McCabe, Richards … and just because …


Since we have a lot of traffic on what is a nothing day, I just figured you need a new clean sheet for your musings. The other one was getting a bit unwieldy.

Maybe we can be a little bit more civil this time around? Hmmm?

I’m going to a local hockey semifinal game and will be indisposed for the next few hours. So behave yourselves and let me know when McCabe and Richards arrive.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, no, Thomas has not had a slump this year. A bad game here or there, yes. Every goaltender has a bad game. But a string of bad games in a row? No, he hasn’t.

    Tiki, find an unbiased fan and I’d be impressed. The only year that he legitimately stood a chance was 07-08, but he had like a monthlong slump.

  2. Switch Richards to Statsny and McCabe and it could work. Just of the top of my head, Artie this years first rounder and Werek and a add on piece, just shooting in the dark.

  3. “Can I just say this? … I have real doubts, very, very real doubts, that McCabe at this stage is even marginally better than Rozsival. Or Derek Morris.”

    I couldn’t agree more, and i would like to reiterate that I am not endorsing ANY TRADES AT THIS TIME!!! I am just reporting what I am getting on Twitter from incarcerated Bob.

    Yes Carp, he was wrong about the Cliff Lee/Texas thing. And i think there were one or two others. But he has been pretty good about these things.

    Again, I am just reposting from Twitter.

  4. We’ll soon find out if Sather is under a mandate for the Rangers to make the playoffs this season…

  5. Hey guys!

    long time reader first time poster! I live in Colorado (i used to live in NY) and rumor has it that Paul Stastny and John-Michael Liles are on their way to New York! This is a reliable source close to some NHL executives, so i got some scoop. Girardi, Anisimov and/or Krieder and a pick (hope I spell the names right) might be going the other way. Seems like a done deal which could be announced as early as Monday morning.

  6. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    That’s alot of salary coming our way, not enough going back.. not ready to toss away Kreider yet… but on paper i like that deal.

  7. On paper I do that deal. $11.5 mil coming this way, $4 mil going the other way? That was Brad Richards lunch money :-(

  8. Remember that Brian Leetch called McCabe the best defensive partner he ever played with. So maybe DelZotto paired with him too?

  9. tr!

    Doodie, “I’m going home” … isn’t that the theme song MSG played all night for Carmelo? Diddy-Dirty Money?

    Tony, and the turnstile’s still spinning. I might be able to retire after the trade deadline. … refresh-refresh-refresh.

    Which raises this question: Do I get $1.50 when I comment?

  10. if it is a done deal, why wait till monday to announce?
    I am all for going after Stastny, but I think Kreider is one player to much for my liking.

  11. Carp with all that money coming in you should take us out to a meal at a nice place. Maybe Mendy’s…

  12. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Dreger tweeted it’s been suggested asking price for Liles is 2nd rounder.

  13. I’d be shocked if the Rangers got Stastny. Still don’t fully understand why the Avs would give up on him, though.

  14. Stastny on this team would be awesome. I’m willing to move anyone but Hank, Staal, Stepan, and only one of Dubi/Cally to get this guy (who are on the team, I probably want to keep Kreider too but if he’s the deal breaker id make it happen)

  15. I’m looking for some actual proof on the web that they actually would want to move him. Basically from what I gather thus far he was mentioned to be on the trading block as the Avs host a ‘fire sale’ because he’s their highest paid player. Then his dad critisized the organization for the trade with St. Louis and that just fanned the flames. I don’t see why they’d give up on a 25 year old kid who just put up a 79 point season last year. I could understand them dealing Liles but that’s about it.

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    ToMG….for richards…cally dubi stall hank prust stepan mcd sauer biron ….that’s just for starters…we should be willing to throw more in he dallas declines…

  17. DJK – Colorado also has Duchene who is a RFA center after next year. He’s already making $3.2 million/year, so he’s gonna get a big raise. He’s only 20 and he’s tied with Stasty in points. So the question is do the Avs want to pay $12-13 million a year for 2 centers? By trading Chris Stewart, and Hejduk being a UFA, they are going to need some scoring on the wings. Possibly Gaborik going the other way?

