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Courtesy of the New York Rangers:

March 1, 2011 – New York Rangers 2, Buffalo Sabres 3 (Game No. 65, Home No. 32)

  • The Rangers were defeated by the Buffalo Sabres, 3-2, tonight at Madison Square Garden, and are now 33-28-4 overall with a 14-15-3 mark at home.
  • The Blueshirts tallied one power play goal in three attempts (4:34), and have now notched at least one goal on the man advantage in three of the last four games (4-15, 26.7% over the span).
  • Artem Anisimov notched an even strength goal at 6:05 of the third period, and was credited with three hits to capture third star honors.  He has now registered six points (three goals, three assists) in seven career regular season contests vs. Buffalo.
  • Erik Christensen registered a power play goal at 13:45 of the second period and logged 17:25 of ice time.  He has tallied at least one point in two of the last three games, registering five points (three goals, two assists) during the stretch.
  • Bryan McCabe recorded his first point as a Ranger with the primary assist on Christensen’s power play goal, and led all skaters with six shots on goal in 23:32 of ice time.  McCabe made his Blueshirt debut on Sunday vs. Tampa Bay following his trade from Florida on Saturday.
  • Ryan Callahan registered one assist and five shots on goal, and was credited with a game-high-tying, four hits in 21:50 of ice time.  He has now recorded eight points (four goals, four assists) in the last eight games.
  • Vinny Prospal tallied an assist on Christensen’s power play goal, and has now registered six points (two goals, four assists) in the last nine contests.
  • Wojtek Wolski recorded one assist and three shots on goal in 17:09 of ice time.  He has now tallied a point in three of the last five contests (two goals, one assist over the span).
  • Ryan McDonagh logged a team-high, 24:44 of ice time, and was credited with three blocked shots and a game-high-tying, four hits.  He has logged 20 or more minutes of ice time in seven of the last eight games.
  • Henrik Lundqvist made 23 saves and is now 25-22-4 overall, including a 10-12-3 mark at home.
  • The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 2, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
  • The Rangers will conclude their three-game homestand when they face-off against the Minnesota Wild on Thursday, Mar. 3, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a back-to-back set.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and


John Tortorella on tonight’s game… “We had many opportunities in the third but we can’t get that next goal.  We will keep on working on it until we do.”

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “They have good players especially in front.  They made some good plays, especially the second goal.  We did a good job especially in the second half.  We really stepped up.  We have to try to get our game going from the start and get the lead.”

Erik Christensen on tonight’s game… “We got better as the game went on.  There were a lot of turnovers in the first period.  I think we did a better job as the game went on to just chip pucks and go get them rather than make passes.  They are pretty good in the neutral zone.  Once we did that we got in on the forecheck and created some opportunities.  Like I said, we didn’t play bad but somehow it is not good enough right now.”

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  1. Mister Delaware on

    Atleast Drury had the common sense to do absolutely nothing. Prospal is actively a negative out there.

  2. Mister Delaware on

    I know Avery has to be spoken about in terms of absolutes here, but is he really less deserving of ice time than Prospal? We have enough centers, so that’s not an excuse. Curse words!

    (Please note, I was watching on a long delay. Just finished up about 10 minutes ago so I’m at the anger level most have already passed through.)

  3. Somebody should have asked EC why he hesitated to block that shot that led to the goal. Vagina!

    By the way, Sean Penn is banging Scarlett Johansson. He’s 50 or older, and she’s 26. This guy’s the man!

    He should mentor Del Z. If Sean Penn can’t boost up Del Z’s confidence, then no one can!

  4. LOL, MR. D!

    I thought Dubi had his fair share of suckage tonight as well! Seriously, he hasn’t been nearly the same player since being back from injury. He’s been weak on the puck and losing battles. I hope he breaks out of it…

    By the way, EC’s wrist shot goal was one the most amazing things I’ve ever seen at a live hockey game. Everyone in the arena was stunned. That puck was shot like a friggin’ laser-beam. It took the ref a good 2 minutes to dislodge the puck from the twine…

    Wish that EC could harness his talent and bring it consistently, then we’d have the dynamic goal scorer we desperate need….instead, most of the time, he’s a soft, invisible, and inconsistent player (who happens to resemble Pee Wee Herman).

  5. JimboWoodside on

    And although I don’t think any of the goals against tonight were Hank’s fault, Miller definitely outplayed him.

  6. Mister Delaware on

    “By the way, Sean Penn is banging Scarlett Johansson. He’s 50 or older, and she’s 26. This guy’s the man!

    He should mentor Del Z. If Sean Penn can’t boost up Del Z’s confidence, then no one can!”

    I don’t think we need one of our better young prospects out nailing minus four year olds.

  7. Mister Delaware on

    “And although I don’t think any of the goals against tonight were Hank’s fault, Miller definitely outplayed him.”

    Miller got a ton of breaks. Could have easily been a 5 goal Ranger performance.

