Sabres-Rangers in review


This was like taking four punches. Ugh, ouch, ooof, ouch. The Rangers lost, Buffalo won, Montreal won, Carolina won.

I will say this about Buffalo, with its three games in hand. I am not impressed based on that game last night. Except for the goalkeeper, that is.

The Rangers need to get some stuff fixed, need to find some of the things they haven’t been doing lately, some of the things they did the first 52 games, and to do them with an edge. Because that edge is not what it was. It isn’t. They’re still physical, just not all the time, and just not as aggressively physical.


1) Dan Girardi. Geez. What happened? Had a woeful game vs. Tampa Bay Sunday. Another last night. That play on the PPG from the point, where he ran way out of position, left a man wide open in Henrik Lundqvist’s face, then deflected the puck past Lundqvist while skating in a panic back to his position, my gosh. Mike Milbury called him on it on Versus. You never would have heard that on the Rangers’ home network.

2) To be fair to Girardi, obviously part of the reason he ran out of position is the Rangers’ strategy on the PK. They want to force the issue. But you have to draw a line on how far you want to force it, and how much risk you want to bite off. And it seems, after all these games, that it is by design that they let the opposing forwards without the puck get in behind them, and in front of the goalie. That, I don’t get at all.

3) Brandon Dubinsky finally found his gas pedal in the third period. He hadn’t stepped on the accelerator in a few games. It’s no secret, and he said it himself over and over while he was the team MVP in the firts half — he has to move his feet. And he hadn’t been.

4) Wojtek Wolski and the offensive-zone penalties, whether you think the right calls are being made or not, have to stop.

5) Hate to say this, and I hope it’s because of his knee, but Vinny Prospal is a step behind and looking very much like the captain did before he went out of the lineup with his bum knee. Because if this is all Prospal has, the end is near for a good guy, great teammate, who really cares.

6) Ryan Callahan=well, you know. And that goes double for rookie D Ryan McMonster. You know who was the second-best D-man in this game, behind McMonster? Matt Gilroy, that’s who.

7) Versus was much better than usual. Maybe they’re using a new production crew or something. Or maybe they used MSG’s crew. But there were replays and more awareness in the booth, and that was a pleasant surprise.

8) Having said that, what’s the point of having access to a coach on the bench during the game, for gosh sakes, as Brian Engblom did, and then asking about a trade that was made two days earlier, a question that could have been asked at the morning skate, or pre-game?

9) Did you stay tuned for the show after the game, the special on the Rangers of the 1990s. Pretty cool. Except when they did the extended portion on the ’94 Cup final, they didn’t bother to mention Pavel Bure’s penalty shot.

10) Back to the game. Prospal made that bad play on the third goal, but that was Bryan McCabe’s man who scored it.

11) Speaking of McCabe, who was surely a weapon on the power play, I’m not sure I like so many point shots during the 4-on-3, with all that room.

12) Still 34 points up for grabs. I still think they make it. That Gaborik and Staal and Fedotenko will be back, and they will eventually have a little roll, and that will be more than enough. But all bets are off if Henrik Lundvqist isn’t sharper than he’s been — he didn’t allow a bad goal last night, but looked shaky — and the bets are definitely off if he gets dinged up, even a little.

13) Trade everybody! Oh, wait, that ship has sailed.

14) That guy Stafford on Buffalo — whenever I hear his name I think of George Costanza’s story about the voluptuous home room teacher.


AP photo, above.


Just wondering … I’m going to be extremely busy while the Rangers play three games in four days starting Thursday. Anybody interested in doing a game review for one of those games? If so, email me at

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  1. Girardi owes his current contract to Marc Staal. Girardi is a mediocre player, but paired with Staal he is competent.

  2. Imagine how much of a monster Staal would be if he played with someone more than competent.

  3. boo i so wanted to make my first substantial post on this awesome blog to be “stick it in your jackwagon we wont make the playoffs.” How many excruciating losses has it been now…….Instead my wife called me asinine (repeatedly) during the third period last night. So i stomped off to bed and told her to watch one of her piece of carcillo medical dramas on tivo. Basically compounded the whole night by acting…asinine. Now if zuccarello scores on the backhand and we win in the shootout i have a better clue of what grey is up to and which piece of anatomy was featured. And my wife doesnt think she is married to a 37 (26) year old manchild.

  4. Carp,
    Don’t start yelping about too many shots from the point. I know 4 on 3 but come on he keeps firing they are going to hit the back of the net. BTW you are right even though you don’t want to say it all the way Vinny’s done. Miller outplayed LQ in the biggest game of the year, not good. Hank seemed off all night, fumbling, nothing clean besides all the usual stuff that’s his weakness

  5. Staal and McDonough are the future first pair D of this team.. I wouldnt even mind seeing it before the end of this season.

  6. gregm_section403 on

    I agree about Hank. He was off. He was fighting off shots all night. He didn’t make anything look easy, even the easy shots.

  7. CARP

    The reason they don’t play physical all game long anymore is because … earlier in the season they played physical all game long. They look tired.

    Which is not an excuse for these pathetic one-goal losses … and at home no less.


  8. Paul in sunrise on

    I will do game review but only if I can miss the first period while watching high school lacrosse and then only watch NHL on the Fly.

    Just kidding Carp. Love you and the Honduras blogger.

    Geesh. I wish Zucc could finish. Seems snake bit. Feel once he breaks through he will pot a half dozen in same number of games. He is on the verge.

  9. I can do the game review …

    But only if I can hit a bottle of Jack every time I sense the Rangers made an amateur-hour play

  10. I can handle the mistakes here and there but where is the passion for 60 minutes or even 40 minutes. It seems they wake up in the third period.

  11. HockeymanRangers on

    They got to get there noses to the grindstone, and get some wins going here. Obviously this is not the time to be struggleling. Yes Hank is not looking his best, and why does he have so much trouble handling the puck??? I think he is better off leaving it alone when he can???? I sure hope Gabby comes back soon with vengeance. I don’t think they are crashing the net enough when they were, they were scoring more, and be first to the puck.

  12. Bottom line is this team simply doesn’t have enough top line players. One could argue they have 3 right now – the King, Gabbie and Staal – and 2 of them are out (and one hasn’t played like a top player all year, save for 3 games).

    As the season wears on and the POs draw closer, teams start to play tighter and harder – the edge the Rangers had earlier on becomes negated because more and more teams are now playing the same way.

    BTW, I thought the Sabres defense play was horrible (which is why the Rangers had a more than usual number of solid chances that their lack of top end skill ended up blowing). The Sabres won due to the Rangers lack of top end skill and Ryan Millar’s strong play in nets.

    The POs are starting to lack precarious, aren’t they?

  13. I have been saying since they plunked all those injured guys back in at once that the oomph has not been there. As well, Prospal has no oomph so adding him back took away some of the black and blue anyway….what is their record with Vinny in the lineup? I know who would be sitting when Gaborik and Fedetenko come back. They also need to get Avery up somewhere he can make a difference. As well, Prust should not be sitting catching dust…

  14. Great Points Carp (as always).

    Really agree that McMonster (great nickname) and Gilroy played exceptional games.

    I am not going to kill McCabe for taking so many shots. It was marvelous to see the Rangers actually setting up on the PP and having a point man MOVE around. I hope they are letting Michael Del Zotto watch tape of this because he should be McCabe next year (because McCabe is really, really slow).

    I will say it again and again: Boy oh boy do we need Fedotenko back in this lineup.

  15. • eh, what happened to the avery-prust-boyle line? i understand there’s injuries but why in gods name cant we keep some of these lines together. how can the team develop chemistry when the parts are moved around so frequently?

    • PP looked damn good! mccabe has a bomb and it will force teams up higher opening lanes down low. now if someone can just finish….

    • letting the opposing team position a player in front of the net unmolested on the PK is retarded

    • girardi + lundquist = terrible

    • team looks they’re afraid to make a mistake. That’s what happens when you are screamed at by your coach for making them.

    • why cant dubinsky play hard for the 22 minutes he’s on the ice? lack of desire? wtf.

  16. manfried- i came up with mcmonster! carp stole it! haha. actually. everything here or written here is carps anyway. btw, carp, great game review. i look forward to these more than the games themselves lately

  17. Stranger Nation on

    I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day – just need to repost from the last home game.

    – Dan Girardi has been bad for some time now. Move McD up with staal and move DG back with Gilly on 3rd pairing and keep McCabe with Sauer on a 2 nd pairing and distribute time a bit more evenly and get the forwards off the point on the PP.

    – Rangers’ strategy on the PK is predicated on forwards moving quickly in d-zone which their second pairing of Prust and Boyle cannot do at this point in the season. If DG doesn’t deflect puck we would have been 0-0 heading to 2nd period.

    – Dubi played well, only player controlling the puck in the O zone; everyone else treats it like a stink bomb save for Stepan – will we save money on next contract if Dubi doesn’t score.

    – Wojtek Wolski first call was a joke – Weber actually jumped into the boards and looked over immediately after at the ref. The refs called two on him so I think they were on to his BS

    – Vinny – stick a fork in him, sad but true

    – Gaborik and Staal and Fedotenko will be back – REALLY?? WHEN??

    – Henrik Lundvqist let up three and we lose (old story…)

    4pts in next two games is a friggun must!!!!!!!

  18. Great points Carp. I agree on a lot of it.

    Prospal…the guy is done. He looks slow and ineffective. I yelled out a few times last night, “Hang em up Vinnie.” This is his final NHL season, IMHO.

    Wolski…yes, what is the deal with this kid? On the road he scores a big shootout goal and plays well in Washington. Then he lays an egg on Sunday and then again last night. I was at both games. I think Wolski was hungover in NY on Sunday. The guy was skating around in a fog, a 180 degrees turn from the previous two road games. Last night was the same thing. The guy was barely visible except in the penalty box. I think he is out partying hard in the big city. That is my guess. This team should have a curfew imposed when in NYC.

    McCabe…great shots, one timers from the point.

    50% chance this team makes the postseason.

  19. Grabachev – You’re a hero for coming up with it.

    Since we learned yesterday that Carp has an extensive legal team supporting him on this here blog, I guess he also has some disclaimer we have never seen that says something to the extent of, “whatever you post here is property of CARP and may be used by, and for the sole benefit of, Carp himself.”

  20. In re Versus, you’re definitely seeing the impact of the Comcast-NBC merger. I believe NBC’s former sports production director is now in control of versus and you can surely tell the difference…

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I feel we should also mention that Sauer, whether it is because he is being paired with McCabe or some other factor, was dreadful last night, especially on the 2nd goal.

    I totally agree with you on Gilroy. He looked fantastic.

    Lundqvist definitely looks like he’s still fighting off shots. He’s just playing way too deep in his net. Miller was way out of his net and was, in my opinion, way better.

