Trade winds blowing?


Or not?

The Monday trade deadline is coming fast, and a lot of teams have jumped out ahead of the parade and made big deals. I still suspect there will be a massive number of trades Monday.

And we will be here, at Blog HQ with youse, from breakfast, through lunch and dinner, with the blow-by-blow of the frantic day’s events, and with analysis of anything the Rangers might do and live transcripts of any conference calls they might have.

So how active will your heroes be?

Not sure. I’m not going to pretend that I know something I don’t — unlike most of these other alleged experts, insiders and internet blowhards, and a few know-it-alls who stop by here once in a while.

Here’s why, and I said this in the comments the other day. When is the last time a Glen Sather trade was leaked before it happened? The Jokinen-Prust deal got out only because it was done when Kotalik caused a delay by trying to invoke his no-trade clause. And even when it got out, nobody — nobody — had Prust in the deal until it was announced.

So nobody outside his office knows what Sather is going to do, and if they say they do, they’re full of it.

That all said, I think the interesting part of the whole equation is John Tortorella, because I think he weilds more influence on Sather than any of his past coaches — and remember, Tortorella is the first non-crony, outside-the-organization coach Sather has ever hired.

And I think Tortorella has Sather’s ear and his confidence, and that Sather believes in Tortorella’s hope and plan to live with the youth of this team in order to build something that will last, something that will contend and then contend again and contend again.

So I believe that Sather’s deal(s) on or before Monday will be low-key. I expect that anybody he trades away will be players the Rangers won’t re-sign this summer anyway, or players who they don’t feel they need going forward. Example: If the Rangers feel they might cut loose a Matt Gilroy — who must be qualified at over $2M this summer, or he becomes unrestricted —  he might be bait for a deal. I’m not convinced they feel that way about him. Just using him as an example.

I think Monday will be a lot like the deals Sather made two years back, when he traded a pick, and a bunch of guys he wasn’t going to keep anyway, for Nik Antropov and Derek Morris. And that the guys coming this way in the deals will be short-term contracts or two-month rentals.

That all changes, of course, if, for example, somebody offers the farm for Marian Gaborik, or if the Rangers feel they can get a Brad Richards and sign him to a new contract. Or if they can get a really good, relatively young player. Then they might deal one of their own youngsters or prospects.

Otherwise, in my opinion, no way a Michael Del Zotto or an Artem Anismov or a Michael Sauer, or even a Grachev, is going the other way for a rental. No way. Tortorella wouldn’t do it, and I don’t think Sather would do it, either.

And, boys and girls, let’s not over-estimate the value of some of the guys like Prospal, or Eminger, or Christensen. Nobody’s going to give up something of great value for those guys.

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  1. Let’s just all hope you’re right, Carp.
    And a great point on Torts. He does appear to have more influence on which way this team is going than any other coach during the last decade.

  2. “The Post has learned Nieuwendyk told Rangers GM Glen Sather on Tuesday that it would cost the Blueshirts three young studs off the roster, believed to be Marc Staal, Brandon Dubinsky and Derek Stepan, for the privilege of renting Brad Richards.”

    Maybe it was Nieuwendyk who got the concussion?

  3. to me the question is whether NYR would make a deal like the Blues-Avs or Florida-Chicago deals, trading very young high-upside guys for similarly very young high-upside. If a DZ package could bring a Paajarvi-Svensson [DZ’s talent @D to balance Eberle,Hall @F); or Grachev a Karl Alzner (Caps need some shakeup, Grach could be a great playmate for Ovi)?
    Christensen does have some value because he’s signed for next year at an acceptable wage – could he bundled for a pending UFA like Babchuk? or RFA such as Smid?
    and re Gilroy, there are players out there with similar age\experience\pedigree such as Bryan Bickell. Exciting times…

  4. billybleedsblue on

    “Marc Staal, Brandon Dubinsky and Derek Stepan, for the privilege of renting Brad Richards.”

    No thanks!

    No trades please! Thank you!

  5. Good morning all (sigh) on another cold non-game day. I hate February. I look forward to its demise because it means warmer days are coming and our roster is set for this season.

    Off to work where I’ll peruse all the possible trades and revamped lines. LGR’s!!

  6. I would be happy if Glen does nothing or something to help the whale.

    Agreed, I hate February also!

  7. Totally agree with you, Carp. I think Torts does hold a lot of influence in regards to the lineup. It’s great that he is all-in with the youth movement. We’re not there yet, but we are quickly building to become a force for many years to come. For the first time in years, I’m not shaking in fear as the trade deadline approaches! Exciting times!

  8. Good Morning Boneheads! Carp, is there a subliminal message in that picture of Slats? Does it show him as:
    a) having just hung up from making a trade
    b) just about to place a call about a trade
    c) just about to oder takeout.

  9. The only way Sather should consider trading one of the kids is if you are getting back a similar player. For example, Del Zotto for Bogosian which Atlanta might bight on because Bogosian is a RFA at the end of the season and they have some big money tied up on defense with the likes of Byfuglien.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Last year’s model trades/exchanges (RFAs or UFAs) make sense. Youth for youth makes sense. Youth or picks for rental Vets or has beens does not make sense. We need a heavyweight with Boogie out as well.

    Team is 3 years and 4 players away. Does not have game breaking talent up front or in back. Lots of solid B players, need some A level talent – on D we have three who could be top line (Staal, McD, Sauer). Upfront we need power forward – Dubi is not a top line power forward. AA has top line talent, not production.

    Prefer to wait for the farm to raise the young bucks while playing grinding 2 way hockey. Heart wrenching, gut busting, hair pulling, ulcer inducing, stressful grind hockey.

  11. Dubi, Staal and Stepan for Richards?

    I counter with Christensen for Richards straight up.

    I mean if they’re going to be stupid about it then the Rangers ought to give them a stupid counter offer.

  12. What makes anyone think Artem Anisimov has top line talent? He really is not producing. He misses every setup that anyone gives him.

  13. Ahhh, the sweet smell of always being right! What did the Bruins give up to their division and original 6 rival for Kaberle? Not their own 1st round pick back, which would be helpful, but the Bruins 1st round pick and Joe Hamburger.

    But Staal, Dubinsky, and Steppers! Hip Hip Hooray! Id tell Dallas to go Byfuglien themselves and to hand Richards to the Bruins for a 5th rounder and make things more obvious. Byfuglien you Dallas. You worthless pieces of carcillo. Let’s not forget that they got handed a Stanley Cup over a New York team (Buffalo) with that cheap crease goal. Against the Bruins, that goal wouldve been taken away.

  14. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    carp- once again you are the voice of reason!! i believe the same as you. mccabe is the one guy i do think we will probably get. idk why it just seems like it wouldnt take much anyway for him. and i do think sather makes one more deal but not richards. hes got a possible concussion right? he wont play before deadline. maybe not even till another month. whats that gonna cost? it helps that stars are not looking good playoffs wise, but still, stars would get to much from us

  15. I HATE the Bruins. Maybe because I grew up a Whalers Fan? Maybe because they are the Bruins? I don’t know the root.

  16. Manfried – Good. Hating the Bruins is the only right thing to do as a Rangers fan. They went into the stands in MSG to beat on New Yorkers, and they had Early Retirement Bobby Orr flopping around all over the place.

  17. Thanks Carp for another great post. Every day I look forward to reading your daily thoughts, opinions, news, etc.

    I agree with AnthonyM. I would only trade a young high-end prospect like Del Zotto for a similar high-ender. (preferably someone with size and grit, like Bogosian)

    Despite the recent tough times, I still love this team and I love the fact that they are staying with the young guys. Despite their mistakes, Sauer and McDonough playing 20 minutes a game, is awesome.

  18. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Not that I was right and those disagreeing with me were wrong, but I supported Torts when so many were down on him, in the early going. I think that now, given the young, talented core of this team, most are on board with Torts. If, in fact, Torts is the subtle influence impelling Sather to no longer mortgage the future for “rentals” and just plain old, overpaid, downside slop, (like the horror of possibly acquiring a Souray or a Bryan McCabe), that is heavy points in Torts’ favor, we can all be grateful for. If Renney were still here, imagine how a completely unchecked Sather would have this roster dotted with old junk. Hasn’t been that long since that was the case.

