It’s Go Time!


Big, big one. I’m not ready to call any game a must-win with 36 points still on the table. But this could be a huge win or a very discouraging loss against a Buffalo team five points behind, with three games in hand.

Marc Staal, who suffered a setback Monday, Marian Gaborik and Ruslan Fedotenko remained sidelined. So everybody healthy is in the lineup.

Cam Talbot starts in goal (just wanted to see if you’re paying attention; actually Henrik Lundqvist is starting).

Bryan McCabe gets moved up to the second D pair with Mike Sauer.

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  1. Sally! Happy Birthday Dubinsky Wobbles! PRINCESS!

    Mama Bear! BlueBlood! Gab!

    Let’s jump out to a good start tonight!

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    Carp: Is Cam Talbot related in any way to Jean-Guy “Mr. Sweatsuit” Talbot? Hold the fort Boneheads…….of to London and Johannesburg. LGR!

  3. I’m surprised the Sabres are only 5 points behind… they seem so much worse than the Rangers.

  4. WTB! all the hard work I did today, and carp’d with no warning!! well, I never!!!!

    Sally, Stanley and Cup say mew, meow, wrhrrrrrr!

  5. i dont know crcillo on

    they need to come out with a physical edge,they play better that way.

  6. omg!!!!

    i just wondered the same thing.
    never noticed before cause we only saw him from the front.
    then it’s cut and styled out of hate

  7. what happened to John Amirante? havent heard him do the national anthem this season?

  8. Artie and Dubi better play their aassens off
    after sather kept him in New York and out of

  9. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Think there’s pressure on AA now? “Artem- it’s because of you we didn’t get Brad Richards, so step it up”!!

  10. Hi Mickey! I’ve said before and I’ll say it again….why am I paying Dolanvision to find my games on the low channel end called Vrrrrplssssblech?

  11. Mama
    blame bettman
    and nhl contract

    maybe if we’re lucky
    nhl goes to espn
    (then again, be careful what you wish for…)

  12. why can’t we use show some spark in o-zone
    like buffalo just did?

    all that crap around the boards

  13. I’m getting tired of every single non-MSG announcer following up comments about Boyle being the team leader with, “and he was a guy who wasn’t even sure he would make the team!” Is that on the freaking press release every single time? Rangers facts: Brian Boyle almost didn’t make the team! Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Dru! And Drury won the LLWS! :p

  14. don’t count on NHL leaving Versus any time soon, now that NBC bought and operates it. Unless the NHL dumps out of the Olympics. Then maybe.

    Amirante’s probably done half, or 40 percent, of the home games this season.

  15. Boyle — not gonna be on team.
    makes a good story
    continue to mention the “good story”

    at least they’re not talking about cindy!!

  16. wow!!!! who was that big guy stepan ran and hit on the sabers? stepan looked like he hit a brick wall.

  17. yeppers, hockey on Comcast forever now…but they will have more leverage to get VS on every outlet possible

  18. i love VS on saturday and sunday mornings for the fishing shows! now if the ice would just melt on these lakes……

  19. gotta admit
    that was nice of sabres player on bench to
    immediately turn with puck and motion to fan in the stands
    that he was going to throw it to him/her

  20. for sucha young team these games have been getting pretty boring lately. horrible passing and skating. cmon boys. falling asleep

  21. Carp, I know….doesn’t mean I have to be happy.

    btw, I’m a tad worried about Amirante. And anybody who disses him will have me to answer to. The girl on Sunday was awesome, but for me, it ain’t the same without John. P.S. One of my fave posts from Sam pre-game was about how he heard Amirante warming up in the bathroom….great color….

  22. Sweet 16!!

    Carp: “wouldn’t you love to see Tortorella drop a bomb on Versus’ reporters”….he’d be the Melissa Leo of the NHL (don’t know if anyone will get that :)

  23. still cant score though. soo close. i’m liking duby tonight. hes lookin better

  24. no that was apenalty hes been called for more n more it seems. gotta skate sauer. stop gettin lazy

  25. Hey Mama – could you tell Randy Referee to get his eyes checked. Blind Betty out there!

  26. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Mama – is that the chick that transformed into a babbling fool live on TV at some award show?

