Wild-Rangers in review … by guest blogger Lloyd Braun


Serenity Now…

1) The power play is enough to make a man crazy (i’m not crazy).

2) I always thought that the “jam” was a cop-out phrase from Torts, for playing well vs. not playing well, but in the first period I became a convert to the “jam.” In the NHL if you can hold a team shot-less for over 17 minutes of play, you’ve got to figure you should win the game or at least come away with more than one goal but last night for the Rangers it was not meant to be.

3) The jam was in the neutral zone, it was in the defensive zone, it was in the forecheck and it was in their demeanor. But after the Wild had their first scoring chance, and for the rest of the night the ball of yarn unraveled — and boy did it unravel. On the first goal I noticed the Rangers shying away from one of their calling cards…blocking shots. E.C. led the team with 3, that sums up the game right there.

4) Besides shying away from shots (not that they should have to rely on that) but also the crutch of laying down to block lanes haunted them horribly in the 2nd and definitely on the third goal. Almost all defenders played good man to man in the zone but they weren’t physical enough away from the puck.

5) Where the Rangers forecheckers are so willing to go into the corners and work the puck it also leaves them more susceptible for referees not to call things (it happened Tuesday and again last night, especially on Prust at the end of the second).

6) The Rangers have certainly been a stat padder for a lot of goalies this year. This was the 6th time this year they had 40+ shots, whereas the Rangers have only had 3 of those nights.

7) Dubinsky and Callahan’s 2 on 1 shorthanded chance was enough to make a man crazy (i’m not crazy).

8) I don’t believe that the line juggling helps the power play at this stage in the game. Just keep rolling lines 1,2,3,4, because the specialized lines clearly aren’t working. Wolski-Step-Zucc and Prust-Boyle-Feds work, but for the remaining 6 juggle until something somewhat useful comes out. WE ALL WANT Cally-Duby-Artie to work but it hasn’t worked for a long time so switch it up. It has moments of brilliance and maybe it clicks against the Sens and they all go streaking; but if not, juggle.

9) Thank god Uncle Glennie didn’t trade away those D man prospects and picked up McCabe because with MDZ and McMonster banged up they will be stretched thin.

10) Really could have used a good captain’s pep talk in the early second to crack the whip.

11) I never believed in your “Leastern” conference rhetoric Blogfather but I am starting to come around. This Wild team came in two points more than the Rangers but in 11th place. It is a curious case, because top to bottom I still think the Rangers are a better team and would beat them in a series.

12) To that point I’m still in the camp that whatever “Least” team comes out of the conference will take home Stanley’s Cup this year…and to think of the byfuglien Flyers winning it is starting to make me a little crazy…

13) I may be crazy but it’s my estimation that your only goal scorer shouldn’t be the low man in ice time and especially by 4 minutes.

Much obliged Carpy… Insanity Later.


AP photo, above.

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  1. Good morning all! I don’t blog during the game, I can’t write, read and pay attention to the game so I lurk and occasionally post after the game is over and I’ve had a chance to hear Tort’s take on his team. But last night’s loss was so disappointing (did we really just lose three in a row AT HOME?!) that I couldn’t bring myself to come here and read all the vitriol that would prolong my agony. I channel surfed looking for a comedy that would take my mind elsewhere. Not exactly hopeful about tonight’s game either. The loss last night hurts more than a win would have made me feel good. I voted for 8th place in our recent poll. Can I change my vote?

  2. UNO!

    Nice write up LLoyd. Haven’t seen the last 3 games but that may have been a good thing. I like to believe they’ll turn it around same as I like to believe that my plane wont crash when we hit turbulence..sure makes you a little shaky though

  3. Hat trick AND a Tom Petty reference and all before 8am! I’m cooler than that cheetah in those cheeto commercials!

  4. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Yes, time to change the lineup. Does not matter if it once worked, should work, works in practice, whatever….it ain’t producing in the games. Time to go completely juggled, give the back up goalie a start, and it is time to name a captain that can then to captain things.

    Ii ain’t over. “was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor?…nothing’s over till we decide it is”

  5. What happened to Dubinksy? He’s disappeared for the last 3 games. Cally is working hard, but Dubi doesn’t seem to be. I wonder if the stress fracture is still bothering him. I love that the Rangers muck in the corners, but more often than not, you have 3 guys mucking and nobody in front. And could someone teach this team some target practice? Yeah, 40 shots on goal, and about 3 that weren’t right at the goalie. I think this team misses Gaborik more than it wants to admit. Even if he’s not scoring, he brings attention away from others. And Lundqvist has looked like an average goalie for about 3 weeks now. Losing Biron is going to hurt more than you think. Last night and perhaps tonight would have been good chances to rest Hank for the big games. He looks like he’s reacting a bit slow.

    I was of the belief like our esteemed blogster that this team would hand on and make the playoffs. I am a LOT less certain now. Unless the PP gets hot, they can’t score and they only seem to play about one complete period a game these days.