    What a brilliant turnaround by simply adding a little patience to the mix, and giving a shot to our own kids, some of whom are making their presence felt quite strongly, starting with that solid young defensive tandem. I can’t thank Torts enough for his long-term vision which is now, dramatically, coming to fruition.

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is a great player. I would offer dubi, stall, cally, stepan, Hank, prust, sauer, mcd, ww, the entire whale team, #1’s , 2’s for the next 10 years… He is that good… Pull the trigger glen… Get Richards now…

  20. Oops, I was wrong. The Bruins didn’t give up Joe Hamburger to the Leafs for Kaberle. It was Joe Cheeseburger. Darn it, I always get those 2 bums mixed up!

  21. Yea – The Bruins LOVE fighting in the stands. Those idiots. Don’t worry – I have been a Rangers fan for the majority of my life since the Whale disappeared before I had facial hair.

  22. Off to go surprise Tiki Jay for his birthday! He turns 31 today! Yes, he was born on the day the US beat the Fins!

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – I was at that game when the bruins went into the stands…12/23/79… Craziest thing I ever saw… Espo on the breakaway to tie with under 6 seconds or so left and as he skates in on cheevers..a byfuglin tennis ball rolls onto his stick…stick and puck and tennis ball… I also met cheyrl tiegs at that game… I had on my ranger jersey …I shook her hand… She pointed to my jersey and said “ooohh rangers” it was as tho she just learned to read… But as beautiful as the day long…

  24. Lmao I think either Brooks or Niewendyk were on here reading my sarcasm about what Richards would probably cost us. meanwhile he’ll probably trade him to Boston for nothing.

  25. Sather has proven recently he’s pretty good with trades which gives me a some confidence in him for the trade deadline but come free agency some one needs to lock him in a closet

  26. Good morning all! Oy, my stomach is in nervous knots just reading this post. No rentals please!!!!!!

  27. Eddie, I was at that crazy Bruins game in 1979 too. Luclkily we were on the other side of the Garden. That was a pretty scary sight seeing all those guys charging up into the stands. Where was Cheryl Tiegs? i didn’t get to meet her.

  28. Doodie, lol. The only thing I want to rent these days is my apartment. And I even pay too much for that :)

  29. ThisYearsModel on

    Carp is right on, as usual. There will be deals on Monday, but Slats will probably not do much. Interesting how willing teams have been to throw high picks around this year. This must be a weak draft.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stan – I was center ice in the orange seats across from the benches….best seats I ever had….funny thing, I think I saw John McEnroe at that game too…

  31. I was negative 2 years old in 1979.

    Now that I have a better appreciation of everyone’s wisdom on this blog I will sit back and listen more than speak.

  32. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Yea… Dallas as an organization bumped it’s head with that laughable proposal.

    Richards is gone after the season, and Dallas will be left with squat. So they should try and get SOMETHING for Richards… but they should be serious if they want to get a return. Not ask for what they know they won’t get.

    Staal, Dubinsky, and Stepan? ha.

  33. Well, 2 tickets and 100 clams later, I am off to get car inspected. How are you supposed to remember when that needs doing anyway? Hartnell. Later all!

  34. I wiser man than myself, John Wesley Northridge, Jr. (A character in the Jim Harrison Series of “Dalva” and “The Road Home”) said that we are merely “collecting experiences in life until we have the time to sort them out.”

    That means you guys have more experiences and have had more time to organize those experiences for sorting. Thus, you have wisdom.

  35. Did someone here actually admit that other people here actually have more wisdom??? Holy hartnell, I just fell out of my chair!!!!

  36. With all this talk about how Torts is keeping Slats in line… It’s a general assumption that, at some point in the foreseeable future, Messier will be taking over for Slats. Is he on board with Torts and the youth movement?

  37. Watching that piece of carcillo Milbury and his teammates charge into the stands and hit someone with a shoe does not make one wise, just causes eternal hatred. Every time I see him on TV I want to throw a shoe at the set.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Man I am fried – I believe we are on this earth fir two reasons… To learn as much as we can and to as many as we can … In line with your post…

  39. hope you are right carp. the rangers are not 3 or 4 years away from competing for the cup the yare less much less.

    stepan is 20 and has 16 goals and is good in all 3 zones except faceoffs as a example. this teams young talent AA 22, etc is going to get better and kreider,werek, grachev and others have a chance of playing.

    richards at the right price will work but sounds like dallas is delusional so wait to the offseason.

    i would not trade dubi straight up for richards alone unless richards signed a extension….

  40. Obviously I would not deal anything for Richards unless he signs an extension.

    That being said if Richards signs an extension I would consider giving up Dubinsky.

  41. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    The trade deadline is wayyyy less nerve-wracking than July 1st.

    Frankly, it’s not even close.

  42. Eddie, you lucky so-and-so. If that happened to me, I wouldn’t even remember the Bruins going into the stands.

    Manfried, don’t you dare accuse me of having wisdom. But I think Anisimov’s progress has been just fine. He didn’t have the huge sophomore dropoff that many players have, he’s big and can skate and shoot, and best of all, he can play in both ends, which means he’ll always get minutes.

    Atta boy, Tony.

    Good morning, Sally!

  43. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    I like how Niewendyk is pretending to have leverage. It’s a nice PR ploy, but totally transparent.

    If Richards is still a Star after the deadline, my guess is they lose him for nothing via free agency.

    Richards ultimately calls the shots, though Richards at least appears to be a classy player and not holding the team hostage.

    Still, the rest of the NHL knows the Stars situation, and Richards contract status.

  44. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Uhh is there a rumor floating around that Redden may void his contract and become a free agent?

    Some poster on LB’s article wrote that and said he saw it on ESPN Insider but I don’t remember seeing that anywhere.

  45. Am I the only one who thinks getting Richards is not a great idea? He has pretty good production this year, but who knows whether that will continue when he gets to NY. Plus, we’ll have to pay him Drury/Gomez-type money until, basically, the end of his career (he’ll be seeking a 5-6-year deal), and we know where that’s gotten us. He’s north of 30 so his production will only begin to slow down now, and we’re not competing for the Cup within the next 2-3 years. I just don’t see the point.

  46. Thanks Carp! I guess Artem has just frustrated me lately. He seems so small – when anyone challenges him he seems to get moved right off the puck so easily.

  47. Buccigross think the Rangers can get to the cup this year with Richards…wow, amazing how the perception of the Rangers has changed over the last year. I would give up Del Zotto but not Stepan. I would also inquire about Robidas in the deal…

    When was the last time people were talking Cup and Rangers in February?

  48. Again, this is assuming Richards agrees in principal to a contract extension. It would be assisne to give up a player like Del Zotto for a rental. Seems like there is almost zero chance Richards doesn’t get traded before Monday…

  49. Manfried,
    IMHO, as soon as AA will put another 20 lb. of buffalo shoulder/ rear legs muscles on his big frame, he instantly will become unstoppable, also granted, (knowing Torts youngsters coaching style) developing a nastier attitude, instead of his natural kind of shy character. Skating, puck handling, shots and defensive skills package is right here, as well as work ethic + quick learner = great future.
    As for Joe Nieuwendick, well, …he can suck, …you know, something, for more intelligent reality check.

  50. I hope you’re right. I personally cannot wait for him to get nasty and gain weight.

    Maybe we should help by mugging him on the Subway? Get some “snarl” going on.

  51. I wouldn’t give up anything of value for Richards right now … mostly because of the concussion. He could be one bump from retirement. Let him heal and be examined. Then, if you’re convinced he’s OK, sign him July 1.

    And Buccigross and guys like him make these idiotic comments. Even if the Rangers were that close, it’s crazy to expect any team will survive three rounds with any certainty. You couldn’t even declare the Flyers heavy favorites, and they are by far the best team in the East. The Rangers, with or without Richards, aren’t at that level.

