Rangers-Flys in review … by guest blogger TimG


Today was my first regular season Rangers game in person. After over 20 years of rooting over the TV and internet I finally was able to witness the awesomeness that is the Blueshirts, MSG, and a good old fashion beat down in person. Even another winter storm couldn’t ruin the day, although I am getting sick of these. More on my first game later.


1) It’s nice to see hard working guys, the bangers, the little big men, the heart/soul guys get some goals and lot of them (four for Callahan, two for Zuccarello)

2) It’s hard to find fault with fault with a shutout.  While Henrik only had to make a few incredible saves, he made those incredible saves as well as all the easy ones. Plus the Rangers blocked a ton of shots and were in all the passing lanes.

3) It doesn’t really show on the TV but the Rangers spend a lot of time away from the puck moving, moving, moving. That is a good thing. What worries me is the amount of time they spend going to one knee and back. This causes them to scramble a lot, good thing Torts has them conditioned.

4) Avery’s goal was disallowed because he is Sean Avery. That may be my blue blood coming out, but I’ve never seen someone do a “distinct kicking motion” while on his back.

5) Richards vs. Dubinsky. It was nice to see old friends reacquainting themselves. Richards’ hit seemed a little high but I’ll give him credit — he tried to rally his team which is what a leader does. Dubinsky answered the bell which is what leaders do. Our leaders were just better Sunday.

6) Torts was MAD, I mean furious. I was in the old blue seats and he looked animated enough to be right in front of me. He lost his mind over the Boyle 2, 5, and 10.

7) I think Boyle deserved the 2. He was the third man in. The 10 may even have been warranted. I however completely applaud, understand, and am 10 percent behind what he did. He stood up for one of our skill players, which your more “scrappy” player need to do. That’s what a team does, that’s what builds character.

8) Seven goals! Wow. How many times would we have given lord knows what for just a second or a third. Seven!

9) Second period, Versteeg and Gaborik went at each other a little bit. Gaborik stick got knocked out of his hands and it looked like gloves may come off. Before the Rangers could be shamed into letting their star get pummeled a couple of Rangers flew across the ice and came to his defense.

10) The Rangers looked like a team, the whole package. Hunger, desperate, fun, loose, just everything you could ask of a team.

11) Special thanks to bleacher creature Joe and his friend for welcoming us to section 416 row G.

12) Extra special thanks to my dad and brother for making the day truly memorable.

13) And finally thanks to my wife for one of the best Christmas gifts I have gotten. The three tickets to the game.


AP photo, above.

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  1. Not sure if you watched the rewind or what-not, but on TV it was pretty clear Avery’s no-goal was the right call. If you’ve never seen someone with a distinct kicking motion while on his back, you must not have kids. ;)

  2. I guess you could consider Boyle third man in if you count Gilroy laying on his back after being cross-checked in the face. No way did that deserve anything but five. That’s why Richards got the only two for slashing Lundqvist after Hank hacked him twice in the back of the leg. Stephen Walkom knew he blew the Boyle call and gave us an even up call a minute later. And that holding call on Feds was absolue garbage. Should have been two for diving on Hartnell. For the first time in a long time it was nice sitting by some Flyers fans at the game yesterday.

  3. Great job Tim – BTW your wife sure picked the right tickets

    Hot damn that was fun!

  4. Avery’s goal was disallowed because it was Sean Avery? Gimme a break. That’s pure nonsense.

  5. And BB did not deserve the 2 minute instigator call. The gloves came off both men simultaneously. And it’s Jody Shelley for crying out loud.

  6. You really don’t think Avery tried to kick that in? I think that was the most blatant “kicking” motion I’ve ever seen. He sees the puck coming. Raises his leg, and turned his skate in order to angle it right for batting the puck in. While I’ve never seen a player actually wind up and take a soccer swing at the puck, Avery in my opinion undoubtedly kicked that puck it.

    While I love Avery…I was sitting at home laughing at how obvious his kick was.

  7. Good post, TimG.
    Be nice, ‘heads…You can disagree with someone’s opinion, it’s fine, but there is a different way to say it. And instead of getting overly critical, try to write your own post. Let’s see if you think it’s easy…

    I, too, felt that Avery’s goal was disallowed because, even though he was on his way down, his foot produced a distinct kicking motion. However, the refs should’ve called interference. Avery was taken down with the stick.

    Now, someone mentioned last night that Gaborik was useless. Respectfully disagree. He had a few good shifts, drove to the net, made a couple of good passes. But most importantly, take a look who was on the ice against Callahan and his teammates on Ryan’s first two goals. Matt Carle and Braydon Coburn. That’s because Pronger and Timonen were reserved to play against Gaborik. After his first shift, when he blew by the d-man on the left, Laviolette didn’t think it was very smart to change his defense assignment.

  8. gregm_section403 on

    Yeah, Avery definitely kicked it in, no question.

    Even if someone like Crosby had done the same as Avery….Nah, what am i saying. Crosby’s goal would have counted and they would have called a penalty on the goalie for trying to make the save!!

    Oh wait, crosby’s still out…nevermind.

  9. @What the HECK

    lol yeah yr right wrote this at like midnight last night after coming back through the ice storm wasn’t 100% on my A. game good catch.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Refs called very tight in trying to keep it clean for the national audience. That was the message of the 2, 5, 10 that bb got.

    Are there any other badgers we can draft?

    There was a lot of room to skate yesterday and the rangers took advantage of the filth’s tired legs. Too bad Carcillo wasn’t there to take part…

  11. @bulldog

    3rd man usually entails two guys fighting 3rd guy comes in. I wasn’t going directly off the rule. I was more referring to the family friendly Gary Bettman creation know as the Neuter Hockey League that shows up on NBC every Sunday which has expanded it to include anything involving more than 2 people doing anything more than lightly tapping each other in a playful manner. :D.

  12. @DK

    lol love it. Was it really that obvious? & no I have no kids yet. In the garden the 1 reply we got (during the review we get nothing) it looked good.

  13. Hey all I definitely need to see the reply of Avery’s goal. I admitted it may have been a lil blue blood coming out. I only got one reply I need to see it again. :D.

  14. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Re Gaborik, he has tons of talent, is often injured and seems off his game more times than on. He was the best logical signing at the time. Is he a disappointment ? Yes.