  6. This team is making me miss Captain Clutch…..

    Vinny’s shot from 15 feet was so soft it had an arc to it…

    Dubi is real good at stickhandling facing the wall…drive to the net!

    Black and BlueShirts featuring the reunited Fluffy Pillow line of Christiansen, Prospel and Wolski…..

    Can anyone mention to Wolski that this isn’t a pickup game in Mississagua and you need to move with some urgency?

  7. who is that Dale Rolfe? I cannot open at work…..I used to wear my #5 proudly until that fateful day

  8. To your point 11, its that kind of blind homer devotion that keeps the Rangers in this horrible mediocrity.

    WHY are they “top to bottom a better team” than the Wild?

    While they overachieved for the first half of the season, overall, I dont think they are clearely better than ANY other team.

    ps. nice fill-in write up!

  9. homer/byby: You know if you reflect back to the last off-season, that’s what many of us were saying. AA played a lot of 4th line minutes last year, BB was on the cusp of the AHL (and I think lately his game is leaning more towards that than what we saw in the first 1/2 of this season) and Christensen is/was waiver wire fodder.

    So this year we added a 20 year old rookie who looks like he might have all the tools, but clearly needs considerably seasoning. AA is better than last year, but still needs time to step into the 2nd line center role. BB looked great, but as mentioned, has clearly slipped. Christensen, IMO, remains waiver wire fodder.

    In short, the team at center is better than last year, but still lacks a true number 1 center and needs both of it’s young centers to mature more to be considered a legitimate 2nd line center.

    And we wonder (well, actually most of us don’t) why this team struggles to score. I think the reason is beyond obvious. Add to that the fact that due to Gaborik’s season long struggles (save for 3 games – THREE GAMES), there’s no legitimate goal scorer and no offensive defenseman and that reason actually becomes glaringly evident.

    The team overcame this skill deficit earlier this year because the likes of BB and Prust were scoring (and don’t forget, at one point in October, Dubi was in the top 10 in the league scoring).

    That’s dropped off and we’re back to the Ranger mediocrity yet again….



  10. Hey Lloyd, you think you can hook me up with some of that gum? I’m finally down to my last 23 packs.

  11. lifetime, ummm… didn’t the japanese bomb pearl harbor?

    heave, you missed a hilarious caddyshack and spinal tap quotathon yesterday.

  12. Agreed. AA, DS and BB are good and getting better. Still not # 1 caliber. But AA and DS will be good #2 type for sure…

    Funny, we put it all on the centers but if a winger on this team had hands to go with their grit….

  13. Great post. ‘Why can’t you be more like Lloyd Braun?’ Did you know he was in a

    mental institution?”

  14. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    So many here have given up on this team. Well, in my book you don’t give up on a young, talented team. You give up on an OLD, untalented team. This team may yet turn it around this year. Or it might be next fall when it comes together. What’s the difference? Oh, the critically important “making the playoffs” monster is running people’s lives around here. “Making the playoffs” when you know you have zero chance of winning the Stanley Cup, is for management to fret about behind closed doors. Fans don’t have to be so vitally concerned with the economics of it all.

    So this team turns it around and makes the playoffs, then what? Bounced in five first round games is what. So this team does not make the playoffs. So what? It has been a long time since a season has seen so many puke players exit, and so many “futures” arrive and start to show signs of making progresss, however slowly the wheels seem to be turning.

    It is going to be ok, doom and gloom friends. Maybe not today or next week, but this team is turning that corner and could be an elite contender in this league by mid-season next year. Is that so terrible a prospect? How many currently mediocre teams in this league have the long-term upside the Rangers have? Maybe one or two out of about 18.

    Keep the faith dammit, Rome wasn’t built in a day, either, but I notice Rome got to the top in timely fashion, anyway.

  15. Carp, I’m with you all the way. It’s amazing when you lose a few the coach never looks so good. Why will he refuse to play Avery?

    Not sure what you meant by No. 5 about the penalties?

    Team plays with such a small margin for error because they can’t score. They are certainly drained physically and mentally. It’s tough to play the way they do every night and some guys have been overplayed and some are just not used to playing as much as they have.

  16. Boom Boom – To build on your point – Rome wasn’t built in a day but Jim Rome has a show called Rome is Burning (which might be the worst show on television). The world makes no sense. NONE.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky has been terrible. Even his faceoffs last night were abysmal: 1 for 9!

  18. gregm_section403 on

    I agree about Dubinsky. He hasn’t been himself lately.

    Dubi is much less of a monster during the latest stretch.

    Dubinsky = Invisible

  19. ThisYearsModel on

    This club is filled with limited talent pluggers. Until the talent level is improved, mediocrity will reign. I am talking about improving the talent in the GM’s office.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    “So many here have given up on this team. Well, in my book you don’t give up on a young, talented team. You give up on an OLD, untalented team. This team may yet turn it around this year. Or it might be next fall when it comes together. What’s the difference? Oh, the critically important “making the playoffs” monster is running people’s lives around here. “Making the playoffs” when you know you have zero chance of winning the Stanley Cup, is for management to fret about behind closed doors. Fans don’t have to be so vitally concerned with the economics of it all. ”

    I agree with the sentiment, but there is some value to exposing your young players to the playoffs, even if it is just a first round exit. The Penguins were bounced in the first round by the Senators the year before their first Finals appearance. Chicago went to the Conference Finals the year before they won the Cup. Likewise for the 1995 Devils.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Quebec/Colorado did the one and out (at the hands of our Rangers) in ’95 and then won the Cup in ’96.

