Bryan McCabe for Tim Kennedy and a 3rd rounder


That’s what Bob McKenzie tweeted. If that’s it, it’s a darn good deal for a rental who will help the power play and add some veteran presence, and some physical play.

Not giving up Matt Gilroy at this point gives flexibility for a larger deal before the deadline Monday, I would think.


Now that trade has been confirmed by several sources. Gotta give Glen Sather credit for another good trade.

Michael Del Zotto has been assigned to Connecticut of the AHL with the glut of defensemen the Rangers will have, especially when Marc Staal returns.

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  1. I’m 12th! I feel like the Devils! bahaha

    No one can complain about this- we gave up nothing. we got our PP quarterback. And he’s got a little something left in the tank despite his age. Veteran playoff rental. Nothing more.

  2. injured players are not as ready today as they were yesterday. from Gross——-

    “Ruslan Fedotenko (left shoulder) and Marc Staal (twisted left knee) will not be able to play as both missed today’s practice. Fedotenko suffered no further structural damage to his shoulder, which he initially separated on Jan. 19, in his first game back in the lineup but is sore and stiff. Staal is still too sore to skate.

    Marian Gaborik (concussion) did not skate today after skating yesterday. Coach John Tortorella listed Gaborik as day to day but said the right wing is still not symptom free, otherwise he would have skated today. Derek Boogaard (enforcer) was at the practice facility today, though he did not skate after going on the ice yesterday. Tortorella said Boogaard was “a ways away” and said he could not be counted on to return this season.

  3. Under the Mango Tree on

    yes, tr. Kennedy still has to be brought up through re-entry waivers. great deal for the rangers in the short and long-term.

  4. saw him play the other night. he is still wearing a partial mask over his mouth protecting his broken jaw.

  5. What a tremendous move. Kennedy was never going to play a game for us so getting a guy of McCabe’s caliber for a 3rd round pick is a steal.

  6. this worries me:

    according to Nick Kypreos tweet:
    RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    After landing McCabe next on the radar for the #Rangers is #Stars Brad Richards. Sounding like it will go down to wire Mon if it gets done

    unless sather gives dallas something similar to today’s deal, i don’t see why we’d give up much for Richards now instead of get him for “free” over the summer

  7. btw,
    in regards to Brad Richards sweepstakes
    now or in the summer
    playing for Tort in TB
    isn’t he one of the stars players that
    was friendly with Avery
    and continues to be?

  8. Good question DJK. Haven’t heard anything regarding that rumor about Stastny. I think Richards is their man. They are taking on a big contract with McCabe so for starters I’d assume Wolski and Gilroy would have to be part of a potential package going back to Dallas. Can’t they send Dubinsky too and just sign him to an offer sheet July 1?

  9. jpg- he’s not going to win a Norris or anything but he’s solid defensively. Carp said it best- a more physical Rozsival who can actually QB the powerplay.

  10. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Nice work by Sather. 4 out of 5 chewed Cigars for that one.

    Incarcerated Bob tweets one more pending with either MDZ or Gilroy to be shipped.

  11. Good for Glennie! He gave up nothing that we were ever likely to use……and maybe McCabe can give MDZ some pointers in the short time that he’ll be here.

  12. if this is the only deal we make, i’d be happy….
    well, i’d still like to see EC traded for a draft pic

  13. Richards deal will probably end up being Wolski (because of money), Del Zotto or Gilroy, and a 1st or 2nd.

  14. What a steal. Gotta say, Sather has done a great job. The team on the ice now is the best Rangers team I’ve seen in more than a decade. I’ve cursed Slats plenty over the years, gotta now give credit where credit is due.

    Also, my two cents: no way the Rangers complete a trade this year for Richards. Why give up top prospects for a guy who’ll be a FA this summer? It’s not like he’s the missing piece between the Rangers and a run for the cup.

  15. Afternoon gang.

    WOW, what a steal. I was against getting McCabe, but for this little, I’m down with it. I think this means that Eminger gets prucha’d for the rest of the season and the DZ goes back to Reddenland. Unless either DZ or Gilroy get moved before Tuesday.

    I still worry about Richards, though from Torts comments today, I cant see them dealing any of the ‘core’ except for either of those 2 young D.

  16. ibob.. who is a reporting the deal is in place.. with MDZ and Grachev the main pieces..

  17. James G

    there are some problems with your deal 1) we just traded our 3rd round pick which is needed for the offer sheet 2) Dallas would match the Rangers offer sheet and 3) offer sheets are extremely rare and its just not realistic.

