It’s Go Time!


Marc Staal will be a gametime decision, based on how he feels in warmups. You probably know his decision by now, via twitter, tweeter, tooter, or the MSG pregame show.

Fedotenko is back in.

So here are the probable lines according to our sources (the guys who are actually doing their jobs at MSG, unlike me):


Eminger will be prucha’d if Staal plays. Sauer and McDonagh would be reunited, and McCabe would pair with Gilroy.

No Ocho Cinco tonight … at least for starters.

Marian Gaborik will travel with the team to Ottawa tonight, but will not play tomorrow. And I’m sure you’ve seen by now that Michael Del Zotto broke a finger last night with Connecticut, and is out 4-6 weeks.

Hope to catch Rangers in 60 following my hoops marathon, second of five in a row for me.

ps, the March 20 game in Pitt has been flexed to an NBC 12:30 start.

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  1. George: “You don’t like the move?”

    Woman: “No – it feels like aliens poking at my body”

  2. We need Vicki Valencourt to get in here and start making some predictions!

    “Mud Dogs are gonna win, 30 to 27.”

  3. Is this true?

    Vicki Vallencourt
    Veronica Vaughn
    Virginia Venit

    You’re Right! What does this mean?


    Im not a hero, but the real Tiki is a hero! She visits the elderly in nursing homes to cheer them up. She’s never met a person and not put a smile on the person’s face :)

  5. Well…I just looked it up and not all of his lady characters have VV initials…but still it’s pretty weird to have that many VV initials anyway

  6. I found 4 girls that are VV and one V. Obviously he made a LOT of movies. Julia Gulia was so good as a name I am sure he couldn’t pass it up.

  7. I’ve already made my peace with this season. We’ll be in 9th place by 10:30 PM.

  8. >>…Michael Del Zotto broke a finger last night with Connecticut, and is out 4-6 weeks.

    That kid can’t seem to catch a break this season. Oh wait…never miiiind!

  9. This is hilarious, off the fresh avery debate on this blog and who scores the first goal in the game?


    Hey – You can’t park that here…you can’t park that here…

  11. Avery assists on

    don’t be a malcontent. don’t be a griper.

    just admit that Avery is a sniper

  12. Minnesota drafts guys based on their name…Cal Clutterbuck, Clayton Stoner….

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    manfried – “i met her on monday, it was my lucky bunday…you know what i mean?”

  14. >>This is hilarious, off the fresh avery debate on this blog and who scores the first goal in the game?

    Funnier still is the fact that I went at it earlier today with a buddy who dared comparing Avery with Cooke and Gillies. I asked him when was the last time Avery got tossed of a game for a dirty play. No answer! When was the last time Avery got suspended for dirty play? Still no answer!

  15. Wow that Wild player came off the bench early at the end of the PP to even up the Rangers odd-man rush. Should be a penalty even though they didn’t touch the puck.

  16. N.CountryNYRFan on

    whens the last time Avery even started a scrum like that…where has he been lately, nice for him to show up once and awhile.

  17. oh, Tiki….poor Mama….maybe that’s why he scored!! she needs to keep painting!

  18. Kingborough College is a good school with lots of hot Russian girls! I took bunch of prerequisite classes there. Love that college

  19. “tickle the old onion bag”
    sounds dirty
    may use that line on the wife later tonight

  20. >>may use that line on the wife later tonight

    Dear me! I hope you won’t be thinking of me when you do.

  21. >>Does anyone know how to lift the puck

    Two inches off the ice and we’d be up 2-0.

  22. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the problem our team has is we can not finish and then it gives even the worst goaltenders confidence against us.

  23. i dont know crcillo on

    Good first period, needed to cash in at least one of those PPs cause you know the wild are gona get few next period.

  24. anyone else have Center Ice?
    Rangers game is supposed to be on regular channel
    and HD channel but
    the HD is blacked out.
    same problem?

  25. For all the little things that can be complained about, the Rangers did the one big thing we’ve all been complaining about them not doing – starting off the first period strong. That’s huge. First goal and almost complete domination of the first period. Yeah, they need to put more of those close ones in the net. And yeah, the PP still looks weak. But they kept the Wild shot-free for the majority of the period, and they took a lead into the second. That’s big for these guys.

  26. jpg – yeah, me too. I got the MSG SD feed, but can’t get the Minnesota HD feed. :\ Might be regional blackout based on location.

  27. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Guess who has the least amount of ice time? No prize to be awarded, as it’s such an obvious answer.

  28. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    I’m hearing the song Carp was talking about betwen periods.

