Rangers-Hurricanes in review


Was at a hoops game (really, really good game) so I heard the first two periods on radio, came home, watched the third period, then watched the first two periods. Odd way to watch a game.

That said, Rangers-Canes was a pretty entertaining one, wasn’t it? Pretty big win for your boys, too. I know, they got two and the Canes got one … but that’s two more on the ledger, and two more the teams behind the Canes will have to get.


1) The Staal on Staal hit was borderline suspendable, in my opinion. Marc was vulnerable and Eric sure went up high on the blind-side and didn’t let up one bit. And I wonder if the NHL would ever have the onions to not only suspend a player for a head shot against his brother, but also to suspend one of its “boys” … you know, the captain of the home all-star team. Eric sure seems to enjoy laying out his little brother, doesn’t he? He also=Monster.

2) I think Cam Ward might be the best goalie in the whole league. But last night, the guy down the other end was just as good, and better when it mattered most.

3) Have you guys noticed that John Tortorella’s always laughing when OT and hockey portion of the game ends, and before they go to the skills competition?

4) You know which forward has played with the most snarl for the last four games? Not Prust. Not Boyle. Not Avery. Not Dubinsky. But Mats Zuccarello. Yup. Not only physically, but also after the whistle. Gotta love that. He also made the big hit that led to the tying goal to force OT. Zuccarello=Little Monster.

5) Funny, but for the second game in a row, the McDonagh-Sauer duo had a couple of horrific shifts, some of which ended up in their net, while all-in-all playing a very strong game.

6) Back to Zuccarello. When they first put him on the point, I didn’t like it at all. But I watched him at a practice there last week, and he has a good hard shot, and keeps it low, and with work I think he’s become pretty good there, especially on the 5-on-3.

7) No update on Marian Gaborik. So now it’s just a matter of when he feels better, and then a matter of being cleared to exercise, then cleared for contact, then cleared to play. And that’s a process for which there can be no timetable.

8) Good signs for the Rangers the last two games: A) lots of shots on goal. B) lots of bodies arriving at the same time. And in case you forgot, that is how they scored enough goals in the first 52 games.

9) Back to snarls: Another good sign is that the first goal came off a hit by Newbury, a hard forecheck and wrap by Avery and a net-crash by Prust. That’s the way they have to do it, and the way they haven’t done it enough lately.

10) Wonder how the Tobacco Road fans like the skills competition today.


AP photo, above.

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  1. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    gaborik has been a disappointment ..now that Dolan’ got his man Carmelo.. i wonder who’ll he’ll pursue for then rangers ?

  2. carp,
    how about how well Hank played the puck behind the net last night. I thought it was great, didn’t you? you know the way him missing the puck when the Rangers were on the power play led to 45 seconds of Carolina pressure, or the time he missed behind the net in the 3rd when it led to the 3rd Carolina goal. yeah, he was great.

  3. I’ve been praising Ward’s performances since their cup year ( where he was fantastic)…what I like most about him is that he hasn’t any “bad habits”.

    Price is also developing into a very solid major league goalie..and he’s a lot bigger than I originally thought he was. ( And someone has to tell me how Thomas does it.
    Only other goaltender in my memory with that kind of scrambly style that was successful was Billy Smith.

  4. Good morning all!

    Yeah, Two points! Really surprised you didn’t mention MDZ Carp. I thought he played a pretty lousy game for the most part. A few good plays but there are times that he looks rushed and not sure what to do.

    Gotta get to work. Enjoy the post win glow everyone.

  5. mdz is all about offense, so i was happy that he acually was involved with it for a few times last night. i do like that he is joining teh rush and getting good chances, but he cannot shoot for anything. i guess thats why we dont see him shoot on the pp much. he sucks at it. two chances both around exactly the same spot.right in the slot too. oh boy he needs work. he is not gonna be great defensively, so he needs to be paired with someone else besides gilroy to complement his style. both of them gave up some bad turnovers and odd mans against. dz made one good defensive play when he blocked a pass on a 2 on 1.

  6. Remember Two Things on

    On #9 – Some are on Avery for his inability to find back of the net, yet he is 4th on team in assists with 20. Many were similar to last night’s goal (prust).

    On #5 – McD and Sauer getting more important minutes against top lines which exposes their inexperience at times. However, The pair is a friggun godsend. Where would we be without those 2?

  7. Even no-talent clowns find the circus on some nights:)

    Good win. You know what would be a better win? Against the Caps on Friday.

  8. lol @ onions…they have no…they have no…MARBLES!

    for real though nothings gonna happen to Eric Staal. btw am I the only one waiting for Marc to lay him the byfuglien out one day? its tough watching our top d man play the role of ‘little brother’ on the ice. physically anyhow. in fact you could probably make the arguement that both Eric and Jordan play a lot tougher against Marc than he plays against them

    ps- to you knuckleheads that were disrupting things here last night- theres nothing racist about using the Carmelo/ Caramello crack. Ive been joking for 6 months about the old caramello bar commercial that used to go “stretch it out out out” since it was taking so long for a deal to get done in the NBA w Carmelo Anthony. I had to come here to see someone make it a controversial comment because of the color of caramel. rediculous.

  9. yes remember two things,
    Avery is great, the league is mean to him, the Refs pick on him, and Torts doesn’t like him.

  10. Eric’s hit was hard and clean. A posters says earlier that any hit you don’t see coming is dirty. Whaaaaat? Have you guys played hockey. You are responsible to keep you eyes open and head up. And it aint Mark’s knee, hope he’s back soon though.

  11. Great points Carp. Zuccarello sure has been challenging some guys that are a big bigger than him lately. I was happy to see Stepan come over and facewash one of the three guys Zuccarello was jawing at.

    I don’t think Del Zotto played a horrible game but he did get burned twice, by the same guy, during OT. He also missed the net, goalie and whole goal area twice with wristers that he has to put on net.

  12. One important thing about last night’s win is that they achieved it the same way they did before the ASB, they just found the way to win.
    The other, I think, is that WW maybe at his third stage of adjustment to Torts’ system. He came in initially, showed his offensive skills, scored a few. Then Torts had to show him his defensive deficiencies. That took some time to adjust. Let’s just hope yesterday was a beginning of a third stage. He was actually pretty good in a previous game, but looks like yesterday, with Gaborik out, he felt that he maybe the most skillful player on the ice for the Rangers and stepped up. Let’s just hope.

    Someone mentioned it already, but McD and Sauer were placed in the position to play against the best line, and their inexperience was exposed. We will have to live with that. All in all, however, they played very well. And I was very surprised by Sauer’s ability to join the attack. I was under the impression that he would become more stay home than McD. Always happy to be surprised that way.
    I thought the Staal on Staal hit was vicious, but not dirty. I believe that our perception of that hit is a bit distorted because it was brother on brother, and there is surely something to say about it. But I think it was shoulder on shoulder.

    Hank outplayed Ward, no doubt, good point Carp. He is still far from his best, but I saw someone mentioned he let in soft goals. Which one was a soft goal again?

  13. hedberg- i think because it was his brother it is being made more of an issue. well, at least now i know that staal has a brother playing on the canes. cuz before that, i sure didnt. anyway, ya never know how well these brothers actually get along. maybe marc stole his gf or is object ofd mothers affections. or marc was teasing eric that hes gonna be in the PO and he isnt. or maybe, just maybe, THAT THIS IS HOCKEY!!! HITS ARE PART OF THE GAME!

  14. Importan note – You guys know who took over for Marc Staal last night after his brother tried to kill him and take his birth right away? GILROY. Showcasing? I doubt it.

  15. I didn’t think Gilroy played that great of a game, Manfried. He isn’t at his best when asked to fill in on a pure defensive role. His PK play is wanting….

  16. Last night’s blog went a little crazy…We don’t need that here. There is one person who keeps coming back despite saying that every post is his last one. He comes back because we are giving him the attention he is seeking. The moment we stop paying any attention, he will go away…

  17. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    If the Gilroy “experiment” on D has failed, or at least topped-out, why can’t he be given some shifts at forward, his natural position where he would be more valuable to himself and the team? Understanding he may have just a few hours remaining in Ranger blue, in which case its a moot point, unless his new team gives him a shot up front and he does well.

  18. Lol, Manfried, you know I wasn’t referring to you. I could easily mention the name, but I don’t want to summon the troll.

  19. There was a good point made last night. Wolski played one hell of a game. The acquisition of Wolski has to be to Sather’s credit.

    Also – Can someone explain to me why, other than the skillz competition, Eric Christensen is a valuable player?

  20. Boom Boom- Gilroy still has skills and speed, he could be a valuable asset for many teams. It’s just that he’s fallen very low on the Rangers D depth chart and retaining him at $2.1M next year doesn’t make any sense. If McD and Sauer didn’t step up and played the way they did this season, bet you Sather would be talking extension with Gilroy’s agent and Eminger would be in the line up every night.