  27. could have used a crease clearing dman

    Charlie Sheen is available
    he’s a Winner!!!

  28. all started with not winning the faceoff.

    stupid call but a good team needs to kill it off.

  29. no pimp, that was a penalty. a stupid needless one, and a weak goal. not hanks fault but still.

  30. I guess (now that I watch the replay).

    It’s amazing … this team just cannot score.

  31. Grab
    Aves did get the first shot on goal
    but i wasn’t being all too hopeful there
    of course,
    many Rangers miss the net…too much

  32. just keep on finding ways to d the wrong things lately. these home games are almost a disadvantage the way we seem to play here

  33. Sauer made the stop but then proceeded to check the guy way after the puck went down the ice. textbook interference and completely unnecessary.

  34. st0w, LOL….Headzo, yes, but it wasn’t as bad as bloggers et al made it be. Was actually quite funny. Here’s a tip all: best way to watch the Oscars is on dvr….took me 65 mins to get through 3:11

    Hey, Kenny and Dave just shouted out to Carp!!!

  35. its just so frustrating watching teams come into the garden and get lucky flukey goals, more pp’s than us, and just always seem to get into teh game quicker and jump on us. we dont come out ready.. we play much better on teh road.

  36. Man, the refs this season are Hopeless Henriettas…..(sorry to anyone named Henrietta) Blind Bushleague Bennies….

  37. “Can the Rangers stop the Flyers on home ice?”

    The Rangers couldn’t stop a whale from beaching on Mt. Washington.

  38. Manfried:

    Probably dreaming of the Valentine’s Day evening he spent with Redden.

  39. As much as it stinks to give up that goal, there’s no way Torts can say Hank should have had that one. He was completely screened, it was a good play by Buffalo, and that’s that.

    Overall, I really don’t think that was an awful period. There were plenty of good plays, and we’ve seen them escape unscathed from periods when they’ve played far worse.

    And how about that McCabe! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Ranger clearly want to score SO badly in recent memory. He’s created a few good scoring chances on his own.

    I also don’t know what these Versus chumps are talking about. The Rangers played dump and chase too much, and they failed at it miserably because they dumped and never chased effectively. The times when they started making things happen were when they started carrying the puck in effectively. These guys are freaking morons.

  40. i know Versus isn’t very popular around here but the games are actually much better to watch now that NBC made those changes.

    This play-by-play guy is much better than the stiff who does the Capital games…

  41. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Rangers stopping the Flyers would be like Charlie Sheen stopping hi drug habbit

  42. Can we please use a more suitable word for “moron”? …

    Say, “Redden”

  43. Stranger Nation on

    Dan girardi = back-up goalie

    Sauer penalty has not been called against any team since January

  44. NYR_FAN via Android on

    I’ll have to see the replay of Sauer’s penalty…my dad and I (and almost everyone in our section) thought it was a cheap call

  45. Yes, Girardi is the back-up goalie, because he’s just as horrible with the puck behind the net as Lundqvist.

  46. still a penalty stranger. lol. i dont like teh puck over teh glass penalty either but it is one

  47. Stranger Nation on


    I am unofficial president of ‘girardi non fan club’

    He looked OK for first half of period but seems to tire and make bone head plays. Nothing worse than Vinny trying to skate puck out from behind his goal. WTB! He tries hard but does not have any jump to his stride any more.

  48. Looks like this will be yet another bush-league-tastic “…and the Rangers will run out of time” type of nights…

  49. instead of moron, its redden? so whats a milbury then? an a-hole? a dingleberry? a complete jackwagon? all 3?

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Gra – they need to call it both ways. In the flyer game we were held up every flipping time we would dump and chase.

  51. I know I’ve been preaching patience and not panic this season, but I’ve had a crappy week already and I just want a win tonight.

  52. mza needs to score, AA needs to score, vinny needs to, ec, duby, damn just about all our guys are not scoring! or scoring much

  53. well, milbury will probably have something to say
    about this….just like his opinion of Sauer penalty

  54. I got to the party late but what’s with the officiating? Is it really as bad as the 2 calls I’ve seen?

  55. prospal is done lol. can barely skate! drew a penalty though!! ok cue mccabe ripper from the point!!