  22. The 8th Place on

    lmao once in a lifetime. That’s one of the all time best references to a movie and double awesome bc no one ever gets it!

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    The core of the 03-04 Lightning was first exposed to the playoffs in 02-03 where they were bounced in the 2nd round.

  24. Morning everyone…….i am so frustrated it took me this long to write. I don’t want to give up but I’ve had my share of frustration being a Ranger fan for the past 47 years. I know we still have the kids and I realize we are building and playing for the future but games like last night kill me, its painful. Anyway back at again tonight and yes we need 2 pts Enzo badly. Lets Go Rangers.

  25. The 9th Place bracket in the East (formerly James G) on

    Hey guys! see ya real soon! baaahaha!

  26. You know what my son said to me five minutes ago? Where’s my Byfulgien cupcake?!?

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Did he use the word “Byfuglien” or the word that it stands for?

    Because if he used the word that it stands for, I would have beaten his Byfuglien Aasen.

  28. LOL!

    Don’t really have a son, I just had to make a Seinfeld reference after Lloyd Braun’s post!

  29. The 9th Place bracket in the East (formerly James G) on

    Can we send EC to Pig’s knuckle Arkansas?

  30. Just got in to work and it’s not busy… yet. So I’m glad to provide some overdue replies…

    James G., I’d love to play for the Rangers but if you think you’re frustrated now….

    And This One…, I see the humor in the quote but don’t know the movie.

    SteveK, agree and Sauer also looked like the rookie he is at times also.

    First!, please fill me in, I need a good laugh

    Manfried, you consistently bring good humor here, please, please keep it up. BTW, who’s Lloyd Braun?

    CTRanger, while I think Torts has done an admirable job for the most part his decision to keep Avery’s fashionable butt on the bench is hurting this team. The guy hustles and makes plays every friggin’ game. Clearly, if Torts is coach next season, and there’s no reason to think he won’t be, Avery will not be on this team. He’s cutting off his Avery to spite his team (think nose and face if that helps)

    NYR_FAN, LMAO at your son’s quote… obviously you’re doing a great job as a Dad.

  31. Thanks Heave! I have always said my best quality is “Humor in tense or uncomfortable situations.”

    I think we are in one now. I am in full panic mode about this team. If I don’t laugh I will have to start asking you guys to volunteer for one hour of suicide watch.

  32. Mister Delaware on

    “Biggest problem—every other team finishes their chances…Rangers don’t”

    The goals for column disagrees with you.

  33. Like someone said, we’re a team full of pluggers with no offensive talent.

    We last had offensive talent when we had Jagr, Straka, Nylander, Shanahan, etc, unforunately that was an eternity ago.

  34. Heave – Great points about Torts. I think we might be entering the IF he is coach next year debate. It is clear he does not like Avery. Torts might be more of a “shut up and play” guy and Avery is constantly jawing at people and rolling his eyes.

    Maybe as a fan show of support we can start going to games wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses with blue lenses?

  35. Good morning all! Excellent job Lloyd! Ding!! That’s all I got for now. I woke up to the sound of a cat puking so my day hasn’t started much better than my night ended.

  36. “Dwayne, you can get through college half-assed. Richard, you can get through life half-assed. But I’ll guarantee you boys one thing … sure as hell, I’ll guarantee you this: you cannot win half-assed!”

  37. Mister Delaware on

    “Clearly, if Torts is coach next season, and there’s no reason to think he won’t be, Avery will not be on this team.”

    Which sucks because I really like both of them. I feel like a parent picking between their angry older kid who curses a lot and their fashionable younger kid.

  38. …guess we’re not talking about the Jack Adams trophy for Torts anymore this year.

  39. If the rangers are not going to make the playoffs than i hope they tank badly so they can draft in the top 5.

  40. bet you guys a dollar (1..not 1 each) that if we let Avery walk it’ll be the Islanders who pick him up.

  41. Well think of it this way- if Messier succeeds Sather as GM, don’t you think he’ll replace Torts with his unemployed best friend?

  42. I really hope Avery AND Torts stay. Torts has really changed his attitude in the last year…maybe in the offseason he will begin to like Sean. Maybe Sean should take Torts shopping?

  43. Oh – Point to Mr. Lloyd Braun:

    With regard to your comment “…blocking shots. E.C. led the team with 3, that sums up the game right there.”

    How many shots did the Wild(s) even take? I think maybe 20 tops? I am just saying there weren’t that many shots to block. They really made the most out of their few opportunities…

    Carp said it best last night “Jose-one-or-fewer.”

