Tortorella post-game


The coach was not happy. He feels his team played more than well enough to win, especially at even strength and even 5-on-4, but got hosed on the Girardi call that led to the 5-on-3 and the winning goal.

John Tortorella:

“It’s a tough one. A tough one. We gave them (carcillo) all night long and get beat on a 5-on-3. On a horse(carcillo) call to start it.”

Need to generate more?

“I don’t know. I don’t know.”

McCabe’s game?:

“I gotta watch the tape. He’ll be fine.”

Asked to talk about the approach he wanted to take with McCabe:

“No. No. Not now.”

Whether the Rangers did enough to win the game:

“Yes. Yes. We defended. Had problems with their speed early on but then we finally got our forecheck going. They sit back, they want you to dump it in. They have that defenseman sitting back in the blue. We knew how they’re going to play and we got around the puck as the game went on. We had some chances, didn’t score, right to the bitter end.”

“We had problems with our forecheck. We had one shot, they had five (in the first 19 minutes). We outchanced them. It doesn’t matter what the shots were. We had more chances in the first period. But our forecheck wasn’t steady enough. But we had problems with their quickness early on. It was one of those games. Both teams were grinding and, I just wish the league would stay the hell out of it and let the teams decide it. It’s bull(carcillo). There’s too much at stake here.”

On the two goals being unstoppable:

“No, the first one needs to be stopped. The second one was a helluva shot by Vinny.”

I asked if his guys deserved blame for some of the penalties:

“Yes. Yes. We took some stupid penalties. But Danny Girardi’s is not a boarding call. Brian Boyle, that’s the rule, and we end up down 5-on-3, but it starts with Danny Girardi’s call, which is just a simple guess.

“But we did. We took some stupid penalties. Dubi’s (first one), Erik Christensen’s, Zucc’s on the backcheck. But we gave them nothing 5-on-4. Nothing. And we get beat 5-on-3 and it starts with a bad call.”

Asked about the second Dubinsky penalty:

“Where he does nothing? Yeah. I’m taking about the first one, where he got the high stick (was one of the stupid ones).”

Asked if he was happy about the short-handed goal by Prust:

“Yeah, but we lose. We lose important points.”

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  1. This is not directed at anyone, just an observation. I love how people aren’t so much upset with today’s Rangers poor play and referee induced loss as they are thrilled with getting to read and/or hear Torts’ anger in his press conference. Gotta love the disloyalty and lack of care for the team! :)

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    thanks Carp, been waiting for your quotes since i never get to see the presser. Those were two pretty lousy calls.

  3. Nice job, as always, Carp. Was that the angriest you have seen him this season? Jim Cerny tweeted that earlier…

  4. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    I will be at Tuesday’s game. Probably the biggest game in this stretch considering Buffalo’s place in the standings.

    Put this one behind us…LGR!!

  5. Carp, I listened right now to the press conference of Tortorella and I have to say it is just unprofessional..I understand that he is frustrated after such a loss but you have to behave different in front of the press.. I once in a while regret you guys from the press with that kind of coach..As good as he mabe is as coach you have to respect the audience as well as the fans want to have some information..

    But we have to deal with the same problem over here in Munich with the coch Louis van Gaal..he is the same than Torts, its seems he´s hating the press and the public and after a such dissapointing performance like the one in the top match up aginst Dortmund, he doesnt like to give even any interview to the press..

    But as I said even as a good coach you need to be a good communicator and you guys sitting probably in the same boat trying to sell the sport…!!!

  6. ThisYearsModel on

    Clearly Torts deserved to be irritated. However, the Rangers ineptness at home is inexcusable. Any team poised to go anywhere needs to be better than .500 at home. I hope Sather does not panic and sell off the farm tomorrow.

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