  15. Agree on Gaborik making difference…if you have 2-3 lines who can score as opposed to 1-2 because of injuries, they need to have top d pair somewhere….so other scoring line gets weaker pair…

    Good to see full complement of Rangers out there….though if Cap’n Clutch wasn’t IR’d wonder who would have sat?

    I can see BPF line getting back in shape…grinding sweetness.

  16. Agreee Ilb – The only other point on the dis allowed Avery goal was the fact that he was being taken down – backwards – so your natural inclination is of course your legs go UP – however, regardless of the situation, it looked like a kicking motion on the replay. I dont think it was Avery’s intent to do that – he was driving the net to get a rebound or interference call – which he should have got – but the goal on review def. looks like a kick – even though not intentional –

    Torts was correct on that call on Boyle – that was terrible

    Callahan = M O N S T E R

  17. okay I can’t find the avery kick in goal, but I am smart enough to know to a group of people saying one thing in direct conflict of what you have said requires at least reevaluation. So if you all think it was kick I default to the experts. :D.

    But Boyle did deserve the extra 2 it doesn’t always matter whose gloves came off first or even first punch thrown. He went over to Shelley not with the intent of asking him where he was having dinner after the game or to let him that the winter weather had already moved into Philly. He went over with malice in his heart and acted on it. Stranger basically summed it up. If it had been a 2,5 and a game that would have been a travesty.

  18. Charlie Sheen on

    If your team has no fighters dont fight. That Boyle fight is DUMB. 1st of all the guy throws a clean check and you want to fight him? I am sooooo sick of every check someone idiot races after the guy and starts a fight. 2nd, if you are gonna stick up for your teammate dont get your ass beat. 3rd, if your the Flyers, you trade Smelley for BOyle alllllll day. 4th Versteeg is the guy someone should have crossed checked in the throat, you swing your stick like “hook” Mckragen at our “best player” and nothing happens? This team is a perfect reflection of this dope coachin em, inconsistent, unprepared, and wild mood swings. We are definately bi winning. Enzo what do you think?

  19. Tim G

    A Very well done and incisively presented fine report,covering all of the factual conditions and the emotional aspects of the game. I especially liked the personal inclusions…they are what the memories of the game are really all about. In time, you will be able to relate to your grandchildren, what you saw when way back when- the Rangers took the Flyers apart, piece by
    piece…almost like a Mantis with a beetle..

  20. No worries Tim G…I didn’t notice it live, other than Boucher complaining immediately. Definitely needed the replay to see it.

  21. Chuckie-as dumb as Boyle fighting Shelley is…and yes it is a good high hit on Gilroy, you have to make a statement that we are not going to let the goon on your team run every player on the ice….in years past, Ranger teams would get run over by the likes of Brashear etc…

    I don’t see this as one of our guys got hit clean and we have to fight…this is the Flyers remember….

  22. Yo C. Sheenster – I am in a quandary with fighting…I want the Rangers to fight and show their Jam but when the gloves hit the ice I just end up yelling “DON’T GET HURT!”

  23. Richards crosschecked Dubinsky in the neck. I’ll give that pansy visor wearing Flyboi credit for getting beaten down. Great job by Dubi sticking up for himself.

    What a win. Hope to see this team in the first round.

    No goaltending + overrated defense.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tim – great first game for you. Avery’s goal was soccer at it’s best… And I am a huge Aves man. Should have been interference or hooking call on the play against the filthy D man however. No way Boyle deserved the extra 2…replays showed Boyle and Shelly come together, talk a bit , then gloves were dropped. If that warrented an extra 2, nearly every fight in this league would have an extra 2…. Huge west coast swing… My optimistic rose colored glasses are back on… Let’s go rangers.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great patience exhibited by dubi in his azzzzzzzz beatdown of Richards… Dubi waited waited waited and didn’t swing wildly which likely would have busted his hand to pieces.. Once the helmut and glass visor were off… It was like dubi was a rock star from mars and richards’ face nearly melted… Total tiger blood….. Duh … Winning…

  26. 1. Avery’s goal was clearly kicked in, but you needed to view the replay to see that. Live, it looked OK.
    2. Dubi kicked Richards aasen. That was fun to watch and I’m usually not a big fan of fighting.
    3. No way did Boyle deserve an instigator penalty, they both dropped their gloves at the same time.
    4. Tim, nice report. Thanks for taking the time.

  27. I probably won’t be popular here but I can read random people’s thoughts on a game on any number of forums. I’d much rather come here to read a professional’s (Carp’s) thoughts on matters.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The filthy coach – Peter lavatory – chews gum like he is mr. Ed , the talking horse…. Willlllllllllllllbur

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When is # 24 going to have the C sewn in his jersey????? …. Then give dubi or prust the A…duh winning…

  30. I think it’s great that Captain Cally is a top headline on ESPN.com. He’s been really really good since he came back, and has had quite the scoring touch. I think last night boosted his stats to account for most of his injury absence. If he stays hot, I wonder if he can hit 30 goals.

    Also, the fact that he gave credit to his teammates for setting him up for a couple of tap-ins shows you all you need to know about him.

  31. From experience, it’s nice to see one of your teammates rushing in after getting flattened on the ice. It’s nice to feel supported.

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course. And no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse, is the famous Laviolette!

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Jeff – this is a blog, not a newspaper. While Carp’s take is more than appreciated, the fans perspective is always welcome. Frankly in a game like yesterday, my son could have summed it up.

    Flyers old
    Rangers finished their chances
    CAlly scored a lot
    Dubi kicked Richard’s assen
    Refs sucked
    MZA all the way

    Best game all year to be at Garden for the following reasons:
    1 – we have not played well at home
    2 – the Flyers are in first
    3 – we need every point for PO push
    4 – we hate the Flyers
    5 – middle tier teams playing better
    6 – need to break matinee disaster jinx
    7 – wearing White jerseys at home
    8 – we haven’t been scoring
    9 – Full line-up together for first time all year (minus pizza boy)
    10 – ah…winning…duh

  33. ilb: I assume you directed your comment at me. I hear ya, but if you’re gonna blog and make definitive statements like ‘Avery’s goal was disallowed because it’s Avery’, which is, in other words, framing an opinion as fact, then be prepared to feel some heat.

    And how does one go about guest blogging anyways?

    I’d enjoy doing that, I think.