  44. all I know is that it would really suck (and be typical) if they tanked and didn’t make it now considering they probably had a chance to unload a few guys like EC, Prospal, Wolski and Gilroy for picks and prospects…now if we don’t make it we still look at anther possible season where we have just too many indians and not enough chiefs.

  45. The more I think about it, can we hire Shanahan away from the league to coach the team? He would be the hockey equivalent of Joe Torre!

  46. Torts – shmorts… two straight seasons of .500 hockey!

    Lundqvist, if you add 4 SO losses to the actual loss column is 2 games bellow .500 on the season.



  47. Wow guys- Tortorella isn’t going anywhere. It’s amazing that after Sather has been here for what? 20? 25 years? You don’t know the way he thinks and works by now. He’s going to say that this team is very good and going in the right direction and he WILL NOT be wrong. Then he’s going to say that they need to address the goal scoring and again he will not be wrong. Then he’s going to go out and throw the checkbook at B-Rad. Idk if he’s going to be wrong bout that one but if doesn’t falter as a NY athlete it’ll probably work out for atleast a little while. From there I don’t know. All I know is this team has a lot of promise. but 2011 has been a total let down after the high they had us on for the first half. Just stay positive and remember that the future is bright…

    And NO I’m not crazy!

  48. On the upside if we make the playoffs as an 8 seed we can meet the Phlyers! I can’t wait to play a maximum of 7 games against them in a row.

  49. Frustrating loss. In my opinion, winners find a way to win… at some point, if it looks like a duck, and it sounds like a duck… maybe its a lame duck?

    To be honest, I’m shocked that we dont have a playing captain….still…. as we enter the close of the season. I’m surprised CD hasnt requested it be moved from his possession.

    To be honest, I was shocked to see a lack of desperation from our boys in blue every minute they were on the ice, instead of simply for the fist period.

    To be honest, I might want to take off a game of viewing so I dont forget why I like watching Rangers hockey in the fist place.

    **** Stupid Leafs are catching us…. no way!

  50. If the mission is to develop young players, I’m questioning whether Torts is the guy- I’m almost at the point where I’d rather take my chances with Gretzky (whose team never had the $ to put together a good group for him to work with).

  51. CCCP, you can’t expect to make a delicious chicken pot pie with only potatoes and carrots. You need some meat. IOW, we need some top line talent.

  52. The goals for column doesn’t disagree with me because it takes into account the whole season, not the rough stretch since the AS break where they haven’t been able to score. They also have a ridiculous number of 6-0 and 7-0 wins, which skews the stat upwards. The “amazing” save by Roloson last night isn’t so amazing if Cally roofs it. They overskate rebounds, they can’t decide whether to pass or shoot, and they miss wide open nets or shoot the puck into the goalie. They don’t need a goal scorer as much as they need finishers.

    Torts needs to take a page out of Gordan Bombay’s book and have them clean up the trash in front of the net.

  53. Carp, I’m sure you noted the Philly score last night. My intent is not to say I told you so, but rather to bolster my point, made yesterday, that I don’t see Philly going as far this year as they did last year.

  54. Can we forget how painfully bad this S4$%$ team is and talk about how dead the garden has become??

    Ive never seen anything like it, its gotten to the point where the only people making any noise are the opposing fans.

    its a morgue in there.

    Nobody gets there until late in the first period, noone is watching the game and its just dead silence for 95% of every game

    its really a disgrace, and you cant blame it entirely on the pathetic play, because at the very least the miserable fans should be booing.




  55. The “amazing” save by Roloson last night


    Roloson? So the Wild had TWO goalies in net last night! Three-or-more and Roloson! No wonder we couldn’t score…

  56. we shouldn’t call Jose Theodore “Three-or-more” anymore

    he’s been pretty unbeatable at the Garden…so maybe Jose Nine-and-0 is more suitable…for now.

    we stink!

  57. Sorry, it was Theodore–I apoligize. Let’s not jump on the mistake and lose sight of my real point.

  58. CCCP – Carp aptly renamed him “Jose-One-Or-Fewer” last night in the “It’s Go Time” thread. I thought it was pretty brilliant.

    We need to settle on a name for “King” Henry.

  59. avery is garbage on

    avery is in torts doghouse because he doesnt contribute in the defensive zone. he skates in circles and does not backcheck. i think that is one of the fastest ways to get your ice time cut by torts.

  60. Boom Boom
    “So this team turns it around and makes the playoffs, then what? Bounced in five first round games is what. ”

    But, But, But, we need the ticket revenue to pay for the MSG renovation!!

    I was at the game, brought a buddy of mine who hasn’t been able to watch for while. Man, did I pick the wrong game to invite him. I will say, the garden crowd is brutal during games like these. I don’t believe the crowd helps at all. So much booing and yelling directly at players. It was brutal and I was actually embarassed.

    Dubi had a few good shifts I know he didn’t finish. But he can and he will – soonly. IMHO.
    Callahan – same thing.
    AA – same thing.
    Sauer, Gilroy, Step – you get the idea.

