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From the Rangers:

February 25, 2011 – New York Rangers 6, Washington Capitals 0 (Game No. 63, Away No. 33)

*       The Rangers defeated the Washington Capitals, 6-0, tonight at Verizon Center to improve to 33-26-4 overall, including a 19-13-1 mark on the road.  New York has now won four of their last six games.
*       Henrik Lundqvist turned aside all 35 shots he faced to record his league-leading eighth shutout of the season, 32nd of his career, and improved to 25-20-4 overall with a 15-10-1 mark on the road.  He is now tied with John Ross Roach for third on the Rangers’ all-time shutouts list with 35 career shutouts (including three playoff shutouts).
*       Erik Christensen registered a career-high, four points (two goals, two assists), including one power play goal, and posted a plus-three rating.  His two goals also tied his career-high, last accomplished on April 7, 2010 vs. Toronto.
*       Brian Boyle tallied two points (one goal, one assist), was credited with a game-high, five blocked shots, and posted a plus-three rating in 18:20 of ice time.  His assist on Christensen’s goal at 14:47 of the first period was his 30th point of the season, and his goal at 19:26 of the third period was his 20th goal of the season.
*       Derek Stepan notched a power play goal, and added an assist on the game-winning goal in 15:18 of ice time.  He has now registered six points (three goals, three assists) in the last eight games.
*       Vinny Prospal recorded one goal, added a power play assist and posted a plus-two rating.  He has now registered six points (three goals, three assists) in 10 games since returning from injury on Feb. 3, including five points (two goals, three assists) in the last seven contests.
*       Steve Eminger opened the game’s scoring with an even strength goal at 5:56 of the first period, and posted a plus-two rating in 17:35 of ice time.  He is now three games shy of 400 career NHL games, and 10 points shy of 100 career points.
*       Ryan Callahan tallied the primary assist on Christensen’s power play goal at 4:19 of the second period to capture third star honors.  He has now registered nine points (six goals, three assists) in 11 games since returning from injury on Feb. 1, including seven points (four goals, three assists) in the last six contests.
*       Michael Del Zotto and Mats Zuccarello each registered an assist on Stepan’s power play goal at 17:52 of the second period.  Zuccarello is now ranked second on the team with seven power play assists, and has recorded eight assists in the last 12 games.
*       Michael Sauer tallied the primary assist on Christensen’s even strength goal at 14:47 of the first period, and has now registered three assists in the last five games.
*       Matt Gilroy and Brandon Prust recorded one assist apiece for the Rangers.  The Rangers improved to 6-1-1 when Gilroy registers a point, and are 15-5-1 when Prust tallies a point.
*       Ruslan Fedotenko made his return to the lineup after missing the last 14 games following an appendectomy on Feb. 2 and a separated shoulder sustained on Jan. 19 vs. Toronto.
*       The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Feb. 26, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
*       The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday, Feb. 27, at Madison Square Garden (1:00 p.m.), in the first game of a three-game homestand.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and

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  1. WTF?!?! MSG is showing Jay-Z Live instead of the scheduled Rangers rerun game!!!

    How the freak people listen to bunch of dudes yelling freaking gibberish into the mic?


  2. It was on MSG2 C3, I’m not sure they are going to repeat it. I wanted to watch again myself…

  3. They usually do repeat even if it was on MSG2

    This is the first time in a very long time that I missed the game and didn’t DVR it too

  4. billybleedsblue on

    It’s ok CCCP, I’m sure the Knicks game will be replayed. There’s always that. Looks like the JayZ show is coming to a close though…maybe you’re in LUCK. :D

  5. When it comes to Basketball and other events we Ranger Fans are still second fiddle to MSG TV. Eminger had a great night and should play every game. Where are all the Christianson haters tonight. McDonagh had a great evening and going to be be with the Rangers for quite some time

  6. Blue Seat Horror on

    CCCP, the Knicks game probably ran late, which, in turn, pushed back all other programming. Happens all the time on MSG. Stinks when you have to go to work the next day, but you also have to see the Rangers game you missed.