  21. ilb… summon the troll? Haha.

    Good win last night, though I didn’t allow myself to celebrate after seeing Marc Staal going to the locker room. Glad it isn’t a concussion. MDZ definitely = little monster. I love that guy.

  22. Boom boom- I have no idea why Eric Christensen is on this team. I watch him and I just don’t get it. I was screaming at the TV last night, “If you don’t score on the shootout, what good are you?!”

  23. Yea – that move he made in the shootout was pretty pathetic. I still feel that pain from how last season ended (cough, cough). So having Wolski, Christensen and Zuccarello really makes me feel good about the skills competition. That said, Christensen just looks useless during actual hockey. He didn’t even excel at 4-on-4 where I thought he might have a chance because of the open ice.

  24. BroadwayRoe, I’m with ya’ and I’m with everyone who feels that way about EC!!! For every “good job” Sather gets for picking up Wolski and the like, there are two acquisitions that make you scratch your head and EC is one of them!!! And, my I add, how much responsibility is on Sather for finding the talent & getting the guy rather than just being told by someone to pull the trigger on a guy?

  25. I cannot wait for Fedotenko to get back on that ice. This team really hasn’t played the same in his absence.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    I may be in the minority, but the Staal hit seemed clean to me. He hit him on the shoulder. I don’t think all east-west hits should be considered dirty, even when the other guy is in a vulnerable position. That’s why you have to keep your head on a swivel.

    Putting that aside, Marc wasn’t in a particularly vulnerable position. He was in control of the puck, traveling north-south along the boards, with both arms in front of him. Just before he skates up the boards, he looked up and saw Eric up the ice and kept going in that direction.

    Eric kept his skates on the ice, didn’t take deliberate strides, led shoulder to shoulder and exploded through a monster hit. Totally clean in my book.

  27. Sorry for that non-sequitur about Fedotenko. It is linked to my displeasure with Eric Christensen. I might actually want to keep Newbury up here and make Christensen a healthy scratch (until the Skillz competition, of course).

  28. It’s not like we gave up a first rounder for EC. Waiver wire pick up….

    Newbury, btw, fits a forth line center perfectly- grit, energy, will drop the gloves and wins faceoffs.

  29. Again, I think it’s funny to see how some people just continue to hate on Lundqvist no matter how he plays. He’s set the bart too high for himself. Truth is at least 2/3 of the NHL would give almost anything to have Lundqvist in goal. I honestly can’t remember the last game the Rangers were really out of, and Hank plays a big role in that. Last night there wasn’t much he could have done on those goals. Brutal blown coverage by Sauer, a bad clearing attempt and screen on the other… he’s doing what he’s doing as the young D in front of him continues to make mistakes. There were 2 breakaways in this game for Carolina! 2! The Rangers can’t let that happen, not to mention the odd man rushes. Watching a lot of Flyers hockey in the past 8 years has shown me what marginal goaltending averages out to. It may not catch up with you, today or tomorrow, but sooner or later, it all averages out.

    The Staal v. Staal hit looked clean to me. In the shoulder, no charge, Marc just got rocked.

    I thought the Rangers as a team played a pretty lousy defensive game. They let up too many high quality scoring chances. It’s not a big deal to give up shots, but the big deal is how those shots are coming. If Tom Renney hockey taught us anything it should be that, where the Rangers would put 50 shots on goal in a losing 3-1 effort, because all those shots came from bad angles and the perimeter. Carolina had some real gem oportunities and were either foiled by Hank or a good defensive play, like the one MDZ made late in the game to stop the cross ice pass.

    The Rangers need to work on follow up chances in practice, getting garbage goals. They did a really good job of getting puck to the net, but they couldn’t seem to get a handle long enough to pull the trigger when Ward was scrambling after making the first save. If they cashed in on 1 or 2 of those, this game could have been a blowout. Shots to the net are nothing without people to the net. Avery and Prust figured it out.

  30. Broadway, I think you’re jumping the gun calling MDZ any sort of monster at this point. He’s got potential to be sure but there are too many times that he’s making bad decisions or poor plays in the defensive zone. He’s a D man first and foremost and needs to improve that part of his game before his offensive talents secure his place among the starting six. I’d also like to see a moratorium on his rink long passes and see him learn to consistently carry and/or pass the puck out of the defensive end going zone to zone.

  31. Doodie & ilb – I am with you. I thought that hit was clean and the only reason it came close to a hit-to-the-head was because Marc seemed to put his head down to secure control of the puck. Totally clean (hard) hit in my book.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, if there wasn’t a whistle right after the hit, or if Marc didn’t mysteriously leave the game later on, nobody would have looked at it twice other than to marvel at how hard Marc got laid out.

  33. Doodie, I agree with you about the hit. It looked clean and shoulder to shoulder. It did sort of look like his head may have hit the ice when he fell, so I hope the twisted knee story is true.

  34. Carp – great call on Zucc. He’s a little monster FOR SHO.

    I do think he needs to work out with Gary Roberts over the summer…. also – I Wonder if Zucc reminds Torts of Marty St Louis at all? Has that question been asked to him?

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Zuccarello has been playing much harder lately. Nice to see him respond to the diminished ice time.

    Also, after last night’s game, I don’t see how you could ever possibly bench Wolski for Fedotenko.

  36. Doodie! Don’t scare me. Wolski plays. Always. You have to bench Christensen (as I said above). I like Newbury over Christensen.

  37. Pressa – I agree with you about the comparison. I will say (and maybe it’s his age) Zuccarello does not seem to have the instincts that St. Louis has. Maybe they just haven’t developed but if he had those instincts I would probably give my right arm.

  38. Marc Staal was definitely concussed. When Rammer was talking to him, I could tell by his expression, and his body language that he was not right. It wasn’t a tweaked knee. I looked for a sign of that being the problem. No dice. Marc Staal has a concussion. Take it to the bank.

    . . .which opens up speculation on WHEN McCabe gets here (yuck).

    Staal’s hit was clean, but he had his bro in a vulnarable position. And he knew it. I lost a lot of respect for him for sure. If he did it to Prust, or even Avery that would show some stones. Eric picked his spot against a guy who he knew wouldn’t drop the gloves or even return a cheap shot. And he has been goin after Marc hard this year with more than a few dirty hits.

    I wonder if Don Cherry will address this on HNIC.

  39. …and if EC plays one more game at the expense of Newberry, Slats should be shot. EC should be traded or waived. Newberry was 5 for 5 on faceoffs lsast night.

    In fact, EC and Drury should be taken out back and shot before Newberry goes down again.

  40. Old Yeller style.

    I didn’t know Newbury was 5-for-5 on faceoffs and I still want him to play over Christensen. Winning faceoffs is a really needed service on this team.

    Honestly, I cannot wait for Fedotenko. I want that line back together (Prust-Boyle-Fedotenko).

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “but he had his bro in a vulnarable position”

    How was it vulnerable? You’re moving north-south in possession of the puck. Putting your head down is your own fault. It’s even less vulnerable than the guys who turn their backs to the boards.

  42. Heave ho!

    “Broadway, I think you’re jumping the gun calling MDZ any sort of monster at this point. He’s got potential to be sure but there are too many times that he’s making bad decisions or poor plays in the defensive zone. He’s a D man first and foremost and needs to improve that part of his game before his offensive talents secure his place among the starting six. I’d also like to see a moratorium on his rink long passes and see him learn to consistently carry and/or pass the puck out of the defensive end going zone to zone.”

    Guess what? You are 100% right. That’s because I didn’t mean MDZ, I meant MZA! Not enough morning coffee yet, and too many acronyms!

  43. B-Roe – There was enough circumstantial evidence for me to know exactly who you were referring to.

  44. My take on the Staal on Stahl hit:

    I don’t think the hit itself was dirty. Yet, it was vicious and had a purpose aside from sepaating Marc from the puck…does anybody disagree with that?

    In a situation like that, I think you have to look at intent. Was it a predatory hit? Yes, I think it was. Was Eric trying to lay Marc out and hurt him? I don’t know but it sure seems like that is a strong possibility. As suspension would be appropriate but the NHL never makes the tough decisions…

    My take on Zuccarello:

    Best vision on the team. Tough as nails. Best passer on the team. Last night was just a taste of play we will get from him for years to come…
    Zuccarrello = Hobbitt Wizard

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    While Eric staaaahhhl’s hit was clean, nevertheless, he is still a Richard cranium. This will not be my last post. After a great opening shift, I was suprised to see Avery only getting 8+ minutes of ice time. EC floats like it’s thanksgiving at Macys. I would rather him be less cerebral and more physical. Afterall, it’s not chess they are playing. This is no slight to chess players as I am an avid tourney player.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    “Was Eric trying to lay Marc out and hurt him? I don’t know but it sure seems like that is a strong possibility”

    Dude, get real. These are two brothers that clearly get along with each other. They like to play hard against each other, as I’m sure they have done ever since they were playing out on a pond together in Thunder Bay. Was he trying to lay him out? Absolutely. Was he trying to hurt his brother? That’s got to be one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen suggested.

