It’s Go Time!


According to the reporters at the game today (I’m not), both Marian Gaborik and Ryan McDonagh are returning to the lineup. Erik Christensen will be prucha’d.

I’m not sure if I like the idea of Gaborik coming back so quickly, especially in a game that should be nasty with the Flyers on a losing streak. I would have given him the day off, and planned on his comeback on the West coast later this week. That’s just me, and I am sure that the Rangers’ medical staff knows what it’s doing much more than I, and isn’t careless with its athletes.

Lineup, according to Andrew Gross:




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  1. Gaborik is on pace for 30 goals and 36 assists over an 82 game average and many of those games he has played hurt and without top linemates and a productive PP his contemporaries enjoy.

    If the Rangers provide him with a 70+ point player (which he had in Prospal before his injury) I see no reason why he shouldnt return to being a 40 goal scorer.

  2. Good afternoon everyone. Glad you returned home safely, ilb. I cant wait til this sports week from hell ends.

  3. Lin! Probably doesn’t matter if its regulation or Bettman Bonus Point. Except for everybody’s cardiac health.

  4. Fozzy Wozzy bear!!!!! Cant wait to see you in a month! Why havent you gotten Fozzy 1B on here yet? I keep pushing her to join up over here. Some more posts and more $1.50 for Carp.

  5. She’s a Flyer fan Tiki! Today is not the day!! LOL…there’s no color I hate more than ORANGE!!!!

  6. goldbrick lowers himself to actually play. all bow down and hail the goldbricker, see how long it lasts

  7. “Persistency”: one of EdZo’s favourite words.

    I’ll take the early 1-nil lead, but I need a second goal ASAP.

  8. Morning gang.

    Sunday matinee on NBC means we ‘zo’ up, right?

    Good to see them take an early lead.

    Still puzzled why Gaboriik’s back for this game.

  9. Anyone else catch noted Europhile Don Cherry call Ville Leino “chickencarcillo” live on air last night?

  10. Krisy!!

    Fozzy – Fozzy 1B just flipped the game on and saw the Rangers had an early lead. Her response: “BLASPHEMY!” LMAO

  11. Anytime, Lin

    Headzo, I think it looks good. Never understood why the teams don’t wear white at home.

  12. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    if they win, maybe they’ll petition the league to wear white at home the rest of the way lol

  13. How you been Linda? I finally got a real job and need to work. Not much time to comment but I usually read what is going on.

  14. >>Still puzzled why Gaboriik’s back for this game.

    Not more puzzled than I am. You don’t come back from a concussion after being symptom free for just ONE day.

  15. EC is prucha’d, eh? So much for bull dog line’s theory that Avery will be prucha’d when Gaborik returns

  16. JBytes, maybe he wasn’t concussed, maybe it was something else? IDK. Just speculating out loud.

  17. Avery has already showed why its good for him to play with Gaborik now. Avery is great along the boards and wins pucks in the offensive zone.

  18. TheMessiah94 on

    The home crowd seems alive today. Let’s not waste it! We’re off to a good start, have some jump in our legs.

  19. “There’s nothing wrong with a player trying to sell a call?” So basically, it’s all right to cheat?

  20. Good job Boyle. Idiot. And you got pounded like a “female dog” At least we won’t see him for another 17 minutes.

  21. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    wow, headshot on gilroy, ya drop the gloves at the same time and get an instigator for falling down…..sheesh

  22. Hey, the refs took away a power play from the Flyers against us. I must be dreaming.

  23. Week of really rough/weak calls … guess the Rangers aren’t welcome in the playoffs this year.

  24. I like seeing all you guys recognize the referees. One day, you’ll be believers.

    Callaman! Nice!

    It’s a power play goal! That damn power play, right?