    Look these are young guys, slipping out of playoff spot (playing for Tortorella). They are all squeezin it real bad. After Dubi messed up the two on one, all he did was shoot and created some better chances. He gets it.

    So what now.

    Well, some of these guys will step up and make a big play. Just like Dubi and Cally did to finish of Pitt on OT. Or did you forget that brilliant play?

    Tough stretch no doubt. All hope lost. No way.

  61. 3 months of not being able to score isn’t a ‘rough stretch’ it’s a major team flaw. I don’t think they’re a lame duck but there are “fun” teams and then there are “dangerous” teams and it’s the dangerous ones that become elite. The Rangers have a strong foundation but they are far from dangerous.

  62. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    All it’ll take a beatdown in Ottawa tonight for everyone to take a breath. Let’s get off this schneid PLEASE.

  63. Something that NEEDS TO BE MENTIONED:

    McMonster hurt something last night. It was because of the ice. His skate caught in some random puddle in the middle of the ice. When will this get fixed!?

    Also – the Rangers have played well in arenas with really active boards. Can we make the MSG boards more active? It would really suit their style of play.

  64. For the record, I’m not on the “pieces of sky are falling” bandwagon. My expectations were never that high even if I have been really enjoying this season up until now. I’m simply being realistic. Maybe they’ll go on a run and make it fun to watch the 1/4 finals. that’s to be determined. Alls I’m saying is that this team isn’t elite and lacks the ability to score no matter how hard they do/don’t work. I’m just being realistic not sulking.

  65. Manfried- never. MSG will always house major events all season long. There’s no way to keep the ice perfect there or anywhere else really..They should build a new MSG and make the Ice rink seperate from the main floor. that’d be awesome…and expensive.

  66. I just can’t believe this junk. This ice is garbage. Could you imagine if Derek Jeter twisted an ankle because there was a rock in the infield dirt? Heads would ROLL.

    You’re right – MSG should have a separate building for Ice Hockey. It HAS to happen. Can we please respect this team enough to give them their own house?

  67. Marji, AP photo, above … now. Sorry.

    Doodie, would that be ninth? Is that closer to 10th than eighth?

    Can’t believe we haven’t used this before last night: “Where’s my Clutterbuckin’ cupcake?”

    By the way, where’s Johnny Larue? Did he change his name?

    CTRanger, I didn’t write that review.

    Good morning, Sally!

  68. I can look out my office window and see better ice at the Bryant Park ice rink. Give me a break!

  69. charlie sheen on

    Holy Hangover!!!!! Just woke up, did we lose last night? Met the head cheerleader for the Jets, Ryan you are smokin hot. Its good to be a rock star. i am pledging my allegiance to the Devils for the rest of the season, as a matter of fact, until tortellini is gone im done investing time i could spend scoring chicks or coke on this team (and they say IM a train wreck) ENZO

  70. JD- I don’t REQUIRE anything from them. I’m simply stating a fact. It’s not a complicated thing to try to figure out why they’re not winning games and scoring in bunches. Everyone has a theory or a finger to point. I’m merely saying that this is still phase one of the team makeover and that despite them making things fun there was never a realistic chance at them finishing top 3 and going deep in the playoffs. I’m not the one about to jump off a cliiff about it. Talk to some others around here.

  71. Fair enough. Agreed also.

    For those of you on the ledge…

    Sather didn’t trade any core/youth this past trade deadline.

    He didn’t trade away anyone who will help this team grow to
    “elite” in the next 1-3 seasons. They need to make the playoffs now only
    so these young guys get that experience as soon as possible.

    We have seen remarkable growth in these young guys THIS season. Can you
    imagine how they will play in the next 2-3 seasons??

  72. Way, way too many goals are being scored against Hank recently by deflections in front of the net. This is just unacceptable, but it can be fixed. They need to use as much grit tieing-up players in front of the net as they do in the corners. It’s just a matter of discipline and determination. They better find some soon.

  73. No Devils Charlie, can’t handle that. I don’t think you woke up with a hangover Enzo I think you’re still drunk……..We need 2 tonight.

  74. I remember saying that we could get a HUGE 6 points with 3 wins this week. Now I am expecting us to get 2 and I will actually breath a sigh of relief!

  75. If we lose tonight the loss streak could easily grow to 10 in a row. we lose tonight its 4… then we have phil, ducks, sharks, islanders. mont and pitt. could easily see it happen.

  76. This team wont make the playoffs…the city of New York is one major fail of a sports town. I blame Carp.

  77. Malkin should paint himself green and star in “Shrek on Ice,” as part of his rehab.

  78. parros wins today’s Negative Nancy award. Holy crap, is anybody really watching what is happening with this organization this year? Do these day to day results really matter?

    Ranger Joe, I take full responsibility.

  79. Carp I agree 100% with your summation of my negativety…. I too hate when people are like “we are the best” after a win and then when we lose the next night they are ready to jump off a bridge. I often say come on – we aren’t going to win all 82 games.