    Sounds like the chorus is “All Night Long?”

  29. Blue Seat Horror on

    # NYR Crazy March 3rd, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    When was the last time we actually came out of the first period with a lead?


    3 Games ago against Washington.

  30. N.CountryNYRFan on

    yeah i feel Dubi came back too soon, he should have sat out at least two more games when he was injured

  31. Sauer-McDonag don’t seem to do too well on the penalty kill. A lot of goals are scored against them.

  32. The Rangers are responsible for my SVT (heart condition) and my hyperactive thyroid. ‘Nuff said. Why didn’t we all pick Detroit or Montreal or a nice team that would not cause us so much suffering.

  33. Olga Folkyerself on

    Are there scouts in the stands from Barnum and Bailey’s Circus? Because the Rangers are playing like clowns out there…

  34. JimboWoodside on

    And because we can’t bury a friggin’ puck in what seems like have been about 6 open nets, now we’re tied, and are back on our heels! This should be a 4-0 lead at this point!

  35. why is Erik on the point again?
    he has nothing on his shot
    but at least it’s getting through…a bit

  36. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the wild are practically trying to give us this game and we are too inept to do anything

  37. Olga Folkyerself on

    “id trade dubinsky for richards in a heart beat”

    That sounds kinda like Sather except Sather doesn’t have a heart…

  38. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Dubi has been MIA for about 2 months…

  39. Dubi and all the other RFAs
    are going to have a “fun” time during contract
    negotiations when sather brings lots of
    video of our suck-@@@ power play

  40. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Wow, who knew Brent Burns could pass like that?

  41. If Gaborik is waking up with headaches, it could be that he’s getting TOO MUCH sleep.

  42. Game over.
    Season over.

    We had a million scoring chances vs. Jose Three-Or-More and we have nobody with enough talent to convert on em.

  43. JimboWoodside on

    “man how many of those types of goals are we gonna give up lately?”

    As many as it takes to put us in ninth place…..

  44. i dont know crcillo on

    the rangers must have been trained by the nypd they always shoot dead center mass!

  45. it’s not even just amount of talent
    it’s playing with Stupid as their Co-Pilot

    Dubi, weak wide shot.
    Cally no force is wide open net
    not enough intensity to do anything other
    than **** around on the boards in offensive zone

    looking forward to tonight’s desperate rush in the last
    few minutes and an empty net goal.

  46. JimboWoodside on


    The refs handed Lindy Ruff an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, because he has a massive hard-on on the bench after he found out that NYR are down 2-1”

    Comedy Gold, Jerry!!!!!!!

  47. The islanders skated circles around the wild last night and the rangers are making the wild look like a playoff team. That’s all you need to know about the rangers. The question is, will they lose enough to be in the top five in the draft this year.

  48. sit Dubi’s aassen!!!!!

    Sauer, McD are willing to
    and taking better shots than
    him right now

  49. Our offense is more pathetic than it’s ever been. So many stone-handed slugs on the ice.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    well, at least we can expect the typical furious 3rd period effort resulting in an empty-netter…lose 3-1

  51. Orr- Sather didnt want to add any more cap commitments beyond this season- Boyes has 1 yr @ $4M left.

  52. N.Country

    i can’t even gripe about non-calls
    right now when it’s just a matter of
    us wasting two minutes of the game
    might as well just take
    another tv timeout
    could be more exciting

  53. Wouldn’t be a Rangers game if we didn’t go into the third period behind by one… *sigh*

  54. i dont know crcillo on

    maybe torts has never told them that the curved part of the stick goes on the ice!

  55. Blue Seat Horror on

    My mama said Dubinsky’s so ornery because he has all those teeth and no toothbrush.

    And there’s something wrong with his medula oblongata, Colonel Sanders

  56. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    I say, bring Dale “The Pale” Weise back up.

  57. JimboWoodside on

    I’m going out to feed the neighborhood stray cats – that might calm me down a little bit to overcome the disgust I feel right now with this team….

  58. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i see the refs put there whistles away early tonight…not like it really matters i guess.

  59. Rangers are not scaring anybody with those jello shits they take from bad angles

    If this is a preview of Rangers playoff hockey then no thanks…I’ll pass

  60. i dont know crcillo on

    at least il be out of town for the next 2 games,dont know how much more of thie carcillo i can take!

  61. JimboWoodside on

    And I wonder if this friggin’ organization should just concentrate on trying to improve their play on the ice rather than all this feel-good BS with every A-H charity that seems to rule our schedules!!! For goodness sakes, this is a professional HOCKEY team, not the Sisters of Charity!!!

