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March 3, 2011 – New York Rangers 1, Minnesota Wild 3 (Game No. 66, Home No. 33)

• The Rangers were defeated by the Minnesota Wild, 3-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden, and are now 33-29-4 overall with a 14-16-3 mark at home.

• Sean Avery notched the game’s opening goal at 3:13 of the first period and registered three shots on goal.  He has now recorded five points (three goals, two assists) in seven career games vs. Jose Theodore.

• Erik Christensen tallied the primary assist on Avery’s goal and won four of five faceoff attempts (80%).  He has now recorded at least one point in three of the last four games, registering six points (three goals, three assists) in the last four games.

• Vinny Prospal registered one assist and three shots on goal, and won four faceoffs in five attempts (80%).  He has now recorded seven points (two goals, five assists) in the last 10 contests, including five points (one goal, four assists) in the last five games.

• Brandon Dubinsky led all skaters with a season-high, eight shots on goal while skating in his 300th career NHL game.  Dubinsky, who was originally selected as the Rangers’ second round choice, 60th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, has registered 66 goals and 102 assists for 168 points, along with 323 penalty minutes.

• Brian Boyle was credited with a team-high, five hits, and registered four shots on goal and a team-high, nine faceoff wins in 14 attempts (64%).  Entering tonight’s contest, Boyle led the team and ranked 10th in the NHL with 190 hits.

• Marc Staal logged 21:38 of ice time in his return to the lineup after missing the previous three games due to a knee strain sustained on Feb. 22.

• Henrik Lundqvist made 16 saves and is now 25-23-4 overall, including a 10-13-3 mark at home.

• The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Ottawa Senators tomorrow, Mar. 4, at Scotiabank Place (7:30 p.m.), in the second game of a back-to-back set.  The game will be televised live on MSG 2 and can be heard on 970 The Apple and


John Tortorella on moving forward… “We are going to keep our heads up, we are going to stay together and we are going to find our way.”

Henrik Lundqvist on the team’s play… “The last couple of weeks the puck seems to be bouncing on a lot of guys.  We are there but the puck seems to be finding our net.  I felt pretty sharp and am doing the right things out there.  I think we are all trying to think positive.”

Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “We had a good start and we played a pretty good game but we are not going to win games scoring one goal or two.  We have to find a way to score more goals.”

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  1. OMG, if Sean Avery?s lack of icetime is this team?s problem?then wow, this team?s problems are HUGE.

    Avery wouldn?t be in the NHL if it wasn?t for Glen Sather. And let?s not forget that Glen Sather has achieved nothing (NOTHING) worth noting as a GM/president/whatever-the-hell-he-is since the late 1980s. That?s an incredible 20+ years ago.

    This man is a dinosaur who should have had his ass fired after the 2002/03 season when the Rangers shamefully led the NHL in payroll and finished 21st overall in the league (and this was after they failed to qualify for the POs in the first 2 years of his tenure).

    In other words, this man?s hockey insight/judgement/skill/whatever-you-wanna-call-it SUCKS and has SUCKED for 20+ years.

  2. kern, they are legit second-liners. Would be on any team in the league.

    capebreton … maybe it’s because I’m the only person on here who isn’t thinking with his heart and his stomach.

  3. It’s hard to say whether they can still make the playoffs or not.

    There’s till a lot of games left. So, you never know.

    That being said, they’re all playing uninspiring hockey. All of them, including Henrik Three-or-moreqvist

  4. I agree about Cally being a legitimate 2nd liner on most teams. Dubi is a 3rd line center IMO. Either way, Our best talent – aside from the oft injured Gabby – are 2nd liners. Stepan, though, is a future stud IMO.

  5. Here’s the thing, Orr, and anybody else. These streaks don’t last. And things change in a big hurry. A good week will make everybody forget this. They aren’t going to nosedive through the entire month of March like this.

    Maybe they just need to get on the road. And a couple of PPGs. And a big save.

  6. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I still can’t believe how a team that outplays the opposition all the time can have a 4-10-1 record in the past 15 games. They dominated Minnesota tonight.

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    Everyone on this team are hard workers. Unfortunately, they are hard working 3rd and 4th liners. Best outcome now is to get the highest pick possible. Torts knows this, which is why he is nbot losing control after all the losses. Craig Anderson will have 40 saves tomorrow night.