  47. Don’t apologize – I will now be able to call Zuccarello “Hobbit Wizard” because of your post. That is all-time.

  48. el pressa, yes, Tortorella has spoken about them in the same sentence. But he’s also careful, one being a half-season rookie at this point, the other a Stanley Cup-winner, major-trophy winner and possible Hall of Famer.

    kern, I don’t know how we would be 100 percent sure.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Atta boy, Tony.

  49. I guarantee Eric makes that hard check on anyone in his path in that situation, it shouldn’t matter to him that it is his brother and I don’t think it did. If you saw the postgame interview, you would see a player who had no apologies for his actions on the ice. It was a brutally hard hit and makes no difference whether it was his brother or some other guy. The hit was vicious whether it was Marc or anybody else on the receiving end. The dangerous thing in that situation is the receiving player’s head hitting the ice. Eric should know better. That will hurt anyone.

  50. I sort have to disagree Doodie,
    by the rules the hit was not dirty. but I think it was a dirty hit. Eric saw Marc with his head down and his hands being hooked. so in effect he was unable to protect himself, and Eric took advantage. saw him in an interview after the game, and he said he knew it was Marc. Eric had time to pull up, and he knew what he was doing.

  51. Since Wolski has shown the level of play he can bring, now he has to play like this consistently. Why wasn’t he playing like this when Gabby was in the lineup?

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    “The dangerous thing in that situation is the receiving player’s head hitting the ice. Eric should know better”

    So now a player is responsible for how his opponent hits the ice after he gets checked? What’s next, he’s responsible for the player getting his uniform wet when it hits the ice?

    bull dog, yes, he knew he Marc had his head down and he crushed him. But it wasn’t a dirty hit. It was a hard, clean hit on a player that should have been keeping his head on a swivel. He shouldn’t have to pull up.

  53. Manfried, agreed. I can see Wolski deferring to Gabby if he was a first or second year player but he should know better given his tenure in the league.

    EC should sit when Feds comes back. BTW, anyone know how well Feds has done in SO’s?

  54. like I said doodie,
    I only sort of disagree. would I like to see to have seen Marc lay out Eric that way? absolutely. my point was I think Marc was defenseless. he was unable to protect himself, and was taken advantage of. you don’t see Marc take hits like that, usually he is able position himself to take the hit and make a play without being smashed.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    And his hands weren’t exactly being controlled by the hook. It was a borderline hooking call, one that would never have been called pre-lockout. They just disrupted his handling of the puck, but he still had use of them. He was just trying to concentrate on playing the puck and wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings, like Eric closing in on him.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    “he was unable to protect himself, and was taken advantage of”

    See, I only disagree with the unable to protect himself part. He was able to protect himself, but he chose not to by keeping his head down and caring only about the puck. He was definitely taken advantage of in that situation.

    Any time you keep your head down, you’re inviting that kind of a hit.

  57. My take on the Staal hit is that Marc was “engaged” with another Hurricane when Eric lowered the hammer – which is why I think is a (borderline) dirty hit. The NFL has a rule that does not allow players to block below the waist if the defensive player is engaged with another offensive player, and I see the Staal hit along the same line.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    “The NFL has a rule that does not allow players to block below the waist if the defensive player is engaged with another offensive player, and I see the Staal hit along the same line.”

    The NHL has no such rule, as far as I’m aware.

  59. Doodie, let me ask you…what do you believe was Eric’s intent on that play?

    Keeping your head up and on a swivel is Hockey 101. I learned that as a Mite. However, there are times when you need to look down dig for the puck. It wasn’t like Marc was in he middle of the ice with his head down waiting to receive a pass. He was braced for a hit and expected it.

    Please stop with the defense of Eric Staal, Doodie. He is guilty of a hit that was predatory in nature. If plays like that are eliminated from the game, honor and respect are brought back into hockey. It is not good for the game…

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR Fan: HE HAD POSSESSION OF THE PUCK! There is no time that you need to be more aware of getting hit than that!

  61. NYR_FAN – I’m with you on this one. I think it was a borderline hit at best. I also thought he got Marc in the shoulde AND the head.

  62. So now a player is responsible for how his opponent hits the ice after he gets checked?


    What’s wrong with that? Sounds like a responsible thing to think about while going in for a hit. Makes sense to me….

  63. to me a dirty hit in that situation would have been if eric stall left his feet and went for the head which he didn’t do, instead he glided and hit marc shoulder to shoulder. It was not a dirty hit IMO.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Jay, I was referring to the shoulder/head part, not the elbow follow through. As for that, it looked more like forearms to me, which is fine in exploding out of a hit.

    NYR_Fan, what’s wrong with that is that it is completely ludicrous. It would eliminate hitting from the game. That’s like saying you should be responsible if a shot you take hits a guy in the face. You can’t give legal plays potentially illegal consequences.

    TomG has it right. He stayed on his feet, glided into it, shoulder to shoulder. That’s a clean hit.

    I’m done talking about this. The bottom line is that little Marc kept his head down and Big Eric made him pay for it. If there wasn’t a whistle right after it for the hook, or if it wasn’t our guy, nobody here would have ever thought twice about it.

  65. What’s wrong with that NYR fan everything. Stop being hipocrits you all like when we had a Bueke, Beck, Petit, and any other hard hitting D-man when we do the hitting and BTW we need one. That’s why I love only one Pen=Orpik. So with that reasoning Lindros concussions had nothing to do with him coming over the middle constantly with his head down. Get real put your pom pom away it was a good hard hit. What do you think Carp? The world is waiting

  66. Good morning all! Carp, LMAO at Little Monster! And much as I hate to say it, Ward = monster, too. Gosh dang him!!!

    At this point, the opinion on the Staal hit I’d really like to have is from Marc and his parents :) That said, let’s forget it was on his brother but against any other player. It still seemed over the top to me.

  67. Sorry Carp I reads your mind to weigh in, but you gotta give a more “real opinion”. Hint good hard hit

  68. Also marc stall does not have a concussion. If you watched the game from the beginning, maybe marc’s first shift he tweak his knee when marc and a carolina player banged legs.

  69. We’ll have to agree to disagree, Doodie. Hockey will always be a contact sport. IMO, Hockey would be a better game when predatory hits like that eliminated and penalized with suspension. Hockey should evolve along with it’s players. To me the Eric Staal hit may be legal/borderline according to NHL rules, yet it has no place in the fast and skillful NHL game today…

    So, the hit “from behind” Wolski made against Mezzaros on Sunday was a boarding penalty. But, Eric Staal’s beastly, brutal, high shoulder hit is “clean”. There was intent was to do more than seperate Marc from the puck. Assinine. NHL better fix this fast…it’s clearly broken…

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp: See, I’ve got nothing wrong with blind-side, predatory hits, so long as they don’t target the head and the hit is clean (i.e. not a charge, an elbow, or some other penalty regardless of whether the hit was predatory or blindside). They’ve always been a part of the game, and they always should be.

    That said, this isn’t a “blind side” hit because Marc is moving north-south along the boards. His only blind side in that situation, if he is keeping his head up, is from behind. You put your head down, you get hurt.

    Carp, to give you an analogy of why Marc is responsible there: If he isn’t responsible there, then guys will always play with their heads down because they will knwo the hit will draw a penalty- just like the guys that turn their backs to the play and get boarded: something you frequently rally against.

  71. This team simply doesn’t finish enough legit chances. Dubi, Artem, Prospal, Christensen(ugh), Avery, M. Staal even. These guys have to score, not just generate. Same for Wolski and Aasen (though W did score last night). 3 goals can’t be an amazing, rare feat that makes us all act as if we just witnessed a dominant team.

    That hit was hockey. NHL=monster, remember?

    Let’s not forget this team kicked ass without Gabby. I still like him a lot, but I’m just sayin’…

  72. Still talking the “hit”? Let it go, we will never agree on it, it seems….
    Any good trade rumors?
    And go do some work, folks, you know, the economy and such….:-)

  73. HockeymanRangers on

    My thoughts, the hit that Eric made on brother Marc was just fine, Eric is just palying his game. He is not going to and shouldn’t pull back just b/c it is his brother???? If it wasn’t his brother we would not be having this coversation.
    I am questioning the Gaborik situation though, it just seems weird how the whole thing went down. The way that Torts tells it something doesn’t seem right with it????
    Focus in on the next game and could we win ONE with more than a one goal game??? Why do the NYR have so much trouble scoring?? It seemed like the same issue when Renny was in there?? OK, a much better team then when Renny was in ther but just saying?????????