  18. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Hi Linda :)

    I think this Richards talk is just a big distraction. My guess is that Cigar-man lands another decent player that demands a Gilroy/MDZ type player.
    Just a guess

  19. why? because another team will trade for him, with a longterm deal as part of it with his agent, and then he is not available this summer

  20. i’d be ok with a richards trade ONLY if callahan, staal, dubinsky, stepan and zuccaerlo are all here when it is said and done.

  21. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Me too NYR.

    Now IB is saying Richards deal out there includes MDZ & grachev. can we throw in Tiki too?

  22. Ibob : **NHL HOT RUMOR**Source: Sather not depending on Dallas & if they prolong #Richards deal Rangers have started talks again with #Avs Stastny


  23. does incarcerated Bob have to wait in line for the pay phone with the other inmates to call in his rumors??

  24. “TSN reporting Rangers trade Michael Sauer to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Clarke McCarthur”??

    seriously?!?!?! trading Sauer now??!?!
    who is Clarke McCarthur anyway??

  25. Sather is magic? Hope it’s not second coming of Ozolinsh

    This is why I never participate in “trade fever” conversations because this trade shows once again that NONE of you keyboard GM’s know ANYTHING about what is really going on behind the close doors.

  26. miked

    the question is whether Richards’ concussion drives his price low enough where it becomes worth it.

    If we can get him for Wolski, Gilroy, Grachev and a 1st rounder then by all means make that trade but I would be hesistant to replace Gilroy and Wolski with Del Zotto and Anisimov

  27. Wash wants Richards, so maybe Sather is just upping the price competition for them, to try to take more out of that rival east team, knowing he is not going to trade for Richards.

  28. I would trade the whole Folkyourself family for the last pick in the draft of 2014..where i would use that pic to draft one of the younger folkyourself kids, then trade his rights to the KHL…that is all!

  29. lol headzo then we can upgrade the wanna be thug james g and his acne riddled fiance to first line center and right wing.

  30. Question….
    Would you like to see Gilroy moved? I’m a pretty big supporter of the kid. There is a soft spot in my heart for Del Zotto, but he just seems to be nervous and not confident, really belongs in the minors for a while. Do Del Zotto and Gilroy cost a lot? Do the rangers have a lot of room left?

  31. lol Lin!

    Not sure. I have been thinking about it. I thought Grachev would be a good fit for the Avs since he has a history playing with Duchene in junior up in Brampton. Also, maybe we through our 1st round pick?

    Grachev, Bourque, and a 1st for Stastny? Is that enough? Too much?

  32. stevezipay Steve Zipay
    Michael Del Zotto reassigned to make room for Bryan McCabe, accding to AHL

    man, there is TOO MUCH going on today.
    was going to get some things done and now i’m just doing a Tony
    refresh refresh refresh!!!!

  33. Richards is more valuable than Stastny. Richards plays the point on the PP, he kills penalties, is a #1 center, and is a cup winner.

  34. AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Per the #AHL, D Michael Del Zotto goes back to Connecticut with the #NYRangers acquiring Bryan McCabe from #Panthers.

  35. I don’t think they’ll be trading AA, even for Richards. Only 22, tons of upside, and already is very good on defense.

    MDZ is a possibily, just cause I get the gut feeling that Torts doesn’t like his attitude and apparent disinclination to fix his mistakes. Then again, he’s still just a baby in the grand scheme of things, so who really what will happend in 5 years with him.

  36. stevezipay Steve Zipay
    RT @Dallas_Dave: Offers for Richards ever-improving. Nieuwendyk will have a tough decision to make Monday. #Rangers/#Leafs/#Kings involved.

  37. Heh, called DZ to Reddenville like an hour ago. That means I have inside info and you don’t. Mwhahahahahahaa.

  38. jpg- he definitely has snarl. He’s been playing thru a broken pinky and jaw the last couple of months too. Not exactly a pansy

  39. It may mean he gets traded…I’m shocked…I thought Eminger would get waived before this would happen…

  40. nyblue

    Richards is more valuable now but Stastny is unarguably the better guy to get through a trade. There is just no way to argue against that.

  41. DJK, I think you misread that. I think it means he DOESN’T get dealt. He’s still a big part of the future. He’s going down to play, and when Staal comes back, Eminger will be the only scratch. Barring a trade of Gilroy.

