It’s Go Time!


No Marc Staal (knee), so Ryan McDonagh slides into the first pair with Dan Girardi and faces the fun task for a youngster: facing Alex Ovechkin (=Monster) every shift. Maybe Dubinsky can fight him again and get him off the ice for five minutes.

Lundqvist is in goal. Eminger is back in, and will play with Del Zotto. Sauer and Gilroy.

Ruslan Fedotenko returns to the lineup after his shoulder injury and appendectomy. So Kris Newbury was put on waivers for the purpose of sending him back to the Whale.

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  1. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Eric Staal-cillo should have gotten a few games. Hopefully Mark will pee in his cocktail at the next family reunion.

  2. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Time Warner 197 = no HD. Stupid Byfuglien network. At least the Curses network in in HD.

  3. St-aal in the family on

    Marc himself said there was nothing wrong with the hit, and that he would do the same. end of discussion.

  4. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Rough life – play hockey, make bank, & play video games for hours on end. Not to mention the tail these guys probably pull down!

  5. HA, Orr! Nice!! Stay within your self!! Let the game come to you!

    LW – I’m sorry in advance for the potential of you being in the Beninati zone tonight! Condolences…

  6. Hey gang! Beer and hockey and boneheads= the perfect ending to a hellacious week

    BYFUGLIEN! I get the cliche-master. BOOOOOOOOOO

  7. I despise the horn chant (Let’s Go Caps) in Washington…so annnoying…maybe the worst in sports!

  8. Enjoy and rest during your weekend Mickey! Hopefully, you get the NYR win to complete your perfect night!

    The dude other than Beninati called Lundqvist mistakenly….


  9. These guys are whining about the non call. Cant stand people who whine about referees!!!!!


    Let’s not laugh at head injuries, guys, even if it’s to Mike Green. It could be serious. Let’s remember it’s just a game.

  10. Yorktown Ranger on

    Can’t stand Betinatti and Laughlin. That was no where near an elbow or interference. Mute button engaged


  11. That little punk Mike Green seems to play physical only against Rangers. He tried to run Step-ON and got what he deserved.

  12. Shoulda been a penalty on Stepan, but shoulda been a penalty on Green first. Them’s the breaks.

    And how long until a talking head somewhere calls Stepan’s hit blind side, when he was in front of Green with his back to him the whole time?

  13. St-aal in the family on

    the Caps announcer, Laughlin, says the crosscheck on Step was ok, but his hit on Green was interference. and joe b. says it was an elbow. Wash Whiners

  14. Eminger needed to score that one. He missed a golden wide open opportunity about 25 seconds before he scored!!

  15. Green is not feeling too “right” at the moment, is he? I’m sure he’s having a tough time concentrating too.

  16. Sorry, that’s not a penalty at all. Stepan used his back to box out Green. That’s not a head shot or an interference or a suspension or anything. That’s a NOTHING hit.

  17. Rangers should be ahead by more than one goal. This penalty isn’t going to help the situation either.

  18. Did you see two Dmen from Washington looking at Sauer and not at EC? Thats why the Caps aren’t goingbtoo far

  19. ilb – So the 2 dmen had a miscommunication or crossup. They dont have to get shutouts to advance. They just need decent goaltending and to outscore their opponents.

  20. That’s Girardi’s fault for not getting the puck deep instead of blindly centering it. Some of these players have low hockey iq’s.

  21. >>Sauer = Rookie Beast

    Sauer = Future Beast

    Kill this! I’d like to take a 2-0 lead to the locker room.

  22. With Semin and Ovenchicken on one side, whoever is killing penalties on that side sure is getiing a TON of hard skating in.

  23. Ive always thought Girardi is an okay defenseman. Nothing special offensively and makes stupid decisions and lazy plays defensively. 2nd pair at best, 3rd pair on most teams.

  24. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’ll bet Boudreau was just effing it up for the cameras. He actually speaks eloquently and quietly when there are no cameras. All the Caps were all like “What’s up with coach. He’s been such a Pen()s since HBO showed up.”

  25. I made two fairly negative comments, guys! It doesn’t feel right! But it is the internet era, optimism is perceived as dubious whilst negativity and sarcasm requires no vetting or affirmation. I feel a positive comment coming on tho, I go eat a pear instead.

