It’s Go Time!


Before we get to the game, youse should know I’m on a banning rampage. And if some of you clowns keep stepping out of line, you will be banned … and I might as well tell you that I will enjoy doing it. OK?

Update on Del Zotto. He is now gone to Hartford. He had stayed around just to make sure McCabe arrived and was able to play right away. McCabe is still wearing a shield for his broken jaw, which he suffered six weeks ago. He hopes to get rid of it soon.

Lundqvist in goal. Eminger and McCabe playing together. Newbury in for Fedotenko.

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  1. im actually kind of hoping Richards gets dealt elsewhere. I would absolutely love to get a younger guy like Stastny and the Rangers have the pieces to get a guy like that in the offseason.

  2. acesand …

    Thats awesome news. I really wanted the Ranger to go after him and Zucc but I thought after what happened with Heikkinen that the Rangers maybe would have lost some credibility in signing European FA’s

    Obviously, this year Zucc changed that and the Rangers are HUGE in Norway right now. I think I read next to the US, Norway is the 2nd most popular country to visit the Rangers website


    NYR4Life February 27th, 2011 at 12:39 pm
    Long time reader first time poster here. Just saw something interesting on espn that made me realize how much classier the rangers are than the penguins. All season long we have known exactly where and how our boys have gotten hurt yet the pens are still on the upper/lower body plan.
    “Forward Dustin Jeffrey (lower body) could return as soon as Friday, while forward Mark Letestu (lower body) isn’t far behind. Defenseman Paul Martin (upper body) is expected back after this weekend, while forward Chris Kunitz (lower body) will miss another week or two.”
    That to me shows zero respect for their fans. Then again can we expect anything different from Mario?

  4. Ben Foster! Birmingham! Champions! Chad Jennings (Yankees beat writer for Lohud) won’t be too happy. :( He’s an Arsenal fan.

  5. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Now i’m interested in getting a mcPowerplay so we can see what kind of mcShot McCabe has!


  6. Really excited about this game.. Tampa’s always a tough team to play against, so this should be a good one. And looking forward to see McCabe. Let’s go Rangers!

  7. billybleedsblue on

    NYR4Life, you can’t blame them for trying to hide their weaknesses right now, especially with their top (hot) dogs (lips) out of the lineup…but then again, if it gives me more reason to dislike Mary-O (as if I need it) then YEA! ZERO RESPECT!!!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  8. Hah! Just saw Mama and met Fozzy and Noremy and her husband. Nice, nice, nice people. It’s so great to get to know so many Boneheads.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Staal out as team plays 5 games in 8 days ending with Philthy again next Sunday aft. Hopefully back by end of week.

  10. the rangers didn’t do well with the very short lived white liberty jerseys

    i’m thinking they’re like 3-7 with the heritage but i don’t even know how to look that up

  11. Carp, I hope the hammer came down on those responsible for last night’s nonsense. Thanks for keeping the place cleaned up.

    Now, LGR’s!!

  12. Mister Delaware on

    “im actually kind of hoping Richards gets dealt elsewhere. I would absolutely love to get a younger guy like Stastny and the Rangers have the pieces to get a guy like that in the offseason.”

    Cosign. I keep seeing Dustin Penner’s name mentioned as available as well, and he’d be a real nice fit, but I have to imagine the cost is prohibitive.

  13. just woke up. put on a stream of game and first thing I see is a St. Louis goal. ugh. should have stayed in bed

  14. Weak carcillo. Thanks Henrik. Shut out a team when we’re winning 6-0 and 7-0, but give up a cheap goal like that. Frustrating.

  15. For all the stat guys out there, has Henrik ever recorded a shutout 1-0, or 2-0 with the 2nd goal being an empty-netter?

  16. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on


    The Vancouver game, Henrik won 1-0. Probably the best game of the year for the team.

  17. Might have been weak, but I totally expected St Louis to pass to the guy in the front and I think Hank did too.

  18. no that’s what happens when you have star players like St. Louis and Stamkos on the same line. I wouldnt call that a bad goal, thats just great puck movement.

  19. Same old story…soft goals take the Rangers out of the game early and they have to catch up. Henrik has to make that save…

  20. I don’t blame the goalie for that one. That’s a pretty good player on a one-timer, 3-on-2. WTF is the goalie supposed to do there?

  21. Thanks for refresh refresh refresh-ing my memory. Wasn’t Vancouver struggling to score goals at that point in the season?