  42. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Dissenting vote. We just threw away a third round pick, for what? We are not going to win the Cup this year. Damn that Sather and his “We are just one body away from winning the Cup,” mentality, when the team is really about six bodies away. And now a young D will be traded, another surely demoted. Great trade? We should be stockpiling picks for old guys, not vice-versa. Moronic trade for a guy who will be 36 this year. Some star players come out of the later draft rounds. What a puke Sather is.

  43. Headzo Del Headzo on

    just heard back from Dallas – they’d rather take Drury & Redden rather than have Tiki on their blogs…

  44. Figuring that McCabe plays tomorrow and with Staal still out…


    And when Staal gets back (and Gilroy isn’t traded)…


    Nice balance to those d-pairings. I think McCabe helps Gilroy a lot, especially defensively. Maybe he looks on this as an opportunity to pay it forward for what Leetch supposesly taught him when they were in Toronto together. Should even out the ice team a little more, too, putting less on Staal/Girardi.

  45. Paul in sunrise on

    Good deal. Kept all important assets. Maybe the Kennedy curse will go with him. He had no future with rangers and panthers can sign. He is RFA.

    Stastny or Richards.
    Kush – “I’ll either surf or ski.”

  46. CCCP
    maybe it’s just ORR!! under another name, eh?

    Jeff J February 26th, 2011 at 3:24 pm
    TSN reporting Rangers trade Michael Sauer to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Clarke McCarthur

  47. from Bob McKenzie—

    One GM told me he thinks reason for all the trading/waivers is because the UFA pool on July 1 is so shallow. Not an option for many teams.——–

    I agree with that.

  48. i don’t see how anyone really wants MDZ at this point over Gilroy, who as i said last night has been playing really well. so that sucks, i’ve warmed up to Gilroy over the season; i admit i wasn’t a big fan to start off.

  49. HockeyRodent The Hockey Rodent
    Helene Elliott (LA Times) reputable. She claims LAK in hunt for BR with NYR “leading the chase”. I know Helene. She’s not a rumor monger.

  50. MDZ has nearly two years under his belt, and everyone’s so quick to get rid of him?

    People complain aboot Artie, as if he’s supposed to have 40 goals this season.

    People complain aboot Grachev because he’s not dominating the AHL in only his second year.

    What the fugg?

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate

    stop whining. the 5 most successful 3rd round picks in NY Rangers history: 1) Rob Zamuner, 2) Dominic Moore 3) Louie DeBrusk 4) Jason LaBarbera 5) Eric Cairns

  52. DJK, that may happen if the right deal comes along. But this rental of McCabe and the demotion of Del Zotto should absolutely not be perceived as the Rangers giving up on Del Zotto or anything close to that. Is he untouchable? No. Certainly not. But he’s going back because they have too many defensemen, and if he’s not going to be in the top six, it’s best for his development that he goes and plays every game.

    They aren’t looking to unload him. Not at all.

  53. Richards is not coming here…(I hope),But I do think there will be a decent trade for someone not even mentioned yet. It may cost us 2-3 players. and yes it will be for someone young to keep with young and fast team we have now.
    We’re not gonna trade 2 35plus year old players…..We got our QB for the power play,,now we need a center young and fast enough to here.

  54. i’m not saying get rid of anybody, but if its a foregone conclusion that either MDZ or Gilroy will go…i’m just saying, Gilroy has been very steady while MDZ is on his way back to Hotfood!

  55. Dubiii, put MDZ on the block and 29 teams will line up for him. Are you kidding?

    Hot Topic, true, that. She isn’t a rumor monger. But she ain’t batting 1.000 either.

  56. the West race is crazy. every team is within a point or 2 of each other, and all the 3pt games make it even crazier to try to get in the top 8.

  57. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Great point oleo. Once out of the first round it’s pretty much all a crapshoot.
    Think Lundquist – 205th overall. Zetterberg same.

    ITK – everyday!

  58. BREAKING!!!!

    The New York Rangers trade Somebody and a Pick with a Player to be Named Later
    Somebody and a Lower Pick

  59. Orr, I am not. All the guys you mentioned are talented and young, and will be impact players in the NHL! They have bright futures…

  60. I don’t get all of the Dubi hate. Out of all of the players mentioned he would be the one I would HATE to see leave. I love that kid!!

    Would much rather part with any of these guys: MDZ, Gilroy, Boyle, Grachev, or Hagelin.

    Why do you guys not like Dubi? Is one of the heart and soul, core players of this team!