  34. >>Also, the fact that he gave credit to his teammates for setting him up for a couple of tap-ins
    >>shows you all you need to know about him.

    Ah, come on! That’s what he’s expected to say; that’s what all hockey players say; it’s cliché stuff, really.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    I like guest bloggers, Tim you did a fun write up. But somebody HAS to proof read these things.

    Tim, if you saw the replay, you would know that Avery DEFINITELY kicked it in. It wasn’t even close. I’ve rarely seen a more “distinct kicking motion.”

    As for Boyle, I think you need to do some reading on what constitutes a third man in. The 2 and 10 was totally unwarranted. Poor Boyle took a beating too.

  36. >>Ah, come on! That’s what he’s expected to say; that’s what all hockey players say; it’s cliché stuff, really.

    Maybe true, but has a lot more substance coming from Cally because he actually means it. This guy has more heart and cares more about his teammates than most.

  37. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Big week this week. Buffalo and Carolina make up all but one of their games in hand on our heroes.

    By a week from Tuesday, we will have a much better idea of where this team stands and what needs to be done during the home stretch.


  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers need to keep winning as the teams behind them are not slowing down. The devils are playing insane hockey. Buffalo not going away. Toronto playing well. Carolina seems to be the only team in the mood to fade.

  39. Morning all,

    Tim, great review!!!

    We are getting hot at the right time. The Rangers look great and are playing with confidence…Consistency is the name of the game and hopefully this effort woke up the Rangers to start scoring more goals on a regular basis…

    Callahan = The Perfect Ranger
    Anisimov = Monster in the making
    Zuccarello = Hobbit Wizard

    I am happy on a Monday morning!!!

    I guess that’s because it’s my birthday too. Happy Birthday to me!!

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hi – my name is Peter Lavatory.. In Spanish I am known as Peter Los banos…. But you may know me better as that famous talking horse(assen) – mr. Ed.. Hello Wilber ….

  41. Doodie

    I have a few qualms about accepting the positive conclusion you made that Avery DEFINITELY kicked the puck in. From my perspective, what I saw as a guy pulled down and with both feet in the air …one of them higher, and the puck arriving at the site of his leg a split second after his leg flailed. I don’t think it was all so positive and deliberate as you seem to. Sorry – but that’s the way I saw it.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – you certainly could make that arguement….it definitely was ballet like…. He made contact while flailing…

  43. averys non goal to me was a good goal. meszaros is hooking him at the waist and the guy is falling backwards.

    coburn had a strong game for philly yesterday maybe – 4.. philly is old on the backline unless pronger being 36, odonell older, timmoneen 32+, etc don’t count.

    watching dubi whoop richards (the great captain ie nbc) for the 3rd or 4th time made my day. Philly(hartnell) are floppers and fakers…..

  44. What should have happened on the Avery non-goal was the non-goal call, but hooking for the Philly d-man.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think the flyers lose the # 1 seed. Their luck, and they have been lucky this season, has hopefully run out. I could see the flyers losing their first round series too… Not impressed with them…

  46. Stranger Nation on

    One area the forwards could improve is skating the puck into the zone. Many times we are conditioned to whip it around the boards and start the fore-check/grind cycle game. Yesterday proved we can create plays if we possess the puck going into the zone and develop scoring chances with smart passes, not just a lame bad angle shot attempt.

    Dubi, AA, Gabby, and (of course) Stepan were all carrying the puck in yesterday instead of mostly dump-chase.

    This is especially an issue on the PP. Watch other games and teams seem to waltz into the zone on a PP possessing puck. Teams do that against us. Our forwards have to do this. Not sure if its a spacing issue or the forwards are challenged in getting puck from D in right position.

    Puck possession in front of goal much more dangerous than behind it. Duh…scoring chances…Enzo

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I wish the rangers would wear their whites at home all the time…I like their whites more…

  48. Took my new girlfriend to her first Rangers game yday and what a treat it was. Sat front row behind the Rangers bench. Obviously those aren’t the best seats to watch the game but was totally cool for her first game and what a great game to watch from those seats seeing the bench all full of smiles and happy Rangers! Her favorite player is Boyle for some reason…. All she kept saying was… “That’s my Boyle!”….. BTW the 2 minute instigator penalty and 10 minute misconduct on her Boyle was bs! Yes he skated over to Shelly, but they both looked at eachother and decided it was a go and dropped the gloves at the same time.

  49. Zuccarello = Hobbit Wizard

    In Middle Earth, I do not think you can be a wizard and a Hobbit….

  50. good post TimG

    btw, did any of you hear Doc calling Hank “Lung-twist”? lol

    Doc, he is so professional! yeaaahhh riiiight!

  51. Noah-rury, 28 on

    I took my new girl to the Sabres game last week. I felt sheepish explaining the history behind “POTVIN SUCKS!”

    But she really liked the atmosphere and loved the goal song. Frankly, who doesn’t?

  52. Noah-rury – funny i did the same regarding the Potvin song! She was like what are they saying? Such a great chant will never get old!

  53. Nice review, TimG. The first game is such a thrill. And you got to see them play the right way… in home whites! :)

    fran, you crack me up. Did you write professionally? You sure have a flair for writing.

  54. Well the last game i watched was on Thursday (another disaster–three year old not speaking to me). I was away skiing this weekend. Missed the Ottawa game and the Philthy beat down. Coincidence? Gotta keep winning……

  55. Manfried, March 7th, 2011 at 9:19 am
    “Buenos Dias Cabezas del Huesos!”
    Del Huesos!?… If you would only know, what does it mean in Russian. I literally felt down laughing, when read it. …and no, I’m not telling you…

  56. Good point, Stranger Nation. They were carrying the puck more yesterday, rather than dumping it in. On the second (PP) goal, Prospal carried the puck in before passing it. Appeared to be a part of the plan yesterday, perhaps it has something to do with the way Philadelphia defends.

  57. Great review TimG

    Right on about Dic Emrick, CCCP.

    CCCP – Good afternoon :)

    Maybe yesterday was a sign of things to come in the next 4 months for the Rangers.

    I was sold before on Cally being a 2nd liner, now I think Im sold on him being a top-notch legitimate scoring threat 1st liner. He’s not elite like OV or Crosby. He doesn’t have an elite slapshot or wristshot. However, he has an ability to put pucks in the net, to find open spaces, to find rebounds. He never lacks desire or effort. And his exhibition of leadership leaves nothing to the imagination. CALLY for Captain!

