Post-game quotes


Dan Girardi:

On being in the box for the 5-on-3 goal:

“It’s tough, you know? We took a lot of penalties, but I don’t know if they all were (penalties). But that’s the way they called it. We have to live with that. It’s tough to see us lose that way. We did such a good job through the whole game. A 5-on-3’s tough to kill, and they have five great guys taking one-timers from everywhere. So it’s tough to kill that. But I thought after that we did a good job of getting pucks to the net. We almost got one there late. Came up a little short.”

On a possible first-round rematch with the Lightnings, a team the Rangers haven’t beaten:

“I don’t know. Obviously we don’t want to be in seventh. We want to keep winning games and make our way up the standings. We’re not thinking about who we’re going to play, who we’re not going to play. We just want to make sure we get our wins and get in a playoff spot.”

On McCabe:

“He’s been a great defenseman for his whole career. We’re lucky to have him here. He does such a great job on the point, being calm, getting shots through. You could see that at the end, getting that shot through that almost scored, so he’s great at that, he has great poise, and he’s a great pickup for us.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s pretty simple … pretty easy to see why we lost. We took way too many penalties. I think we played a great game. The penalty kill was outstanding. But you can only kill so many. We did a lot of good things and we got close, a couple of really good chances in the end, but it wasn’t enough.”

Asked if there was a post-season intensity:

“I mean, every game feels intense right now. It’s very important that we’re getting points. To play a team like this, with so many skilled guys, you have to be physical, and the guys did a great job playing hard and because we played that hard I think we turned the puck over, they turned the puck over a lot of times and we created chances from that.”

On McCabe:

“He looks great. It’s not easy to come in … we haven’t seen him even in practice and he looked pretty comfortable out there. His shot is really good. He finds a way to get the puck through a lot, and that’s huge. Just to have a veteran guy back there, even though the young guys have been playing really well, I think the young guys feel comfortable having him.”

On the two one-timers:

“I tried to be square (to Lecavalier’s winner) and cover the middle of the net. He just made a perfect shot, I think, post and in. They made two good plays there. They have a couple of really skilled guys there and a lot of times they are the difference between a win and a loss. So you have to give it to them. But at the same time, I want to try to stop them.”

I asked him how aware he was of Stamkos coming down the left side as St. Louis was one-timing a right-dot through him on the first goal:

“Yeah. Right away, you kind of see who’s coming down at you and you try to be ready for anything. I was right there. The first shot, it’s always tough to make a save when you get a play like that. Maybe if you get it in the middle of the game, you’re going, maybe you can stop that. But it’s just a tough first shot for me to have like that. No excuses. They made two good plays on their goals. We played really well, we played hard, and you can only kill so many penalties. Especially in the second period, it was huge to kill four or five penalties like that, and then score short-handed, we were right there. It’s just very disappointing to not get two points.”

Brandon Prust:

“We were just waiting for the opportunity — when there’s an opportunity you just jump into open ice.”

On Roloson’s reaction:

“I don’t know. I didn’t even see his reaction. … I don’t know if he was pissed off about, I ran him over. I made a move, actually, that’s why he was out of his net.”

On the PK:

“Our penalty kill is good when we only have to kill off two or three a game. When you’ve got to kill off six or seven, and a 5-on-3, teams in this league — especially a team like that — they’re going to kill you.

“It would have been nice for us to get a power-play goal. But 5-on-3, especially for that team — they’ve got some skilled guys and some big shots, so it’s tough to kill a 5-on-3 for a minute.”

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  1. To those who asked on previous threads …

    I don’t think the collective press minds when a coach is that ticked off after a game. Now, if he does it all the time, as Tortorella did last year, it wears on you and it gets old and sounds like a broken record. When it’s only on occasion, it’s as good as long answers on other topics, maybe better, and it’s believable.

  2. How do do you do these interviews.???. Do you tape them with a recorder and then you write it down, or how is it working ?????

