It’s Go Time!


This isn’t a must-game yet, but it’s close. As I said yesterday, stay ahead of Carolina and you make the playoffs, in my humble opinion.

Probable lines:


Eminger is expected to be prucha’d.

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  1. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    lol@pipey long stockings

    Children are subjected to much worse on everyday television shows, and radio broadcasts. I hear the terms bitch, ass, and douchebag on z100 in the morning on my way to work. I don’t see why reading vagina or bastard would be any worse.

    and, by definition, i am a bastard. So if anyone should be bothered by it i guess it would be me… but i’m not.

    Censorship in this country is a joke.

    can it still be Canadian bacon if it comes from a russian pig??

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    if the Russian pig is visiting Canada!!

    whooo hoo

    how many times will we hear/see that Jeff SKinner was a figure skater? What’s the over under?

  3. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    under the amount of times MSG reminds us Eric and Marc are somehow related. Aren’t they like second cousins?

  4. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    the return of the queen? and that was not a jab at Hank since everyone is so hypersensitive

  5. My buddy and I wanted to be ref’s for a roller derby league and we thought a great name for a ref would be “Reef’a’ree” …… get it?

  6. yo CCCP….you russian pig…i will drop dead just for your worthless penis breath lol

    sorry ladies

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    How about this cliche … The rangers really came to play tonight…..whatever that means…

  8. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Skrul Dor is rod lurks backwards. Weird.

    Which means he’s also a diver.

    Which means he’s related to sausage lips. Double weird.

  9. homeskillet,theres water inside,dont spill it,it smells like rod on the carpet stillit goes down smooth when i get a clean hit of that skunky funky smelly green rod.

  10. Got to go spend some time with mrs. See you after the game.
    Refresh, refresh, refresh.
    But most importantly:
    Ignore, ignore, ignore!

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sometimes, if I think that I might get a headache, I take a percoset to ward it off… Always stay out in front us my motto

  12. It’s still February, right? OK then, I expect the downward spiral to continue. Ward will outplay Lundqvist again.

  13. >>Credit Avery with the nice dish.

    I wouldn’t actually call it a “dish”; he tried to score on a wraparound.

  14. I know who Sather is looking to deal for at the deadline. Do you? Is that racist


    Rod, why don’t you just,give it up and make intelligent contributions to the blog? Why do you have to resort to this silly stuff? We have had great debates with you around. What the Byfuglien man?

  15. Even after watching Hank for about 5 years, I still can’t get over some of the amazingly great saves Hank makes routinely. And, yet, he still lets in the soft serve that we have seen throughout this season…It boggles the mind…

  16. the nhl refs are the worst in sports. I like to take all of them, place cement blocks on there legs and dump them in the ocean. Prust gets a two handed slash across his shoulder, than gets trip, no call. That is just one, there were a few more that should have been called.

  17. Olga Folkyerself on

    Waste of good cement.

    Take one ref by the legs and beat the other one to death with him. Two dead and no murder weapon…

  18. man, the rangers cannot pass the puck. The difference between the rangers passing and the better teams in the league is night and day.

  19. I know, it’s always the same thing. Records are broken when the Rangers play or someone has a career first milestone…ridiculous!

  20. Seems like everytime we have a PP, there is a scoring chance for the other team shorthanded…WTB?

  21. Czechthemout!!! on

    This team just cannot score! They need to go a target practice because this is just becoming a joke. You could almost see how when they don’t score on so many chances, they get frustrated and their play starts to drop.

  22. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “Starting today,” Pegula said, “the Buffalo Sabres’ reason for existence will be to win a Stanley Cup.”

    I bet he wins one before Sather and Dolan.

  23. If the Rangers were in the service, they’d all have Medals of Honor, but they’re so dumb they would never make it past Corporal.

  24. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Pass across the middle in your own zone? I learned not to do that when I was a kid. I did it once, my older brother told me not to do it again. I did it again and he smacked me in the helmet with his stick.