  22. Here is the thing, even if we manage to just somehow get points in some of these games, I think we get in the playoffs, and I think it is important to make it, to get these kids some experience. But, no points, while the other teams are all getting points, means that we are just pissing the season away. IMO, if we make it, we are stuck in either the 7 or 8 spot. I don’t see us catching MTL. I am not worried about any other team other than Buffalo and Carolina. They both have goalies, who at any time, can flat out dominant and steal games, like we witnessed last night. Hank needs to stop playing like a Baby, Baby, Baby, ooooooh ,who just stepped in to the league, and play like the King, not the little prince who just caught a star with his butterfly net and went for a ride through outer space. I am a huge Hank supporter and fan, but he needs to get his act together. No Staal, is hurting us too. No matter how well McMonster plays, our defense looks disjointed, and Staal is far and away our best dman, and maybe best player period.

  23. Grabby, really. I thought so too, but the article is funny, makes sense, and made me feel a little better.

  24. There is a guy at my house right now cleaning my carpets, and I swear to god, I think it is Michael Rosival. He looks EXACTLY like him, his name, is Michael, and he has an accent. Hmmmm.

  25. Nice review, Carp.

    I agree with most of you about Girardi. The guy is not deserving of 1st pair minutes. I really think Sauer and McMonster are currently better defensively and bring more to the table. Say what you want, but Girardi is only a slightly better than average d-man, at best…I agree with cw about how Staal has made him look better than he really is…

    Manny, I agree about McCabe. We didn’t get McCabe to play defense (thank goodness). We got him to shoot from the point, hit the net, and keep the puck in the offensive zone. He’s done his job so far…and it was refreshing to see so many shots from the point actually get through!!

    LMAO @ Landfill-League!

  26. Leetchhalloffame on

    I’ve seen enough of Prospal. He’s done. Probably can’t blame the downward slide on one player but the hard fact is the team hasn’t looked the same since he returned.

  27. The power play was a whole new ball game last night. Totally remarkable how ONE man can change everything. I was actually hoping for a power play towards the end of the game thinking they were due for a PP goal.

  28. Only 4 teams in the entire league have a worse home record than the New York Rangers.

    That alone is reason enough why this team won’t make the playoffs.

    I’m taking the Rodent’s line of thought and repeating to myself that I thought the Rangers were, at best, a 10th or 11th place team at the beginning of the season. And at this stage I think that’s probably where they’ll end up (with the Devils finishing above them for good measure)

    Hank…I gotta say…is only a good goaltender. I think after all the fruitless endeavors of goalies to plug the gap between Richter and Hank we all got a bit spoiled when we finally found a number one goalie who showed flashes of brilliance.

    Flashes only. This season I can’t think of a single game where he’s pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat. Not one. Soft goals are the norm for him these days. Giving up goals at bad times is the norm for him these days.

    Hank isn’t a great goaltender. He’s a good one. That’s all. If the Rangers had more than a pop-gun offense he’d be just fine. But they don’t, and he isn’t the kind of goalie to steal games. Think of how many second-string goalies have outplayed Hank this season…let alone the elite goaltenders.

    Last time I remember him stealing a game was that playoff game against the Caps…almost two years ago now.

    Anywho…I’m not sure there’s any reason to be optimistic about the playoffs. Does Tortorella have the coaching acumen to get this ship righted in time? How many times can you hear “Just find a way to win”?

    It was a brilliant, fun run for a good part of this season. But these past few weeks have been abysmal. Everyone has fallen back to earth. They look tired, disjointed, and now disheartened.

    I can see this team taking an absolute nose-dive in the standings because I don’t see how they can suddenly pick up their game. This is the best they can do…come up one goal short every single time.

    Think of all the times these players were quoted talking about “moving up in the standings” and not worrying about a playoff spot…

    THAT is when this team lost it’s focus and it’s game. I believe it whole-heartedly because as a fan for nearly 30 years I believe when a team thinks it’s better than it is…they stop giving full effort and start making mental mistakes. And this team has been showing that in spades.

    Tortorella’s coach of the year award sure seems silly right about now, doesn’t it? I bet he blows up before the season is out.

  29. They can pick their game up though, because we are not getting blown out. We are in each and every game here.

  30. Let’s not go all Uncle Ned and reach for the vanilla extract over here. I think we still make it.

  31. Good points Carp, unfortunately Vinny is done. Really disgusted with not getting the 2 points last night especially with Buffalo having 3 games in hand. Frustrated with this losing on home ice, its gotta stop

  32. Can’t help but be in a bum mood.

    I can’t lean on the “couple of bounces here or there and we win” argument anymore. The frustration level is growing on this team and I just think they are gonna get a whole lot worse before they get better.

    And really…what is wrong with this team playing at home? I’ve backed out of going to a couple of games this season because I knew they’d put up a stinker or come up short…and I was right every time. Luckily I got to see a boring shutout against the Isles the one game I did go to. But for a team that talks so much about how great it is to play at MSG I’m curious why they continually come out on the ice like it’s an exhibition game and then struggle to play catch up.

    Yeah, I’m bummed out. Oh, well.

    Could be worse…I could be a Mets fan. Heard someone on the radio call them the “New York Debts” based on their financial woes.

    Gotta say..that’s pretty funny. With their owners, the Wilponzis. lol

  33. Gilroy did look great last night. If I was the rangers organization I would seriously consider keeping gilroy and dump giraidi.

  34. Good point about bounces CJP – we got one last night. A HUGE one with a few seconds to go. And Zuccarello missed it (R. Miller made a great save also). So it isn’t about the bounces.

  35. I liked Gilroy the whole time, but he’s a 6th or maybe 5th D -man. Dan G. @ his best is a 3rd so let’s not get carried away. Carp what do you think Gilroy a poor man’s Grant Ledger?

  36. If you think Gilroy is overpaid look at Girardi’s monies, he is a second line D-man at best.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Playoffs…you’re talking Playoffs!! (J. Mora)

    Haven’t had fun watching team since mid/late Jan when the kids were up and we were pounding our opponents into the boards. We really have no options but to hit or watch teams skate around us. During the first half of second period we started to bang and the sabres were rattled (no put intended), but we did not capitalize. Wolski takes a dumb penalty and we are down 2-0 which is like being down 10-0 these days.

    Just watched video of 2nd PP goal – McCabe had a chance to clear puck, almost whiffed, Sabres kept it in, then he preceded to stand around and watch the puck with him man gathering rebound and passing through crease to open man. I am assuming we DID NOT get McCabe to play the PK. We should have Em out there instead.

  38. It’s a good point. McCabe does not look like a great D-Man. He is a great point player – but he is a slow pudgy skater.

    McCabe actually reminds me of the little chubby guy in the classic Nintendo game “Ice Hockey” where you played 4-on-4 and picked your players based on size.

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Someone has mentioned it and it needs to be repeated. We have a lot of youngsters making more money than they dreamed, out in the Naked City doing lord knows what. We really have no leadership from players who have played on winning teams and can role-model what it is to be a pro.

    Vinny is too busy at the tanning salon, Gabby has no sack and McCabe has just arrived. Slats needed to pick up a veteran player to show these kids around, Torts cannot coach and babysit at the same time. Sunday’s game was a joke and we have another early one this Sunday against the Flyers – Ah Hartnell!

  40. Good morning all! Nasty, yell Potvin stinks behind his back and see if turns around :) Then send him to my place cause my carpets could use a cleaning.
    I’m over last night. Time to worry about Thursday.

  41. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp! Nothing unusual there. Not much to add.

    Hank looked shaky, indeed. None of the goals is his fault, however. Is it just his lack of concentration? Maybe. But I also believe that it has something to do with changes on defense. Just remember, Torts constantly changes our lines. But not the defensive pairing. That remained constant, more or less. Now, with the addition of McCabe and injury to Staal he has no choice. Girardi looks lost, McD becomes our top D-man, and Sauer acquires a new partner. All these changes are difficult to adjust to by a young core, during the playoff run, no less. Hank is used to certain arrangements and certain type of positional coverage. Having said that, he is a top player on this team, and being paid as such, he needs to concentrate better if this team has any chance.

    Rodent did a great job. He put everything in perspective. He used two pages to say what this blog has been saying for a while- it’s not about this year, it’s about a long term plan. And the organization has been doing a great job sticking to it. What he didn’t mention is that, even if they don’t sign Richards this offseason, they will have enough bluechips to land a high level talent if need to, when the time is right. There is a much better plan B than it was in 1997.

    I still believe they will make the PO. Buffalo has a brutal schedule and Carolina isn’t playing great. But not without Gaborik and Staal back to their top form. And not without Hank being his best.

  42. EXACTLY!!! We are NOT a must win NOW at any cost organization anymore. I like that, and have no problem with it.

  43. Blue Seat Horror on

    If the Rangers don’t change their modus operandi, which is currently to run out of time in one goal games, they’re going to run out of regular season and have a chance to send some players to the world cup.

  44. Although we are rebuilding and a few years down the road we could have a dynasty led by Stepan, we are still a “could” win now team. Just need some better 60-minute efforts.

  45. Right, ilb, it isn’t about this year. And early in the year when they were playing so hard, everybody was on board — “we’re happy as long as they play hard and stay with the kids and we’ll live with the bumps.” Well, these are the bumps, they’re staying with the kids, and they’re playing hard (just not well, but don’t get those confused). And I still think they’ll make it, still finish seventh.

    Grabby, sorry. I thought I had read McMonster before. I just didn’t remember where or by whom. Full credit to you.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Atta boy, Hat Trick Tony.

  46. I HATE that we lost 2 more points on home ice..AGAIN.
    But Ryan McDonagh is becoming my favorite new player. That kid last night was everywhere. Defending, stepping up to keep the puck in play. With him and Stepan and the likes of the other young guys on this team our future looks very promising.

    did I mention I HATE that we lost …AGAIN on home ice. Jeez

  47. Two more things: McMonster and Staal both play the same side, so it’s unlikely they will play together.

    And please stop saying Sather should have gotten a veteran leader … would you have wanted Arnott for a young player, maybe Gilroy or Stepan or Zuccarello? Or a second-rounder? Washington gave up a pretty decent player for him.

  48. Stranger Nation on

    If we finish 7th and get the Bolts, I believe we can beat them in a series.

    If we go 8th and get the Phith, I am not so sure

    If by we land the 6th spot (unlikely) and get Pens or even Caps, very confident.

    Reality – Eastern Conf is watered down, no real dominant teams – all have flaws


  49. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Prospal is ripe for get injured, again. He is going to get wiped out, ACL time, or something. He is down to skating AHL- level at best, now. Wish Sather and Torts would get together and make a pro-active move here, now just be content to lose a few close games until the inevitable happens. This is sad, all around.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – not saying they should have traded for one at the deadline, but they should have had that presence on the roster from the get-go. I have no insight into their activities outside of the rink, but I was young and single once in the big city and there are distractions out there…

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Win or lose, this young team has to be coming together because it is becoming intact and cohesive. This will show up in the form of more consistent winning, next fall, if not sooner. One or two more forward snipers to go with the ongoing maturing being gained on the blue line, and there could be a dramatic turnaround to the frustrations now being felt. We lost to Buffalo but the biggest gain in a long time was the discipline exhibited at the trade deadline time not to tamper with the solid roots that have been planted.