  61. BREAKING!!!!

    New York Rangers GM Glen Sather Signs
    Keith Richards for Unlimited Year Contract

    According to Sather, “He’d held Mick Jagger up for year and is
    virtually indestructible. He can play offense or defense, and I like the
    fact that he speaks just like Esa Tikkanen.”

  62. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Salary wise you have to think opg or filthy goes if there is a Richards deal.

    Was McCabe captain of the panthers?

  63. i’m not saying to trade anyone!!! hehe

    reading here last night, everyone was already trading away kreider, anisimov, dubi, and just about everyone else. this trade deadline makes us crazy o_O

  64. Man I wish commenting on here. 2/3 of my first year of law school are officially over on Monday when my appellate brief is due…then smooth sailing til finals. Just cause I don’t post doesn’t mean I’m not reading when I can though…

    Two General Thoughts on The Trade Deadline

    1- For all the credit given out to Sather right now, let’s keep in mind that Torts vision for this team is influencing and hopefully advising Sather’s moves. For the first time since Sather took over, we have a coach that Sather can’t simply saddle with whatever over-the-hill veteran his heart desires. Carp brought this up the other day and it is a really great point.

    2- We all appear to be on the same page with what this team’s ceiling is in the playoffs, with a realistic best-case scenario being a second-round exit. That experience would be invaluable for the youngsters on this team (even if MDZ sits with McCabe on the blueline), give even more credibility to Torts system, and get them fired up for another taste next year.
    At the same time, we’ve seen what can happen in the playoffs when a team suddenly gets hot. Now I would never sell the farm, banking on such a miracle, but it can happen. If it does, having the right pieces in place (Richards or a Stastny) doesn’t hurt.

  65. with all the McCabe talk, everyone’s forgetting today’s
    other news
    the BoogieMan is skating!!!

    (but seriously, don’t need him but hope his brain gets well)

  66. speaking of boogaard…team should grab King from waivers. need some toughness. prust cant fight anymore.

  67. and anyone wanting to trade Hagelin is bonkers too! I’ve watched about 10 Michigan games this year…he is a special type of player. the pass he made against Mich State was unbelievable. incredible vision and playmaking, and has a wicked wrist shot.

    the last game i watched, they talked about the rangers a bit, saying early season reports had him not wanting to join the rangers, but now with the success of stepan and especially McDonogh who was very reluctant to sign, he may be reconsidering. the rangers only have from the moment his season ends (april sometime prob) until August 16 to sign him then he becomes a free agent.

    so i hope the rangers bear down and sign him…he would get picked up by someone else in a heartbeat on aug 17.

  68. during this lull,
    just wanted to mention that
    i hope Biron starts tomorrow
    and as much as he hates it
    gives Hank a rest

  69. I don’t understand the obsession with personal insults and jabs back-and-forth to one another through blogs… (99% of the time ) you’re all just names and IP’s and it’s wasted time and breath trying to spit on one another for personal gain behing a computer monitor.

    The misinformation that spreads through pretend trades and what-not is also just as annoying… It’s crap like this that gets good blogs and forums shut-down.

    Why can’t it just be about the team with an occasional fun topic thrown in here and there?


    Nicely done Slats…


  70. Dubii, those uncertainties are a big reason to trade him. Look at McDonuts and MTL. MTL didn’t think they could sign him and the NYRs made out huge! Hagelin is a great player, but he also is unproven and may never step foot in the NHL. I am all for growing young talent and building from within, but if you don’t think you can sign the guy and that guy is also unproven then the smart move is to deal him for a proven, talented asset such as Richards or Stastny. Do you think that Hagelin will ever be as good as those players? The jury is obviously still out…

  71. Hot Topic, if you want to get a guy like Stastny, you’re going to have to give up a guy like Dublowsky.

    That’s just the way it is.

    Most people seem to think you can land a big name player with just prospects, and 3rd liners, but that’s not the case.

    Unless you’re dealing with a moron.

  72. I wonder what number McCabe will wear. 4, 44, 23 and 24 are all taken. My guess is either 25, 28 or 54

  73. Hot Topic

    Carl Hagelin is going to sign with the Rangers. The report that said he wouldn’t confirmed as garbage by Hagelin himself

  74. i forgot that we’re play at MSG tomorrow which will
    probably mean Hank plays
    looking at next week’s schedule:


    we’ve got to get Biron in there, for sure.
    as much as this team is starting to find a second wind to
    get ’em in playoffs, Torts needs to stick to the plan of giving Hank
    a little more rest than in the past.