  18. DJK:

    That’s why. Their payroll this season is barely above the floor, yet they still struggle financially. They have 12 UFAs/RFAs to resign after this season. The emergence of Matt Duchene made Stastny second line center, and they can’t afford to pay $6.6M for second line center. Not making the PO this year doesn’t help either. I guess that’s why his father said what he said, may be he knew his son was going to be traded.

  19. To NYR: Statsny, Liles, Hejduk, conditional 3rd rounder
    TO COL: Drury, Girardi, Boyle, MDZ, 1st round pick, and a conditional pick

    CO is dying to get Drury back…

  20. question to you guys becomes this- Stastny or Richards? who would you rather have? No brainer because Stastny is 5 years younger and cheaper? Could he be a legit #1 center for us?

  21. would love to see the rangers get Aittokallio. Thats if the rangers are making a trade w/ the avalanche that consists of Stastny and Liles.

    they have picard and patterson and w/ the recent trade of anderson to ottawa for whatever goalie they got back i could see them throwin in this prospect.

  22. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    From a guy on a Rangers fan board…

    “Rangers in on Avalanche pair. Delzotto Grachev Johnson 1st and 2nd are in play Sather is a buyer”

  23. Just a thought for those of you in la la land….Colorado isn’t going to move a 25 year old who is making 6.6 million and take back a 35 year old who can’t skate or score anymore and is making 7 million..

  24. gift

    if johnson goes then i hope we get Aittokallio

    i also saw from a reliable source that assets made available to the avalanche were dizzy, ochocinco, werek, grachev, weise and vtank

  25. If Drury is willing to waive his NMC, anyone who wants him can have him. We don’t even need anything in return.

  26. Paul in sunrise on

    Still not willing to give up on MDZ. But others don’t make me say no trades tr. But agree with ilb. Gonna take more.

  27. did tr seriously just refer to our goalie johnson as ochocinco?! LMAO!

    Not sure why you think that ilb. MDZ is a very promising youngster. Grachev is a young kid with upside. 1st and 2nd with a decent backup goalie aint bad. The Avs may be trying to cut ties with the guy. I know of another team – one which I will not name – that could get those 2 for Joe Hamburger, Steve Cheesburger, and John Whopper! :)

  28. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I asked earlier and got one response so I will ask again…

    if you had to part with one dubi or kreider?

    If kreider is as good as all of you seem to think, I would rather part with dubi (who has played very well this season for the most part) than AA.

    If it is richards, I wouldn’t be shocked to see OPG going to the stars as part of the deal.

    Slats better get some damn grit on the blueline (and no, mccabe is not it).

    what’s up bro?

    Back to work assens, later!

  29. Can we please stop with the Gaborik being traded stuff. He is not going anywhere, he is concussed and there is not even a timetable for him to comeback. Also, if we are going for a play maker, why are we going to trade away our only true sniper???

  30. wicky

    nada. workin and relaxin. pretty much the story of my life. cant wait for monday to come and go. how are things out there?

  31. lol tr

    can someone tell me why Kreider is special?

    I knew Cherapanov would have been an absolute superstar; is Kreider similar in terms of upside?

  32. Kreider was born in Boxford, Massachusetts. He is currently playing for Boston College. That’s what makes him special :-))

  33. Hey gang!

    So, wait, we haven’t traded half the team for Richards and McCabe yet? Why not, they are just the pieces we need to win the… oh hartnell, I can’t even finish that sentance. its so ridiculous.

    I saw the package Dallas wanted for Richards. I hope that Slats outright laughed at him.

  34. Carp,
    did we get McCable AND Richards

    and i’m sure that since we’re not shero in pittsburgh with
    incriminating pics of all the gm’s and warnings from bettman
    than we probably gave ’em half our lineup and our number 1 through 5
    picks over the next 5 years.

    (yes! i know you were kidding!)

  35. I’m going to list the last 20 games of the season.. how do you think the record in these 20 games will look? Do you think its enough to surpass mtl or too little to hold a spot in the playoffs? Ready?