  56. still on the perimeter,
    still dancing around the boards

  57. They have taken more shot in the first minute of this power play than they have in the last 6 power plays.

  58. sorry I been gone for a bit, but am listening to the horror :) had to book a room in city for the next Fozzy visit for last game of regular season!

    If anyone will be there, Krisy (norway) and friend, me, Fozzy, possibly two Fozzy Posse members, the norremys and maybe tiki will be in town and making noise. Look out NY!

  59. Grabby and Mickey, lol, we were saying that Sunday, too…..the point is not your crease!!!

  60. yes miami we deserve one after all that hard work. sucks that our top player is injured again. could really use his shot in tight games liek these. haha gotta laugh or ya just go crazy

  61. Dubinsky, you better score for Sally and her Princess on her Princess’ birthday!!!!! Hartnelling Byfugliening Carcillo Cooke Meat!

  62. let’s see
    bad sabres pp
    1 for 11

    newly acquired boise
    first goal as a sabre

    we are the nicest kindest most giving team in the entire nhl

  63. funny how we never how a man open like that
    then again, we’d probably miss the net

  64. I am out and aren’t watching the game as of yet- would I be correct in assuming that we are exhibiting no offensive talent?

  65. ORR!!!

    that is interesting comment.
    has sather traded with JD?

    don’t recall
    and obviously we could have
    given something similar to boise
    than just getting Mitchell
    (although i do like “Big Yellow Taxi”)

  66. bull dog line on

    we are seeing the difference in big game goalies. Miller leaves no rebounds on the power play, and Hank can’t control them.

  67. ORR!!!!

    make fun of someone else so

    i was in the process of typing that i wish we had boyse
    or however you spell his name

  68. This guy Christensen is an utter clown … he’s got great moves, a killer wrist shot … wtf is wrong with him that he can’t put up 70+ points

  69. Fozzy Bear!!! Get the Philly Fozzy on RR! We always want a Flyers fan perspective! :)

  70. Oh Tiki, be careful what you ask for! They are soooo limited in their perspective — you know that!! :)

  71. Tiki, the Fozzy Posse can only be pushed so hard. Patti almost got a rash wearing Ranger blue all day :) They’re here in spirit :)

  72. But Mama, she bought a Ranger T shirt at the nHL store and kept the LQ jersey she wore. She actually liked it. She’s showing signs of Flyer weakness!! She’ll convert to blue one day! LOL

  73. Mama – Im not asking Philly Fozzy to be a Rangers fan. Im asking her to join RR and talk about the Flyers and give us a perspective from a Philly fan.

    Fozzy – How’s the widow? :)

  74. Miller is going to stop everything he sees! What does Torts tell them??? Stay out of the crease?

  75. Can someone explain to me why LQ has to lunge at pucks like that? There’s no need for that. He looks like a chicken without a head sometimes.

  76. WTB kind of question was that? “Are you trying to let Buffalo stay in the crease?” Seriously Engblow?

  77. Mickey – Don’t go and get an ulcer on us :) Im getting the Mets MSG series starting tonight for you :)

  78. Fozzy, yes! I think one more weekend and we’ll get Patti to drink the blue Kool-Aid!!!

    All, full disclosure, I never ever thought I could like a Philfy fan, but Fozzy’s sister and close friend are awesome women who have blue in their veins….it just needs tapping a bit :)

  79. the season is on the line in this 3rd period. if they lose in reg, they are in deep trouble. only 17 games left, 20 for Buffalo. like the Rangers, sabres play better on the road.

  80. Mickey, don’t say it!!!!
    If you all aren’t listening to Rangers radio right now, you’re missing a great show……fug Vsssssssssssss

  81. ha! Maloney talking to Gresch about having an “adult beverage” one day……I know I’ve told you all about the time I met Gresch once….awesome moment. Very cool guy.

