Looks like McCabe’s coming; Stepan not suspended


Here’s a tweet from Nick Kypreos — former Ranger (first off the bench, prematurely, to celebrate the Cup; first to kiss the Cup).

Seriously, he’s pretty plugged in. I put a lot of credence in this:

#NHL news. Look for #Panthers Bryan McCabe to be traded to the #Rangers as early as today. McCabe willing to waive no-movement clause.

I don’t know who they give up yet. I am going to get out ahead and first-guess this. McCabe will help the Rangers this season, absolutely. He’s still mean, he’s big, and he can play the PP point with a heavy shot and some calmness. He helps them get in, and maybe he helps them win a series.

But depending on what they give up, this could be a step backward in terms of what the Rangers are trying to build here. It takes out one defenseman, and two from last night’s lineup once Marc Staal returns. That’s two young guys who are going to lose a lot of NHL “stretch drive” experience and playoff experience. Unless one of last night’s six is going the other way. That would be even worse.

If it’s Gilroy, and the Rangers are resigned to the fact that they won’t re-sign him this summer, I can live with that. If it’s Gilroy and a pick, I can live with that. But if it’s more than that, I think it’s a bad move. And I don’t think it does Del Zotto any good to take a seat or be demoted again. His confidence is already hurt.



Derek Stepan was fined by the NHL, will not be suspended.

Kris Newbury cleared waivers.

Just got word. Staal’s out tomorrow. Fedotenko is day to day.

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  1. Carp’d on first post!

    Good afternoon all! The only thing that can beat last night’s win while hanging with the Fozzy Posse will be a win tomorrow while witnessing game live with said posse. LGR!

    Green = pity poo hoo

    Oh please not let this be a bad move. Gilroy, I would miss you so!

  2. I agree with losing two spots once Staal returns. Perhaps they may be trading one of our young d-man for another player in another trade.

  3. Caps claim Marco Strum, Jackets claim Craig Rivet, Flyers claim Nick Boynton; Kris Newbury, Wade Belak, Todd Ford and Mike Commodore all clear waivers; Put on waivers today (with period ending Monday at noon ET): Bret Carson (Car), Jason Jaffray (Ana), DJ King (Wash), Nathan Lawson and Rob Schremp (NYI), Pascal Leclaire (Ott), Ty Conklin (StL), Curtis McElhinney


  4. Absolutely agree Carp. McCabe better be willing and able to get on a moving train because this team is not standing still. I hope he’s a TEAM guy who will add and not detract from the Ranger’s chemistry.

  5. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    for the next 3 days, my usually dormant twitter account has been reinvigorated lol

    Banj, you need to market those!!

  6. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    it’s confusing the way that reads… Unless the Flyers claimed 3 guys off waivers. I dunno.

  7. He placed a semicolon between Boynton and Kris.

    Flyers claim Nick Boynton; Kris Newbury, Wade Belak, Todd Ford and Mike Commodore all clear waivers

  8. Great… thought I was going to be able to dream about warm weather watching baseball on tv… but instead I’m going to be anxiously awaiting the news of this trade… wondering who’s going to Florida this weekend with the Rangers but isn’t coming back?

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

    Want to pay back the Lightning for the close games we’ve lost against them this year!!


  9. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao @ AMerican pickers!!! you’re killin me banj

    Heave, i thoroughly enjoyed your post for sure!

  10. I hope Uncle Glennie doesn’t mess up the chemistry we have on this team. We haven’t had this kind of chemistry in a long time. Please! Don’t mess it up.

  11. let’s get some context on this. Green was hit in the ear with a slapshot a couple weeks ago, suffering bleeding from the ear and a concussion. he just returned to the lineup last night, and he was already in a sensitive concussion-prone condition as he played.

    Now, what Stepan did is called “stopping short”. you don’t continue on to the boards as your opponent expects, you stop short and suddenly, surprising your opponent, and he runs into you.

    Stepan did NOT come from the blindside, he was in front of Green

    and Stepan did not target the head, as Green ran into him, not vice versa.

    yes, you could call a 2 minute penalty for interference on Stepan, but that is as far as it goes.

    sure, Stepan was not about to be a victim a second time from Green crosschecking him from behind as he did just moments earlier. and, if Stepan had been injured on that first crosscheck, would Green have been suspended? I doubt it.

    so, to sum up, Green’s head injury was already in place from the slapshot that he took a couple weeks ago. he made the decision to play in that fragile condition. Stepan can not be held responsible for Green’s vulnerable already-concussed condition, just as the guy who took the slapshot can not be blamed for Green’s first concussion.