    San Jose












    New Jersey
    My guess is we go 11-7-2.. any thoughts?

  36. ilb – well, i was asking a serious question, but you provided me with a great laugh! let’s hope his magic roots translate to on-ice success for us!

  37. I would absolutely love to get Stastny. I would start with a package of Anisimov, Del Zotto and a 1st rounder…

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    I know they won’t win or lose all 20 but I have no confidence that they can win any given game. You just never know whether Hank will hold up, or if they will get more than a goal or two in a game. If they can get to a shootout, then I feel a little better about their chances.

    8-8-4 for 88 points and ninth place.


  39. That’s a pretty valid assessment, Olga. Can’t really argue there….I do think that Hank’s softies have been amplified by the fact that this team is very low scoring. If we had more weapons up front to score, I doubt these softies would be as much a difference between wins and losses…

  40. However, they really haven’t been blown out by other teams at all this year. Almost all their games have been pretty close…

  41. Paul in sunrise on

    is stastny that good that it will cost AA MDZ and a 1st – is he better than richards
    i honestly don’t know much about stastny accept his dad was world class as a player and no class as a dad.

  42. Del Z, and Artie wont be enough. You’re basically giving up two players who might be good for someone who is a proven good player.

    I think they’re going to want a Callaman, or Dublowsky, pretty much for insurance.

    Maybe Artie can become a 20-30 goal 60-70 point guy, maybe not. Mabye Del Z can be a top offensive D-man, maybe not.

    Too much uncertainty to give up a guy of Stastny’s talent. As far as I know, Stastny hasn’t asked to be traded, so it’s not as if they’re backs are against the wall, like the Stars are with Richards.

    He has a few years left on his contract, so if he’s traded, they’re going to get exactly what he’s worth, or they’ll keep him. Probably couldn’t go wrong either way.

  43. can the rangers trade kreider he has not signed with them yet?

    liles is very very soft in the d zone, that is a big issue

  44. With the players we have for the shootout I doubt will drop 4 games that go to extra time.. I think were on the cusp of some real good hockey and it might be good timing. In no way r we going too deep but well get in there… gota believe we can go at least .500 from here on out. Which is another 20 pnts and prob good enough to at least see 4 more games and get our rookies so PO experience, I’m excited.

  45. Excerpt from the article:

    “Paul Stastny, …said he “absolutely” wants to remain with the Avalanche,…his father’s comments didn’t put him in an awkward situation with the team.”

  46. Richards will not go for WAY more than 6.6, Hell max out at just over 7. but hes old and that’s what were trying to avoid..being the retirement team.

  47. Richards is going to want way more and for a longer term!


    After this season, Richards is going to *command* way more and for a longer term! Already a $7.8
    cap hit!

  48. Richards has maybe 2 more solid seasons and them the eventual slumping numbers.. sorry that won’t help us win a cup.

  49. Plus, the guys had a concussion for a long time..and he’s just leaving his prime. I hope we look elsewear and younger. Or sign him as a FA in the summer. Not Wellington part with any peices right now.

  50. It would be silly for Colorado to trade Stastny but if he is available the Rangers really need to make a big play for him. That gives you a legit #1 center that can be part of our core for the next 5+ years…

  51. Y do we love the 30+ friggin players..enough, he wants big money for a long term, something we should not do, esp now with all the core players needing new, fatter, contracts.

  52. Ya we should def have Colorado on speed dial at this point. We need young talent guys. Not more captain crunches

  53. >>If Dublowsky is traded for Stastny, I wont shed a tear.

    If anyone is traded for anybody, I won’t shed a tear.

  54. Mister Delaware on

    I’d rather not give up Dubinsky for Stastny. Its an upgrade, but not worth the 2x salary jump.

  55. Best thing I read all night?
    “I feel bad for Maple Leaf fans … they are the Mets fans of NHL” Bwahaha!

  56. Good evening all! James, only if you just have the soup.

    holy hartnell I’d almost give up my cats if were Tuesday already. Thanks heavens there’s a game tomorrow for distraction.