  82. were prob not winning this lgr now. im ok with that honestly. im ok with missing teh playoffs. theres a few guys on this team that have been serious dissappointments and as long as some of the kids get better and we keep adding good young talent in the draft, great. its not like we got any scoring help for a PO run anyway. either way its a win-win! we lose, we get better draft position. we win, we prob make the playoffs and get the kids some valuable experience

  83. OK, Mama, I won’t say it, even though I’m not entirely sure what ‘it’ is..

  84. why did we have to go down 3-1 to score though? they always wait till its too late to score. oh this team kills me sometimes.

  85. haha i told him babs! hes singin”lets go rangers du du dududu” after we scored though. he keps saying that were gonna win this game. of course he can say that cuz he has no interest in teh outcome at all. lol

  86. 4generations 4 cups on

    I ask the same thing Grabachev. Whats up with the constant ‘lets come back late in the game!’

  87. We’re definitely losing this game … you can smell Mickey-Mouse from a mile away

  88. How was that not a penalty? Explanation, anyone? Aside from the obvious, we’re New York.

  89. Torts wouldn’t have to be fined if these jackwagons could simply do their job.

  90. Babs, great name! But you’re kinda stepping on me :) love the post though :)

    smileys all around….Mr. Grabby….as one of my fave Survivor players would say, you’re either with us, or against us….:)

  91. Maloney: Rangers just inches away of being the better offensive team hear tonight…….oh, I’ll let that go ….

  92. Dubinsky consistently does one thing: fail to elevate his game in “tilts” such as this.

  93. The problem might not be the talent level. It might be applying their talent. Zuc and Cally both have time and space alone with Miller and just whacked it at the net like a pee-wee soccer kid who sees himself and the goalie.

  94. Cally is just trying to *crush* everybody he comes near with a white jersey on. Love it!

  95. lgr now – Torts was right? I believe I’ll take the credit for those assertions.

    Ive been watching the Magic Knicks game, and the Magic are at the FT line nearly every time down the court, and for mostly nothing. But our guys take the ball to the rim and get hammered and no fouls.

    They just chopped the stick out of our hand and NO PENALTY. They put the whistles away, conveniently we’re down a goal. IF we were up a goal, the whistles would be blown time after time.

  96. i don’t think any of the goals were Hank’s fautl
    screened and didn’t first goal hit Girardi’s stick

    man left alone for 3rd
    forget second

  97. There is no Penguins excuse or whatever other excuse you may want to use tonight.

    It is what it is.

    It’s New York. That simple.

    Is Bill McCreary doing this game?

  98. The problem is the talent level. It just ain’t there and we will miss the playoffs because of it.

  99. Braunschweiger on

    these fake 3rd period rallies lost there effect, now its just getting old

  100. Braunschweiger on

    jesus prust, this team must lead the league in great chances created and missed

  101. OY….nancy and your family….get outta here! this is hard enough! and season is NOT over!!!

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers “run out of time” again. They need to set their game alarm clocks twenty minutes earlier and show up in the first period.

  103. Zuc should have had a hat trick tonight and he has nothing to show for it. Unacceptable. If Tortorella likes calling out players, he better call out Zuc tonight.

  104. Like Carp said at the top:

    “…this could be a huge win or a very discouraging loss against a Buffalo team five points behind, with three games in hand.”

    There you have it.

  105. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    I feel like I’m watching the same byfuglien game over and over.

    No one can finish a chance.

    Their home record is just not good enough.

  106. like i said before, why werent they playing like this when it was tied 0-0!!?? they do teh same routine every night. we score 6 against the caps, then 3 in 2 games after at home. not fun to watch!!!

  107. we are young. I saw Stepan make some mistakes, MZA too, they will learn. This team will make the playoffs.

    still was a sucky loss. Buffalo is not better than us. great goalie though.

    Hank looked a little shaky early, I dont remember any scoring chances for Bufaflo late

  108. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    btw the officiating was horrible again, wonder if Torts will hold his tongue after Sunday.

  109. the reason the Rangers look so good in the 3rd period is b/c when a team is up by a goal with 10 minutes left they stop being aggressive.

