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Martin Biron suffered a fractured collarbone in practice and is out indefinitely. Cam Talbot has been called up to back up Lundqvist.

Glen Sather:

“Can’t speak about the Richards situation (tampering rules). So that’s sort of a dead issue to me.”

Biron: “Is a big loss for our team. … A very upbeat guy.”

Lundqvist “has had a lot of time off already, and he loves to play. … so we think thay maybe the backup will play one or two games between now and the end of the year, but not more than that.”

On dealing before the deadline:

“When you get down to the end it’s really a frenzy for the last six or eight hours … a lot of people interested in our young guys but we didn’t want to give up any of our kids. … we wanted a left shooting defenseman, and I think with McCabe we did that … but our goal was not to give up any of the young players we have, and not only the ones who are here but those coming up and those in junior and in college.”

“We’ve got a hard-working team … I didn’t want to disrupt (it).”

Didn’t have much time to find an inexpensive NHL goalie with experience to back up Lundqvist. “I know it’s risky.”

On the team’s set up now:

“They work hard, they’re competitive, and we’ve been playing very well. We haven’t score enough goals the last few days, but we’re going to get healthy and I think we’re going to be just fine.”

“You can go from 12th place to fourth place pretty easily.” — that’s why there were so few trades today, in his opinion.

“The risk (is) you’re going to hurt your chemistry  (with a lot of deals). You’ve got to give to get something. You’ve got to be careful you don’t overpay.”

“We’ve got a couple of kids (goalies) who have played well. … we looked around today. I talked about some veteran guys. People who had these guys just wanted too much or didn’t want to move them.”

On Gaborik:

“I talked to him today and he said he felt good all day. He’s been getting some headaches at night but they’ve been less and less. I think he’ll be back before too long.”

“There was a lot of interest in our young guys … quite a bit of interest.”

“Boogaard will probably be back … Hard to put a timeline on it. Drury’s the biggest question mark of all. I don’t think he will be back.”

End of conference call.

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  1. wow – the hits just keep on coming – so much for lightening Henrik’s load down the stretch…

  2. Here’s are some Sather quotes from last year about how we ALMOST had Stamkos:

    “How close did we come? We shook hands on it, that’s how close.

    “I’d been on it since Europe. I had an agreement with Len Barrie. I asked him if he had the authority to make the trade, and he assured me that he did, because he was an owner.

    “But the next day, I found out that he didn’t. He went to run the deal by [GM] Brian Lawton, who wanted no part of it. As I understood it, the way it was told to me, Barrie was still going to make the deal, but then he was told that he couldn’t unless he got the approval of [co-owner] Oren Koules.

    “Koules shot it down,” said Sather. “That was the end of it.”

  3. Well, at least we can be pleased that our future hasn’t been traded away for a mercenary. Sucks about Biron, I liked him. Stupid collarbones.

  4. Jinx NYR – I said in the last post that I had a feeling Vokoun would move. Now I guess I know why. …. SHEESH.

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    and if he does play, it will probably only be in a blowout situation either way, or GOD FORBID if Hank’s hurt… wow… this is probably the worst injury of the year,

  6. “Boogaard will probably be back … Hard to put a timeline on it. Drury’s the biggest question mark of all. I don’t think he will be back.”

    well at least theres a little good news,besides Jon “dont call me willie” Mitchell

  7. Mike Krzyzewski just called the Carmelo trade a great trade. Said that Carmelo can play defense if he wants to (Krzyzewski having coached him for the US). Said that Carmelo is a great kid, a warrior, and one of the best players in the NBA. Wow! When a legendary Hall of Fame coach says that, it’s gotta be true. :)

  8. Noah-tenko-rury-aal-aborik, 28 on

    I think Biron will be missed more as the shootout coach (seriously).

    It seems that he’s helped the guys out a lot in those situations.