  52. czechthemout!!! on

    The Dallas GM is trying to make up for the fleecing he suffered at the hands of the penguins in the Neal trade.

    What an icehole!

  53. Hey, me and Carp agree on Boston Bucci! Bucci despises New York like no other, so if he is saying that the Rangers are 2011 Cup contenders with Richards, he’s saying it for a reason. The reason: It’s hope. He hopes the Rangers will be so absolutely stupid as to mortgage their future for a half season rental of a concussed player.

  54. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Carp (or the capologists on here), if Redden voids his contract, does that free up room during the summer? I was under the impression that his salary would count towards the cap during the offseason.

  55. I don’t understand why people want to trade for Richards? He is going to be a Ranger come July 1st plain and simple.

  56. You’re right, Carp. I tend to agree that the Rangers have more missing pieces than just a 1st line center and have a long ways to go before becoming a true contender that will battle for the conference title year after year.

    That said, I just thought it was interesting that guys (idiots) like Buccigross would make such assumptions with such a young, relatively inexperienced team…

    It’s a tough call on Richards, especially now with his concussion. What also worries me is that there seems like there is no backup plan if he isn’t avaiable on July 1. Seems like it is Richards or bust?

  57. Same reason the Knicks got Carmello Anthony in a trade a few months before they would be able to buy him……

  58. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Great news, the Heritage jerseys finally arrived!!!!


  59. True Blue – Here’s the thing. Richards may not be a Ranger come July 1. Some people want to trade for him now because you cant guarantee that he’ll be a Ranger in free agency. People stupidly tried to say that Lee would be a Yankee this season, and also tried the same bullcarcillo with Anthony and the Knicks this coming offseason.

    And if I thought the Rangers could win the Cup this year and/or next year, Id be all for getting him at the right price (i.e. Gilroy, MDZ). But the fact is we are not going to be at that level this or next year, so you dont trade for him.

  60. Following my last post – you have to believe that the Rangers know that they could try to buy Richards in the off-season so if they make a trade now it will certainly involve MORE than just Richards. Just like the Carmello Trade.

  61. That is what i am saying. We aren’t winning the cup this year. But look at all the factors, the Rangers are going in the right direction, good stable owner ship, and john tortorella. All of these things would lead me to believe Richards would choose the Rangers over any other team come July 1…

  62. Manfried – See, you’re wrong. The Carmelo deal was necessary as part of our future. He’s a top 10 NBA superstar and we couldn’t rely on SIGNING (not buying) him in the offseason. Also, we got Billups in the deal, and Billups is an expiring contract next season. In addition, his expiring contract matches up with Chris Paul’s expiring contract, so a trade could be done involving those 2 + more players of similar contract value.

    Is Richards a top 10 superstar in the league? Is he going to be the guy that gives us a legitimate shot at winning the Cup? Is it worth giving up a future perennial All Star D Staal and C Stepan and C Dubinsky? No.

    What did the Knicks really give up? Gallinari and that’s it. Felton’s contract was up after next year. Mozgov has played 40+ games in his career. And Chandler was gone after this season anyway.

  63. Joe N just garunteed that Richards will not re-sign with the Stars. If Richards=Staal, Duby and Cally, Richards=$10mil a year. He just priced Richards out of his own market.
    Way to go Joe.
    The only one smiling now is Richards…and his agent.

  64. Those are good points Tiki. Since my attitude today is already humility I will believe you.

    I only use the word BUYING because the Knicks have max money in their cap space. It’s not like a dis or anything. And yea, you’re right that Felton and Chandler were gone anyways.

  65. Here’s a couple trades Id like Sather to make.

    Send Prospal to a Cup contender for a minor leaguer or 2nd-4th round draft pick.

    Send Boogaard to Dunkin Donuts in exchange for a baker’s dozen.

  66. Sean Avery cannot leave NY. Who will watch over his bar? Zuccarello? The ratings for fashion week will be cut in half if he isn’t here!!!

  67. Tiki i work at a Dunkin Donuts, ill try and put in a good word for Boogard and maybe we will get lucky and they will make that trade.

  68. BOOM! Nice one Tiki.

    “6? no. 12? 13! Baker’s Dozen / You know that I’m Crazy ’bout these cupcakes cousin!”

  69. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    So here is a question….

    If you had to trade one or the other, who would you trade kreider or dubi!!

  70. So i was in class before and thinking up of some crazy scenario that i would love to happen for the rangers and this is what i came up with. So farfetched and after some simple calculations also nearly impossible cap-wise.

    Trade: MDZ, Fedetenko, Grachev for Semin and 2nd Pick.
    Trade: Valtenko, MZA and 2nd for Dustin Penner
    Trade: Gilory, Bourque and 1st pick for John Michael-Liles
    Sign July 1st: Brad Richards and Nick Lindstrom

    New Line-Up:




    5 consecutive cups?

  71. LOL manfried and true blue!

    neither wicky.

    Here’s a question that’s meant to get answers that will cheer me up.

    If the Rangers and Bruins face off in the East Finals 2011 or in the 2011 playoffs, who are you cheering for to win the series?

  72. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’d root for the bruins just so milbury would be able to get more air time!!

  73. I wonder if this line up would help our powerplay?



  74. haha 2012 is going to be great i will actually play as the Rangers for once! and that line up would cost us almost 72m dollars. That isn’t going to happen, i guess we don’t need Lindstrom…?

  75. Well, then, my question did not produce the desired results. Ill just hope you 2 were only kidding. Ta for now! :)

  76. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Anything to cheer you up Tiki. Well, almost anything… OK, SOME things. One or two.. Maybe one… on second thought…

    Ummmm. Never mind.

    Go Bruins!

  77. Carp, aren´t you able to tap on Sather´s phone on Monday ????

    I would really like to know, where the rumour around Brad Richards comes from !!!!

    Is that only the fact that Richards won the Cup under the regime of Tortorella in Tampa couple years back ????

  78. Stars asking for Staal, Dubinsky, Stepan for Richards due to Larry Brooks..hihihi :)
    That was said now on nhllive….

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t expect any more trades before late Sunday, but we probably won’t see them until Monday.

    I think the Rangers trade up to a 2nd round pick for a rental.

  80. I don’t know too much aboot basketball but I guess you can say that the Knicks getting
    Carmelo Anthony would be like the Rangers getting Evgeni Malkin.

  81. Well there are only 2 real “backup plans” on July 1 if we don’t get Brad Richards and both of them are sketchy at best:

    1. Sign Zach Parise to a $10M/yr for 10 yrs offer sheet which the Devils can’t match.

    2. Trade for Jason Spezza (who is signed to a contract he can never live up to).

    No other options really. That’s why we will overpay for Richards now but at least we can all complain about it on here!

  82. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ILB’s fave on the move to the pens again…..

  83. Kovalev should have retired after his stint with the Canadiens, he was a great player but its over now….

    He is only the shadow of himself..Great players realize about the right time to step down…

  84. The server might be saved by all of us throwing our computers out the window or into the nearest toilet.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ok…. Up the ante for richards… I offer stall, dubi, cally, Hank, Marty b, stepan, mcd, sauer, AA, WW, mdz, mza, elo, omd, abc, xyz, mno, and qrs… Pull the trigger glen…

    Line combos…. Fankist/richards/gabby

    no Dmen…. No goalie…. We play those 6 the entire game….right from the start, we go empty net….do it

  86. Manfried, I use the computer for some other stuff as well before throwing it into next toilet..hihihi

    Otherwise how would Carp be able to deal with it when we throw..:)

  87. When I saw the Sens gave Kovalev $10M over 2 years back on 7/1/09 I LOL’d and knew their fans would eventually want him gone! I think Ranger fans know the deal on that guy better than anyone…

  88. I know it seems strange to say it, but with some of the trade proposals being proposed by people on this site (and other Ranger sites), I’m just glad Sather is the one making the trade decisions. Patience is a virtue that a lot of fans don’t seem to have when it comes to developing young players. I say, keep the team as it is and let them play through this — if they make the playoffs, so much the better — ’cause the team will be better for it for years to come. Bringing Richards or McCabe will not win the cup, it will only mess with a “chemistry experiment” that seems to finally be working.