    Has nothing to do with effort and all to do with the opposition allowing the Rangers to control the puck…

  110. some good officiating tonight.

    the wolski boarding penalty or whatever they called. so now it is a penalty if you hit a guy cleanly when he has the puck 5 feet or more from the boards and if he falls into the boards in any way it is a penalty.

    nice no call on sekura on dubinsky in the 3rd when he has a potential scoring chance.


    another horrible loss on a game the rangers out played there opponent. why is mccabe not on his side on the 3rd goal, nice prospal dive gamble insanity.

    can the rangers hit a open net???????????????????????????

  111. Canes won too. so they are now just 1 pt ahead of Canes and they have a game in hand also on the Rangers. not looking good


    thats all I have to say about this stupid team that I waste my time with

  113. Montreal, Carolina, and Sabres win [with three games in hand]. Don’t order those playoff tickets just yet, folks.

  114. baloney the rangers out played the sabres the last 2 periods by far.

    more shots, more scoring chances etc.

    they need staal back NOW……..

  115. i dont know crcillo on

    mcCabe left the front of the net and vinny goes for the pick six, end of story!

  116. prospal did stink tonight. Torts didnt figure it out till the third.

    the refs were bush league

  117. “baloney the rangers out played the sabres the last 2 periods by far.”

    yea, why can’t they play a full 60 minutes under tortorella???

    more shots….missing the net, forget the powerplay, get the plastic goalie we all used to tape to the net with 5 holes in it and work on accuracy

  118. tomb, Shory, ORR….I’m with ya….all I got is a big OY and this…we will make the playoffs! and as you all should know, the first 82 games ain’t the same as PO season….I know, I know, say what you will….but we’ll make it!

  119. Actually, I think the Sabres *are* better than NYR.

    They had a terrible start, but they’ve gotten their sh*t together, and definitely could replace NYR if they don’t get *their* sh*t together.

    Dangerous times. They have those games at hand as well. It’s a fugged up situation.

    I didn’t like how Hank looked tonight. He looked like he struggled at times.

  120. And yet… all of us will be here the next game. Ranger fans truly know suffering.

  121. I’d fuel-up the corporate jet and fly them down to Paraguay … drop them off in Cuidad del Este

  122. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    It wasn’t only on Prospal, whoever had Hecht (McCabe?) let him sit there for an age. Next time set up a damn table so he can have a byfuglien sandwich before he puts it in.

  123. im one of the most positive people.. but prospal needs to be scratched for fedotenko.. prospal cant move..

  124. Prospal may have caused the goal, but EC was the god damn pu$$y who froze, and then decided he’ll try to block the shot, but was already too fuggin late.

    Stupid EC. Why couldn’t that judas get traded?!?!

  125. I say it almost every game. I understand the rangers don’t score but it doesn’t help when the refs let penalties go that should be called against the rangers opponents but call marginal penalties every freaking time against the rangers, it’s mine boggling.

  126. vinnie doghouse on

    Dolan was probably watching the Knicks game while their rich owner was right there rinkside rooting on his team.

  127. Same ole same ole on

    This team cannot win an important game no matter what! That dumb play by Prospal should never happen in a close game! I think last years finish will be a good memory if they can’t get their stuff together soon! What will it take to motivate these guys? The refs absolutely suck game after game but the other teams seem to overcome their BS. Something needs to change!

  128. well, I stated on here several times the rangers aren’t making the playoffs. I think it’s more because of all the injuries this team has had this year. The injuries aren’t helping.

  129. i think my last post got carped.

    mentioned the mantra of
    (a bunch of time)

  130. the Rangers are REBUILDING!!!!!! we’re not even supposed to be in the top 8 so its no surprise that we are losing games especially when our best forward and best defenseman are out of the lineup.

  131. I get this the feeling that goals are about start pouring in. I watched tonight, glued to the action.

    usually I can say I woulda done something else or why didnt he pass? or shoot? the bounces just didnt happen tonight. Miller is good.

    when you think about how much payroll we have sitting, this team is finally getting somewhere. but darn I hate to lose.

    I’ve gotten pretty good at drunk typing. Carp never talks to me anymore. ha ha ha.

    The only message he usually sends me is that I am an word away from banishment

  132. Latona, if this were Facebook I’d “like” your comment!

    OK all, see you tomorrow. And I hope for a wonderful day here! TA!