    (Not that you’re wrong about King. In the scenario above, we could have lost 6-5.)

  8. JimboWoodside on

    Right, Mr. D – lately, no matter how many goals we manage to score, Hank seems to let just one more goal get past him. It is not always his fault, but that’s how things are working out lately.

  9. Marcel Hossa on


    I am your SAVIOR for a stagnant offense.

    Call me tomorrow. My number here in Russia: 7 843 267 88 29

    If my mom picks up, please let her know that you wish you speak to me.

  10. LOL! – 4 year olds.

    Del Z might be banging fresh uterus’.

    But, Sean Penn is probably a good teacher. He’ll pay attention to detail, and make sure it gets through Del Z’s noggin.

    By the way, MZA desperately needs to give Marcel Hossa his hands back, because they’re not working out for him!

  11. It’s called “The 3 Goal Rule.” If Henrik Lundqvist surrenders three goals, game over. I’ve stood by it for a long time, and more often than not I’m correct.

  12. Won't Make Playoffs on

    We now have the 9th best winning percentage in the conference. Yay! Bright future! Torts is the best! Injuries have killed us! Goal differential! Better than the teams that are…errr, were chasing us. Sing it with me, friends…




    WE’RE NUMBER 9…again!


  13. I don’t know what’s more discouraging:

    Sean Penn banging Scarlett Johansson or Dreary flipping pizzas for $8mil this season?

  14. Mister Delaware on

    “It’s called “The 3 Goal Rule.” If Henrik Lundqvist surrenders three goals, game over. I’ve stood by it for a long time, and more often than not I’m correct.”

    I imagine thats closer to universal than unique.

  15. Haha!

    Normally I’m not a fan of old guys banging young girls, but I don’t mind. Penn is one of my two favorite actors.

    Besides, it’s either him, or that Canadian guy playing Green Lantern.

    And simply put, after the Olympics, I don’t want Canadians to be happy :P

  16. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think it’s Sean Penn flipping Scarlett Johansson and Dreary banging the Rangers for $8mil this season.

  17. LOL! Not going to lie, I’m not the biggest Penn fan. But, Orr, I agree aboot those Canadians!

  18. Stranger Nation on

    We need help up front, decided to stay the course, so suck it up and get used to this…for next year as well. If the Kings really wanted Gabby and we could have gotten something of value in return, that was a lost opportunity.

  19. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sorry, I can’t get used to ninth place every year. We need help at the top of the organization. Get rid of Sather and Dolan then things will definitely improve.

  20. They drip, that’s the problem.

    Go head and ask Prospal: “Do you drip more before, during, or after games?”

  21. JimboWoodside on

    Dolan isn’t going anywhere..he owns the team. How do you get rid of a team’s owner!?

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Vinny is done as in done.

    Wolski gets 2 offensive zone penalties – WTB!

    Stepan makes his line mates better, we just need to get him better linemates.

  23. McCabe is slow and was pretty bad defensively tonight…third goal was all on him as he lost his man who ended up deflecting the luck into the wide open net

    Lundqvist was not having a good game either…jumping all over the place as if he’s on top of a burner

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Curious line – boiyle playing RW with Vinny and EC. What did he do to piss off torts?

  25. JimboWoodside on

    Hank did not look confident in net tonight – he definitely was all over the place, and it looked like he was fighting the puck a lot.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    McCabe should be playing as PP specialist. staal being out forces him to play too many minutes.

  27. again avery does not play a lot because he stinks. the guy has 2 goals and stinks.

    regardless of what the under 30 male tough guy fan thinks avery is a 4th liner end the friggin story.

    prospal is not great but really avery or prospal, get a life……………

    the rangers have no touch they out chance there opponents most games….. miller was better then henrik but that is another issue.

    they are playing with out about 6 guys; staal and gaborik there 2 best players on a team that cannot score, that is a problem.

    dubi has not scored in about a month, he needs to score when he is playing top top minutes………….

  28. Crack of midnight…

    I really don’t think Ryan Miller was anything special last night. The Rangers had plenty of opportunities but did seize on them…

    McCabe was good on the point, again. I liked his game…

    On second thought, Sauer has to wait until his next shift if he wants to get at that guy…not a smart play on the interference penalty. But hey, he’s a very good young d-man who is learning the game. He is an upgrade over the bums we had on the blue line over the last few years…He will only get better, especially partnered with McCabe…

    Charlie Sheen > Sean Penn

  29. Stranger Nation on

    Stu – Avery had the second lowest TOI in tonite’s game, less than 10 mins. He is not the problem. Even drew a penalty. Not a huge fan of his but we have much bigger problems than him.

  30. That MZA opportunity at the end was brutal. He had Miller down on his gut, and he couldn’t lift the puck.

    Every fuggin time the roles are reversed, and Hank is down on his gut, the puck is always lifted top shelf.

    If I’m MZA, I’ll pull a Dublowsky. Spend all summer working on your shot.