  26. That first period shows how our youngsters are not only improving as players but are getting tougher as well. Wow! Great forecheck pressure and really smart decisions with the puck. Is this fun or what? We need to play the second period the exact same way. Great puck support in the defensive zone. All this without Staal!

  27. Caps this season are not too mentaly strong, have to make’em frustrated with non-stop forecheck.

  28. well, i am running late its 2 am in the morning and i have missed the first period its 2-0 Rangers….i have predicted a 5-1 win …you can remember ????

    I had a wonderful dinner and an even better cocktail so i was running late…

  29. Stand up and give an ovation to Beninati and the other Caps announcers.

    They just mentioned Matteau and how big a goal his goal was.

    They just talked more of our history than Joe Micheletti even knows about our history.

    that was pretty. still want to decline power plays?

  30. n country – if you need to borrow hockeystreams, you have my info.

    Why do all of you insult these Caps guys?? Theyre giving us credit and talking highly of us. My god!!!!!

  31. Caps announcers speak their mind Laughlin said “what a s h*tty goal” earlier this season when the Panthers scored on the Capitals

  32. St-aal in the family on

    first thing he has done in a month outside the shootout. it just shows how he has the talent, but seldom uses it

  33. I like Beninati and Laughlin. Both whine about referees. Both have given credit to and spoken highly of the Rangers. Both actually know Matteau’s name and his historical significance, whereas Micheletti does not.

  34. Brooks just tweeted that the Stepan hit will be reviewed by the league and “expect a suspension”. The mind boggles.

  35. LB on twitter is saying the league is goona review the Stepan hit on Green and to expect a suspension. Of course, cause the Caps are one of the darlings of the league.

  36. well no i dont say it because…you have so many games in the regular season..nobody cares really..its you can flip the coin…its meaningless..stop it and start the playoffs..the real competition …

  37. All announcers are gonna whine about the refs time to time at the end of the day they are fans

  38. and let’s face it, those 2 goals were scored by Sauer and Cally with great passes. most anyone could have finished with that kind of open net setup

  39. in the regular season as soon as the team is down by two or three goals they stop playing…
    it is just a business stuff to have the regular season…

  40. Mickey – LW was joking. That’s not on Brooks’ twitter.

    There’s only one darling of the NHL, and that’s the Bruins. :)

  41. ilb, opps? didn’t notice. multi-tasking- watching the game, making dinner and drinking beer :)

  42. There will be no suspension of Stepan. There was no intent there and Stepan didnt even commit a penalty there. No, Im not saying that a penalty was not called, Im saying what Stepan did was box out the opposition, which is not a penalty.

  43. right, but where has he been for the past month?? is this just his way of trade deadline NY job security, or will he finally do it consistently.

  44. >>Brooks just tweeted that the Stepan hit will be reviewed by the league and “expect a suspension”.
    >>The mind boggles.

    Yeah, I guess Stepan should have let Green run him from behind and go head first into the boards to draw a penalty.

  45. Er, Tiki, yes it is. I’m not Orr.

    If/when headshots are banned entirely, fine, that’s suspendable. But it doesn’t even come close to the definition of what they have classed as suspendable this year. If Green doesn’t leave the ice, it’s not even given a second thought. And Peter Forsberg would’ve been suspended every other game he played.

  46. Headzo Del Headzo on

    If Step-child does have a hearing with Uncle Colin, he should bring his mom for support..

  47. interviewing the coach in the middle of the game is pointless its got to be annoying for them and its annoying for us

  48. and how about the Ovechkin knee job on Gonchar a couple playoffs ago, and he did it again a few games ago to someone else, but he is NEVER reviewed, the “great 8”

  49. Okay, so LW was not joking. There was a tweet. Somehow it didnt show up on my screen after 50,000 refreshes.

    WTB! He didnt even do anything wrong!!!! If Stepan gets suspended, it’ll be a joke. He did nothing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! He did nothing wrong!!!!! You may as well suspend the kid for breathing!! Brooks is a pile of carcillo!

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    poor fed…but the rangers sure play better without gabby sabatini…maybe green gets suspended for the pile drive into the boards…stepan stuck up for himself and now green has a headache..