    Maybe I can learn something in the case that some feminim give me nuts and I can show later on what she said to me :):):)

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    …life isnt all that tough except when ive had enough, there’s nothing like it, im caillou, caillou, im caillou,…..that’s me….

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    it seems to me that throughout the many many many years i have been a ranger fan….the majority of calls go against the rangers…that seems to be the real curse….

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Orr, in answer to your previous question, yeah, i think Fredo comes up with some interesting quotes, that’s why we call him FIM and QOM also.

    Carpy, this has to be one of a very few times that Torts has been this angry this season, and he should have been. Last year he kind of overdid it, but a few well placed shows of frustration/anger are not bad.

  6. Carp
    need a part-time job as a transcriber??

    it’s a slooooow process for me.
    considering a transcription program
    if you or anyone out there knows of one.

  7. As a long time Ranger fan myself, you are right a lot of calls over the years against and that is directly because the other team is out working us and is in better shape. No so in 1994 on either case and that’s why I have been high on Torts last year and this year as well, he’s got them out working the opposition most nights and in shape.

  8. watching the replay right now
    and it reminds me
    of something Torts mentioned
    the quickness of the lightning

    year after year we hear about this team
    being faster but then we play teams like
    the lightning, kings…..
    and it just looks like we’re skating with
    one of weights on versus the other team
    (one of the reasons why i was bummed that
    we let dupuis go. i remember he was real fast)
    thoughts on Rangers getting faster
    still have a loooooooong way to go

  9. Yes we took too many penalties, but it was really he lack of puck movement and players moving their feet in the offensive zone and looking for the open ice. The difference between this game and the caps game was mostly puck movement. And now that we have mccabe, puck movement is even more vital. It will open the shot from the point as well as get other teams moving and giving up space in the slot and infrobt of the net. Mccabe will settle down and hopefully he meshes with our team.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Torts needs to stop throwing Hank under the bus in his post-game tirade. Was the goal savable, yes. Was it a routine save, no.

    Yet another game when rangers cannot score more than two goals against top tier teams. And, obviously caps are not a top tier team.

  11. whooo, there is someone on the Devils broadcast who loughs like a broken refrigerator…

    but thats it for today :)

  12. missed first goal Hank let in
    (unable to hear Torts press conference unless there’s an online version
    if so, someone please list it)

    in Torts quotes, he labeled Vinny’s goal as a great shot

  13. Tweet

    RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    #Stars Brad Richards skates for the 4 consecutive day. #Kings and #Rangers remain the 2 teams most interested towards trade deadline.

  14. Jpg.. exactly my point. Esp with speedy skilled teams u want to have them skate in their own end as much as possible. We have shown we have this ability against Washington. Now we need it consistently.

  15. It’s the same reason why I love that fried dim sum!! The crunchy crispy outside along with the tasty filling!! Yums!!

  16. Carp when the coach is like that, why not ask him to just give his take of the game. He’s very defensive to begin with. Let him whine and rant. He can blame the refs, but that’s an excuse . He probably really hates losing to his former team. Scoring just one goal is not an easy way to win a game. They wait too long into the 3rd period to turn it on when down. They win if leading after 2.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    G – torts said Hank should have saved first goal. Hank, when asked, said he should be able to stop a hard one timer on a bang bang pass from arguably the best player in NHL this year (stamkos) skating freely in between the circles and feeding St. Louis for their first shot of the game. Too bad girardi wasn’t there to block the shot because he was trailing the play after his stupid blind pass from behind his own goal after pinching in with the opposition’s top line on the ice.

    That was paraphrased…

  18. wowza, Torts all pissy for one of the few times this year. Good to see him let out some of that anger. Some of those calls were as bad as I’ve seen since the November Pens game.

  19. hedberg

    don’t forget that we forgot how to act in the power play

    it’ll be interesting to see what McCabe can bring as the “quarterback”
    and if it is that good and consistent maybe sathe will have to consider
    keeping him around….somehow.

  20. Calls schmalls. Real tough to win a game when you only put one goal up, especilly against Dwayne Roloson, who is solid but ain’t no Roberto Luongo.

