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Sorry. I didn’t see a minute of the game. Heard some of it on the radio while I was at a local playoff semifinal (an OT game that didn’t start nearly on time). Then I sat down at 1 a.m. to watch the replay, and instead they were showing a Jay-Z concert. Uhhhh.

Didn’t see the Derek Stepan hit on Mike Green everybody’s talking about. Don’t have any idea what happened to Ruslan Fedotenko. Don’t have a clue about how bad the Capitals were, and whether the new OvechTrick is getting shut out.

But …

1) This is why they keep Erik Christensen around. Because they see the skill he has, because they think he can pop at any time. John Tortorella likes him, and he’s a monster in the shootout. So, I guess the theory goes, how bad could he be as a fourth-liner who you might be able to move up and who might help you one of these days when you’re dying for a goal.

2) That’s two good ones in a row for the goalie, who despite all his struggles, has eight shutouts.

3) Unless I’m mistaken, the Rangers have won four of six. So where are the Chicken Littles and the “Trade Everybodys!” today?

4) Somebody mentioned in the game thread: McDonagh=Monster.

Anybody have anything to add to help me out here?



Wow. I just saw the Stepan hit. I don’t know about it. It was definitely a head shot. Blind side? Not sure. Was he just getting position to play the puck without getting himself squished, as he had moments earlier by Green, who sent him head-first into the boards (also no call)? I don’t know. It’s borderline at best.

I also didn’t realize until now that Green was lying in the corner, shaken up, when Eminger scored. Can anybody tell me if Green returned, or if it was one of those “Pittsburgh” injuries? If it was one of those, Green sure helped his team go down the toilet by allowing that first goal.

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  1. Carp,

    This was absolutely one of their finest games of the season – from the goalie on out – a strong defensive, team-oriented effort. They played right to the final buzzer. Now, they need to accumulate points at home, in order to be in position for a seed higher than 7th. Tomorrow’s game is a big one – as they all are at this point of the season.

  2. Good morning, Carp! I don’t think EC’s trade value has ever been higher going into a trade deadline. He really had a spectacular game.

    Oh yeah, looks like McCabe is on his way…oh jeez:

    Larry Brooks NYP_Brooksie

    Source: McCabe “likely coming” to Rangers…

  3. Harrtford Whalerpack on

    I couldn’t tell if the Caps looked really flat or if the rangers were truly on fire, or if playing a flat team makes you look like fire. Who cares….2 points!

  4. Brooks says $3.5M in full season cap room must be cleared to get Brad Richards and McCabe.

    I think that’s easily done because Dallas will have to take at least that much back (they’d be getting Gilroy and possibly Wolski).

  5. no, caps were flat and weak as hell defnsively. seems like they wanna go back to their old style of play. look very disinterested at times and they need a new headcoach maybe. when watching 24/7 road to the winter classic, seems like bylsma would be a guy i would wanna play for. not boudreu. hes lucky hes got all that talent on his team or he wouldve been gone already.

  6. and we were great dfensively and when we had chances to score, we did. everything fell into place at teh right time it seemed. was to easy though wasnt it?. u know the caps were not really into it for some reason. they dont wanna play more defense. theyre made to outscore teams. theyre defenseman are not as good in their own zone as the rangers

  7. Thanks Tony.

    Wow. I just saw the Stepan hit. I don’t know about it. It was definitely a head shot. Blind side? Not sure. Was he just getting position to play the puck without getting himself squished, as he had moments earlier by Green, who sent him head-first into the boards (also no call)? I don’t know. It’s borderline at best.

    I also didn’t realize until now that Green was lying in the corner, shaken up, when Eminger scored. Can anybody tell me if Green returned, or if it was one of those “Pittsburgh” injuries? If it was one of those, Green sure helped his team go down the toilet by allowing that first goal.

  8. yes cccp, lungfist was a beast last night.hell of a game, even if caps were not getting lots of chances. that semin shot was going wide too. but hank still snagged it.

  9. mothra kicks godzillas ass. everytime. and rodan beats him too. hank is more like the 3 headed monster that shoots lightning out of his mouth!

