Tortorella, McCabe pre-game


Will have quotes shortly …

but here’s the news. McCabe will play with Eminger and wear No. 28, and play on the power play. Duh.

Fedotenko is out, so Newbury will play.

Del Zotto is still here, even though the Rangers made a paper transaction to send him to the Whale yesterday. It could be for a roster spot, as Tortorella claimed. It could also be that a defenseman might be departing tomorrow. Or it could be nothing. But when Marc Staal returns, the Rangers will have eight, and there’s no way they’re keeping eight around and Del Zotto sitting and not playing.

Lundqvist in goal again.

Back in a bit.


In the meantime, I wrote for The Journal News and today on Bernie Ryan … whom you may not know, but you’ve certainly seen. He’s the guy who has been manning the Rangers penalty box since the 1980s.

Here it is.


Bryan McCabe:

“It was a long day yesterday, but I I’m very excited today. Original Six team, man, what else can you say? I’m excited.”

On whether this was the only place he was willing to go (he had a no-trade clause):

“I think so. Obviously I have a lot of roots here. We spend our summers here on Long Island, my wife’s born and raised here, so it’s pretty much home. Like I said to some other people yesterday, three years ago when I was on my way out of Toronto, this is one of the teams I really wanted to come to. Things didn’t work out, but I’m glad they did now. I’m really excited to be here.”

“Obviously there’s always an atmosphere, a buzz. It’s one of the best buildings in the world. So it’s been a lot of fun (to play here as a visitor). Obviously we have a good team here, a great goaltender. I just hope to bring some veteran presence and leadership. Obviously they have a young team so hopefully I can help out with that.”

On what Tortorella said about his role”

“I spoke briefly to him. I think just coming in and bringing leadership, like I said. Obviously I’ve been around a long time and we have a pretty young D back there, so it’s good to try and bring in some experience.”

Beyond this season?

“I’m just here to play it out and have fun and hopefully make a run in the playoffs and chase a Cup. Obviously I’m getting down to the dog years here, so hopefully it’s a long run.”

On the Rangers:

“They are a great young team, obviously have a great goaltender. What else can you say? They work hard. Torts is a demanding coach and expects a lot out of them and that’s a good thing.”

He said the only players on the team he knows are Eminger, who was a teammate briefly in Florida, and Newbury, who was a teammate in Toronto.

… Tortorella quotes to follow.

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  1. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    McCabe will wear #28. He was qutoed as saying he’s glad he didn’t have to fight Coltor Orr for that jersey number. ha!

    I haven’t commented since the deal went down… Kennedy and a 3rd for McCabe rental was a great move. I hope he helps.

    also… Eminger rides pine for awhile… gets in, scores a goal, now he’s in, MDZ is out. If MDZ could hit a bull’s behind with a handful of rice he might still be around. Still hoping he’s not traded away… if it’s between him and Gilroy, i’d rather see them ship Gilroy. That’s just my 2 cents. Which after the $1.50 Carp gets… still leaves $1.48.

  2. For all the complaining about Gilroy and MDZ this year. We still have the 5th best D-Corps in the league (2.43 GA/G).

    That is UNBELIEVABLE when considering that we have had 2 rookies and 2 sophomores anchoring the Blue line pretty much all season.

    If we can start scoring (B. Richards, anyone??) I think we can do some serious damage in the Playoffs.

    Honestly, with 1 more savvy FA pickup and Gaborik returning to form, I can see us getting into an all-out battle with Philthy for the Conference Championship

  3. Our Goals Against and PK are top 10 in the league. Our Goals for and PP are bottom 10. So obviously we’re fine on D (which is amazing considering the youth we’re rolling) and in goal. We just need to score more.

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    as i mentioned the other day, if this young core of D is still here, inside 4 yrs., they will be the class of the NHL….

  5. true our D is more then good. simply need to avg 3 goals a game on offense and they will win a ton of games….

  6. somerset

    If the Rangers were to acquire Richards, I think you can make a decent argument that we would be the 2nd best team in the conference.

    The McCabe trade is huge for the PP b/c the mere threat of his shot from the point means the opponent can’t shadow Gaborik as much…

  7. I’m glad Staal is resting his knee. As long as he can get back into game shape come the post season, i’ll be happy. Our kids can handle themselves, and having McCabe sure helps too. Great trade, btw. I don’t know what’s happened to Slats, but he’s made some great trades lately without giving up the farm. LGR!