  58. Cally reminds me so much of Adam Graves… every time I see him on the ice, I think of #9.

  59. Drury’s probably not coming back, so why not give the “C” to Cally now.
    Show the kid how much he’s appreciated .
    And yes Roe, he’s the new Gravy !

  60. BroadwayRoe – I like your comparison, I really do. But I dont see Cally ever having the skill to score 52 goals. 35 tops.

  61. “I think it’s great that Captain Cally is a top headline on ESPN.com. He’s been really really good since he came back, and has had quite the scoring touch. I think last night boosted his stats to account for most of his injury absence. If he stays hot, I wonder if he can hit 30 goals.”

    He is definitely the next Captain of the New York Rangers. Give Dubi and Staal As.

    He can hit 30 goals (easily if he was a floater) even more IMO but he’s like a 5 tool player. You use him in all situations: he pks, pps, forechecks, logs mad icetime, and blocks more shots than any forward in the league. If he works on his hands a bit he’ll hit 30 but he doesn’t need to IMO.

    Cally is my favorite player in the NHL right now.

  62. I just want it to be known – I don’t say give Cally the “C” because he scored 4 goals. I say give it to him because he plays with a lot of Jam and backs his teammates up. That is the admirable quality.

    Yesterday was a fluke. We are not going to put 7 on the Phlyers probably for years to come. Obviously BOBster and Boucher have been having a rough go the last 4 games. I hope it continues and I hope they get knocked out early.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    Although he has scored some important goals this year esp. on SO, no EC yesterday was a big plus. Hard to have him and Vinny in line-up with Gabby coming back. Feds on PK was great, he looked much better all game yesterday than 2 preceding games (then again who didnt’?).

    Hopefully Torts can settle down on the experimenting and continue to work same lines.

    McCabe playing 3rd pairing with lots of PP time is perfect. Doesn’t have force shot if PK forward is committing to block shots. Created a lot of 4 on 3s down low. One sequence on 2nd period PP when Cally almost scored in front was a thing of flippin beauty with 4 or 5 bang-bang passes.

  64. Tony – I agree with that. Though I have no direct knowledge, I can even see Cally doing the charity work and humanitarian work off the ice that Graves does and has done for many years.

  65. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Not to sound like a broken record, but I love McCabe on the PP. Does exactly what is needed on the blue line.

    His role is perfect right now. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  66. Stranger Nation on

    If Cally played with Mess and Leetch he would have 40+goals. Whether he could take the pounding night after night in front of the cage like Gravey did to get 50+ is open to question.

  67. Tiki- As Tony said, I definitely meant it about more than goals. His whole personality, especially with the media and his “team first” attitude reminds me of Adam. You’re right about the goal scoring aspect, but there were many people who would’ve argued the same about Adam Graves. Adam always says it himself- 90 percent of his goals that year came off of his legs and butt, or we tap-ins from hanging in around the net. They both have the ability to finish, but it’s the constant grinding and attitude that make them so much alike as people/players.

  68. NYR_FAN- happy 28th.

    I’d say let’s negotiate their RFA contracts first and then give Callahan and Dubinsky well deserved letters…..

  69. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    On the Avery non goal both Dave & Don on the radio thought it was a goal Dave even said that when Toronto saw it was Avery it probably would be “no goal” you know the “Avery rule”

  70. The Avery non-goal was CLEARLY, and I mean CLEARLY, kicked in. I was drafting my fantasy baseball team at the time and I looked at the goal for 5 seconds on the first replay and went back to my draft knowing it was so obvious that it was kicked.

  71. They will be back, Noah, I’m sure. But you don’t want them back at $5+M each, do you? Let’s not give them too much leverage, it’s business conducted within the frame of salary cap….

  72. Jim, now and then I ask people to volunteer to do guest blogs when my “other job” takes me away from here. I asked last week, and lots of people responded. And I thought TimG did a terrific job. These post-game things are all about opinion and observations.

    Roe, I was thinking the exact same thing the other day, about Callahan=MiniGraves. Graves was bigger and stronger, and a much, much better and more willing fighter, and I doubt Callahan will ever score 40, let alone 50. But he’s got the same heart, the same drive, the same team-first thought process.

    Speaking of that, too bad Graves never got to wear the “C” in his career. It would have looked great on him. But some guys don’t need it. Messier never got the “C” until Gretzky left Edmonton … but he never needed the “C.”

    NYR, Happy 26th!


    Atta boy, Tony.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  73. Noah-rury, 28 on

    If a team wants to throw a $5M+ offer sheet at Dubi or Cally, then more power to them.

    But you are right, I guess we shouldn’t assume anything. Everyone penciled Cliff Lee into the Yankees rotation not too long ago and that didn’t seem to work out to well.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    “What should have happened on the Avery non-goal was the non-goal call, but hooking for the Philly d-man.”

    I agree with that entirely.

    fran, I don’t care that Avery was being dragged down. Was there a distinct kicking motion? Absolutely. Whether he intended to kick it in or not is irrelevant. Intent doesn’t come into the equation for the review. It’s whether there’s a distinct kicking motion, which there clearly was.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “49.2 Goals – Kicking the puck shall be permitted in all zones. A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who uses a distinct kicking motion to propel the puck into the net.”

    It says nothing about whether he intends to make a distinct kicking motion.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    All that notwithstanding, I think, although certainly cannot prove with any measure of certainty beyond my own thoughts, that he intended to kick it in.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, in talking with my friend, I compared Callahan’s performance yesterday to Graves as well. The other day, fran said that too many men were stationed behind the net instead of in front. I referred to it as too many guy’s in Gretzky’s office, nobody in Graves’. Callahan opened up Graves’ office yesterday.

  78. Manfried, I gathered that that was the intended definition, but I’m also getting the feeling there might be another meaning. In a Beavis & Butt-head kind of way.

  79. I think past goals have proved that the intention doesn’t matter. I can’t remember who, but someone on the Rangers scored a distinctly kicked goal because he was shoved into the puck and the result, consistent with the rules, was that the goal was disallowed.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    I should also mention that I thought Avery had a strong game, even without the kicked goal.