  74. Doodie, I find it interesting how people judge goalies. Not disagreeing with you, just saying. If we all made a top 10 list of goalies, I bet they’d be radically different. Anybody want to make such a list?

    Hockeyman, that’s what happens when you have one legit first-line player and he is having a bad season, and now he’s hurt. And also when you don’t have a power-play point man.

    And I think the Tortorella explanation of the Gaborik situation makes perfect sense. The guy feels like he has the flu, gives no indication that he has a concussion, and goes out and plays with it until he can’t play anymore. That’s typical concussion syndrome.

  75. Look at it this way: if it was our team captain, we are playing against the team which is on our way to make the playoffs. The captain has a chance to hit someone and dislodge the puck. And he avoids hitting, or lets up because it’s his brother. How would we react to this? Most importantly, how would the team react to this?

  76. Regarding the Stall hit, let’s forget the two players involved are brothers. It’s inconsequential. Marc’s statement “I finished my check” is true. He also acknowledges that he knew who the player was indicating that he knew exactly what he was doing. Could Marc have hit the opposing player with less force and eliminated his chance of controlling the puck and affecting the continuing play? Could Marc have attempted to avoid hitting the opposing player so high? It’s hard to avoid that Marc’s hit contained a strong element of intent to injure regardless of the fact that it was his brother.

  77. Doodie – actually that Devils logo is a variation on Trollface, an internet in-joke. That face is basically a catch-all for anyone or anything that is annoying, irritating, etc.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, my list for this season:

    1) Tim Thomas (honestly, if he doesn’t win the Vezina it will be a crime)
    2) Pekka Rinne
    3) Niklas Backstrom
    4) Ilya Bryzgalov
    5) Jonathan Quick
    6) Henrik Lunqdvist (He would have been #3 just after New Year’s)
    7) Marc-Andre Fleury
    8) Jonas Hiller
    9) Thomas Vokoun
    10) Cam Ward

  79. Ward would be in top 10 on my list. So would Hank.

    In terms of that concussion. Agree with Carp, to an extent. I think if any hit during any game looks like it may cause some head injury and the player complains that he feels like he has “flu-like symptoms”, it needs to be looked into carefully. What does it mean, flu-like symptoms? Did he have a fever? Cough, runny nose? Sore throat? I guess, since they had to go back and look at the tapes, nothing alarming happened during that Pittsburgh game….

  80. Zherdev and Kotalik on waivers. Go get ’em!

    If we didn’t already have a failure to communicate with Zherdev and knew his problems, he might actually fit in Gaborik’s absence. Kotalik is on re-entry, so half-off special!

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    Dave Tippet doesn’t get enough credit in Phoenix. It also makes me wonder about some of the talented Coyotes teams that may have done better with a non-Gretzky coach…

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, after reviewing the rosters, there was only 1 or 2 teams he had that I would have considered “talented”

  83. Doodie, Thomas is having the best season … but do you think he’s the best goalie in the league?

    I’m glad you have Vokoun and Fleury on there, because I don’t think either gets enough credit. And I think if most people made a list — most non-Rangers people, I mean — Brodeur would still be on it, as well as guys like Luongo.

    How about Montoya?

  84. “Our captain has a chance to hit someone…or lets up because it’s his brother.”

    Come on, ilb. We all know the answer is Option 3: Dump the puck in.

  85. nice job, as usual, Carp

    but did else notice?

    11) Rangers like little kids, congratulating Wolski so much
    on SO goal that
    they were “attacking” him with a combo of pats on and rubbing helmet
    and facewashes
    to the point that Wolski went from celebratory
    to “alright, enough already!
    (but, i’m still happy)”

  86. I could see the Devils claiming Zherdev right off the bat and even assuming Tortorella wanted him back, which I doubt, we don’t have to worry about getting him back.

  87. Doodie is that how your hockey career ended with a blindsided predatory hit to your Foresberg similar injured foot ?

  88. agree, ilb. I’ve banned a couple of idiots lately, and wouldn’t blink if I have to ban a few more.

    wish you guys wouldn’t force my hand, though.

  89. kind of sad seeing Niki Z being put on waivers. So much talent and so little desire. If i had so much talent playing hockey I’d be working my crosby off religiously!

    Niki Z needs better influence in his life…

  90. Carp As I`ve stated previously you seem like a decent guy, and my question to you would be with all the pics posted by someone why was there no caution statement presented then?

  91. did not like EC at center and Boyle moved to RW. that is inexcusable by Torts, giving preference to a part-time effort useless journeyman over a guy who has been a monster this season is wrong, but even worse is the fact that EC does not do the job on the faceoffs or in the defensive zone at C, thus pinning the team in the zone for long stretches last night when he was out there.

  92. I’d be willing to bet that every time the phone rings today that Eric Staal flinches…hoping it isn’t Momma.

    The discussion between fans over Zuccarello and St Louis is one of those on going things. But in my estimation, Zuccarello makes St Louis look big. But he has something that very many so called hockey stars, do not have…the effect of anticipation on the crowd…when he is on the ice and near the puck you find yourself wondering what little ruse he’s gonna employ next. He is really fun to watch on the ice, because he has such fine puck control, and his size actually seems to come to his aid, because he avoids a lot of times being hit solidly without leaving the area of Kombat.

  93. eddie eddie eddie on

    good lord, will the NJD ever lose again?….big game friday…..hope #18 is ok….some shot he took…

  94. Yes, fran, agree 100% on MZA.

    The guy is a wizard not only controlling puck, but also when he uses his size to be elusive and avoid checks. His vision allows him to anticipate where the puck is going to be and that is special. He also likes to be physical against the opposition, he never backs down, even if it’s after a whistle…the combination makes for an exciting player who is so much fun to watch…

    I could see him with A on his jersey some day…

  95. that is the only time he has any use, after the game is over and the shootout starts, during the game he is another Boogard in a way

  96. CCCP, I’m pretty sure EC scored in the shootout against LA, plus there were definitely others this year. I understand the lack of enthusiasm for his play in general but he is a definite weapon in the shootout, and that means points.

  97. Stan

    you are correct…my bad. I think i mixed EC up with Wolski

    but even so… EC is still very much expandable with Wolski and MZA being our other SO experts!

  98. Oh…I almost forgot…I finally found Waldo.

    Kessel not only appeared in person in that game last night, but he won it by going coast to coast. How’s that for a reappearing act?

    Do you suppose that he has periods of inactivity when he
    sort of hibernates, and then suddenly wakens and does his thing? Strange guy.

  99. as others have noted,
    Boyle is beat and so is Prust
    and maybe less minutes will help
    them in the end

    as far as EC at center
    only guess is that he is able to create more
    which leaves Boyle at wing able to just head to the
    net and score.

  100. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on


    I’m rooting for no overtime. That’s about it.

    But I think I am rooting for the Thrashers since Buffalo has all those games in hand.

  101. CCCP, I’ll take EC over Nik Lazy every single time. He’s done in the NHL. A pathetically soft player who waited for a strong wind to blow in order to make it back to his defensive zone. Every time he got knocked down he’d lie on the ice as if he was paralyzed, unable to get up. I’ve never screamed at any player more while watching a game.

  102. Not like Zherdev has a heavy contract. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to claim him. He has a 2 million dollar salary. what would we have to pay at this point?

  103. What’s funny is that 3 of Niki Z’s 15 goals came against the Rangers this season. Only fitting…

    EC and Nik are just as skilled as each other. The are both soft and pathetic hockey players in their own individual ways…

    Like Marcel Hossa, they are destined for the KHL…

  104. what did Kovy do now?

    was going to bring up as
    acquiring just to throw a
    CCCP “match” into the fire

    speaking of fire, no raccoon in fireplace
    it would have bee charred anyway since it
    was being used
    hopefully it gets the message and stays
    i think it just wanted to take a nap and then
    get the byfuglien away from a bunch of loud talking

  105. Mister Delaware on

    “I would not call it a dirty hit or a clean hit. I call it a mean hit.”

    Agreed, it lied in that gray area between clean/necessary and illegal. Just because you can take it doesn’t mean you should and the result shouldn’t surprise Eric or anyone else. Which sucks.

  106. I still say it was borderline at best. It still looks like he got shoulder and head with the initial contact. Marc was unsuspecting. He follows through with the elbow. And if Avery throws that hit, he probably gets 3-5 games.