  12. You all are forgetting one important fact. If will lose Gilroy, the team’s cute quotient takes a hit :)

  13. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    The rangers set the tone early in the game with the Stepan elbow and saucer fight. Best game for sauer in a long while with his edge. Eminger was a beast last night, step’s hit/elbow was nasty, good on him!

  14. Things that make ya go hmmmmmm…..

    Well I’ve never heard of McCabe not being a team guy. I just hope he knows that he’s going to get thrown right into Torts’ ‘pedal to the medal’ system. So he better be ready to play some serious minutes and play them hard. Looks like he can still go 16-20 minutes a night and I doubt Torts is going to hesitate to play him that much if he plays well.

    but who does he pair with? Del Zotto? Staal?

  15. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    NYR Derek Stepan fined by NHL for hit on WAS’s Mike Green last night.

    was green fined for the crosscheck from behind?

  16. if we get mccabe, i’d see him paired with del zotto or emminger on third pair, and get lots of special teams time

  17. @TSNBobMcKenzie: No suspension or fine for Matt Niskanen (PIT) hit on CAR’s Eric Staal.

    gotta love that league bias to the Pens….

  18. I just hope McCabe can shrug aside the ” loser mindset “. not him per se, but the teams he was on were weak. what I mean by that is he has played in recent years with a bunch of bad teams in Tor and Fla, and that can wear on players. and he has not been in “winner mode” for quite some time. hopefully, he can elevate his game and d zone effort to match his Ranger teammates.

  19. Lin, of course I did, and i put them behind some old Coca-Cola signs and Suzy Homemaker oven in my shed.

  20. Thanks Marji….and now I must depart to prep for meeting up with the Fozzy Posse. Have a good day all! Ta for now!

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    on sunday they play, good ole tampa bay, lets hope and pray, all rangers do stay, none go away, via a trade, to miami dade for brian mcabe……the rangers are dangers come postseason, i have good reason, to they go far, step to the bar, train or car, prust and avery, escaped their slavery, getting good minutes….boyle on fire, down to the wire…will get fifty, would sure be nifty….i will go out on a limb, my hair needs a trim, the rangers will win, i like dim….sum……..go get the cup, adolf rupp, he played hoops, pigeons in coops, pinky balls and stoops…….lets win tomorrow, i hated ken morrow, that OT goal, saddened my soul, was it 84, im out the door, postin some more, maybe soon, sine me a tune, blue lagoon, parade in June….

  22. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Immunity from NHL punishment is a skating penguin on the front of your jersey.

  23. eddie3, very impressive ode.

    Tony, my guess is that he’s Rozsival defensively, only slower, a little more physical and a better player at the point.

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    yesterday was a tremdous effort…they play like that they will be in 6th by season end…..round one vs the bruins…they win that series….bring on filthy….

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am rooting for le habs to lose to carolina today….i fear not the botton catching us, but relish the chance to move close to le top….

  26. Marji, that’s why I wouldn’t give up much to get him. He’s got a lot of miles. But he will absolutely help this year.

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp, nyr fan – thx for the kind word re: my ditty, i am so witty, as you can see, much more to me, than my name 3 times, i busta rhymes, bells and chimes, sound so pretty, rumors from zippy, ranger win big, that i can dig, sam rosen’s wig, looking good, as it should, choppin wood, did all i could…lets go rangers…

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    but eric – that is the pessimist’s view….if you are simply worried about getting in, you are one and done…i have more confidence in these lads….but, i hear you and certainly appreciate where you are coming from….

  29. ok, another wicky….almost wish I didn’t have to catch train. You guys are cracking me up!
    Carp, I gave Fozzy your hug….she can’t wait to meet you tomorrow. We’ll be there for warm-ups. If you’re not in box, we’ll just hang or I’ll text/call you.