  31. Unless Gaborik comes back and plays at 75% of the level he played at last season, we are not making the playoffs. Even if he does come back, we still may not make it.

    The talent level of this team must be overhauled in the offseason.

  32. maybe if MZA’s stick wasnt bigger then he is, he could get some leverage on his backhand and top shelf that last one

    Dubinsky is just not a big-game performer. Every year, most of his points come during the first half of the season, and then cools off significantly during the 2nd half.

    In a must-win of sorts, in front of his home crowd he registered *0 SHOTS and 0 HITS* … JUST TERRIBLE !!!

  33. This is going to be last season all over again for Butt-Chin Gabby.

    He’ll come back injured, and he’ll remain useless in the final week.

    If he steps the fugg up, then maybe we could clinch a playoff spot.

    That being said, we better pray we can make it to 6th, cause I sure as hell don’t want to be embarrassed by Philthy, or Tampa. I think we have a legitimate shot against the Bruins.

  34. Yep. That was brutal. I did read that when MZA joined the Rangers he switched to a shorter stick than the one he had in camp and CT. Maybe he should switch back? Who knows…

    How about Gilroy clanking one off the post, again. How many friggin’ times has Gilroy hit the post this season?

  35. We are an AHL team compared to most of the teams in the conference.

    I’d also see what I can get for Dubinsky on draft day.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Gillys definitely playing with more confidence whIch should happen when you are turning 27! In June.

    Bring up the pups, sign the collegians, let’s get some young legs for this push. We are looking tired out there.

  37. Was at the game. I was more impressed with my friends wifes rack then any of this game. Started slow, we got screwed with calls both for and against, sauer trip bs, Anisimov roughing bs, a couple of non calls. overall I was just happy to see my buddy and his wife, since their wedding. Never bringing him to a game again, buffalo always beats us when were both in the building. This was a momentum game and we lost both any momentum we had and the single pnt we had on buffalo. I have faith, but after tonight where EC and Mccabe were our most inspired players, we might have a problem.
    Last thing: Amstel tastes like tea. Good night.

  38. I really dont have a problem with Gilroy’s game. And if we can somehow not extend a QO to him in the summer making him a UFA, then sign him to a reasonable deal (if thats legal??), I would be fine with bringing him back

    But as it stands he is not worth the QO we have to pay him to retain him

  39. I agree on both points, somerset

    …I like Gillie, but not I’m not sure how the Rangers feel, most likely, he’ll get moved in June…

    We can still sign him as an UFA, but he would in that case probably look elsewhere…

  40. D?? WTF? My iPhone is freaking out

    Did any of you catch “Frozen in time – NYR of the 90’s” program on Versus after the game? It started with…yes, you guessed it – 1994 Stanley cup! Was to rob crap in after such a loss

  41. Nother rough day and night, so tis time for sleep. Things will look better in the morning, Rangers fan.

  42. i know avery is not the problem. avery is a fine 4th liner…

    that is the point. in his role he is more then adequate as a 4th liner.

    dubi is the problem, big minutes and cannot put the damn puck in the net….that is a problem

  43. Stuart, dubi is not the problem. We need more players that can produce offensively both at forward and on defense. (lack skill)

  44. And for a fourth liner No.16 gets paid pretty well. Especially because he is ‘disliked’ by many.

  45. Late night snack time!!! I think I’m just going to keep it simple and go for Mickey D’s….

    PS: The food at MSG is as good as the ice they play hockey on. In other words, it’s terrible.

  46. loneranger March 2nd, 2011 at 2:32 am
    Observations At the game last night. Chapter & Verse; just can’t put it together in the 1st period. Propal is on empty & serves no purpose. Giradi played one of his worst games. Christiansen will probably score 35 goals on any team other than the Rangers. Z-man could of tied the game. How many minutes did Aves have last nite. Why is it that every Goalie stones us. Hank should stop passing the freeken puck. We have enough problems with our swisscheese defense. It seems that the Zeebras have it out for us; neglecting to call penalties or getting in our way. Nice missed clip at the end of the game. Hank has to stand on his head every nite for us to have a chance. Have a feeling that making the playoffs could go down to the last game.

  47. What is wrong with me??!! I still playing Zombies on COD! Level 26 right now.

    I have a Brandon Prust Joke that Gift of Gab will get:

    When Brandon Prust wants to kill zombies, the zombies board up the windows in fear!

  48. One thing that this team really needs is a couple of Refs on THEIR side……..these non calls for us and the ghostly ones against us are plain death.
    Miller has always been a superior type goal surprise there. Way too much long no where. What;s to complain about McCabe’s game last night? He was there – he did his thing – and better than most of the persons who have occupied that spot.

    I thought that Gilroy had quite a good game.
    ( So did the announcers.)

    And one more time: WHO IS IN FRONT OF THE GOAL WHEN WE GET A PP? The answer is……… one.

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