  81. Carp – That is true….I think you might be thinking of “Huevos” as in eggs or a form of masculine self-worth.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Manfried, I remember that. He was pushed, his skate was jutting on the ice in his attempt to stop, and one of the juts was determined to be a distinct kicking motion. It was against the Sabres in the playoffs, if I remember correctly. It may or may not have been the same game that one of the Sabres clearly punched the puck in with his glove, but that goal was allowed to stand.

  83. ok… ill give you a small clue on what “Huesos” means in Russian language

    it has to do with sucking on something…

    now, use your own imagination :)

  84. BroadwayRoe – I agree wholeheartedly. They both are leaders by example. I’ll repeat, I really like that comparison. :)

  85. Mister Delaware on

    I’m an Avery guy (not that it should matter) and I thought that was absolutely a kick.

  86. Huesos in Russian rhymes with Docsucker, as in Doc Emrick. At least I think it does.

  87. Looks like CCCP already gave a much more friendly and appropriate clue than I did :)

  88. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CAPTAIN CALLAHAN – or do they need to find someone who is more inspired and deserving? This is friggin’ ridiculous. He should have been made Captain at least a year ago. What the puck is wrong with stripping Pizza Face of the “C” he never deserved and never lived up to? Oh, I get it, somebody upstairs would have to admit making a mistake, and we are just a bit prideful here at the Garden.

  89. Franklin Kistner on

    A great day for Rangers. Great Day for Rangers Fans. Great Day for Tim C.

    Bad day for sense. Please stop the Potvin chant.

  90. I stupidly forgot to mention that huesos in Russian also perfectly describes Doc Emrick. :)

  91. Please stop the Potvin chant ?
    Really ? I think it’s funny & a tradition.
    Didn’t the Devils copy our chant with the Rangers suck chant ?
    When the Islanders come to Phx my youngest grandson loves yelling it when the organ player plays the song.
    When people ask him where he heard it, he proudly says “it’s a family tradition”

  92. I think I saw that NHL Network is showing the game again at 2 p.m. If so, I might watch it … heard it all on the radio yesterday.

    Thank you all for the hints on the definition. I think I get it, OK? That’s enough.

  93. Manfried, my daughter says I teach him too much. Every time he’s grounded it’s because of a new word he thinks he’s allowed to say. When asked who taught him that word he looks at me and laughs !

  94. Carp, I believe Graves wore the C for a few games when Leetch broke his arm. I know what you meant though.

  95. That’s great Tony. It’s like the old public service commercials, “I learned it from you!”

  96. Yes, he did, Ack. I meant, he was never the actual captain of the team … which he was destined to be if he was on any other team.

  97. BTW, Staal had another quiet but very effective game yesterday. That guy is a MONSTER in the corners.

  98. Good afternoon all! TimG, great job and congrats on your awesome first game! Jealous!
    Happy Birthday NYR! How’s it feel to be 26?

    Back from a glorious weekend and now off to chore my assen off. Later!

  99. Carp, glad we’re on the same page! Watch the game at 2 if you can, we don’t get many like that!

    You won’t find a bigger Brian Leetch fan than me. As a kid, I practically worshiped the guy. But with that being said, I think Gravy would’ve been a great caption. I never felt like Leetch really wanted it. And I can see Cally fitting in that role in the years to come, if not now.

  100. I understood Carp. I actually remember meeting him at that time during toys for tots when it was at Cronies on 88th. I told him the C looked good on him and he told me he was just keeping it warm till Leetch got back. Leetch was there too with his arm in a sling.

  101. Thanks all for the birthday wishes!!! :)

    For all asking, it feels great to be 28 –er i mean, 26!

  102. I am all for Cally as Captain….but just because he plays with his heart on his sleeve doesn’t mean he would be best suited (Leetch as example). Staal has Captained teams, Stepan was Junior team Captain…some guys are better as A’s and others C’s…

    And I don’t think just because Drury is injured you strip his C. As always, we don’t know what goes on in locker room…who is the leader, who is the policeman…maybe it works for Torts to not have a Captain on ice for remainder. Keep guys on their toes…on edge….

  103. Great win for our BLUESHIRTS. Loved seeing the hustle, aggression, and finishing. Loved seeing Hank look like the King (9 Shutouts?!?!). Really found a lot of pleasure in Dubi punchisizing Richards face.


  104. Does anyone know why the Rangers always have more games played than everyone else? It’s like this every year for as long as I can remember.

  105. Noah-rury, 28 on


    This is mere conjecture, but I think the busy March scheduled at MSG forces the Rangers to get more of their home games played before the arena is used for the Big East Tournament and the NIT.

    Again, that is a guess but it seems to make sense.

  106. I guess this is a good time to reiterate what I’ve always said about the misconception, in my opinion, of the Leetch captaincy. I think Leetch absolutely wanted the “C” and I think he was an excellent captain, but he and the core of that team were devastated by the way Messier was booted out the door, and that team was going to fail no matter what. Messier was also a 40+ goal scorer the year he got the boot. I think under any other circumstances, Leetch would have been a captain like Bourque or Lidstrom. But that team was doomed, and so was his captaincy.

  107. Does anyone know why the Rangers always have more games played than everyone else? It?s like this every year for as long as I can remember.

    Usually Circus- probably now the re-modelling as I do not think Circus hits garden this year.

  108. vad

    the rangers always play more games because the garden hosts every damn thing possible.

    hence big east tournament for 5 days plus knicks and all concerts

  109. Carp-Agree. Timing is everything. I don’t think he was an inept Captain. Just at that point it did not work the way it should have….I was more than happy with him as Captain.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    I always thought who was wearing the letter was overrated. Leaders will lead whether its on their sweater or not.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think anyone would love it, because by extension, he would manning the blue line.

  112. I would like Leetch anywhere on bench, ice, locker….Powerplay? Captain-for sure….

  113. I would LOVE to have Leetch on the point, racking up 40 minutes of ice time LOL

  114. During his first TV interview after Messier left, Leetch, when asked about Messier, said :”Yeah, he should have been here…” Sounds like captain to me.

  115. Seriously, Brian probably would have played a few more years for the Rangers if he knew the team was going to be competitive. Imagine if he had played when we had Jags, Straks, Shanny, Gomer, etc… We may have gone further in the playoffs…He would have also been an asset to Stahl, Del Z and the rest of the young defense…Even at 40+ years of age

  116. I also think Leetch is unlikely to take any position within the tam itself, in any capacity, until Sather is gone. Do you blame him?

