Staal suffers setback


According to Andrew Gross’s Ranger Rants blog, Marc Staal suffered a setback — which might be minor — when he left practice early Monday.

You can read all about that, and other stuff from John Tortorella’s pre-game press conference, here.

That includes the “Is Glen coaching?” remark about Sather saying Henrik Lundqvist will play all but two games down the stretch.

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  1. NYR_FAN is...not a fan of blog trolls that change their name!!! on

    I agree, huge game!

    Ok, off to MSG! See youse later! I’ll try to blog from my Droid…

  2. i was doing the math earlier and if we win EVERY game
    from now til the end of the season
    there’s a good mathematical chance
    we will get in the playoffs.

  3. I’ve come to appreciate John Forslund, not so much for his play-by-play, but for his insight. He does a post game segment for radio on Carolina Hurricanes games and is a breath of fresh air from the noisemakers that host the post game show.

  4. Here’s my question?

    How di Biron get hurt? Had to be a shot…but who on the NYR shoots hard enough to hurt anyone?!?


  5. Here’s my question?

    How did Biron get hurt? Had to be a shot…but who on the NYR shoots hard enough to hurt anyone?!?


  6. Stranger Nation – Great call. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I’ll go with a 4-3 Rangers win with my boy MZA lighting the lamp at least once.

    I also want to see snot bubbles on Sabres this evening… nothing but snot bubbles.

    Almost forgot. While I agree this is a BIG game, its a little early yet to be declaring contests “must wins”. Last years final few were MUST WINS and to compare those contests to this one is foolish in my opinion.

    *** I love Marty Biron and hope he stays on the bench… that being said, I believe his strong play was in Hanks head for some reason and I do believe that moving forward, we see the Hank we all know and love who can stand on his head.


  7. Stranger Nation on

    Come to the Pizza Party tonite as Drury is catering the post-game meal.

    This game should be a Cally special (3 pts) with AA showing up for 3 periods and hopefully not shooting at the crossbar all night.

    Staal injury – is this upper or lower body injury??? – is problematic. What are the pairings?

    When is Feds back?

    When is Gabby back?

    Are they using the Mets medical staff these days?

  8. “Are they using the Mets medical staff these days?”

    Maybe. The Mets and Bernie Madoff can’t pay them anymore. Bwahahahaha!!!

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Saw pairings in link – biggest worry is if McD can make up for Girardi’s inadequate play all game against top line.

    Torts is really having his way these days with slats.

    Please no more forwards at the point during PP. You brought in the canon, now let’s fire the dang thing!

  10. This concussion stuff become contagious lately; makes me wonder… and thirsty.
    To watch, that nobody, deliberately or not, will not run over Hank, is priority in this game (particularly on early stage) and following.
    Are those trolls fighting each other behind the scene or under carpet like bulldogs for the rights to use someone name? Instead of “check coats” on them, I would rather hang ‘em in line on coats hangers instead.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Hate to talk about the NY Mess on NYR game night but I nearly gagged this morning when I read beltran’s quote about moving to RF because he is all about the team. did somebody say “contract year”

    The $25M the borrowed from MLB went to pay his pathetic assen.

  12. Good evening all!
    Happy Birthday to Princess Dubinsky Wobbles!
    ORR, thanks :)

    I gotta get ready for game….just walked in door. LGR!!!!

  13. Evening, all. Rangers need to kick ice tonight!


    Tonight = 2 regulation points

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Caps, Habs, canes, nyr, sabes, thrashers, all in action tonite.

    I think rangers can eventually catch caps if they go on a little run in these next 3 games.

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