  30. Carp the Green hit was right in front of me last night, funny the last game I went to was caps/pens super sunday when Green got it off the ear, I may be bad luck for the guy. Which BTW I can’t stand. Anyway it was a penality Stephan was pissed on the CC that was also a penality that wasn’t called. It was a little too far up but it was a beaut because he simply surprised Green. Caps came out flat and got worse from there. NYR played a solid road 1st period, could of had another 2 or 3 and played real good team D the rest of the way. All the D-men as a unit played there best game of the year. Cally involved all night as well as young Stephan. Lot’s of moaning about the no call and following goal by the sea of red, can’t say we wouldn’t be doing the same back in the Garden. Ref’s should have called the CC first and we wouldn’t be talking about this. The fine seems somewhat fair in this twisted league. They are somewhat trying to send a message and yet everyday we see a head shot or a close call. Weird

  31. Gilroy, and one of our 2nd round picks for McCabe.

    It’s a pretty good move. Maybe McCabe can help out Del Z, and actually help out on the PP. We’ll see.

    I’m also not against a 2nd round pick for Liles, but they’re going with McCabe, it seems. Meh.

  32. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    twitter is abuzz about if (IF) the rangers get mccabe, how will they afford richards also before the deadline….OPG going to dallas!

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    montreal just traded gomez to Fla for a 2nd, then traded gomez’s smirk to the sharks for a #1 next year…

  34. Carp a guy with a hook for a hand could keep the puck in the zone better than Rozsi at the point.

  35. I can live with Gilroy going for McCabe (and a VERY low pick at best). They need a responsible dman with all the youth and Staal injured. Girardi leading all blocked shots in the NHL and the others have to be banged up. Gilroy is getting better but he isn’t outperforming his contract any time soon. If it’s someone like Stepan or AA going for McCabe I’m to be WICKED CARCILLO’D!


    D was awesome in both ends. At the blue line, in their own zone looked brilliant. I don’t even think we need McCabe to be quite honest.

    I don’t think Stepan should be suspended. Keep your head up, Mike Green you should have known that was coming.

    After that stupid trade by Dallas Joey Niewendyke (SP) is going to want to fleece another team. Richards IS NOT WORTH IT HE IS A UFA/possible rental! No trade for Richards.

    CAPS are a one trick pony. D is bad and goaltending severely suspect. AO8 is playing better but Girardi always shuts him down. How many “shots on goal” did he have? LOL. Would love to face them in the first round.

  36. Dale Tallon in Fla is having a yard sale. he has all his merchandise out on the lawn and driveway. there is McCabe, and Weiss, and Booth, and Vokoun, and just about every player on the sad sack team is available for the right price. talk about a perennial disaster franchise. and they are starting all over again, another 5 year plan begins, tank and draft, tank and draft

  37. worried about Staals need. I hope the medical staff is correct on him. staal is the most important non goalie on the team. need him back sooner then later….

    if gilroy is to expensive to resign I am fine with him going south for mccabe along with a pick(non first 3 rounds)… I doubt sather is mortgaging the future even he is not that dumb…..

    team moving in right direction unless you think the development of; stepan, mcdonagh, sauer, zucc, dubi, staal, and othrs is irrelevant….this team is moving in the right direction and can be good for many years unless sather goes bananas

  38. OMG!!
    i waited on someone with Man Hands!

    you may laugh when it’s on tv
    but it’s a freakout in real life.
    kept trying not to stare and stare…

  39. did anybody watch or listen to the highlights on tsn. Kerry Frazer, yes Kerry Frazer the ref who always killed the rangers when he was actually referring said that if he was the ref in last nights caps ranger game he would have called a 5 minute major and a game misconduct on stephan. Oh really Kerry, what a shock you would have made that call since I can remember how you screw the rangers when it came to calling a game. Also the voice on tsn’s replay said “watch how stephan runs green and elbows him. This guy needs glasses because stephan ran nobody and green came up from behind stephan and stephan felt greene coming and hit green with his shoulder pad, no elbow. It’s amazing all the hate towards the rangers in this league.

  40. McCabe is old and getting 5,750,000 and a UFA

    Gilroy RFA 1.75m. If he goes through arbitration doubt he gets a cent more.

    Take back what I say about being fine with the trade. I’d like to try and keep Gilroy around stick with what we have.

    Sounds like one of these trades where a GM wants to just make a deal like he’s doing his job. Wolskii trade was good enough for me.

  41. accdg to Gross, Gaborik is skating again, Staal injury is not serious, he will be back soon, and Fedotenko injury was scar tissue, nothing too serious. so, accdg to Gross, everything is hunky dory on the injury front.

  42. What’s the point of keeping Gilroy?

    Honestly, all the d-men in this system, he isn’t going to be around for long. He just doesn’t have a future here.