  133. i’d have to see the play again
    but at first i thought Dubi was tripped
    then it looked like the sabres player
    touched the puck before Dubi
    which, unless there’s been a change in
    is allowed.

    of course, that doesn’t excuse the 2 against Zuc on one shift
    or even earlier in the game the holding the stick call on Cally when EC scored

  134. ToMG

    “the injuries”???
    are you trying to say that if Clutch was there tonight
    we’d be going into ot or he would have blocked that pass??

  135. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I feel vindicated as regards the downside of letting Prospal back in the mix. Old guys on long-term rehab are going to be huffing and puffing, all the way to the end – never really get back into top shape. But you know what? I am so thrilled that cancerous Drury is just about off the cliff, it makes my year.

    Wish Rangers management understoood that old guys hang around long after they know they are done, so long as they can prostitute a paycheck.

  136. IMO, the Rangers played quite well today, unlike many games they actually generated several excellent scoring opportunities. Alas, their lack of top end offensive skill yet again killed them: A 1/2 open net for Stepan on an excellent pass from MZA and Stepan, too far out (IMO), fires the puck into the middle of the net. Gilroy hitting the post. AA with a great backhand opportunity missing the net altogether. To name a few….

    Problem is where are the bluechippers gonna come from? The Rangers are gonna finish anywhere from 7th to 10th in the east, thereby landing them somewhere between 15th and 20th in the draft.

  137. jpg, actually I forgot about captain clutch, no, I was thing more of callahan, dubinsky, stall,, gaborik, fedetakno, frolov. I’m sure I forgot a few more. The injuries have been brutal this year.

  138. I can live with the growing pains this team will go through but the officiating is incompetent. Game after game with non-calls on plays in open ice. Dubi gets tackled driving to the net. How is it not called? God forbid anyone should question the refs let alone have access to them. They’re responsible to no one. The league advertises how they’re watching every game and available to make decisions on goals. They should call the refs to correct the penalties they miss! Blatant incompetence.

  139. excuses? explanations?

    this team is young. name a veteran out there. Dubi cali? nope.

    I dont balme this one on the Refs either. Injuries? nope eveybody who is out deserves to be out.

    the Curse? oh yes the Curse!!!

  140. Olga Folkyerself on

    I blame Sather and his ninth place old man smell. A cross of cheap stogies, Old Spice, Ben Gay and… a chronic 10 years of failure.

  141. JimboWoodside on

    It is just SO frustrating being a Ranger fan……every frickin’ year it’s another disappointment..

  142. JimboWoodside on

    Bottom line is, there are teams that are on the outside looking in, and they are playing *very* hard to try to make the playoffs – it’s not that our guys aren’t playing hard, but the other teams seem to be playing with more urgency.

  143. Czechthemout!!! on

    Maybe if they start playing when the game actually starts instead of after they are down by a goal or two they would win some games for a change.

    Very disappointed in Lq’s game today.

    Dubi needs to wake the he’ll up and start scoring again!

    I will not cast any blame at all on Stepan or Zucc for not burying the puck.

    Torts needs to unshackle their offense a bit and have the dmen start pinching a little more.

  144. ToMG

    just busting chops
    trying to squeeze out a laugh
    out of my current bad mood.

    at least this board isn’t filled with trade talk…

  145. Czechthemout!!! on

    McCabe is as much a horror in his own end as is MDZ!

    Also though that once again Ryan Mcdonagh was the teams best dman tonight by far!

  146. It’s Amateur-Hour Time!

    Big, big one. I’m not ready to call any game a must-win with 36 points still on the table. But this could be a close loss or a very discouraging loss against a Buffalo team five points behind, with three games in hand.

    Marc Staal, who is our only stud defenseman, Marian Gaborik, who only scores against weak opposition, and Ruslan Fedotenko, who is forever injury-prone, remained sidelined. So everybody healthy, but talentless, is in the lineup.

    Cam Talbot starts in goal (just wanted to see if you’re paying attention to how deep we are; actually Henrik Lundqvist is starting and assuredly losing).