    I did not do it again.

  25. See what happens when you get a guy standing out in front of the net? Why, why, why don’t they do that during the PP more often..?

  26. Czechthemout!!! on

    All I have to say is Eric Staal is a low life piece of garbage! How do you go and give a head shot to your own brother? What ahole! I hope he can look his mom in the eye and explain to her why he just tried to injure his own flesh and blood. I am in shock!!

  27. So I just got home after a brutal workday, followed by the dentist drilling and needling my face.

    And I was so happy to finally relax, even though as soon as my butt hit the couch Staal tried to decapitate his own brother.

    So what do I see when I click on to find out what you fine people had to say about it?

    I see I’m (Rod Gilbert/Lurks/Returns) am being cursed to the high heavens yet again, because apparently ‘Skrull’ somebody-or-other said something nasty.

    Couldn’t ask for a better example of what this place is too frequently about, or how unfairly I’ve been treated.

    Let the record reflect, my last post was late last night, on the subject of HOCKEY, specifically on the trade status of Anisimov, which also happened to be exclusive, from an IMPECCABLE source.

    It was, naturally, ignored.

  28. Eric staal is a effin jacka**. someone needs to run that guy through the boards. WTF was that carcillo.

  29. Rod, I don’t read I just post. :) And unless your a girl no one will reply to you. It’s like an aol chat room in here. AnywY, im all ears. What’s the AA rumor? I’m gonna hate it…..

  30. Fug fug fug and hartnell! Fell asleep and just woke up to see the end of second. So, have I missed anything or should I not even ask? :)

  31. I wouldn’t get too excited aboot Eric Staal hitting Marc Stahl.

    Don’t you guys remember the series against the Pens? Stahl threw a bit of a cheap shot at Jordan Staal. He hit him square in the chest and Jordan didn’t even touch the puck. Sent him flying into the boards.

  32. and um, brothers fight all the time. last I checked, most don’t get paid to do it while wearing protective gear……

  33. it was a good hockey hit by staal… little fishy it was on his brother.. but still a good hockey hit

  34. my brother once “rock bottomed” me through our living room couch.. in turn breaking my arm and two ribs… in part GOOD TIMES… as he then rushed me to the ER offering anything he could in order to get off the hook… we still talk about it to this day.. classic times!!

  35. I shot an arrow at my brother once and missed. The hole in the wall still exists today (40 years ago)

  36. I’m living a nightmare right now. I’m in Boston and no MSG in hotel. The only feed available on MyP2P doesn’t work nd the person who is in charge of the Ranger feed is named “Pensfan”

  37. ahem, sister fights can be interesting as well. Mine once hit me in the back of the head with a swing from a doube swing set

  38. Brother-Sister fights are fun too.

    I once bought a gerbil toy, and filled it with fake blood, and chopped it’s head off in front of my sister, and she cried and screamed for hours until she found the real gerbil.

    So fun! I highly recommend this!

  39. my brother once tried to concuss me on the ice.. i was on the power play with my head down.. and he lit me up… looked at me and said that what u get..

  40. This team is just gonna keep coming up short until they’re in 10th place…

    Oh, well…fun while it lasted. Just don’t see this team making the playoffs at all.

  41. I chopped my brother up and buried him in the back yard in an old oil drum. Then I married his wife and adopted his kids.

    I was thinking of telling them. Should I?

  42. But they’ll still keep putting him in, game after game after game after game…..why is Biron even on this team..?

  43. I could picture it now. Dredden kicks open the door, with my aviator glasses on, a full grown mustache, and a bag of powder and he says “who’s ready for a party”

    Of course, he’s standing on the Rangers logo. Torts wont like that.

  44. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I think that hit on Staal woke up Slats. I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

  45. Gotta think the Rangers psyche right now is one of a battered, defeated team. Can’t buy a goal, can’t find a way to win, coughing up leads, players dropping with injuries…

    Losing tonight is gonna crush this team, no doubt. Just can’t see the Rangers putting together any kind of winning streak. All the little things that led to victories earlier have now reversed and lead to defeats.