  8. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am very happy with newberry’s play…..he plays tough, brings grit and an edge, and he hustles….let gabby sit out for awhile..they play better without him…sounds crazy, i know, but sure do play better

  9. One thing to consider with the deadline tomorrow- and I say this as someone who has mostly wanted Richards here- Is it worth dealing away roster players for him if they’re not going to get Gaby back? There’s no telling if he’s going to get back even in time for the first round of the playoffs (if they make it). Who does that leave for the wings even if they get Richards? Wolski may go in a package for him to clear the cap space..would Torts put his boys Dubinsky and Callahan beside his former mvp?

  10. I read that the kings called the rangers and asked if Gaborik was on the market and slats told them no. I also read because the rangers told the kings gabgorik wasn’t on the market they now have turned there attention to Brad Richards. The rumor has it the kings have raised the stakes and are willing to start with shrenn another prospect and a first rounder. If this is true and of course this is a big if, I would consider trading gaborik to the kings.

  11. I wouldn’t trade for richards if I was the rangers. The rangers could sign him as a free agent next year without giving up any young/prospect players.

  12. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    It’s my thinking Dallas will bend before the deadline. It’s a risky game of chicken they will end up playing if the don’t do a deal. Everyone in the NHL knows what’s going on, and that Richards is likely not to stay in Dallas if he isn’t traded.

    So if you’re another GM (Lombardi, Slats) you know you got Dallas in a vulnerable position. The closer the deadline gets, the more Nieuwendyk will have to bend and try and get something.

  13. Just something to think about. If you’re thinking to wait until July to sign Richards, what if LA trades for Richards now and signs him long term? Then you’ll be saying that Slats should have pulled the trigger on the trade.

  14. Oleo- on the topic of the trading and then signing to an offer sheet of Dubinsky from yesterday- I appreciate the info about the 3rd rounder. didn’t realize that part. But I guess it was a little more tongue in cheek than I made it sound when I posted it. I keep my mouth shut around here not to get attacked about it but I seriously question whether Dubinsky will ever fully break out. It feels like for the last 3 seasons we’ve seen him start strong in the first half and then fizzle out. Hockey Rodent actually broke down this season- *He has three goals in 2011. That’s twenty games. That’s a quarter of a season, people. He had 12 in the first quarter-season – a 48 goal pace. He’s had 7 in 37 games since. That’s a 15 goal per season pace.*

    I know he can be one of the best players on this team and I like his chemistry with Callahan I guess I just question whether he’s expendable at times..

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    this trade, as subtle as it was, is going to be among slats’ best moves ever…this team is going deep this playoff season…

  16. Nice article about Bernie Ryan, Carp! Thanks for the link! Enjoyed the human interest read and the behind the scenes history…wonder why The Journal News has not yet put in a “single page” button so we can read a 3 page article on one web browser window…guess it has something to do with advertising revenue.

  17. Next time you want to be on a picture, you have to realize the position of the camera :)
    It s seems to be pretty busy before the game :)

  18. James G

    I have never seen Dubinsky as a top line player. He’s never had that special talent that guys like Gaborik, Richards have. Although to me, there is nothing wrong with Dubinsky being a 50-60 point player (on pace for 56 this season) and being on the 2nd line. He’s a good young player that will continue to get better and lets not forget that he had a stress fracture in his foot for a good portion of 2011 so who knows what impact that might have had.

  19. Cross Check- the irony of losing him to the Kings is that they turned their sights onto him after Sather told them Gaborik isn’t going to be moved.

  20. Tim I’m going to tell you this once. stop bringing up my family on this blog and stop playing your idiotic games. I didn’t do anything to you and I’m not going to stoop to your level. so shut up.

  21. Well its going to be a very difficult game for the Rangers..Vincent Lecavalier, Steve Stamkos and Martin St. Louis belonging to the top what the NHL has to offer….Hopefully Lundqvist is on top of his game and up front they have the luck to put one or two in…!!!!

  22. Technically, the Rangers have the 12th most goals in the league. The problem is the inconsistency. They’ve had their 6, 7 and 8 goal games, but they’ve had too many one or two goal games. Gotta start hitting three routinely.

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