  107. lol ORR…but there are Russian interpreters! Niki could’ve got one if he wanted to talk crap about his teammates to the media!

    btw, what our record is like with Newbury in the lineup?


    no fire here! :P

  108. ilb, I’ve seen him play and done a fair amount of screaming at him as well. I was thinking of offensive players in my reply and Z is the most offensively offensive player in my book. Malik just wasn’t very talented to start with. Nik suffers my wrath because he has talent but absolutely no heart or ambition. The most frustrating kind of player.

  109. Mister Delaware on

    “lol ORR…but there are Russian interpreters! Niki could’ve got one if he wanted to talk crap about his teammates to the media!”

    “Eh, that sounds like a lot of effort. I’d rather just relax here, maybe take a nap … [yawns]” – Nik Z.

  110. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    From ESPN’s Rumor Central (http://insider.espn.go.com/nhl/features/rumors):

    According to the New York Times, the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals are pegged to open the 2011-12 regular season with two games in Russia.

    The NHL and KHL are still reportedly working out the details, but confirmation of the plan is expected in the next couple of weeks.

    The Rangers may also participate in a couple of exhibition games against elite Russian teams ahead of the opener.

  111. ilb, I’m sure Torts doesn’t waste one more second than he already has on Nik. He’s got a team he likes and respects that’s worthy of his time.

  112. Tonight On Blueshirt banter Radio Live at 8 PM. Mike Hume from ESPN Hockey, plus was Eric Staals hit on Marc Dirty ? Will NYR ever win a game in Regulation again ? Will Carmello’s acquisition impact Sather to make a big splash at the trading deadline ?

    Plus Your Phone calls !


  113. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Staal’s hit on Staal was not a penalty, was not over the line, but should have resulted in retaliation by a team mate later in the game. No question about it. I waited and waited for someone to step up and Byfuglien him up, but alas, no such action was taken when it was absolutely called for.

    I thought 4th line deserved a bit more ice than they got last night. I think the EC/Boyle/Vinny line can give some minutes to the Newbury/Prust/Avery line. Right now the Stepan/Zuc/Wolski line is playing maybe even better than AA/Cally/Dubie, but that could change.

    If Henrik can start to not allow that one or two soft goal per game, we can get on a roll.

  114. “I waited and waited for someone to step up and Byfuglien him up, but alas, no such action was taken when it was absolutely called for”

    Yeah, because trying to hurt Staal is way more important than fighting back to get in a game that we *HAD TO FUGGIN WIN!!*

  115. Am I alone in thinking that with everything going on, we should be targeting Ales Hemsky?

    Edmonton is looking for Defensive depth – our most moveable asset is Gilroy, so check.

    Hemsky is signed for next year at a 4.1 cap hit. We recover that by not signing prospal and fedotenko, so check.

    Richards has said he wants to play in Dallas, NY, or Tampa. Tampa can’t fit him, Dallas can’t afford him, so … check. We buy out Dru, and after trades, we can offer him 7-8 per season, so check.

    Theoretically, next year our lines look like:

    Hemsky Richards Gaborik
    Dubi Artie Cally
    Wolski Steps Zucc
    Avery Boyle Prust

    This year, we can leave Prospal as top line center.

    The team cant seriously compete with MDZ and Gilroy as a D pairing, and I think they are more committed to MDZ, so Gilroy is the odd one out.

    We have a 1st and 2 seconds in a weak draft. If a package of gilroy plus some of those picks gets it done, I don’t think that hurts the “rebuild with youth” approach.


    Anyone need a lower-level ticket to Friday’s game (in DC)? … I need to get rid of it.

  117. Hemsky would have made sense when Jags was around. They are good buds. Aside from the Renney connection, I think that was part of the speculation over the last few years about Jags possibly going to Edmonton.

    Not a good fit now with the current team.

    I think Richards makes sense for a short-term max contract, meaning like 3 years-$25 million…Anything more (dollars or years) would be a grave mistake…

  118. orange dan, not bad…but still iffy on richards after all the concussion talk. and i think it would take more than gilroy for hemsky..maybe a girardi too

  119. Last a Lifetime, the fact that the hit by ‘Captain’ and ‘All-Start’ Eric Stall was not called a penalty means nothing. I reference ‘Captain’ and ‘All-Start’ Crosby’s slew foot on Callahan at center ice in front of God and everyone else at the Garden that night. I also seem to remember the Head of Officials being at the game who was quoted as saying “No penalty was called by the on-ice official so that means it wasn’t a penalty”.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Miami, I have a friend that lives in DC. Let me get in touch with him and I’ll get back to you. How much?

  121. Hemsky is 27 (28 in Aug) and has scored at .8ppg for his career. On Edmonton!

    What doesn’t fit?

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, my goaltender list was only for this season.

    To speak beyond this season is difficult when assessing who is the best goaltender in the league. I’d probably keep Thomas there for now though. After he wins the Vezina this year, that’s 2 in 3 years. Hard to argue with that. If I’m building a franchise from the ground up, he wouldn’t be my pick because of his age, but I do think he is the best goaltender in the world right now. Luongo would probably creep into the 5 spot, and guys like Quick, Rinne, and Price would fall out of my top 10 for having too small of a sample size of quality effort. Meanwhile, someone like Ryan Miller, who is not having a good season, comes in because I expect him to rebound. Brodeur probably stays outside of my top 10 because I think his mileage has caught up to him. Maybe in the 11-13 range.

    1) Tim Thomas
    2) Nik Backstrom
    3) Ilya Bryzgalov
    4) Henrik Lundqvist
    5) Roberto Luongo
    6) Ryan Miller
    7) Miika Kipprusoff
    8) Marc-Andre Fleury
    9) Thomas Vokoun
    10) Cam Ward

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Orange, his cap hit. They want to take a run at Richards in July and that doesn’t happen with 4.1 million for Hemsky on the books.

  124. We already have Wolski, Zuke, and Gaborik as our top wingers. Not to mention Kreider is close and will probably be a Ranger at some point next season.

    No reason to bring in a winger like Hemsky …we have cheaper alternatives…

  125. Hemsky is a fancy dan stickhandler who does not shoot anywhere near enough, and is not gritty and not a diligent backchecker. if you want a keepaway stickhandler who will dangle with the puck but not accomplish much, a one-way player, then he is your man.

  126. Forget about hemsky, that’s a waste on cap space. We need to sign vet defense and if we can get a forward in the process then great. But Hemsky is not worth anything we have to offer. Wont be able to trade player for player and both teams be happy..plus Fuck Hemsky we need a guy that is going to play to or strengths, u can’t have a hard working team and expect dangelers to mesh..dumb.

  127. What do youse feel about rangers taking a run at Rivet for some vet defense and a push into the playoffs?

  128. Rivet used to be a solid dman, gritty, could really fight, and could move the puck. he was moved from SJ to Buff simply because of cap problems. he was good in Buff long enough to become captain there. but the past couple seasons he has lost a step or two, Lindy has lost faith in him, and scratched him most games. can he get back his old skating ability? doubtful.

  129. Good call.. obviously working in the opposite direction but sather might get panic attacks soon if he doesn’t spend some money or bring some new blood in.. now that the knicks have their man, can we get some love?

  130. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Knicks begin the Carmelo Era as a -7 points favorite at home tonight vs. Milwaukee (per http://www.vegasinsider.com). Hard to take a side, there. However, the total of 199 1/2 points, on the surface, looks low and my guess is that the OVER is the way to go. Right or wrong, in about three weeks we will know if the new components on this team are jelling with the holdover components, and whether they are complementing their scoring output with comparable defense. Should be interesting. I’m thinking that 120-110 games might become commonplace, around here.

  131. I’ll tell ya what we need: #26 in Red last night!!! We need guys that go to the net. If i see another weak wrister from the circle I am gonna puke!!!

    Throw in a #25 from Ottawa and we may have some “jam” finally.

  132. A 36-year-old, right-shooting D-man who has been scratched 30-odd times by a worse defensive team than the Rangers? Yes, why *wouldn’t* Sather put in a claim?

  133. re: From ESPN’s Rumor Central (http://insider.espn.go.com/nhl/features/rumors):

    According to the New York Times, the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals are pegged to open the 2011-12 regular season with two games in Russia.

    The NHL and KHL are still reportedly working out the details, but confirmation of the plan is expected in the next couple of weeks.

    The Rangers may also participate in a couple of exhibition games against elite Russian teams ahead of the opener.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO. OK. That’s my thought.

    Doodie, take a breath, a chill pill or a nap will ya. yeesh.

  134. Orr, prob the best thing I’ve read about the rangers in forever. We shouldn’t make a move unless its absolutely a must or its too good to resist. but then again, when in life is that ever true.