  22. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Salty, if you’re willing to download veetle
    the new atdhe would probably be the one for you

  23. IMO, Carp, that’s a one-timer that could have and probably should have been saved. Very bad angle. But we can agree to disagree. :)

  24. two things for this off season
    1,get AA a girlfriend,he needs to pack on that 15lbs of “happy” weight.
    2,get the guy who did Torts’ personality transplant to hook up Booger.
    that is all.

  25. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Morg!!!!!!!

    10 pounds of muscle would make him harder to get off the puck for sure lol

  26. they are getting the grinding game going. it will be a while before the Tampa d zone coverage breaks down, and then the Rangers will cash in.

  27. I tend to agree with oleo and Carp, after another look. Hank was fooled by the puck movement and didn’t really have a chance on the one timer…

  28. NYR, not only that, but coming down the other side was Stamkos … and you can’t really ignore him, can you?

    Nice play by Girardi to throw that awful pass from behind the net to the empty slot and trapping himself. He’s been the MMP so far — Most Miserable Player.

  29. Yesh, that was horrible.

    All those passes from behind the net to in front of the net are useless if there is no one there.

  30. stOw,did you see the double decker bus ride with Boogaard?
    little kid;whats your name?
    Booger;(as Lurch)Derek Boogaard
    little kid:oh i saw you score a goal
    Booger:(laughing(sort of),that wasnt me.

  31. Good points, NYR and Carp. I guess Ill take your word for it. I had Tiki Jay’s aasen in front of the TV working on a DVD recorder when it was scored, so my vision was impaired.

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – thanks for pointing girardi’s pass out. When they win, puck control is the reason. They look hung over. Artie did the same thong on the last power play.

    Learn to skate with the puck boys.

  33. Here’s a point for the game review later/tomorrow 1) They really look like a different team from every aspect when they match up against Philly and TB don’t they? and not in a good way.

  34. James, no, I keep Girardi over Gilroy … only because I’m not sure they’re going to be keeping Gilroy after the season is over, or maybe beyond tomorrow at noon. Girardi’s not bad. Blocks shots, etc. I don’t think he’s a first-pair D-man on a contender, though.

  35. Tiki Jay just said the Lightning just came off of a 12 game homestand. Really? 12 game homestand? Ive never heard of that.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Ice must be slippery today. They are skating like a bunch of drunken sailors. Every time bolts touch them, they down.

    Both teams did not have many scoring chances. Girardi brain fart deep in zone with stamkos on ice is a major byfuglein up.

  37. there is a reason why the rangers haven’t beat the lighting or flyers in 2010/11 season. Those two teams are 1 and 2 in the conference.

  38. James G: Those teams have a player at every position more talented than their counterpart on the Rangers, except the goalie, that’s why. Softqvist vs those teams = loss.

  39. the PP is not working. Torts has too many guys in unfamiliar roles on the PP. better to use dmen on the point, just setup McCabe for one-timers with Boyle screening. keep it simple. forget the perimeter passing keepaway stuff.

  40. How did they do it ??? I have seen Al Trautwig interviewing McCabe and he wasn´t in uniform, but it wasn´t taped because he mentioned the score after the first period ?????

  41. At least McCabe is looking to fire some one-timers …. It’s been so long since we’ve seen that …. (((single tear)))

  42. Matthias

    There was a pretty good chance of the Rangers being 1-0 down and having hardly any shots, so they were comfortable pre-recording the interview.

  43. you would think with all the trading for Richards talk that we would have shown up strong in this game ??

  44. Mister Delaware on

    Not sure if there are any other beer geeks here but I decided now was the right time to crack my 2010 Imperial Stout Trooper. Guarantees I’ll enjoy one thing between now and 3:30.

  45. LW3H..Usually Trautwig have one player after the first period in a closed room in full uniform to interview him…

    I flip around here in between two computer screen and a TV so I thought I have missed something :)

  46. Orr, that’s what I’ve been saying. He has a big shot and he’s got an edge, but defensively he’s probably worse that Rozsival.

  47. NY Post did their annual ‘best and worst in NY Sports’.. a few Rangers listed.. Gaborik under Underachieving and Callahan under Respected.

  48. ….but he wasn´t proabably acquired because of his defensive strengths as he long he can make a difference to play the point on the powerplay :)

  49. It’s pretty amazing how many scoring chances Prust has had this year on the PK. Excellent play by McDonagh there…

  50. Sooner or later, one of these “almost breakaways” that the Lightning keep getting is going to connect…

  51. I dont know if its right, but it seems to be that Lecavalier is a step slower than in earlier years…

  52. I really feel bad for Aves…I feel like if he scored a few lucky goals, he would break the slump and start scoring in bunches. His shooting % has been beyond bush-league…

  53. With only six shots the Rangers dont really set the world on fire….

    Lightning playing a good defensive system..not much space out there…

  54. Not sure what’s worse, this game or getting pitch-by-pitch updates on twitter of Ollie’s non-performance today

  55. McCabe is going to have trouble keeping pace with his teammates speed wise. That much was a given. But this team just isn’t playing smart or inspired in this game. Sick of hearing the early start as an excuse too.