  51. Carp, please give me an honest answer….

    What do you think about a league when a team like the NY Islanders can beat a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins with 9-3….

    A top team loosing against a looser team with this sport or business ??????????


  52. Tiki,

    Beninati and the other Caps announcers only mentioned Matteau because when one of them was talking about Stepan the other said “Stephane Matteau? What a huge goal he had”

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    damn…rangers are playing some good hockey…hopefully, this style of play lasts into april

  54. adawg – so what? they mentioned him. they know more about our history than joe m. Im sickened by this loser Brooksie. What a piece of carcillo he is. Stepan didnt do a darn thing wrong. He did absolutely nothing. He better not get suspended. And if he does, I hope Torts ignores the suspension and plays him anyway.

  55. billybleedsblue on

    Where are the Nay-Sayers now? Huh? Huh? Show yourselves! Cowardly Nay-Sayers!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  56. 4generations 4 cups on

    So, Boneheads, how do you all feel about the Gomez trade now? Gaborik & McDonagh? Good enough?

    I hope Uncle Glen has some super early or late christmas presents in the goodie bag for the deadline, he’s been STEALING them.

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo woodside – damn…rangers are playing some good hockey…hopefully, this style of play lasts into april

  58. Gomez trade was great – never could stand him, even when he was wearing our wonderful colors…

  59. That was his GF!? She looks like a younger version of his mother!!! Hmm…………….. ;-D

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – december 12, 1974 rangers blew 6-3 lead against expansion caps and it ended 6-6…i saw that game…

  61. I told you all Gammons is a criminal! He’s a sick individual that despises New York. To hate Peter Gammons is the only right thing to do in life!

  62. eddie eddie eddie on

    …anyone remember the NBC game of the week, i think feb 2, 1975 at the garden….rangers up 5-0 against the red wings…game ended 5-5…

  63. Icing on our cake – Debbies trail Tampa 2:0 !!! Sweet, to put the brakes on this stinking lokomotive.

  64. The goals EC scored came off two great passes by Sauer and Callahan but EC should get credit for putting himself in position to score especially on his first goal. As the puck goes along the boards ending up on Sauer’s stick (good positioning by him as well there) EC streaks to the front of the net and turns quickly to get his stick in position for the deflection in. His second goal he finds open ice giving Callahan alot of room to find him.

  65. Another promo for the Heritage Classic!!! What’s wrong with the Traffic Department at MSG Network…?

  66. I see that B-hawks waived Nick Boynton….has he fallen that far…..we were interested in him not too long ago?

  67. Plenty of guys get clear shots at the net, but the pucks don’t go in for them – at least EC can bury a shot when he’s presented with one.

  68. Would it be too arrogant or premature, if we start rooting for Hank’s shutoff tonight?
    Or it’s pushing luck?

  69. after the game EC will tell a reporter that Stepan “sucker-elbowed” Green, and should be suspended

    that is EC’s typical way of throwing a teammate under the bus.

  70. BTW, I forgot who it was but many thanks to whoever alerted me about the MSG2 HD feed on Cablevision channel 414. I thought I had to watch the SD feed which transmits from a satellite circling Jupiter.

  71. @ eddie….I remember it……but I think it was the last game of the season. The Rangers played the most one sided 3rd period I’ve ever seen. They were trailing Detroit and neededat least a tie and needed to score at least 5 goals to get the tiebreaker to make the playoffs. Unbelievable game

  72. 4everanger- I’m feelin’ a SO

    Regarding the Stepan hit, I’d like to see it again, but I think his actually slightly in front of Green, doesn’t know that Green has his head down and just leads with his shoulder expecting contact as he approaches the puck.

  73. Eddie, I was referring to the game where they lost in OT after blowing a four goal lead.

    After the game, Dreary was quoted saying the now classic line

    “I wont let this loss ruin my Christmas”

    Which became a personal favorite on this blog for the next two years.