  7. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think the key on defense was breaking up Gilroy and Del Zotto. Never understood why Torts wanted 2 young offensive D-men together.

  8. billybleedsblue on

    It’s the same on the radio too. I know, I know, get satellite and it won’t be a problem…That doesn’t change the fact that the other week, I was stuck driving to the airport for a buddy of mine, and was trying to find the Rangers on the radio…the Knicks were on 1050…I could find of course the Debbies…I also found the St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild game on some station…also found some Montreal Junior hockey on a Canadien station…also found the P Bruins game on the radio…but NO RANGERS. I mean…really? I was really annoyed at this, and listened to the Debbies game to get any updates I could get lol.

  9. The Rangers also get second-class treatment with their radio coverage. Tonight the game was shifted to 970AM, which has a pretty lousy signal. I guess the Knicks were on ESPN Radio, but I know the Rangers weren’t there.

    I miss the days when the Rangers were on WFAN – good signal, and less shifts to other stations for conflict games.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    I mean, I got Montreal Juniors and the St Louis Blues…but not the Rangers? Lol, what a joke! I’ll have to remember the 970AM, but I SCOURED the dial…several times…and nothing. It’s really a cruel joke. Thanks for the tip Jim.

    Also, I just saw the stepan hit on greene…ya know what? Good for Stepan. Who cares if he gets suspended. He was defending himself, AND he had just been crosschecked…I’d like to see another angle, but at first glance, I don’t think there was anything wrong with it.

  11. And the last of my rants regards the fill-in announcers for Ranger games on the radio, especially Don LaGreca, who seems like a genuinely nice guy, but who is a *abid* Debbies fan….I wonder how many other teams have a play-by-play man that is a huge fan of an arch-rival team in their market?

  12. I liked the Stepan hit, too – it looked like Greene was lining him up for another boarding shot (which also would not get called), and he planted an elbow into Greene’s ear! Fuggim!

  13. Due to time constrains MSG just cut more than half of the first period out and didn’t show a replay of the crosscheck by Green on Stepan right after which Stepan knocked Green back into beginning of the season

    Time constrains, eh…they can’t wait to get to the Knicks game

  14. billybleedsblue on

    “avid” could have worked too. Hey, at least LaGreca is a hockey guy though. Most sportscasters in NY wouldn’t be caught dead discussing hockey, nevermind covering it.

  15. Every Rangers fan hated the hit Staal threw on Stahl. But, if the roles were reversed, they’d love it.

    Same with the Step-On hit. If it were Green who threw his forearm into Step-On’s shoulder, you’d all want him to have food poisoning, and alien herpes….among other things.

    Illegal hit, in my opinion. I just hope he doesn’t get suspended.

  16. Yeah, I know, 3CP…I like LaGreca as a hockey guy, but I have a problem with him calling Ranger games because he so favors the Devs…I really noticed this a few years ago when we were in the playoffs against the Devs, (I think it was the year that Jagr hurt himself trying to hit Gomez) and I definitely could hear that LaGreca was enjoying the fact that the Rangers were getting eliminated by the Devs…

  17. “Alien herpes” ha!!! Would that be from those three space babes that want to “treplicate”?

  18. I thought LaGreca was a Rangers least he pretends to be one on NHLN


    I can’t really comment on the hit since MSG didn’t show a replay but it looked like Stepan shouldered Green straight in the face

  19. No, 3CP…Don lives in North Jersey and he mentioned somewhere once that he was a huge (no pun intended) Devils fan…again, that’s fine, but it rankles me that we get a Devs fan to call some of our games, especially ones against NJ.