  89. Vinny, I am not glad that Sather is the one making trade decisions..If you remember of some players he brougt in the last couple of years including, Jokinen, Higgins, Zherdev, etc.etc.etc.
    But I am sorry that is an very old story…..

  90. Ottawa got Svatos on waivers. All other players put on yesterday cleared (Zherdev, etc).

    The pick Ottawa gets for Kovalev becomes a 6th if Pitt wins on playoff round and Kovalev plays 50% of games)- does it become downgraded to an 8th if Kovalev shows up to play less than his customary 50% of the time?

  91. just like the dumb fantasy lineup on the previous page which conveniently omits the fact that Hemsky would cost at least one of the top rangers like Cally or Dubi plus a #1 pick, cuz that is what Edm is demanding for him.

    and there is no way they should try to acquire Richards except by UFA this summer, IF he is healthy. trading for a concussed player and giving up any great young players to watch him sit out the rest of this season would be lunacy, plain and simple.

  92. Maybe Parise will come and play for Free!!!!….He might want to join a storied and respectable franchise to round out his resume.

  93. Not a trade, but Ranger centered nonetheless. Darren Dreger wrote the following today on TSN:

    As for the next Winter Classic…early this week another rumour surfaced suggesting Philadelphia will host the New York Rangers on Jan. 2.

    Sources say no decision has been made, but Philadelphia – as speculated – is in contention for the game.

  94. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I get them from twitter!

    bernier on waivers from florida and rivet going on re entry supposedly!

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Emile Francis – why did you waive eddy eddy eddy? Why did you trade ratelle/park? Why on earth did you trade Rick Middleton for Ken hodge?….you are one silly cat, and I don’t mean that from a jazz perspective.

  96. Well there is some bad blood between the NHL Winter Classic and the Rangers because the Rangers were VERY against the idea and if I remember correctly rejected hosting the first Winter Classic.

  97. Happy Birthday, Kovy! No more 1940, Yay!

    Watch him get re-signed and score 40+ next year opposite Malkin…lol

  98. Steve Bernier is the first name on waivers that’s tempting. Not a gamechanger but an upgrade over Christensen\Newbury

  99. 168 comments on a non Match day…

    Wow Carp, I guess you will be a millionaire in a couple of years if you will be paid by the number of hits on your blog :)

  100. Matthias, I was being somewhat sarcastic about being glad that Sather still makes the decisions. It just that so many fans seem willing to give up so easily on players such as Del Zotto and Anisimov, throwing them out there as trade bait. Admittedly, MDZ is having a tougher time of it than last year but he is still only 20, which should mean he is still developing. Send him down to CT if you must, but sending him off to another team will only come back to bite the Rangers in the derriere. As for Anisimov, the kid has the moves and the size that will pay big dividends not too far down the road — I prefer he does that in a Ranger’s uniform.

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Zherdev gets hives thinking about throwing a check or coming into contact with contact…. I bet he is addicted to claritin….

  102. Vinny, sorry haven´t understand your sarcasm….but you are right about those fans willing to throw away those players as trade baits. In these days nobody seems to have the amount of patience to allow young players to develop accordingly…

  103. INCARCERATED BOB called the Kovy trade and a host of others. This guy knows somebody. Don’t even bother with Eklund anymore.

    iBob also predicted abid MTL trade that will go down today or tomorrow.

    Stay tuned.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Arrrrrgh, just gave a soft goal to lose 7-6 in glow hockey…. Beer-on starts next game…

  105. I have heard that the Rangers will probably open next season early October in Russia with two games against the Washington Capitals either in Moscow or St. Petersburg..Alexander Medvedew and Glen Sather met two weeks ago in New York to discuss matters. Official announcement is exspected within the next two weeks…

    They probably looking about the idea that the Rangers will play an additonal preseason game in Omsk against Avangard the team of Jaromir Jagr….

    I thought about traveling to those games as I missed the trip to Switzerland couple of years back to my illness but going to Russia is always complicated…!!!

  106. Stop proposing any trades, ‘heads! You may wake up Sather. Let him snooze, better for the team.

    Buccigross wouldn’t be able to tell his left buttock from left elbow.

    Carp, Izzy- I don’t Know how official any of these rankings really are…

  107. But, I have been to Moscow and St. Petersburg before its always worth the trip especially if you look it from touristic point of view..

  108. Mathias, i get $1.50 for every comment.

    Sather’s trade record is pretty good the last three years or more.

    didn’t ibob have the Rangers doing something the other day?

    IMO, the problem with the Rangers and the Winter Classic is that they wanted to have it in the old Yankee Stadium and the Yankees couldn’t accomodate that, then the Yankees got the Pinstripe Bowl, which nixed it for the foreseeable future. They don’t want to have it in New Jersey (PSL Stadium), and Bailout Ballpark (aka Citi Field) isn’t an ideal option.

    Hipbone, my bad on Trottier. He wasn’t a crony. Just an overmatched guy with good penmanship. He wasn’t around long enough to have any input on trades.

  109. and about the Rangers opening next season overseas, I hear they will play almost the whole first month on the road because of the Garden renovation. Could be some rough going.

  110. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Eddie Eddie Eddie – Cat Francis did not trade Middleton for a washed-up Hodge. You can thank John Ferguson for that. All the Cat did was make the Rangers a solid contender, with some help from Muzz Patrick who brought in Bob Nevin and Rod Seiling in the perfect-timing trade to unload Andy Bathgate.

    Cat also bought Eddie Giacomin from the AHL, beating every other NHL GM to the punch, in that regard. And don’t forget the player’s loved Cat like a father, and 11 of them, led by Vic Hadfield, went over the plexiglass to prove it one night when Cat was roughed up in the stands following a disputed call, as assistant GM, at that time.

    Anyone knocking Cat Francis is no Ranger fan, he will always remain one of the most beloved men to ever uplift and dignify the Rangers organization. Ask any man he ever played for, except Vic Hadfield, who let the organization down and gave Cat no choice but to make him pay for that. This after Cat made Vic the captain of the team. I admire Emile Cat Francis as much as I admire any man who ever lived.

  111. Carp- the MSG is projected not to be available until beginning-mid November for the next two years, I think it was reported by NY Post.

  112. Agree, Orr, stay put, no need to pick up anyone from waivers. We don’t need any sloppy seconds.

    Ooops, 6 game suspension for me, Carp?

  113. 174x 1,50 US…thats 250 US, Bless my soul :)

    I see Carp standing in the mausoleum of Lenin at the Red Square in October saying to himself “Why the hell I haven´t started to run this blog way earlier ????”, This guy lying down there did a much better job then me to kickin´the people :):):)”

  114. When my friend did not have an all inclusive txting plan it cost him .10 cents to receive a txt. I used to txt him “.10cents” all the time.


  115. looks like Bettman ordered the GMs to wait until Mon to make the rest of their trades, otherwise the pundits at TSN will be just spending all day Mon twiddling their thumbs, not that they don’t do that usually anyway.

  116. Huge move for Montreal…Sopel is a perfect fit for them…They needed toughness and they got it…

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Andy bathgate – thanks for your post. When I saw hadfield laughing in the sin bin after the rangers were called for too many men on the ice in that 73-74 game 7 against the flyers it made me want to puke. I had tears running down my face knowing the rangers just list that series. EddieG needed to be waived I understand… Hevhad nothing left in the tank… The other trades had to be done after the islanders beat the rangers in that game 3 of the 75 series…in fact carp is checking for me pursuant to an earlier request who scored those 3 ranger goals in the 3rd to tie it up at 3 after being down 3-0 going into the 3rd. I contend that the garden that night was as loud as any I have heard after the rangers tied it that night and continued yo buzz around the islander goal… Then OT, westfall wins the face off, into the corner, to the left of Eddie Eddie eddie, Jude drouin throws it to the next…jp parise puts it in Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I was depressed for months after that and the dismantling began….