  9. Biron seems to be a really positive guy, brings a lot of spirit to the team. That much even seems visible just from watching the games and seeing interviews with him. Just the other day I was thinking how glad I am to have him on the team. It seems like not only will his loss be as the viable backup, but as for his attitude.

  10. It’s not a bad point Eddieeeeeeeeeee. If McCabe can wear that contraption on his face can’t Beer-on wear something similar on his Collarbone(s)?

  11. As soon as Sather asked anybody about acquiring a backup goalie they would figure out why he was asking. Price immediately goes up. Sather did the right thing not giving up our kids in this situation. We’re not winning the Cup or seriously contending for it. He stuck with the long range plan as he should have.

  12. Oy very….Poor Biron. WTB!!!! I just knew something icky would happen today, and it did. Byfuglien hartnell!!!!

  13. Tough news about Biron. But coming down the stretch, Hank was going to get the majority of games with us trying to secure a playoff spot.


    Rangers have traded JD to Sam Rosen for his nose. They will then replace Beer-On’s broken collarbone with Rosen’s nose, allowing Beer-On to play again this season.

    They say he’ll heal within two weeks. Sam Rosen, however, will no longer be able to follow his nose, where ever he goes, so Fruit Loops are now taken off the menu for breakfast, so it doesn’t give him any ideas.

    It would be awkward if Mrs. Beer-On wakes up to see Sam Rosen’s face pressed against Beer-On’s neck!

    Solid trade!

  15. Orr, agreed Sather did the right but let’s not go too far! Yeah, broken collarbones are a notoriously painful injury. What does this mean for the backup position next year?

  16. “Drury’s the biggest question mark of all. I don’t think he will be back.”

    It’s all gravy!!!

  17. Isn’t Cam Talbot injured? Right now the starting goalie of the Whale is the Israeli Dov Grumet-Morris b/c Chad Johnson has been terrible.

  18. Mister Delaware on

    “I don’t know. I cringe when thinking aboot breaking a collarbone.

    I hate that area!!”

    Achilles tendon. I get queasy just thinking about straining mine, let alone rupturing it.

    /throws up

  19. Maybe Boogaard can come back in time to meet up with Carkner.

    think Boogs can crack the lineup tho?

  20. So carp, you believe Drury will be back? Cuz I’m certain he’s.not.staying after the summer. We have way to many players that.need new.contracts. and bigger bucks to boot.

  21. It must be rough to go from a PO bound team to a team going nowhere. On the other hand there’s some guys happily packing their bags.

    Not to mention players who are having their family life affected regardless of the PO situation. Part of the business but that doesn’t make it any easier.

  22. NYR_Forever!

    Forget Leighton. Your name is why I asked: Really?

    Are you struggling to find a name that people will respond to? Maybe you can be a little more original…

  23. Ok – Did he REALLY just say on the Conference Call: ‘..You have to be careful you dont overpay…”

    LMFAO – Does he really live in reality? Perhaps he is also an advisor to Col. Gadhafi –

  24. Boogyman, will not be back. I hope he never comes back. Fighting is overrated esp when that’s all u provide. We have a number of.guys that will go now.. we could use the cap space.. Drury will be gone this summer, 7 mil, boogy should be gone 1.6, prospel might sign on for another yr at a mil so thereafter boogys money. Frolov is done. Who am I forgetting?

  25. Tonight On Blueshirt Banter Radio Live at 8 PM

    We discuss The impact of the Biron Injury, The trading deadline and is MZA better served playing in the AHL

    Plus your phone calls ! Hope to see you Boneheads there !

    Oh wait I’m a bonehead too !

  26. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Tweeting gives you gas?

    Good job getting on the technology train…. i had a double dose of RR today, it was tremendously tremendous!

    NYR are lying to us about how Beer-on got hurt. Prust was re-enacting the goal he scored against Tampa. Prust broke his collarbone.

    Matter of fact… i’m not sure how Rolosson survived his near Prust experience. He owes a debt of gratitude to whoever makes his pads!