  135. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The thought of Rangers playing in Russia feels uncomfortable because of the Cherepanov association. Some of the travelling party may actually visit his gravesite, which would be a nice gesture, but also sad and depressing, to say the least.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m with you, Orr. Standing pat or selling off a little dead weight (Christensen, Eminger) would be best

  137. Hey if I saw my brother skating up the boards with his head down, I’d blast him too; the heck with what mom would say…although I’m from a disfunctional family…

  138. Expecting Sather not to make a move on dealine day is like throwing a raw steak in the tiger cage at the Bronx Zoo and expecting the tigers not to go after it…He can’t resist!

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    The thought of what might happen Monday is making me sick. Sather has managed to avoid peddling away our future thus far, but he has been a buyer on or near the deadline every single year since the lockout.

  140. Doodie, yep. Though, I do think any blockbuster trade is a longshot. I think Slats recognizes that he has a pretty core of a team here. I expect EC to be moved but I won’t hold my breath if there aren’t any takers for Erik “Fredo” Christensen. You know Slats will try to improve the team anyway he can through trades. That is how he operates.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR, I know Torts has been pretty vocal about not selling the kids, but I know Sather can’t help himself with a big name like Richards sitting there. Especially after Carmelo Anthony, he needs to keep up with the Knicks for Dolan’s entertainment.

  142. Pitt might be interested in EC. he played several seasons there, and they have lots of forwards out injured. would only fetch a very minimal pick in return.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    ez, I don’t think they trade a guy that is under contract for next year within the division.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    Contract dump for Jokinen and Prust, MiiWii and a 7th conditional for Erikson (no idea what the condition was, but I assume it wasn’t met), and a 6th for Shelley.

  145. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    on lunch and here is my take on the eric staal interview…..

    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it at all. I think he looked concerned and quite honestly sounded concerned. He was in a pretty compromising position with the question, I mean if he says I should not have hit him hard, his teammates might just wonder if we lose the game (which they did)did he go all out when he should?

    I think he handled the interview as best he could and surely was upset. Give the guy a break. If the tables were turned and our staal delivered the same hit, I don’t think there would be nearly as much uproar…it was a clean hockey hit and one hopefully that all the staals would deliver given the opportunity. Eric handled it pretty well IMHO!!!

    On the staal note, after the eric hit and the jordan punch, seems like we got the only staal without a “mean” streak or he got it knocked out of him when semin went all bongos on him!

  146. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    there isnt much out there for sather to trade for guys. chris philips? kuba? neil? mccabe? richards(longshot), hemsky? nobody worth trading for honestly that will do a damn difference

  147. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    we could use extra picks though for draft. get some more picks if anything. sign richards on july 1st for just money. gabby is hurt this year anyway. richards will not make this guy score all of a sudden either. hes having a bad year. i would only like to get rid of gilory and ec. the rest ofg the guys are young and still havent peaked yet. most of them.

  148. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    orr- do u really seeany other teams making really huge deals like that by deadline? idk not us thats for sure.

  149. One more comment about MZA. Micheletti got it right. His wasn’t a shot on goal. It was a shot on stick! Callahan just laid it down and Mats did the rest. Love that little guy!

  150. Who knows, Grab. Anything can happen. It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks.

    I don’t think anything will happen with us. Anything of significance, anyway. But, other teams could make a few surprising deals. At least, I hope they do.

  151. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    i personaklly hope that if sather could get a good deal like pitts did for neal and niskanen, then yea im down baby! but i dont want guys like duby or cally or staal or any good young players going anywhere. these guys know each other, they are building chemistry for teh future, i dont like core guys traded. unless its a great deal

  152. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    yea ur right orrsy. there have been alot of deals lately. idk, im tired of worrying what he might do. let it be. ifhe does nothing but get picks for ec or gilly, than thats great. i dont think any of our guys are that good that we can trade one for what we need. we would have to package 2 or 3 for a real good player. not worth it

  153. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    mza is a novelty. hes good and all, but hes gotta have more goals. just 3 so far. hes been good but he sure as hell aint no monster. i hope he sticks around awhile and develops. he is a likeable kid. team player too. worried about his longevity though. his 1 shootout move is getting old too. but for now hes helping more than some much higher paid players thats foir sure. what is his salary anyway? over 2mm?

  154. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    and i know mza was real good on teh point last night. that pass-shot to cally was great. but man, cally is almost the total package on this team. if he had wolskis size and gabbys shot. well, hed be better than ovie imo. thats why i hate that gabby doesnt score more. i wish they could teach fearlessness and work ethic.

  155. NYK! Carmelo! Bang! Right between the eyes! With no regard for human life! Mr. Big Shot! Im lovin it! What an extraordinary guy Carmelo is!

    What an extraordinary guy Alex Rodriguez is! Any guy that can poke fun of himself is awesome! Loved his response to the media-fictional-creation Popcorngate!

    New York has itself some future, huh?!

    Hi Doodie! Took the Staten Island Ferry because of your suggestion, was very fun. Kurt, let’s all get along; I love ya pal. Let’s all of us New Yorkers unite!

  156. eddie eddie eddie on

    mza could be faster for such a little guy…and he seems off balance much of the time ala Avery…that said i like mza and Avery a lot

  157. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    orr- dub-INSKY. not blowsky!! is only making about 2 mill this year. or 1.9. hes gonna get a raise but it wont be earth shattering. hes still only got 19 goals. its not a breakout season for him thank god. im happy none of the guys have really broke out. wait till they sign deals then i’ll be waiting for bigger seasons. except for boyle. hes been way better than anyone thought and he wont get more than cally or duby thats for sure.

  158. And someone mentioned it earlier, I like the difference being distinguished between MZA and St. Louis. One being a half season rookie and the other a Stanley Cup Champ and long-time success. Kind of wish ESPN would have the same professionalism, instead of them saying Len Bias WOULD HAVE undoubtedly been the next Michael Jordan. Too bad he never got the chance ;)

  159. Idk why people keep saying that Sather wont be able to resist making a huge deal. I mean I do but I don’t. What has he done over the last 2 or 3 years at the deadline to make anyone think that he’s suddenly going to wig out and start throwing our core guys around the league like peanut shells at a baseball game? I mean I get it. we all hate him. he’s been horrible overall, and FIRE SATHER. got it. got it and got it. But really he hasn’t used the deadline to do much more than erase a few mistakes and bring in Joke-inen who was simply a rental who didnt work out and wasn’t offered a contract after the fact.

    Yes, Richards is available but the Stars seem like their first choice is to try to lock him up long term even though they’d move him for the right price. The Rangers need retooling after the hypothetical addition of Richards anyhow thus they aren’t going deep this year whether they acquire him or not. So why wouldn’t they wait til he’s a free agent on July 1 instead of dismantling the current team to get him? Only thing I can see is a panic move if there’s concern about Boston acquiring him and him being willing to sign an extension with them. Otherwise it’s just Rangers fan paranoia as another deadline approaches.

    There’s no Ferraro Lafayette Nordstrom and Laparierre for Churla Kurri and McSorley about to go down before Monday ‘heads. Just relax and hope for a few more points out of these last two games in whats been a tough month for our team.

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    i cant stand listening to joe idiotiletti…..dave maloney should be on the tv broadcast….he speaks and explains and rarely disappears into tangential land for minutes at a time, unlike the present color guy (and that isnt a racist comment)….. as it is, i listen to the radio feed while watching but the video and audio lag due to my satillite connection….

  161. Im tired of putting on a facade and being someone Im not on here. I am who I am, and if ya don’t like me, so be it. I dont think len bias is a sad story. And Orr, with a comment about Anthony like that, you’re not even deserving enough to be a New Yorker or a Rangers fan. To be a New Yorker is to be something special, to band together. Hoping injury on a fellow New Yorker, well, is a crime.

  162. But enough about me, time to turn my attention to CARMELO! A real leader, unlike Lebron! Someone willing to take the challenge along with the great A’Mare! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! ♥ NEW YORK NEW YORK!

  163. eddie eddie eddie on

    Grab – pure cocaine will give almost anyone a massive MI in large enough quantities…especially a non-user with no experience…it was tragic, tho, i agree…

  164. You care about them so much, you call them Dublowsky and Softqvist. How about backing your team and sticking by them til trade or free agency departure do us part?

  165. Oh, you would Carp? :)

    Id laugh if Marc Savard suffered another concussion. Oh wait, he already did :)

  166. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – “i am who i am” eggg egggg egggg, well blow me dowm, skittle de hoy skittle de hoy egg eggg eggg

    Anyone need a lower-level ticket to Friday’s game (in DC)? … I need to get rid of it.

