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Courtesy of the New York Rangers:

February 22, 2011 – New York Rangers 4, Carolina Hurricanes 3 SO (Game No. 62, Away No. 32)

*       The Rangers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, 4-3, in the shootout tonight at RBC Center to improve to 32-26-4 overall, including an 18-13-1 mark on the road.
*       Wojtek Wolski tied the score at three with 1:50 remaining in regulation to send the game into overtime, and tallied the game-deciding goal in the third round of the shootout.  He also registered four shots on goal in 20:21 of ice time, and has notched a goal in each of the last two games.
*       Brandon Prust opened the game’s scoring at 2:08 of the first period, off a feed from Sean Avery.  It marks the second consecutive game the Blueshirts tallied the game’s first goal.
*       Ryan Callahan notched one goal, and registered five shots on goal and three blocked shots in 23:56 of ice time.  He has recorded eight points (six goals, two assists) in 10 games since returning from injury on Feb. 1.
*       Henrik Lundqvist stopped 30 of 33 shots through regulation and overtime, and turned aside all three shots faced in the shootout to improve to 24-20-4 overall with a 14-10-1 mark on the road.  He now ranks fourth on the Rangers’ all-time wins list with 201 career victories.
*       Ryan McDonagh registered the lone assist on Wolski’s game-tying goal at 18:10 of the third period, and was credited with four blocked shots in a career-high, 24:55 of ice time.  He has now tallied an assist in each of the last two games.
*       Mats Zuccarello tallied one assist, and registered five shots on goal and three hits.  He has now registered seven assists in the last 11 games.
*       Vinny Prospal registered one assist and a game-high, eight shots on goal.  He has now recorded four points (two goals, two assists) and 28 shots on goal since returning from injury on Feb. 3.
*       The Rangers were credited with 32 hits and 26 blocked shots in the contest.  Dan Girardi led all skaters with seven hits, and Michael Sauer led the Blueshirts with five blocked shots.
*       Please note the Blueshirts do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 23.  The Rangers’ next practice is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 24, at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, VA.
*       The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Washington Capitals on Friday, Feb. 25, at Verizon Center (7:00 p.m.), in their second of three consecutive games vs. Southeast Division opponents.  The game will be televised live on MSG 2 and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and

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  1. Sather has done nothing wrong this season.. and wolski played well. Hope he makes the right moves before the deadline

  2. it was more like the games earlier in the season, like that win in Pitt, where they overcame the odds. they play better in that role, that mindset, than they do when everyone is healthy and they just let up on the gas and try to cruise on talent instead of grit and desperation.

  3. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather blows. His damage was done when he signed Drury, Redden, Gomez, Zherdev, Frolov, Naslund.

    Need I go on?

  4. For the cool people here…

    Bryan McCabe a Ranger. No. 2 pick, plus “fringe” player thought to be Matt Gilroy.

    Let’s clarify something else in this FINAL submission. After years of being kept out of the NYR loop, the NY Post’s Larry Brooks is suddenly acting, in a limited role, as a conduit for the Rangers front office.

    You may have noticed Sather’s quite public offer for Jason Arnott for a No.2 in a Brooks story last week, which was just as publicly shot down by Lou Lam days later.

    Now Brooks tweets Rangers Had No DEals Fall Thru and terms such talk as ridiculous.
    Sure, now tthat the Rangers are stuck with Gaborik it may be, but the club had him DEALT to Dallas along with Gilroy and a pick for Richards and Neil.
    The option was Dallas’, and they opted to make the trade with PITT.

    To the punks like CCCP, enjoy a clueless trade deadline with only deadbeats like Brooks and Mr Selective Enforcement, who runs this blog. Then kill yourself.

  5. Stranger nation on

    They did not cruise against red wings, debs and flyers. Just have hard time putting puck in net without any legit top line forwards or at least playing like top line forwards (gabby). Against better comp the lack of O will be a bigger problem than against middle tier (thrashers, kings, canes).

    Enjoy the journey

  6. disagree. Wolski is a perfect example of a player who worked much harder tonight than he did in some of those games.

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t like it. And I will continue to advocate for his removal every chance I get. The Rangers will NEVER win a Cup with Sather (and Dolan ) running things..

  8. Mister Delaware on

    You can make that prediction about anyone in sports and there’s a far better than even chance its true. Girardi won’t win another World Series with the Yankees, Ryan won’t ever win a Super Bowl, Lavin won’t win an NCAA title at St. Johns … those are all better than even-money bets just because of the odds. Not that I’m pro-Sather, but what you’re saying applies to 2/3rds of the current GMs in the NHL if not more.

  9. Olga Folkyerself on

    Doesn’t mean I have to like it. That’s why I root for the Black Hawks until Sather is gone. At least they are getting it right. Same as the new Sabre’s owner. I bet they win the Cup before Sather does… That’s why I blast Sather every chance I get.

  10. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey, if you guys are satisfied with Sather, then more power to you. You deserve him then…

  11. Rod

    i didn’t turn you into a joke…you did it yourself.

    Every time you come here with some “news” it is usually something that has been talked about for couple of days on the blog. So whatever you bring “for the cool people” is nothing but a chewed up conversation from days ago. So stop acting as if you now anything.

    The news will come to me whenever supposed to…i don’t have to be first to know.

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rod usually comes here with an “I know something that you don’t know” attitude and then never tells you what it is.

    He acts like a 5 year-old and is absolutely useless…

  13. he never tells anything because he does not know anything! But he likes to pretend as if he gave us so much “exclusive” info but we treated him unfairly!

    Two days ago he told me to wait until tomorrow for some breaking news…TWO DAYS AGO! I’m still waiting.

    Useless he is, indeed.