    Bryan McCabe gets moved up to the second D pair (note: the team doesn’t officially have a top-pair) with Mike Sauer.

  147. I’ll say this for McCabe, he makes the PP 1,0000 times more dangerous and I love that he’s not afraid to shoot. Almost like he knows how sucky the PP has been and is trying to do it all himself with his shot. As bad he supposedly is defensively, he’s MUCH better that DZ is right now.

  148. JimboWoodside on

    Latona, you are correct – every game, especially lately……just brutal punishment for us all…..

  149. But unlike Devils fans (I’ve never actually seen any at their games though, only heard rumors) we will be here until the end.

  150. It was difficult watching tonight. I just KNOW I could have blocked some more shots.

    Oh well, back to the oven … I’ve got a tasty pizza on the way.


    yup… I’m not gonna sleep well tonight.

  152. The Rangers lost this game before it started….

    Want to know why?

    Because AGAIN, they were quoted in the papers talking about “moving up in the standings” as far as playoff position.

    Said it before, I’ll say it again…when a team thinks it’s better than it is, that’s a recipe for disaster.

    I’m not gonna bother watching the next couple of games. It’s too predictable, too painful, and too annoying.

    I have no problem keeping my hopes up for next season, because this one has been slowly rounding the edge of the toilet for the last couple of weeks.

    No, they don’t quit. But they also can’t “find a way to win” . They only “find ways to lose”

    Too bad, really. I like this team. Most of them, anyway. But now they’ve got a losing record at home and still think they’re a playoff-caliber team?

    The Rangers need to consider themselves a bottom rung team that simply doesn’t belong in the playoff hunt. THEN, maybe they’ll start putting the puck in the net.

    G’night all!

  153. hey, look at the bright side. The rangers keep this up and the leafs, thrashers and canes will pass the rangers in points and the rangers will get a higher pick in the draft.

  154. McCabe QBing the PP makes everyone look so much less tense. If the can get him for the right price (nowhere near what he’s getting today) it could well be worth it with all our young Dmen.

  155. RING RING … anyone there? I’m lighting up the Swiss League … 2 goals in 50 games

  156. Just got back from MSG. Blech…
    The atmosphere was awful. There were loads of Sabres fans everywhere…

    Oleo- Exactly, the Rangers try to “out-grind” the opposition and don’t control the puck enough. And when we do have scoring chances (seldom) we don’t have a (non-concussed) proven finisher to put the puck in the net, it is really that simple! We need more offensive creativity and guys who can finish if we want to contend!! I love the youth and passion of this group but we need to score goals!!!!

    Miami – Your comments tonight were cracking me up man!!!

    (Just checked…the sky is still up there)

  157. that top-end talent horse manure is just that. they beat the Pens in Pitt when they had both Crosby and malkin, they beat the caps with ovechkin twice decisively. face facts, they don’t play as well at home because they get out of their road grinding game mindset, and try to be cute.

    I suppose when the rangers beat Wash 7-0 and 6-0 that the Cap fans bemoan the lack of scorers on their team, and high-end talent. that dog won’t hunt

  158. some nice observations NYR

    i know that Torts stressed grind and jam
    to get his group of players to buy into a system
    but now it’s as if they’ve completely forgot
    how to pass or do anything in the offensive zone
    other than keep the puck in there via working along the boards.

    i don’t know if Gabby coming back will open that up
    or if we do need to get Richards and/or other players
    or what………

  159. NYR_FAN … thanks, always glad to be the accompanying act to the two-bit comedy we like to call “a Rangers game”

  160. Observations At the game last night. Chapter & Verse; just can’t put it together in the 1st period. Propal is on empty & serves no purpose. Giradi played one of his worst games. Christiansen will probably score 35 goals on any team other than the Rangers. Z-man could of tied the game. How many minutes did Aves have last nite. Why is it that every Goalie stones us. Hank should stop passing the freeken puck. We have enough problems with our swisscheese defense. It seems that the Zeebras have it out for us; neglecting to call penalties or getting in our way. Nice missed clip at the end of the game. Hank has to stand on his head every nite for us to have a chance. Have a feeling that making the playoffs could go down to the last game.

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