  25. I love how the NBC guys almost sound bummed out when we’re winning a game. One more Rangers goal and we’ll probably get a Crosby update

  26. James G – I echo that. If we played with the same desire and consistency every period, we’d be fighting for 4th and not 8th. :)

  27. Zherdev bumping into Boucher must be the first recorded instance of him being within 10 feet of his own goalie.

  28. Good afternoon all!Checking in quick from a friend’s house so won’t be back til later…..but I’m looking for not only a win but some hats on the ice today!!! LGR!!!!! Hey, ho, 2 in a row!

  29. Pierre has a little guy?? One that’s on a team?? Are we sure he wasn’t talking about eraser-head mini-Pierre?

  30. Thanks Messiah94….

    What a great first period! Now.. this is fun and I can’t wait to be there in under one month!

  31. Krisy – We’re gonna have such an awesome time! The Fozzies, the Norwegians, the Mama bear, and the Tiki One!

  32. that might be the best period ive seen in awhile from our boys. now, to come up with a lead going into the 3rd will be key. we need to keep playing with the lead for as long as possible. u know philthy will get goals. lets hoep they play exactly teh same way next 2 periods.

  33. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Rangers’ passing much sharper today. Like Boyle manning up after Shelley’s hit to the head on Gilroy. Now, is a crushing hit on Pronger too much to ask for today?

  34. Headzo Del Headzo on

    How many times are they gonna mention how we passed on Giroux in the draft?! What else are they gonna drag up today?

  35. Henrik making saves at the right time, and more importantly, finally getting serious about keeping guys out of his crease. he has been way too lax in that area for way too long.

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    ilbzo, i am almost waiting for a cheap hit to gabbys head to happen in this game. NOT that i want that to happen, but because that’s how the flyers are

  37. WTF is with Pierre and Liam whatever his name is talking about how “the Rangers passed on Claude Giroux.” If he was the 22nd overall pick, didn’t 21 picks also pass him up? They need to remove Pierre from network television and radio.

  38. Does anyone know if that’s the first instigator penalty for Boyle this season?

  39. ilb – I think in between his endless wittering about nothing, Emrick said it was the Rangers’ 3rd instigator and Avery had the other two.

  40. Ill give NBC this. They do music right. They did the NBA and MLB music right back in the day. They do the NHL and NFL music right also.

  41. oh Linda.. I was thinking the same thing.. But at least Carcillo isn’t on the ice.

  42. Does anyone know if the two and five stack? Or does the two expire while the five is being served?

  43. It’s probably the first time he’s been called for instigating when his were the second pair of gloves to come off too.

  44. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    true orr, but they showed him earlier and his lip looked funky to begin with lol

  45. DUBI!!!!!

    He pounded him!!!

    Make him bleed!!!!!! KILL HIM!!!!!

    He’s bleeding between the eyes!!!!!!! Yeah, that’s the crass we need to win!!!!!!!!!!

  46. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    WOOBINSKY!! nice arsekickin there, especially with the sissy wearing a visor

  47. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    morg, he especially likes knuckle sandwiches


  48. that felt so good I’m gonna do it again! AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYFUGLIEN YOU BOUCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Cheeer MSG!!! Stand by your team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh no, did he kick that in??????????????????????/

  50. It’s funny how Richards and Dubinsky don’t really fight anyone else but each other.

    That looks like a kicking motion to me, even though he was falling. Sorry, guys.

  51. There was no kick. He changed direction of his skate. But there was NO KICK.

    Dont cheat us. Dont cheat us. Please dont cheat us.

  52. BULLCARCILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take that goal away from the Bruins, Toronto!!!!! Oh wait, your team will just gift them Kaberle!!!!!!!!!!


    That’s a cheatjob!!!!!!

    The Boyle cheatjob, now this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BREAK THE REFEREES LEGS!!!!! BREAK THEIR LEGS!!!!!!!! Come on MSG, chant it!

  53. So why are they wearing white today? Is it because they bagged the Heritage jerseys against the Flyers and want to think they’re on the road in some strange way?