  74. Yes, FlaRanger – and by getting that tie, Rangers eliminated the Habs from playoff eligibility! It was a GREAT game!

  75. People post under a bunch of different names when they comment are fuggin’ weird!!! Loser! THink we won’t notice!! You know who you are!!! Just sayin’…

  76. Thank you, Mickey! I worked in TV for many years, so I picked up a few things along the way. I love you, too!

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    fla – this was a game rangeres were winning 5-0 and red wings came back to tie it 5-5 was peter puck game of the week…

  78. Jimbo, I’ve worked for cable companies in those departments, so having someone who knows the traffic is more than just the cars on the road makes me happy.

  79. ddeb – I’ve seen the hit again. Stepan was more than slightly in front of Green, he was almost directly in front of him, so definitely no “blindside” about it. I still think it deserved a penalty as he got his arm up, but Green was the one initiating contact and he was bent over. Can’t see how it’s suspendable except for the fact that Green got hurt.

  80. Maybe, Eddie – give it a try! Maybe MSG Net knows something that we don’t. In all seriousness, though, I’m sure that the NHL Network will be replaying the game to death!

  81. And now this schnuck Laughlin is talking about lucky bounces going our way. We never get any good luck.

    3 for 4 on PP’s tonight.

    Still wanna decline power plays?

  82. OK, Mickey – I was in Engineering Maintenance, but I sat in for relief sessions in Master Control, so I had to keep my eyes on the program logs from the Traffic Department.

  83. billybleedsblue on

    Yea, another lucky bounce. Duh everyone. Tonight has been all luck. Go Bufuglien Yourself you Cooke hole.

  84. Jimbo- covering in MC, yesh. I feel sorry for you. You had paper logs? Used them at my last job, what a waste of trees.

  85. billybleedsblue on

    I dunno…maybe if we’re LUCKY, the Rangers will find a way to CAPITALIZE on some LUCK in these final 10 minutes of regulation and hold on to a LUCKY win. AHAHHAHAAA…luck.

  86. Bet you Miami Pimp thinks that if Washington didn’t bush-league this game, the Rangers would’ve amateur-houred it.

  87. It was tense, Mickey – but I did OK….they even assigned me the TD job a few times, so I guess I didn’t completely suck at it.

    This was years ago – I doubt if they have paper logs anymore!

  88. eddie eddie eddie on

    pitt as the 4th seed and caps as the 5th…i pick the caps…it would be great to play them in post-season

  89. Jimbo, MC does tend to be like that, especially in news. A bit of a jack of all trades then, eh?

    Most places don’t have paper logs. I do know a place that still uses them.

  90. PK’s looked good tonight. I know the Caps PP isn’t what it was last year, but still mighty impessive

  91. This one is for Fran:

    Fran, if you read this, I hope you notice that their passing works tonight for some reason. Both long and short. And their are pretty good tonight at not only passing, but on the receiving it too.

  92. it’s really amazing. There’s no over the back fouls on defensive rebounds by any opposition of the Knicks, and no traveling calls on them either. You can take 3 steps before putting the ball on the floor and not get called for a traveling. Another game that’s been officiated against us and officiated to take us out of any rhythm. Down the court, foul. Down the court, foul. Down the court, defensive 3 seconds. Absurd.

  93. billybleedsblue on

    Nice, maybe the Isles can sink their teeth into this deflated Capitals team tomorrow…man…I can almost smell the playoffs! Oh wait, those are my socks…

  94. If I don’t start packing in 10 min I won’t have any underwear in Colorado, let alone skiing gear.

  95. billybleedsblue on

    I guess we’re LUCKY that the Blueshirts were LUCKY enough to score six times tonight. Another LUCKY shutout by Hank. Hmmm, maybe if we’re LUCKY the Rangers will make the post-season afterall. hehehe. Luck.

  96. Brian Boyle is now a 20 goal scorer!!! It is really amazing what that figure skating chick did for his skating…Hope she can do the same for other guys like MZA and Anisimov!!!

    I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me it this time last year…Bwahaha!

    Craps got walloped!!! *BOOM*

  97. billybleedsblue on

    :D they really made it look easy tonight. I hope they can this with them to Sunday at home…

  98. Yea Doodie I guess like you said Sauer and McDonuts really arent that good True to form you speaketh from your arss

  99. Calad, agreed. McD had a really good game. Got burned by Ovenchicken early, then settled down to a really solid game.

  100. billybleedsblue on


    hahaha, don’t stop. it’s amusing to me.