  62. bricklayers. dubi 2 on 1 fiasco with cally and boyle 4 on 2. this team does not even get the shot on goal.

    btw if a ranger d man did what burns did that would be 2 minutes.

    this team just cannot hit the net with the puck, that is a problem in hocky.

  63. N.CountryNYRFan on

    this team does not deserve to be a playoff team the way they are playing. The only reason i would like to see them make the playoffs this year is so that it gives our young guys a taste of it and the experience.

  64. this team is falling apart. can’t believ that is happening. finding a way to lose game in and game out. after 2, outplayed the opponent and guess what they are losing, that is a theme………..

  65. I still believe this team isn’t going to make the playoffs. I’ve felt this way since the beginning of February. The rangers don’t pass the puck well at all. It’s great they work along the boards but you need to score, not waste more than half the game along the boards and in back of the net.

  66. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Orr, don’t you think JD called the NYR? I think Sather passed because he was trying to go after Richards (maybe Stastny too)…I agree that it would have been a low risk move.

  67. >>The question is, will they lose enough to be in the top five in the draft this year.

    The answer is NO! They’ll miss the playoffs by five or six points and get the 12th pick.

  68. Olga Folkyerself on

    I see them ending up in ninth, the worst draft pick without making the playoffs.


  69. I know, it’s frustrating to always be drafting in the mid rounds, hence why the rangers young players are decent but nothing great.

  70. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    4 on 2 and no shot on goal. With few exceptions, they’ve abandoned the cycle. When the opponents are in the Rangers’ zone, everyone’s looking beyhind the net.

    I understand the need for patience with a young team, but we’re holding their hands, for Christ’s sake.

  71. I am really sick of hearing people say “The Rangers Don’t Panic. They know how to play a goal down.” Guess What!? It’s TIME TO PANIC! PLAY LIKE YOU’RE PANICKING.

  72. just got here but hey eddie, awesome movie spinal tap !! haha that is one of my fave movies man! i like the song “big bottoms”. what was the song you were referring to? my favorite part is when they order the stonehenge prop and u ee this tinu thing lowered from teh ceiling and the little druids dancing around it!

  73. This just sucks. It always sucks. Year after year of suck. At least this is young home grown suck so we can watch this suck mature rather than have to sign overpriced over the hill suck to make us feel like this. Other than the look on my face my wife had no idea they lost the lead this period. Intervention may be avoidable.

  74. good example is the Flyers. The Flyers traded away there team, tank a few years, drafted high, made some good trades and now they will contend for the cup. It always goes back unfortunately that Darth Sather is the rangers gm.

  75. i saw half of teh first and all of teh 2n. man what happened? teams dont even have to play half a game against us and still win. its pathetic. especially for the fans at the garden to watch that. no wonder its dead in there lately

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Keenan and Trautwig put their heads together they can make an ass of themselves…

  77. JD had to make an offer.

    Would have been a good trade. A little extra offense, which they desperately need.

    Ugh, that clip of the Dublowsky 2 on 1 is just sad. He’s usually so confident on odd man rushes, but he looked like a scared fuggin kid.

    Stupid game! I hate MSG! I wish we played 82 fuggin games on the road.

  78. The answer is NO! They’ll miss the playoffs by five or six points and get the 12th pick.


    JB, IMO, that is the biggest problem for the future of the organization. Hands down. So long as Dolan owns the team, I don’t think the Rangers will never bottom out.

  79. *ever

    Maybe when the renovations are complete at the Garden, NYR will start winning there!

  80. some of these young guys havent really improved either and guys like duby AA and cally all sem to go through long periods of crap play. not necessarily cally, cuz he works his butt off and does his job, but these guys have to start scoring and leading this team. they are the leadrs now.

  81. Watching this team lately is like taking a great dump and then sticking your finger through the toilet paper

  82. billybleedsblue on

    You guys crack me up. C’mon Rangers! Stop making me crazy. Oh man, btw, I highly recommend peanut butter and jelly panini on multigrain bread. Amazing!

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    Joe M. STFU. They are good at desperation hockey because they have to play it every third period…

  84. They’re good at playing desperate hockey? Really? Why have they been coming up short in all those one goal losses?

  85. john- i didnt get surprised when we got scored on by 2 crap goals. i knew it was coming. you gotta just brace yourself. and know that something bad will happen soon. i dont flinch or get excited anymore. i just smile when minny scores. thres nothing else you can do. i hope my comp works long enough for me to watch the 3rd. or do i know the end of this movie already? i think ive seen it all last month. maybe we tie it up? 1 point? that would seem like a playoff series win at this point

  86. yeah, i said it.
    what has he done for the past 20 games
    and tonight
    if Dubi is not hurt
    then what’s his excuse?!?!?!

    does no one on this team know how to lift the puck? — prospal

  87. there is NO offensive chances
    if the ONLY way they play
    is just messing around on the boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. no offense Mama
    but you know things are bad
    when Avery is best shooting forward of the night

  89. Ignored the game tonight…had dinner, went to the gym, showered and come back to find the expected on the tv screen: Rangers down by a goal, can’t score a goal.