  21. Hugh Jesiman is scheduled to make his NHL debut tonight for the Florida Panrhers

    That sux because now we won’t be able to grill Sather for wasting top pick on a player that never played a single game in the NHL

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Do not like the 5 forwards on PP. Hopefully, McCabe will help McD and Sauer improve their point play. Sauer has a heavy shot and McD makes great decisions.

  23. Stranger, I agree about McD and Sauer. I like Sauer’s shot from the point…McD has good anticipation with the puck…A veteran guy like McCabe can definitely teach those guys a thing or two about playing the point…

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are playing great hockey. They are playing 1 goal games against the leagues best…detroit, filthy, bolts… True the short end, but when was the last time they lost a pair to the tune of 5-1 and 4-1? Keep the faith ranger fans, we have all seen darker days and they are in the past…

  25. we have not enough diff makers in tight one goal games. all the hard work doesnt translate into skill.

    would dallas do animisiov gilroy and a 2nd rounder or is that not nearly enough

  26. Great point, Eddie. That’s what I keep telling myself. It’s not like they’re getting blown out buy these teams…

  27. orr

    i agree not nearly enough. i say dont make the move. with or without richards we arent getting out of first round IF we make playoffs



  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR Fan – no doubt. A break or two here and there and this team has 10 more wins. In the last 10 years, I merely wished that the rangers work and compete, regardless of the outcome. Well, now they clearly work and compete and as a result I have no complaints. I do wish Avery would see more ice time… Aside from that I am a very happy ranger fan. Every game is competitive to the last second. That, as fans, is all we can ask for.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Moreover, anytime a game ends with an empty net and an extra attacker for either side… It is an exciting game – by definition.

  30. ORR!!
    you thinking like i’m thinking…
    that polyester carpet could just be
    the power play quarterback we’ve been looking for.
    we could trade McCabe on monday
    to the pens for Kovy

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That said, I hope the garden us rocking on Tuesday as it should be a playoff game atmosphere. McCabe is a great addition. Leave the team as is. Go after Richards in July. Most players would give anything to be a blue shirt playing in the world’s most famous arena. This ranger team is going to be very special in the years to come. I really think we win 2 rounds this year at the least.

  32. Jessiman made a nice move to the net and almost beat Brodeur. he should be playing LW, that is his best move. he is wasted at RW because he can’t make that move from that side.

  33. With the arrival of McCabe and the need to practice the PP with him it’s fortunate that we’ve got three in a row at home. Practice tomorrow and Weds. then a back to back (home then away) against Minn. and Ottawa which unfortunately may end up being the dreaded three games in four and a half days if the game against Philly next Sunday is an afternoon game. Tough schedule to practice with our new PP QB for the next week.

  34. so the kings are more of a contender then the rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what are you smoking. cancouver and the red wings are in the west…

    kings and rangers are similar good young teams… the rangers are actually younger and have more depth but less skill……….

  35. girardi penalty was still a joke 3 hours later. in the neutral zone of no affect on the game, just another atrocious call from a blind official…………..

    no big deal whats 2 points…………..

  36. also atrocious was Boyle’s brain fart
    no one around him
    all he had to do was not panic
    turn just a bit so puck’s trajectory
    would have stayed in play

    (easy for me to say, i’m sitting here in sweats
    getting ready to down a sausage and peppers sandwich)

  37. orr, that link I posted pretty much said the same thing except there was no detail on what exactly sather is willing to give up. I’m a little relieved to read this because I don’t want sather giving up any young players on the team for richards.

  38. orr the point is the kings are in the west are they not?????????

    that is why there chances are no better then the rangers……..

  39. if they sign richards for 5 years I give up there 1st round pick why not. richards plays like multiple first round picks…

  40. Umm, because 5 years is too long and he’ll want too much $$ per year. Plus, Dallas is going to want a roster player too and I don’t think Gilroy gets it done…

    I don’t even know what “richards plays like multiple first round picks” means…

  41. Yeah, they’re in the West, and they could finish anywhere from 3rd to 8th. They’re competing with tougher teams.

    Rangers wouldn’t be able to do that.