    Sauer and McDonuts were LUCKY TONIGHT.

  101. ilb – You and mrs. have a safe trip and great vacation.


    This game is sickening to watch. You guys call baseball boring. Id rather watch a pitcher throw over to 1st base 50 straight times than watch this trash that the referees are subjecting me to.

  102. First! SAFE IS DEATH! on

    Lundqvist for backstrom, a top prospect and a 1st rounder? Would ya? Caps would….

  103. EC never had more value going into a trade deadline than right now…Let’s hope he has a hat trick on Sunday!

  104. Just watching this bum Cavs team put forth their best effort, and knowing that the city of Cleveland lays down for Boston all the time, Im extremely glad that failure of a city hasnt won anything and that Lebron left them the way he did. i hope they never recover and fail miserably for an eternity :)

  105. Staal AND Gaborik out, King with the shutout now THAT was a feel good win.

    The D was outstanding in all areas of the ice (esp. own zone) fowards grinding on all gears getting it done. Hard to see this being a team you want to see as a top seed. I’d like to avoid MTL and Rangers if I could haha


  106. As good as the Rangers played tonight, and yes, this is known, but it needs to be said again… the Caps are horrendous in their own zone.

  107. wow. holy cr-p. 6 to zip who would have thunk it. mcdonagh did good but had 2 bad plays. he is going to be real good but not a norris trophy guy yet.

    all the chasers are winning or won

  108. 5 fouls on Carmelo, and 2 cheapo off-the-ball fouls in the last 2 possessions. Could these referees be any more obvious? 9 fouls in his first 2 games as a Knick. The referees’ statement is loud and clear.

  109. Olga Folkyerself on

    I love it when the Knicks lose. I can just envision Dolan hopping and screaming like Hitler in the bunker at the end of WWII.

  110. billybleedsblue on

    Hopefully Carmelo dresses for Sunday’s game against the Lightening. We really need a boost at home, I hope he’s not scratched.

  111. I would hate to be the guy picking the top 3 stars. EC, Girardi, Callahan, Boyle, Lundqvist, Stepan, etc. who the hell do you give them to?

  112. dont be like that, Olga. Dolan doesn’t care if the Knicks lose or if the Rangers lose. All Dolan cares about is himself and his money.

  113. Seriously, can anybody find me a link to buy a shirt like Torts has on right now? I can’t imagine an established business selling such attire…really? LOL

  114. billybleedsblue on

    Hmmm…I would like to see Stepan with Dubinsky and Carmelo on Sunday. I think that could really click. And although Carmelo could be a force on the point on the PP, I’d like to see him in front, taking and giving some punishment in the slot. Let’s Go Rangers!

  115. oh well, just one game. this cleveland city and franchises are failures and will never be anything. they’ll always rot in the cellar because they dont care about winning, unless they’re facing NY. :)

    Great NYR tonight, let’s keep it going Sunday!

  116. Czechthemout!!! on


    Good one. That’s why I usually don’ respond to Doodie. He says some of the silliest things. Worst of all, he thinks he is some hockey guru. LoL!

    Great game overall.

    Sauer and MCD were outstanding tonight. Oh and one more thing, they ARE very very good defenseman Doodie!

    Stepan was fantastic as is the norm for him.

    EC had his usual one great game per season.

    Would like to see Dubi step up with some offense.

    After a bit of a shaky start, I thought MDZ finally played a good game!

  117. somerset – We were not 5 for 5 on the PP. We did not score on the first end of the 4 minute double minor for high sticking Girardi – after the 4 on 4 time ran out.

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dolan is a big Knicks fan. Dolan could care less about the Rangers. Dolan won’t Fire Sather.

    Eff Dolan and his Knicks.

  119. Dolan doesn’t give a carcillo about the Knicks or Rangers. If you think the guy cares about anything but himself and his greed, you’re sorely mistaken.

  120. billybleedsblue on

    Olga :D you are the best. It’s true what you say. Now that the Knicks are going to try to build (buy) a championship team, the Rangers will be an after-thought. Good thing our youth-movement fits in with that schedule. I predict no big moves for the Blueshirts, and no big name big money contracts in our near future…all of that attention ($$$) will be going to the Knicks.