    It is always darkest before the dawn, they say. I say the dawning is close at hand.

  52. Enough veteran players. You really need them when you are ready for the run. Otherwise you end up wondering whether to buy them out or move them to AHL.

    Staal- Sauer pairing would allow Marc join the offense. McD, even though he probably belongs on first pair, should play with Dan. Gilroy is surely making it difficult not to qualify him this offseason.

  53. bull dog line on

    none of the goals are ever Hanks fault, right.
    the second goal was because Hank could not control a rebound! if you watched Miller you saw him control rebounds on the power play. Hank lets one bounce right in front of him and the Sabre player jumps on it and makes a great pass. no rebound, no pass, no goal.

  54. And they still don’t make a point of putting someone in front of opponent net, when they have a behind the net and along the boards scrummage. They are the ONLY team I’ve seen fail to do this…and it shows in the time wasted department.

    There was a while there when the announcers indicated that the Rangers had “outshot” the Sabers…….I wondered how he figured that, because they certainly weren’t goal bound shots, and of those that were they were easily handled by Miller ( who by the way, I have always thought superior to Hank.)

    And I still cannot figure out why so many folks are bound and determined to have Gilroy shipped out somewhere else.

    But the single most irritating feature again, was the unfavoritism shown by the Refs to Rangers. It’s reaching the point of being ridiculous.

  55. ilb – I applaud your post 10:41 AM. Spot on!

    It’s about the future…developing and nuturing your own assets, and not about Brad Richards, Jason Arnott, or (Please insert your favortie veteran here) !

  56. Dubinsky- AA- Callahan line should be kept together for long time. AA yesterday showed why, despite of many RR bloggers willing to trade him left and right, he is likely on the list of almost untouchables. He was physical and strong on both sides of the puck. Let those three stay together.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    Lack of leadership is underrated. The pups need someone to pick them up when Torts knocks them down, teach them how to be a pro away from the rink, how to prepare for a game. Habits are hard to break and a culture develops over time from bad habits.

    Veterans at beginning of year:
    Drury, Vinny, Avery, Feds, Boogie, Gabby, Feds, EC, Ems

    Which one do you still want on this team next year?????????????????????????????

    I am not advocating signing a big name at the tail end of his career, but finding the character guy who will lead by example.

  58. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – I like Avery and what he brings to the game.

    The fact he owns a bar downtown cannot be a good thing for the players. Not saying they should go home and have their milk and cookies.

    Some people are real down on him. I think he is our best player on the side boards who more ofter than not will make the right break out pass. I do not expect him to score so any offense is a plus.

    Of the list above – GAbby, Avery and Feds bring value however injuries and lack of production from Feds and Gabby make Avery look pretty good.

  59. short side goal on

    Prospal Stinks! Done as can be, don’t want to see him anymore, I don’t even want to hear his name.
    Zuc no good on the PP point. Can’t shoot. McCabe should be out for full two minutes, that will give him less time on Def, cuz Yikes! The next time he’s in the right position will be the first.
    Gilroy not big enough or physical enough. If he’s not gonna score 15 goals don’t want him around next year. Same goes for DelZotto.
    Big game Thurs. Sabres Canes…..You can bet your house that’s gonna be a 3 point game, the way things are going.
    And Finally……..CAN ANYONE FINISH!!!!!

  60. Mister Delaware on

    “Instead my wife called me asinine (repeatedly) during the third period last night. So i stomped off to bed and told her to watch one of her piece of carcillo medical dramas on tivo. Basically compounded the whole night by acting…asinine. Now if zuccarello scores on the backhand and we win in the shootout i have a better clue of what grey is up to and which piece of anatomy was featured. And my wife doesnt think she is married to a 37 (26) year old manchild.”

    Just wanted to go back to this one. There should be a class for significant others who aren’t really into sports teaching them how to deal with quick bursts of anger / frustration. Because nothing compunds the annoyance of a terrible play or goal allowed better than being told you shouldn’t curse loud-ish because sound carries in our condo or mocked for getting mad because yes, I already know I’m stupid for getting that mad a 36 year old Czech I have never and likely will never meet who I’m sure is trying really hard and far more pissed off than I am. I’ll be over it in 30 seconds, dear, just wait it out.

  61. My Fiance IS really into sports and she has had multiple interventions as of late to get me to stop watching the games with such fervor.

  62. Stranger Nation on

    short side – that was hilarious

    Also thanks to the former rangers who offered to return to pick up the offense after last nights’ game. That was priceless. Favorite was Brashear’s post after reading that article yesterday.

    Only the Rangers can acquire goons who decide they do not want to brawl any more when they get here or get hurt.

  63. Let’s not forget the Brashear hit on Blaire Betts – then picking him up. Classy move.

  64. Other than Newbery & Eminger Avery & Prust had the least amount of minutes last night. Why???

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Depressing outcome last night. That said, rangers will make the playoffs. My astrology coach just read my chart and said that April will be a most happy happy month…. Given that she is never wrong, that astrology is an exact science, and the rangers are bound to catch one byfuglin break at some point… It’s in the bag…. Say goodnight vinny…torts needs to pull him aside and dreary him…. Funny post last night from rocket Richard “I am dead and have as many goals as our captain” I nearly fell over…

  66. Manfried – Always keep the fervor. It’s what makes us heroes! The team needs our support, whether it be in MSG, the road, or in front of the TV.

  67. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    Was at the game last night. Because of the Versus telecast, I could not watch a replay.

    How blatant was that high stick on MZA? I was sitting on that end of the ice and it looked as clear as effing day. Not that that’s an excuse or anything, but how do two referees miss an easy one like that?

    This has been a very very frustrating couple games. They better sweep Minnesota and Ottawa before inevitably losing to the Flyers in the dreaded Sunday home matinee.

  68. You got it Tiki. I will be a forever Hero. The interventions have been wholly unsuccesful. I jumped around and went crazy during Anisimov’s goal to my fiance rolling her eyes.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Noah, I think losing to the Flyers has nothing to do with the game being on Sunday or a matinee.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I lock my wife and kids in the closet during games….the only problem is that I have to turn up the sound really really loud to drown out the kicking and screaming…

  71. Manfried – You are undoubtedly a hero! By the way, AJ pitches today! Game is on YES. Im sure AJ is going to have a very good year for us. Just believe in AJ!

  72. what does Avery owning a bar have anything to do with it?

    SO they wouldnt go out drinking if he didnt own a bar???

  73. I really don’t think going out and partying is the problem. I am not going to get on these guys for that. Ottawa is not exactly the big apple and that team still stinks. The equation just doesn’t work. You can be from boring towns and have bad hockey teams and vice versa and so on and so forth and etc.

  74. I think it’s high time for Drury to surrender his captaincy to someone who is, I dont know, actually in the lineup? Respecting Drury is all well and good but let’s face it he’s even more done for his career than Prospal is.

  75. Stranger Nation on

    2W-7L in matinees this year – not very strong

    MON OCT 11, 2010 RANGERS ISLANDERS, 1:00 PM FINAL NYR (4) – NYI (6)

    SUN NOV 14, 2010 OILERS RANGERS, 12:30 PM FINAL EDM (2) – NYR (8)

    SUN DEC 5, 2010 SENATORS RANGERS, 5:00 PM FINAL OTT (3) – NYR (1)

    SAT DEC 18, 2010 RANGERS FLYERS, 1:00 PM FINAL NYR (1) – PHI (4)

    SUN JAN 2, 2011 RANGERS PANTHERS 5:00 PM FINAL NYR (0) – FLA (3)


    SUN FEB 13, 2011 PENGUINS RANGERS 3:00 PM FINAL PIT (3) – NYR (5)

    SUN FEB 20, 2011 FLYERS RANGERS12:30 PM FINAL PHI (4) – NYR (2)


  76. Mister Delaware on

    Because this is always fun and useless, the lines as I’d like to see them going forward assume everyone that I want to come back comes back …

    Wolski – Stepan – Gaborik
    Dubinsky – Anisimov – Callahan
    Avery – Christensen – MZA
    Fedotenko – Boyle – Prust

    Staal – Girardi
    McDonagh – Sauer
    McCabe – Gilroy/Eminger

    Pressbox: Prospal (I just don’t see what he brings at this point, he’s simply too slow to keep up with most of the wings and not performing on the PP), Booooooogaaaaaaard (unless its a fighty game), Gilroy/Eminger

    Those would be ideal. In games where Wolski is absent, move Fedotenko to the top line, when the Rangers are running out only 3 lines, sub Boyle for MZA. Basically its a talent line, a two-way line, a quick/dangerous line and a tough/grinding line. The last two aren’t strict 3rd/4th, either one would be the designated 3rd depending on the flow of the game. I thought Prust’s utilization last night was right where he should be, ace penalty killer and some energy shifts, keep him fresh for the rest of the year.

  77. many recent tough losses. the rangers never really get blown out and in most games they outchance there opponent.

    mccabe is good on the PP but he is a 3rd pair d man now, very slow, and looses site of the puck quite a bit.

    they miss mr staal a ton he is a top echelon d man sportsfans.
    proud of the effort, jsut not finishing. dubi needs to make the next move from a 20 goal guy to a 30 goal guy, he needs to do more with all the minutes.

    they have 4 very good young d men in staal, saur, mcdonagh, and girardi. they have numerous 20 goal young forward types, they just do not have any real elite scoring talent. gaborik has killed them this year with the injuries and limited production.

    henrik has been ok but not elte regardless of his 8 shutouts… there D is top 5, the offense and PP are the culprits. same oldstory all year.

    need to get feds and gabby and staal in there it would really help a lot………….

  78. I will continue to drive the point home – this team has NOT been the same since Fedotenko went down. They won the game after his injury and have struggled mightily since. He is the keystone (lynchpin).

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    I posit that the two losses to the Flyers would have happened whenever or wherever they set the game. Likewise for the Lightning and Canadiens, who have just had our number this season.

    That makes us 2-3 by my count.

  80. worry about prospal in the offseason he still gives them more then other options. he is 35 and a FA they will not resign him so why discuss minor issues…..

    i have said many a time when you do not have elite offensive talent why not spread out the minutes more evenly then torts does.

    if feds and gabby come back sit newbury and ???

    play all 4 lines about 15 minutes why not???????????dubi has been given a ton of minutes gotten close but not hit the back of the net in a long time…………………………………….

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Dubi came back too soon after his injury. He just hasn’t had the same speed or power he had prior to the stress-fracture diagnosis.

  82. I think the talent level will be upgraded next season and that of course is tied in with Drury’s cap hit coming off the books, either in whole or in part.

    Our leading goal scorer right now and the only player we have with 20 goals is our 3rd line center. That, my friends, is a problem.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    I should say, shortly before the diagnosis, as his game had started to slip somewhat leading up to it.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    DJK, I think the talent level only increases as far as our young core players can improve.

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    That is, I don’t think adding Richards will suddenly make this a “talented” team.