  54. Spider – Exactly. No kicking motion. The rule is a “DISTINCT KICKING MOTION” There was none.

  55. His foot was moving forward to redirect. No kick. The movement of the puck backs that up.

  56. Gaby gets involved physically. they’ll tell us after the game that he has a broken pinky a dislocated knee and a torn Achilles tendon.

  57. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on


  58. Whatever. Ill agree to disagree. It wasnt the refs that took it away from us anyway. They actually gave us the goal. I just like the break the refs legs chant! One day, I hope to make it a part of MSG tradition! :)



    TRY TAKING THAT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on


  60. LOL… thank God it’s an early game. I just scared my kid by screaming.. he he at least he was awake! LOL

  61. wow rangers really brought it. this is what the home fans and all of us pay to see!!! kick ass boys! i wanna see every game the rest of teh way played just like this!! and i will be a happy man no matter if we win or lose

  62. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on


  63. HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pierre just used the word egregious! HAHA!




  64. I think Im going to watch the rest of this game with the sound off. These NBC idiots are sucking the enjoyment out of this game with their fat fat mouths!

  65. Hate to think what the score would be if Mike Richards hadn’t so decisively changed the momentum of the game by getting beaten up.

  66. James G – Mute was created for jerkoffs like these guys :)

    ilb- First career Cally hat trick

  67. LW3H – Congrats on earlier today. Fairly called game. …..Id rather have had a Rooney or Berba hat trick than a Cally. Oh well, gotta take small pleasures where they come :)

  68. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    no doubt Mess!!!

    our boys came to this game in some ill humor for sure!! FUPA

  69. Jeez, Vinny, that was a dumb penalty. Can’t let them back into the game here

  70. If you watch carefully how AA has been used this game, in the Dzone, and a couple of offensive moves he’s made- you’d realize why Sather wasn’t going to move him.

  71. CraigWeather on

    The dude who guards the stanley cup…. looks like he’s sather’s son…. oy.

  72. Tiki – I still say it was a kicking motion the way it looked. Not that he was necessarily trying to kick, since he just needed to deflect really.

  73. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    Hank is eating up the puck today, that’s a good sign! Hope he keeps it up

  74. NBC: We interrupt this three-part series reminiscing about the Hartford Whalers of the early 90s to bring you occasional play-by-play of today’s Rangers-Flyers tilt.

  75. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    i like how when they showed laviolette, the picture was darker. they showed him earlier and he looked like death warmed over.

  76. Olga, I think you should change your opinion on Sather. Instead of ” FIRE SATHER” you should start “RETIRE SATHER!”

  77. Where’s McCabe been? haven’t heard his name much at all. Rangers PP- would be nice to see him blast one into the mesh

  78. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Dubi is so good at boxing out his shadower…definitely best on the team at doing that. Maybe gabo 1B

  79. Good to see Callabinskimov playing like they did earlier in the season. So they’ll probably be broken up inside 10 minutes against Anaheim.

  80. Who’s been working with our power play? Certainly not Perry Pearn or Mike Sullivan

  81. duby is having just as good a game as cally imo. hes using his body to create chances and hes been making some some nice moves to get around defenders and set up shots. hes been great and even gabby looks pretty good especially since its his first game back. he wouldve scored on that one nice pass by cally if hes not rusty

  82. callabinskimov? I love it LW3H.

    Almost everyone is having a great game today.

    keep the pedal to the metal and the the chockehold on their throats in the third boys

  83. it just shows that when the Rangers are physically and emotion involved, they play well. when they try to be just matter-of-fact, no emotion, no physical play, just another game mindset, they play lousy.

    iow, they must get into it early by getting nasty and challenging the opponent. it gets them going and wakes them up and focuses them.

  84. ORR,when you illegally download that movie tomorrow,will you snailmail me a hardcopy?

  85. Henrik, if it’s a dream of yours, then make it happen. There aint nothing holding you back. You want the Cup; go get it.

