Hockey? That blog is hilarious.

  56. a little advice on how to watch west coast games…i used tom get up at 445 or 500 am for work…on late games,i’d set the vcr to tape it and go to bed about an hour or so earlier…i’d get up at about 315am,make coffee and watch the game…then off to work(now i’m retired)…off to fedex to drive,wired for sound….

  57. Montreal really needs to beat Boston tonight in regulation if Ill have any hope of Montreal catching Boston for the division.

  58. So sorry to hear about Old Coach.
    sounds like he was a good guy & a good family man . I respect that more then anything .
    This one’s for you coach…

  59. Yorktown Ranger on

    RIP Old Coach, you’ll be missed. Never realized he too was born in the land of Nick Fotiu.

  60. Apparently there was a team-wide golf outing yesterday. The question is, did anyone break 100.

  61. Oldcoach92jr. on

    Carp-Thank you for the words about my father. He was truly a great man. He would laugh every time I brought my son to a gmae and the rangers would score at will it seemed. He always would remark that my son was living in a Ranger fantasy world, as he is 4-0, with winning scores of 5-2, 8-2, 5-3 and 7-0. My father loved coming on the blogs and discussing his beloved Rangers. Thank you to you all for the kind words and condolences.

  62. Stranger Nation on

    Hockey players are traditionally good golfers. Think slap shot = long drive. While I hope their short games are off and they are not thinking golf at this time of the bleeding season, my guess is a couple of them can play. If that was Mess, they would be tapping kegs and heading to the peeler joint instead of the 19th hole bar.

    Love the late games!

  63. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – grew up in rockland and was on the losing side more than once against two of the greatest Sec 1/9 HS coaches during my playing days; Orlando at Suffern and Caserella at No. Rockland.

    Can’t believe coach cas is still going strong

  64. Oldcoach92jr, your father had a lot of friends here. A lot. Good luck in Utica and all the best to your family.

  65. Stranger, not only is he still going strong, but he’s even more of a piece of work every year. What a wonderfully, hilarious, big-hearted person.

    Orr, in my opinion, no Rangers fan could be rooting for Montreal tonight.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    40 years ago today, Sgt. pepper taught his band to play and Ali- Frazier I, at the Garden…

  67. RIP to Coach. oy 10:30 start tomorrow. have to be up for work at 5. no good no good.

  68. Well, you’re admittedly not a Rangers fan, so….

    But, as a true New Yorker, Montreal leads 3-0. A game they need to win, Im surprised they came out with the urgency I didnt expect them to have. The game IS only half over, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Montreal laid down in the second half of the game and gift-wrapped the division to the Bruins. We shall see.

  69. oh yeah Carp
    i knew schultz wasn’t actually
    around but just a dig
    at him taking care of business
    after clarke did his byfuglien dirty work

  70. you have NO idea how hard it is to be cheering
    for the pens to beat the sabres tonight….
    ….or maybe
    you do.

  71. I read the blog every day, but rarely post…silent bonehead I guess! Anyway, I am going on my first vacation in 3 years, to San Jose for the Ranger game on Saturday. (my 8th 26th birthday) Anyone have any idea what hotel the Rangers normally stay in when they’re in San Jose?

  72. Chara just tried killing someone on the Canadiens. Stretcher is immediately out. He’s gotta get suspended for that. He snapped is head against the side of the glass.

  73. And Chode Julien doesn’t even care about the injured Canadien. The Bruins bench is sitting there chuckling and having a grand ole time, while the stretcher is out, and this guy’s neck just got snapped.

  74. I hope PK Subban slew foots Marc Savard. Nevermind, Savard’s career is done. I hope PK Subban slew foots Kaberle and knocks Kaberle out for the season. This Montreal kid Max aint coming back for a while. He’ll be lucky if he’s not paralyzed. Very sad. Bruins are down 4-0, so they hurt a kid. That’s why Boston always wins. They play with crass, and no regard for human life.

  75. Prayers with Max Patcheretti (sp?). Hope he’s able to come back at some point in his career.

  76. Oh, no… Just got the bad news…I remember his posts, he was knowledgeable, indeed. RIP Old Coach. And condolences to the family.