    This isn’t even funny anymore. And certainly not entertaining.

    These guys are making me watch Jersey Shore.

    I guess they’ll play with desperation now in the third period…but I’ll ask the board: Did they show ANY urgency through the first two periods?

  90. funny how we always miss rebounds
    as if we’re surprised that the puck wasn’t in the goalie’s
    chest or glove and play didn’t stop

  91. maybe we should have signed that pee wee player who they showed
    scoring during between-periods game

  92. Why do I feel referees are letting teams like Wild and Devils get away with the old interference away from the puck?

  93. i do what I can, miked.

    actually, I’m getting tired of being Mr. Sunshine amid all the gloom around here. Last year I was getting killed for being too negative. This year I really believe in this team — even though this team is not about this year.

    Trade everybody, dammit.

  94. same old story.

    rangers will score one more, lose 3-2, just like every other game they played in february.

  95. And that’s enough for me…

    This team completely and totally sucks out loud. For the past how many weeks have we seen this?

    No playoffs for sure. I’m just wondering if both the Devils AND the Isles are gonna finish above us in the standings.

    Don’t laugh…it’ll likely happen with the way this team has been playing.

  96. Well Carp – I think this team is playing too negatively. You can be sunshine or gloom or whatever. It doesn’t matter anymore.

    I really believe in this team too.

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    ummmm… who do you think we’ll get
    with our pick this year?

    Jessiman’s little brother.

  98. ORR!!!

    don’t forget typical Rangers play in their zone.
    notice how our guys are rarely left alone
    but there’s the wild guy able to shoot it in
    of course,
    if that was us, it would go wide.

  99. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    I wish we would stop having good starts to the season. This is gut-wrenching.

  100. FATSO jinxed this team! This slide started when he opened his trap about Rangers making the playoffs.


  102. This team collapsed the moment they started talking about “moving up in the standings”

    How’s that Jack Adams Award looking there, Torts?

    We’re gonna likely have the WORST home record in the NHL this season.

    THAT is an absolute joke.

  103. >> bet he’s thinking to himself “boy, I can’t wait to go back to Florida”

    The only reason the guy came here is to be close to his wife and kid.

  104. All McCabe has done so far is 1 asst and knocked our backup goalie out of commision!

  105. His family is happy up here. You can’t put a value on a happy family. Just looks at what a positive effect it has had on his play!

  106. Sorry, there are no excuses. Whomever utters an excuse tonight (on this message board) is a complete clown.

  107. LOL ! Orr, the Isles actually have a few natural goal scorers in their lineup right now, we don’t…

  108. jpg's sister on

    next year can we skip the holiday break?

    Why has it been for YEARS that one team starts the season and their just learning to play hockey in bantam’s twin returns after the holiday break to barely make the break or not make the playoffs that year?

  109. Minnesota knows how to play defence [yet managed to cough up four gaols to the Islanders last night.]! It’s funny how every team Rangers play knows how to play defenece and has the greatest goalie on the planet. Yah!

  110. Maybe the should cycle the puck behind the goal line more. I don’t think they are spending enough time behind the goal line. In fact, I think they should send 4 guys behind the goal line, 3 just isn’t enough.

  111. Olga Folkyerself on

    Trivia: Who is the only person to play for both the Knicks and Rangers this year?

  112. i dont know crcillo on

    I feel sorry for the people who shell out big bucks to see this carcillo live!

  113. Joe Micheletti just said that Ansimov got stoned. Makes sense to me. Must have been between periods…

  114. It’s worse to be a Yankees fan. To know that everyone is out to get you, and to have to fight against everyone to come out on top.

    However, it’s an honor to be a Knicks, Jets, Rangers, etc. fan. There is no greater a place in the world than New York.

    Im about to jump through my TV screen listening to Joe Micheletti.

  115. When Bouchard found himself ten feet from our net, his shot beat Lundqvist. Our guy made a hero of Theodore.

  116. OH BELOW ME! on

    i agree with person above. started to get bad again as soon as fartarella said he was “looking up in the standings, not down”. End any doubt by losing the next two please. This system does not produce goals. Bring a new coach in next year before he completely ruins the youth!