  118. Dawes is a minor leaguer. he has been waived, traded, gotten rid of, and most of this season he is a minor leaguer for a weak franchise. he is a nhl never was

  119. Well, there’s a Montreal trade, but I don’t think that’s the one iBob spoke of.

    Carp – iBob said the Rangers would trade Gaborik for Richards, but Dallas got scared because of Gaborik’s concussion. He said trade was 95% done, but let’s see if Gabby gets healthy before the deadline.

  120. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    I thought the idea was to get a top center to HELP Gaborik.. not trade him for one?

  121. emile and Mathias. I wish.

    Yeah, Sopel and Dawes kind of clinches it for the Habs. Sort of like Lemaire and Lafleur.

    ilb, yup, and rehab.

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yes Emile Francis was a great great ranger coach GM…. I completley agree with you….so sad that ratelle hurts his ankle in 72 as I think the cat wins the cup for the rangers against the B’s

  123. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    let’s trade for Orpik’s broken finger while we’re at it.

    We can just do trades out of a medical tent.
    We can put a player together using spare parts.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My guess as to who scored those 3 3rd period goals were Faibairn twice and Vickers or stemkowski…. Thus has been bugging me for over a year now…

  125. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ibob guy is saying avs trying to package liles/stastny in deal….3 teams interested

    then this..
    incarceratedbob incarcerated bob
    **BREAKING NHL NEWS**Source: Rangers are most likely the other team bidding on JM Liles & Stastny – They have offered a good package #Avs

    take it for what its worth (carps $1.50 maybe?)

  126. Eddie, I’m pretty sure Vickers scored one of those 3 goals to come back from 3-0. I can’t remember the others. For sure that was the loudest I have ever heard the Garden. And, the quietest, right after Parise scored. My hands were sore and swollen for days after that game from clapping during that third period.

  127. Well that would be nice……..I imagine I will vomit when I see what we have to give up to get that.

  128. Well wouldn´t look to bad or costly to travel in the case that those games would take place at weekend of the oct 8-9 :)

    Totalal Air Fare & Taxes:

    582.67 EUR currency converter Flight fare to Moscow and Omsk by AEROFLOT from Frankfurt
    Hope to see you at Luschniki Olympic Arena :)

  129. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work folks…keep me updated

    Later assens!!!

  130. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    a laurel for everyone…

    incarceratedbob incarcerated bob
    So Sopel is confirmed to Canadiens (Sorry just saw it) > Source was right on with Habs 1st trade(1 More to be made within 48Hrs – Bigger 1)

    I wonder if they deal gomer??

  131. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    As much as I support Sather’s trades the last few years, I really just want to go and throw him in a burlap sack and turn off his phones until the deadline has passed.

    I’m nervous.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stan – thx so much…. I think Billy fairbairn scored one as well… Wasn’t that the most intense period of hockey EVER??? What a memory… I was speechless and in shock after parise put that in… Where were you sitting?

  133. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    How about when Dawes completely owned Marty in a shootout and Marty claims it was a lucky shank of a shot?

    Classy as always.

  134. just like when gilroy scored his first goal on broduer and broduer said it was a lucky shot or something…

  135. but the reason Dawes is a minor leaguer is this memory. Dawes chickening out along the boards in Boston, and allowing them to score the game winning goal vs the Rangers simply because Dawes was too cowardly to take a check to get the puck out of the zone.

  136. CCCP at least you know about the location of Moscow and Omsk without linking a google map of it :)

  137. Eddie, I was up in what would now be the 400’s on the side parise shot from. I guess it might have been called that then too. Got the playoff tix via the postcard lottery. Remember that? I sent in 50 cards and got the chance to buy 2 tix to one game.

  138. >>… Rangers would trade Gaborik for Richards, but Dallas got scared because of Gaborik’s

    Yeah, that’s because Richards is 100% healthy, himself.

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    Franzen. McClennan came into the game for 18 seconds and then two handed Franzen in the gut.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    The reason Gaborik for Richards makes no sense is because if Dallas could afford to tie up that much salary in the future they would have already resigned Richards.

  141. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Carp, I heard the $1.50 per post you receive gets funneled to the Human Fund: Money for People.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stan – that 3rd period may have been the greatest period of hockey the rangers ever played. They were so close so many times in regulation. Thx for adding and sharing… We have much history to discuss it seems… Were you at any of the 73-74 flyer ranger playoff games ….talk about a brawl-fest…

  143. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Staal not on ice resting knee/head.

    If the Rangers trade Staal… i quit.

  144. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    I played chess against Prust once. Lost 2 teeth in that game. Apparently he thought checkmating me was by way of TKO.

    Prust can move pawns diagonally and sideways.

  145. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    If the Staal trade had anything to do with Richards, or Liles/Statsny… i would get hostile.

  146. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Eddie Eddie Eddie

    – Yes, many of us can remember the long depression, until almost the following September when hope was always renewed, when the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs with such good teams in the Cat Francis era. 1971 was horrible, Losing the game 7 final by one goal in Chicago when the game should have been played in New York, but the league gave it to Chicago for winning the expansion division they played in, in a year with all NHL teams playing the same schedule. Sometimes I think the NHL is nuts, or I just wonder where the hell was Bill Jennings, Rangers President, in those years?

    I mean, Jennings master-minded the original NHL expansion blueprint, but couldn’t prevent the Rangers from getting screwed in the playoff format. Give me a break, a man has power or he doesn’t, not just sometimes. I really don’t think Jennings ever regarded the Rangers as much more than a nuisance hobby he had to put up with, not unlike Rangers ownership, today. Wish Trump would buy the team and get them into their own building. I want a divorce from the Knicks shadow!

  147. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Anyone else wonder why the offensive minded Gilroy, and offensively treated by torts minded DZ are a pair? DZ should play with McD, and Sweet and Sauer should pair with Gilroy. IMO

  148. Eddie – You were correct on the Game 3 Ranger goals in 1975. Billy Fairbairn got the first two and Steve Vickers the game tying goal. I had completedly forgotten that Pete Stemkowski was kicked out of the game for third man when Eddie Giacomin went after Garry Howatt. I wonder if Stemmer would have been out for the draw against Jude Drouin.

    I am not so sure this link is going to be good outside of Iona College, but here is the NY Times story on the game:

  149. That would really bring back memories of my first trip to the former Sovjetunion in 1985
    Rangers playing Omsk in midweek in Moscow and they facing up against Caps Saturday in Moscow and Sunday in St. Petersburg..that would really be a frantic trip…

    But we will see it…:)

  150. As long as lines keep changing, I’d like to see Prospal/Boyle/Prust. All three are willing to go to the net, all play hard on the boards and behind the net, and all three are willing to shoot. Could be effective cycling the puck, screening, getting deflections and dirty goals.

    And all are defensively responsible.

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Andy bathgate – Carp – Stan …. Great teriffic memories…. Yes the incredible run in 79 beating that superb islander team … The finals made me suck tho… Winning game 1 up 2-0 in game 2 … Dryden gets pulled bunny laroque goes in and the rangers lose in 5…. Ooooo la la sasson jeans….

  152. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Staal>Statsny IMO

    18 goals and 30 assists for Statsny… not horrible numbers, but not worth out top D man. Especially if it’s a package deal for a 5’10 defenseman. NO THANKS.

  153. I cannot see them trading Staal away for anyone. The guy is used against the top line of our opponents. Gabby being offered for Richards has to be one of the biggest “BS” rumor this year. It just makes no sense in so many different ways.

    I agree with Carp and have said it before. Sather trades are not known until they happen.

  154. Eddie, I didn’t make the 73-74 playoffs. Of course, I saw it all on TV. But, yes that was the best period of hockey I’ve ever seen live.

  155. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    and Statsny’s salary is $6.6 mil for 4 more years. HA. Pass.
    Someone gonna try and sell me on his potential?

  156. 48 points in 59 games is pretty good.

    He’s had three 20+ goal , 70+ point seasons, and in between that had half a season due to injury, and put up good numbers.

    This season, he’s on a struggling team. So, you have to take that into consideration.

    He’s apparently what the team needs. I can see Slats gunning hard for him.