  57. Mister Delaware on

    “Not sure what’s worse, this game or getting pitch-by-pitch updates on twitter of Ollie’s non-performance today”


  58. I still cant believe Mama led a “In Prust We Trust” with Prust at Warren earlier this season. OMG! :)

  59. Isn’t it amazing, Lin? Who knew this guy could score like this on the PK? I would not have believed it if you told me before the season that he would have 4 SH goals!!!

    It’s Just Prust.


    One thing that worries me about this team: all the players not hogging any cap space but outperforming their contracts. Some will definitely test the market

  61. My grandmother has her beat by three years. She’s in no condition to attend Rangers games though.

  62. I think he’s injured, Orr. He is NOT skating like the monster he was earlier in the season. A lot of his penalties have been lazy and/or due to the fact that he loses a battle. He’s not the same player he was earlier in the season. He needs to get his legs back and play with that fire he had earlier in the year…

  63. Maybe Lin, although he needs to skate. He just looks like he lost a step. I really don’t know why, only Dubi knows. I’m not sure if it’s a timing thing or if the stress fracture is still bothering him. You’d hope he’d take himself out of the lineup if he knew the injury was holding him back.

  64. hey, Ranger announcers, quit with the bs yappin about the stupid Knicks. I wonder if during the Knick games they constantly talk about the Rangers. hah, I’ll bet they don’t

  65. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    do the knicks announcers talk about the Rangers as much as Al, Sam and Joe talk about the knicks?

  66. No just in case if I would lost the stream or wouldn´t get one I would change to the radio broadcast :) but today it is just fantastic quality of stream and it is as great as on a TV….:)

  67. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao bb, i was cracking up when our posts showed up!
    just wait for the crosby update in the 3rd

  68. It’s nice that they talk about the Knicks. It’s good to support other NY teams, like the Knicks, Mets, and Yankees. You can’t go one NESN Red Sox broadcast without hearing the sniffing of the Celtics, Bruins, or Patriots’ jock.

    No, the Knicks guys don’t mention the Rangers that often. And although I disagree, because basketball is a horrific sport, basketball is by far more popular than hockey. So that’s why the Rangers broadcast also caters to the basketball fans.

  69. And I am pretty optimistic to catch the postgame as well as usally streams cuts off right after the final buzzer, but this channel seems to broadcast only MSG :)

  70. Will someone PLEASE tell MSG to take that Heritage commercial off the air. Master Control can easily replace it with another PSA until Traffic gets in tomorrow.

  71. MSG feed is missing here in Brooklyn today, too – went out before the Prust goal, and hasn’t come back.

  72. Tiki, for the fact that the Rangers never be mentioned on the Knicks coverage, they are very often shown on the Rangers coverage :)

  73. Matthias – That’s because they’re catering to the basketball fans, because basketball is by far more popular. Hockey is a niche sport.

  74. They have the nerve to drop in commercials between long periods of black screen and no sound – great!

  75. I know Tiki…I was quite often in Montreal or Toronto, there is way different, everybody talks hockey but in NY….

    Here in Germany its only soccer which can be so boring at times :)

  76. >>I wonder if during the Knick games they constantly talk about the Rangers. hah, I’ll bet they don’t

    Carp might know the answer.

  77. Its just great those beauty shots over Manhattan especially when its so sunny like today seems to be….:)

  78. No, Linda, but the more you advertise the Knicks, the more hockey fans that can developed into Knicks fans and the more loyalty can be inspired to the brand, and the more money to the Dolans, etc.

    It’s only smart to advertise the Rangers during Rangers games and the Rangers during Knicks games.

  79. Yes, Tiki, I will be getting Exxtra Innings this year. I miss Gary, Keith and Ron… and the players, too.

  80. Mike “Celtics fan” Breen talks more on MSG about the Celtics during Knicks broadcasts. Ray Allen this, Paul Pierce that, Kevin Garnett here, Rajon Rondo there. :)

    Now a 5 on 3, frustrating.

  81. JBytes, there’s too much pumped-in noise during Knicks games to promo anything.

    That’s some pansification call on Girardi there. if that’s a penalty … wow.