    They can’t even beat the Flyers, Lightning, or even the fuggin Habs. They’d probably be sitting in 12th-13th place.

    By the way, the Kings are 2-0 against the Nucks, and 2-0 against the Wings. So, your argument is thrown off a bridge.

  42. Greetings from snow covered Telluride, Colorado, boneheads! Well, it’s sunny at the moment, but will snow overnight. Great skiing. I liked Big Sky better, last year, probably because we had great company :-)))

    Anyway, just finished watching the game,caught up with some posts. RR=Monster!

    I thought, with the exception of first 10 min they played well enough to at least get one point, if not two. We expect Hank to make those saves, but it wasn’t a soft goal. Carp said it well, he had to respect the shot from Stamkos, and had to move from post to post fast. And it wasn’t Higgins shooting that one-timer either.

    Liked the McCabe trade. He will help. He already unloaded a couple on PP today, and even if he doesn’t score all the time, the opposing teams will have to adjust their PK strategy- they will not be able to collapse down low with ease anymore.
    I’m not going to take a credit away from Slats for making that trade, but McCabe has as much to do with this as Slats. The only team he would waive his NTC was NYR, so Florida didn’t have that many choices. Btw, no one knows what is on Richards mind, he basically has the same power to say where he wants to go. That’s one of the reasons why giving up anything of value for him isn’t very bright. LB and Rodent separately talked about it well on their respective sites.

    The most positive about today’s game was continues growth of McD and Sauer. I would like to keep them as a pair as long as possible, they are very comfortable and confident playing with each other.

  43. leetchhalloffame on

    Was at game today – Rangers came out and played uninspired hockey in the first period. Crowd really never got into the game. Slats probably burning up the phone lines after this one.

  44. Yea, not a big fan of getting richards either way. If he is making 7.8 mil this year he will want at least that a year in the future. I’m hoping sather doesn’t sign anymore over 30 free agents for allot of money. Down the road the rangers are going to have to pay there young players. I’m sick of these stupid free agent signings by sather.

  45. orr the rangers beat the canucks so your point is crap. the kings are not going to the cup over the wings or canucks regardless of your blather. the rangers and kings are about the same. if you think the kings are appreciable better then the rangers you are wrong. I live in LA see the kings all the time they are the rangers with more flair and a few top end guys kopitar and doughty are more skilled then the rangers top guys.

    on the point of richards multiple 1st rounders. newsflash many first rounders never pan out; ie jessiman, montoya etc. richards panned out… richards is worth a 5 year deal if he wants more no thank you………..

    look at detroit looking at bogosian possibly. that is what a smart team does gets young guys who have upside and are in the doghouse for whatever reason and hope to trun them around etc.

    15 turnovers vers 3 today in the rangers favor the lightning also had 19 shots to the rangers 23, if the rangers could finish on occassion(dubinsky) they get at least 1 point, if the refs do not suck maybe the rangers get 2 points………..

  46. The Rangers wouldn’t have the opportunity to go against the Wings or Nucks in the playoffs because *they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs*

    The Kings can win the Cup, and they will win it before NYR.

    You’re just delusional. I mean, you think Erskine has a great shot, so you’ve proved this.

    Bwaha! I love it!

  47. Signing Richards to a pricey deal would sit a little well with me, only if we were getting rid of Dreary’s over-priced contract.

    On top of Richards, you still have Dublowsky, Callaman, and others to re-sign. I trust Cally, but I don’t trust Dublowsky.

    I worry aboot more potential shenanigans from his “camp”

  48. Hey, ilb! Sounds like a great time in CO.

    I think Carp made a great point the other day when he said that rarely do Sather trade rumors come true out before they are announced. I highly doubt we get Richards or even Stastny (although I would love Statsny). I think the McCabe deal is an exception since the NYR were only team to which he would waive his NTC. You never know what Sather has up his sleeve, can’t wait for tomorrow at 3:01PM!!!