    Thank god baseball is almost here….

  117. Trivia: Who is the only person to play for both the Knicks and Rangers this year?



  118. >>I feel sorry for the people who shell out big bucks to see this carcillo live!

    I feel sorry for the young players who are playing so darn hard and not getting rewarded. That has got to be discouraging.

  119. N.CountryNYRFan on

    where is the fight in this team and I literally mean fight. the first half of the year it seemed like if we had a fight in the game we would win, ever since the All-star break we haven’t fought nearly as much.

    I understand the boogeyman is hurt and so is prust but c’mon.

  120. just because i’m in such a spectacular mood
    right now
    wonder at what point
    we greet the devs in our elevator going down!!!!

    effin pathetic!!

  121. jpg's sister on


    I do like the Mets, not paying attention as much this year since my cousin was drafted by the Cubs may have to become a Cubs fan if he gets called up to the majors.

  122. CARP: Why would you even watch this garbage? I mean, seriously, save yourself … down some leaded gas instead.

  123. I would seriously dangle Gaborik in the off season and see who comes a calling. It’s time for Prospal to hang them up and I’m not sure Zucarello is a nhl player. Dubinsky better not hold out for more money in the off season. If anything Dubi should get no more than a 500k raise.

  124. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Trivia: Who is the only person to play for both the Knicks and Rangers this year?

    The Organist at Madison Square Garden.

  125. Sam pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze
    theodore, the story of the game!??!?!?!?!?!?!
    “off this world saves”

    38 fairly crappy shots doesn’t make for a great goalie
    just a matter of the Rangers making another grade B- or less
    goalie look like an allstar

  126. well, I am use to being tortured. I’ve been a mets/jets/knicks/ranger fan since the late 60’s. I am used to this by now, bullet proof.

  127. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    I agree, about that comment, Carp!!

    I think I’m gonna take a ride up to CT and get some pizza!

  128. Just got home from work-related travel, turn the TV on, and watch the team cough up a 1-0 lead and lose.

    Someone needs to teach these guys how to finish against someone other than the Capitals.

    It seems like they wait until they are down in the third to play aggressive hockey. Why not just play that way the whole damn game? They obviously have the young D they want, and those kids are pretty good skaters… let them jump into the play more often. Too damn conservative for 2 periods…

  129. i dont know crcillo on

    ncountry id agree they sem to play better when their pugilistic attributes are utilized!

  130. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Wow. They stink. It doesn’t matter who they put on the ice.

    Bryan McCabe = Derek Morris 2.0

    There’s a reason even Toronto wanted to be rid of him.

  131. First! SAFE IS DEATH! on

    NYR_FAN March 3rd, 2011 at 9:20 pm
    Joe Micheletti just said that Ansimov got stoned. Makes sense to me. Must have been between periods…

    Bawhahaaa! Classic

  132. leetchhalloffame on

    Horrendous loss – this team is totally inept on offense. Dubi looks lost, Prospal needs to retire.

  133. Stranger Nation on

    I feel horrible for the Yankee fans. It really must be hard rooting for a winner.


  134. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    Unbelievable. Three home games in a row they should have won going away, but I finish the Sunday Times crossword more than this team finishes easy scoring chances.

    It’s officially starting to slip away.

  135. ps, hate to say told you so, but told you so about mccabe. If he doesn’t perform on the PP, he’s worse than Rozsival. And Morris. And Eminger.

  136. coulda shoulda woulda……….

    same old story.

    avery cheating on the final goal to get out of the zone early shrewd move from the big goal scorer. 3 on the year but no need to be responsible defensively since he is such an offensive threat.

    dubinsky is a moron, shoots when he should pass and vice a versa…

    cally should not be fit for his hall of fame sweater, none of this little man have done jack when it counts. the rangers outplayed the opponent but cannot take advantage of opptys., PP still sucks, and they often get caught in there own zone with no one on a side…….have no clue why they consistently do that, but they are friggin in free fall……………


    The rangers make all goalies look good……………..

    MZA has done jack, dubi jack, etc………………

  137. “any news on mcd?”

    I bet he faked the injury to prevent any possibility of him being called up to play with these no-talent clowns

  138. >>I would seriously dangle Gaborik in the off season and see who comes a calling.

    Due to his injury history, not many teams came calling when Gaborik became a free agent. With one more very serious injury added to his resume, I seriously doubt ANY TEAM will come calling for a trade now.