  86. Speaking of counting….

    I counted THREE times the linesmen ruined our scoring chance or odd man rush in the 3rd period alone. Why The Face!? (WTF)

    “…and you can count…on me…waiting for you…in the parking lot.”

  87. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    There was one instance where a linesman COMPLETELY stopped a rush into the Buffalo zone in the third period. That’s inexcusable.

  88. Yup – I believe we had a breakaway – something on the near boards (from camera angle) and the linesman just got COMPLETELY in the way. Two other times the linesman was hit with the puck off a rangers players stick and it bounced off him and right to a Buffalo player.

    Inexcusable. No excuse.

  89. Doodie: Richards will in all likelihood replace Dreary in the lineup. That’s something right there.

    Come to think of it, maybe the only reason why Dreary hasn’t been stripped of the captaincy yet is that the team wants to placate him into gracefully retiring rather than him forcing a buyout.

  90. Our leading goal scorer right now and the only player we have with 20 goals is our 3rd line center.


    not to mention, this guy is having a career year!

    I really do hope that our younger core will get better with time because right now we stink!

  91. next season propsal, fedentenko, emminger and frolov all come off the books. Buy out drury. Frees up 14 million in cap space ( not counting redden).

  92. Stranger Nation on

    Maybe not having Cally and Dubi killing penalties would put more in their tank during 5v5. How many top scoring lines have their forwards killing penalties? Those are tough minutes on the ice

    Current PK Pairings:
    1) Ryan Callahan Brandon Dubinsky
    2) Brandon Prust Brian Boyle
    3) Derek Stepan Artem Anisimov

    Feds can be used there when he comes back.

    Only 4 teams scored more than 2 goals last night in the 10 games played
    Pens, Habs (3), Stars (3 – no Richards…) and Flames (6 – Blues suck eggs).
    Hank needs to step it up – other goalies are.

  93. Mister Delaware on

    “That is, I don’t think adding Richards will suddenly make this a “talented” team.”

    Really? I’d argue we really are one outside piece away from having a legitimately talented roster. Maybe not Richards himself, because of all the reasons we’ve debated at length, but I think a Richards level player does it. Of course, that involves two major on-roster assumptions (three if you could simply resigning our RFA forwards). One, Stepan has to prove he’s capable of holding his own centering the top line and, two, Kreider (or another skilled rookie) makes the jump to the 3rd line. New guy + rookie to the core of Gaborik/Stepan/Dubinsky/Callahan/Boyle/Wolski plus a 4th of Avery/Prust/someone looks pretty nice. On paper. Where the 2011-12 games will be played. For now.

  94. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    so just a couple of things here…

    I meant to bring this up after the tampa loss, but our d men give up waaaaayyyy too much ground in our own zone! I forgot who it was on the 2nd tampa goal for the rangers, but both d men just kept backing and tampa easily scores.

    Which brings me to my next point, we are absolutely horrible in front of the crease. Our d men are sooo soft there (yes they really are), and if anyone can’t see that you need some glasses. I mean I just love the way d men now give the opposing players free reign in front of hank and are NEVER between the opposing forward and hank…pathetic and ridiculous!

    We really do need a physically intimidating d man that will move bodies from hank’s area!!!

    These last two games have been exactly like playoff games and our lack of physicality on the blue line is really showing it is the major problem on this team.

    I agree they need to have more hate in their game across the line up
    prospal needs to go away
    I like the way after the knee hit on avery, newbury goes after the guy and JACK WAGON award winner torts doesn’t give him much ice time the rest of the game, BRILLIANT (just cut the pecans off this team torts, just cut them)!!!

    lastly, OPG is just…well OPG!!

  95. When are we going to be ready to call these games MUST WINS? We are always saying…I don’t want to call it a must win, yet…but…

    Seems to me like we have a few MUST WINS over the next few days and they are easily winnable games.

  96. animsov-callahan-dubinsky

    this is our offense next season if all those guys come off the books…room for maybe a GOOD free agent signing and rookie to crack lineup…14 million in cap space

  97. RE: that matinee record: The two wins were against Edmonton (the worst performance by an opponent all year, and about nine goals from Gaborik) and Pittsburgh (minus Malkin, Crosby, that piece of carcillo Cooke and others) after their brawl-loss to the Islanders.

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – so true, they may be vampires cause the sunlight weakens them, that and the hangovers…

    While this has been an issue since the beginning of time, is there any sheet in the league worse than the slush puddle we play on? If not, how come we do not have home ice advantage. Jeez Louise.

  99. I find it amusing that Goldbrick, er, I mean gaborik, decides that he is fine to return to practice right after they lose and get into dire straits. He thinks he is the hero riding in on the white horse, when in fact he is the reason they are not comfortsably in the drivers seat. his lack of production this season while his teammates were busting their hump grinding out road wins is disgraceful. and they could have had a much better home record if he had produced vs decent teams instead of just running up his stats vs the Oilers etc.

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky makes a great point ….hank’s crease often looks like grand central station…way way too crowded…i am suprised more accidental scramble loose puck goals DONT go in….its like the keystone cops….punish the opposing mofos when they get anywhere near the crease…other teams do it to our guys, therefore….

  101. short side goal

    nice post, agree with your comments, you sound as frustrated as mostly everybody else is . We have to win on home ice, no Excuses.

  102. I know we all laughed at Renney when he said that he plays not to lose but at least Renney was great at winning at home and winning divisional or important games as the one last night…or at least getting important points by taking tougher games to OT

    Torts…eh, not so much.

  103. I’m glad Sather kept the kids at the deadline but we need somebody, anybody and get me somebody while I’m waiting, to put the puck in the net. Torts is starting to wear on me. Good point CCCP on Renney.

  104. True Blue 23 on

    without even going through bits and pieces of the whole game, that last chance by MZA has to go in…

  105. eddie eddie eddie on

    MZA should be able to put A LOT more in period….many pucks bounce over his stick, or he fans on his shot, or misses open the net….the lil guy is no finisher…

  106. doodie,
    agree about richards. Richards is not going to make the rangers a stanely cup contender. That is why i would pass on richards, not worth paying 7+ mil to a 30 and over player. Haven’t ranger fans learned this by now.

  107. Mister Delaware on

    “MZA should be able to put A LOT more in period….many pucks bounce over his stick, or he fans on his shot, or misses open the net….the lil guy is no finisher…”

    Right, and no one’s eyes are closer to their stick blade than his are. Should be easy, right?

  108. eddie eddie eddie on

    drury has a new item at the pizzy parlor…its called “the captain”….the only problem…when the oven door opens…it never goes in…

  109. I do not hide the fact that Dubinsky is my favorite Ranger. I have to think he has been hurting, and that is why it has taken some time to become the MONSTER that Dubi is. That is all! Please practice caution while eating microwaved cheeses today.

    the Mao

  110. Why don’t we blame Drury’s Pizza Place for the poor performance? Maybe the guys aren’t drinking at Avery’s place but eating Pizza with Drury!

    Theory: Drury has been manning the oven at his pizza place and burned holes into his pants that way.

  111. ToMG,

    Richards may not be the missing piece to the puzzle, but a player of his caliber is needed.

    Chicago had Toews and Kane and still went out and got Hossa.
    Pittsburgh had Crosby and Malkin and still got Guerin.
    Detroit has Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Franzen.

    All the Rangers have right now is Gaborik. They need more guys with elite finishing ability.

  112. Mister Delaware on

    Agree, ToMG. Usually the best route for acquiring key players is free agency but the lack of young talent available this offseason makes it unappealing. I’d much rather see us trade some excess young parts for either an RFA’s rights* or a < 30 guy whose price tag no longer appeals to his team.

    * What sucks is the most appealing fit, Parise, belongs to a team that most certainly isn't going to want to work with us. Setoguchi? Ladd?

  113. Charlie Sheen on

    New to the sight, love reading the comments (its good to see im not the only one miserable right now) Couple of points I would like to hit on:

    1.) Some of you guys are trying to say the Rangers were hungover for Sundays game? REALLY? these guys are early 20’s I used to play DRUNK when i was that old, thats not the problem. Plus the fact that if thats the case then they must have been drinking before every game for the last month, cuz the first periods have been horrendous. Which is in my opinion is a direct reflection of the coach NOT PREPARED. Which brings us to……

    2.) The ARROGANCEof Torts is off the charts. he bitched and moaned about not having a PP QB, then gets one and doesnt use him telling the MSG guys “oh I really like the way this first unit has been playing lately” WHAAAAAAT. What exctly does he like? If anyone on this board complained at work about a procedure, got the procedure changed to a better one, than said “oh u know what, that old way wasnt so bad” how long would it take before you were cleaning out your desk?

    3.) Enough with Lundqvist bashing. He and Miller played the same game last night, the only diff was when Boyes and Hecht had empty nets, they didnt shoot it into the goalie on the other side. If you really think we have goalie problems, look 30 mins east.

    4.) i will be drinking heavily tomorrow, and would like to volunteer a drunk review of the game

    5.) ENZO!!!!

  114. MD Ranger Fan on

    Liked hearing the good news on the injury front. Having your best D-man and most gifted forward (notice I didn’t say best, this year) out does not help this time of year. Stepping back, I am exremely happy with the progress of the defensemen. I doubt any of us could have predicted where McD and Sauer would be now, and probably not Gilroy either, seems to be getting it. Staal also has gotten better, embracing a huge workload. I agree that Girardi may be stagnant. Even so (and not forgetting MDZ, who still seems to be have a good future, IMHO), this season has been terrific for the growth of a young defense corp. Next project, the forwards.

  115. I’m not going to put any blame on MZA, a rookie, when he one of the only guys with elite skill on the team. Ok, he’s had trouble scoring…but do you really he is a problem? I’d be happy with 2 or 3 more guys just like him…

    Wanna know the real problems?

    EC’s inconsistency and the amount of minutes Torts gives him.
    Michael Del Zotto’s situation.
    When in the lineup, Gabby has been a cracked shell of the 2009-10 Gabby
    Avery has lost any goal scoring touch he may once have had.
    Dubinsky is not playing like he did in the first half…
    Eminger is our most physical d-man.

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    the real problem is that at Avery’s bar, the ranger’s players all like one of his specials….its called “the shooter”…the problem, whenever they go to drink it, it goes wide of their mouth…

  117. Mister Delaware on

    “When was the last time Avery played like Avery?”

    Shouldn’t the real question be “would Avery give us more than _______” in similar minutes. And, filling in that blank with Prospal, I’d think right now he would. Even when he’s not finishing, he’s all over the ice and passing pretty well. More importantly, he’s keeping up. Give him a few games of 16+ minutes and see what happens.

  118. Hey Charlie excellent points there…….love the ENZO at the end……Lol……..You’re 100% right.

  119. I think Tony has a point though – Avery is neither fighting nor drawing (enough) penalties. Last year (around now) I remember him pestering people and drawing a lot of penalties by not dropping his own gloves. Maybe people have figured that out and want him to drop first (as he did last night without a call).