  49. from LeBrun tweet:

    Real_ESPNLeBrun Pierre LeBrun
    from Helene, “@helenenothelen: Talk now is that Stars will keep Richards instead of trading him. Or at least won’t trade him within West..”

  50. Actually, now that I’m thinking aboot it, why would the Stars trade him to the West, and a Division rival?

    But, like I said, despite Stuart’s delusions, the Kings have a realistic shot at winning the Cup. They have the talent, and the leadership to do so. They’re only a piece or two away from making a deep run. Taking all that into consideration, they’ll be comfortable enough to take a chance at trading top prospects, and picks to acquire Richards.

    Apparently NYR wont part with top prospects, or roster players. So, it’s obvious the Kings will present the better package.

  51. LOL! You have to let the game come to you.

    Kings are a lot closer to a cup than the NYR. We have the edge in goal with Hank, even though Quick is becoming a very good goaltender…Their top players (both forwards and D) are clearly better than our top players…There is no question about it…

  52. If that is the case than the question will be, does the stars management straighten out there3 ownership problems in time to sign richards. From what I read if they do Richards will resign with the stars.

  53. I should also say that we have edge in our coach, Torts. I think he has a lot to do with the Rangers success this year…

    LOL. Caramel Tony? :P

  54. funny thing is knick fans think getting carmelo is going to make the knicks a great team. Carmelo anthony is a scorer and that is it. He plays no defense. The fact of the matter is anthony and amare are exactly the same type of player, can score but no defense and no rebounding. I think the knicks are worse off than they were before the trade. Dolan is a idiot because there is no doubt he was listening to thomas because that was a thomas trade.

  55. ilb, as usual, well said and agree with all your thoughts, especially on McCabe. I think he’s excited to be here and will be motivated to play well for us given his UFA status at season’s end. He’ll give serious consideration to re-signing here because of the up and coming status of this young team that could be competing for the Cup as his career winds down. Could be a great mentor for our young, developing D.

    Less than 24 hours to go before our talent pool is set for the drive to make the PO’s. First up, Buffalo on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the game is on Versus.

  56. as usual, can’t expect accuracy. Stoudemire actually does play defense. His struggles are with help-defense.

    It doesn’t take much to teach players defense. If the players want to learn, then they can get better.

    Having 2 superstars puts us in a nice position for the future.

    Getting a top 10 NBA superstar is a Thomas trade? Not sure what that means, other than some random guy thinking he sounds smart. Getting Carmelo for Galinari is a plus. And with Billups and his expiring contract next year, this trade was a steal.

    Retaining Donnie Walsh will assure our future. And maybe by some miracle, D’Antoni will learn to teach defense. If not, then it’ll be time to find a new coach.

    Bottom line, A’Mare and Carmelo want to win and will work together to make each other better, on both ends of the court.

  57. Getting a top 10 NBA superstar would be a trade anyone would make – especially for the carcillo we gave up.

  58. ill play the same game: it’s funny how Rangers fans think that the Rangers are a few years away from seriously contending. We have nice defense, but we still just have a bunch of 2nd line forwards and a usually absent and/or injured superstar. We need a legitimate superstar, and Gaborik and Richards won’t cut it.

    We have no Franzens, Zetterbergs, Crosbys, no Sedins. Even Milan Byfuglien Lucic has 25 goals.

    We havent had a power play since Jaromir.

    The other simple fact is that our goalie will never carry us anywhere. He’s too worried about his perfect looks and perfect voice and he continue to tend goal the exact same way he always has. He’ll never adjust, and Benoit Allaire will never force him to change his style. A 36 year old Tim Thomas is light years better this year than Henrik. and Henny has 8 shutouts.

    And of course, finally, when the going gets tough for us, and we want to advance into the latter stages of the playoffs, the referees ain’t going to allow us to.