  139. You can’t just go out and play 60 hard minutes of hockey. You gotta hit the clubs after the game, and you don’t want to be tired. Probably got some commercials to shoot and some fine dining to do. Also, you got three or four black tie events coming up.

    Can’t be ruining all the fun of City life worrying about hockey. Go play for some other organization if you’re interested in your silly little skating game. These guys got benefits to get to.

  140. yea, McCabe is brutal. The guy can’t even skate and someone on this blog posted they would sign him next year???? It must have been sather’s nephew, runs in the family.

  141. Same ole same ole on

    Leave it to the Rangers to make the Wild look like the Oilers of the early 80’s. This team stinks, plain and simple!!!

  142. Stranger Nation on

    Stu – 3rd goal was McCabe’s ( the statue) guy. He is just horrendous in his own zone.

  143. disgracefull…………….

    dubinsky is a dope. ceritfiable.

    henrik has done jack also. now the excuses from the players and MSG.. usual the other goalie is great bull crap, lift the friggin puck or maybe hit the damn puck…………..

  144. same old freaking script. this team is a DEAD TEAM WALKING.




  145. jpg's sister on

    Matt L

    Agree. What happened to all of the speed of the young guys too?

    Sam Rosen said oh the d is doing great and The Wild don’t have any shots on net. Spoke too soon, Sam?

  146. same old freaking script. this team is a DEAD TEAM WALKING.



  147. no playoffs 2 years in a row after good starts.


    A team of bricklayers, no touch… minny played rope a dope and when they had there chances boom, in the net………..rangers bewildered dopes……

    f-ck gaborik, he is christenson, soft………….

  148. hey at this point I hope the rangers lose all there games and maybe we can get a high pick. One can only dream of the rangers actually drafting a elite player.

  149. Season’s done folks. We made Theodore look like he did 10 years ago. There is zero offensive talent on this team. I’d honestly sit Dubinsky in favor of a callup.

  150. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    At least Avery scored, we spoke about his aasen enough yesterday!

  151. mccabe and avery for the 3rd goal, avery was doing his euro routine trying to leak out of the zone early.

    since he is such a offensive weapon………..

    what a joke this team is…they simply cannot score goals……………that is it the rest is noise………….





  153. See guys, it was fun for a while watching the Prusts and the Boyles of the Rangers succeed.

    It’s been fun watching the Christensens, the Zuccas, the Wolskis score in shootouts.

    It’s been fun watching the hard work of the Callys and Prusts.

    It’s been watching the youth of the AAs, the Stepans, the Zuccas, the Staals, Sauers, etc.

    But, when it’s all said and done….

    We don’t have a real fan base that wants the team to win.

    This organization has not had an identity since Jaromir Jagr left. We have not had a go to guy to score when we need goals, a leader to carry the power play.

    Our youth, contrary to many’s opinions, don’t have extraordinary upside.

    So Cally and Dubi can score 25+ goals in a season, but they don’t have the ability to prevent us from being shutout or shut down to the tune of 1 or 2 goals.

    The only youth player with any ability to score and who I think is going to be a stud in the future is Stepan.

    AA will not be a star.

    I will not speak to the defensive aspect of our defensemen, but as to the offense, there has not been any progression from any of them, except for maybe Staal. But Staal is a franchise defensemen IMO anyway, regardless of scoring skill.

    And as for Henrik, there is not a more inconsistent star goalie in the league. He can shut you out one game and give up 5 goals the next. He’s good, but he’s just not good enough. His only consistency is in recording 30+ win seasons in, as Carp calls it, the Shootout Era. He can’t put a team on his back. We had 40+ shots tonight, scoring only 1 goal, but they had 19 shots and 3 goals. It’s far more difficult to find star scoring in this league than it is to find a serviceable goalie. I think it’s time to explore trading Henrik, but that’s not going to happen and I find it hard to believe we’d ever receive the return of a star scorer. So, we’re stuck with Henrik, a guy who has no desire to change his style of goaltending, and a YOUNG team with not much hope for the future, aside from Stepan, Staal and few others.

    Final point, when Avery is your best player in a game, you’re in trouble.

  154. canes win in Ot, and Leafs come back to beat flyers. it’s all bad for the rangers

  155. Stranger Nation on

    These guys are not…good. Cally has to bury those shots early. If he does the final is 5-1

  156. Ha, Buffalo and Carolina go to OT, glad worst case scenario didn’t happen there

  157. dubinsky with 8 shots on goal and 8 missed shots.. the guy could not hit the side of a barn……..

    19 goals for the magic man…..he had 17 at the all star game………he is a 22 goal scorer playing minutes of a 40 goal scorer…………

  158. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    I couldn’t agree more about McCabe, Carp.