  77. RIP, Old Coach 92. Will definitely miss your perspective on all things Rangers.

    My best to his family and friends.

  78. NYR – Indeed. I have sources that say Chara’s intent was to kill the MTL player. So, we can officially call Chara an attempted murderer.

  79. On the replay, Chara clearly shoves the kid intentionally into the scansion. And the NESN homer bozos are saying there was no intent. It was just Chara’s strength. What a joke.

  80. *stanchion. Chara aimed right at the stanchion. The play took 3 or 4 seconds to develop. Chara looked up, looked right at the stanchion, then tried to kill the kid. Intent was clearly there, intent to murder.

  81. Come on, Tik. I was half-kidding…you sound serious…I don’t think of Chara as a goon…

    He’ll get suspended but I’m no sure he was intent on injuring the guy…

  82. Is this Max MTL kid ever going to play again? That hit was worse than Todd Bertuzzi’s. I hope a swift and just punishment is thrown down on Chara. But likely, no punishment will be doled out at all.

  83. NYR – Just watch the replay. You can see Chara look right at the stanchion. He has a history with Max P. He looks right at the stanchion, the puck no where near either one of them, and then throws the kid into it. It was as clear as a perfect blue sky.

  84. We lost one of our own, Tiki. I don’t think anyone cares about Boston affairs at the moment…

  85. the chara hit reminds me…
    did anyone else see today’s
    usa today
    on the front page with the headline
    about hockey and concussions
    there’s good ol’ cindy to represent

    think i’m going to write ’em a letter saying that
    they should have put marc savard there or one of many
    possible photos of matt cooke cheapshotting another player
    (such as marc savard…)

  86. I primarily care about the health and well-being of Max P. oldcoach was a great poster, and a great guy. He’d want the show to go on.

  87. Big win for the Flyers today. The Leafs got a point, hopefully they can get the 2nd point in OT or shootout.

  88. Sorry the streak is over, Olga.

    Why are we cheering the Leafs to lose? They’re probably behind the Devils in the standings, correct?

  89. TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    MTL’s Max Pacioretty is moving all extremities, conscious and talking in hospital.

  90. How did the Leafs get ahead of the Devs? I thought the Leafs were last in the league at some point, and the Devils have been on an astounding streak recently?

  91. That’s good news, Orr. The better they do, the worse the pick the Bruins get. :)

    Heat lost again. That’s 5 in a row. Crygate, Part Deux? :)

  92. Olga Folkyerself on

    Toronto is too close to 8th to root for. But Jersey losing to Ottawa just warms my heart…

  93. Man, I just looked at the standings. We’re not assured of anything. Yikes.

    Get this, the Bruins got a penalty shot down 4-0 early in the 3rd period. Jack Edwards says, and Im paraphrasing: “If the Bruins get one back here, they can take advantage of the Pacioretty injury, because the Canadiens might be shaken up and not completely focused, and come back in the game.” LOL! Gotta love it. They dont care about the kid, they care primarily about coming back and winning the game, no matter how they do it!

  94. To further drive home my earlier point:

    Wenger: “I felt Barcelona played a lot in the first half and we were dominated. In the second half there was more space and I knew like the first leg, we would come into the match and I am convinced we would have won.”

    Im impressed. I sound a lot like Wenger. While Doodie sounded a lot like….well…..a Barca fan. :)

  95. It’s not enough that Chara nearly killed a poor kid, the Bruins are still going after the Canadiens. The Habs arent doing anything to defend their fallen teammate, but Boston is going after them still. Win with crass, New York teams could learn a thing or two from them. Hurt people, strike fear in people, dont let up.

  96. The day started out with referee cheating, was compounded with the loss of a beloved bonehead, and ended with Boston violence hurting a young kid. All in all, not a good day. May tomorrow be a better day, good night all. Good night, Orr. :)

  97. And again, RIP oldcoach. Oldcoach jr, your father was a lucky man to have you, and we were lucky people to have him. I hope he gets to celebrate another NYR Stanley Cup in heaven in the near future.

  98. >>Sabres, Devils and Leafs all lose. We got some help tonight

    That’s what I call a friendly scoreboard [even if Toronto managed a Bettman point].

    Oh, let me guess…Devils were involved in another one goal game, right? It wouldn’t happen to be another 2-1 result, would it?