  59. here’s what’s on our side as far as Richards in Red White and Blueshirt:
    if he enjoyed playing for Torts
    feels that he can win a Cup
    with this group of players
    and Torts coaching ’em
    as well as
    Avery being here
    because there was some post-Avery’s stint with dallas photo
    and Richards was in it along with Aves and Shanahan (?)

  60. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Jessiman Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Game 1- in the record books!

    Sather is vindicated! Too bad he traded away such a talent. Come to think of it….


  61. people are thinking 2 or 3 years because the flyers of 2009-10
    showed that hard workers/talent/good run could lead to a lot of
    good things at once.

    we are building the team in the right way and once we get rid
    of the anchor contracts — Redden and Drury —
    that frees up money to bring in non-homegrown talent
    via trade or ufa.

    i’m not going to guarantee a Cup ANY year but if things continue
    to progress in the manner of this year’s grouping
    then we, hopefully, have some reason to be positive.

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    We will always be a few years away from contending for a Cup, until we get rid of Sather somehow.

  63. If the Heat manage to lose this game, I’ll be upset. They need to win this game to keep within 1 game of the Celtics for HCA throughout the East playoffs. Would be nice if the Knicks made it a competitive game, though.

    No need for Richards, jpg. What’s the guy going to do for us? Set up guys to fire shots 50 feet wide. He’s on the downside of his career.

  64. I agree Olga, for the reasons I stated above. We aren’t going to win anything for the next few years, and that’s without knowing the Sather signings that are to come, like the next Brash or Boogie signing.

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – if the rangers were in the west, they likely would make the playoffs as they are 10-5-0 against the west. In fact, of all the teams in the east, the rangers have the best record vs western teams. Moot point tho as the rangers are not in the west.

  66. there will always be favorites to win the Cup. just ask the Vegas oddsmakers who had sheets up back in september…
    but for a change from much of
    sather’s years in New York
    we seem to going in the right direction.
    not looking at this in rose-colored glasses
    it’s better than it was in the past.
    not happy with team speed and inability to finish
    wondering how prospects and other acquisitions
    are assessed because
    there are a number of times when it just
    looks like our players our having “brain farts”
    or doing some things on the ice that should
    have been addressed even before juniors

  67. jpg – It is better than it is in the past, but we are nowhere near seriously competing. Another key which we do not have and are not close to having are serious offensive threats from our defenseman. That’s something that I believe a team needs to win. We have a nice core of defensemen, but none of them have any real offensive game.

  68. hope not
    but Richards has shown more
    consistency as a scorer/playmaker
    than Drury ever did.
    Drury was known as Clutch (seriously, stop laughing. look at his history)
    he happened to have a really good year
    just in time to be a UFA
    sather paid for Clutch-ness (i.e. the last second goal that beat us in buffalo during
    SC run)
    and under the vision that he would re-produce at that level.

  69. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    just posting this because the last sentence is comedy gold!!!

    GlobeKPD Kevin Paul Dupont
    by TSNBobMcKenzie
    Bruins send Brian McGrattan to Dux w/ Sean Zimmerman for David Laliberte and Stephane Chaput. Al Iafrate remains retired.

  70. Olga Folkyerself on

    Richards will produce for a year or two, but Sather will sign him for 5 or 6 years and we will all be cursing Sather in a few years for another albatross contract.

  71. lol TomG. It is what it is. Repeating the sentiments of the media that Thomas had a hand in the trade doesn’t make you smart. it just means you pay attention to the media. :)

  72. Hey everybody. A favor please.

    The blogfather’s goddaughter is now a blogdaughter. My niece/goddaughter is writing her own fashion blog at college. Her name is Maggie and she just blogged the red carpet at the Oscars.

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  73. olga- richards will not become the next drury ok. not every player sather signs will all of a sudden become bad. i mean look at gabby!! hes awesome!!