  10. little off topic but

    I love Alex Ovechkin

    I know that he would love to hit you in a hardest way possible every time but at the same time the guy cares about the opposite players. The way he interacts with them on the ice during the game…you can tell players respect him. And he always gives credit to other players when they have good games…just as he did last night when talking about Lundqvist having a great game. Unlike Cindy, Alex has class.

  11. Rangers played well, Caps were flat in their “first game back home after a long road trip”.

    Henrik was a monster.

    Boyle has 20 goals this season thus far. This is the first time in I don’t know how long that a kid who was underachieving or had not yet reached his potential was traded to New York and blossomed.

    Usually this happens when we trade someone away.

    Nice to see it come back this way.

  12. Carp, if you saw that play, Green probably should have gotten a penalty for a cross-check seconds before Stepan nailed with him arm up. I thought Stepan’s hit on him looked worse than it was. Stepan tried to get the shoulder, brought his arm up at the wrong time, and missed. I don’t think it was predatory. A five minute major for elbowing would have been enough. But, LB said yesterday that League is going to review it. I would not be surprised with a suspension. The league likes to make examples out of plays like this…

  13. ghidora!! yes linda! thank u. i seen all those movies as a kid. loved them. rememebr the robot godzilla? thing shot missiles out of its fingers, toes and probably butt too! and the smog monster! it flies over tokyo taking giant polluted dumps over the city!

  14. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Mechagodzilla! you kill me grabby!

    BANJ… lmfao @ coaster! I hope you put something around them so the metal doesnt scratch your fine corinthian leather or your solid oak table!!

  15. Grabachev, I’ve been getting the same “stack overflow at line: 0” deal too on windows, but not on FF.

  16. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    My team got hosed in our game last night. I fired a beautiful wrist shot from the right circle that beat the goalie high glove side, hit the high corner net, and dropped behind the goalie who then fell on it… though the ref was out of position, didn’t see it go in, and called no goal. Byfuglien.

    The other team also hit a post and the puck went through the crease… and they called it a goal. CARCILLO! So instead of being up 1-0, we were down 1-0. Pittsburgh refs??

    We ended up losing 2-0. Other teams goalie = monster.

    As for the ‘other’ game played last night… The Rangers got it done. McDonagh just had his coming out party. I bet Habs fans are real pissed today!

  17. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    going to be interesting to see how the league deals with the Stepan/ Green situation, since there have been more calculated hits that have not brought about a suspension. Green got hit with a puck in the noggin recently ( kudos to whoever said PUCK YOU’RE SUSPENDED).. maybe he just has a really soft melon.

  18. vogs- i think torts ws behind the boyle trade. only a 3rd rounder for him too.

    banj- yea i use ie mostly except for watching live games and other stuff. but its the first time ive seen it in awhile. do u know what it means?

  19. Tony thanks for the video because I hadnt seen the footage either- That’s a clean play. Stepan is going for position on the puck and Green sorta reaches towards the puck and lowers his head as Stepan is coming in. Totally not this kids style from what we’ve seen from him through 62(?) games this season to do that maliciously and then just go right back into the play like that piece of carcillo cooke would do.

  20. Well, Zipay retweeted realkypers, that Mccabe waived his no-no and to be traded to Rangers as early as today.

  21. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    hell grabby, the other day i foolishly clicked on the ie 9 upgrade. the next day i went to my iTunes, and my library was gone. and a box came up saying i had to chose a library… i chose the one that said iTunes… now it say Previous iTunes library, and all my playlists are gone.
    COINCIDENCE?? blah

  22. If I’m Stepan, this is my defense: Matt Cooke.

    No more needs to be said. If Cooke gets away with the garbage he does, then there’s no way this should be a suspension. Plus Cooke=carcillo.

    And the Capitals should be punished for not terming Green’s original injury as a concussion, and for letting him play so soon.

  23. “stack overflow at line: 0” usually means no goal…are you certain that is not from the goalie manual?