  82. I hope my father is improving in the future would enable to return to NY for the first time since 2003…

  83. Good luck to the Mets, Mickey. Maybe they’ll surprise people this year. Or at least take steps in the right direction, without Omar Minaya.

  84. Why the hell were Callahan and Dubinsky just standing there watching St. Louis stand there? Either put some pressure on him or get yourself in better position.

  85. great shot placement but looked like Lundqvist was too worred about the 5hole this time. Shooter knew it. Too many doubts. If it’s not his weak glove side it’s his stick side and he is a mental twitch.

    We need a new goalie coach as well. Train him to get out of his crease on clear breakaways.

    Start Biron next game and roll him until he loses.

  86. Blue Seat Horror on

    This is one of those games that doesn’t really feel like hockey because the refs are so byfuglien heavy handed. Eff U Bettman for ruining a wonderful sport.

    Too bad I was looking forward to watching HOCKEY today. Not this garbage.

  87. This is absurd. The refs started out fairly with the first 3 power plays to the Rangers, and then havent been fair since.

    When I was at the Pitts game on the 13th, I kept yelling “Break the Referees legs” and “Break the referees’ kids legs” even though we were treated fairly. I got warned by security because I was in row A, but it was worth it. A lot of fun to berate referees.

    I hope Mama is picking up with the Referee chants today where I left off then!

  88. Blue Seat Horror on

    By the way, Tiki. All the Knicks adverts during the Rangers games isn’t doing anything but making me want to listen to the Rangers on the radio.

  89. Blue Seat Horror on

    One of the best parts about sitting close to the ice at hockey games is you can flip off the refs.

  90. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    that is not intended to be a shot at Hank, just wondering if there is anything Cally can’t do lol

  91. Knicks game night… what a night!

    They make it sound as if the Knicks such a great franchise and just won 10 straight NBA titles

  92. of course, when Roloson handled the puck in the forbidden zone in the 1st period, he was not given a penalty. but you touch skates and they dive and get the call.

  93. Blue Seat – No offense. I really mean no offense to you or anyone on here. But that comment highlights the disloyalty of many New Yorkers. The Knicks mentions should highlight the opportunity for any Rangers fan to be loyal to New York and cheer another NY team, one owned by the Rangers owner. But as I always say, New Yorkers lack loyalty. :)

  94. CCCP – No, they’re not doing that at all. They’re just advertising the station’s other team and showing viewers that there’s hope for the NYK future.. It’s smart business.

  95. It’s frustrating to read the lack of loyalty from the blog’s most respected commenters. Frustrating beyond belief. How disloyal can a New Yorker be? Infuriating, frustrating, disgusting, putrid, horrifying, criminal, etc. LGR! Hope we win! TA!

  96. This one has that typical “Heritage Jerseys on Sunday Matinee at the Garden 1-goal Bush League Ranger Loss To An Infinitely More Talented Team” written all over it. This is becoming a weekly institution….

  97. All I know is that if the standings stay this way it’s going to be an easy first round for TB come playoff time.

  98. You angered me with that comment, Carp. Which was your point. :)

    Stick to a sport you actually know, hockey. Overrated, overhyped? To get a top 10 NBA superstar. With the possibility of adding a 3rd superstar at next years trade deadline or after next season. A New York kid coming home to New York. Won a title with Syracuse. I thought reporters liked stories. Ill repeat, stick to a sport you actually know.

  99. man Wolski has certainly come back down to earth after the last couple games eh?

    Oh good here we go. 3rd period PP down 1 goal with a newly acquired 35 year old on the point….what could go wrong?!

  100. CCCP – You dont have to like basketball. I dont like basketball. I despise basketball, but I still cheer the Knicks and hope they win. I dont disloyally say “FUGG them.”

  101. Mister Delaware on

    “man Wolski has certainly come back down to earth after the last couple games eh?”

    Since 2 games ago when he tied it with less than 2 remaining then won it in the shootout? Yes, I guess.

  102. lol, Carp. Cant handle the truth? Got nothing of actual substance to respond with? I’ll continue to remain respectful, because that’s the type of guy I am. :)

  103. Mickey I’M going to have to remember that when they lose this game and I slam my head against the wall

  104. Keep lauding yourself, Carp. If you need the self-esteem, then it’s fine by me. You’re awesome, you’re the greatest, you know everything about basketball, you know everything about the English Premier League, you’re omniscient and omnipotent. Feel good?

  105. Can’t wait to see what Stogiepuss has in store for us tomorrow. TB gets goals from actual TALENTED players. We get a clutch game tieing SHG by an uber-grinder, and that’s it.

