Tortorella pre-game


John Tortorella:

On what he thinks of McCabe:

“Hasn’t played yet.”

On what he knows and expects:

“Well, we all … veteran guy. He’s got the big shot on the power play. And I think it helps us, at this time of year, with our pairs, especially with Marc being out.”

On Staal:

“He’s day to day. I don’t want to go beyond that (he doesn’t need any more tests, and it’s not structural, he said). He just doesn’t feel right. We’re hoping Tuesday. But we just don’t want to make it more of a problem.”

On the deal being the right fit without giving up key pieces:

“Yeah. I thought Kennedy had a good camp, and I’m not sure how all the (waiver) rules work, but he gets jammed up a little bit, the callups and stuff like that. But you look at our other prospects as we go along here, up the middle, on the wing, and we feel he’s a little bit behind those guys we’re talking about. Although I think he’s a pretty good player, to get a guy to help us right now, with the injury to Marc and just going down this stretch run, to bring in a veteran guy to help us a little bit, we think it’s a good deal.”

He’ll start with Eminger.

On whether he’ll talk to the team to calm nerves about the trade deadline:

“Nope. Haven’t mentioned one word about it, and won’t.”

On Del Zotto:

“We haven’t sent him down. That was to get a roster spot. That’s basically a paper transaction. He’s still with us. We put him on waivers (at which point John Rosasco, the club’s PR guy nearly fainted and said, “We definitely didn’t do that).

“Excuse me. He doesn’t require waivers. It’s just to clear a roster spot. So he’s with us. He’s here today. He’ll work out today and then we’ll make a determination today. He’s still with us.

“We can move him up and down, any which way, so he is with us right now. We need to clear a roster spot. … See what happens today. You never know what happens today. We may send him down today. But we’ll make that decision after today’s game. This just happened yesterday afternoon, and so he’s still with us.”

On the kind of “room” he likes:

“I like the room we have right now. I don’t know how to explain it to you. I like our room right now, have liked it all year long.”

“(McCabe) will be on the power play. We already have (filled him in on the system). Just like any other player, we give him the foundation and tell him to just go play.  And as we go through, as we continue to play, he’ll pick up more of it.”

Lundqvist is in goal. Fedotenko is out.

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  1. I could be wrong but I think the rangers haven’t won one game this season against the lighting, same applies to the flyers. Ironically there 1 and 2 in the conference.

  2. If the Rangers can’t get Richards or another star player at a reasonable cost, a guy I would take a flier on is Tim Connolly.

    Yes, I know the guy is hurt all the time and not having a great year but considering he is an expiring contract and the upside is there. I mean the guy had 65 points last year Obviously, I would not give up anything of value but let’s say we can get him for Erik Christensen and Matt Gilroy, I just don’t see how that trade can backfire especially when neither Gilroy or Christensen will see time in the playoffs

  3. Oleo- you don’t think Torts would play EC in the playoffs? That’s his boy. I can’t see him not feeling like Christensen is an important part of this club. I understand what you were saying about Dubinsky in the previous thread btw. good points.

  4. umm, doesn’t take a flier mean pass on the guy? if so, yes, by all means pass on Tim Concussion :p

  5. Patrick Thoresen with another assist as Salavat cruise to quarterfinals in KHL…
    Keep eyes on him, he should be here before August.

  6. Really- It’s definitely no secret that they’re keeping Del Zotto up until after 3pm tomorrow. Which makes it clear as day that they’re offering a package/packages that involve defensemen for whoever it is that they have interest in.

  7. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Predictably I am at work, so the dvr awaits.

    Morning ilb and all!


  8. acesand …

    Are we looking at Thoresen ?? That would be awesome. I thought he had just as noticeable of an Olympics as Zucc did.

    If I’m not mistaken, I think the Flyers still own his right tho

  9. who is going to sit instead?

    Newbury sits for Gaborik, Christensen sits for Fedotenko and Avery sits for Drury (yes Drury will 100% play without any thought if/when he returns).

    since Christensen wont be playing and Gilroy wont be playing, package the two for Tim Connolly and even if he gets out for the year on his first shift, you haven’t lost anyone that will be on the team next season.