    Where is Olga?

  117. Yeah, probably Messier too, Orr. I think I also remember seeing Messier say that. (Actually, I think he may have been crying…LOL)

  118. NYR – Happy Birthday.

    Did you bring Cupcakes? I prefer Vanilla with Vanilla frosting and sprinkles. I WANT SPRINKLES!

  119. Here’s your problem. You’re making just the muffin tops. You’ve gotta make the *whole* muffin. Then you… Pop the top, toss the stump. Taste.

  120. Thanks, Manny.

    LOL, Doodie. I was going to bring them with me. But, I got jumped by the Van Buren boys….

  121. GEORGE: Who’s your favorite chess player?

    STEVEN: (Hesitating, he mumbles) Nastercoff?

    GEORGE: Right. (Mumbles) Nastercoff.. What country is he from, again?

    STEVEN: (Sighs) I don’t know.. I made it up. (Gets up to leave) I’m never gonna get this thing.

  122. And with the reference to the Exclamation points we have made a Hat Trick of Seinfeld references in about 10 posts.

    Way to go Guys!

  123. Good call with that exclamation point Carp. I love the whole Billy Mumfrey episode.

  124. I don’t think Leetch had a choice coming out of lockout….maybe mistaken, but I thought he would have played but no takers…..

  125. I am so afraid of 8th place because of the first round matchup against the Phlyers.

  126. people sure have short memories. in ’04 Sather was so despised in NY, so hated, that he even dared not show up at Ranger charity events. that’s right, he was even kept away from non-controversial functions because he was such an object of scorn. Dolan went on the Mike and maddog show and was asked point blank by fatty Francesa why he did not fire Sather, and Dolan said he loved him and would never fire him.

  127. First! SAFE IS DEATH! on

    Muffin top be the best part of da muffin. Shoooot…..

    #2 for president.

  128. Lots of talk today about Cally & rightfully so. He was tremendous.
    But what about that little Italian kid from Norway, 2 goals.
    His first goal gave us that 3 goal lead. The one I was afraid we wouldn’t get.

  129. nice job TimG
    (don’t need to point out the Cally tally)
    glad you were treated a to
    a fantastic Rangers game

    if anyone has links to Boyle getting into the fight
    Avery’s “distinct kicking motion”
    please post

    i didn’t think that shelly’s hit was over the line, maybe another look may
    tell me something. otherwise, it was the usual nhl give no inch type of fight
    that’s been going on a lot this year. as for Boyle getting the instigator
    well…Larry Brooks has the great line of walkom and st. laurent auditioning for
    lead roles in the sitcom “Clueless Refs.”

    as for Avery, don’t tell me that a bit has to do with the name on the sweater.
    if that was cindy or ovi or…bob mckenzie et al would be trying to top each other for
    his catlike reflexes.
    first off,
    i’d like to see replay again because it looked at one point as if it went off his shin
    and not his skate
    yes he did move his leg in an upward fashion in order to deflect/touch
    the puck. pretty amazing for someone who was being in midair after being
    yanked by the flyer.
    but the leg movement was upwards
    not towards the goal

    another look or two may sway me but…

  130. Yeah, I remember Cally saying he was half irish, half italian in that game against the Bruins where he scored two goals on St. Patricks Day. I loved that game! Cullen scored two goals, Pruuuuucha scored, and others. Hank got a shutout too.

    I’m not afraid of ending up in 8th. I want to take on the best team.

    I’m not looking to be teased! If we can’t beat the best team in the East, then fugg it! What’s the point?

    We might not even end up with the Flyers. It could be the Pens. It could be anyone. The Flyers are falling out of the top spot.

  131. inhankwetrust on

    i thought avery definitely kicked it in, but i’m not so sure about the Boyle instigator. Yes he’s the 3rd man in and he’s trying to defend his teammate, but he didnt instigate the fight. shelley and boyle dropped their gloves at the same time…he didn’t come in swinging, he grabbed him and they both agreed to drop the gloves…

  132. Stranger Nation on

    Just watch Avery replay – he should play for Man U – that was a beauty.

  133. I don’t believe Boyle was called for third-man in … I believe it was instigation. For a third man, there usually has to be a fight already ongoing.

    It was a weak instigator call anyway, and I applaud Boyle for doing it.

  134. Carp,
    are you pro or con about the current fight after a clean hit
    type of thing?

    i understand where you’re coming from and the necessity of it when playing
    against the flyers but there have been A LOT of short fuses during this season
    following legal hits.

    yes, Boyle was called for instigator and i’m guessing that he said something on his
    way to dressing room for a little work on bloody mouth that got him the 10 minute misconduct.

    speaking of 3rd man in i thought we were going to get that when a Ranger stepped
    in when versteeg and Gabby went at it.

  135. Noah-rury, 28 on

    Carp, not that TimG didn’t do a good job, but I’d love your quick thoughts on the game as well if you had some.

  136. iDoodie machetto on

    I don’t think you should get jumped for a clean hit, but if someone comes over and has words with you and you decide to throwdown, I’m ok with that. It’s when someone truly instigates after a clean hit (not Boyle’s fake instigation) that drives me crazy.

    In other words, the hitter should have a choice whether he wants to fight or not. If he declines, you either take his number for later or run one of his guys (cleanly, of course).

  137. iDoodie machetto on

    Orr, shoulder to head is allowed if the player if the hit comes from the front while the player is traveling north-south while in possession of the puck.

    That new rule only deals with *blindside* hits to the head.

  138. iDoodie machetto on

    I hope the rangers carry this momentum into San Jose. They are on fire right now.

  139. didn’t see it, noah.

    jpg and idoodie, i am pro, but on a case by case basis. in this case, it was questionable whether it was clean, and it was their goon against one of your skill guys. I think that’s one exception. If somebody takes an extra stride at your captain (if you had one), that’s different, too, or at your best player (gaborik). I know, it’s contradictory and maybe even hypocritical. but if shelley had knocked Gilroy out of action — or worse, suppose it was Staal — then what would you think? I say those things (like Carcillo-Gaborik, or somebody running the goalie) have to be taken care of right away. Or you can run their best guy or their goalie (or have Dubinsky beat up their captain — he’s fought a few this year).