    My negative rant this am just comes from the frustration of watching this team work so hard to win games but we just don’t have the skill to really compete. I mean over the past month how many goalies do we make look like the Dominator in his prime. They aren’t that good. We just can’t finish. We either miss the net or shoot right at the goalie. “A” for effort for all our boys… but we svck.

    Agree we are way more fun to watch this year then in past years… but come on who are we kidding. Even back in Jan when we looked awesome did anyone really think we had a shot at the cup. I realise we are building and that is great…. but it just feels like the same old garbage year after year. When was the last time you actually thought we had a shot at a cup? 1997? 14 years ago. And we live in New York Freakin City!!

    Thanks for the award Carp!

  80. Hey Carp – can you make an independent post where people can sign up for suicide watch? We are in for a ROUGH finish to the season and I think we should be adequately prepared for the fallout.

  81. ok so top 10 questions about next year-

    1- do they get Richards?

    2- Does Stepan emerge as #1 center and score 25-30 goals?

    3- Who makes up the top 6 on defense?

    4- Does Lundqvist adjust to the lightened workload and play the way he can when he’s at his best, making he and Biron one of the best tandems in the league?

    5- Can Brian Boyle continue to improve or does he go back to being a 4th liner?

    6- Does Krieder make the team?

    7- Does Zuccarello come into his own?

    8- Can they stay healthy

    9- Does Brandon Dubinsky finally put forth a consistent season regardless of whether his problem these last 2 years has been mental or physical or whatever?

    and the most important question-

    10- Does Carp grow his mustache back?!

  82. Leetchhalloffame on

    Right now this team has played its way out of playoff contention. I have a solution for a shot-in-the-arm, lightning in a bottle scenario. Sign Kreider after his last college game and insert him into the lineup. He has the talent to step in an transfuse the offense. FIRE SATHER!!!

  83. seriously though- 10 should probably be in regards to AA and the other young prospects and who if any of them take the next step?

  84. Leetchhalloffame on

    Charlie Sheehan is less of a train wreck than the Rangers. At least he’s “WINNING!”

  85. I think number 7 should be:

    “Can Zuccarello get that pesky growth spurt that he was clearly denied in Junior High School.”

  86. BREAKING NEWS: Sather has brought in some Cubans to roll his cigars right there in his office at Penn Plaza.

  87. Has anyone here pointed out that Zuccarello looks like Harry Potter? Too bad he can’t whip up some magic and score some goals in regulation!

  88. Wow – Parros – good point. He does. He looks like a cross of Harry Potter and Frodo. I think we would have to see his naked feet to really know what race he is.

  89. I believe I have correctly referred to MZA as a Hobbit Wizard. i.e. “Frodo from Modo” a.k.a. “Lord of the Rink”

    Me too, Orr. She is such a babe…

  90. Yes – YOU HAVE. How could I possibly have forgotten that amazement. I know I went crazy when you said it.

    I am SO sorry.

    Lord of the Rink <– Amazing.

  91. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Remember earlier in the season when the Isles would work their tails off and lose almost every game? They would forecheck, hit, shoot, and be really enjoyable to watch, until you looked at the scoreboard at the end of the night. We’ve become the Fishsticks-Manhattan style.

  92. LOL! No worries, Manny!

    No, he hasn’t been great. But I do think he’ll be a huge (no pun) part of this club in the future.

  93. He has to be. He is resistant to the misgivings of the ring. He can stay strong. No bad habits.

  94. Manfried – dunno but Biron looks like a vampire. He is one scary looking dude in person.

  95. Carp

    The day is still young! Don’t you be throwing trophies around!

    I don’t think we will win a single remaining game of this season! ZERO!

    and you want to tell me this is not negative?! HA! Try to top THAT!

  96. Vampires are cool. Biron can be a Vampire and whoever broke his collarbone can be the legendary Professor Van Helsing.

  97. Cally, Dubi, Boyle and Trouble on

    One of the worst losses yet, followed by one of the best Game Recaps written this season. Great article, Lloyd B.

  98. So went to that casino night the other week and my buddy and i were talking to Avery. My buddy had met Avery at a Knicks game a couple weeks before and took a pic with him on his phone. He showed it to Avery at casino night and Avery was like cool what night was that. They were trying to figure out what game it was and my buddy says well you were with this little hottie. Sean goes what did she look like? So they go back in forth for a few seconds trying to describe the chick and my friend just says whatever doesn’t matter she is probably dating Phaneuf now! We all buckled over in tears laughing! Sean loved it! Classic

  99. Orr, lol, Tiger Bloods would be a great name for a team and the Captain should be Lord of the Tiger Bloods.

  100. NY sports and this team at the moment are 2 separate issues. The Rangers actually have built an excellent team – top goalie, a young defense corps that over the next 2 years is maybe the addition of a guy with some offensive upside from being among the league’s best, and a core of young forwards who are willing to pay the price and work hard to be the best. What they lack is an injured Gaborik who is also slumping and simply one more elite goal scorer. You ask – do I really think this team is one player and a year of experience away from being a Cup contender? The answer is yes.