  8. Carp, thank heavens I saw your comment first when I signed on….I can’t and won’t go through tonight right now. Too shocked and…well, I dunno…..heard the score on the radio on the way home and nearly hit a lamppost. But hey, Sweet 16! Argh. I’ll catch up here tomorrow…..

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Cally and Dubi are 2nd line players forced to play first line minutes because there is nobody else.

    Watching Vinny right now is painful.

    Not moving Gabby will go down as a colossal f-up if the kings really wanted him.

  10. Stogiepuss must go on

    the sun’ll come up tomorrow, tomorrow. bet your bottom dollar. tomorrow.

    orphan annie should be the coach.

  11. Carp
    yes i appreciate and cling to positive view
    (kind of like Steve Sommers during the Cup run)
    while you keep talking about a streak,
    we’ve played like crap through much of february
    don’t think we were too bad til allstar break
    and we
    seemed to play better when Prospal, Gabby, Clutch weren’t around
    CCCP mentioned in his demonic way
    that we’ve been bad since Rozy left.
    who would’ve thunk it?
    other than CCCP

  12. Blue Seat Horror on

    # i dont know crcillo March 3rd, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    looks like its gonna be another 40 shot 1 gal performance!


    Is that like 2 girls 1 cup?

  13. I’m not clinging. I could care less. But I think this team is better than the drek chasing it, and it won’t take much to turn it around.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    I knowavery can be a lightning rod, but he had 3 shots, a facewash, and a goal in 8 mins of time. vinny got almost 5 mins of PP time…5 mins!!!

    Fire sather – this team is so poorly constructed.

  15. Carp, thanks for 10:41 post, but I’m gonna ignore the other one cause I’m not reading here tonight :)

    seriously all, it’s all too much…..fading to black til morning….TA. and I still say, LGR!!!!

  16. Hey Jeff, as for tomorrow night’s game :) Let’s show this prehistoric “bee-atch” how we do things downtown… THROW IT!

  17. seriously,
    how many 1 goal losses is that just in 2011?

    yes, there were hard working games and games with an unlucky bounce
    but it’s just mind-blowing how these guys repeat the same mistakes
    again and again and again….

    unable to put in an effort to equal the caps game.
    okay, their goalies wasn’t playing the best
    but we were moving in areas of the ice other than monkeying around on the
    it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hard to be positive when we’ve let soooooooo many points
    get lost, especially now that other teams have turned it around and are catching up.

  18. Just to reiterate a few thing that a couple of guys above posted or alluded to: after all the great things we were saying about this team and how impressed we all were up until January, as of tonight the lowly, pathetic, can’t-get-out-of-their-own-way Toronto Maple Leafs are 3pts behind the Rangers with a game-in-hand. Astounding.

    As much as I believed in this team, the last month/6 weeks reaffirms what I thought about this team at the beginning of the year, they do not have blue chip forward to speak of and therefore really cannot be taken seriously this year and likely for years to come. I never was a big fan a Gaborik. You cannot rely on players who get hurt every month in the NHL, especially in this division. Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, etc. are homegrown for the most part and that’s great, we never get that around here, but honestly are any of this guys going to be bonafide scorers? There is no way I can believe that. They are second liners at best and that’s probably all they will ever be. They just are not that talented, plain and simple. When their opponents are more buttoned down, rangers forwards are easily neutralized by the other team’s defense. That is why they can’t score a lick and those games they were coming back on early in the year are ending up as one-goal losses.

    They dont have the skill to compete with teams that match them in toughness. Even if they are lucky enough to make the playoffs I honestly do not think it will matter, Philly will sweep them so easily it would be tough to watch.

  19. i dont know crcillo


    I think you’re missing a letter in your name…unless you meant it that way

  20. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    I think we really have to worry about the Debs and Leaves. They are not slowing down…

  21. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    If you think they’re getting in the playoffs!

  22. I really envy Charlie Sheen right now. We need to crash his party, and have a good time.

    Just stay away from the porn stars. You don’t want to be riddled with diseases.

    He has chilli dogs, chocolate milk, liquor, a vast porn collection, if you’re in the mood for a movie.


  23. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Fugg!! you ruined my hat trick!!

    Bwaha, great post though!!

  24. I’m so fed up of hearing how great the team plays desperate. No, they don’t. They play desperate because they don’t have the skill to play better. Playing great desperate is scoring and winning, not coming up short again and again.

    NEED TALENT! 1st Line talent.

    Sigh. Okay, back to happy with a young team.