    But sometimes it needs to be addressed, and pronto. When the Rangers built their identity, it was that sort of reaction early in the year. There is no better, quicker, or more important way to build team chemistry than by sticking up for one another.

  140. Noah-rury, 28 on

    My bad, Carp. Thought you caught the replay online.

    And I agree on looking at the stepping in to fight situation on a case by case basis. This hit occurred not even 6 minutes into the game. If the hit on Gilroy goes unpunished, then Philly sets an early tone that they will run all over the ice. Who knows…maybe the complexion of this game would’ve been different. But Boyle made sure that wasn’t the case and the Rangers never looked back.

  141. I would like to go back in this discussion for a moment: Dubi v. Richards….Oh baby! (as someone used to say )

    also, re: the infamous kicked-in goal…yeah, it looked liked he did, and did. So hartnelling what. Given his position (flipped on his back) who wouldn’t have tried to have the puck “deflected” into the goal. My glasses aren’t blue or orange or rose….he did the job best he could under the circumstances, and as Forest Gump would say, “that’s all I have to say about that.”

    As for BB, he got treated fairly and byfuglien’d…..

    all in all, we kicked assen, and that’s what I care about.

  142. iDoodie machetto on

    Carp, I’m with you on running the goaltender or any other type of illegal hit: retribution must be immediate. As for skill players, if they get hit clean, I stand by my earlier statement. You can challenge the hitter, but he shouldn’t HAVE to fight for throwing a clean hit.

  143. Avery clearly kicked that puck in.. Sry man and do u know what trod man in means?

  144. manfried–i watched the canucks-ducks last night and the ducks ice girls,every one of them,will cause a large hueso-ador

  145. thanks CCCP
    i’ll look at it later.
    need to get a thing or two done before

    and yes
    i do agree that it is necessary in certain circumstances.
    when Hank was getting run down i was going apoplectic
    that the Rangers just stood around and did nothing.
    seems like a lot of these instant paybacks are happening a lot this year.
    maybe a lot of them are necessary, based on who it is.
    i’m glad that Boyle stood up and gave an indication to flyers that
    we weren’t going to be pushed around

  146. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – Great picture in the write-up. I would like to see those 4 wearing the ranger sweater for the next 5 to 7 seasons!

    Just watched some of replay and the only thing giving me indigestion is Girardi. He has quickly become an albatross around staal’s neck. He looks tired, makes horrible decisions with the puck, and has this strange desire to play goalie. Sitting him a couple of games may be what is needed to get some life in his legs.

  147. bull dog line on

    I understand the Cally for Captain feelings, but, the one who has consistently done captain type of things is Dubi. who answered the bell when Richards started running around? Dubi!

  148. Homer, great comments about the captaincy…blog posters here suffer from severe cases of recency bias and herd mentality…that is NOT a dis…just meaning that opinions are too easily forged by the most recent events. Dubi seems like the natural captain. By his play, and by the way he handles himself in interviews…also,his added snarl and he seems to really want to be that person on the team from what an outsider can only assume. I love calie, and defended both dubi and him when some wayward bloggers called them third-liners. These two are the core. Ridley and Miller that hopefully don’t get traded away.

    I can never get enough of Fran’s posts…jewels.

    As much as we may not like Dolan’s sports franchise prowess, you need a person in that position who will not cower in the face of pressure to make decisions. I kinda like that he was resolute in not firing sather. That type of person is sorely needed to run massively competitive companies…also, got a chuckle at all those praising steinbrenner…he was pretty much ripped in the papers constantly when I was younger despite all his winning for his behaviour. (yes, with a ‘u’)

    I am now a massive Sather backer…I hope he is with the team for the next 5-10 years because this is exactly what Olga doesn’t want…where i once was annoyed by his tourette’s like ‘fire sather’commentary, I now find solace in the fact that it angers him so much every time he is forced to write ‘fire sather’…carry on, olga…carry on.

  149. ha! how do you do that color stuff!? OK all, I gotta run…but can I ask one thing? Please no more of Charlie Sheen! Waste of time! Boring hartnelling carcillo cooke meat…..Losing!


  150. oh yeah (and a wicky)….mao, “I can never get enough of Fran’s posts…jewels.”
    I am so with you on that. Gems.

  151. Nice post, and it’s pretty awesome the game you got to witness for your first!

    But like a lot of people here, I have to respectfully disagree with you on two points: the Avery goal, and the Boyle penalty.

    Avery’s was quite possibly one of the most distinct kicking motions I’ve seen in twenty-plus years of watching and playing hockey. Falling down he may have been, but he looked like he was going for the extra point at the Meadowlands with that one. It was definitely the right call to disallow it, and he knew it. And likewise, the call on Cally was correct – although he made a distinct kicking motion at first, he had stopped and planted his foot so his goal was simple a redirection. Good call.

    I thought the Boyle call was rubbish. It was hardly an instigator – he skated toward the Flyers player, looked at him, and they both dropped their gloves at the same time. That’s not what an instigator (or even a third-man-in penalty) is supposed to be for. The call was the wrong call, plain and simple, and he and Torts had every right to be furious with it. I would even be tempted to pursue it with the league if I were Torts, but he’s got much better things to do with his time.

  152. “As much as we may not like Dolan’s sports franchise prowess, you need a person in that position who will not cower in the face of pressure to make decisions. I kinda like that he was resolute in not firing sather. That type of person is sorely needed to run massively competitive companies”

    Thank you for recognizing greatness and effective leadership in action. My 14 year plan is finally taking place and at last some positive notice of my superior management abilities. As any great communist leader can see (Mao), competitive companies thrive when poor performers are left to infuse a culture of ineptitude.

    I am sorry about the wasted money and anguish over the last 11 years, but now you can finally see my brilliance and understand I only need three more years to bring it to completion. What’s another 3 years after waiting this long.

    Best to All,


  153. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER, MAO!!! So you’re a massive sather backer? Gee, How much DO you weigh?

  154. @Believe it or not, George isn’t at home, please leave a message at the beep. I must be out or Id pick up the phone, where could I be? Believe it or not, Im not home@

  155. Good write-up and most excellent first live game, TimG. Can you go to all them from now on? LOL.

    Two tough roadies come up. Hope the boys brought some of that magic from Sunday with them on the plane.