  86. Why didn’t Hank look particularly good today, Milbury? Oh, never mind….I forgot it came from your mouth, Mike…

  87. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    lmao i had the same exact thought ilbzo. that guy is a firetrucktard

  88. I anticipate more physical play by the Flyers. I’m hoping Prust doesn’t get involved with Shelly.

  89. Good first 2 periods….I hate the Flyers!

    Let’s hope the Rangers don’t come and try to sit on their lead…

  90. Oh, Sucker Punch. It could be good. Carla Gugino is a milf.

    What I normally do is, I wait a week, so I can avoid the annoying movie crowd, and I’ll go to the movies to see it, but if a DVD screener is leaked online, then I’ll *illegally* download it, instead of going to the movies.

    I like going to the movies though! But, you have to worry aboot mice, and bed bugs. Fugg it all!

  91. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on


  92. Im excited for Callahan. But how about saving some for next game. I cant wait til the next game when we get shut out or held to 1 goal.

  93. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    Ryan Callahan woke up this morning and decided to put this team on his back today!

  94. JimboWoodside on

    If Cally gets a little lift under the puck in the second, he has FIVE goals! Who woulda thunk it!?

  95. Woah. Pierre and co. are praising McDonagh. “Prime-time defenseman” “Grand-larceny by Sather”

  96. Blue Seat Horror on

    It’s nice that the Rangers can score 5 against the Flyers, but until they can beat the best teams in the league like this…hey wait.

  97. I’d not play Gaborik a lot, if at all, from now on in the third. I can see someone hitting him hard.

  98. No, Pierre. Montreal didn’t give up McDonagh in the Gomez deal. They acquired Gomez in the McDonagh deal.

  99. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Cally’s finger doctor must have installed some bionics when he was in there!

  100. notice how Edzo said “3 cheers to whoever made that decision” regarding McDonagh?

  101. Blue seat you read my mind. “The Rangers beat the worst team in the NHL and then followed it up with a fluke win over the best team in the NHL”

  102. >>If Cally gets a little lift under the puck in the second, he has FIVE goals!

    Things don’t really work that way. Had he scored that other goal in the second, the game would have developed differently.

  103. i agree. keep gaborik off the ice and away from getting hurt. prust and fedotenko too.

  104. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    me too JB. i figured filthy would go after him in the 3rd. it’s smart to NOT have him on the ice

  105. >>Someone loan Gaborik 500 bucks. maybe he can BUY a goal.

    Oh, I believe he has enough loose change to buy quite a few goals. Perhaps he’s a cheapskate?

  106. We’ve got a guest blogger review coming tomorrow from a silent Bonehead from upstate who’s attending his first MSG game. Imagine how pumped he is?

  107. tell me about it Grab. they’ve babbled about these guys all afternoon and then have the nerve to work in a “oh Mcdonagh never shoulda been obtained for the likes of Gomez.

  108. Wow, AA. That was a nifty little shootout move. Let’s save some goals for next game, boys.

  109. “Oh so Crosby with that beautiful goal in the olympics and bla bla oh Anisimov scored btw…anyhow yeah Crosby. amazing stuff”

  110. Why are we trying to score more? Just get this game over with; dont give the Flyers any reason to take runs at Henrik or any of our players or try to hurt us. Just win with crass; finish with class.

  111. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    I think the Brawlers may have won this week after this game lol :-)

  112. TheMessiah94 on

    I’m really surprised, the Flygirls haven’t really gooned it up despite the score. They seem to have kind of laid down.

  113. Forget the last 10 minutes of this game, what I want to know is WHEN IS THE DAMN HONDA CLASSIC COMING ON?

  114. Another 7-0 victory. Must mean a loss is coming next game. How about some consistency, boys, instead of binge scoring.

    At least Krisy gets to celebrate her little bro Zucca!

  115. 7-0….damn….save some of these goals for out west please! Seems to me 10 days ago the Rangers beat the Caps 6-0 and then proceeded to go into a goal scoring funk again.

    What a strange team!