  106. But, James, you aren’t Prust. Pain just rolls off him like water off a duck. I’d be worried about you doing that, man.

  107. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    James could be the Prust of the blog
    althought i’d prefer if he did not start with the banging the head on the wall thingie

  108. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    little steps, first kick the wall, then punch the wall,then shoulder the wall
    build up to it

  109. Carp, I don’t have any desire to be a jackwagon with you. Really, my desire is to be friendly with you. But you apparently want to be a jackwagon to me.

  110. McCabe has a nice first pass out of the defensive zone. Been noticing it all game. Much better than Wade “best first pass in the game” Redden ever had while here.

  111. “and the Rangers will run out of time…”


    Ever notice how Dubinsky, Anismov, etc, in games like this, always produce NOTHING?

  112. Mickey – Thanks for the advice. I really do appreciate it, but please don’t butt in. Carp baits me on a regular basis, and I bait him as well. It works both ways. He’s the one with the power, though, and can ban me if he chooses. If he does, then so be it.

  113. Carp – That was me trying to extend an olive branch to you. Like I said, Id like to be friendly with you. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

  114. What a waste of game. 6-0 win, then 2-1 loss. 7-0 win the 3-2 loss. No consistency, no nothing. Didnt wake up until Prust’s shortie.

  115. Tim

    I think you’re pushing it with this loyalty shit… You don’t know me…you don’t know people on this blog and where they come from…you need to re-evaluate yourself and what you bring to this blog…lately you’ve been nothing but pain in the ass

    Take a break

  116. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao, i am glad i have tomorrow off.
    NO DISMANTLING JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and don’t you say it! YOU KNOW I MEAN BIDNIZ!!

  117. You know Dolan is gonna make Sather pony up the farm for Brad Richards after this one… ugh please don’t let tomorrow be painful…

  118. I liked his debut. He’s not fast but he’s a smart veteran. Held his own in the defensive end and was a breath of fresh air on the PP even though they didn’t put one in. Now onto the deadline.

  119. Never really had a chance in this game. TB looked really good. Rangers looked slow and with their normal jump and aggression.

    Gotta hope the ones behind them all lose, and the Darth doesn’t do anything insanely stupid before 3 tomorrow.

  120. slats isnt getting richarsd. come on guys its one game. were missing gabby and staal. and feds. look at the roster. no top line players on it right now. all 2nd and 3rd. do u think just cuz of this game, its gonna make slats go desperate? come on. maybe if they traded anisimov id be ok with it. he is softer than butter and ec too

  121. yep the bolts dominated…………what are you smoking fool. nice boarding on girardi. the crack announcers maybe show me the boarding that was not a boarding unless checking is illegal now in the nhlk.

    boyle just f-d up on the delay of game had all day.

    nivce randy jones flop on the dubinsky no penalty penalty. and of course they could not generate enough offense to get the tiebreaker………

    let’s talk about the defense for about 4 days.. they have the5th best d in the NHL.

    forward, that is there problem. dubi should have scored early in the game on the open net and the inept offense did there thing.

    another game they should have gotten points……….

  122. of course everyone seems to forget that Tampa Bay is 2nd in the East and are probably the most dangerous offensive team in the NHL. Yea they lost but usually the team with the better record wins…

  123. We need a gamebreaker. I just hope we get the right one. Brad Richards would be a mistake for this organization because of the contract he will command. He is a rental, not matter how you slice it, he needs to sign a contract in July. Sather doesn’t need to do anything tomorrow. We have time in offseason to make more trades/acquisitions. I know he’s very good at trades but we shouldn’t be outbidding another team for Brad Richards. Doesn’t make sense long term…

    PS: I was pleasantly surprised with McCabe. He did what he was brought here to do today…

  124. CCCP – I bring nothing to this blog but a desire to inspire loyalty to New York and against another specific state. And a love of animals, even Boston Terriers.

  125. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    Could not get a break today. Bouncing puck ends up over the glass, horrendous officiating, and all the bounces went against ’em today. Gotta forget it.

    And I don’t think the Carmelo promos are that bad. The nauseatingly bad Miller Lite commercials are FAR more annoying. (Why are those bartenders so unnecessarily mean to the guys?)

  126. i didnt even watch the game cuz i knew the outcome. ok i watched the first 3/4 of teh 1st period. that was enough for me. yes, it was a waste of 15 minutes for me. we rae lucky to be in the playoffs at this point with this roster and with all teh injuries. plus the underperforming gaborik and drury when he was back in. you take drurys usual 20-25 goals and gabbys 35-40, and we are in great shape right now. slats knows this. so far he hasnt made one bad move for almost 2 years now.