  121. somerset u ready to face me in the boneheads cup finals?? haha u won last year or got 2nd? i know i got the bronze

  122. >>Eric Staal-cillo should have gotten a few games.

    He got popped in the head tonight and is not feeling “right”; he didn’t finish the game. Talk about karma!

  123. what are you talking about??? Dolan always spent the big bucks on the Rangers when there was no salary cap; but the money was always going to the wrong players.

    What are you guys talking about???? There’s a salary cap, the Rangers must stay under the salary cap, not because of the Knicks, but because of the NHL’s desire to disadvantage the New York teams.

  124. and what are you complaining about???? The Rangers won in 94. The Knicks havent won in 40 years. I mean, talk about bias. Instead of New York fans cheering other NY teams, they act like byfugliening clowns.

  125. Just got home…missed the whole game!! 6-0?!?!HOLLY SHISH-KEBAB!!! were they playing that good?? I’m gonna watch rerun on MSG @ 1AM

  126. lets hope stepan avoids suspension. dont think so. what a win .

    im stunned. how about the fact that we for mcdonagh for gomez talk abut a steal

  127. I didnt say he owned the team in 94. Im saying you have no right to complain as Rangers fans, when the Knicks havent won in 4 decades.

  128. CC, it was awesome.

    Best part of the game is when Green boards Step-On, then Step-On elbows him in the face, and drops him like a sack of sh*t, then Eminger scores seconds later.


    I wonder if Green is thinking he should have stayed out of tonight’s game? Bwaha!

    Well, Feds too :P

  129. Orr, would you have traded Stahl or MDZ for Stewart? I ask because we probably could have had him for one of those guys…

  130. eric- you think Stepan gets suspended for that??

    Orr- he didn’t elbow Green in the face, at least not intentionally

  131. billybleedsblue on

    After all of the nights through the years when the Rangers coverage was shifted or just NON EXISTENT on TV and RADIO because of the Knicks coverage, I think I have the right to complain when your jabberjawing face won’t STBU about the Knicks on a RANGERS HOCKEY blog.

    Now, if Carmelo laces-up his skates for the game on Sunday at the Garden against Tampa Bay, and maybe sets some good screens, gets a deflection goal, or even jabs a rebound home, then I guess we can talk about all of that carp, but until then…


  132. I’d consider trading MDZ for Stewart. But, Stahl would be tough to let go.

    MDZ wouldn’t be enough though. Erik Johnson is a complete d-man, whereas Del Z is only known for his offense, which he’s struggled with this season, as well as his defense.

  133. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    You nailed it JBytes. Looks like Brotherly No Love Eric is gonna be out for awhile, what a shame.

  134. I think it’s funny, Cally got his elbow up along the boards with a hell of a lot more intent it caused that little scrum.

  135. lol billy! be quiet! you think Dolan has anything to do with msg tv schedules?! if he did, he would have had the Knicks on MSG2

  136. True about MDZ, Orr. You never know, I just think Stewart is really going to be a great player. He plays the game like a young Shanahan…Slats really should have considered it…

  137. Why do reporters always rave about Messier clocking guys with an intentional elbow, yet somehow Stepan is in trouble for hitting a guy who is coming at him from behind?

  138. billybleedsblue on

    :D Tiki, through the years, the Rangers have always taken a back-seat to the Knicks in this basketball town. That’s a fact, Jack!

  139. NYR, apparently very few GM’s knew Stewart was available.

    I think it was Dreger or McFatty that said the Blues made the offer, and that the Avs never called anyone proposing a trade.

    I do agree with you, he does have that Shanny game.

    If only Huge Jessiwoman was half as good as he was, I’d be happy.

  140. anyone know the email address for
    NHL On the Fly?

    the analysts really twisted themselves into a pretzel
    saying that Stepan’s hit was old time hockey but
    will probably get suspended
    the pens player popping eric staal in the chops as he
    was coming across
    well, that was okay
    he was just protecting himself.
    the ol’ penguins double standard is alive and well
    (and driving me bat-carcillo!)

  141. Erik Christensen “I am the kind of guy that once I score one goal, especially early, I feel like I can get 5-6 points” …ROFL…from the guy that usually barely gets a point…this guy seems nuttier than a banana sandwich.