  116. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    lmao headzo!!!! drury time lol

    WHAT A FIRETRUCKIN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Id rather take a Henrik shutout in a 1-0 or 2-0 game than a 7-0 game. Wish he’d have given up a goal or 2 at the end.

  118. Overall a wonderful game to watch, especially when you consider the punkbutt team they pounded.

    But dammit, why do I get the impression they will struggle to score 5 goals in total in their 2 games on the west coast???

  119. Headzo Del Headzo on

    lol linda!!

    Captain slices for all on the team. Extra cheese for Cally, Henrik!!

  120. nothing nicer then seeing dubinsky kick richards ass for about the 3rd time…..

    whta can you say, only 2 points but love whiping the fhilthys…………

  121. Hopefully the Flyers will continue there great play into the playoffs so they can be one and done.

  122. That grin from Callahan at the end was awesome.

    And hey, Dubi got a hair cut, finally.

  123. Tiki: Yeah, I know you’re right. Most teams it seems go on hot and cold streaks. With the Rangers, it their offense that’s beyond streaky.

    I guess it comes down to the lack of a top line. Sooner or later when they generate the scoring chances they did today (as they did against the Sabres), they’ll get a bunch in.

  124. TIKI.. Don’t be such a downer.. this is just warm ups until April!
    YEAH LGR! I love beating the flyers!!!

  125. Buffalo is not that good. I wouldn’t worry THAT much about em. Their fans are goating Vanek and Miller big time this season.

  126. True Jim.

    Sorry Krisy. Im trying to remain unmoved by this one outcome and focused on the next game. If we come out and lose the next game, scoring 0 or 1 goal, Ill be very upset at the offense.

    If we lose 4-3 or 5-3, Ill be upset at Henrik for bothering to shut out a team up 7-0, but lose a game in which his team scores 3 goals.

    Great victory, but it only matters if the Rangers build upon this victory, which if they do, every other team in the NHL better look out.

  127. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    Tiki, why is a shutout there no good? You should be more loyal to NY teams, ya know.

    Best performance of the season, keep it up.

    Dubi made Richards bleed and a 7-0 humiliation of Philthy, enjoyable enjoyable enjoyable.

  128. LinCalPrustBoylahanzo on

    Headzo, would that be in the dough or in the pizza sauce? hehe


  129. N.CountryNYRFan on

    loved that Boyle stood up to Shelley today as well even though he was outmatched and got the cheap instigator call

  130. C3 got me there. and I was just about to post the “lets go Islanders” dig haha.

    I guess the only optimistic way to look at the goal scoring situation is to say well they scored 4 against the Sens and then 7 today. So maybe they’re out of the scoring slump. If they had won 2-1 in a shootout Friday I’d be bitching about the streaky scoring like I did after the game against the Caps.

  131. Gabby looked like garbage today.

    I can’t believe he was going to try and fight Versteeg. It’s a good thing Sour stopped him from making a retarded decision.

    This guy should stay out of the lineup. Hopefully Torts realizes this.

    He’s useless if he’s unhealthy. We need him for the last few games, and the playoffs.

  132. the boyle instigator was another laughable call by the officials…

    that was not a instigator……….

  133. So now Lundqvist is garbage/overrated/un-elite *because* he got a shutout? I think I’ve seen it all now.

  134. The Boyle call was dumb, but that’s how they call instigator penalties.

    Player throws a clean hit, and is challenged for a fight, then he gets the instigator.

    Pretty lame, but those are the rules.

    Although, I know for a fact that they let it go, when it’s two goons fighting. Which makes no sense.

  135. Shor – lol. :)

    Id rather him record meaningful shutouts. It’s just not easy to shutout teams in the NHL. For this guy to have 9 shutouts in a season and still be under .500 as CCCP stated the other day is baffling. But not really. It’s not baffling, it’s just inconsistency.

  136. “So now Lundqvist is garbage/overrated/un-elite because he got a shutout?”