  127. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thanks Noah

    Shor, i think it just goes along with the way society/the media is trying to make men into buffoons.

  128. one thing is for sure. there will be some deal of some kind tomorrow. no way does Sather resist the urge to at least tinker, even if the big deal for R does not materialize.

  129. no, I think Prospal is getting too much ice in key situations like PP etc before he has really earned it this season.

  130. as i posted earlier the girardi boarding was not 1.

    our crack announcers have zero eyes……………..

    the nhl officiating sucks, way to affect a game when not required.

    grabachev your a dope………

  131. wolski sucks. he got a lucky goal in the carolina game. not even his shot. it was a pass. hes gone soon i hope. was he good in this game? cuz of what i saw he sucke. onb the pp and in general

  132. Linda, I’m counting on you to text me with any big trade news. I’ll be at work all day and not able to be on the blog for the madness and only able to check twitter occassionally.

    On that note, I’m outta here. Gotta hit the grocery store and do other stuff.

  133. eddie eddie eddie on

    if the rangers could pretend that BEFORE the game starts, they are late in the 3rd, down by a goal, they could go 82-0-0…..they really need to be desparate in the 1st period…

  134. of course they were weak calls but ny announcers are not allowed to be homers like other teams announcers..

    the girardi call I stated an hour ago was not a penalty then boyle with the total f up……….

    this team cannot score in tight games, they are a good team.

    how many points stolen from the rangers this year? more then the rangers have stolen by far…….

  135. rangers outplayed the lightning.

    i like mcdonagh but why is he getting a lot more time then sauer????????

    sauer makes allmost no mistakes on defense……….

    AA has to get stronger on the puck, so many near misses for him………

  136. Wolski would fit better on a team like the CHI Hawks, where the puck possession fancy game is more their style

  137. i trade wolski for a long term upgrade. you do not trade 25 yr old guys with skill for a rental only if you are a moron like some of the posters on thsi site. wolski turned25 less then 30 days ago……….

    rangers goal differential is better then tampa’s, tampa is not as good as there record mark my word……….

  138. avery only played 4 minutes because it was a tight game, he has almost no offensive skills, is a turnover machine and is not a real good player.

    notice that avery and prospal never look to the opposite side when they have the puck they never turn and see if anything is open.

    on the PP prospal at the 1/2 board only looks to the point, only looks straight ahead if he has absolutely no other opttion.

    own zone from the professors. tampa had 15 + turnovers in there own zone…………….

  139. who said anything about trading wolski for a rental? and u keep talking shit about people here., lil angry?

  140. wolski grabachev(dope) has 1 year left on his deal……….

    if it was up to the likes of grabachev, he would trade about 12 guys for old overpaid junk……

  141. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Another tough loss where NYR stepped up against a more skilled team and really challenged them. YOu know what? Im going to keep saying it:

    As long as they play to win, with passion and heart, and loose due to not having the 2-3 top end players, I say, ok – lets keep groing, learning and being patient.

    We have to practice what we preach – stay the course. The “win now”-attitude has destroyed this team before.

    This is a good, young team, that excites the hell out of me. I love the way they play, the offensive, hardworking style. It’s ok if win don’t win the cup or conference this year or next. I want the Rangers to become a team that stays on top of the Atlantic for years. STAY the Course, keep the faith.,

  142. didnt i just say that sather shouldnt tarde for richards now. hes not giving up too much for richards. wtf are u talkin about. stuart(asshole)

  143. grabachev i rip you becasue you are an idiot. negative all the time.

    the rangers are young and on the rise.. have had a ton of injuries and they compete every night……..

    they need stepan, aa, dubi, cally, etc to score more……….

  144. no offensive skills? he is 3rd on the team in assists, has one less helper than the suppposedly great gaborik.

  145. I wish these MSGHeads would stop talking up Tampa Bay as if it’s already crowned Stanley Cup champions. I’m far more disappointed with the Rangers’ lack of offensive punch than with Lightening’s awesomeness.

  146. stuart- i never even knew u existed on this board my man. u dont know me so please stop with name calling.

  147. yep i will take you at your word that i said erskine had a great shot. if that is the dumbest post I have had here i am einstein compared to many of the fight loving, no clue, trade them all crowd that posts here on a daily basis. you know the under 30 avery is great watch this you tube fight basement dwellers………..

  148. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    guys. calm down with the personal insults. as stated earlier, carp is on a banning rampage!!

    disagree constructively w/o the name calling please.dont want to see either of you guys banned.