    Here’s my trade proposal: Carp and tr to president and GM, Aves to my house, and all you troublemakers to the doghouse!!!! :)

  57. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Same ol same ol here as well. Enjoying winter still as well as the silly season hysteria!

  58. Why do hockey announcers like to say stuff like “two minutes left to go”?

    I believe “two minutes left” or “two minutes to go” would suffice.

  59. The pundits can talk about Devils making the playoffs all they want, butToronto is only four points out. Watch out!

  60. >>If Step-On was traded for a vibrator that smelled like tuna fish, you’d cry!

    I wouldn’t cry because I wouldn’t get close enough to the vibrator to know what it smelled like.

  61. don’t believe we can go .500? I can think of at least 7 wins to top Ur 6 win prediction. (wild, panthers, sens x2, islanders x2, and thrashers) not to mention our success against the west this yr and the sharks r slumping. Is say well def go at least .500.


    REGULAR SEASON 59 18 30 48 -6 40 3 1 3 142 12.7

    “a legit #1 center” — Really, with those numbers??? If he was on the Rangers, you would probably want to package him in a trade for Richards. Ask yourself, if he’s so good, why are the Avs looking to trade him? And to think that some of you would actually consider throwing in Kreider in the trade…unbelievable!

  63. Wick and Orr – I really do think the Rangers win the trade in a potential Stastny-Dubi deal…But will Colorado really do that? Aren’t Avs fans furious over losing a guy like Stewart and a good rookie in Shatty? AA I think has more offensive upside than Dubi – Dubi is a very good player for the Rangers but I also would not cry if he left…Stepan and AA are another story completely!

  64. On second thought, the way those numbers came out, they do look pretty good:

    GP 59183048
    Goals 640313142
    Assists 12.7

  65. Breaking News:

    NYRangers acquire Mickey Mouse from Disney in exchange for Drury, who will now be featured in the “It’s A Small World” ride

  66. Orr so funny you saw that! Yes! I was watching that other day with my Pop, never saw it before. Hilarious! Charlie Sheen basically plays himself in the show! He gets all these babes and parties like hell! Bwaha!

  67. >>…I can think of at least 7 wins to top Ur 6 win prediction. (wild, panthers, sens x2, islanders x2,
    >>and thrashers)

    Ay Vee, you’re counting your chicken a tad prematurely. Islanders are not the pushovers you seem to think. Recalculate!

  68. Wolfpack.. totally agree. It’s even more.exciting because were young and doing decent and our future looks bright. Waaaaaay more enjoyable even tho we can’t score worth a carcillo.

  69. And no I don’t think the isl r pushovers, yes there kinda hotand maybe have got some.more chemistry right now but I believe we have hteir number and we can win.both games against.

  70. I’ve never seen it, but always thought of watching it.

    The rest of the season was canceled because Sheen’s fugging everything up. He’s so nuts.

    I love his dream. He wants to build a mansion, and have his porn star friends live in it. Bwahaha! If this guy manages to live another five years, I’ll be amazed.

  71. I recall some time ago when McCabe was still with Toronto, someone, (Possibly a Canada interviewer)
    was told by McCabe that he was taught more about playing defense by Leetch, during that single playoff that Leetch played for Toronto, than he’d even learned before. He spoke very highly of Leetch, and I understand that they still remain very good friends.

  72. Off topic. Carp can u open a topic solely for rangers discussion.. who cares about Charles sheen. Guys a waste of space.

  73. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Smart organizations NEVER deal high draft picks, the life blood of the future. The idiot NJ Nets just sent TWO number one’s, plus the major upside young player D. Favors to the Utes for a damn good D, but what a price to pay! And the D they got is out of there after next season. This is smart trading? No, this is Billy King, a.k.a. the Glen Sather of the NBA. See how lunatic it is for a non-contending team, or a marginal contender to behave like it is one talented body from glory? The Nets are going to win the NBA title in the next two years and this cements it! Really, Billy? Nets got their man but they will be playing something like 2 on 5 basketball when it comes to the talent match-up.