    Liles is having a good year too, and Slats could see him helping the PP. It all makes sense.

    You can all worry now :P

  157. Losing Staal would be devastating to our fans that our following the saga of brothers that play in the NHL.

  158. Gift- I’ll try. Statsny is a legit 1st line center who is signed for three more years at a pretty reasonable $6.6M. He just turned 25 in December. His acquisition would make going after Richards obsolete.

  159. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    6.6 million for a guy who never broke 80 points in a season, and has never even been a point per game player? Granted he’s younger than Richards… so i guess that’s a plus.

    Liles has never broken 50 points, has faired somewhat well on PP assists, but isn’t a big offensive threat otherwise. I’m not sold.

    Staal doesn’t put up huge numbers, but he shuts people down, and is alot tallen than 5’10.

  160. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    In the sense of being 25 and most likely cost significantly less than Richards, i’ll mark that as a plus. But he’s not even the best center on the team (Duchene is the future #1) and i still want no part of him if Staal, Dubinsky, or Stepan have anything to do with the deal.

    But i would taked Statsny over Richards if we were talking UFA signing… but we can’t, cuz that won’t happen.

    So if it only costs $$ and not young talent… gimme Richards.

  161. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    incarceratedbob incarcerated bob
    **NHL RUMOR**Source: Sather has upped offer4 Stastny (Liles may still be in package-not confirmed yet) but Rangers / Leafs / Habs going hard

  162. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    ilb- you are making a strong case…

    I feel like we’re going to give too much to get him, which worries me. I’m not saying he’s a bad player. Just in relation to what we may have to give up, i’m not so sure it’s a good move.

  163. Stastny would be the best forward on the team aside from Gaborik…and he would cost almost $1.5mm less per year than Richards…One concern is that he has had injury issues in his career…

    Weird how all of a sudden he is on the trade block…

    Maybe the Avs were pissed off about Peter Statsny’s comments? LOL.

  164. I wouldn’t worry about it until, and if it happens. But yes, I think they should go hard after him.

  165. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    haha NYR_FAN… that certainly could be true! What better way to give the big eff you than trade his son? haha

    again, i think on paper he’s a better option than Richards, except we could possibly get Richards via free agency.

    I’m not so sure i’ll be happy with what goes back to the Avs to trade for Stastny here.

  166. Mister Delaware on

    “Statsny is a legit 1st line center who is signed for three more years at a pretty reasonable $6.6M. He just turned 25 in December. His acquisition would make going after Richards obsolete.”

    This. Richards is better than Drury/Gomez but I can’t help but think a long term, big money deal to a 31 year old is destined to head down that same path. (Was “head” a pun? Not intentionally, but I noticed it before I clicked submit so there you go.)

  167. stupid question… Stastny is an obvious upgrade over Dubwloski so as much as id hate to see him go , you just have to do it…. but does that take us out of Richards sweepstakes at the end of the season in terms of salary cap? Id love to see Richards,Statstny,Stepan together

  168. incarcerated bob has a pretty good track record. Just check his twitter account. He will be the first to tell you.

  169. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    haha… i enjoy a good pun.

    Manfried… agreed.

    I could part with Gilroy/Anisimov/Grachev and a pick for Stastny/Liles if those two are packaged together. We’re good up the middle with Prospal, Dubi, Boyle, EC(for shootout purposes) so if we add another center we’re deep there for the rest of this season.

  170. “Staal said he talked to Eric briefly after the game, but hasn’t talked to mom yet. Just text messages until she cools down.”

    Tweet from Jesse Spector, Daily News.

  171. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    I wouldn’t call Stastny an obvious upgrade over Dubinsky. Dubi has 19-24-43 to Stastny’s 13-30-48, and Dubi has played 2 less games, and will cost half of what Stastny does. I’d like them on the same team, not trade Dubi.

  172. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    One way or another, I don’t know that the Rangers keep Gilroy AND MDZ after this season. It’s easy to assume one of them will be dealt.

  173. “I could part with Gilroy/Anisimov/Grachev and a pick for Stastny/Liles if those two are packaged together. We’re good up the middle with Prospal, Dubi, Boyle, EC(for shootout purposes) so if we add another center we’re deep there for the rest of this season.”

    That isn’t gonna get you Liles let alone Stasny. Unless the ownership is completely broke. Or Mad. Or both.

    If you are talking Stasny, you are talking Staal, Dubi, or Cally PLUS!!!

  174. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " Lets get SpeZzZza!! "...says Greg L. on


    what the heck!!?? How can ya be hurt THIS long…. geeze man yer killin me over here!!!

    Winter Classic with our Rangers …bout frickin time!!!!!

    We are trading Frolov …ummm oh yeah cant do that.

    We are trading Avery!!?? …Naw only Dallas would take him ( and we all know how that turned out.)
    We cant trade Zucco ….hes my favorite hobbit.

    Who we are getting is anyones geuss …The lion is now awake from his slumber.

  175. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    and cw… i meant all 3 plus a pick for Stastny/Liles. I think that’s a fairly equitable deal for both sides.

  176. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " Lets get SpeZzZza!! "...says Greg L. on

    milltion? hahhaahaa , million is the proper way to type that buddy.

  177. “I wouldn’t call Stastny an obvious upgrade over Dubinsky. Dubi has 19-24-43 to Stastny’s 13-30-48, and Dubi has played 2 less games, and will cost half of what Stastny does. I’d like them on the same team, not trade Dubi.”

    I love Dubinsky. But the NYR only have 2-3 players of equal value to Stasny. And the Avs are crazy if they give up a 1st line player for a bunch of junk (AA, MDZ, Gilroy, etc.).

    Any trade involving the NYR and Stasny will include Dubi or Cally or Stall +++.

  178. cw February 24th, 2011 at 3:33 pm
    “Staal said he talked to Eric briefly after the game, but hasn’t talked to mom yet. Just text messages until she cools down.”

    Tweet from Jesse Spector, Daily News.

    Mrs. Staal on the phone: “Eric, is that you?”
    Eric: “Yes Mom.”
    Mrs. Staal: “Eric, you are a jackwagon!”

  179. Hey what’s up Vin! Got back from lunch with bro and gf and gave him his Wii and NFL training camp game he wanted!

    I have a retraction to make and have some new news: Nate Robinson is no longer a piece of carcillo! Now Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic are pieces of carcillo!

  180. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    it’s my opinion that moving forward Stastny isn’t a #1 center on the Avs. Duchene will take that spot. Which makes Stastny a $6.6 million dollar a year second line center.

  181. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    He’ll be the top line center for us, but not a top line center for alot of teams.

  182. “How about Anisimov, Grachev, 1st and 2nd rounder, Gilroy for Statsny/Liles?”

    Underperformer, bust, mid 1st, mid 2nd, and a FA for Stasny & Liles? Maybe. But I doubt it.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    Anisimov=cloudy future. He shows promise, but there’s still a long way to go with him. He’s equally close to becoming a solid 2nd line center or a career 15-25 guy.

  184. The Server kept timing out when I tried to refresh (refresh!). It made me think the server crashed. Which made me think some horrid trade was made. I am sweating.

  185. Doodie Machetto on

    Grachev was a 3rd rounder. I don’t think he’s even close to a bust. It’s probably more accurate to say that his performance in juniors hasn’t yet translated to the professional level.

  186. “it’s my opinion that moving forward Stastny isn’t a #1 center on the Avs. Duchene will take that spot. Which makes Stastny a $6.6 million dollar a year second line center.”

    They have two top line centers. The last time the NYR had that problem was when they signed Drury and Gomez. . .bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    I just made myself sick.

  187. “Grachev was a 3rd rounder. I don’t think he’s even close to a bust. It’s probably more accurate to say that his performance in juniors hasn’t yet translated to the professional level.”

    Ok, replace the word “bust” with “a guy who just sucks”.

  188. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Man, I feel like it was just yesterday when the following debate was all the rage: “Who can better center Jagr, Drury or Gomez?”

    (projectile vomiting)

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    cw, that’s fair. I won’t argue it. He hasn’t been very good at all. He’s got the tools, he just doesn’t seem like he will put it together.