    You know what I loved seeing the most? Besides Cally’s quatro trick and Dubi kicking Richards’ assen again? Sauer outright flying to Gabby’s defense when he and Versteeg were whacking at each other. Sauer’s quietly flown under the radar this season and is a steady a rookie D as I’ve ever seen. That he never shies away from the rough, physical stuff and stands up for his teammates and his goalie only adds to his list of attributes.

  156. There used to be a guy name Leetch who when he went into the corner, usually against the bigger man, would come with the puck with such deftness that it would boggle my mind how quickly he would position the puck, take the man, leverage the man and turn away from the boards with the puck and rush up.

    Then comes Staal and though a bigger man than Leetch, has a similar move in setting up the puck and player to protect the puck and move away with it….

    Now comes McDonagh who has a different approach…but nonetheless a good one. He sets the puck and sort of straddles it, plays the man much more definiitvely and the moves on….

    Just the nuances of good defenseman controlling their area of the ice that make me love this game….

  157. Richards left his feet to hit Dubi up high. After the BB call Richards HAS to be called on any of a number of things there. Dubi was smart in the fight and waited, I also think he was gassed when it started. Flyer captain leaving bloody = PRICELESS.

  158. hedberg – That was a penalty on Richards. He left his feet = charging. Easy call to make

  159. If Dubi weren’t so low he hits him in chest….I think Richards took advantage of his position…but not that bad on his part. Should get extra 2 for Visor…but that never gets called. Except if Avery has a visor he’d get 4 for instigating a 5 for fighting, 10 min misconduct and game….

  160. Dublowsky was the aggressor, so I guess that’s why they didn’t give him a penalty for the visor.

    What I don’t get is, Dublowsky instigated the fight after a clean hit, so why didn’t he get an instigator minor, and misconduct? Is it just because he’s defending himself, as opposed to Boyle who jumped in to defend his teammate after he was hit?

    The rules in this league make no sense.

    But, I agree, Richards took advantage of him, but it wasn’t vicious at all. Dublowsky was practically doing a split before the hit.

  161. homer, great stuff today

    tiki, u da man!

    I thought richards left his feet too. I will have to watch again. Thought Dubi looked pretty confident handling himself in that fight. Far cry from when he used to get battered in his early fights..lol …dubi reminds me of Brindamour for some reason. Not so much in style of play, but what dubi could potentially mean to this team. I guess it is why I would like to see him as captain.

  162. LOL! I just back from going out with my friends. Orr, so funny, it actually was a Chinese place!! Bwaha!

    Hey Olga…What’s up? Aren’t you going to wish me a Happy Birthday and a Fire Sather? LOL!

    PS: How you do the red font thingy?

  163. That picture proves nothing. It’s inconclusive at best.

    However, using your admission of Richards leaving his feet after the hit, leaving your feet before, during, or after a hit is *leaving your feet*

    It doesn’t matter that Dubinsky was low. The rule doesn’t state “leaving your feet because another player is low” is not a penalty.

    Leaving your feet while making a hit is charging.

  164. Olga Folkyerself on

    Happy 26th NYR_FAN and a hearty FIRE SATHER to you today. I hope I get my wish…

  165. They actually have a show in VH1 right now called “Charlie Sheen: Winning…or Losing It With Dr. Drew”

    This country is beyond any help…

  166. It wasn’t a clean hit. Just because no Ranger argued it and no NBC jerk mentioned it doesn’t mean it was clean.

    Why do you think Dubinsky whooped his aasen?

  167. Because Dubi and Richards have history…

    I have to agree with ORR though…it was not a dirty hit and he only left his feet falling over Dubi after the hit because Dubi was low trying to make a play

  168. Charging is a penalty that consists of a player leaving one’s feet while hitting an opposing player.

  169. CCCP – Okay. If you’re saying it was clean, then Im more likely to believe it. However, I still stick by the definition of a charging penalty. Leave your feet, penalty box.

  170. LOL! That’s not a charging!

    “The NHL rulebook dictates that charging “shall mean the actions of a player or goalkeeper who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner”

    Watch the video, he didn’t have much distance to travel. He was gliding the entire time.

  171. The old Batman shows from the 60s are hysterically dorky. And yet, I love them.

    Dubi and Richards always fight because its how they show their love for each other on the ice. Dubi can’t kiss an opposing player, so he has to beat him with his fists.

  172. Well, Im wrong. Orr has proven me wrong. :)

    Im going to blame every idiot commentator that said charging was “leaving one’s feet” and also blame myself for ever listening to idiot commentators who know as much about hockey as my left nut. And I – and my left nut – know very little about hockey.

  173. Tiki

    You dont have to believe something just because I said it…I’ve been wrong before…many times, but “leaving one’s feet WHILE hitting an opposing player.”

    “while” is a key word…Richards hit Dubi WHILE his fit were still on the ice…but WHILE he was falling over Dubi his feet left the after the hit…

    that’s how I see it, anyway

  174. Right but we are still arguing about RIchatds leaving his feet…which he didn’t …at least not when hitting Dubi lol

  175. I see your point of view also CCCP. So Im wrong on both counts! I think my red, white, and blue tinted glasses affect the way I see things sometimes. :)

  176. Don’t pull an all-nighter on my account, Orr. I’m about to pass out in a few!

  177. Doodie

    OK…you’ve convinced me. No sweat.


    Thanks for the compliment, but no. I don’t write professionally..I don’t do anything professionally anymore…been long retired. I read a lot, about a couple of books per week…I find them far more satisfying than sit coms or other sappy TV programs.

    I would love to be able to get a job, even part time, but my age stops them. I wouldn’t mind driving a cab , (I’ve still got my Teamsters Union Honorable withdrawal card that I’d reinstitute if I could) from when I was a kid and on the GI Bill going to school in Chicago, but those days are long gone.
    Drove semis on the Florida citrus circuit, for a year in the old days and had some hairy adventures in the process, but I gave that up for safer action.

    I just love to poke my nose in here once in a while to make a comment or an observation. But I truly enjoy reading you folks input, because you are all another
    source of learning for me. ( I love learning about new things that people have accomplished,) and you bonesters are a wealth of news and personal anecdotes. Keep ’em coming – the scatological comments turn me off, but that’s just me.

    You all realize don’t you that this blog has grown, and is so all encompassing now, that you are well on your way to becoming an institution?

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