  99. Rozsival is scoring at a torrent pace for Phoenix.

    Oh wait…that last tally was in his own net.

  100. Just saw Chara’s hit on Paciorietty. Awful. Glad to hear he’s doing OK, considering. Chara’s sure to get multiple games for that one.

  101. Mister Delaware on

    We want the NHL to take a little time on the Chara decision; they have Buffalo on Thursday.

  102. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Just wanted to pass along my condolences to the fam and friends of old coach….RIP coach!!

  103. wickster – what the byfulgien are you still doing up?! :)

    Look at these 2 trashy headlines from ESPN. “Max Pacioretty has feeling after collision” “Habs’ Pacioretty has feeling after ugly crash” No mention of Chara or his vicious ugly hit. They could have had a more accurate headline: *Pacioretty has feeling after vicious Chara hit* Nope. Not from NESPN.

    Then look at this quote from that sicko Chara: “I’m battling for position and as the puck went by I was riding him out and it’s very unfortunate that at the same time I push him a little bit *he leaned over and jumped a little bit* and just hit the glass extension” He tries to mitigate his role in Max’s injury by blaming Max and accusing him of leaning and jumping. I sometimes think I’ve seen it all, and then I see something fresh and new like this. How about accepting responsibility for your actions and admitting that you intentionally threw him into the stanchion? Is that so hard?

  104. And this quote from the ESPN article:

    “Chara *made contact with Pacioretty* as the two were chasing the puck alongside the Bruins’ bench with 15.8 seconds left in the second period. After the hit, the *Habs winger’s face smashed into the stanchion*”

    Made contact instead of *viciously hit* Nice use of semantics by ESPN to cover for their team.

    And apparently, Pacioretty smashed into the stanchion. But he wasn’t smashed into the stanchion by a violent Chara. Nope, after the hit, he just somehow managed to smash into it. Oh, I forgot, he leaned and jumped into it!!!!

  105. It was an interesting evening following two teams, the
    Sabres and the Isles.

    Isles have some really fast skaters on that team, and let’s see how they look next season. They also seem to be well coached. Sabres have used up one of their games in hand.
    Poor Miller – he was really confounded last night. Some strange goals got by him.

    Memo: do NOT take Isles for patsies. Rangers have any more games with them?

    I too found it strange rooting for

    Cant it possibly be Thomas’ style in goal that keeps his goals against average so low? He plays goal like a guy trying to escape from a cardboard box. Must be his defense

  106. Yep, another black mark on a league run by a bunch of buffoons. Mark my words folks – it’s gonna happen: Someone is gonna be paralyzed or killed on the ice.

    Wanna bet Chara gets something like 3 games?

  107. “He plays goal like a guy trying to escape from a cardboard box.” Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Jim, I knew of Sanderson.

    The key here: he assumed the risk of not only fighting, but also of playing with inferior equipment. His helmet stays on and he’s fine.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    fran, an uninformed observer of Hasek would think the guy just constantly gets lucky flailing his limbs about… until they realize that you can’t get lucky that many times in a row.

    Thomas is the best in the business at the moment.

  110. Staal Wart says...keep the kids!!! on

    Carp, from your previous post.
    Absolutely agree with you…
    I’ve been waiting years to see this organization to shift focus and build a team.
    I love watching kids struggle and develop, even if it means not making the playoffs.
    Torts isn’t going anywhere.
    Maybe the “fire coach” crowd wants Renney back?

  111. Hey, fellow ‘Heads. Old Coach was only 62! And he was a biology teacher who loved hockey. His life was way too short. (I just read his obit on lohud.com.)

  112. Old Coach- rest in peace. We’re all part of this big red, white and blue family.

  113. I knew John and John jr. Quite well from bear mountain/ramapo saints hockey. Great guy and a great hockey family. Sorry to hear of his passing. Thanks for the post carp.

  114. Suffern Alum85 on

    i am so sorry to hear of your dads passing. I was lucky enough to have your dad as my coach when i was in 8th grade on the Suffern J.V. team. He was a great coach and very passionate about Suffern Hockey. I wish you nothing but the best and my heartfelt condolences. R.I.P. Mr Rostawanik.

    1985 (C)

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