  74. Here is our lack of forward talent in a nut shell. On their best days here is what a Stanley Cup teams line these guys are capable of. AA-3 Avery-3 Dubi-2 Boyle-4 Vinny-3 Feds-3 Cally-1 Zuc-3/4 Prust-4 Stepan-3 as of now maybe a 2. Gabby-1/2 but can he make it thru four rounds? Plus a goalie who is heading out of his prime years who hasn’t won a round that he should have. We need atleast 3 forwards for our top couple of lines as our D matures and goalie ages don’t know if it adds up time wise. We are better, more fun to watch and hustling which for us is a change and entertaining, but we still so far away. Atleast some youth to look at though.

  75. Tiki,
    to be fair, I never said I was smart and I don’t follow basketball like I use to because the knicks have been irrelevant for over 10 years. I do hope that Dolan does extend Donnie Walsh because he is a good GM. Donnie Walsh still has allot of work to do to make the knicks a championship contender.

  76. TomG – My comment was out of line. You are smart. But the line about it being a Thomas trade is just something put out by the media. Any General Manager with half a brain would want to trade for Carmelo Anthony.

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    whatever, the rangers are dominating the western conference….but, respectfully, dont let the facts get in the way of a good rant

  78. Marty Brodeur is a wondeful guy. Zach Parise is too good a player and guy to play for the Rangers. I hope he stays with the Devils and I hope Lamaire decides not to retire. His system obviously works and Id really like to see them succeed. Philly too. Would be great if the Flyers won the Cup this year. If not the Blackhawks.

  79. Goodness are the Oscars boooooooooooooring. Only thing saving it is people snarking on twitter about it.

    I will stop by, though, Carp. Cause you asked so nicely :)

  80. You do bring up a good point with the record, but you have to take into consideration that the East vs West is always up in the air, because both teams are not familiar with one another, as opposed to the in-conference games.

    But, we’ll just have to agree to disagree :P

  81. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I was going to post about stars not trading him to the west, but jpg beat me to it…..anyone think he is coming here yet???

  82. by the way, if I remember correctly, not only is Anthony a scorer, he’s also the best SF rebounder in the NBA. And in the NBA, you need to rebound and prevent 2nd scoring chances to win, and the Knicks struggle with rebounding iirc.

  83. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    woo hoo, I bet the company was great indeed!

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – or it could be the rangers’ style of play favors the rangers against the west. clearly, the rangers are better against the west than the east so there might be something to that…also, the fact that the rangers own the best record against the west compared to their eastern brethren is also quite revealing and interesting…

  85. I called it weeks ago:


    Deal done. Brad Richards is now part of the #Leafs. Kadri+MacArthur+Conditional 1st (resign)

  86. lol @ pierre the bruin! cry about it, le bruin! Waaaa That is not me! Waaaaa Waaaa Mommy Mommy :sniff sniff:

  87. Stranger Nation on

    Don’t light the cigar, stay the course.

    It seems torts is running the ship if you read into his comments about trade deadline. Never heard a coach pipe in so much about GM decision.

    BTW, has anyone seen AA this past week? Never has control of puck for more than a few secs.

  88. Please do, Orr. Im glad the Knicks have kept it close, but Id like if we lost and the Heat maintained their 1 game deficit for best record with the Celtics.

  89. But Id hate to lose because of referee cheating, which the last call and subsequent technical foul were.

  90. lol @ Lebron. He’ll take it to the rim against the lowly Knicks, but against the Celtics, he settles for his stupid jump shots which he can’t shoot. No sense, no brains, no feeling.

  91. What a joke. If I wanted this victory, I wouldn’t have gotten it. Id rather have beaten the Cavs and lost to the Heat. In their 3rd game together, they beat the 2nd best EC team Heat in Miami, giving up only 50 points over the last 3 quarters. Wow.

  92. How about giving Torts some venom. Sure the team takes too many penalties but Torts puts 5 forwards out out on PP when he’s got a new gun on the bench. Sometimes he gets mad at the team when he should examine his coaching!

  93. incidentally, that Bruins shill Jack Edwards is really yakking like they have it all now, since those trades they are now a strong contender. and that boring trap that Julien plays is a snoozefest like Lemaire, but it often works.

    hope the Rangers beat them in the playoffs.