  10. The whole MDZ thing is just to Bank as much money before tomorrow as possible. NO WAY do they deal MDZ – I will bet any amount of money on that

  11. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    In regards to the “If Richards signs with LA you’ll say Slats should have pulled the trigger” comment from the last thread…

    such is the risk you take. It’s a game of chicken, a game of back and forth, Dallas using LA against the Rangers and vice versa….

    It all comes down to what you are willing to risk, lose, and do or not do before the deadline. I’m sure there is internal pressures from all teams involved, and it’s stressful… But I LOVE that Torts said you don’t want to mortgage the future.

    Dallas may try to play like they have a strong hand… but they don’t. and though the Rangers want him no doubt, they shouldn’t be desperate.

  12. Really hope that Ryan Callahan can repeat such a perfect setup before the third goal on Friday…

    It was such a world class play you see so rarely….it seems that he just smells the postion of Christensen in front of the goal for the easy tap in…

  13. G of G ..

    I totally agree with you. Plus Richards has a NTC so he can pretty much Veto any trade to any other team giving Dallas even less leverage (much like McCabe).

    There’s no guarantee that BR even wants to go to LA, which also makes trading his “UFA rights” at the draft even more difficult since they will be offered way less on draft day than on Deadline Day

  14. im actually kind of hoping Richards gets dealt elsewhere. I would absolutely love to get a younger guy like Stastny and the Rangers have the pieces to get a young star player.

  15. reposting from earlier today in a separate thread:

    For all those who think Richards could be dealt before 3:00pm tomorrow…

    I don’t think he’s going anywhere due to concussion issues and the relatively small benefit of having no competition in discussing a new contract up to July 1st. The cost will be too high with no guarantee of keeping him beyond the remainder of this season.

  16. Long time reader first time poster here. Just saw something interesting on espn that made me realize how much classier the rangers are than the penguins. All season long we have known exactly where and how our boys have gotten hurt yet the pens are still on the upper/lower body plan.

    “Forward Dustin Jeffrey (lower body) could return as soon as Friday, while forward Mark Letestu (lower body) isn’t far behind. Defenseman Paul Martin (upper body) is expected back after this weekend, while forward Chris Kunitz (lower body) will miss another week or two.”

    That to me shows zero respect for their fans. Then again can we expect anything different from Mario?

  17. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    i like Stastny as well… though that will cost us much more considering he’s signed for the next few years.

    Dallas is up against a wall here, and the sand in the hourglass is running out. If he makes it to UFA, it’s almost guaranteed he’s gone, and they have nothing.

    The leverage like somerset alluded to, is with Richards. He can call the shots. Richards played with Torts, they know each other and have a good relationship. That favors the Rangers.

    I can live with if we get him for a reasonable package, and I can live with it if we don’t get him and he goes to LA. I’d be less thrilled if he came to an Eastern team… but that doesn’t appear likely.

  18. eddie eddie eddie on

    why should Avery sit????….the guy has as much jam as anyone on the team….true, he has issue with his shot, but he is among team leaders with assists and he gets the least amount of ice time among forwards…

  19. some folks just don’t get the fact that coming up with the puck along the boards is a key vital part of any game. THAT is what is meant by gritty, grinding, Jam, you name it

    and that is why guys who don’t score a lot of goals, but do the dirty work to win games are vastly underrated and underappreciated by many fans. all they do is look at point totals. but guys like Prust, Avery, Boyle,Fedotenko, etc have been very important in that respect. but also, guys like Dubi and Cally have to be seen in the overall value picture. they win battles along the boards AND they work great on the PK, and the PP, and they do the hitting. they are indispensable

    the guy who should sit is the guy who does not do that. don’t be fooled by a couple goals that were setup on a tee for him, great feeds by Cally and Sauer, but EC does NOT do the grit, the jam. HE should be the first to sit or go goodbye if there are too many

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