  142. Orr, indeed. Huge Speciman can only pray he sees NHL ice time as a “Cat” (Florida Panther)

    LMAO! That is truth, mao. He has a confidence complex. He is such a dork…

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    mao – you missed the end of EC”s quote Erik Christensen “I am the kind of guy that once I score one goal, especially early, I feel like I can get 5-6 points….after 20-30 games, that is..”

  144. Mister Delaware on

    Anyone else see the mid-late 3rd period shot of the bench that went Callahan-Dubinski-Stepan-Wolski-Boyle all engaged with each other and think “if I see that again in 3 or 4 or 5 years, I would be pretty happy”?

  145. McDonut is a stud, and he’s only a rookie, shutting down Bäckström and Ovenchicken. We got him for Blomez who is rumored (by iBob) to be put on waivers if he can’t get traded by MTL. Slats really is good a at trades… that may end up being the best one…

  146. Mister Delaware on

    Look at our roster now, if Sather didn’t suck at long term deals, we don’t have McDonagh, Prust or Wolski. Maybe there’s a method to the madness here …

  147. I guess they better give the puck a suspension then, because a few games back Green got hit in the ear with a slapshot, and was out for several games. that mean ol’ puck hit him blindside and targeted the head.

    Puck, you are suspended.

  148. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Mister Delaware, this team needs to be kept together. They are young, play solid defense and are hard nosed. This is the first time I can say that about the Rangers since Sather took over.

  149. Remember Two Things on

    Mr. Del,

    Don’t see wolski as part of this squad in 3 years, let alone 3 days. Big cap $ and uneven play for top 6 forward $. Allowed us to move rosi and let young D get valuable ice time, that may be his most important contribution save for the Canes game.

    Girardi could be in 3rd pairing next season. Need another solid 2 way defenseman to play with staal.

  150. i’m hoping CCCP
    that one of the 2 isn’t
    the Rangers play really really well
    when CCCP and jpg
    aren’t watching.

  151. Whaaaa hooooooo! Oh, is there anything better than watching a Rangers/Caps game with Caps fans and having the Caps get shut out by the Rangers?? I don’t think so!!!!

  152. LOL! How can anyone think the hit was clean?

    Green never played the puck, unless I’m mistaken.

    Forearm to the head.

    He could have been given a major.

    Did he intend to injure him? That’s the question. Step-On isn’t a dirty player, this would be his first offense.

    They should give him a warning. Seeing as how they never suspended Cooke for his twenty head shots, along with other players who already have been suspended in the past. It would be unfair to do anything with him.

  153. Manfried et al….If you went to Blarney Rock and missed us, so sorry, but those bastages didn’t have the game on! So we went next door to Stout (fyi, better food and beverages imo) Don’t hate me, hate the tv situation……

    Pru, hope I have the same pleasure on Sunday ;)

  154. Oh yeah, I forgot, who were all the folks who said we couldn’t possibly shut down OV without Staal? I say this, Rangers rule and Stepan up when needed!!

    oy, it’s late and my puns are for carcillo….

  155. Did you guys hear Gary Green on NHL Network?: “I don’t think it was dirty but he’ll get suspended for it.”

    referencing the Stepan hit. WTB does that mean?

    Look, it was high check and he brought his arm up at the wrong time. To me, a five minute major for elbowing and a game misconduct would have been more than enough. I think Steps just tried to get Green’s shoulder. It wasn’t a predatory hit in my opinion…

  156. Mister Delaware on

    “Don’t see wolski as part of this squad in 3 years, let alone 3 days. Big cap $ and uneven play for top 6 forward $.”

    I like him for what he’s been so far, a very talented 25 year old who’s unevenness is more output than input. There’s a place for that on our roster.

  157. This league is full of hypocrites.

    They never suspended Cooke for basically ending Savard’s career as a Superstar in the NHL. The refs are highly inconsistent with head shots, and what’s a penalty, and if it’s a minor or a major, and blah, blah, blah.


    I wish Colin Campbell would take a slap shot to the mouth. It would be even better if it was his son who accidentally did it. I’d laugh so hard I’d throw up and piss my pants, at the same time!

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