  94. I second the motion, Orr. I also believe that Richards will be a Ranger tomorrow. Sather has the leverage, they won’t trade him to the west, and he probably wants to come to NY for the $$$ and endorsements.

  95. TSNBobMcKenzie

    STL trades Brad Boyes to BUF for 2nd round pick in 2011. Done deal.

    Wow, Buffalo making some noise…I guess with Stuart, St Louis figured Boyes were expenable I guess. But only for a second round pick? That’s a former 40 goal scorer, still in his 20s???

  96. Carp, xoxox. The Fozzy Posse adored meeting you, and we have fun pics to send you ( man, you look great in photos….me, not so happy :) but we have mama, papa and two heads to share…great job tonight, as always…..

    Sad loss, but I had a great day anyway….this is for you Tom!!!! Ta all, til tomorrow:)

  97. the Ranger PP with Richards on the left point and McCabe on the right side will be far superior to anything they have had back there in years.

  98. You know JD called the Rangers on Boyes before they dealt him to Buffalo.

    That could only mean Richards is coming.

  99. Yeah, you’d have to think anyone that’s available in St Louis would be offered to NYR.

    Unless JD was doing us a favor.

    Boyes could have been pretty useful. And for only a 2nd round pick. That’s not bad. Great pickup by the Sabs.

    Should be interesting later.

  100. Boyes has 1yr at $4M left on his deal. He did score 40 goals a few years ago but I see him as a Cheechoo-esque flash-in-the-pan type who likely won’t do it again. This was a salary dump by STL to a team now willing and able to spend money. Buffalo took a chance here but it only cost them a 2nd so it’s a good deal for them.

  101. I would not want to play Tampa in the first round…but with our luck this is who we gonna get in the first IF we make it in

  102. Orr- let’s put it this way- how would we feel if we had a former 40 goal scorer on our roster with a $4M cap hit but who only had 12 goals and 29 assists for 41 points through 61 games? Thats’s Gomez-like.

    The Blues had been itching to dump him for awhile.

  103. Orr ..

    There is nothing little about Anne Hathaways Boobs. I recommend watching the movie Havoc. She’s topless in the first ten minutes and couple more times after that thru out the moive

  104. or it meant the Rangers didn’t want Boyes b/c he is not a top line player and the Rangers have more than enough 2nd line players…

  105. Somer, believe me, I’ve seen them. I should have been more specific. What I meant was, they’re deceptively small.

    Forget “Havoc”. Watch her latest movie “Love & Other Drugs”

    Mama mia. The body! She shows it all in this. Decent movie too, starts off really funny, but then turns depressing.

    Dj, I know he hasn’t been the “star” he was, but a trade might do the trick, and get him going, like it did for Wolski last season, and Mueller, before the concussion.

    And a team with two 2nd round picks, to me, it would have been a pretty good move.

    And obviously he has one year on his deal.

  106. Well gang, off to bed. I won’t be around for the fun tomorrow, but I’ll be here in sprit. I just hope Darth doesn’t tear apart this team for one rental player.

  107. I don’t understand why Slats wants Richards so bad, since he’s a UFA this summer.

    It’s as if this is his final year, and he wants to take one last crack at a Cup before retirement.

    If that’s the case, then it’s bittersweet.

    I’m gonna make a prediction. Chris Dreary is traded today!

    Wishful thinking!

  108. Good morning all! I will be late for trade deadline news cause I aim to be asleep! Had an awesome day/night with Fozzy Posse, despite the sad loss. Only Fozzy could get 8 Flyers/Pens/Caps fans (sad people :) in Rangers jerseys for a game and warren trip… all are awesome….

    and we got to say hi to Carp! always a highlight for me…:) niters all! TA!

  109. Orr: “Mama mia. The body! She shows it all in this. Decent movie too, starts off really funny, but then turns depressing.”

    yeah, I’ve been told that :) gimme a break will ya :)

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