    LW3H – You’re just making that up, because nobody ever stated that. :)

  137. As great as this game was, the Flyers were sick with the flu, and missing a few decent players, one being Carter.

    It’s good to dominate them, instead of struggle against sick teams.

    That being said, Dublowsky might have the flu after having Richards tainted blood all over him.

  138. Deliriously happy! But Hartnell to NBC for cutting out like that! No stick salute???!!! Grrrrrrrrr! Otherwise, I’m joyous! Catch you all on the back nine kids…..ta!

  139. yeah, that little weasel Emrick was in a downer mood because his beloved Debbies want to overtake the Rangers, and that big Ranger outpouring had him really depressed

  140. jpg's sister on

    Agree Mama. Why couldn’t they have shown the salute to everyonne watching? Did they really need to cut to a pre-recorded golf game so quickly?

  141. even the engineer who controls the button for Center ice telecasts understands enough to show the 3 star selection before he cuts off the coverage, but not the dumbasses at NBC. Cally gets 4 goals and we don’t get to see live the 3 star bows. NBC=must pee tv

  142. Calling Emrick a true professional is a very very very liberal use of the words “true professional.”

  143. I think teams should be award an extra point if they win by more than two goals. The New Jerseys of the league wouldn’t be hanging around in the table for so long.

  144. I think the home team has choice of jerseys like in the NFL. (anyone know any different?) I have seen a few other teams this year wear home whites

  145. no, the home team has to pre-arrange with the visitor on certain occasons when they want to wear white, but the league standard is dark at home.

    it is dumb. it should be white at home, dark away. it was that way for many years.

  146. The whole white/dark jersey in American sports is pointless if you ask me. Are there ANY sports fans who still own black and white TV sets?

  147. JimboWoodside on

    At least the Isles got a goal to tie their game. The Debbies are playing their usual “bore your balls off” road game and there was no scoring at all halfway through the game.

    End of 2, Debs & Isles 1-1

  148. The two captains faced off today!! And DUBI won!!! BOOOOOM! Don’t understand how a player with a face shield is allowed to square off against a player without one.

    Nice to see a big win for all the weak backboned fans we have here, and also for those rooting for the blackhawks on a NYR blog. Classy!

  149. Is the Devils’ “bore your balls off” road game any different from their “bore your balls off” home game?

  150. Gosh, that Grabner kid is certainly grabbing a lot of attention with his speed and goal scoring. Breakaway, beat Brodeur, stoned by goal post.

  151. Shorthanded goal to Kovalchuk. File this under another 2-1 win for New Jersey. This has to be some sort of record.

  152. JimboWoodside on

    Only slightly different, LW……sometimes the Debs try a little harder to get a lead at home so they can sit on it, so they try to score early at home. On the road, it’s trap, clutch & grab from start to finish….

  153. huge win today. take the 2 pts and move on. a long way to go.

    do the god damn devils ever lose. freaking montoya. will prob make 45 saves vs us

  154. The Devils are of no concern as they are 10+ points behind and its impossible for them to keep this up. Buffalo and Carolina are the teams i’m most worried about as they have games in hand are right behind us.

  155. JimboWoodside on

    It’s not so much a question of “concern”, Oleo – I just want to see them lose, and have absolutely NO CHANCE of sneaking into the eighth spot somehow.

    I want to see “The Kovalchuk Era” start with a season of no playoffs for them!

  156. Stranger Nation on

    Was at game – nothing sweeter.

    McD and Sauer looked great together. McCabe and Gilly not getting much run 5v5 which makes sense. If Gilly could finish he would have 10 goals this year. Does a good job joining the play.

    The filth looked tired, old, and defenseless. pronger looking very very slow. Caught up ice on MZA’s first, I think on a 4v4.

    Boyle stepping up and throwing with Shelley was a big play. Boyle is not a fighter but team toughness can. E under

  157. Stranger Nation on

    Team toughness can be under-rated. Dubi beating the stuffing out of Richards was best part of game, even with Cally’s goals. That scrap would not end – flippin awesome!

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