  25. yes, other than Gabby we don’t have legit
    1st line players but there are MANY teams
    in the NHL who have 2nd and 3rd liners
    who score on a regular basis.

    i’m not expecting Dubi or Cally or Artie or Stepan to
    suddenly be 40 goals scorers but a little contribution
    here or there would add to….oh, i don’t know,
    ONE MORE GOAL a game, which would give us that extra point
    or maybe even that so point per game.

    and again, to expect the team to play with some intensity at the beginning
    of a game or to approach the offensive zone in a manner that’s

    sorry to repeat myself
    but all the play around the boards just wastes time
    it rarely is working to our advantage. we moved around,
    got in spots and played with intensity against washington
    in games we’ve lost we have not done that.
    i don’t understand how they forget that so quickly!!!

  26. i dont know crcillo on

    CCCP,at first it was a typo, then I thought to myself do I really want to have a screen name after that piece of carcillo,so I left out he A!

  27. I predict tomorrow we pull one of our “Blow-Out” games where we win 5-0 or 6-1, and everyone gets excited that the Rangers have turned the corner

    Then we lose 4-1 against Philly and go back on another 3 game losing streak (Philly, Ana, SJ) before winning again by beating the Islanders on March 15th

  28. talbot is in Conn. so he probably will not start tommorrow. am I wrong on henrik I think he is so great but his performance is not. It is good but miller will steal the sabres into the playoffs, price has been better then henrik, price is bombarded on a daily basis.

    did not think this team was cup material but thought they were making the playoffs.

    so many guys coming up small…boyle 1 goal in 8 games dubi 2 since the all star break on and on.

    last 3 goals are avery,christenson, and whoever.

    scary bad offense. worst shooting team in the league they need 50% more scoring chances then any other team to score same # of goals…

    3 games of mccabe and everyone knows why they gave up only a 3rd rounder for him. nice shot from the point, old and slow………….roszival is a much better player then mccabe is….

  29. the down low cycle is what gave them success early in the year. eventually get a puck to the net score an ugly goal. or maybe find someone cutting at an opportune time and put one in, which is what happened tonight on their only goal against Jose Theodore. I can believe they only got one goal against that slouch…. actually I can

  30. the facts

    its a poorly constructed team, an even worse coached team, with no leader, no goal scorers, no tough defensemen, and no game plan.

    its a pile.

    i watch this team religiously, and the reality is, there are way better players on every team we play.

    its a mess, and please tell me how it could possily be better next season?

    oh and the garden is like a morgue, no cheering, no noise, no nothing. its like going to the opera.

  31. ORR (or anyone else)

    Are you into freaky movies? Like psychological freaky type about death and reincarnation?

    I highly recommend watching a movie called “enter the void” by Gaspar Noe
    It’s not your typical movie so be prepared to be shocked

    Here is link to first 10 minutes of the movie

    If you have Netflix you can find that movie there…watch it…I bet you have never seen anythung like this before

  32. smash, as far as forwards go, I agree. Nobody is really special or indispensable on this team. I like a lot of the forwards, but no blue chippers

    on defense though, I disagree. They have a great young defense. I would like if they had a more defensively minded coach at the helm though. I never liked Torts even though I can’t knock the job he has done this year.

  33. Mister Delaware on

    I’m frustrated with the lack of points (and Buffalo and Carolina playing a 3 pointer tonight) but its pretty impossible to say we didn’t drastically outplay them. Theodore made a great desperation save on Callahan that turned everything around and our defense lost guys at terrible times. 40+ minutes of the first 50 went to the Rangers, can’t complain about the effort, just the results. More of a sigh game than a scream game.

  34. cccp…

    Thats the guy that did “Irreversible”, that movie is really tough to watch (well at least just the one scene), so I’m sure Enter the Void has to be pretty damn, crazy too

  35. you know what Billy C, i agree we have some good D, but just a random example, I was watching the way Brent Burns played for the Wild tonight, and thinking id take him over any D-Man we have, except maybe Staal.

    my point is, because you watch them every single game, and want them to be good, you start to think theyre better than they actually are. the reality is, they arent. and theyre proving that right now.

  36. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well don’t tell Sather about Brent Burns, because as soon as he finds out he will get him on the Rangers. Then Burns will turn into the biggest dog since Marmaduke and the Rangers will be stuck with him for the next six years.

  37. somerset

    Yes it is the same guy who made “irrevesable”

    “Enter the void” is by far the sickest movie I have ever seen! I have seen a lot of sick avant-garde movies!