    1 ticket, lower-level, section 108, row H … $165

  168. ya know what, im in a mood to start trouble right now. Not sure why; I think it’s because Im angry Im no longer in the greatest place in the world. Im tired of having to tailor my posts so that Im not despised for my controversial views.

    Honestly, I do feel bad a guy’s life ended too early, even though he was the “next Michael Jordan” with the Celtics. I do feel bad for a guy who’s career was ended due to concussions.

    But to see New Yorkers hoping injury on fellow New Yorkers is disgraceful, shameful, pitiful, putrid, criminnal, and disgusting. I wish New Yorkers would be loyal to their own.

  169. lol guys … I’m TRYING to take my girl … hence me giving up 1 great ticket to try to get 2 mediocre ones!

  170. eddie eddie eddie on

    tiki – i hear ya….wishing injury on anyone is seriously messed up and major bad karma….anyone doing that is disrupting the natural order of balance and harmony…just my opinion…

  171. 3eddie, and to have our leader, Carp, doing so (hoping or laughing if one were to occur) is shameful. in my opinion. He’s a respected professional…even if he feels that way, shouldnt be saying stuff like that.

  172. eddie eddie eddie on

    however, that being said, should cooke, hartnell, or carcillo spontaneously combust, and i was nearby, i would lean a candle or 2 over to get a light, and smile a happy smile…

  173. right on, 3eddie. no harm no foul. New York is on the right track, gonna compete in all 4 sports very soon. It’s us against the world, just the way I like it! :)

  174. HAHAHA! Carmelo’s already getting scrizzewed. A delay of game for throwing the ball to the official. Welcome to New York, Melo.

  175. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    tiki, my internet and router is screwed up. i was in the middle of posting a reply to ya. anyway, thanks for asking about me n my daughter., we are both well. thanks

  176. CARMELO!!!!!!!!!!!! AND 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STICK IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    eddie, the combo of the cocaine, and the excitement he was already feeling just was too much for the kid. yes it is sad. i know some people say he shouldnt of done it, but some of us here have partied and done some regretful things, myself included. dont like when people cast judgement on somebody for things like that. everybody screws up in life sometimes

  178. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    im in a mindframe cccp!! lol. are u in the right mindspace??

  179. eddie eddie eddie on

    Grab – i, too, hope your daughter is ok….nothing worse than our kids not feeling well

  180. 3eddie – as far as I know, nothing was wrong with Princess Grabby. I was just asking a general question about him and the princess. Glad to hear everything’s great Grabby. This is why I dislike basketball, refs are already cheating us, 2 early fouls, 1 cheap foul, for Melo.

  181. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    tiki, i dont get why anyone would want anyone injured or hurt in the first place. no matter where they live or come from

  182. eddie eddie eddie on

    Grab – trust me – i have snorted much more than a line or 2 in my day…..in fact, just thinking about that now makes me anxious. These days, I stick to weed, percosets, and oxycotin :)…no heart palpitations :)

  183. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    haha princess grabby. thats classic. yea nothings wrong with her eddie. shes fine. its her father im worried about! lol

  184. Apparently, the Devils and Pens like Niki Z at half price and both are also bidding for Kovalev…should be interesting to see where both players land…

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    this conversation is similar to yesterday…..must be the time of day…..i must go breathe deep myself

  186. Grabby, you’re right. in the end, it’s just a game. you never want to see someone seriously hurt or have a career threatened. i.e. Savard

  187. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    me too eddie. i cant watch scarface without getting the shakes and getting that nervous feeling., but thank god im alive! when i was younger i thought i was invincible. couldnt care about anything, let alone my health. when your young like that i just cant blame the kid for a mistake ive made. but yea, people are entitled to their opinions.

  188. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    brother on brother!!! cats n dogs living together!! tiki barber and cristiano ronalo the same person!!! glen sather not trading!!!! what is the world coming to??

  189. eddie eddie eddie on

    grabby – yeah, i could tell you stories….the good ole. have to check my pulse, i think i am gonna die days…..the bubblegum was best…

  190. I stripped the “Barber” out of Tiki’s name. No affiliation with that classless backstabber Tiki Barber. She’s just Tiki, as in a tiki torch or tiki cat/dog food.

  191. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    well, looks like we could safely say there will be no trades today. gonna take a napsky. later headskys

  192. Grabachev(stop the staal on stahl crime!!!) on

    eddie- the teeth chattering, drippy sniffle numby goodness! ok, we might need a meeting soon. gotta go bud. haha

  193. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Mountain time zone and I’m working a mid shift

  194. wick- I saw what you thought of the interview…what’s your take on the Staal on Stahl hit? Predatory? Borderline?

  195. NHL NETWORK must stop showing “Oil Change” program about the Oilers and this season. This seaon is almost over and the Oilers are once again the worst team in the NHL! The way they praise Renney so much is freaking laughable at this point lol

  196. ill give my take on the Staal Staal hit. It was a legal hit. Marc had his head down. Hope Eric has the class and decency to throw that same hit on Zdeno or Lucic also….but I highly doubt it.

  197. It’s a foul every time down the court on the Knicks. This is shamefully obvious by the referees. What they’re doing here is obvious.

    Why are we hearing about the Celtics from MSG? Oh, that’s right, Mike ESPN Celtics Green Breen cant take his lips off their heinies.

  198. Fire Breen! Fire Micheletti! Fire Kay! Retire Rosen! Give Leetch the job!

    Carmelo cant get a foul call. Welcome to New York. Bucks, the worst shooting team in the NBA, is certainly trying tonight. Just pretend we’re wearing Celtics green, Milwaukee, and quit.

  199. I think part of what makes Eric Staal the player he is, is the fact that he would make that same predatory hit on anybody in the league. He is aggressive as hell on ice and Torts has even called him an “animal’. I would love him on NYR. Do I think that a predatory hit is “dirty”? Not really, depends case by case, it just means that there was intent beyond separating the man from the puck. Do I think it is an unnecessary play? Absolutely.

    I just think players have to be more responsible out there. Respect for your opponent is very important. You may think it want to “soften” the game but that is definitely not what I want. I want real checking back in hockey.

  200. CONSPIRACY!!!! The Flyers had no power plays against for the 3rd time in their history. Are you telling me that the Flyers didn’t commit 1 penalty against us?

    That’s the 2nd time this year our opponent (the referees) didn’t give us a power play.

  201. Buff 3 Atl 1. TB up 7-0 on Phoenix. another high scoring game. Love Allan Houston, wish he would have retired and saved us the $20 million cap room. if Redden breaks contract, even though it really doesn’t matter, with him being in minors, it would be really awesome of him and make him just an awesome guy. Disgraceful that Celtics Green Breen is doing Legends Night. As he says Pearl Monroe, he’s really thinking Paul Pierce.

  202. Let’s not get personal, Carp. It’s not mature to throw insults around.

    Breen can claim to love the Knicks all he wants, or you can claim it for him, but watching enough ESPN Celtics games, Ive learned differently. He may “love” the Knicks, but he loves the Celtics more. :)

  203. Michael Kay went to Fordham too iirc, and he claims to be a Yankees fan. But we all know that isn’t true. Kay loves only himself and his huge ego. At least, though, he’s not a Red Sox shill like Breen is a Celts shill. :)

  204. Nice try, Carp. You’re not going to antagonize me. How can you accurately make that statement without actually knowing me? Oh wait, you cant. Breen’s a shill, nothing more, probably less.

  205. Googled him, sorry….Saw the picture, now remember seeing him on TV.

    Tiki, what’s gotten into you tonight, buddy?

  206. That’s idiotic.

    ilb, Mike Breen is the Knicks play-by-play guy who also does network TV. He is a true professional, one of the greatest TV guys in the business. And an absolute die-hard Knicks fan and New Yorker.

  207. ilb, Im angry. Im not going to stand by while Carp says he’d laugh if Carmelo gets injured. That’s hypocrisy at its finest, and I wont allow it to go unmentioned.

  208. It’s not hypocrisy. I would laugh if he twisted his ankle after all the over-the-top hype. I don’t hope he is seriously injured. I don’t even hope he twists his ankle. I just said I’d find it funny if he did.

    But I’m not going to stand by and let you insult people I know a lot better than you do.

    And as of now, I’m done with you, Tiki.

  209. It’s my right to have an opinion on Breen. I may not know Breen personally, but I know Breen through thousands of hours watching him on ESPN Celtics games and MSG Knicks games. And Ill share my opinion in a respectful manner, like it or not. And you’re done with me?! Oh no, whatever shall I do. How will I ever sleep at night?! :)

  210. I wonder if there’s a full moon tonight. Im unusually furious tonight, on a night that should be about celebration and hope for a better future (Carmelo).

    The referees in this game haven’t helped much by cheating us repeatedly.