  20. Great win tonight. Love how it settled down the trade talks lol.

    Just want to make a quick point about Stepan. I don’t think we’ve made a big enough deal about this kid this year. This isn’t Petr ‘one and done’ Prucha we have here. This kid has been great for us. He’s been really consistent and quietly collected enough points to rival Taylor Hall this season. Look at all the pre and post game notes from the last several months. It’s always ‘stepan now has 8 points in his last 10 games. or 6 in 8. or 5 in 4…It’s worth discussing the fact that if they don’t make a move for a top center this kid may very well become our #1 next year with the time and responsibility he’s earning/will earn. Not many arguments you can make about him that couldn’t be disputed by the fact that Hall is Edmonton’s franchise player at such a young age.

  21. Unquestionably the best game from a performance viewpoint this season. What really impressed me was the passing. They finally showed a passing game that was major league caliber. Watching the game on NHL Center Ice station, was interesting. ( The NY station was blacked out.) these were good announcers* and they did give the Rangers their due, although they tended to be a bit too
    yackety yack about the “color” part. They praised LQ and were impressed by the Ranger defensemen. They praised Emminger ( a former Cap), and were really impressed with Christensen. Sorry Chris despisers, but the guy has a great scoring touch when he gets enough ice time. He may not have the smash and dash that many of you demand, but he is a valuable piece to keep on hand. The most impressive thing that I noticed was that they made Ovechkin, look downright ordinary through the entire game. Onward and upward…don’t look back…look forward. As old Satchel Paige used to say “(not a precise quote) ‘never look back…something might be gaining on ya.’

    * Washington play by play guys.

  22. James, Stepan is going to be a great player – I hope he stays healthy and that we don’t eventually trade him away for a bag of pucks in a panic move….

    I always kinda liked the Caps announcers when watching games on Center Ice – they’re homers to some small extent, but they definitely know how to call a good game. I think Beninati was far worse when he did the Versus games. Doing Caps games, he isn’t nearly as annoying, IMO…..

  23. The vids on youtube.

    Along with the Craps’ play by play, so there’s a ton of whining.

    Say what you want aboot Joe Mich, and Sam, but personally, I’m thrilled to not have two pathetic homers.

    Honestly, how can some of these guys get a job?

  24. lagreca is a debbies fan. the staal on staal hit was much higher then stepan and solely at the head. the stepan hit in green was a shoulder maybe to the head but a shoulder no elbow. also green did cross check stepan about 15 seconds beofre the hit.

  25. Solely at the head??

    Unless my eyes deceive me, Staal’s shoulder is right at Stahl’s collar bone, and his head bounces of of Staal’s shoulder.

    Is their a magical camera angle I’m not aware of?

    Here’s a decent enough picture.

    If he was aiming for his head, then Stahl wouldn’t have elevated following the hit. He would have made a fancy 360, and landed on his gut.

    Professor ORR rests his case.

  26. atta boy, Orr!!! I agree with you on the Stepan hit…was a bit dirty. Those elbow pads are like steel. Also thought the Eric Stahl hit was nearly clean. He should have stayed lower. Could have slid into him with a hip check, which is a lost art.

  27. Geez. I rip EC as a useless peice of Carcillo, next thing ya know he has 4 points in a decisive win. A win that might get Boudroux fired.

    Who should I pick on next?

  28. Eric Staal was checked hard by Penguins defenseman Matt Niskanen before leaving for the dressing room. He’s day-to-day with an upper body injury. …

    Live by the sword…

  29. As good a game as the Rangers played, Washington was flat as a pancake all night…every time the Rangers scored, I wondered why Washington was just standing in the vicinity and not taking the man…the real test will be Sunday against Tampa Bay.

  30. Boudroux’s comin for ya! heh. anyone ever seen Gross Point Blank?

    I’ll tell ya what I’d give up these 6 and 7- 0 wins we’ve had sprinkled in between struggling this year for some consistent offense. 18 of the next 20 games will probably be decided by one goal now

  31. TB….another team we haven’t beaten this season. And one that we’ve looked pretty out matched against in every game.

  32. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Hyper tweets McCabe to rangers as early as today……dammit!

  33. wick- so if mccabes coming, then which d man goes back? we arent sending staal,girardi,sauer,mcdonagh or mdz. is it gilroy, eminger or what? a pick?

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