  75. That is a a sick play, Dubiiiii

    I like Hagelin too. Gordie Clark said earlier this season that signing Hagelin after this season was a priority…

  76. I still can’t believe Slats is trying to trade for someone that he can just overpay this summer.

    I wasn’t worried aboot Monday, but I’m really getting the impression that we’re going to see a totally different team after tomorrows game.

  77. Paul in sunrise on

    MDZ needs 30 minutes a night for the Whale – that will do him a world of good.
    I too like Gilroy but a qualifier of $2.2M is just not in the cards – better try and get something for him now or at the draft. Unless he asks for a long term (5 years) deal in the average yearly value of $1.2-$1.7 range.
    Sauer is sure to get that amount in raise for next few years.
    How many centers can one team have?
    Stepan, AA, Boyle, Richards (if now or if later), Christensen, Hagelin???
    While we would all take Hagelin over Christensen, he is destined for fourth line duty if a trade or signing is made. I don’t want to trade Hagelin, but he is most valuable right now.

  78. Yeah, I don’t understand the move. Maybe Del Z can learn a thing or two from McCabe. Offensively, at least.

    It’s like Gilroy all over again. I’m not a fan of it.

    His season is pretty much over with. At this point, all he can do now is just go with it, and work hard in the summer, and get his game to where it needs to be.

  79. You guys have to keep in mind that Del Zotto may just be going down to clear space for now. If there’s another move that’s going to send some money off the roster then he may get called back up after the deadline.

  80. It would be nice if Marty got his game in against his former team in Buffalo next week. But then that would mean Hank plays the back-to-back Wild & Senators games – which probably wont happen

    Awesome trade or a Rental !! Gave up nothing of significance and addressed a couple of problems on our Blue Line

  81. Sather uses his Jedi mind tricks when he makes trades .. (please don’t make me regret giving you credit by doing something stupid on Monday)

  82. since we’re talking about Hagelin
    it reminds me that it’s a shame
    that sather has put himself in such a
    situation that contracts are never mentioned,
    discussed and completed during the season

    was thinking about this when i read that seabrook
    and the blackhawks are close to an extension.

  83. Brad Richards to the Kings is done!

    Kings send Schenn, Simmonds, Johnson, an Ethiopian baby, Mr. Magoo, and Winnie The Pooh to the Stars for Richards, and Cup-O-Noodles, Vegetarian Flavor.

    Winnie The Pooh will have to pass a physical before the trade is official. Apparently he has a “lower body injury”. Rumor has it that an orange and black striped tail was lodged in his poop loop.

    This is huuuuuuge!

  84. i am not trading 3 or 4 players for brad richards. no friggin way even if he signs an extension.

    sauer is 23 and a ver ygood d man and mcdonut is younger.

    MDZ is washed up at 20… why undervalue ranger prospects so much?

    AA is 23 and a ver ygood 2 way center, and he is going to fill out…………………..

  85. Easily take that deal. But if its too good to be true. It prob is. Flan does have some magic in that cigar, or is that..nvmd. let’s just hope he does the right thing, like spike lee.

  86. They couldn’t upgrade to Ramen or even an actual can of Campbell’s soup for that deal? That GM deserves to be fired for not getting that.

    Piglet would have been better than Pooh Bear. Smaller and faster thrive better than bigger and slower, this IS the new NHL and all.

  87. of course it is sarcasm on del zotto. the guy is 20 and playing defense… yes his game has slipped but it is between his ears. at 20 he has played 120 games in the NHL on defense.

    like grachev, guys need time. some need more time then others. the ranger foundation is tremendous. youngest d in the nhl and 5th best GAA, think of that stat…………………………

  88. I think if the Stars trade Brad Richards to the Kings, they’ll probably get Brad Richardson in the deal.

    The Stars fans will be too busy chomping on all that fried sh*t that they wont know the difference. So, just in case they don’t get enough for him, Joe Nieuwendyk wont get too hassled.

  89. emminger or gilroy are the only movable pieces on d unless the rangers are getting a mega stud signed to a long term deal. gilroy is 26 and his deal is up at the end of the year, emminger is a 3rd pair d man at best who is 27 with very limited offensive skills.

    the top 4 D are 25 or younger and all will get better.

  90. no, he didn’t . what he said was that he would spend more money to upgrade their scouting dept etc, but he is still says he is keeping Regier, who is mr cautuious, mr no-spend on players, mr no deal, stand pat GM.