  149. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Alex, you are right on. This is a team to be proud of. Something that has not been the case for years!

  150. grabachev for a fool who only watched the first period what the hell are you posting about something you did not see.

    oleasmirf thanks for the clarification on sauer and less time then mcdonagh. bottom line they are both real good young players. maybe some of the shrewd talent evaluators on this site want to trade them for chris neal or some other thug avg player so they can see more fights!!!!!!!!!!


  151. the only trades that make sense are ones that bring in controllable young star players. The Rangers don’t need to do anything else.

  152. >>…he is 3rd on the team in assists

    That could be misleading, you know? I still don’t understand why players get credited with secondary assists.

  153. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Why would Dolan want Richards at the expense of valuable futures and a possible Cup? All owners in sports want to be the kingpin. You mean to say that Dolan would rather make the playoffs the next three years than miss the playoffs this year, which probably won’t happen, anyway, and win the Cup down the road? I find that hard to believe. If I’m Dolan I am telling my GM not to screw up our outstanding youth nucleus for an old guy, or for a concussed guy, or for an overpaid guy, and definitely not for a “rental” in what is obviously not a Cup year for the Rangers. Didn’t we go down that path with Gaborik? Did we win the Cup in Gaborik’s productive year? Did we even get close? Now look at the damn mess we have on our hands with the softest, most brittle player in the league. Can we please learn something as regards trying to win the Cup via taking shortcuts?

    This team needs more young potent bodies, period. It just is not ready to win it all. So why mortgage that chance for a little extra P.R. in the morning papers? We are competing with NHL teams, not with the Knicks. Let the Knicks have the headlines, just let us keep bringing it together toward that Cup championship, or is it worth breaking up the young core to pick up an extra 3 or 4 regular season points. It is discouraging to have to lobby for this organization to just get its priorities straight when it gets going every morning.

  154. The “Erskine has a great shot” post was nearly as moronic as Salty saying the Pens couldn’t win the Cup without Dupuis.

    I think yours was dumber because I got over it rather quicky, whereas Salty Dupuis’ post gives me a never ending chuckle.

  155. stu u are one angry guy. calm down man. jeez. i never have any problems here with anybody. but you call people names. not nice sir. im not always negative either. half of my”negative”comments are made sarcastically or just venting after a loss.

  156. Blue Seat Horror on

    # Tiki February 27th, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    CCCP – I bring nothing to this blog but a desire to inspire loyalty to New York and against another specific state. And a love of animals, even Boston Terriers.

    Sorry Tiki, last I checked this was the RANGERS Report Blog, not the New York Sports report blog. NFL sucks. NBA sucks. MLB sucks. Bunch a whiney rich criminals.

  157. Shor, there was a jerk posting under a bunch of different names last night. I think Carp is taking out the trash today…

  158. stu- i only remarked from what i did see. i said” from what i saw, wolski was pretty bad”. that was it!!!

  159. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Avery is third in assists, despite not playing the power play and getting very limited ice team. The guy forechecks hard, controls the puck, and sees the ice well.

  160. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i am not sure Shor. was not here last night but it seems Carp was very unhappy with whatever was going on.

    and guys look at it this way

    the team is in much better position than last year. We have so many young guys on the team, cutting their teeth and getting valuable experience. We have Sauer and McD on d in place of Redden and Roszi. We have a very skilled MZA, Stepan has been excellent, and Cally and Dubi are progressing. AA needs about 10 more pounds of muscle. How can we be bitching when we’ve all said we’ll go with the growing pains?! This team is giving us something to look forward to, and if slats doesnt trade for a guy with a concussion he can have for just money come July 1 i’d say we’re in pretty decent position.

  161. Let me ask you guys…What are the chances Richards would sign a friendly 2 year contract for like $12 million? To me, that would be worth trading for…I highly doubt it…

    Right now, is he even in the conversation as far as being a Hall of Famer? I’m not sure he is…

  162. I can’t see him signing a short term deal.

    I don’t know if he has a family or not, but that can factor into his decision.

    Can you imagine, we give up a sh*t load of players/prospects and/or picks, and he goes and re-signs with the Stars.

    I’d poison him.

  163. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    someone please tell me what torts is saying! everyone is teasing me with ‘he’s pissed’ ‘he got bleeped’ i need detials lol

  164. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    “the league needs to stay out of it & let the players decide the outcome of the game”

  165. Lin, he started stared it off by calling the penaltly on Girardi a “horse-carcillo” call…lol

  166. >>…whats he saying?

    Let’s just say, Carp would probably ban him if he used those same words here.