  211. I’ve been around longer than you, Tiki. By far. It took me some time, but I’ve learned to avoid saying things I might regret tomorrow. What’s the score?

  212. First game for Carmelo and A’Mare together, and each have 4 fouls in the 3rd quarter. And at least 3 of them on 2 cheap offensive fouls. It’s pretty clear what the officials are doing in this game.

  213. ilb – Thanks for the advice. I already regret it. I was in a trouble-starting mood to begin with tonight, and Orr and Carp obliged me.

    Knicks are up 7 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Horrible game, no rhythm, all referees, no rebounding, all fouls.

    I was recently asked what I want to do with the rest of my life by a very close friend, because Im now in search of a job, and my answer was I want to dedicate my life to saving animals and bringing New Yorkers together and instilling loyalty in them. Im frustrated that both are very difficult and not easily attainable.

  214. Paul in sunrise on

    My guess if this is the game:
    Sather makes two minor league swaps.

    That’s it. Waits for Richards in summer.

  215. LALA! CARMELO! Why aren’t you yelling Breen???? The way you yell “BANG” when Ray Allen or Paul Pierce hits a 3!

  216. First team foul 6 minutes into the 4th quarter against the Bucks. Absurd. Just like the Flyers going an entire Rangers game without getting a penalty. Broadstreet Bullies…no penalties, no power plays against?? Obvious? Yes

  217. Frank Isola: Knicks had moment of silence for Troy Jackson, Mark’s brother, who passed away at age 35. Troy, a former Knicks ballboy,was a tremendous guy Twitter

    No wonder why Jackson was not in attendance tonight. RIP Troy

  218. Breen: “Stoudemire simply has to control himself better.” Hey Green Breen, how about the officials have to be fair. A’Mare is angry because we’ve been cheated all night! CARMELO! BIG! PUTS IT IN! A’Mare fouls out for 2nd time this season, and in his first game with Carmelo, while Melo has 4 fouls. Obvious.

  219. Breen is a guy that “loves the Knicks more than me” as said by Carp. Anyone need a Knicks game from the last 20 years on DVD? Just let me know, this Knicks fans has kept every Knicks game over the past couple decades.

  220. Chauncey’s getting the MSG chant!! Billups! Mr. Big Shot! Melo! A’Mare! KNICKS! The future is bright for the Knicks and most of New York. All that has to happen is for the Mets and Isles to rebuild and get their acts together. We all know the Rangers are on their way to a brighter future.

  221. Freakin’ Pens tie the game with 50 seconds left…..Shark player had a chance to win the game with a shot on the empty net, but he missed, at Pitt scores…..

  222. Night guys. Sorry Orr for getting personal with you. Maybe in time I can get you to stop referring to Rangers in unflattering terms and get you to endear yourself to other New York teams. There’s nothing greater in this world than New York, and we Rangers fans all owe New York and their teams our loyalty.

  223. Must be a full moon tonight – is this the Boneheads list? We’re rooting for the Islanders now!?

  224. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you ok my friend??

    Sorry, just got home and now have the time to reply to you….
    I do NOT think the hit was predatory in any way shape or form. Borderline within the current “pansified” rules of the NHL, perhaps. But to me even that is debateable. Marc had his head down (bad move) and eric looked like he hit shoulder to chest and momentum (which will carry a player up with a hit) seemed to carry eric up and into marc’s head a bit.

    But again, I do NOT think it was even remotely dirty or predatory and it was a good “hockey hit” in a collision sport.

  225. Goes to show how bogus these internet polls (including ours) are. MSG asked which Knicks’ mid-season trade was the most important … Dave DeBusschere got 27 percent. Carmelo Anthony got 48. Please.

  226. It’s cool, wick. Thanks for the reply. Yep, Marc’s head was down, and he knew it was coming, no question. It will always be a collision sport! Just tend to agree with Carp that it looked high and could have been suspend-able…I thought there was intent beyond “separating the man from the puck”. LOL. I typed that a lot today…

  227. Edmonton Journal reported Ranger, Blackhawk and Caps Scouts at their Oiler-Wild game. I would love to pick up Hemsky to replace an injured Gaborik.

    Hemsky is a playmaking winger that could help on the PP and I think if partnered with AA could really improve Artie’s goal scoring stats/confidence.

    Plus he still is signed for next year at a really reasonable 4.1 contract for a PPG player(when healthy)

  228. My dream roster next season would be (under the conditions Drury is “bought out” or even better retires):

    WW – Richards – Gabby
    Dubi – AA – Hemsky
    MZA – Step – Cally
    Avery – Boyle – Prust

    Staal- Girardi
    Sauer – McD
    MDZ – “Cheap, Veteran, Defensively sound Dman”


    I have alot of faith in our young D, but they could benefit from having 1 veteran, solid, Dman back there (that is older than a 27 yr old Eminger)

  229. Tomas Kopecky is name that I heard recently and thought was interesting in for the Rangers. Has a little history playing with Gaborik on the Slovak team. He is a pretty good center, plays PK and PP. Hmmm…

  230. eddie eddie eddie on

    somerset…i love that team you have put together….if it fits under the cap…you should apply for asst. GM :)

  231. yeah, forget our gritty blue collar team. let’s go back to the circling pansy euro game that wins nothing. sick of these fantasy lineups.

  232. eddie eddie eddie on

    khl – there is certainly some grit in somerset’s linup, especially if all 4 lines get rolled….why the angst?

  233. 2 LA Kings young players Loktionov and Martinez are not in the lineup tonight vs Ducks. it seems a big trade may be in the works

  234. yeah khl,

    because adding 1 super-creative PPG playmaker like Hemsky puts us over the top in the Euro-Panzy department.

    Not like he fills a need or anything on our team of Stone-hand Crash and Bangers

  235. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    kopecky has a bit of grit to his game, wouldn’t mind seeing brouwer from the hawks……….if richards is avail (IF) I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him here (no, not on the blog) by the end of the deadline……

  236. Eddie,

    It Fits, if Drury retires, and my raises to our RFA’s are roundabout right. I put Shane O’brein in there as the Vet D-man because he is a UFA, but that role could be anybody

    The Cap is supposed to rise a few million too next year, but I based this off of this year Cap Limit

    I expect your recommendation to the Front Office !! ha


    Wojtek Wolski ($3.800m) / Brad Richards ($6.500m) / Marian Gaborik ($7.500m)
    Brandon Dubinsky ($3.750m) / Artem Anisimov ($1.850m) / Ales Hemsky ($4.100m)
    Mats Zuccarello-Aasen ($1.750m) / Derek Stepan ($0.875m) / Ryan Callahan ($3.750m)
    Sean Avery ($1.937m) / Brian Boyle ($1.500m) / Brandon Prust ($0.800m)
    Derek Boogaard ($1.625m)

    Marc Staal ($3.975m) / Daniel Girardi ($3.325m)
    Ryan McDonagh ($1.300m) / Michael Del Zotto ($1.087m)
    Mike Sauer ($0.900m) / Pavel Valentenko ($0.850m)
    Shane O’Brien ($1.000m)

    Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m) /Martin Biron ($0.875m)

    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    SALARY CAP: $59,400,000; CAP PAYROLL: $59,925,000; BONUSES: $1,487,500
    CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $962,500

  237. eddie eddie eddie on

    somerset here goes…..Dear Glen – The purpose of this is to provide you with a letter of recommendation for Mr. Somerset in regards to the assistant GM position with the NY Rangers. At the outset, please allow me to say that Mr S. is intelligent, hard working, and has great attention to detail. Morover, he brings great energy to any and all tasks that he is assigned. He also likes cigar smoke and has no problem bretahing in all of that foul air that frequently eminates in any room you are in….Should you have any questions, please feel free to get ask away in Carp’s blog. Thank you in advance for attention to this most serious matter.

    Warmly and repectfully,

    Eddie, eddie, eddie

  238. somerset, I usually don’t get involved in cap stuff because i don’t fully understand it and I am way too lazy to read about it … but if Drury is bought out, his entire salary doesn’t disappear. Just a portion. He’s not going to retire and leave all that (pizza) dough on the table.

  239. eddie,

    I do hate Cigar smoke, but for the Asst Gm’s job – I guess I can fake it !!

    Later Assens !!

  240. eddie eddie eddie on

    somerset….just wear an oxygen mask and say its because you are a germaphobe…i like your team tho….

  241. Remember Two Things on

    Somerset – Interesting bump in confidence around Wolski’s game. I guess the Last 2 games makes up for the preceeding 10. This week he is first line winger for our new center, last week he was being traded for a bag of hockey pucks. Now capt cally is on 3rd line??

    Bigger problem is girardi still in first pairing. That is more dangerous to staal than his brother’s crushing hits, which any objective observer would say was clean and nasty. We should trade for him!

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