  91. Do you think we could trade Sean Avery to the Stars for Richards?

    On second thought, would Brad Richards even play with Sean Avery in NY?

  92. Outside of the Flyers, is there any team the Rangers really fear in a 7 game series? I can’t think of one at this point.

    So that is why this trade is a good do. Tim Kennedy was never making it to MSG. A 3rd rounder means nothing. Outside the first 2 rounds, the rest is a crap shoot IMHO.

    Now they have a power play slapper. They also have a big body who can be physical. Given the plethora of young D-men, there is still plenty on the farm to give up a 3rd rounder. Plus McCabe will help the young kids learn a thing or two.

    One other thing, is it me or does this team play better without Gaborik? They seem more desperate and everyone seems to take a small bit more on their own shoulders.

    Big test tomorrow. I am guessing Biron plays on the 3rd versus the Wild.

  93. Rumor: Richards for Boyle, Anisimov and Gilroy. Take it for what its worth which ain’t much – I post what I see, I don’t pretend to be reliable. Its better than talking about cup o noodles.

  94. Yes, Orr, we like to keep things clean here!!! Except when wishing for Colin Campbell to have that episode of diarrhea you were referring to…

  95. As a die-hard Rangers fan, I can honestly say that I hope the La Kings win the Brad Richards’ sweepstakes. Some of the names being tossed around are not worth losing for a guy who’s concussed, and whose prime purpose for coming to New York would be as a setup man for a player who also is concussed — I have a headache just thinking about it. Stay the course Sather, stay the course!

  96. AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Rangers just announced Glen Sather would not conduct a conference call with media to discuss McCabe trade. Means he’s still working.

  97. Dallas got a couple big wins over Det and Nash, so they are back in the hunt, and the Goligoski for Neal trade does not look so bad at the moment. I think Niewendyck trades Richards because of 2 things, his health, and the fact that he cannot re-sign him with their ownership problems. they have a chance to get a couple young players or prospects, he will probably do it. the one thing that may mean no trade is the lack of time to get it done accdg to Bob McKenzie, because the team getting Richards wants to have a deal in place to sign him to an extension before they give up young players.

  98. Actually, it means it’s his bed time. He’s an old man. He’s going to need his sleep this year, because unlike the last few deadlines, he’s going to have to wake up in the A.M. as opposed to his usual, “wake up late in the P.M and make a panic move” deal which we’re so used to.

    Fear him!

  99. in a trade for either Stastny or Richards, Anisimov will be the center piece. the Rangers will not trade Stepan, and I do not believe they will trade MDZ. so start at something like Anisimov, Gilroy, and Grachev.

  100. Mister Delaware on

    “Brad Richards is a rental…Stastny is not…just sayin’”

    Just agreein’ with this.

  101. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Re: “The 3rd round and beyond is a crap shoot, what the puck is wrong with rolling an occasional 7 on the come-out roll?” You think you ALWAYS have to lose. Look, those with lesser-round picks get to roll the dice there, those with no picks in the late rounds don’t get to roll the dice. You prefer no chance to having some chance for hitting paydirt? I know one thing, kids being drafted, high or low, are YOUNG, and Bryan McCabe is pushing 36. Just thought I would point that out to you since someone else will be rolling the dice on what used to be that Rangers third round draft pick.

  102. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    A GM should identify the core nucleus of his team and at all costs strive to keep it together. Del Z, Staal, Sauer, Girardi, Mc Donaugh, AA, Dubinsky, Callahan, Stepan, maybe MZA, certainly Kreider quite soon, and a couple others, this core should be added to, not subtracted from. Gilroy could go, same for Boyle same for most of the others. But the core should not be broken up for a Richards, a Stasny or anyone else. Not that we don’t want outstanding players coming in here, but because the price is too high, not now when there is maybe one chance in 100 of winning the Cup, but three years from now when the Rangers could be the best team in the East. That is when you feel the pain of your short-term expedience.

    It’s simple, which would you rather have, the Rangers going from #12-15 now to number 8-10th best team in the league, now; or being in the 6-8 range in three years when, if you had not tampered with your nucleus, you could be favored to win it all. I don’t need the Rangers to be #10 and bounced out of the playoffs early, this year. I need the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup three years from now. The GM NEVER looks at it that way. Pox on him.

  103. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Short form: We have a “Make the playoffs every year,” GM; not a “Win The Stanley Cup” GM.

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