    When we aren’t scoring, he is useless and worse than Blowzy…

  159. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    I have a knack for it ;) Put me in coach!! I can stop hat tricks!

  160. mostly agree with tiki. you can win with a team of all 20 goal scorers if you have 9 + 20 goal scorers not 3….

    you can win without a superstar if you roll 4 lines and have no boogard types in the lineup.

    my only complaint with torts is he acts like his first 2 lines are studs and plays them a ton and they are not studs….this is a team of plumbers, roll 4 lines all night long and distribute the talent on all 4 lines more evenly……..

  161. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    LOL! eric, no joke, I have tickets to that game too!! 306

  162. and let’s look at this — not scoring goals

    what do they do forever and ever and ever and….
    play around on the boards
    who do they think they are Don Maloney?

    they’re helping opposing dman do his job
    and create no chances!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s a stupid stupid system when they do that
    and when they don’t they play better and usually win.
    don’t know why they change.

  163. Czechthemout!!! on

    I will give it two more games before I throw in the towel!

    Just not enough top line talent or creativity.

    McCabe is awful! But that goal was all Girardi. He failed to clear the puck up the ice and then was
    Out battled for the puck.

    Hope McD is ok, second best damn on the team.

    Yet another season that LQ has a mediocre stretch run. I really think it may be time to examine the issue as well

    Very disappointing.

  164. With our complete lack of star scoring, I could see our team being successful employing the Lemaire Devils style of play. Help Henrik out and help to hide his flaws while also turning the game into a low scoring affair, helping our anemic offense too.

    Play this Safe is Death crap and we get our lack of offense and Henrik exposed for what they are.

  165. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Being a Giants and Rangers fan really goes hand in hand. Fast starts, mid-season swoons, then a desperate sprint to make the bottom seed.

    I wish I didn’t care about sports so much. Sigh.

  166. So angry right now. It’s all about draft position. No talent = No playoffs. Simple as that.

  167. orr. screw your self you loser..

    have your mommy give you the tv dinner in the basement and play stratomatic you moron.

    now we go with the over try and build up the competition line if bullcrap..

    according to orr if the rangers just had more fights they would win more….orr the talent evaluator of the under 10 year old crowd….

    this is a team of many many mediocore forwards. they have very good young d and henrik is all look and no results. can the guy steal a game????????????

    toronto 3 points out with that defense…….

  168. the Fishsticks handled this Minny mouse team easily, 4-1. but they are just too tough and mighty for the Sather Rangers

  169. Stranger Nation on


    Girardi = mccabe

    They both stink. Whoever was the damn who arrived just after the goal was scored. Thought it was macabre but the blind rage could have impacted my vision

  170. stuart
    i would like to a fly on the wall
    during contract negotiations for
    if his agent tries to get a raise
    sather should just show clips of tonight’s
    game, which are only different from previous games in
    that he actually shot the puck, just that it was weaker than Gabby
    could have done a week ago with a boo-boo head and include
    that with his bum shoulder.

  171. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Just asking – what is the team’s record since PROSPAL came back? Don’t get mad, Slats and Torts, get some relief in there, somebody who can at least keep up with the flow of the game.

  172. It appears as if Olga and Linda are right.

    Fire Sather. This organization really is going nowhere. We’re stuck with Gaborik, and soon, we’ll be stuck with Richards, another overpaid weasel. Overpaid for different reasons (Gaborik because of injuries, Richards because of skill-level)

  173. Stranger Nation on

    That 2 on 1 was a nightmare – looked like high school hockey from Dubi

  174. Forget contract negotiations with Dubinsky, it’s time to ship him out at the draft.

  175. TomG – I dont know. Just putting ideas out there. Ill give you Parise. He’s better than any Ranger. Kovalchuk too, but doesnt Kovy have like 10 goals all year?

  176. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    I remember making a post back in December about how Dubinsky was finally maturing into a man, and into the player we thought he could be. He had the right attitude and started take this team on his back. Seems to me that he’s regressed and isn’t as mature as I thought. He’s gone right back to being the Dublowsky.

  177. Also, forget Richards too. It’ll turn out to be another Dreary/Blowmez signing.

    Only one acceptable course of action for me July 1- Unmatchable Parise offer sheet.

  178. Bwahaha! I was wondering how many jabs it was going to take before this dork took the hint.

    Stuart, reading has never been your forte. I never made that comment, dipshit.

    Fighting? Seriously. Am I not the one who has been saying for the last two years that we don’t need a goon??