  27. We want fresh meat! We can use that 7.6 for Richards,.hopefully that’s enough. Then again, Richards could cost us a core player ot a number of them.. this will be an interestong summer. Eh?

  28. Biron fractured his collarbone off a bran mccabe slap shot. Guess it was a bad deal sather! Haha joking

  29. Slats has royally screwed up in the past, but he’s doing pretty damn good this season, as far as “staying the course course” goes.

    I’m more comfortable with him now, especially after today. You know the Slats of the past would have agreed to the trade the Stars offered.

    I think he’s learned his lesson, and he wont do the same this summer with Richards. He’ll give him a fair offer. At least that’s what I hope.

    All that being said, I still wish he was gone :P

  30. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hank might get two games off the rest of the season? Really. Nothing like having an empty-tank goalie going into the first round. Lack of faith in the new back-up before he is even tested. Remember when some bozo named Weekes was our number one and we didnt want to try the Swedish guy until we had no choice? See, guys like Sather think it is OTHER organizations who have young talent, never our own organization. That is nuts.

  31. you just know that teams will be running Henrik now, even more than before, because if they can get him out of there, Rangers are sunk

  32. I, for one, am hoping Sather’s comments on Drury mean we’ve finally seen the last of that putrid waste in a Rangers uniform.

    Let him flip pizza.

    Heartbreaking about Biron, though. That hurts big time.

  33. That’s a great point, Orr. You have to give Slats credit today for not pulling the trigger. I really believe that Artie will be a monster in this League when he puts on some more weight and has a few more years experience under his belt. He has showed more promise at this age than Dubi and Cally did at the same age…

    I think we still have a shot at Stastny in the offseason. Let’s not get in a bidding war for a 30+ year old free agent. Been down that road before…

  34. Boom Boom, not for nothing, but if a guy’s struggling in the AHL, you’d be nuts to think he’d somehow find his game in the NHL.

    Hank earned his spot on this team that year, and earned the starting job.

    Ochocinco did well in a few games with the team, but you can’t put pressure like that on kids. Especially since we’re fighting for a playoff spot.

    It’s a shame we couldn’t find a decent backup to help out.

  35. just like last night. Tor was beating Atl until Kane kneed their fine young goalie Reimer in the head, he had to leave, and the washed up Giguere, who is having groin problems again, came in and they blew the game on a bad goal, long shot with no screen by Hainsey in OT

  36. Boom Boom Bathgate

    Henrik Lundqvist started the 2nd game of the season that year and played 9 games in the month of October. You do nothing but complain about the Rangers so do us all a favor and take your nonsensical drivel someplace else…

  37. Just in Biron broke his collar bone in practice and is out for the balance of the year. You talk about bad luck. I feel sorry for the guy. He’s done a great job. You can’t make this crap up. You really need a strong heart being a Ranger Fan.

  38. Boogaard better come back, now that the Flyers have disrupted the balance of power by acquiring an enforcer today!

  39. Orr, if everybody’s healthy, I think he stays in CT and Eminger is prucha’d most nights.

    But I will add, again, that the Rangers still think he’s a huge part of the future, and that this is good for his development, not bad.

  40. Mza to Hartford? Y? R u nuts? Guys been nothin but a positive addition to a team that lass skill, and he’s part of our best line at the moment. I totally agree with carp on this one.

  41. we should have traded for anton khudobin i’ve seen him here in houston with aeros and he can play. Bruins traded for him today from the Wild. Last year he went 2-1-1 in NHL and this year he went 2-0-1 with a shutout of Canucks. dude can play

  42. Gift of GAB-orik on

    excellent carp!

    rent(al) is too damn high. Byfuglien hysterical!

    Prust didn’t want to be responsible for killing a man on live TV. So he let Rolosson live.

    I saw he had a tattoo on his right hand. It says “in case of emergency break something”

  43. even if henrik plays all 18 games he will play less games then last year…..biron would have gotten 2 or 3 more games.

    need gaborik and staal back……

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