  24. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i said the same thing James. and i asked my caps fan friend who at first said he thought his elbow was up, when he watched it again, he said it was worse than it looked and that the elbow may have gone upwards after the hit. I saw it as he was going for the puck and getting position and green slammed into him lol

  25. Besides, Green had been dealing with an issue from a previous game where he took a puck to the back of the head and was having trouble with his balance. He wasn’t 100% last night – going down like a pile of bricks was justifiable.

    PS- if Stepan who has 18 pim’s this year gets suspended for that hit it’s one more example of how consistently inconsistent the league is with this stuff. They let a bunch of goons get away with murder all year but they’ll go after Stepan because they’re declaring ‘war on head shots’.
    Someone should write Campbell and let em know Green is just ‘a big faker’. that seems to do the trick

  26. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    I’m thinking Green coming back so soon from a head injury contributed to him getting knocked out of the game by Step’s hit. Had his not been previously scrambled, he gets right up from that contact, and goes on with the game IMO.

    I’ve looked at that video and seen it slowed down… the hit doesn’t look bad to me. Budreou didn’t think it was a bad hit, Torts didn’t think it was a bad hit… He caught Green a bit off center as Green was reaching out for the puck.

  27. I think that’s the first time we’ve ever been writing basically the same thing at the same time Carp…heh pretty cool. and great points as usual.

  28. Yeah, Lin. It seems you never know for sure anymore what’s a suspendable offense in this NHL. I don’t think they will come down hard on Steps since he’s a rookie with no history and plays a ‘Lady Byng’ type of game. To me, you have to look at intent, I don’t believe Stepan’s intent was predatory, it was retaliatory and he missed the shoulder. It’s an elbowing penalty, not sure it’s a suspenable offense, in my opinion…

  29. What a great morning. The win last night was another experience that this team will build confidence and swagger from. That was a solid TEAM win. Contributions again from different players. I think it was James G who mentioned he’d trade our blowout wins for a few more one or two goal wins but this is indicative of a young team that is learning and growing as the season progresses. Sure there were some breakdowns and mistakes made but there were so many positive aspects of our improving team that were evident last night:

    * Another solid 60 minute win, we score two goals each period and play all three periods with the same intensity and effort. I love that Boyle scored that last goal late in a game already decided. Huge credit to all players and the coaching staff for this.
    * We won face offs at critical times that led to scoring chances and clearing our D zone.
    * Passing was sharp and accurate which led to quick transitions and fewer turnovers in the neutral zone. Quick, decisive decision making with and without the puck. See both of EC’s goals for example.
    * We played physical with strong puck support. No backing down. Absolutely loved Stepan’s hit on Green after taking the cross check which should have been a penalty (on the other hand, I loved that the refs ‘let them play’ with no ticky tack penalties).
    * LQ didn’t overplay the puck and kept his game simple. No softies.
    * Way more north-south play than east-west.
    * Players don’t appear to get too high after a win like this or too low during the recent skid we just experienced.
    * McD has great poise and is steadily growing into a Monster.
    * MZA is one of our most dynamic and talented players. What does this kid not do and do well? Love that he plays with a stick that’s taller than he is!
    * Torts should be strongly considered for Coach of the Year. Consider that EC feels comfortable enough to ask him “What do I need to do to be better?” Also, Torts goes to Wolski, “Play better or you’re not playing”. Result: Improved games for both. Both players now need to do it consistently. It’s obvious that Torts loves this team. Also obvious the players respect him given the consistent effort game after game this far into the season.

    Apologies for the verbose posting but I’m also lovin’ this team and thoroughly enjoy watching their growth and improvement. Bring on Tampa Bay! LGR’s!!

  30. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    and wouldnt it be funny if they look at the entire clip and decided to suspend green for his hit on stepan!!!!!!!!

  31. LMAO! Great tweet from Brooks:


    Sounding as if no suspension for Stepan, but no definitive word. Good for the kid, who is no headhunter, but reveals league as clueless.

  32. Good afternoon all! The only thing that can beat last night’s win while hanging with the Fozzy Posse will be a win tomorrow while witnessing game live with said posse. LGR!

    Green = pity poo hoo

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