  179. unless there is some major injury that he’s hiding
    and if there is
    then give me a freekin break about playing
    it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s his should because
    he got nothing NOTHING on his shots tonight

    kind of like Christensen’s shots from the point.
    don’t know why Sauer or McD aren’t used there instead of a forward
    both have more offensive that majority of our guys right now.

  180. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Look on the bright side, we broke the streak. We didn’t lose by one goal!



  182. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the only guy who scores a goal for us tonight, Avery, only got 7:54 of ice time??

    Not sure if it would have made a difference but just maybe put him out there a little more.

  183. DJK

    don’t take it the wrong way but I think you have a mental problem…all you ever talk about is trading players…if not at the deadline now you trading players on July 1st

  184. Mmmm…shall we initiate a pool to predict where overall in the league the Rangers will land? My guess is 19th.

  185. seriously,
    we played better with Newbury and Wiese in the lineup
    too bad the trade deadline passed

  186. i dont know crcillo on

    after watching the rangers play of late,I could use a good colon cleansng!

  187. Canes pass the Rangers, Barfalo 2 points in arrears (with a whooping 3 games in hand) and the Leafs only 3 behind (with a game in hand).

    Incredibly enough, perhaps the biggest game so far of the year is up next for the Rangers, against the lowly Ottawa Senators.

  188. As a veteran Ranger fan- (nearly 50 years)- I know exactly what to do- stop watching the games until the team falls out of playoff position- maybe 3 points or so- then resume watching the gallant playoff push that, like a microcosm of each game, will fall painfully short in the end.(I said I know what to do- I didn’t say I’d do it.) Right now I’d almost be happy enough so long as the Devs go home too- lets face it- the way Henrik has played this season- we are going nowhere even if somehow we make the dance. I’m not a Lundqvist basher- but certainly there have been more games this year where we have simply been outgoaltended than in any of the Henrik era. (Although, this team does for goalies what the Mets do for pitchers- or was I the only one to see Theodore laughing with the backup during the final timeout because he obviously didn’t even see that last “great save” since he kicked the wrong leg at the puck.)

  189. This is just a sad team and sad organization.

    I see some of you fighting with each other, and Id like to remind you of a story I read yesterday.

    A sad sad sad story about an 18 year old mother who killed her motherly-like friend – 22 years old – over $20. $20. This economy has caused people to be killed for a measly $20. And yet here we sit typing on RR fighting with each other. In the end, it’s only a game.

    And Id have paid the 22 year old woman – whom I dont know and have never heard of before today – $2000 just so that she’d be alive today. A bright future looking to go to law school and that’s gone, over $20. Just sad.

  190. BTW, the Devils are 10 points in arrears but have 3 games in hand. The Rangers are 8th with 70 points, the Sabres 9th with 68, the Thrashers 10th with 63 and then the Devils. The only team that doesn’t concern me of that group are the Thrashers.

    Some things never change.


  191. Our 2 “best forwards” (dubi and cally) are nothing more than good third line players

  192. ORR!!

    you beat me to it.
    i think Torts and the rest of us
    could deal with more defensive lapse like that
    if he scored a hat trick tonight
    and most games

    but, c’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have nearly a dozen
    of these lapses EVERY game. it’s only been five months since
    they’ve been playing games that count.

  193. Stranger Nation on

    Jpg – Spot on – if you are going to grind and hit, you need grinders and hitters. Bring up the kids

    Saddest/funniest play was EC slew footing Vinny behind the net and then get Jack hammerred into the boards. Lordy lord!

  194. OMG, if Sean Avery’s lack of icetime is this team’s problem…then wow, this team’s problems are HUGE.

    Avery wouldn’t be in the NHL if it wasn’t for Glen Sather. And let’s not forget that Glen Sather has achieved nothing (NOTHING) worth noting as a GM/president/whatever-the-hell-he-is since the late 1980s. That’s an incredible 20+ years ago.

    This man is a dinosaur who should have had his ass fired after the 2002/03 season when the Rangers shamefully led the NHL in payroll and finished 21st overall in the league (and this was after they failed to qualify for the POs in the first 2 years of his tenure).

    In other words, this man’s hockey insight/judgement/skill/whatever-you-wanna-call-it SUCKS and has SUCKED for 20+ years.

  195. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Cheer up .. at least it’s dolan’s money thats being wasted. all we lose is our time watching unless you go to the games.

  196. How many minutes did Avery play tonight. AH Tortorella still has this dislike of Aves. He’s trying hard every shift. He gets 7:54 check it out. No wonder that he didn’t want to talk post game

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