    If you’ve seen “Irreversible” you must see this film…it will blow you skull off!

    But as I said….this movie isn’t for everyone and many people wont enjoy it, but as an experience, this great cinematographic achivment is well worth watching

  38. Stranger Nation on

    One more thing, can we move away from shots on goal as a barometer of success. Most teams use scoring chances as a more meaningful metric. Granted we had more scoring chances than the Wild but not by much. Same for buf and bolts. Hector the goal protector can save some of these shots we are taking.

  39. there’s such a think in this world called luck. It can be good and it can be bad.

    If the Rangers’ luck had not been bad, they would have beaten the Penguins in the 2nd round in 2008.
    If their luck had not been bad, fewer pucks would have gone in off Rangers sticks in 2009 leading up to the firing of Tom Renney.
    If their luck had not been bad, they wouldn’t have run into hot goaltenders so often last year.

    If their luck had not been bad four days ago, Dan Girardi would not have been whistled for a phantom call against Tampa.
    If their luck had not been bad, Ryan Miller wouldn’t have swept away a puck in the goal line two nights ago while flailing and hoping.
    If their luck had not been bad, Theodore would not have gotten a stick on Callahan’s chance in the 1st period tonight.

    the past three years have established a very reliable pattern.

  40. Oh, and Rangers in 60 cut out Tortorella giving it to Christensen after that fatal, stupid offensive-zone penalty.

  41. JimboWoodside on

    Goodnight, Carp – great work, as always! Oh, if we could only say that about our Rangers….

  42. really bad loss to a team that played the night before and lost to the friggin Islanders …

  43. I have faith that the master plan will work. We need to be patient. Carp has said that it’s not about this year. But, 2-3 years from now, we have a legit chance at contending for the Cup– when have the right core in the place to add the missing pieces.

    Our core guys are still babies. I think guys like Stepan, Zuccarello, Anisimov are a big part of the future of this team. They all have star potential. Dubinsky is a question mark. His career is mired in scoring slumps despite playing big minutes. I think he is a damn, good player when he wants to be but I wouldn’t shed a tear if he got traded. Gaborik is also frustrating with his injuries but how can I complain about a guy who is arguably a top 3 sniper in the NHL when he is on his game…he was special to watch last year. If we ever gave Gaby up, I would want at least 1st and a 25-35 goal-scoring vet…

    Gaborik (when healthy and confident), Callahan (soon to be captain), Staal, and Hank are the cornerstones of this team. They aren’t going anywhere, IMO.

  44. master plans are BS. olanning tow in in 2 to 3 years is fantasy.

    henrik can get hurt, staal etc.

    you win when you cna, the rangers have flushed a playoff spot down the toilet. no help from dubinsky or any of the young guys. if you are honest not 1 of them has stepped up recently.

    no one is scoring, callahan, dubinsky, anisimov, etc. these guys score once every 8 games or so. zuc has 3 goals, wolski a few, on and on. wolski has at least 1 great pass a night, tonight stepan in the slot, the last game at the end to zucc in the slot but bottom line none of these guys can put it in the net.

    no team has there defense intentionally shoot wide more then the rangers….

  45. No, my Charlie Sheen lifestyle includes no rules!

    You on the other hand, need your sleep. Because tomorrow after the game you have to tell us all for the 57th time that Step-On, McDonut, Sour, and Artie all have promising futures ahead of them, and Stahl is the future, and blah, blah, blah.

    But, you still need to explain why you think Erskine has such a great shot. Ahahaha!

  46. show me the 1st line talent on Mtl. it ain’t there. they have the same crap we got rid of, and old debbies. BUT, they win enough to make the playoffs, and gave it a good playoff run too last season.

    No, that excuse is bull. the difference is that the rangers do not score on the transition. they don’t get goals off of neutral zone turnovers. iow, they don’t have the Lemaire mindset. you cannot just score from goal line forechecking and end boards slogging.

  47. “master plans are BS. olanning tow in in 2 to 3 years is fantasy.”

    So, I guess we should just give up any hope of winning in the future, huh? It sucks to lose but come on, stuart. We need to be patient as fans. Carp’s right, this won’t last forever…

  48. U would have to wonder where we would be if boyle hasn’t scored 20 goals and stepan doesn’t score 17. Right now were fluky players. When we play like we did against Washington we took the open ice on the rush, made smart passes, now were just tight and overthinking our decisions with the puck.

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