  14. ok this may sound like blasphemy BUT.. is dolan really that bad??? he spends whatever is needed and however much is needed.. and he stays completely out of hockey related actions on ice.. and while he can be petty at times he seems to welcome back all the former greats with open arms… While i dont like dolan all that much… to me he is what u want in a owner

  15. Carp,

    Talk is cheap. You wanna bet?

    I’ve resisted getting personal, nor will I now, but I’m really sick of your double standards, your condescending nonsense, and the bullying way you run this blog in order to keep your little buttlickers tongues firmly planted up your arse.

    You’re right about one thing, I was in error. The Dallas deal included DelZotto, whom I forgot, and whom you swore they weren’t shopping.

    Except I have their deadliine list in my possession, along with those from 4 other teams.

    It was MDZ, Gabby, Gilroy and a pick for Richards and Neal. Dallas opted out because they were convinced Gaborik has had a concussion for at least a week.
    As you know, the Rangers actually run a very tight ship, but the rest of the league not only leaks like a sieve, but they want this stuff out there.
    Posters can believe what they want. I’m not jeopardizing my friends to convince the likes of CCCP of anything!
    Time will prove this all out.

    Olga, I did just tell you. The Panthers are headed north to Ottawa. McCabe south, to Washington.

    CCCP, you’re not worth talking to.

  16. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thought that MCD and Sauer were a little shaky at times but when we needed them to step up to the plate, they did. The only thing that MCD is missing from his game to truly make him an elite level player is a good offensive game. I have noticed that he is joining the play more and more lately. Sauer too. They just need a little confidence in that aspect of their game.

  17. Olga Folkyerself on

    No Dolan is not the worst problem. Sather is. He’s the one who should know how to run a hockey team. Dolan hired him to be in charge and then just disappeared. Dolan’s crime is that he just doesn’t care. Look at the new Sabres owner. He wants to win the Cup, and he publicly said so. Dolan likes the Knicks and could care less about the Rangers.

  18. CCCP, you’re not worth talking to.


    and yet he mentions me twice in his post lol

    Rod – you’re a clown of this blog…Deal with it.

  19. carp can’t post rumors without any substance since he is ya know, an actual journalist. Rod you are free to post any rumor or any “news” you may hear. that is fine. you don’t have anyone to answer to like carp does.

  20. Here’s was greeted me when I came to this blog sometime around 9pm;

    “Yo Rod…you clown bastard…drop dead you worthless vagina breath”

    Signed CCCP.

    Except it wasn’t me, but some genius who decided to spell Rod Lurks backwards and both a bunch of nasty stuff about women.

    The Great Carpster somehow doesn’t find that a punishable offense, yet bans me, BANS ME, for saying posters are disengenuous in offering condolences to people they don’t even know.

    But its okay I can get cursed out for being at the dentist?!


  21. I don’t know why i still respond but


    if it wasn’t you then why are you freaking out? I only responded to a person who was pretending to be you and who was being rude to me at that moment.

    And that’s that…

  22. rod your insane. i would not trade gaborik strraight up for neal and niskanen.

    neal is a nice player get back to me when he goes 25 + 3 years in a row………

  23. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Listening to Eric at the Allstar game made me think he was a really great fella. Watching him cheapshot his little brother tonight makes me realize how wrong I was. What kind of a person would intentionally attack his kid brother who had his head down? Eric saw him, picked up speed, and nailed Marc. Perhaps you ended Marc’s season, which in turn would end the Rangers as well. What a way for to captain Eric to lead his team to the playoffs! Eric, I hope you can live with yourself.

  24. Eric Staal is a dirty piece of Shit to do that to his own brother let alone any player in the league, shows how dirty he is and get this he captains that team. I know one thing Drury would never ever attack a defenseless player like that. I mean seriously thats your brother he could be out for the year with a concussion, an injury that has derailed many careers. How do you do that.
    Get well soon marc

  25. I apologize for the profanity i would delete that word if I could, Im just so angry about what Eric Staal did tonight

  26. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    As I am! How could he put his team’s fortunes ahead of the health of his family? The guy is a monster who should have been Boogaarded by someone!

  27. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Well, nice to see things running smoothly along here in my absence.

    few quick things…….I thought the staal on staal hit was clean and a good hockey hit and I wish our guys threw more hits like that……..I hope our staal is not hurt badly……..I agree about the blonde behind the bench, YOWZA!!!!……there has to be a couple of trades at some point soon……still like wolski…….so sick of basketball it isn’t even funny…..anyone see shelley get freaking bloodied to hell in the flyers game?

  28. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I don’t consider any hit clean when a guy doesn’t see it coming. It’s a dirty hit, and there should never be a place for it, especially against your own flesh and blood!

  29. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I bet poor wittle mario maloney is going to have bad dreams about all that hitting that went on in the game tonight!

    and on that note…..good night assens!!

  30. I didn’t like the Staal hit. Eric took a run at his brother because he knew he wouldn’t have to answer the bell if he hurt him. Marc doesn’t run guys or try to injure them. I lost a LOT of respect for Eric last night.

    If that doesn’t prove that the players have no respect for each other. . .

  31. CCCP

    What on earth have you done to the disgruntled poster who seems hell bent on your defamation post after blood dripping post?

    These past few years here as an honorary (read apprentice) Bonehead, I never recall such angst all wrapped up in posts.

    I know that I have little to contribute about present day activity, for all of my experience with Ranger following is past tense,,,from years gone by. Oh, I’ll make a few observations now and then about what I see, but that is all I have to contribute.I have no inside info at all.

    My own only meeting up with former Ranger stars, was
    a time when I was introduced to Jean Ratelle by my
    cousin Jack (you know..the Central Scouting scout).

    Some time I’ll tell you about that when the vitriol level has receded somewhat, and little else is happening.

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