    Main point: Avery looks like he’s trying to be an undersized, hardnose player that works the boards in the offensive zone. Bottom line is that he is not that kind of player. He can, and should, leave that type of play up to other players on the team (Boyle or Newbury, for example). Avery is a role player and for him to be valuable he has to fill that role.

  120. MD Ranger Fan on

    Here’s a question. Who are the top three players that should go to the Brian Boyle summer skating school? My picks are
    1. Dan Girardi – A step quicker would help him a lot.
    2. Derek Stepan – Seems to get caught from behind and then pulls up because he is getting caught. Has the offensive instincts and an extra step to give him the bit more time to use them would be good.
    3. MZA – Would make him closer to Marty St. Louis.

  121. bull dog line on

    yes lets give the guy who has 6 pts since december 2nd more ice time. makes perfect sense to me. what is with Avery that no matter how bad he plays, and how little he accomplishes, people here think giving more ice time is a solution.

  122. Mister Delaware: Parise is an RFA. We can sign him to a max deal which the Devils cannot match due to their cap situation (Kovalchuk contract) and they’d get 4 first round picks from us as compensation.

    It’s either that, or Brad Richards, or wait and see if another team wants to part with a similar offensive star.

  123. and what is with people that no matter how bad the rest of the team play it is always Avery’s fault…

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, I don’t think people like bull dog and myself blame the teams woes on Avery, just that we don’t see him as the solution.

  125. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    I would take Parise over Richards any day of the week and twice on Tuesday.

  126. Mister Delaware on

    “yes lets give the guy who has 6 pts since december 2nd more ice time. makes perfect sense to me. what is with Avery that no matter how bad he plays, and how little he accomplishes, people here think giving more ice time is a solution.”

    I wish I had a way of seeing his ice time / linemates before your cutoff date and after. That would certainly make one of our arguments a lot more solid.

  127. I am not blaming anything on Avery. I am just saying he is not playing the role he is needs to play. There are plenty of other reasons the Rangers are losing.

  128. Mister Delaware on

    “Mister Delaware: Parise is an RFA. We can sign him to a max deal which the Devils cannot match due to their cap situation (Kovalchuk contract) and they’d get 4 first round picks from us as compensation.”

    Right but … man … I’d really hate giving up 4 1sts inside the division. Much rather an RFA on a team we can work out a deal with using some excess parts (Gilroy, a prospect or two they like more than we do) rather than all those future picks.

  129. I would take Parise over Richards any day of the week and twice on Tuesday.


    Noah, couldn’t agree more!!

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    Avery is one of the few rangers who is busting his arz each and every game….avery doesnt float when he is on the ice….prospal skates like an old grandpa…still ice time galore….EC hasnt thown a check once in his entire career……score once every full moon….how are these getting their minutes?????????????/ if there was a stat, for pts per second of ice time…Avery would lead the team….that is a fact

  131. i may resign Fedetenko for next year at a low #. When healthy he has been a very good 2 way player.

    again avery is a good 4th liner and should get a few more minutes as should the whole 3rd and 4th line because the 1st line is not exactly the GAG line.

    newbury sits, when gaborik comes back i say sit whoever played bad the game before..

    christenson is a pain but sitll has been 1 of the better forwards lately.

    the rangers had numerous good chances they did not convert last night including; gilroy off the post from the slot, mza with 1:30 left great pass from wolski, dubi a few times, girardi inside the faceoff circle etc.

    again nice call on the first wolski penalty, suprised CARP did not balst tha t1. that was a check, the guy was 5 feet from the boards. No way has that ever been a penalty.

  132. bull dog line on

    mister Delaware,
    I took the last 18 games. from Jan 19, thru last night.
    6 games of at least 15 minute, including 1 in which he played 21 minutes.
    6 games of 10 or more minutes, and 6 games of less then 10 minutes.
    in these 18 games he managed 5 assists including 3 on that date that i started, jan 19.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    DJK, or, you develop from within and don’t throw all of your money away on a player that’s 31 or trade away four first round picks for a guy who is coming off a major injury this season.

    I’ll be the first to admit that we don’t really have any bona fide superstar offensive talent in the pipeline. We have a couple players that provide us with hope (Stepan, Kreider), but are mostly an organization comprised of 2nd line talent. Even still, I think it’s better that we retain our depth at defense, ensuring we develop and don’t lose guys like Staal, McDonagh, MDZ, and to a lesser extent, Gilroy and Sauer.

  134. Mister Delaware on

    Avery’s assists …

    10-09: Stepan, Stepan
    10-15: Roszival, Boyle
    10-24: Roszival
    10-27: Boyle
    11-09: Boyle
    11-14: Anisimov
    11-26: Stepan
    12-02: Christensen, Gaborik, Gaborik
    12-09: Sauer (PP)
    12-16: Stepan
    01-19: Gaborik, Gaborik, Gaborik
    01-24: Gaborik
    02-07: Dubinsky
    02-22: Prust

    Gaborik: 6
    Stepan: 4
    Boyle: 3
    Roszival: 2
    Anisimov, Christensen, Dubinsky, Prust, Sauer: 1

  135. Mister Delaware on

    What I’d really love, to follow up on the assist count, is his ice time by pairing. Because if the expectation is that he should just be more productive setting up guys like Newbury and Prust … yeah … would have to disagree.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Mister Delaware, you didn’t notice that there are only 3 assists in the past month and a half? Take out the fluke Gaborik hat trick against Toronto (since they just did not compete that day) and its two and a half months with three assists.

    Remember when Aaron Voros had a really hot start to the season and was leading the league in goal scoring?

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister Delaware, funny, Prust and Boyle haven’t had a hard time putting up points when paired with each other.

  138. eddie eddie eddie on

    hey doodie – right…and the rest of the rangers are lighting it up like a pin ball machine…right…

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    eddie, every forward on the team that has played at least 20 games has more goals than Avery except for Drury. Prospal has more goals than Avery in 12 games, and listening to people today you would think that Prospal is just a corpse on skates.

  140. MD Ranger Fan on

    Almost completely agree with the statement by Doodie (exception being that I would be almost as close to holding onto right handed shooting Sauer)

    “I?ll be the first to admit that we don?t really have any bona fide superstar offensive talent in the pipeline. We have a couple players that provide us with hope (Stepan, Kreider), but are mostly an organization comprised of 2nd line talent. Even still, I think it?s better that we retain our depth at defense, ensuring we develop and don?t lose guys like Staal, McDonagh, MDZ, and to a lesser extent, Gilroy and Sauer.”

  141. eddie eddie eddie on

    avery is 4th or 5th on the team in assists…counts for something……fact of the matter NO RANGER is scoring worth a carcillo

  142. I don’t think giving Avery more minutes will mean that he will score more. Avery has to go back with what made him effective. Be the agitator, get under the other team’s skin. Draw penalties. He hasn’t done that lately.

    But, he isn’t the only one that hasn’t been playing up to his best lately. Dubi hasn’t done anything since his injury. Gaborik has been AWOL all season except for 3 games against the dregs of the league.

    Those are the guys that would bring the team out of the doldrums. Like Torts likes to say, your best players have to play like your best players.

  143. bull dog line on

    14 assists from beginning of season to december 2. 6 since, with 3 in one game.

  144. Mister Delaware on

    “Hey Mister Delaware, you didn’t notice that there are only 3 assists in the past month and a half?”

    Part and parcel of my argument. Linemates. He hasn’t been with Stepan or Boyle regularly in a while and when he’s been with Gaborik, it seems to work.

  145. eddie eddie eddie on

    while not an excuse, i have to think avery is in a bit of a pickle…he gets under the skin of an opponent…and BOOM he gets whistled for 2 minutes…..penalty, the rangers #16….. 2 minutes…breathing

  146. bull dog line on

    cross check,
    that is true, and all the guys you mentioned are being ripped here, Avery is the only no matter the facts everybody runs to defend.

  147. Mister Delaware on

    “… and listening to people today you would think that Prospal is just a corpse on skates.”

    Assuming you placed him in the defensive zone, a corpse would have stayed home on the GWG last night.

  148. Thank you Charlie! I have been saying that. PLAY YOUR ROLE please Mr. Avery. Agitate on the ice. Land model Girlfriends off the ice and look good while doing both.

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    bull dog….you are right…the rest of the rangers are scoring in droves too….we should likely finish with 15 or so 40 goal scores…right…

  150. bull dog line on

    yes it is an excuse, and everybody has them for Avery.
    the Refs are against him, Torts doesn’t like him, bad line mates, and the league is mean to him.
    all excuses for Avery.

  151. rangers 0-2 when mark hoppus goes to a game. they lost earlier to Atlanta when he went to his first ranger game. he lives in L.A. but in NY 2 days a week to tape his show on FUSE.

  152. McCabe’s job is to shoot the puck and hit the net. He does that. The rest of the Rangers should learn that, if they can.

    Another painful game, and awkward performance by Hank, yet watching the PP with BMc makes one imagine how much fun it could be to have a good man advantage squad.

  153. Mister Delaware on

    “the Refs are against him, Torts doesn’t like him, bad line mates, and the league is mean to him.
    all excuses for Avery.”

    Facts and excuses aren’t mutually exclusive.

  154. Avery does not play on PP…he rarely kills penalties…he’s not on the ice during last minute or so when we down a goal or whatever…Avery is not in many situations… if you put him in some of those situations from time to time maybe he’ll have better stats.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    “and when he’s been with Gaborik, it seems to work.”

    Actually, he was with Gaborik for an extended period starting with that 3 assist game. Ignoring that game (where Toronto literally rolled over), it produced exactly 1 other assist in about 5 or 6 games of being paired together.

  156. Wow! Starting with Carp’s usual on-target comments, you guys are on fire with your observations, suggestions and questions.

    My question is, at this point does this team have a captain? Yeah, I know who’s got a ‘C’ stitched on their jersey which also happens to be folded up in a drawer for the foreseeable future and an unknown amount of time but this team is an ensemble cast with no clear leader. Is any player demonstrably leading this team on the ice and in the locker room? Every team needs a player who’s willing to lead by example on the ice, speak to officials during the game, speak to a teammate who’s having a rough time or not performing to their abilities. Who’s that guy on this team now? Anybody?

  157. forgot to add

    Boyle plays on PP…Boyle kills penalties…Boyle is on the ice during last minute or so of the game… Boyle gets major minutes… maybe if you give him Avery’s minutes his stats won’t be so good.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister Delaware, Prust has played with whomever he’s been paired with all season, always on the third or fourth line, yet he has managed 10 goals. Likewise for Fedotenko and his 9 goals.

    “Assuming you placed him in the defensive zone, a corpse would have stayed home on the GWG last night.”

    Dude, don’t even pretend like Avery is a good player defensively. He’s awful. That’s why he sees so little ice time.

  159. Stranger

    I believe that you missed my point.