  167. I’ve been saying this on this blog for a long time. I know some people do believe it but the rangers get screwed by the refereeing in this league almost every game. It’s about time Torts complains about it. I’m sure he thinks it is worth the fines. The funny thing about today’s game is after the first period was over the cameras focused on the tampa bay lighting coach talking to the head referee. When I saw that I knew the rangers were screwed.

  168. LMAO at Jim Cerny:


    back in press box after #NYR locker room and Torts’ post-game press conference…angriest I have seen him all season…

  169. No matter what happened with penalties you can’t win many games scoring 1 goal.

    Watching this team’s offense is frustrating. How many times do you see a guy carry the puck across the line? 80% of the time they’re dumping it in. They keep dumping the puck into the corners and behind the net in the offensive zone instead of going toward the goal. Your chances of scoring from behind the net are pretty slim, even though Frolov seemed to think that was an ideal place. Get shots on net and go to the freakin’ goal. Don’t pass the puck back around the opponents net all game. Sheesh!

  170. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i cant wait for it NYR!! the quotes are going to be filled with *’s and %s and carcillos and cookes!

  171. First off Richards is not a rental. If the Rangers trade for him obviously it means the Rangers are going to resign him. Now they might overpay but this idea of him being a rental is not true. I personally do not want to trade for him simply b/c I don’t like the idea of trading prospects for someone that we can have just as easily in July.

    The idea that the Rangers can’t trade any prospects is ridiculous. Its impossible for every single prospect to become an impact player and its also impossible for a team to have rookies consistantly crack the lineup each year. The idea is to collect prospects and when you have multiple in one area (like we do at defense and LW) you can afford to package young players and picks for important pieces.

  172. >>someone please tell me what torts is saying! everyone is teasing me with ‘he’s pissed’ ‘he got

    LinCPB, he’s used the profane version of “male bovine feces” to refer to some of the penalty calls.

    [Gee, I think that’s closest I’ve ever come to being vulgar in public.]

  173. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao thanks JB!! yup, carps posts will be filled with carcillos and cookes for the young ones eyes :-)

  174. Carp, I listened right now to the press conference of Tortorella and I have to say it is just unprofessional..I understand that he is frustrated after such a loss but you have to behave different in front of the press.. I once in a while regret you guys from the press with that kind of coach..As good as he mabe is as coach you have to respect the audience as well as the fans want to have some information..

    But we have to deal with the same problem over here in Munich with the coch Louis van Gaal..he is the same than Torts, its seems he´s hating the press and the public and after a such dissapointing performance like the one in the top match up aginst Dortmund, he doesnt like to give even any interview to the press..

    But as I said even as a good coach you need to be a good communicator and you guys sitting probably in the same boat trying to sell the sport…!!!

  175. yes, I do agree that most of the time when the rangers lose it’s because they do not have any top end talent like the top teams in the nhl. This is why they dump the puck and work along the boards. They don’t have guys with talent enough to stick handle there way in to the opposing teams zone or to pass the puck to get into the opposing teams zone.

  176. This is not directed at anyone, just an observation. I love how people aren’t so much upset with today’s Rangers poor play and referee induced loss as they are thrilled with getting to read and/or hear Torts’ anger in his press conference. Gotta love the disloyalty and lack of care for the team! :)

  177. I had this game as a loss. March 1st I have the game going to ot or shootout. Hope we can push the sabres down if not I hope we get at least a point.

  178. We have never been totally outside a game, a could have gotten away, but just becuase we dont have top end tal3t doesn’t mean we.couldn’t have won those games. Most of the gamea we play, we are in and if and when we make the playoffs, this team will do well. We should be a good tournament team. That being said, the refs did kind of screw us but we need to find a way to capitalize on the pp and get second third fourth fifth goals. We could have won tonight. But I do know when we skate tuesday. we will get a good game and hopefully take 2 pnts with it.

  179. Stranger Nation on

    WW and Gilly for Richards rental. ww is a less talented grachev and gilly is rfa. Not getting rid of parts of core.

    Need someone to control, carry, and create. Artie and stepan are not there yet.

  180. We need to settle down, make crisp passes, and move the puck. It would be nice to have somepne that can do the moving.with the puck, but for now, we need to understand that the puck movrs faster than our legs.

  181. Well this was my first game at MSG. I’m a friend of Fozzy’s and got to meet a few great boneheads today. I must admit that I am a Flyers fan from Philly , but came today in honor of Mr. Fozzy. Even though the Rangers lost today, it was a great experience seeing a game outside of Philly. Had a great day! Thank you NY :)

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