  190. I don’t know. I am speculating on speculation. I don’t see Stasny coming here anyway. The NYR are gonna sign Brad Richards for nothing but $$$ on July 1st.

    Why trade anyone for anything? Stay the course. If you can get McCabe for Gilroy, EC, and a 4th rd. pick, I will drive those guys to Florida. Other than that, stand pat.

  191. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    But if we trade Christensen, who will score all those shootout goals in the playoffs?

    Oh wait…

  192. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    haha… i tweeted larry brooks saying there were rumors circulating that the NYR had made a pitch for Stastny, and asked if he had any info… this is his reply,

    NYP_Brooksie Larry Brooks
    @ @BleedBlueshirts $6.6M per for 3 more years? Stop.

    lol okay then!

  193. I don’t get Brooks sometimes…

    What the Byfuglien does he think Richards is going to cost? And, it will definitely be more than 3 years!!!!

  194. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    my reply to Brooks,

    BleedBlueshirts Vinny V
    @ @NYP_Brooksie Rangers could send salary the other way, his 6.6 looks better than B. Richards 7 plus coming off a concussion no? 25 vs. 31age

  195. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    for the record, While i would like Stastny over Richards due to $ and age, I still would not want it to cost Staal or Dubinsky.

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    AnthonyM – thank you for your thoughts and link to that fateful day april 11, 1975 …… mucho thx, mate

  197. Keep in mind that the Avs traded a young power forward who has loads of potential, and a young d-man who’s having a pretty damn good rookie season, for Erik Johnson, and a scrubby 4th liner.

    You never know, maybe the asking price wont be as high as we fear.

    Who knows. I like Erik Johnson, but they gave up just a little much to get him. I think they could have held on to Shattentrekkie.

  198. Duchene is great. That doesn’t mean Stasny wouldn’t be a #1 center on 15 NHL teams. Or even 10. Duchene is elite talent.

  199. cw, or anybody, could you give me two examples or more of iBob actually predicting trades before they actually happened? not being a smart aasen, just curious. people keep saying he has a good record. i’m skeptical.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  200. Carp,
    I follow this guy on twitter. every move that goes down, he refers to an earlier tweet where he predicted it. I know he doesn’t get every one right. He predicted a big move by Montreal, but it was just Sopel & Dawes (but, he did preface his prediction by saying there would be two moves-the second involving Gomez and St. Louis). I think he must know an agent. He predicted the Matt Garza to the Cubs trade, and a few others in Basketball that I kinda ignored. For him to be predicting these trades with fair regularity leads me to believe he knows someone. And seeing how it is in more than one sport I believe he knows an agent.
    Now if he keeps breaking these rumors, he might find himself out of the loop if his connection gets in trouble. But unlike Eklund, he doesn’t just make them up outta thin air.

    Follow him yourself. I am just repeating what he tweets.

  201. headline….”Melo debut best Knicks rating since ’95”

    that is the kind of crap that fuels these idiot Dolan ideas that he wants “star power” on his teams. all he cares about is higher ratings and $$$$$

    and that is why I suspect we won’t see the Ranger youth be left alone for long. by this summer Sather will be back with open checkbook trying to buy Dolan some ratings.

  202. Blue Seat Horror on

    So, according to the trade market, Paul Mara (5th rd pick) is more valuable than Alex Kovalov (6th or 7th round pick).

  203. THIS JUST IN!

    To NYR: Statsny, Liles, Hejduk,
    To COL: Drury, Gaborik, Christensen, 1st rd pick, conditional 2nd round pick

  204. hope nobody thinks McCabe is a shutdown dman. he is not. he is a decent offensive dman who is especially good on the PP point, IF he gets a proper pass in the right spot so that he can one-time his slapper. he does it from the right point, even though he shoots left. that means that the left side point man on the PP has to be a good passer, but also able to get back and defend.

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    Either way, I’d rather have two 2nd round picks. If it was the players and a 4th I’d be happy, and I would be OK with a 3rd instead also. 2nd rounder just seems too rich for a rental in addition to players.

  206. Agree with Doodie. Gilroy and 2nd is too much for McCabe. We got some good players in the 2nd round lately

  207. how good is it that you all think McCabe is. I would not give up Gilroy, or a 2nd round pick for him. Christensen, I am OK with.

  208. EC, Gilroy, and a second 2nd round pick for a rental who can possibly help the PP.

    Meh. I don’t have a problem with that. Like I said the other day when I was chomping on a disgusting McDonalds burger, Gilly isn’t really a part of this teams future.

    So I could live with it. I can care less aboot EC.

  209. McCabe has NOT waived his no-trade clause. Until that is announced, it is all just BS/speculation that he even gets moved…

    A second rounder? really? No way Slats does that…

  210. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    hfialkov Harvey Fialkov
    by AGrossRecord
    #Panthers: Just got off phone with McCabe’s agent.Nothing imminent. McCabe’s weighing his options.Hasnt waived no-trade yet

  211. Panthers are gonna anounce some moves at 6:15. BUT. McCabe has NOT waived his NTC.

    Weiss might have just been traded…

  212. I think he would, NYR. We don’t have a threat from the point this season, and McCabe *might* help.

    With two 2nd round picks in an apparent non-deep draft, we could afford to lose one.

    I’m more excited at the possibility of losing EC :P

  213. Carp- maybe in the offseason we can work on a way to filter on the blog so we don’t have to read certain posts? lol Sheesh.

  214. Can I just say this? … I have real doubts, very, very real doubts, that McCabe at this stage is even marginally better than Rozsival. Or Derek Morris.

  215. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I think you underrate McCabe. Nobody is going to confuse him with Nik Lidstrom anytime soon, but he is a decent PP QB and can play average defense. I think he’s probably better than all of our current defenseman other than Staal. He’s certainly worth Gilroy when you consider that Gilroy is probably not in the team’s long-term plans.

  216. This is just like ilb says. The more you mention Rod the Bod, the more attention he gets and the more he’ll stick around. I still cant believe he called out people for wishing the Giannone family well. He may be right that some’s sentiments are phony, but why even bother posting something like that unless you’re just a carcillo-head trying to start carcillo?! :)

  217. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think this team goes anywhere in the playoffs, with or without McCabe, but I do think he can probably teach MDZ a thing or two about being patient.

  218. Blogmama once asked me if I was A Local Fan.

    It was because i said I was happy, in retrospect, with the Devils 2003 Stanley Cup because Mr. George M. Steinbrenner III was a minority owner at that time, so Mr. Steinbrenner always will be remembered as a Stanley Cup Champion also. And also my stuff about my nephew and being okay with the Devils aside from Marty’s dislike of Avery.

  219. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, your post reminds me of a quote from Tom Lehrer:

    “I’m sure we all agree that we ought to love one another, and I know there are people in the world who do not love their fellow human beings — and I *hate* people like that!”

  220. Did I read this right Right now,today Mcabe is better than all our defensemen together, NOW I HAVE HEARD IT ALL Point proven once again

  221. Doodie Machetto on

    Rozsival is useless, and Redden was too busy watching his career end to teach anyone anything.

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s a combination of me thinking that our defensemen (other than Staal) just aren’t very good, and McCabe still being a pretty decent defenseman.

  223. Doodie Machetto on

    kurt, no, trading Sauer, McDonagh, Gilroy, or anyone for McCabe would be short-sighted. I think they should stand pat at the deadline.

  224. Sauer and Mcdonuts not very good ????? Now theres a great read Were you the scout that made us draft Jessiman ?

  225. Doodie – Yes. I can sort of embrace that quote. Ya know, I had such a great time in NY. I spread my Anti-Boston sentiments – in bars and restaurants – and a lot of people just thought I was joking, but there were also a good number of people that embraced it. It was a lot of fun. To clarify your quote pertaining to my life, I dont care about Californians or Floridians or Georgians. I really only care about New Yorkers and them learning to have loyalty to other New Yorkers and New York teams.