    Painful to watch.

  46. sell! sell! sell!

    problem is we don’t have a ton of guys to sell…

    Maybe Prospal? EC(who would want him)? Avery?

  47. Notice how the moment the Rangers started talking about moving up in the standings and not having to worry about fighting for 8th place…they completely and totally tanked and have now only found ways to lose?

    That’s what happens when a team thinks it’s better than it is.

  48. stuck in philly with no live feed. but I get to watch koprowski and rosival play the flyers. its like watching the junior rangers.

  49. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok, so now it is time to sell. Hopefully we can dump Gabby, Prospal, Girardi, and if the price is right, I would even dump LQ. I have seen way too many soft goals at the wrong time from him. It is time to move on. Play Biron and look for a cheaper alternative. He has been too pedestrian for the seven million he gets paid.

  50. There's Something about Blogmama on

    MickeyM – The Rangers didn’t give a point away. The Hurricanes gave a point away, for which I am thankful.

  51. boy is Wolski playing with confidence. kid has some serious talent when he has is head in the game…

  52. hahah is saw that blonde earlier. i had to make a stopover once in Charlotte and damn, North Carolina has some beautiful women

  53. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    DJK, I called the shootout win scenario three weeks ago. I won’t be surprised if that ends our season.

  54. clowns… the rangers out of the group they are battling with have the MOST WINS in REG/OT.. stop worrying about the S/O wins

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    Let’s see if the NHL has the guts to make a statement and suspend Eric Scum, I mean Staal for trying to decapitate his own brother.

  56. Czechthemout!!! on

    That was an obvious hit to the head of a player who was prone and had his head down. Staal went head hunting there.

  57. czech… IN NO WAY did he go for his head.. in fact if marc is concussed its because of how he fell on the ice not because of the hit… CLEAN HIT

  58. there guytty but if staal is out long term i would stand pat and not make a trade. let it be. they wont have a prayer without him considering he plays 30 min a night

  59. An immensely important two points…but still can’t shake the feeling this team is on the brink of falling apart.

    Let’s see how they follow up in the next game.

  60. jpg said they won because he came over after work to see the end of the game

    AND the raccoon went back up the fireplace. He’s gone!

  61. Czechthemout!!! on

    His head hitting the ice could be the reason, or maybe it was the forearm to the jaw. Look at the opposite angle of the hit and talk to me than, Really?

  62. Orr

    My Father was raised by Italian immigrants and he doesn’t have an accent, so not unusual that Wolski doesn’t have an accent.

  63. Glad he came over, sis!!! And hooray for the raccoon for being able to get out of the house the same way he got in!

  64. I have a problem with the hit because Marc Staal was already engaged with another player. Eric Staal had no business throwing that check into an unsuspected player.

  65. ITS HOCKEY!!! HEAD DOWN… the man goes down… hope marc is alright because hes too important to lose.. but u cant take that type of checking out of the game or it becomes womens basketball

  66. Seriously, I thought Wolski and Sauer flourished tonight with the extra ice-time. I don’t think the current injuries will hurt us that much. Staal and Gaby are better off getting the rest and healing up this time of year anyway.

    I am optimistic that we can make a playoff spot without them…

    I hope Slats doesn’t panic and trade everybody! LOL.

  67. Hank is great in the shootouts, no doubt about it – but sometimes it seems like he gives up “softies” during the 60 minute game.

  68. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    How did MSG not give Wolski player of the game? What were they watching? Callahan was good, but Wolski nearly won the game on his own, that equaliser was simply fantastic stuff, as was the winner.

    Fingers crossed for Staal, thought it was an OK hit btw, looked like he got him in the chest area and he hit his head on the ice.

    Great game by LQ too, that save on Staal was incredible.