    As for NY sports, my theory as to why they fail to excel despite the unlimited financial resources and fan support is that they fail BECAUSE of those things. No matter how bad the Rangers are, they sell out every game and make some money.No matter how bad the Knicks are, same thing. There just isn’t that “make or break” pressure on owners and GM’s that there is in other places. Sure, the press can lynch a guy and call for his head, but that’s it. The people keep coming. Look at Lou lamoriello and the Devils ownership group – they are not a great team every year because they simply want to be, they are great because they HAVE to be. They can’t even sell out the late playoff rounds in their own building. Can you imagine them surviving at all if they didn’t field a good team? And they know that. By the same token, the Rangers are also owned and managed by a guy who doesnt care how much money they make. If they were consistently in contention and winning Cups like the Wings, the amount of money in playoff revenue, television, merchandising could be 3 x what it is now. But the guys that are important dont care.

  101. “Two months ago, I saw a provocative movie on cable TV. It was called The Net, with that girl from the bus. I did a little reading, and I realize, it wasn’t that farfetched. “

  102. parros, that’s my point. I’m sure to people who live and die with this team, it seems like the same old garbage. but this is much, much different garbage, because it is suffering through this period while it rebuilds, not instead of rebuilding. If this is garbage, it’s not the same old.

    but, no, there’s no stanley cup in the immediate future.

    CCCP, how about, they won’t score a single goal the rest of the season?

    Atta boy, Tony.

    Marji, that’s a horrible story. Makes a loss to the Wild seem kind of unimportant.

    Leetch, I think there’s a decent chance that happens, and not because of the losing, but by plan.

    James, I can only answer one of those questions. No. 10. No.

  103. Henrik is complaining about deflections. but, one of the reasons for that is his playing so deep on the goal line, which gives the opposing forwards more room to stand behind the dmen and in front of him. I will say it again. henrik playing on the goal line on his knees will continue to cost the rangers. he is a good goalie, but not as effective as he could be if he would tweak his style to simply move up in the crease and take possession of his own territory, and not give time and space away to the opponents.

    henrik needs to take some responsibility for HIS refusal to change.

  104. Tony, it’s not a must win if a loss doesn’t eliminate them. Or put them into too deep a hole from which to climb.

    Forgot to mention, excellent job, Lloyd Braun. And you’re perfectly sane.

  105. Hey Tony – Let’s just change all of our “_____ Win” to Win.

    Tonight is a Win!

  106. BOOOOOOOOOO to that carcillo Carp! Infact if the Rangers miss the playoffs this year I’ll be totally bummed out over the lack of the Paul Mara playoff beard contest

  107. Re: Lloyd Braun’s Post: “He’s crazy. His phone wasn’t even hooked up. He just liked ringing that bell. “

  108. 11) I never believed in your “Leastern” conference rhetoric Blogfather but I am starting to come around. This Wild team came in two points more than the Rangers but in 11th place. It is a curious case, because top to bottom I still think the Rangers are a better team and would beat them in a series.

    I think Hank said it best awhile ago. He said that the top teams in the league aren’t any better than the Rangers. They’re just more consistent. I think the Rangers can beat ANYBODY in the league. They have the ability. They just don’t have the ability EVERY night. It seems like a mental thing. No, Lloyd, you’re not crazy- but I think the Rangers are!

  109. What is the deal with Gaborik? if he is really still concussed, then I assume that the doctors would not clear him to travel with the team, or practice, let alone play. so, It looks to me that if he has been cleared medically, then he is doing the same routine he did in Minnesota, which was to stay out of the lineup when he was cleared to play.

  110. Eddie – Good point. The Consistency has been horrendous.

    Remember when every other post was about how amazing Prust is and how much we LOVE THIS TEAM! Well…back then they looked like a team. Now the team gives me the impression that they are commiserating together, not that they are supporting each other.

    One example – During the crazy pre all-star break streaks – whenever somebody got a penalty Dubi was chatting with the refs and waiting at the box to salute someone going in. Now it’s just shrugged shoulders and complaining on the bench.

    Maybe it’s nothing – Just an observation.

  111. Hmmmm. May or may not see game tonight. Heading to CTBlueshirt land to visit a friend for part of the weekend, but I definitely won’t be here. Sigh. Think positive all! I know I’m trying!!! LGR!!

  112. OFF TOPIC:

    Is any of you or anyone you know looking for a job? I am looking for a auto mechanic with experience and his own tools to work in a busy Auto Repair shop in Brooklyn. (Cropsey avenue)

    Please call (Mon-Fri) 718-373-9555 and ask for Vladimir

    Thank you. :)

  113. Stranger Nation on

    “Head Case” Gabby now suffering a massive groin pull according to his night nurse.

    Dubi played one of his more active games, moving with puck, making some passes, the 2on1 was painful, but he was skating last nigth………….except when he was changing lines. This may fall under the heading of nitpicking but the guy is coasting from the goaline to the bench for a line change – get the f’n heck off the ice – that’s is just lazy bullCarcillo.