    McCabe doesn’t either, but maybe he could help out, just a little.

    I’m thankful they’re apparently willing to part with him for Gilroy, and not a decent prospect. The 2nd round pick I can live without.

  43. “worried about Staals need. I hope the medical staff is correct on him. staal is the most important non goalie on the team. need him back sooner then later….'”

    Not for nothing but Girardi is having one hell of a season.

  44. “What’s the point of keeping Gilroy?”

    What’s the point in trading a serviceable RFA for an aging UFA? We can have him in a contract year via arbitration. Keep Gilroy IMO.

    I’d say we more likely need a center. But then again I’d keep things the same.

  45. Orr you might be forgetting we milked the system on the D and Forwards this year and they are all outperforming. Having young d-men (especially RFAs) around is a good thing by watching Staal and Girardi they can only improve.

    I just hope we don’t do anything stupid for this rental McCabe. It would make no sense to give up a decent RFA with any potential for him. That’s alls I gots to say about that.

  46. Actually, it’s Step-On. Just so ya know

    I’d rather have McCabe for a few months who can, like I said, potentially mentor Del Z. He could be useful.

    Then he’s dumped like a whiny middle school brat. BOOM! Then you have prospects fighting for that spot this summer.

    Which is what *I* so desperately want.

    Stahl, Danny G, Sour, McDognuts, Del Zit, and a newbie. Maybe Eminger is interested in being a 7th? Bwaha!

  47. Tony
    McCabe may be getting that based on
    a longtime deal that paid him that
    when he was at his peak.

    maybe someone here can find the stats on his
    last contract

  48. what jpg said

    For his performance being that it ends after this season it’s fair.

    But his current contract is what will inflate his contract next year. To pay him his worth could feel like an insult. He’s also been injured and is getting old.

  49. yes
    i thought McCabe is a UFA at the end of this year
    which is why i’m hoping that
    sather isn’t giving up much to get him.
    (if it was shero of the pens, it would probably be a bucket of pucks and a 6th rounder since
    all the other gm’s seem to take his carcillo in return for their goods)

    i know he’s back from broken jaw
    hoping that he’ll be playing for a contract

  50. LeBrun on twitter
    trade talks with florida are ongoing

    wondering it that means more will be added…?

  51. If we were competing for the cup this year I could understand a short term rental.
    But I don’t get this trade. A young Gilroy for a old guy with 22 points all year.
    Was Gilroy that bad ? I think not.
    I real enjoy watching this team develop with our youth.
    McCabe = old

  52. Maybe V-Tank could make the jump next season. I know Wicky would be happy if that happens.

    Then there’s McIlrath soon enough.

    We also have this kid named Wade Redden. He could be ready to make the jump as well. We’ll see.

    Point being, we’re not hurting ourselves by trading Gilroy.

  53. I am not sure V-Tenk or K-Tek can skate like Gilroy. I am also not sure V-Tenk makes the jump. K-Tek has more potential from what I’ve heard….

    Gilroy is a big game player and I would like to see him in the playoffs. The marginal improvement McCabe would bring is questionable…Like Carp said the other day, there have to be serious doubts about how much better this guy is than Roszival…

  54. I like Gilroy more than most, but understand he may have to go, but not for a 35yr old that’s not really going to help the big picture. Gilroy is still developing late, love his wheels, can’t teach it.

  55. One thought on Gilroy: I’m not averse to keeping him but if the Rangers are unlikely to qualify him in the summer, not too many other teams would be either (other than desperate cap-floor dwellers such as the Isles), so he would be available as a UFA at a lower cap hit should the Rangers want him back, so he’s clearly a movable asset.

  56. i could definitely live with this

    @TSNBobMcKenzie: Hearing FLA trades McCabe to NYR for Tim Kennedy and 3rd rd pic.

  57. i wouldn’t classify Gilroy as a big game player at all. I like him, but he is nothing more than a decent, offensive-minded third pair d-man.

  58. if true, good luck to Kennedy.
    probably should never have been sent down to
    the Whale in favor of White.

  59. weird thing is, didn’t see it til bluejackets reporter retweeted

    i thought i follow Bob McKenzie
    (and his brother Doug)

  60. Czechthemout!!! on

    Can live with that trade. Nothing mitt nothing for a hopefully but unlikely four month rental!

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