  69. Czechthemout!!! on

    That was as Dave Maloney just said a ” predatory hit” just watched this fool admit that he knew it was his brother, he knew he had his head down and he caught him in a helpless position.

    What is worse is that he did not seem fazed at all about it.

  70. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Yeah, he seemed like a real dope… “I just finished my check” and leveled my brother…

  71. Czech, I noticed the same thing – cold is how it looked……no remorse, and he knew he was leveling his brother….

  72. Well all, the end of that game exhausted me all over again. jpg’s sister, glad your house is critter free….assuming jpg has also left (LOL!)

    catch you all for post-game tomorrow. behave!! TA!

  73. >>“I just finished my check” and leveled my brother…

    Wouldn’t you want Marc to level Eric if he had the chance?

  74. its almost as if Eric goes out of his way to hit Marc extra every game they play…Marc has a friggin psycho for a brother…

  75. I’d want Marc to take his brother out, but not to catch him with his head down and hurt him…

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    I remember the Miracle on Ice. I was working during the game and managed to get home in time to see some of the tape delayed telecast. Somewhere in the third period some newscaster broke in and said something about “the great win in Lake Placid”. So I knew that they would eventually win over the Russians.

  77. How many times do we (hockey fans) need to heat about Caramel-o trade??? Do they talk Ranger news on Knicks game night, too?

  78. I doubt it, C3P……..but the Knicks are Dolan’s baby, and the Rangers are his red-headed stepchild….

  79. Olga Folkyerself on

    How many times do we (hockey fans) need to heat about Caramel-o trade???

    Ummm. Zero? That’s my guess. I don’t know about Knicks game night, I never watch…

  80. WTB?!?!?!?!?!?!



  81. In regards to Melo, look at it this way.. at least Dolan aint trading half the Rangers team for say, Richards.

  82. >>No JB, I would think that if he was vulnerable, that his brother would let up a bit..

    It’s really between the brothers to decide when it’s appropriate to hit one another. But as a Rangers fan, I would want my guy to nail the opponent at every opportunity, whether they’re both from the same womb or not. I’m not paying all that money to MSG to watch brotherly embraces on the ice.

  83. Somebody’s gotta stop that runaway train that is the Devils!! Will they ever lose another game!?

  84. >>One of the guys on NHLN just said that Lamire made game for the Devils fun again

    It’s all good and fun until they start losing again.

  85. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, I can only think of it as if it were my brother on the receiving end. I wouldn’t do it. And as a Rangers fan, I’m not paying a dime to MSG as long as Sather is running the show.

  86. Mister Delaware on

    I love the Voy-tech and not just because my wife is Polish. Really, really hope Marc punches his brother right in the fucking dick next time they hang out. Closed fist.

  87. If it were me, I’d probably tell the coach I wasn’t feeling “right” whenever I had to play against my brother. The worst of these sibling rivalries I ever saw was when Keith Primeau fought his younger brother.

  88. watching vancouver game
    and it showed tom cruise explaining the game to
    simon pegg

    and WFB?!!?!
    canadiens are ahead by 2 of the nucks

  89. Mister Delaware on

    “watching vancouver game and it showed tom cruise explaining the game to simon pegg”

    “If a guy in an even number jersey scores a goal, you have to kiss the guy to your right. If a guy in an odd number jersey scores a goal …”

  90. (was going to say didn’t cindy get away with a shot to the junk
    during a game, and, of course, got away with it?)
    SUBMIT got a little antsy and took off!

  91. so canucks look a mess defensively
    what do you think they’d give us
    for Girardi or Redden or…?


  92. MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    see, we NEVER should have traded him.
    maybe MDZ for Manny straight up.
    it’ll give us that clutch 3rd line center leadership we’re lacking

  93. Mister Delaware on

    “Mr. Delaware- you do know there is no cursing allowed on here, right?”

    Yeah, the second I posted I remembered. Autochange makes that byfuglien and no one would have been the wiser.

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