    That goal came not as a developing attack, but a general scrum where several Rangers were crowding the area. I know that these happen occasionally..what I refer to is the situation where there is a scrum along the boards, and behind the net, and the entire front of the goal mouth is left wide open, while other players are contributing to the scrum. The front of the net is ignored, except for a skater occasionally drifting over there, but spends to time at all – which gives the guy behind the net no one to deliver to. It’s a tenuous point I agree but it is blatant the way that area is ignored by attacking forwards. They dart in then dart out, but hardly ever post themselves there. Cally has taken to it lately, but I don’t see anyone else.

  160. bull dog line on

    maybe Boyle plays in those spots because he’s earned it and produced. maybe Avery doesn’t because he has not earned it or produced. what do you figure CCCP, if Avery got to play in those spots he would have what, 2 more goals.

  161. I have to say that I tend to agree with eddie, Mr. D, and C3. The Avery bashing is a little unjustified.

    His shooting percentage is awful this season and he goes offsides a lot. I really don’t have any other complaints about his game. He is one of the better skaters and passers on the team…I’d like to see him be more of a pest and aggitator. That is when he is at his best…

    PS: He’s second in the league in PIMs. That also counts for something…

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP: Boyle started the season with Avery’s minutes and he found a way to produce. That’s how he EARNED more ice time. Boyle started the season with so little ice time that even though he’s seen his ice time increase, he still only averages 15:40 a game on the season.

    As for situations, Avery also frequently himself in the penalty box, both for majors and minors, so that limits his ice time as well.

  163. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    Re: McCabe

    I was at the game last night and was loving his work on the PP. Is he a liability on defense? Probably. But we brought him in for one thing only…to QB the PP. And he holds pucks in, moves around the blue line, gets most shots on net, and seems to have good vision out there. I was very happy to see that and hope it continues.

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    fran, in other words, everybody wants to set up in Gretzky’s office, but nobody wants to set up in Graves’.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    “Is any player demonstrably leading this team on the ice and in the locker room?”

    Seems to me like Callahan is clearly that guy.

  166. Mister Delaware on

    “Mister Delaware, Prust has played with whomever he’s been paired with all season, always on the third or fourth line, yet he has managed 10 goals. Likewise for Fedotenko and his 9 goals.”

    Which is fine, the lack of finding the back of the net has been an issue with Avery, I’m not disputing that.

    “Dude, don’t even pretend like Avery is a good player defensively. He’s awful. That’s why he sees so little ice time.”

    I didn’t say Avery was a good defensive player, I made a Prospal vs. corpse joke.

    Again, my contention is that he’s a solid passer and a guy who put up points when he played with better linemates. If you’re disputing thats the case (which I imagine is the point of discounting the Toronto game or the fact that Avery has been in on better than a third of Gaborik’s goals), fine, we just disagree about this. If Gaborik comes back and Avery gets some decent run with him to no success, I promise I’ll tip my hat to you. If they get paired in the future and Avery starts putting up points again, I trust you’ll do the same.

  167. Doodie

    Torts does not trust Avery and Avery knows it. Kind of hard to play this way.

    When half of the team went down…who was our best player? Avery was… he was getting minutes and was flying and making things happen… maybe it did not reflect on his stats but the team was playing great hockey when Avery was going like that… and we were winning games… i find this to be a lot more productive on a team level than individual statistics

    then players started to come back and back to 4th line Avery went… NEVER complaining…never.

    Re: penalties – so no one else on the team takes penalties? How many bad penalties did Staal take that ended up costing us games in the past few weeks before he went down…i remember more than a few

    Many Rangers fans are angry with Avery and i don’t get why…

  168. eddie eddie eddie on

    ….well true Avery only has 2 goals…but then…there are, like, 15 other rangers, that are on pace to bang home 40….right….

  169. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    You could always tell when we lose when the Avery debate occurs. As consistent as gravity!

    I happen to think it’s difficult to judge his play because of the chicken or the egg scenario with his ice time. Did his play lead to his reduced ice time? Or did his reduced ice time lead to his play? Hard to tell.

  170. heave ho…dubi is the unspoken captain…and he demonstrates wanting to be in that role as well. That is all.

  171. I think the problem with people’s expectations with Avery came about in his first stint with the Rangers when the media was building up the Rangers’ record with and without him. They made it sound like he was the main player on the team and his participation alone was the difference between winning and losing. Now he’s playing and the team is losing so it must be all his fault.

  172. I don’t understand how avery is the problem with the Rangers. That’s not the problem with the rangers. The problem with the rangers is they don’t have any elite players offensive players, hence why they lose by one goal game after game. Yes, our defense is young and getting better but let’s face it. The young forwards on a stanely cup contending teams are marginal 2nd line players but mostly third line players.

  173. bull dog line on

    its all Torts fault,
    he doesn’t trust Avery, he doesn’t like Avery. Avery has not been Avery in a long time, no matter how much you want to pretend different. and by the way, it was Boyle, Prust, Stepan, and Dubi before he missed a couple of games that carried the Rangers during that stretch. just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.

  174. Avery becomes the poster child of blame for the guys who want to change the subject off the real culprit, Gaborik, or Goldbrick, as he should be known.

    yeah, let’s get some more $7mill perimeter softies who spend much of their time on the injured list. “topend players”, you know, like Drury and Gomez, who were also lauded at the time of signing. that turned out real well too.

    plain and simple, if Goldbrick does not score a few gwg goals vs key teams in important games down the stretch, thus getting the Rangers into the playoffs, then he should be dumped for the next McDonagh, just like Gomez was.

  175. bull dog line on

    I have never come to the defense of Gaborik here. he deserves the blame he is getting. he must score for the Rangers to succeed in the long run.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    First, I will discount the Toronto game because if you watched it, you would see that it was clear from the start that Toronto was not competing.

    Second, Avery and Gaborik WERE paired together for about 5 games, starting with the Toronto game. Look at his assists in those games:

    First Toronto goal: turnover by Toronto in the offensive zone caused by Anisimov (for which he was inexplicably given an assist) led to a bad pass from a Toronto defenseman right to Avery in the slot. Avery the makes a mediocre pass to a wide open Gaborik (as Toronto had already started to head up ice), and then Gaborik makes a nifty move to score the goal. Avery’s pass was on some weird, unnecessary turnaround move, and was slightly behind Gaborik (it prohibited a one-timer). If Gaborik doesn’t make the good move/Gustavsson wasn’t awful, that’s not a goal.

    Second Toronto goal: Avery gets a weak second assist for pushing the puck around the boards where it is picked up by Anisimov, who battles off two Toronto defenders and makes a sick behind the back pass to Gaborik right in front of the goal mouth. Not like Avery had any special involvement there that caused the goal.

    Third Toronto goal: Avery lifts the puck high to dump in the corner. Gaborik chases and takes a shot from a 0 angle, somehow getting it through AHL Gustavsson. Even Gaborik didn’t think it was in until he skated behind the net and saw that the puck had crossed the line. Again, not like some magical Avery pass that caused this goal to happen. It was just a dump in and then a soft goal from Gustavsson.

    That’s why I discount the Toronto game.

    I’ll admit that on the assist in the Capitals game, he made a nice back pass to Boyle.

    But look at the rest of his performance from those games he was paired with Gaborik:

    ATOI: 17:52, shots: 12, goals: 0, assists: 4, PIMs: 14, plus/minus=0.

    Take out the bogus Toronto game, and his numbers are:

    ATOI: 18:31, shots: 9, goals: 0, assists: 1, PIMs: 14, plus/minus= -3.

    THAT’S why he was taken away from Gaborik. Outside of one flukey game, it didn’t work.

  177. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – right…the entire ranger team besides avery is on pace for 100 pt seasons…right….pass me the bong when you are finished….

  178. minny,
    it’s funny you mentioned about dumping Gaborik. If I was sather in the off season I would definitely shop gaborik around the league. LA already came calling. I would definitely get rid of gaborik in the off season and no to signing richards.

  179. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m not picking a side here, but if you can find me another player on the rangers roster that has been bounced around throughout the line up like avery and still gets the points he does, I would be shocked…..SHOCKED!!

    Torts is an IDIOT!! Now you guys complain avery doesn’t fight…..look at newbury last night. A guy does a knee on knee hit on avery (who has stuck up for every teammate including the one that threw him under the bus in the media) and rightfully newbury goes after him. And what happens to newbury….benched by the IDIOT running the team…BRILLIANT!!

    You guys want more physical play, get rid of the MORON behind the bench!!

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    Again, I’m not blaming the team’s woes on Avery. I’m just saying he isn’t the solution.

  181. the problem with Newbury is he takes dumb penalties so Tortorella doesn’t trust him enough to play him in the 3rd period.

  182. NYR-Fan explain. i met him twice before he was cool and one time he actually gave me his bass. true story

  183. Doodie, on the ice Callahan’s effort is unquestioned but this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s considered the overall leader of the team. I’ve heard so many stories about things Messier did (even in Vancouver) to make rookies and new veteran players feel welcome in training camp, motivate teammates during a game and build team spirit on road trips that it makes me wonder if there’s a player like that on this team. I question if a lack of leadership is part of the current situation with the team not playing as they did for the first 50 games.

  184. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    Are we really complaining about Kris Newbury’s ice time? Yikes.

    We need to win a game soon.

  185. Doodie Machetto on

    eddie, if you read my posts without your Avery-colored sunglasses, you’ll see that all I’m saying is that Avery is not the solution to the team’s problems.

    The whole team is awful, and giving Avery more minutes won’t fix anything. That’s my point. What will fix the team is players playing up to their expectations, meaning Gaborik, meaning Dubinsky, meaning Wolski, meaning Prospal, etc.

  186. bull dog line on

    every player in the Rangers lineup has been bounced around. Stepan at some point has centered everybody on the team, played left wing, and right wing. you no what he does? produce. again just another excuse for Avery, he gets bounced around.
    so I found you a guy. are you shocked?

  187. miked – NYRanger4Life said Hoppus “is a monster DOUCHE!”

    Not me. Just sayin’. I didn’t even know who he was until Orr posted it! LOL!

  188. doodie, ok, you got me there but to me these players are playing to there potential. Like I said, the rangers have no elite players like the better teams have so it is what it is. This team if they were healthy the entire season would be a 6 or 7 seed IMO.

  189. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    avery may not be the end all solution, but I think he is being under utilized by the jack wagon award winner. He has shown that he has the potential to score goals when he plays with more gifted offencive players (I know, most of us could). When he played with jagr, he scored better because he was set up better, he needs to play with more offencive guys.

    If I were the coach, I would get over my junior high issues with avery and be an actual COACH and utilize what assets that were available to me to their maximum potential!!

    Just saying!!

  190. NYRanger4Life on

    MikeD – I met him a month or so ago at the Atlanta game. We had SICK seats that game – via my dads friends company. If you recall, Hank was given the game off. One of the guys he [Hoppus] was sitting next to was tormenting Hank on the bench. Kept shoutign something to the effect of “HOPE YOUR ENJOYING YOUR GAME OFF HANK”. (I think the Rangers were getting crushed and Biron let in a few softies) I told him to STFU b/c honestly it was annoying and this punk kid wouldnt stop screaming at Hank who was just chillin there.