    Now there is talk of the Rangers parting with Kreider and a number one. Notice how whispers like this do not surface, connected with smart organizations. There are always attached to the proven dumb bells of the world.

  74. I definitely consider myself among those that blog here with rose colored glasses. I’m ever the optimist, but I must say MDZ’s skating is a cautionary flag for me. He doesn’t seem to have quick feet, and skates too slow IMO. I would be willing to move him, and, additionally, I think Ryan mcd. has much more upside, and may really surprise offensively in a year or two. He is damn good with the puck, tremendous natural instinct, and fantastic quickness. MDZ is going to be a bust me thinks. Dubi, callie and LQ & stallsie r untouchables. I would hate to lose dubi or callie when both have such a high level of intangibility. Dubikisses for everyone.

  75. Kreider is our next 30-40 goal scorer.. please stop the nonsense glen OS not that dumb and torts would rip sather heart out if he made such a dumb move.

  76. Ay Vee, totally agree on Sheen, but good luck on keeping topic on topic. You should know by now, this blog is like the team’s city itself…a melting pot, a smorgasbord, a nuthouse!!! and we love it for all of that:)

    I for one must say niters for I have Fozzy and her 1,000 member entourage arriving tomorrow and mama must be in fine RR/NYC hostess shape (again!)

    I forget our seats Sunday, somewhere in 200s (thanks Fozzy!) so if anyone’s gonna be there, let me know at and we’ll try to meet. LGR!!!!

    Carp, hope to see you :)

  77. They’re not. Even if they put lotion on their skin for the entire summer.

    NYR, I don’t even think Dredden could handle that kind of party. In fact, maybe if he tries to party with him, it will make him realize that this life isn’t good for him, and he’ll return to playing like an NHL All Star.

    Then Slats decides to give him a second chance with us, and he becomes the next Brian Leetch.

    Then we live happily ever after! Except for Charlie Sheen, who’ll OD at some point.

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    Buffalo Bill- I doubt it will be that quick, but Buffalo will win a Cup first if Sather continues to run the Rangers,

  79. Have a good night Mama. And enjoy your time with the Fozzy bear and company! You were the best hostess for my visit, and Im sure you will be your same extraordinary self for the Fozzy bear.

    Mao – your optimism is why we love you!!

    Sheen – A good but troubled guy. Cheered the Giants in Super Bowl XLII; I feel bad for the guy and hope he turns it around.

  80. Orr, Sheen is really living the dream. Good for him. He’ll die a happy man, I guess…

    Mama, your description of the blog is on point! :)

    Ay Vee, Do you care to enlighten us on another topic?

  81. A good guy? Ok maybe I can’t say he isn’t. But he has every resource to get himself on the right track but keep messing up.. I’ve had enough. Puff puff give buddy. Can’t do it forever..

  82. No, I’m kinda getting into this one now. Lol. Ok how about let’s discuss what ee will have left for cap room and what you think our RFA’s and UFA’s contracts might look like.

  83. Thanks tiki, it was pleasure…and NYR, mama is always on point, you know that :)
    well, I’ve missed the 11 p.m. re-run of Two and a half Men, so there’s no use staying up anymore :) and I am bushed….fading to black til tomorrow all. behave!!!!! and TA!

  84. Heres another topic.. who do you think will be on the outside of the bubble during training camp next yr?

  85. I could see Colorado wanting Grachev in a potential Statsny deal. He played on a line with Matt Duchene (and Cody Hodgson) in junior with the Brampton Battalion. Grachev put up 40g 40a playing with Duchene…hmmm…just a thought…

    I like Grach a lot, I think he has potential to be a monster in the league, much like Artie, but I think you may have to give up raw talent like that to get Stastny…

  86. First! trad em all... who cares (not dubinsky though) on

    rumor announced on the kings telecast: brad is heading to the kings. guess they dont want fuzzy head gabbo in lala no mo.

  87. First! trade em all... who cares (not dubinsky though) iPhone is better then android on

    gabbo needs a long nap. shut him down for the season and he will return to form next season. then maybe we can flip him for something of value.

    i still think AA will be a great player in this league.

    psyched for a game tomorrow.

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