    MZA had his worst game last night in a while. Love the spunk, but can he make a play with puck? I feel bad for Stepan – he has nobody to play with. I would put Gabby and a grinder/banger with him when our ‘top line’ player returns.

    McD better not be hurt. That just means more McCabe on D which spells disaster. Someone mentioned Sauer having some rookie moments – great – I will take those, but he also has shown the ability to bring the puck up and skate around fore-checkers. Along with a lot of other skills. When with McD they look great, when they split them up, each takes a step back. Says more about their partners IMO.

    Avery doesn’t play D. Wow, this guy gets no love. Hope he scores another tonite for the haters.

  114. It seems that teams are keen to the Rangers defensemen dropping to one knee and in essence backing up into their goalie. This allows the shooter time to move around and fire a shot that most times deflects the puck at the goalie. The defense must change it’s approach and start standing up to the oncoming shooter. The approach of being a shot block team is no longer working.

  115. Stranger Nation, I absolutely agree. You should skate just as hard or even harder to get off the ice for a shift change. It pisses me off greatly when they coast it to the bench.

  116. And I mean, really, you’re on the Rangers, odds are the longer you’re on the ice, the lower your +/- is gonna be. Wouldn’t you want to get to the bench as quickly as possible?

  117. question: are anti-depressants a banned substance in the nhl? If not, I say we buy a boat load for this team. Why do I hear it all the time about “pressing it.” Lundqvist knowing he can’t give up one. I hate hearing that. Can’t the goalie just calm down? Hey lundy, f the rest of the team, if you give up 2 and we lose 5 games in a row because of that, tell them to score some darn goals!

    I am going to send the Rangers a sun lamp so they can get over their seasonal depression!

    Sorry. this is a rant. Long story short – I think the rangers are depressed. someone make them happy.

  118. while we all love our Carp
    gotta love this tweet from Zipay

    stevezipay Steve Zipay
    Except I don’t dive RT @GregL1958: @stevezipay @Melt_Faced_Man With answers like this u might b Crosby, LB Malkin. Great to have u back.

  119. i hope he won’t mind but here is what Ron Greschner (yes, THE Ron Greschner) posted on hes fb page. I thought that should calm some people down

    “Slats in rebuilding this team …last year this year so you have to go with the pain for a couple of years…..give these kids a chance add a few new faces over the summer……it doesn’t happen over night…….you can not have it both ways….i like a lot of these young guys …look at their ages and they will get better….do not give up on them yet…..they will be there…”

  120. There’s a range of different positions to take here:

    Rose-tinted spectacles
    Sky-is-falling-fire-Torts-and-hire-Gretzky madness

    I’m a lot further away from the latter than much of the post-defeat crowd, it seems.

  121. Stranger Nation on

    rono – spot on! I can see the forward on the PP blocking shots, but the best player is in net so focus on tieing up your man and keep the viewing angles clear. Only worse than a screened goal is an own goal by your team.

    #1 perpetrator is Girardi, who must be very proud of his league lead in blocked shots, not as proud of his lead in battles lost in the corner.

    IMO, you cannot send Vinny and EC out for 5v5 play during the second ten minutes of the period. Vinny because he has lost a stride and a half and EC because he is marsh-mellow soft.

  122. of course Gresch says that — he WORKS for the organization.

    form your OWN opinions

    anyone associated with the team, yes, even the beat writers, will never express negativity and will pitch the company line constantly uttered by that F%^$$N retard Sather, how they are “sticking with their kids”

    not all kids are great hockey players.

    you build a team around GREAT young players with potential. you know like crosby, toewes, kane, datsyuk, ovechkin.

    noone of our “kids” are these guys.

    just wait til next year!

    and then do it again and again, like groundhog day.

    its fun.

  123. I love Gresch. Always have, always will.

    And C3, I couldn’t even change a tire if my life depended on it. Isn’t that what you and your gender are for :) But if the money’s right, I could learn :)

  124. If they lose tonight, the Rangers will never win a game again! Never! Impossible!

    PS: If anybody wants to cheer up, follow Charlie Sheen on twitter. @charliesheen

  125. billybleedsblue on

    It’s days like today that make me coming back here…

    Doodie, thanks for the cheer-up link

    “was that Charlie Sheen or Kevin Stevens?” You guys kill me sometimes.

    If the Rangers lose tonight, and you all hear a scream, it’s me yelling really really loud.

  126. Stogiepuss must go on

    yes, support the young kids, the rebuilding. BUT, look who is in charge. Sather has had 11 stinkin years, ELEVEN, and thus no further patience for him is warranted, or necessary.

    The Ranger kids, yes.

    Clueless Sather, no. the clock has run out on him. goodbye, Stogiepuss.

  127. CCCP

    putting up something positive and hopeful

    where’s the sarcasm?
    did you have a good breakfast?
    see one your enemies get splashed by a taxi running over puddle?

  128. Manfried-
    No consistency on this blog either. They win- they’re great. They lose- they’re bums. Human nature, I guess.

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