    Hoppus – who was being escorted around by a handler (he was promoting some FUSE show) and walked by and called me a yussup.

    True story. I actually used to love Blink back in the day too.

  191. I like Aves when he’s playing his game. When he’s not, he’s useless.

    He’s really a non-issue with this team. He’s cheap, and he’s on the 4th line. Perfect. He wont be here after his contract, which means we’ll see less models at the Garden.

    So, some of these guys better get while the “gettin’s” hot.

  192. bull dog line on

    Jagr has been gone 3 years now, and that is the last time Avery was effective.

  193. eddie eddie eddie on

    ToMG – sorry mate, i read doodie’s posts quite well, and my vision is fine…..the avery bashers have a right to make jabs so long as the REST of the team gets put under the same microscope…

  194. eddie eddie eddie on

    bull dog – give it a rest…you hate avery…you cannot stand avery…you think avery is useless….you think everyone makes excuses for avery…allright…after your 10,000 anti avery post….i think we know how you feel…..tell us something new….you are as bad in your avery anger as the people you criticize for liking him…

  195. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m not shocked because step, does not stay in those situations for more than a game or two. While avery only gets a game or two in a top 6 role and then jack wagon bumps him again. ZERO power play time, while step gets it….sorry I don’t agree with you at all!!

    The thing with avery is, when getting consistent top 6 minutes (CONSISTENT) he produces points and agitates well (maybe with more minutes he is playing against opposing “skill” players more and is able to get those skill players off of their game and that same team’s grinders/enforcers so upset with their skill guys getting harassed that they take dumb penalties against avery!), when he doesn’t, well he doesn’t.

    Avery’s skill set has not changed, his coach has…end of story. Love him or hate him, his junior high girl of a coach doesn’t use him the way renney did and thus he is less effective!

    The way he is used he is less effective, so less valuable to the team (I don’t hate avery and do not have blinders on like bull dog, who makes so many negative excuses it is hilarious), but the fact is the way jack wagon uses him makes him less valuable…just bad coaching!!

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Heave Ho – Mess was a capt for the ages and makes him special as in, there are very few ever like him. Let’s not raise the bar too high.

    The Captain needs to be there for the press, be able to speak up when necessary, and serve as a role model for the team and the community. Something Jagr was never comfortable with, nor Leetch. He also cannot be worried about how much pepperoni and sausage is required on a large pie.

    On another subject – those who are waiting for the crease clearing Dman, check out McIlrath. Dude is nasty, nasty. Got in a fight during their All Star Game – flippin love it!!

  197. Dave Tippet is a damn good coach, and Aves was useless for him as well.

    Let Aves play in Edmonton, with Renney, and you’ll see the same Aves.

    It’s not the coach.

    Face the facts, nobody gives a sh*t aboot Aves anymore. At this point, he’s his own worst enemy.

  198. eddie eddie eddie on

    the only player bull dog likes played 25 years ago…steve vickers…and billy fairburn (sic) (his spelling not mine)

  199. It’s never as good or bad as it seems… sure my hopes were up after a strong first half despite adverse circumstances. Of course I assumed that the return of injured “stars” would enhance our win percentage even further. Like everyone else, I am wondering if/when we will right the ship and whether or not it will be in time…

    That being said, Henrik is still the King, our Rangers are still projected to head to the playoffs, and we retained our young-guns through the deadline.

    My guess is that the next level is reached not with another super-star but with confidence and hunger. I have NOT been impressed with the level of physicality or confidence in some time. I DONT like the lack of any continuity w/ regard to all of our lines.

    I want to see the hunger of the early season replicated and a commitment to building lines that work as opposed to abandoning those that dont.

    Candidly, Goals wouldnt be bad either ;-)


  200. eddie eddie eddie on

    torts cant coach…he spends so much time staring up at the garden ceiling lights that i am suprised he isnt blind…

  201. bull dog line on

    Staal is still not what everybody wants him to be, but he is for sure getting closer.
    you stick with that its Torts fault that Avery doesn’t produce.
    excuses, excuses, excuses.

  202. Doodie Machetto on

    eddie, I’ve said the whole team has underperformed, starting with Gaborik.

  203. Nation, I don’t expect any captain to be Messier. I just stated that as an example of what a Captain can do. At times I can see Cally or sometimes Dubi wearing the next ‘C’ but I’m wondering if the current situation where we don’t really have a Captain is one aspect hurting this team.

  204. all the talk about a 4th line forward. i love the love affair with Avery. the guy is a 4th liner. it is like discussing nick kypreos on a daily basis when he was on the rangers or jed ortmeyer when he was on the rangers.

    avery is a 4th liner who has 2 goals on the season…………………………….2 goals. he has about 40 for his career, he is 30 years old. he makes good copy but he is a nice 4th liner if used strictly for his forecheck…

    but day in and day out people waste hours on avery, how much he is playing, he needs more oppty. etc. the guy is a throw in who will be out of the league after next year………………………

    it is true gaborik has hurt the rangers a ton this year, his underperformance hurts a lot. look at the ranger goal differential this team should have minimum 8 more points if they had any touch, if kenrik did not give up as many softie’s. that is the bottom line…………..

  205. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m just saying it is pretty obvious that torts does not like “edgy” play. If you guys want players to be more “rough” and play with some anger, torts probably isn’t the right guy for that, he can blow his lid, but his players can’t. End of story.

    There are some things I like about torts and some I don’t. That is just how it is!

    Everyone loves torts because he says “stay with the youth” and most rangers fans are still mortified by the “dark years” of the late 90’s and pre lock out 2000’s. Get over it, I want the rangers to win, I’d rather them win the cup with a bunch of not home grown 30 ish players than never win it with a group of young home grown ranger prospects!

  206. Speaking of, Jed Ortmeyer will be making an appearance tomorrow night at the Garden. Rangers fans love that guy. I’m sure he’ll get shown some appreciation.

  207. bull dog line on

    despite what Orr says, I never said I liked Brashere. what I said was I was willing to give him a chance.

  208. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m saying give him the consistent opportunity to prove on way or another if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

    Like I said he is less valuable to this team than with renney, but continue to only read what you want to read!

  209. wicky

    “There are some things I like about torts and some I don’t” = Fire the guy?

    Again, seriously?!

  210. bull dog line on

    why should they just give him the opportunity. don’t you think he should earn it? you don’t want to face the fact that Avery’s game is not what it used to be. you can blame who you want for that, but Avery is the one responsible for his own game.

  211. wick – I don’t think Torts undervalues “edgy” play. In fact, he often refers to the idea that the Rangers must play to their identity, which was defined earlier in the season as intense forechecking, taking the body, and blocking shots.

    Torts has repeated his stance that he wants his guys to play with more “jam” and “bite” and to me those are just other words for playing with an “edge”.

    He loves Brandon Prust because of the edge and determination he brings, not because of his offense.

    It is obvious that Torts and Avery have a strange (and strained) relationship. You can’t argue that…

  212. torts is a great coach. this team is young, playing hard, and are just falling a little short………

    this is the dark days, they outplayed the sabres last night and with some breaks they at a minimum get 1 point and in my opinion should have won.

    no staal and gabs for 4 games… staal is the most important player on the team besides the goalie…….

  213. if avery does not turn the puck over in the neutral zone or the defensive zone and plays well down low, torts has no problem with him………….

  214. Stranger Nation,

    I don’t know if anyone said anything about this yet, but, Detroit has their top forwards kill penalties. And we all know about the Red Wings.

    Then again, I consider Datsyuk and Zetterberg the two best two-way centers in the game, can’t really compare them to Cally and Dubi…

  215. Gabby’s priority is making sure he’s well rested and available for the World Championships being held in Slovakia this year.

    He’ll do his “best” to make sure there is no conflict between Rangers playoff games and the late April start of the WC tournament.

  216. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    if you want to fire him, that is your opinion!

    I think torts talks out of both sides of his mouth

  217. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    You guys want more physical play, get rid of the MORON behind the bench!!

    NOTICE, I did not say I want to fire the guy, I posted the above sentence

    You seem to be the only one that has specifically said/typed FIRE………….so


  218. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    your selective reading/assumptions are SERIOUSLY out of hand!!

  219. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    what pic has a poopy diaper in it??

  220. So equating “Get rid of the MORON behind the bench” to firing him is selective reading?

    Er, okaaaay. My mistake…

  221. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    what part of “you guys” at the very beginning of that sentence is confusing to you?? Did it say I “fire the coach right now”?

    Some people were posting earlier about lack of physical play and such and in that CONTEXT (think about it my friend), I started out that statement with “YOU GUYS”.

    Is it really that difficult for you…SERIOUSLY????

  222. Tort (Not to be confused with torte, a type of round cake.)

    A tort, in common law jurisdictions, is a wrong that involves a breach of a civil duty owed to someone else. It is differentiated from a crime, which involves a breach of a duty owed to society in general. Though many acts are both torts and crimes, prosecutions for crime are mostly the responsibility of the state, private prosecutions being rarely used; whereas any party who has been injured may bring a lawsuit for tort. One who commits a tortious act is called a tortfeasor. The equivalent of tort in civil law jurisdictions is delict.

    A person who suffers a tortious injury is entitled to receive “damages”, usually monetary compensation, from the person or people responsible — or liable — for those injuries.

  223. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    how did hugh jessiman do with the panthers the other night. Bad draft pick looking back, but wish the guy well.

  224. OK, apologies for any misunderstanding then, wicky. Your dislike for Torts does come over a lot stronger than your like though and I’m pretty certain you’ve brought up the F-word before now.

  225. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    at the roughly mid point of the season, I honestly thought he deserved the JACK ADAMS award and posted as such, but the team for what ever reason was playing much much more physical and with more “bite” and “jam” then.

    Or maybe other teams just want it more or are way more “skilled” and physical than we are now.

  226. looks like the TV revenue will be going up.

    from Kuklas—

    It now looks like the NHL will have as many as five networks going after their broadcast and cable rights at the end of this season. We know that the existing rights holders the NBC Sports Group of Versus and NBC will be out in full force. They will be joined by FOX, Turner Sports and ESPN. So this should be a very hot summer of bidding as the NHL—who was given up for dead a few years ago—is now a very good ratings bet and will be cashing in on a new long-term deal.

    The new deal will likely look like Major League Baseball and the NBA, where one broadcast network and two cable networks handle the majority of the broadcasts with the NHL Network seeing a share of the games left over.

  227. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    no kidding?

    I should be more clear in my posts, my apologies!

  228. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Man, please let it go to ESPN (sorry tiki)!!

  229. bull dog line on

    I can’t help notice your favorite player was a goalie who failed to get it done it big spots. much like the goalie the Rangers have now. of course your guy was on much better teams than this one, so that makes his failure worse. I hope I spelled everything correctly for you, I know that is important to you.

  230. I left in am to ski, you talked about Avery, I come back from the slopes, you’re still talking Avery, lol. Is Carp getting a free round at W77 for so many hits?