    I insulted – for being absolute terrible home commentators – Joe Micheletti, which many agreed with, and I insulted Mike Breen, which many agreed with, and I insulted Michael Kay, which everyone agreed with. It was fun to find likeminded people.

  226. Doodie Machetto on

    Or maybe sell off Christensen, any of our impending UFAs, or possibly Gilroy if they don’t intend to qualify him because his qualifying offer is 2.1 million. I’d try to sign him to a longer deal for less money, but would live with the qualifying offer if I had to, but if I couldn’t work out an extension by the next trade deadline, I’d very seriously consider moving him so as not to ruin the team’s salary structure.

  227. How can you say that Sauer and Mcdonuts wont be studs after all this is theyre 1st season and I give them atleast b+ so far

  228. Doodie Machetto on

    kurt, Sauer and McDonagh AREN’T very good. They’re very promising, but on a team with good defensive depth (like Philly), I don’t think they crack the lineup as anything more than a 6/7 defenseman, if at all in Sauer’s case.

  229. Im going to start with kurt and Doodie. I want you 2 to get along. Love each other, Love the Rangers, Love New York. Disagree respectfully and peacefully. Okay?

  230. Czechthemout!!! on

    McCabe is a statue at this point in his career. Would not trade anything for him, nothing.

    Like the Stasny rumors. Would not even blink if it is AA and MDZ for him and Liles. Although Liles
    Has some flaws in his game, he would be the be the best pp point man in a long time.

  231. Doodie Machetto on

    And to me, Sauer projects to more of a 2nd pairing guy as his ceiling. McDonagh has 1st pairing potential, but I think he grows into more of a 2/3 defenseman than a 1/2.

  232. doodie,
    what did you do to kurt?
    if your not careful he may wait for in the playground and beat you up.

  233. Guess what this isnt Philly Do you know where you are ? Sauer with some confidence of a year will be what we need a snarly crease clearer and Mcdonuts with his skating skills and size will be a 3-4 defense man

  234. No you havent Doodie, but I can see kurt (I love you Kurt) is trying to twist words and start something.

  235. If Gilroy isn’t in their future plans, for whatever reason(and the money will be one of them), then it makes both him and McCabe rentals, in essence. McCabe has more experience and could help on PP. 2nd rounder on top of that is a bit too much, IMO.

    On the other hand, emergence of both McD and Sauer this year makes our defensive depth even better than it appeared before, that is why Staal’s name was even mentioned in that elusive other trade.

  236. kurt – Doodie’s an awesome guy. Dont dislike him. Dislike Tim Thomas. Tim Thomas spit on me when I met him bagging my groceries at Shoprite.

  237. So Kovy is back with the Pens and Stillman is back with the ‘Canes. Hope this isn’t a horrible sign that Kotalik is going to be a Ranger again…

  238. Czechthemout!!! on

    Doodie ” Sauer and McDonaugh Aren”t very good”


    This is why I try to not have a debate with you. Clearly, you don’t watch the games.

    You can make a case and win it that they have been the teams top defensive pair in the last 10 to 12 games.


  239. Doodie Machetto on

    kurt, I was using Philly as an example of a team with incredible defensive depth. The Rangers are a team full of young, promising defensemen. Not every young player has a ceiling of a superstar, and not every player reaches their ceiling. I see nothing special in Sauer that separates him from a guy like Fedor Tyutin or Dan Girardi. Those are solid 2nd pairing guys, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t see anything special about Sauer to differentiate him from them.

  240. billy – No, but he ought to be. He’s a two-bit bum with no actual goaltender skills. He throws his body around with reckless abandon, and if you stuck Tim Thomas on any other team, he’d be the equivalent of NY Rangers Steve Valiquette. Instead, the magic uniform has him set to be the Vezina for a 2nd time. While Henrik is a 3 time finalist and never got deservedly rewarded with one Vezina.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, they have been pretty good for young players, but if YOU had been watching the games, you would have seen that they’ve been burned for a good portion of the even strength goals against.

  242. billybleedsblue on

    :D I’m not sure I agree with the “magic uniform” theory, but good stuff :D

    Wait a sec, didn’t Happy Gilmore wear a Bruins sweater and then like save his Grandma’s house and rescue her from the evil old-age home? Maybe there is some magic in that old B sweater after all…

  243. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, you aren’t watching Tim Thomas then. If he doesn’t get the Vezina this year, it would be a crime.

    Lundqvist, by contrast, has yet to put together a full season of outstanding work. There is always a slump.

    And you know who else their their body around with reckless abandon? Dominik Hasek. Are you going to try to tell me that he wasn’t any good either?

  244. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    i agree with kurt that sauer and mcd can be solid on the blueline. McD is very mobile, and has skill, Sauer is tough and agressive. Rounding out to a nice top 4 with Staal/Girardi. Gilroy or Eminger is expendable with Vtank in the system.

  245. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    and we’re talking about 20-23 year olds. They will be good FOR A LONG TIME.

  246. Doodie, if Sauer becomes a solid 2nd pair defenseman and McD a first pair ( IMO he will, he has all the tools ), it’s a homerun, don’t you think?

  247. Doodie Machetto on

    I think McDonagh projects to be better than Girardi. And if MDZ has the potential to be something really special if he puts it all together.

  248. Doodie – Thomas absolutely will deservedly win the Vezina this year. Im just saying he has no actual skills.

    Hasek threw his body around and did it for years after years. He was a constant. This bum Thomas is 36 years old and has had 2 good years in his entire career. To compare Hasek – a legend – to Thomas is an insult of epic proportions :)

  249. Doodie – And furthermore, it’s not about slumps. Every goalie has slumps. You mean to tell me that Tim Thomas has not had any slumps this year or 2 years ago? It’s about primary and secondary statistics, and Henrik should have won at least 1 Vezina, IMO. Id be hard-pressed to find another Rangers fan that disagrees with me.

  250. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, the point is, you’re supposed to win the trophy for being the best that year. It’s why guys like Jose Theodore and Jim Carey have won it. Thomas will be winning his 2nd in 3 years. That’s much more than you can say about guys like Theodore or Carey.

  251. I think Gab’s point is that a young guy like Sauer has already showed extreme poise and ability. And with time and experience, he can be even better than he is right now and be a 1st pair D man. Well, that’s my point.

  252. billybleedsblue on

    The Rangers staying young and not paying lots for anyone (else) fits right into what’s going on with the Knicks right now. It’s the perfect match. Just wait for the Knicks to really become contenders. Then they will have to go out and REALLY spend money on that final piece of the puzzle. Too bad for us, that leaves the Rangers out of the mix for big ($) market talent. Get used to sticking with what we’ve got. Let’s Go Rangers!

  253. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Tiki, pretty much right on man.

    I was just agreeing with kurt that McD and Sauer have a bright future. Somebody said they were 6/7 dmen at best… i was opining to the contrary.

  254. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, no, Thomas has not had a slump this year. A bad game here or there, yes. Every goaltender has a bad game. But a string of bad games in a row? No, he hasn’t.

    Tiki, find an unbiased fan and I’d be impressed. The only year that he legitimately stood a chance was 07-08, but he had like a monthlong slump.

  255. Czechthemout!!! on


    It’s amazing how you speak with such confidence even after the Avs trade away top rookie, and a young somewhat power forward for a disappointing former first overall pick. You don’t

  256. I’m going to list the last 20 games of the season.. how do you think the record in these 20 games will look? Do you think its enough to surpass mtl or too little to hold a spot in the playoffs? Ready?
    San Jose
    New Jersey

    My guess is we go 11-8-2.. any thoughts?

  257. I’m going to list the last 20 games of the season.. how do you think the record in these 20 games will look? Do you think its enough to surpass mtl or too little to hold a spot in the playoffs? Ready?
    San Jose
    New Jersey

    My guess is we go 11-7-2.. any thoughts?

  258. I think we might climb past mtl come the second week of April. But I think that depends on a number of things, staals injury, how long gaborik will be out (because I think we play better when the guys have to step up) and if hank can find his game.. he’s close but still not up to where he should be at this point in the season and with the amount of rest he’s been given compared to previous seasons.

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