    I guess I’ll join the conversation:

    Avery was a unique agitator with NHL speed, borderline AHL/NHL scoring ability, reasonable hockey sense, and the ability to stick for his teammates on middleweight level. He was always atrocious defensively. Essentially, 3 rd, at best, most likely 4 th line player. What made him different is his unique ability to agitate. He could get under the skin of the most thick-skinned players in the league. He could throw a lot of players, even teams, off their game. That included elite goaltenders and players. That’s how he used to help. And that is what earned him a $16M contract. I don’t think it’s Torts fault or referees fault. I believe the players just became immune to his on-ice antics. I’m surprised it took them that many years. He became ineffective because almost no one is responding to his antics He can still make occasional good pass, score an odd goal and stick for his teammates. But he isn’t a problem, nor he is a solution to this team. I don’t think he is in long term plans as far as the Rangers are concerned, and will not get resigned after 11-12 season. He will find another team to play for, but it will be very low salary deal.

  231. Lundqvist is on pace for a better season than he had last year or the year before and is completely on line with his career averages…

  232. bull dog line on

    cross check,
    you are probably one of the few who knew who I was referring to.
    you cannot have watched Hank this season and think he having a good season, no matter what his stats say. by the way I believe he has given up 3 or more goals in about 10 of his last 12 games.

  233. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Injuries are just part of the game, but torts should (should) be rolling four lines and spreading out the ice time more to avoid certain guys becoming too “fragile” or dinged up over the season. Mismanagement a bit on the coach’s part IMHO.

  234. It is more about the type of goals that go in, when they are scored, and how much they decide the outcome of key games that fans are concerned about. the stats don’t elaborate on any of that important stuff.

  235. Wicky – I don’t think Torts dislikes the rough play at all. But you said- he used to let them play more physical until the mid point or so. After that, he became more worried about losing a game because of penalty from being too aggressive.
    Torts should be given an opportunity to coach this team for years, while they are growing together. IMO, he is the best coach we’ve had since….Geez, I can’t even remember for how long.

  236. bull dog line on

    I do know his story cross check,
    I liked him, but I was actually Gilles Villemure fan. in all the games I went to during that era I never got see Villemure play, it was always Eddie.
    Eddie pitched a 7 to nothing shutout in the first game I went to.

  237. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    they seemed to be winning more games when he was letting them play more physical than now when he is worried about losing the game!

    I feel like this team was better when it was initiating physical contact and starting some fights than right now when the coach is trying not to lose instead of trying to win the best way they can with the players and talent they have.

  238. It’s hard to roll four lines when you’re down a goal in the 3rd period, which seems to be the case every single game lately.

    I’m a Torts supporter. Always have been. He gets it. Some people thought he was the problem last year, and some think the same this season, but he’s not.

  239. The games much closer during the second part of the season, tams are fighting for points, every penalty is important.

    By the way- Big Sky > Telluride.

  240. I’ll blame the injuries, and the inconsistency of players, way before I point any finger at Torts. Torts deserves so much credit for what he has done with this team of grinders.

    Torts is the right guy for this organization now and for the forseeable future. Rangers fans ought to get used to him, because I think he’ll be here for quite a while…

  241. Well, I am willing to admit when Im wrong. Mike Breen just spoke of growing up a Mets fan. And if he grew up a Mets fan and he commentates the Knicks, it’s likely he is a Knicks fan.

    I still don’t like his commentary on ESPN/ABC and MSG. But perhaps I understand the reason. He wants to be professional and unbiased on MSG doing Knicks games and for ESPN/ABC Celtics games, he wants to stir excitement for the viewer because it’s nationally televised.

    Still, I don’t like the difference in commentary. Id love to hear a biased homer commentate one of my teams.

  242. its good to be a fan of the Boston teams right now. Celtics are great. The B’s are flying, the Sox a loaded, and the Pats are stacked for the future. Boston rules.

  243. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I am going to apologize to every single one of you here in advance, but tradition is going to be broken for tomorrows game. Usually there is a no rangers gear on gameday tradition (no rangers coffee mugs, no hats, nada), but we are both going to wear rangers player jerseys tomorrow for the game to hopefully get a win!!

    If they lose, it is probably our fault, so sorry in advance!!

  244. boston fan – lol, you think you’re gonna piss anyone off? Your city will never near *27*. The closest you things have is 18*-1

  245. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    yep the girls will be wearing hoodys (they don’t have jerseys yet!).

    man, I hope it works!!

    Have any of you watched the drunk history episodes on youtube?? OMFGs, they are hilarious!!

  246. Henrik was playing the best hockey of his career up until the all-star break but then again he always plays terribly in late february/early march and the last 10-15 games or so he is rock solid again.

  247. eddie eddie eddie on

    bull dog – no worries…i cannot spell for carcillo either…i type on my little ipod and nearly every one of my posts has a spelling error……i was POed earlier…my apologies….seriously, no hard feelings

  248. Paul in sunrise on

    Avery is a role player. This man crush is exhausting. He is a useful player for 8-12 minutes to agitate and energize. Problem is that he is not great defensively and refs looking to penalize. He is not worth his $4m let alone the almost $2m salary he receives. New blood may take his spot next year. I like him but deploying him is risky and the return has deminished over time. Colton Orr has more goals.

  249. JimboWoodside on

    Devs beat the Lightning tonight……seems like the Bolts are only unbeatable for our team… :-(

  250. He’ll still remain a bust for us. Regardless of how well he plays, and if he turns out to be a decent goalie, it wont matter cause he never would have replaced Hank, even if he was his backup.

    6th overall :P

    Granted they didn’t know Hank could have been as good as he is. So, you can’t really blame them.

  251. Gotta love how our prized #1 picks, Jessiman and Montoya, are finally regulars in the NHL and making names for themselves….LOL!

    Debs are now only 9 points behind Carolina….

    What did Gillies do tonight? I caught a segment on NHL Network when they were ripping into him aboot what useless goon he is…

  252. Actually, Clutterbuck boarded an Islander, and then right after it happened, Gillies boarded him. So they were both called for majors.

    He’s a piece of carcillo. Booger needs to end his vagina-like ways, and get back to his badass form, and end this guys season again.

  253. Figures. That bottom-feeding piece of chicken carcillo! jackwagon.

    And, the Leaves are only 5 points behind us…

    I really want to watch NYR in the playoffs but Gabby & Hank have to be at the top of their game, we don’t stand a chance past the 1st round, when/if we get in…I want these kids to have playoff experience…We really need to string together some regulation wins…

  254. i’ll tell you what though, the way Montoya played at Michigan and for Team USA, I definitely thought he would be the next great Rangers goalie.

    Although looking at his numbers in HFD, he definitely had some good years despite missing a decent amount of time to injuries. He was god-awful in the AHL for Phoenix but has played outstanding in his brief time in the NHL with Phoenix and the Islanders.

  255. Nice hat trick, by the way!!!

    But, I seriously have no respect for Gillies. That footage of him yelling at the injured Pens player is disgusting. I’m sure it was a bad penalty tonight. What a pathetic excuse for a human…

  256. Still, lmao at your posts, Orr! Bwaha! Agree about Booger.

    Gillies got a game misconduct, btw. I just saw it; stupidity at its finest… Grrr…

    Oleo, it’s funny. Montoya was always pretty good. But, when we had him, Hank was at his finest and Montoya never really had any chances to get called up and play…

  257. NJ has 2 games in hand on the Rangers, so they could be within 6 pts. and Maple Loaves now within 5, and they have 1 game in hand

    it’s gettin’ too close for comfort

  258. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Who knows, maybe we’ll see the return of Hugh Jess Folkyerself?

  259. billybleedsblue on


    Awww man last night’s game was really tough to watch. I couldn’t sit down at times, and I was pacing around watching it and yelling at the television. I know nobody can hear me when I do that, but that doesn’t stop me. I really thought they would find a way to get two points last night…ugh. I’m still hopeful, and sticking to my prediction of a 7th place finish. LGR!

  260. Olga Folkyerself on

    Let’s Go Black Hawks!!!

    6 goals tonight. That’s 3 games for NY Rangers…

  261. Did anyone here that Del Zotto took a slash to the wrist and he left the game? Tomorrow we should hear about what sort of injury, hopefuly not bad.

  262. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    LMAO, yes! Orr posted the link last night. He pwned Bodie!!

  263. Can’t wait for Huge Jessiwoman score his first career goal against NYR. I’ll have the bottle of Zoloft by my side when it happens.

    As well as during the Montoya shutout he’ll pitch against us this season.

  264. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    LMAO, you know that’s how it will happen, Orr!! Jessiman may challenge Prust!

  265. I thought a Hugh Jessiman Hat Trick was

    A) Puttting down the bottle of Jack Daniels

    B) Flushing the pills down the toilet

    C) Refraining from jumping off a bridge

    Or is your hat trick before he was declared a bust?

  266. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Bwaha!! Olga, he’s not that bad. Like Oleo said, the numbers don’t lie…

  267. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    No but that’s why Sather drafted Montoya..

    “Look Mess! That guy has a six-hole. We don’t have one of those. We gotta get him!

  268. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Well, it’s the only three things I know Jessiman’s done in the NHL…

  269. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Orr, Yeah! I remember that! LOL!

    Youse guys are too much!!!

  270. U Otto Folkyerself on

    Rangers – Minnesota Tomorrow

    Chicago – Carolina on Friday

    They could do each other a favor…

  271. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    Yeah, they sure could. What are the chances NYR score more than 2 goals against Backstrom, though?

  272. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well the islanders softened them up for us… It’s pretty much 3 we win, any less we lose.

  273. NYR_FAN says "Don't feed the trolls, they have rabies!!!" on

    It’s true. This NYR team relies on their forecheck. When it isn’t going, they don’t have the puck enough and can’t score…

    if they are able to score 3 goals, usually that means they are controlling the pace of the game and can shut down the other team….even if the score ends 5-3 win or goes to a shootout……

  274. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come on
    Stanley don’t you wanna go
    Hide de hey
    Stanley don’t you wanna go
    Back to that same old place
    Oh sweet home Chicago

  275. Olga Folkyerself on

    And if Hankie can keep those softies out of the net. He’s been letting a few stoppable ones get by. I think he needs to stand up more…

  276. Bwahaha! Did anyone hear aboot some BYU college basketball or football player getting kicked off the team for admitting that he banged his girlfriend?

    Aaaahahaha! You’re not allowed to have sex there. They might even kick him out of school.

    Wow! What a boring place!

  277. saw this on Hockey Rodent site in regards to
    MDZ Injured

    Thursday, 1:00 AM Mitch Beck reports that Michael Del Zotto left the Whale game Wednesday night in the second period after taking a slash to the forearm. He left the arena with a splint and will be evaluated Thursday.

  278. JimboWoodside on

    And because we can’t bury a friggin’ puck in what seems like have been about 6 open nets, now we’re tied, and are back on our heels! This should be a 4-0 lead at this point!

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